going to have a ball

when we got puppy, she was seriously malnourished and was ridden with fleas, diseases, and worms.
three weeks later, and she’s at a healthy 8.5 pounds, and her doctor is so very very proud of how well she’s been growing.
her worms are all gone, her coughing and loose stool haven’t made a reappearance, and she smiles and barks and bites all day long.

and im crying my eyes out because she wasn’t supposed to live, but she’s kicking me in her sleep right now, and i love her more than the entire world.

Remember blowing out your birthday candles every year?

Remember riding your first bike?

Remember going to your grandparents and having a great time?

Remember having your friends over to play?

Remember going to the movie theaters?

Remember running through the sprinkler, going to the pool?

Remember going to the beach, your parents scolding you for going to deep even though it was only up to your waist?

Remember the street lights turning on having to go home for the day or your mom yelling out the door that dinner was ready?

Remember biking around your neighborhood and finding the pile of bikes on the lawn to see where all your friends were?

Remember going out with your dad to have a good time, throw a ball or two?

Remember waking up early Saturday morning to watch Saturday morning cartoons on the telly?

Yeah …. You remember all the fun stuff you used to do as a kid? The stuff that was normal for every kid to do?

Now imagine none of that happening because you’re parents were abusive, you had no friends, and no one gave a shit about you. Every single happy memory you have replaced with neglect and abuse.

You’d be a pretty sad human being right now wouldn’t you? Possibly even bitter?

Think about that the next time you judge how much of an ass hole Severus Snape is.

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Living with the Mikaelsons would involve? (girl point of view)

  • A lot of arguing.
  • Sharing Rebekah’s clothes and having her style you more often than not.
  • Stealing Elijah’s, Klaus’ and Kol’s shirts (and Finn’s if he’s included in this scenario)
  • Kol constantly flirting with you; actually probably all of them flirting with you.
  • Rebekah setting you up with cute boys.
  • Gossiping with Rebekah.
  • Klaus drawing you and gifting you his drawings.
  • All of them being very protective over you and if anyone hurt you, they’d go after them.
  • The best balls/parties ever.
  • Having Kol ‘accidentally’ walking in on you when you’re changing.
  • Late night conversations with Elijah that are really deep.
  • Late night conversations with Klaus about travelling and love.
  • Late night conversations with Rebekah about her previous life and how she misses being human.
  • Late night conversations with Kol about nothing but somehow everything.
  • Let’s all face it, you’d need to clean up a few dead bodies or clean up blood.
  • You’d have to keep all of them calm and keep them from not getting too angry; you’d also need to be the mediator when all of them got into a fight because that would totally happen once every few days.

Dress Destruction Disaster

I think the scene in which Drizella and Anastasia tear up Cinderella’s dress is one of the most, if not the most, dramatic, and even one of the most psychologically frightening, scenes in the entire film. I can understand so much of what is going on, far more than just what is seen and heard on the screen, that it provides a lot for me to interpret and describe. This even includes the moments that happen before and after the dress is destroyed.

For starters, just before the Tremaines leave, Cinderella runs downstairs in her mother’s dress, which was altered for her by the birds and mice. Having initially believed they have succeeded in making sure Cinderella won’t go to the ball, all of the Tremaines are completely stunned and shocked at this sudden change of events. This proves how much the three, particularly Lady Tremaine, hate it when they are defeated by Cinderella. But just why are they so upset about Cinderella now having a chance to attend the ball? Well, for starters, the Tremaines don’t see her as a member of the upper class anymore. They see Cinderella as nothing more than a mere servant girl who shouldn’t be allowed to go to balls or have a good time at any kind of social event. But the real reason is because Drizella and Anastasia, who are ugly and very unladylike, are already jealous of Cinderella’s beauty and kindness. They want, while their mother wants to use them, to snag the prince (one between the two of them) for his hand in marriage, which is the only reason they are going in the first place. But if Cinderella is there, they wouldn’t stand a chance since she has just what they do not. The girls already feel that Cinderella is a threat to them, so they do not want her at the ball because her presence could ruin their chances of wooing the prince.

So then after their initial shock wears off, Drizella and Anastasia begin to loudly whine and complain to their mother that she shouldn’t let Cinderella go with them. Anastasia even grabs her mother’s dress and flaps it (and her body) up and down, like a misbehaving child having a tantrum, which shows just how childish and spoiled she is and is acting. The girls complaining tells me that, even if they or their mother make a bargain with someone, they don’t believe in them keeping their side of it; in other words, they don’t want to be fair to the other person. The only persons’ happiness and fairness they consider is their own; the Tremaines do not want to be fair unless it benefits themselves only. And when it comes to Cinderella, they certainly don’t want to be fair with her at all. What this also proves is that, despite Cinderella defeating them for now, Anastasia and Drizella can’t stand seeing Cinderella happy because that only makes them unhappy. Like their mother, they get the most delight when Cinderella is unhappy. And since Cinderella’s dress further adds to her outward beauty, it increases her stepsisters’ fear that that they won’t have a chance in winning the heart of the prince if Cinderella is also there.

Like her daughters, Lady Tremaine is also shocked that Cinderella managed to get a dress. This, along with the fact that she has taken everything away from Cinderella, indicates that she gravely underestimates her stepdaughter’s ability to remain resourceful and happy, despite years of abuse. Unlike her daughters, Lady Tremaine remains cool and calm, then reminds the girls that she made a bargain with Cinderella, so she has to keep her side of it. But then when she says, “And I never go back on my word,” Lady Tremaine’s facial expression, along with her voice tone, subtly shows that she is getting a very clever, but also sinister, idea. Not to mention that, when she says this line, she also approaches Cinderella in a very menacing manner. And look at Cinderella’s face as this happens: she moves her head back and her eyes widen, which clearly shows that she is afraid. This is an excellent moment of displaying how Cinderella is in no way naive or stupid. Even though she is kind to Lady Tremaine, she is also very aware of just how cruel and sinister her stepmother really is. While she bravely attempts to stand up for herself now and then, Cinderella still has moments of being scared of her stepmother. So when Lady Tremaine walks towards her, Cinderella is afraid because she develops a gut feeling that the reason her stepmother is approaching her isn’t a good one. Maybe she thinks that Lady Tremaine is finally going to hit her, since she never has before.

But even with the amount of physical proximity between them, Lady Tremaine never literally nor physically lays a hand on Cinderella. Instead, she cunningly notices Drizella’s discarded beads around Cinderella’s neck, then touches them, and this is the closest she ever gets to actually touching Cinderella’s body. At the same time, Lady Tremaine compliments the beads, saying, “They give it just the right touch,” then she asks Drizella if she thinks so. When she asks her daughter, what follows afterwards is exactly what she wants to happen: Drizella begins to answer no, then realizes that Cinderella is wearing the very same beads that she discarded. She accuses Cinderella of stealing said beads and rips them off from around her neck. After that, Anastasia notices that Cinderella is also wearing her discarded sash, and like her sister, she tears it off of Cinderella’s dress. Out of jealousy and spite for their stepsister, and having already started to ruin it, like a chain reaction, the girls continue to tear up Cinderella’s dress. In their blind rage of performing this horrible act, Drizella and Anastasia note what other items are theirs, and they verbally abuse Cinderella with words like “thief” and “kitchen wench.” Cinderella becomes afraid when they start and grows more terrified as they continue. In her fright, she protests and tells her stepsisters to stop, but her cries are completely ignored.

Now you may wonder, if Drizella and Anastasia don’t want these items anymore, why are they so furious that Cinderella is wearing them and then they take them back? Because it still ties in with the fact that Drizella and Anastasia are already extremely jealous and feel threatened that Cinderella outshines them with her natural beauty. They don’t want Cinderella to have material possessions, especially more or nicer things than what they have, or be better at them at anything. The girls are already annoyed that Cinderella managed to produce a dress after all, and since these items help enhance Cinderella’s beauty, including within the dress, well, they just can’t stand it if something, especially something they owned, helps Cinderella look more beautiful. They already face this beauty competition with their stepsister everyday, and so they won’t allow it to happen in this way. But Drizella and Anastasia don’t take the beads and sash back because they truly want them back; they just don’t want Cinderella to have them, period. They would rather throw them in the trash than give them to someone else who could use them, especially Cinderella. Like I said earlier, their actions are very petty and done purely out of spite and the burning envy they have for their stepsister. With that in mind, one could even say that tearing the dress, something beautiful owned by Cinderella and not them, apart was a cruel act Anastasia and Drizella have wanted to do to her for a long time.

And while the girls are tearing Cinderella’s dress apart, what is their mother doing? Nothing! Lady Tremaine just merely watches, with delight, no doubt, as Anastasia and Drizella tear the dress to shreds. This is exactly what she wanted to happen because she wants to still appear fair from her side of the deal, but also to keep Cinderella from attending the ball all together. Lady Tremaine acts as a hypocrite in this moment because earlier, when the girls fight during their music lesson, she tells them to maintain self-control. But now, while she restrains and doesn’t lay a hand or finger on her stepdaughter, she is her daughters them savagely attack Cinderella and tear up her dress. Heck, during this entire moment, Lady Tremaine indirectly sics them on Cinderella like vicious attack dogs! When she finally tells them to stop, she says, “I won’t have you upsetting yourselves.” This seems to be ironic and make little to no sense because Anastasia and Drizella were attacking Cinderella in a jealous rage, but I guess Lady Tremaine wanted to sound ironic and hypocritical in front of Cinderella. It could also mean that she wants the girls to calm down so they will have self-control when they meet the prince. Not to mention, since they have succeeded in making sure Cinderella does not go to the ball, they can calm down now.

When Cinderella is shown again, after her stepsisters walk out of the house, her dress is in tatters, with all of the major layers having been completely stripped off. One of her shoulders is totally bare, and I’m willing to bet that if Drizella and Anastasia tore off anymore of the dress, Cinderella would be almost completely unclothed. In fact, that is probably the only reason why Lady Tremaine told them to stop. They had torn off more than they needed to ensure that Cinderella couldn’t go, but their mother probably did not want them to see Cinderella unclothed. Cinderella does not say anything, likely because she is so in shock and upset over what happened that she doesn’t know what to say. She wears a look that clearly shows shock along with distress, and all she does is stand there and look at a torn part of the dress. But Cinderella is not only upset that her dream and chance at going to the ball has been brutally ruined; another factor that ties into this is that the dress she was wearing once belonged to her mother, who is deceased, along with her (Cinderella’s) father.

The beginning of the film reveals that her mother is dead, since her father is said to be a “widowed gentleman.” Once her mother passed, Cinderella’s only family left was her father. After he died, the Tremaines revealed their true colors and took nearly all of Cinderella’s material possessions away from her. All she has left of her parents are memories, but the dress was probably one of the few, if only, keepsakes of one of them that was still in her possession. Not only does it remind Cinderella of how happy her life once was, it symbolizes a fresh start and a chance at a better life for her. So when Anastasia and Drizella, two of the three people who hate her the most, insult her and tear the dress apart, Cinderella literally has her memories of her late mother, one of only two people who ever truly loved her, as well as her dreams of a better future, savagely destroyed and torn to shreds. When the girls and Lady Tremaine took things away from Cinderella, I bet they also discarded everything that belonged to both of Cinderella’s parents. So back to when after her dress is destroyed, Cinderella’s look clearly says that she is finally giving up. For someone who said earlier that her stepfamily couldn’t take her dreams away, what just happened makes Cinderella realize that they just did; therefore, she feels can no longer rely on her faith and dreams.

The final part of this scene that is worth analyzing is right before Lady Tremaine leaves. When Cinderella looks at the torn remains of her dress, in her distressed state, she looks back in Lady Tremaine’s direction. Right before she closes the door, Lady Tremaine merely looks back at Cinderella and says, “Good night.” Being who she is, she does not truly mean what she says. She has an arrogant, self-satisfied smile on her face, which clearly shows how cold, cruel, uncaring, and insincere she is feeling about what just happened. Her tone of voice when she speaks these words also reflects Lady Tremaine’s insincerity. Given what she says, along with seeing Cinderella’s distressed state before she leaves, I think she realized that Cinderella had finally come to her breaking point (towards which she was attempting to push Cinderella for a long time). But because she and her daughters had to leave, I can bet that Lady Tremaine was only sorry that they couldn’t stick around to see Cinderella cry. Perhaps she was just more relieved that Cinderella was now out of her and her daughters’ way. Maybe she is even thinking about later, because she and her daughters can brag and tease Cinderella about missing the good time they had (or so they think they will have) at the ball. If they rub this in her face, maybe the Tremaines can make Cinderella cry again, and in front of them this time.

So there you have it with all of my analytical thoughts and interpretations about every major and minor thing that takes place in this entire scene. Out of everything I have discussed, the moment that I think best shows Lady Tremaine’s villainy is her lines when she walks towards Cinderella, and how they lead to the entire moment of the girls tearing the dress apart. Think about it: Lady Tremaine is being literal when she says, “And I never go back on my word.” But while she says that, what she DOESN’T literally say is anything along the lines of keeping her promise. See, she agreed that Cinderella could go to the ball, as long as she finished her work, and “if she found something suitable to wear.” Her stepmother is not happy that Cinderella manages to produce a dress at the last minute because she never actually wanted to her go in the first place. But when she sees the dress, Lady Tremaine comes up with another idea to keep her scheme intact. When she notices that Cinderella is wearing Drizella’s beads, she mentions them because she knew Drizella would get angry and steal them back, and then Anastasia would do the same with the sash. In their resulted anger, the girls destroy the dress, not only because they had started to do so, but because they are indirectly manipulated to do it by their mother, who still wants to remain the authority figure and appear fair (when she clearly wouldn’t be) from her side of the bargain with Cinderella. So then ultimately Cinderella’s dress is destroyed and in tatters, and Lady Tremaine thinks she has won this round because Cinderella literally no longer has something “suitable” to wear in order to go. To describe it in another way, because of her state, she literally cannot go to the ball now, although not in the way that would truly be fair. Lady Tremaine just used her manipulative ways to make sure she would still be keeping her end of the bargain and not going back on her word (because she literally, directly, and physically did not do anything to make it look like she wasn’t being fair), but especially to make sure that her goal of keeping Cinderella from going to the ball entirely was fulfilled. This, along with when she locks Cinderella in her room and trips the herald to break the slipper, are what I consider to be Lady Tremaine’s most evil moments.

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Bored. I need friends in this area. I need some how to books. How to: appear approachable How to: stop pretending to be confident when you’re the shyest person ever because that doesn’t make you friends. How to: leave the house to actually make friends. Why can’t I just order them like this chocolate cake I just ordered?

The underdog team won the game by a single point because they believed in themselves! What a creative dramatic twist!

so, now that we’ve established The Scorch Trials looks like it’s gonna be about 91% different than the book, literally all i want is the tattoos. if the tattoos aren’t in the movie, Wes Ball and i are going to have words, lots and lots of words.

to all those sending anon hate to demokron and wrathea need to cool the fuck down. are you really going to be that childish and petty? at least do this shit off anon, or bother someone else. these two deserve none of your bullshit. the tera community is toxic as is and you’re only fueling the fire. i will not tolerate the bullying of my friends and followers. let it the fuck go.

IG Claudio Bravo: LEAGUE CHAMPIONS 🏆 What a great team. Proud to be part of it. Effort, sacrifice, courage, hard work, dedication, conviction, balls. Let’s go damn it, we have things left to win. Thank you very much to everyone for so much support. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🔵🔴 #forçabarça

two days ago I got a job offer (great money. like, really great) and two years ago I wouldn’t have thought twice. but I politely declined because it’s a) in a bar and b) mostly night shifts

I don’t wanna work with alcohol anymore. I don’t wanna be out at night just to come home drunk myself.

but it made me think. about getting a new job and one I truly enjoy. and this year? I’m gonna go for it. I’ll go into fitness and nutrition I’ll finally have the balls and actually do this step. and who knows? maybe, in a few years, I’ll have that gym for everyone who’s afraid to go to the gym. for trans folk and everyone else.

Roommates | Jack Barakat

A/N: Because I have been having mad fucking feels about this literal 26 year old man child. God. He’s so goddamn attractive… Also sorry if this is bad in advance. Just got back into writing because I’m fucking finally done with finals! Yeeeeeees! Anyways hope you like it! 

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"Thought bookstores were boring to you. Now Quit staring at her. She's pretty and if you really are interested, mate then grow a pair and talk to her. Go on" Calum whispered, giving Michael a shove towards you.

“Why are you even here?” Michael scoffed, trying to distract Calum so he didn’t have to actually talk to the pretty girl with her dark hair pulled back in a pony tail - her wide framed glasses continually falling down her nose.

“Ashton’s getting into all that art and photography and shit - I thought a book of some sort might give him something to distract from how home sick he’s been. Have you got balls or not? Go talk to her.”

Michael had been going into the book shop, pretending to read and leaving without looking at what he’d purchased for two weeks since he was running away from fans and accidentally ran into this book store.

She was stacking books from a trolley - a black book with white writing that look like some sort of sci-fi/fantasy/action book for teens.

Michael stood a couple of shelves down, picking up a book by an author who’s name he’d actually become familiar with and trying to figure out how he could talk to her.

A couple of kids pushed past him and knocked over the trolley, spilling the books all over the aisle as they ran away screaming and laughing. Michael instantly put his book down, picking up the books she’d been stacking and placing them back on the trolley.

She’d sighed exasperatedly, as if she was already done with the day and knelt down to take over. “Thank you, I’ve got it.”

“Don’t worry about them - it’s a miracle they’re in a book store at all.” Michael smiled at her. 

“They’ve been running around all morning - they keep trying to kick me in the shins.” She whispered, clearly distraught. “Thank you.” She mumbled again as all the books were put back on the trolley.

“No worries, anything to help.” Michael felt his opportunity slipping away from him. “You look like you could use a coffee, or something.”

She smiled slightly at him. “My shift ends in ten minutes.” She nervously pushed her glasses up her nose.

He couldn’t help but smile widely at her. “I’ll be right here.”

I want to play a Cadash playthrough but I know if I do I’ll just end up feeling so painfully irrelevant because it’s all about the humans and their Chantry making a fuss because omm “Herald of Andraste” and the stupid Anchor and nobody seems to care that you are a fucking dwarf you didn’t even dream before now and now the Fade is everywhere, and the only reason you’re even there is because the world is ending and you’re one of the idiots who live in it. And then there’s the elf stuff which is all magic and elves and has nothing to do with dwarves, so again nothing to do with Cadash. So almost nothing going on has anything to do with you and once again Cadash feels totally irrelevant (which tbf is probably how dwarves are often made to feel on the surface). Hopefully it will at least get unique reactions to the dwarven stuff int he Hissing Wastes (I believe that’s where they were)

Oh I’m going to have such a passive-aggressive ball of dwarven snark.

You know, Go! Princess Precure has had some really well-animated fights. Now I’m worried how Toei’s going to allocate animators in between Go! Princess Precure and Dragon Ball Super. Like, where will they put the most talented animators? Which show will they make them work for? Either way, it feels like the quality of ONE of those shows is going to suffer, and I’ll be sad about that. Because I love both of them.

there is something called “halo effect”, in which when you see a few personality and body traits in a person you assume that this person has other specific traits too.
Someone who is beautiful and friendly might be seen as generous, for example, even though being beautiful and friendly doesn’t affect what they do with their money, or if you see many positive traits on someone else you also imagine them as loyal and funny etc without having any proof, and same goes for negative traits
I don’t know how to explain this better in English, but I feel that this happens with Emma Swan too

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