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                                         ‘Oh the bitten mouth, oh the kissed limbs,
                                     oh the hungering teeth, oh the entwined bodies.

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mortyyyyy, I made you one of those soft cookies please have some!! rick can have the "brownies" I made him but don't eat those okay???!?!?!

…oh geez are they those uhh special brownies? The ones with marinara in them? You, you know Rick doesn’t need any more of that s-stuff he’s got SO much marinara! 

B-but thank you for the cookies!!!


???: ahh Maybe I should just give up… Its not like I’m all that interesting anyways…

[Reassure her?]

I walked out of the theater wanting to go knock over a building or something and have been wide awake and slightly hyper ever since
It had its flaws like any movie, but I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed it, and of the few DC films I’ve watched it was by far my favorite

P.S. She’s totally the Captain America of DC.

TGIF! 😆 Let’s keep the green theme going today! 💚💖So here’s another painting reveal for my “Submerged” solo show at the Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome opening March 31st! 🖼✨ Her name is “Eye Sea Hue” 😉 Gotta love a fun pun 😙She’s one of my paintings for the show. 🎨🖌 Are you noticing a theme with the paintings I revealed thus far? 😉 She’s a super special girl and I hope you love her as much as I do! Btw here’s a little fun tidbit for you!! I based this pretty lady on Kerry Washington! The leading lady on Scandal one of my guilty pleasure shows 😊💚 If you’re interested in her or other orginals please contact sales@dorothycircusgallery.com ☺

The first time Viktor went on a rollercoaster, he felt his soul ascend from his body.

Now, as a twenty-eight year-old man, Viktor had never ridden a rollercoaster, much less visited a theme park or anything else of the sort. Blame it on his busy life as a five-time gold medalist figure skater, if you will, but he had also never even considered going to a theme park.

After meeting Yuuri Katsuki, a lot of things had changed. For example: there were now pairs of chopsticks as well as other foreign kitchen utensils on the counter in his apartment. He’d become more accustomed to taking his shoes off before entering the apartment after several lectures from his fiancé. Viktor had also picked up new knowledge on how other humans work and what he could say to potentially piss them off. He did not, however, expect one of these new things to be exploring new terrain in his own hometown.

“Let’s go to this new theme park they’re building nearby! We-” Yuuri asked Viktor, the man who never saw the appeal of plummeting so fast on a metal machine that it made you vomit.

“Why?” Viktor responded.

“Because it could be like a… Date.” The younger man said. He knew exactly what to say to get what he wanted.

Viktor considered. He liked the sound of a “date”. That is something that normal couples do, he thought, and he quite liked the sound of it. He had seen movies where a couple would attend a seasonal fair and the man would win a stuffed animal for the woman while playing a booth game to win her affection.


A month later, Yuuri and Viktor explored the newly erected area of multitudes of spinning rides.

“I used to go to these all the time as a kid back in Japan. Mari would force me to go on all of the scary rides with her.” Yuuri said as he laughed.

They waited in the long line to board the rollercoaster. Viktor knew nothing of rollercoasters. He knew that they travelled extremely fast along a track-like system, and he knew that people tended to scream while riding them.

It looked easy. Viktor was used to spinning fast on the ice, and he had no doubt in his mind that it would be as simple as performing one of the more “complex” jumps of his craft.

“Aren’t you scared?” Yuuri asked as they boarded the ride. Yuuri did not know that Viktor was a virgin to rollercoasters. “Why would I be?” The Russian responded, and Yuuri only answered with a smug look.

The Japanese skater held Viktor’s hand as the ride slowly climbed up, up, up the tall stretch. They made small talk, Yuuri’s reason being a distraction and Viktor’s reason being obliviousness.

Viktor was in the middle of explaining the difference between the special dog shampoo he uses for Makkachin and the “useless” shampoo the groomer always insists on using, and he stopped his lesson when he heard Yuuri gasp.

Viktor meant to ask Yuuri what was wrong, but before he could, they were plummeting down, down, down, falling towards the ground at a speed Viktor didn’t even knew existed until then.

He couldn’t think of anything besides “GET ME OFF OF THIS EVIL METAL MACHINE RIGHT NOW” while it sped through its course. He couldn’t believe he heard Yuuri actually laughing, the absolute maniac, while Viktor blew out his vocal chords and crushed his poor fiancé’s hand with a bruising force.

After a minute of absolute trauma and Viktor continuously screaming Russian profanities and prayers, the ride came to an end, gently slowing down at the loading dock.

The ex-virgin of rollercoasters’ hair was completely blown back and tears streamed down his unusually pale cheeks as he rushed as fast as he could to undo the damn seatbelt and get out of there before Yuuri drug him back in to go another round.

“Oh my God, Vitya, your face! I can’t breathe! You were crying, aww,” Yuuri choked through laughter as they sat at a nearby table for Viktor to (literally) come down from that high.

“I thought I was dying, Yuuri, you are insane, how do you do that for pleasure? I can’t believe I married such a crazy man-” Viktor rambled on while he whined into his hands. Yuuri could not stop laughing.

Viktor is terrified of his sadistic, masochistic fiancé and will never go on one of his “dates” ever again.

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I've been wondering for quite a long time now, what even was John's sexuality? I do think he was straight but somewhere inside me thinks he may have had small same sex attractions but I haven't personally found much information/proof to support that. + It was never confirmed by John himself which makes it harder for more proof. (Paul does make it seem like he was gay on many occasions but I don't know how much I trust it.) What do you think? It just really interests me. :-)

Personally, I think that John was bisexual with a preference for men, as is Paul. There are so many reasons why I think this so I’ll just make a list:

*When John was a teen, he had dreams of becoming a sailor, and it’s well-known that the navy has a very strong gay subculture attached to it. Many men would choose to go to sea for unlimited sex with other men, and Philip Norman referred to the navy as “a homosexual mafia.” (x)

*As a teen, he would invent wanking games with other boys (x)

*As a teen, he admired the gay poet Oscar Wilde. “I was torn between being Marlon Brando and being the sensitive poet - the Oscar Wilde part of me with the velvet, feminine side. I was always torn between the two, mainly opting for the macho side, because if you showed the other side, you were dead.” (x)

*(This quote is referring to when the Beatles went to Hamburg) “Though raised amid the same homophobia as his companions, John seemed totally unshocked by St. Pauli’s abundant drag scene; indeed, he often seemed actively to seek it out. “There was one particular club he used to like,” Tony Sheridan remembers, “full of these big guys with hairy hands, deep voices- and breasts. But they used to make an effort to talk English. There was something about the place that seemed to make John feel at home.”” (x) And here’s another story about him going to a transvestite bar called Monica’s (x)

*He has admitted to having a threesome with a man and a woman (x)

*The source is questionable, but Pauline Sutcliffe claims that John used to go to gay parties with Brian Epstein and other men, and that there was a lot of gossip around Liverpool about John not being straight (x)

*Pete Townshend says that among mutual friends, John openly talked about experimenting with men (x)

*He went to at least one gay bar with Paul in 1968 (x)

*He contributed a poem to the Gay Liberation Book in the early 70s, saying “Why make it sad to be gay/ Doing your thing is O.K./ Our bodies our own/ So leave us alone/ Go play with yourself—today.” (x)

*“When they got onto the theme of love, Andrews suggested that Lennon was troubled by his homosexuality. “‘Why do you dress Yoko as a boy?’ he challenged. John was enraged at the suggestion, rejecting it violently” (x)

*He said he was attracted to Yoko because she “looks like a bloke in drag” (x)

*Once when he was drunk, he grabbed one of the studio musicians and kissed him, then pushed him off and called him a “faggot” (x)

*He went around to gay clubs during his separation from Yoko (x)

*Many of his writings from his book Skywriting by Word of Mouth are blatantly homoerotic (x) (x)

🛋 Another progress update because I feel like doing these a few times a week motivate me and also I know some of you guys as well! Today wasn’t as productive as yesterday, but I did get a chance to go over some more vocab; today’s theme was the bedroom! I want to do more practice problems though so my next few pages will most likely not be as exciting as when I do vocab pages. 

🎵 P.S. Nayt’s latest album is really starting to grow on me 😶 

 *Includes words in vocab lists by @florilegiodelgrottesco  and  @languagenerds

The Signs as Shit Ryan Says during "FULL ON D U C C"

Aries: You killed a lady in the middle of her saxophone solo

Taurus: That’s inconVENIENT

Gemini: I have a hat fuck you  

Cancer: I personally blame the desk  

Leo: Welcome to the cult  

Virgo: Fire in the hole *he throws Alfred’s dead body at Jordan*

Libra: First no ice cream truck, then blindness, then getting shot in the face, what else could go wrong today?

Scorpio: *screaming the iCarly theme song*

Sagittarius: Hey look a gun

Capricorn: Whatever floats your goat man

Aquarius: Listen here, twinkle tits

Pisces: Don’t shoot me, I have water

Signs as Jordan / Signs as Alfred / FULL ON D U C C      

May the 4th be with you! 😆 Today is Star Wars Day! 🎉🎊🎉 I love the Star Wars movies! 😊❤📺 A princess lead a rebellion 👑😍 How cool is that?? 😎🤓 I had to make this drawing of Princess Leia and little Yoda in celebration of today! 💕 She’s also going to be one of the original drawings going up today for my May the 4th Etsy release on thecamillastore.etsy.com! ☺✏✨ I’ll have other Star Wars themed goodies going up today at 6PM PST like new tote bags and postcard sets too! 🛍💌👜 Check out my latest blog post for more info about the release on camilladerrico.com/blog! 👉💻👈 Hope you have a great day cuties! 😊😙💖

heya guys! I apologize for the inactivity ( that I seem awful prone to a lot of the time ), and to those of you wondering where I was and whatnot! There’s been a lot happening behind the scenes and in my life, and frankly, I’ve been really stressed out. however! good news is, I believe I’ll be able to steadily increase activity and begin to RP here frequently in the upcoming week ( hopefully ). if you wanna chat or anything prior to, mutuals are free to ask for my Discord! I hope you all are having a lovely day/night! xoxo