going with this one but who cares

i’m actually begging those of you who attend secret sessions this era not to leak anything and not only because it could take away the opportunity from others to experience one but because taylors blocked out everything but us for her own mental well-being and safety and by doing that she showed that she still trusts us and if any of you guys actually care about her you’re not going to take advantage of that so please just don’t like i would really rather not know anything than know at the expense of her comfort and security thank you

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I think the big deal here is that Keith is going through problems, and he needs a family, not an faceless rebellion who doesn't care about one another... It pains me so much he just left his team (aka: family)

i think the other issue is. even if keith /does/ return, what’s he gonna do?

he could take back red, but then:

“look, when shiro takes over the black lion, you’re gonna want your red lion back. if i get a lion, that means i’d have to take blue from allura.” etc etc etc

which makes me think of the whole theory that the other reasoning behind keith leaving does, in fact, have something to do…. with lance’s role….. staying on the team. it sounds like a reach but nah???? it makes… perfect sense actually. what was the entire point of them having that conversation back in season 3 bedroom scene otherwise….

and even if they DO go through another lion switch, it’d start to feel a bit repetitive / excessive at this point ?

so i hate to say it but i think keith’s decision Might,,, be permanent,,,

Come on, Potter. You can’t hide in there all night.”

Harry wanted to dispute this; he had every intention of remaining cocooned in the privacy of his bed. He tugged a pillow over his head with a groan and ignored the other boy.

“Are you wanking in there?”

That did it for Harry. It was one thing to be caught in the act of eyeing up Malfoy, but there was no way he was going to let the arrogant git think that he was wanking over him. With a flick of his wand, the hangings flew back to reveal Malfoy, thankfully now fully clothed, grinning at him smugly.

“You’re too easy, Potter.”

“Fuck off,” Harry snarled in reply.

“Come on, Potter. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. So I caught you perving on me in the shower, who cares? You’re not the first.
—  Chances Are… by cassie_black
One Year Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to my lovely and amazing girlfriend @mystisnykoto! We’ve been together for a year now and this is by far the best relationship I’ve had with anyone even including my ex wife! I had a few rough relationships last year and thought I’d never find someone who I can truly call a soul mate but I do really believe I have found one in her.

She is incredibly caring, smart, funny, and always seems to work around my crazy sleep schedule due to night shift. I really couldn’t go on without someone like her and I hope we stay like this for years to come. Hopefully meeting in person sometimes soon as well!

I love you so much honey you make me the happiest I have ever been in my life!

Erika / Ruri

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Hi! I was curious to know, what do the chocobro think about excessive leanness (not anorexia)? I have a difficult period in my life, associated with this (I was always skinny, and therefore do not like my body), so I want to know how they will react on this issue... (Sorry for my terrible English)

How would chocobro react, if their fem!s/o had complexes about thinness and hated her body?

So, I got two similar requests, I’m going to mush them together. if theyre not the same, please let me know. Also know that i’m going with experience with this and a bit of research, so i’m sorry if this is really off. As someone who also has body issues and holds themselves to a certain standard… I feel you. Just know that you’ll only get one body. Please take care of yourselves.


  • He would notice when you aren’t eating your favorite food (hc that when he has his s/o their fave becomes his second favorite), when you stare at the mirror too long.
  • He’ll ask you what’s wrong and he’ll have no idea what you’re going on about.
  • He loves you, he loves your body. He loves all of you.
  • He doesn’t care about how thin you are, he loves you as is.
  • He is not the type of person to go half-ass into anything. He loves you fiercely, he will do whatever in his power to show you that. 
  • Expect more complements. your body, your talents, anything to distract from the negative thoughts.


  • When you tell him what’s wrong after he sees you not enjoying the photographs he took of you, he’ll get this look in his eye.
  • You know that he knows how you’re feeling exactly. 
  • He’ll tell you, “Babe, I’ve had issues like this too… Different side of the spectrum, but the thoughts are the same…”
  • He’ll show you different methods of positive thinking that helps him through the worst of days.
  • “Ahh, i know its not much, but it’s better than getting blue. You gotta train yourself sometimes, especially when the thoughts are too much, y’know?”
  • He’d want to do a shoot with you, you in your favorite clothes, smiling and comfy, you in nothing at all except your underwear.
  • but you’re painted in hearts, all kinds of colors. hearts everywhere!!!
  • “This is how much I love you, y/n, nothing will change that.”


  • s/o with body issues? no matter what it is, Gladio has got your back! 
  • This man, this man with the physique of an illegal pickle, you know he on you for this.
  • He tends to plan your meals for you, cos he knows all about nutrition and stuff.
  • But he also knows when to lay back, take you in his arms and just love you, tell you how much you mean to him.
  • He’ll be calling you beautiful so much, he’d make it your new name.
  • Also, he’s the type of guy to just kiss the areas you hate the most. just out of spite.
  • He’ll let you vent out any and all frustration, let you do whatever you need. But you have to agree with him that your body is amazing, at least once.


  • Ignis will, undoubtedly, get very technical and serious about this.
  • He’s just like Gladio, he’ll cover the meal plan and everything. but he loves you, he loves you endlessly, he’ll show you again and again.
  • Prepare for the barrage of complements because hoooooooo boiiii, he is not going to stop. He will not stop. Not until you’re smiling.
  • And yes, there are times where it won’t really work how it used to but it wont stop him from kissing you all over.
  • He will sit you down in his lap and for every question like, “aren’t you disgusted?” or “why do you still love me?” he’ll have an answer for you, followed by a kiss somewhere on your body.
  • “Why would I be disgusted, your body is merely working at a faster rate than others, you’re still a wonderful human being.” 
  • “I love you, because you are still you, no matter how you weigh, or how you look. I love you. I love you endlessly, I adore you, my love.”

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Do you have any advice for a ravenclaw being bullied about my familys financial statues and my race..? Im getting really upset about it and my parents just dont care....

First of all, those assholes can go fuck themselves, because what they’re doing is sick and pathetic, and I really hope it comes back to bite them in the ass in the near future.

Second of all, I do have some suggestions that I strongly recommend:

1) You should really tell someone. If your parents won’t listen, find a teacher or friend who you trust. There’s usually that one teacher that cares more than the rest, and that’s who I recommend talking to the most. Someone WILL help you, I promise.

2) Gather evidence against them. Write down what they say, who said it, and what time they said it. Screenshot messages they send you. Anything that can be used against them.

3) Remember that THEY are the losers. Bullying is just such a…I don’t even know how to describe in words how pathetic bullies are. Honestly, they’re in the top three of the people I despise in this world. Your economic situation is NOT YOUR FAULT, nor is it anything embarrassing. People who use your financial situation against you are just sad idiots, plain and simple. You can’t control your financial status, and it’s none of their business. As for the race issue, that is beyond messed up. Not only is it something that no one can control, but it also does not matter in the least what color your skin is. We’re all human beings. Please talk to someone. This is not okay, and you should not have to go through this, especially not alone.

Anyway, if no teacher does anything, go to your principal and tell them that they are obligated to do something about it because of the Equality Act of 2010 (if you’re in America). It requires schools to ensure that students aren’t harassed/attacked/discriminated against because of their race.

Stay safe, okay? Does anyone else have any more suggestions? I’m not the best at advice.

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You’re so fckn sensitive. There’s nothing wrong w fat people but fckn watch the whole video. You’ll realize Edward is just stating FACTS about stereotypical kpop idols in comparison to Kyla whether you like it or not. He’s not bashing her, just merely stating facts about the kpop industry and their image on body type which gear towards, unfortunately, unhealthy skinny little girls. Chill tf out. His thoughts aren’t entirely unwarranted. You’re blowing things out of proportion.

“I’m being sensitive” says the person who came to my blog to cape for a best value James Charles! I’m having a good day and I hope you’re having one too but before I go riddle me this: does he pay your bills, does he send you free stuff, does he care about YOUR health and wellness? He don’t! But /sigh/ do you, girl. Have a good day! Be good!

Canceled an interview for the first time...

It’s weird to have enough interview invites to cancel some of them (not-so-humblebrag, I know). It’s nice - I’ve gotten an invite from every program I applied to except one, but from what I’ve heard they’ve only invited their rotators so far. 

I have to turn down some more this week, since I can’t go on all the ones I’ve scheduled. Well, actually, I could, but I don’t need to - I can save myself the money, and let someone else have the interview slot who’s more likely to go there. 

There are a few programs I would love to check out, and if you had asked me 2 months ago, I would’ve said I would absolutely go on the interview. But now I’m taking care of my mom, and flying across the country just for fun when she’s not well and I’m her sole caretaker just isn’t an option any more. And it sucks, because this is my last chance to really see what those places are like, and see if I’d want to live there and train there, but I can’t.

I’m keeping plenty of interviews, and I’m really excited about all of them too. But it’s hard to celebrate when she’s sick, and I’m commuting 5 hours a day to take care of her, and there’s no one to celebrate with me.

Paladin Drabble #23

When the war was finally they were…relieved.

It was finally time to go home for good this time and they were all thrilled going their separate ways, all having people who missed them…and a place they belong.

Except for Keith…he had nowhere, no one who wanted him…no one who cared. He knew this was how things were going to end and he almost wished they were still fighting if only to keep this small family he’d created for himself a little longer.

But that would be selfish of him…they needed to go home and he would only hold them back from that if he told them about these feelings.

He couldn’t burden them like that…so when they all went their separate ways Keith stayed quiet.


When Lance finally reached his home in blue, he felt strange.

Like this was all a dream and soon enough it would get cruelly ripped away from him…except it wasn’t. This was the real deal he was home.

Setting up Blues cloaking device he got out of his lion, stumbling a bit as he was moving so fast just wanting to see his mother.

Standing outside his door, Lances throat got tight as he was worried that his family had moved on and forgotten him. Taking a deep breath, he knocked on the door shifting from foot to foot anxiously.

A short tan woman opened the door the smile on her lips falling as she cupped a hand to her mouth, with wide eye that looked like she didn’t believe this was really happening.

“I’m home Mamá.” He croaked tears springing to his eyes as his mother enveloped him in a tight hug sobbing.


He had been home for nearly two weeks and couldn’t help but feel something nagging in the back of his mind that told him that he had forgotten something.

Lance didn’t like this feeling because he felt like… it was something important…

Then his heart sunk into the pit of his stomach, when he realized while they were all happy going their separate ways, all he could remember is how quiet Keith was.

Keith didn’t have anywhere to so…where was Keith.


Lance set out on his mission to find the angry red paladin, not knowing where to start so he decided to call up the others to see if they’d heard from Keith since they’d all went their separate ways.

Disappointed to find that sadly enough no one had heard from the boy since, not even Shiro whom was about ready to drop everything he was doing with Allura to find him.

But Lance reassured him that he’d take care of it.

So, Lance set off for the only place he knew where Keith would be and that was his little shack out in the desert.

Extremely glad that he had the blue lion to cut down on some of the travel time it took to get there.

When he was standing outside the door to Keith’s shack he hesitated though…what if he wasn’t there, it wasn’t like Lance knew any other places to look for him…or what if he was and Keith just truly wanted to be left alone.

He stood out there for a while before he heard something inside that sounded…kind of like coughing.

Taking a deep breath Lance built up his courage going inside, nervous feelings bubbling inside of him as he called out,” Keith?”

There wasn’t an answer but he wasn’t about to turn back now after how far he had come, so he pressed forward into the small living area.

He almost wondered if he was mistaken as it didn’t look like anyone was there, until the small lump of blanket on couch shifted, scaring the living daylights out of him,” Keith?” He called kneeling in front of the couch uncovering the flushed boy.


He did his best to go back to the way things were, but it was hard and he could feel a lump in his throat every time he went to go say something only to find…that there was no one there to listen…

Things just weren’t the same, and without anyone to remind him to take care of himself, he started to fall back into his old unhealthy habits

It had only recently started to catch up with him as Keith had been feeling poorly for the past few days as he forgot how harsh and unforgiving the desert climate could truly be, with its boiling hot days and icy nights.

He didn’t know what to do, he had never felt so ill before and he was scared. He wanted Shiro, he always knew how to handle things, but Shiro was busy with better things.

It wasn’t like Keith had any money for medicine as he was once again jobless, so he’d decided to curl up on his couch, under some of his warmest blankets, hoping that whatever this was he could just sleep it off.


When he woke next to a miserable coughing fit that made his chest rattle uncomfortably. He was positive that he was delirious because he could of sworn he heard Lance calling out to him.

Keith ignored it trying to go back to sleep shivering as he felt so cold wishing that he could just warm up.

When the cool air hit his face he whimpered, only cracking his eyes open a little when he heard Lance call out his name again.

Not expecting to see his familiar blue eyes staring back at him making tears spring to his eye, not sure if this was real or not,” Lance?” He croaked out.


Lance’s heart sunk guiltily into the pit of his stomach when he saw the pitiful state the other boy was in, looking at him in almost disbelief like Lance was going to disappear.

It broke his heart that this is what they had made Keith go back to, because they were all too selfish, thinking about their warm homes with their families.

Too caught up to realize Keith didn’t have one.

“Yeah it’s me let’s get you out of here.” He said, scooping Keith into his arms as he was shockingly light, feeling his thin arm wrap around his neck securely. He carried him to the blue lion, displeased with the heat that was coming off the smaller boy.

Lance would never let Keith end up like this again, he was going to make sure that Keith was taken care of and that he knew that he was loved.

I’m really sorry this took so long it been a while since I’ve had the motivation to right. Whew not gonna lie I got really emotional when I wrote this, I had a lump in my throat towards the end. My poor baby Keith he really has nobody.

This promp was requested by an anon:  Hi, can you write the paladins going back to Earth but they all go their separate ways for a few months and forget Keith didn’t have anyone to go back to? Then Lance remembers.

I hope they enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. :)

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My ex girlfriend keeps texting me and telling me sweet things like “I still see a future with you” and “i want to marry you” when she was the one who broke up with me on our 1 year and 3 months then started dating a guy two days later. She texts me daily, what do i do?

Wtf 😠 She has no right. What she did to you sounds horrible. If I were you, I’d tell her how it is. “You were the one who broke up with me and then started dating a guy two days later.”

I mean Jesus Christ that’s not the way you treat someone you care about. I’m sorry but now she wants your attention again and I really don’t want you to get hurt by (which is very possible) going through the same thing again once she gets ‘bored’. She’d have to really be able to convince you that she’s ready to go for this very serious this time. That is if you would still want her. If you don’t, it’s very simple. You don’t owe her anything.

Sorry if I sound harsh but I can’t stand people treating others this way. You deserve so much better. I hope you take this into consideration. Feel free to send me a message if needed 😘🌺

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How would a paladin with a humble beginning go against a beast larger than anything, mind-breakingly huge that they have to stop and realize how futile one's efforts are??

Keep going. Who cares if its unstoppable if people are depending on you? You’re a paladin, you’re here for what’s right, not what’s practical. Fight.

Day 16 of Blue’s Spooky October Art Challenge- Rotten

Bananza- Slippery Pokémon

Type- Poison/Grass

Ability- Shed Skin/Harvest (Hidden)

Bananza’s skin is tough and rubbery, but also very slippery. Wherever it walks, it leaves puddles of unidentifiable mush, which are scientifically considered “super gross, dude, aw man, I need to go wash my hands.” While generally harmless, Trainers must take care walking through areas inhabited by them, due to the threat of slipping on one of their mush puddles. Anyone who does will instantly be swarmed by a bunch of Bananza who want to play. Unfortunately, they smell terrible and are unpleasant to touch, so caution should be taken.

Slip Up is the signature move of Bananza. It’s a Grass-type status move with +3 priority. If the opponent attempts to use a contact move on the same turn that Bananza uses Slip Up, the attack will fail and they will proceed to lose 50% of their maximum HP.

I know no one really cares or reads my post but today I went for a coffee with the head coordinator of a placement that I hope to be a part of next year and it went so well I got the position! As well as be a full time uni student, I’m going to be volunteering helping troubled youths and youths who struggle socially/are isolated at home and I couldn’t be more proud of myself. :D

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It's making me mad that some hook fans are refusing to tag their wish hook posts also as "Wish Hook". They claim he is still Killian and don't have to stop tagging him as that. To me it screams they care about none of their shipmates wishes because how difficult is it to tag it 'killian jones' but add 'wish hook' so that people who don't want to see rogers or wish hook can avoid the posts? It makes them look bitter brats who hate that most people don't care about this lame hook.

I suppose people can use whatever tags they want on their own blog. We can unfollow if we don’t like it or block them if it gets bad in the general tags.  

On my blog Killian Jones will only be used for the real one. I think I’ll use Officer Rogers or Wish Hook for S7 version and I will definitely appreciate anyone who has a different tagging system because if we get into S7 love interest territory I’m going to need to blacklist a lot. 

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For Fiona and Rochelle. 2, 3, 10, and 29!

2. What was the first moment that they knew they were in love with their LI?

Fiona-When they went on their trip to Granite Falls at the end of the bachelorette challenge, Fiona really had to start thinking about who she wanted to spend her life with. When she thought about it, she really couldn’t picture her life without Rochelle in it. She couldn’t imagine not getting to see her all the time, talking about books, hopes and dreams, not getting to share little laughs and smiles. That’s when she knew she was in love with Rochelle.

Rochelle-For Rochelle it’s kind of hard to say. She had never met someone quite like Fiona. Someone who was so sweet and cared for others. She was always going out of her way to make sure everyone was happy and no one felt left out. She was amazed when Fiona wanted to get to know and talk to her of all people (her self confidence wasn’t the greatest). She was surprised by how easy it was to talk to Fiona, to open up to her about things she normally wouldn’t. After their date at the park, was when Rochelle realized she was in love. She was so comfortable being herself around Fiona. She could have fun and be silly (and even do something she wasn’t allowed to do like cloudgaze in a fancy dress. She would normally get in trouble for ruining it with grass stains). The moment she realized she found someone she could be her true self around, that’s when she realized she was in love.

3. When they are having a fight, what is it about and how do they deal with it?

They don’t fight very much. Usually it’s just a little quibble about something small. They deal with it by talking things out.

10. Do they have pet names for each other?

Not really, just regular nicknames. Fi and Ro. Rochelle was excited to have a nickname because she never had one of those before! It made her feel really happy and warm inside. Fiona felt all giddy when Rochelle called her Fi for the first time because Rochelle is usually pretty formal.

29. What are your favorite moments that happen between them?

Oh gosh I have a lot! I’ll just pick a few. I really liked their proposal and wedding. I also liked them when they first met each other bonding over their shared favorite book. Also anytime they comfort one another or are supportive of one another. Rochelle comforting Fiona after the emotional toll the bachelorette challenge took on her. Finding comfort in each other when they had trouble conceiving. Rochelle being the one to do the comforting and suggesting their vow renewal after Fiona got a bad reading from the love guru. Just any little moment with the two of them really.

Thank you so much for asking!

In her hopes of accelerating the arrival of the next Runewar, Evelynn started a practice as an assassin. She’s hard to contact and exclusive, like many assassins would be in reality. She goes under the title of Widowmaker in this circle, and everyone she does business with has a different encounter with a different woman that she’s disguised herself as.

The most valuable targets to her, the ones she cares to kill under contract, are often the ones who have enough political power for their deaths to lead to international incidents. She wants to smear their deaths into something greater, a terror attack plotted from political tensions. The killings have to seem like their more than just that, they have to seem like it was something a whole nation wished for.

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oh,okay. but what kind of person do you think your soulmate is? 😍😍😍

I think he’ll be soft™️ boy for sure. I think I’ll need someone to soften out my rough edges. He’ll probably love babies n shit. I think too he’ll be patient and straightforward, because I’ll need someone to understand my issues and someone who tells me upfront what they want from me so I can comprehend that yes someone cares about me and isn’t out to hurt me.  I hope he’s also super funny, maybe a total jokester or so nerdy I’ll find it cute but I’ll need someone who doesn’t take everything so seriously. He’ll be super cute and passionate about the things he loves to the point it’s laughable, but I’ll need it because then we both can support one another. I also need a boy who’s educated or has goals in life, I ain’t going for no rig boy who just wants to make money and never do anything in life. I also want someone who’s cosmopolitan, he’ll come with me to cafes and cool new restaurants with me an enjoy it also someone who will travel with me. 

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Do you have any advice on how to find a caregiver? There aren't many non sexual caregivers on here and it just kinda seems like I'll never have someone to take care of me. I know I don't NEED a caregiver but I'm just really bad at self care...

I would say for you not to actively go out seeking a caregiver. Just be yourself and someone will find you and talk to you and who knows what will happen from there! Do not feel discouraged about the amount of non sexual caregivers. They are out there. You will find one and they will love you for you. It just takes time!

You should try and work on yourself some. Set a routine with a bedtime and set aside time for little space. Get yourself little rewards that you put away for when you complete tasks and even little treats for things. Maybe even find a few little friends that can help keep you accountable for things.

college study tips that actually help
  • put your phone on silent and put it across the room
  • listen to classical/soundtrack music without lyrics
  • make index cards for important vocab
  • wear pajamas
  • make diagrams and pictures. they don’t have to look pretty, as long as you understand it
  • make timelines for historical events
  • have a light snack
  • drink coffee or tea to keep you going
  • take a break every hour or so
  • have one pencil/black pen and one colored pen or highlighter. anything more will just distract you. the aesthetics aren’t important, your knowledge is
  • don’t be afraid to email/message your teacher or a classmate if you don’t understand something. the last thing you want to do is learn the incorrect information
  • know that sleep and health is more important than your grade. you cannot perform as well on a test if you are tired or sick. take care of yourself
  • it’s not a race. it’s not about who can learn something in the quickest time, it’s about learning
  • take a deep breath 
  • prioritize your homework by how long it will take you and when it’s due
  • plan some you time in between studying and school
  • if you’re mentally exhausted, set a timer for 30 minutes and take a nap. any longer and you’ll wake up even more tired
  • don’t understand something? that’s perfectly fine, don’t stress over it. ask for help rather than complaining
  • have a goal in mind and write them down. say things like “i am getting an education so i can get the job of my dreams. the life that i want. the happiness that i deserve”
  • be thankful. it is a privilege that you get to go to school and get an education. 
  • you got this.