going towards the future i have planned

pssst, emma canonically sailed on the jolly roger before she was even born.

have any of you ever gotten sad or even cried because you’re wasting your life just sitting there and daydreaming about countless impossible things while others are moving towards the future???

i mean everytime i daydream, i feel like im stuck in one place while others are already moving. ive seen others achieving goals and making new ambitions, making new friends and planning out their future, while im stuck here daydreaming about impossible things that will most likely not happen

BTS Comeback/Logo Theory

So I’ve seen a few people say that if you translate “2017 BEYOND THE SCENE” into Korean you get this:  2017년 8월 16일 목요일

A date or in other words: August 16th, 2017

So people are beginning to speculate that this could be their comeback date or even the release of JHope’s mix tape (because Suga released his mix tape on that date last year as well). 

Even though I feel August is too early for a BTS comeback (since they just got off tour and deserve a long break), I do think it’s possible or we might have something else coming. 

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It’s More Than Just Us Now

Author: @dylanobsessed
Prompt/request: Could you do a Stiles x reader imagine and the reader finds out she’s pregnant and doesn’t know how to tell Stiles cause she thinks he’ll hate her and break up with her, but it’s really cute and fluff towards the end pleaseeeee❤️
Warning: mild arguing/yelling, baby talk (idk if that needs to be a warning but just in case), and some fluff
Pairing: stiles x reader
Notes: thanks for this request!!! i had a good time writing it honestly! i hope you enjoy it and if anyone else wants to send some requests my way, please do.
Words: 1,798

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Imagine skipping class with Chris. (Part B)

A/N: Part 3B! Oh God, I was going to wait till tomorrow but I’m just too excited! I’m really happy with how this one turned out. You can read the previous parts here: (Unexpected Reader - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A) Enjoooooy! X

Burbank; that was where Chris took you after breakfast in the cute little corner bistro you loved so much. He took you all the way there to give you a tour of Marvel Studios as well as introduce you to some of the people from the industry you were dying to be apart of. He even managed to get you a quick meeting with the very busy Kevin Fiege, who- thanks to Chris- promised he’d give you a meeting when you graduated from UCLA; an offer to which you squealed at the second you thought Kevin was out of earshot. He wasn’t, and it explained why Chris Evans would go through so much trouble for a girl people said was, “just a fan he met an airport.” You were sweet and humble and passionate, and Kevin wouldn’t be surprised if months later he’d heard Chris ended up dating you. The two of you clearly had a lot of chemistry, and he wasn’t blind to the way Chris looked at you; it may have been subtle, but it was definitely a look of love.


A strange concept; love. It could either be the simplest of things, or the most complicated. Unfortunately for the two of you, it was the latter. Neither of you wanted to admit anything, due to fear of getting hurt. That was the thing about love, despite how wonderful it could make a person feel- there was also the chance of ruining an entire being. A wrong move, a poorly chosen word, bad timing- all of these were factors capable of tearing a soul in pieces.

Chris couldn’t do that to you, he couldn’t take away that light you carried despite how dark you thought you were. You were the kind of girl who still believed she could meet the love of her life in a coffee shop; who believed in love at first sight; who wanted to marry as soon as possible; who didn’t want to date casually; who was a hopeless romantic; who thought love was just like the movies. You had an incredibly innocent heart that he both wanted to force his way into, but also protect. He wanted you to have a lifetime of happiness, and he wasn’t yet sure if he could provide that for you. But God, he was starting to realize you were a girl he wasn’t going to get over easily. If he found out tomorrow you were going on a date with another man, he’d both be ecstatic and heartbroken.

Chris took his eyes off the road for a brief second to throw a glance your way. It’d been fifteen minutes since you got into the car, but you were still smiling at the pass hanging around your neck. He’d made it himself, and it had both your name and the phrase “VIP - Chris Evans’ Very Important Person” on it. You looked over at him as he turned back to the road, smiling when you saw him smile. You still couldn’t believe your luck; it’d been exactly forty-three days since you met Chris and you still couldn’t believe your luck. You woke with a smile on your face each morning- not just because of the ‘good morning’ texts he’d sent you, but because you woke knowing you had him in your life. It was a pretty freaking amazing feeling, one you hoped you’d never have to give up.

“Thank you for today, Chris.” You told him, smiling; he glanced at you and smiled back, nodding. “You’re right about it being worth my time, I couldn’t imagine spending today any other way. This has just been an absolute dream come true, honestly-” you cut yourself off, chuckling, “you’re the best, the absolute best.”

“It’s not over yet,” he threw another smile your way. “We’ve still got one more stop before we call it a day, and um-” he pulled his car to a stop; you looked out and saw the Dolby Theatre. “You might want to do a quick costume change.” He told you then got out of the car before you could question him further. “C'mon,” he called as he knocked on the back windshield.

You got out of the car and chuckled when you saw him hold up two dress bags. One held a navy blue tux, and the other held your old prom dress. “Where the hell did you get that from?” You laughed, taking the bag from him. “You didn’t break into my room while I was sleeping, did you?”

“God, no,” he laughed. “Ava did.” He told you and you chuckled. Of course Ava did, your best friend would do anything Chris asked her to because she too was a huge fan of his. You’d met her on Tumblr a few years ago, connecting through your love for Chris Evans and writing, and only recently met her in real life. She was yet another wonderful thing you needed to thank Chris for, because without him to write about- you would’ve never met Ava. “I told her about today and she offered her services.”

“Isn’t she a doll,” you bit sarcastically, then laughed when he did. “Are you serious about changing?” You quizzed and he nodded, walking towards the entrance as he draped the dress bag over his shoulder. “Oh come on,” you ran after him, “I don’t want to put on a gown!”

“You’re going to be very under dressed.” He pushed the door open and beckoned you in with his head. You stared at him, not saying anything or walking into anywhere. You huffed when he chuckled, “it’ll be fun, Y/N. Trust me,” he said with a smile that you’d never- in your forty-three days of knowing him- been able to say no to.

“Fine,” you sighed and stomped into the building. “Is there a bath-” You cut yourself off when he pointed you in the direction of the bathroom. “Just so you know, I might not even fit that dress.” You told him as you stomped towards the female bathroom like a pouty child; he followed behind you, chuckling softly. “I’m not as slim now as I was at my prom.”

“You still look great to me,” he told you and you felt heat rise to your cheeks. You bit back your smile as you glanced back at him. “Get dressed,” he instructed and you nodded, “then meet me at the stage.”

• • • • • • • •

Chris waited on the stage patiently for you, fiddling with his cuffs and sleeves. “I look ridiculous,” he heard your voice and looked up as you walked down the aisle towards the stage. His lips parted in awe, then formed into a smile as he appreciated how breathtaking you looked in your simple, but beautifully elegant, chiffon gown. “I mean-” you lifted your gown to display the sneakers you were wearing. “You could’ve at least got Ava to steal me some heels too,” you joked.

“You look beautiful.” He complimented as he walked down the steps to meet you; his heart beating as fast against his chest at the sight of you, as your heart was against your chest at the sight of him. “Now come on,” he held out his arm for you to take, “I want to show you something.”

“Like what?” You asked, letting him lead you on stage. “We’re already inside this amazing theatre, I mean- this is where they host the Oscars every year.” You pulled away from him to stroll the stage. “This place has held the talents of Meryl Streep and Denzel Washington and Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino and-” You stopped when you realized Chris was smiling at you. “Of course,” you walked back over to him and poked his chest, “Chris Evans. A man who should have won Oscars upon Oscars by now.”

“As biased as you are, my number one fan,” he teased and you giggled, “I appreciate it. And yes,” he agreed as he looked around the place, smiling. “The theatre is amazing and I did bring you here to show you the interior. But-” he said and you turned to him, “I also brought you here to prepare you for your future.”

“And how are you preparing me for my future?”

“Come here,” he used his head to beckon you towards him. You walked over hesitantly then tensed when he moved behind you, gently grabbing your arms. “This is where you’re going to be one day,” he whispered into your ear, smiling. He was having trouble remembering what he’d planned to say to you because your perfume was incredibly intoxicating and all he could think of was kissing your neck. “You’re going to be standing up here, looking down at everyone you’d thought you’d only see on your screen, thanking them and your loved ones for taking a chance on you and supporting you to your first Oscar win.”

You smiled as you imagined what Chris was saying. It was almost like you could feel the Golden Statue in your hand; the weight and the sturdiness of it. You closed your eyes and looked up; it was like the heat of a thousand lights were kissing your skin. Your ears could hear the thundering applause and the cheers as the entire audience rose to their feet to give you the standing ovation you deserved. You’d look out into the crowd and smile; smile at the people you’d worked with, those who’d helped you get you the award. That was the dream, it’d always been the dream. Just like Chris was part of it, he was part of everything. Even as you closed your eyes to picture a scene where you just won an award of the highest honor, you saw him. You saw him in the crowd and you smiled because knowing him, having him believe in you the way he did, having him in your life- that all meant so much more to you than winning an award.

“I can’t wait to see you up here,” he told you as he released you from his grip. His hand forgot you were just a friend and not his girlfriend, and took it upon itself to brush your cascading hair over your shoulder. “You are going to go to amazing places, Y/N. I promise you that,” he said with so much sincerity that you felt your eyes well with tears.

“Oh God,” your voice quivered as you sniffled, trying your best not to start crying. Chris’ eyes narrowed as he gently wrapped his arm around your elbow to turn you towards him. “These are happy tears,” you quickly told him when you saw concern in his eyes. “I’m um-” you reached up to brush your tears away, but he beat you to it. “I’m just really touched that you believe in me.”

“Of course I do,” he smiled and lowered his hand to take your in his; he squeezed it gently. “You are incredibly talented, Y/N. I am so glad you decided to pursue screen writing because- God, it’d be a waste if you didn’t. You have a way with words that not many do, and I have no doubt that it’s going to take you up here one day.”

“Because of you,” you said and he shook his head.

“No,” he said. “Because of you. With or without me, you were going to find your way here and I’m…” He trailed off, smiling at how beautiful you looked despite your teary eyes and runny nose. “I’m going to be standing in that audience applauding your incredible talent, and wishing that I’d one day be lucky enough to be able to direct or even act in one of your flawless pieces.”

“You’re going to make me cry,” you chuckled because it was your only way to stop yourself from crying. He smiled and brushed the tears that had escaped off your cheeks. “Thank you, Chris,” you told him as you forced your way into his arms, hugging him tightly; he’d hugged you back without hesitation. “You have no idea how much all of this means to me.”

“You’re welcome.”

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Part 4A

We got married, now what?

Words cannot even begin to describe how amazing June 3, 2017 was for both of us. We were surrounded by everyone we love and we got to declare our love for each other in front of those people. It was utterly overwhelming and I am pretty sure I spent two days straight crying. With each speech, tears flowed. Each time I tried to put into words my love for Victoria, tears flowed. The entire weekend was honestly a dream come true. Nothing could have prepared me for all of the warmth we would be surrounded by.

It has been almost a month and we have somewhat settled into the routine of married life. People often ask us how married life is and we both kind of struggle to answer that question because it is not like anything has changed. We still don’t know what to do for dinner, we still bicker over where to park, and we still fight for space in our Queen-sized bed. Honestly, the only things that changed are that I got a new last name and Victoria got better health insurance.

But I wouldn&;t have it any other way. I have always said that the mundane moments with Vic are what I love most. She makes the mundane feel anything but. I can only hope that will continue in the years to come.

We leave on Friday for our annual family vacation in St. John, USVI. It will feel somewhat like a honeymoon. Our true honeymoon will occur in December in Costa Rica. Once we get around to planning it…

After that, it is onto the rest of forever and looking toward the future. We have started casually looking for homes with more bedrooms and in a better school district. I know I have complained about people already asking if we are going to have kids but yes, we are.

We don’t have a definite timeline or plan but we know it is something we are working toward. Sometimes the thought of being responsible for another human life scares the living daylights out of me. But I know I have the best partner in Victoria. She was born to be a mother and I know with her encouragement and maybe a few mistakes along the way, we will be just fine.

I know I have also complained about people asking really personal questions about our family planning process. And what I said still stands true, you really can’t just ask people about how they plan to create a family. Lez be real, you wouldn’t ask a straight couple so the same rules apply to an LGBTQ couple.

That being said, Victoria and I have already decided to be really open about our process. For the very fact that people don’t talk about it often. Our hope is that in sharing our story, our loved ones can share in our joy and maybe other LGBTQ couples will learn more about the various options to create a family.

So consider this the start of giving you a glimpse into our lives as a newly married lesbian couple and the very very beginning of our family planning process.


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In An Instant: Part Eight

Summary: A romantic comedy about what happens when love literally falls through your window.

Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Ash (aka me), Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Tony Stark

Warnings: Language, general gross cuteness, some angst, bad writing, bad storylines, possible cheating, but mostly major fluff and feels

Word Count: 3.2Kish (SORRY)

A/N: Three long months you waited. I hope you enjoy. And I’m sorry. 


Originally posted by jeremydooley

Bucky couldn’t shake the image; you giggling like a schoolgirl as the females won yet another hand of strip poker. He’d watched you as he pulled at the fly of his jeans, smiling to himself as he witnessed the pink filling your cheeks, the exact second he knew he wanted you.

“Wanna grab a drink? I think we’re about done here.” Sam turned to survey the room, and when he looked back to where Bucky was all he saw was the front door swinging shut. “Guess not.”

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Once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers (non-negotiable, positivity is cool~) 🌈🌈 @lily-is-writing


1. I like that even though there is a major war between western and English riding I practice both without bashing the styles!
2. I like that I already have a future plan for collage and a job that I want and I’m proud that I can work towards it now!
3. I like my brain, my intelligence. I’m not strong or that fast so I rely on my smarts.
4. I like that I’m good with animals no matter what I can get them to trust me.
5. I like that I’m kind, apparently I can make people smile and to me that’s the world!

Go for it ya bunch of cuties!!!

Imagine Chris asking your dad for your hand.

A/N: Part 4 is a little longer, but we’re nearing the end! Hope you enjoy this! X (Read Part 1/Part 2/Part 3.)

Olive and Sebastian sat at one of the snow covered tables in the coffee house, chatting and playing with Dodger while you rang your dad; he was apparently your next clue. You listened to the phone ring and shook your head, chuckling softly to yourself. If your father picked up and was part of the scavenger hunt, you had to tip your hat off to Chris; that man was a workaholic who spent majority of his time in scrubs, he barely had time for anything let alone your boyfriend’s way of keeping the romance alive. The longer the phone rang, the more you started to doubt. Perhaps your dad wasn’t the clue, but what else could Chris have meant when he said “there won’t be a day where he’ll stop worrying about you, but he can rest easy knowing you’ve got me in your life now.” It had to be your dad, there was no one else.

The call unsurprisingly went to his voicemail, but it wasn’t his usual voicemail. “This is Richard. If you’ve reached my voicemail, it means I’ve ignored your call. I apologize, but I’m too busy running errands with Captain America to come to your aid. If you need anything, there are plenty of other doctors available at Alexander Van Heusen Memorial.”

You were about to redial or ask Olive for the walkie-talkie when you heard a soft tap on the glass. You turned around and chuckled in absolute amazement when you saw your dad; he smiled and waved. “I’ll be damned,” you made your way outside with the others following behind.

Sebastian took the leash from Olive so she could run over to your dad, wrapping her tiny arms around his legs. He chuckled and leaned over to kiss the top of her head, “I see you’re having a ball with Y/N.” Olive looked up at him and nodded with a wide grin. “Hi sweetheart,” he smiled at you.

“Dad,” you chuckled softly, “what are you doing here? And what’s with the new voicemail? Is Chris’ scavenger hunt really more important than saving lives?” You quizzed teasingly with a raised brow and he chuckled.

“Today it is,” he nodded and your eyes narrowed slightly in confusion. “I’m meant to give you this,” he passed you a single key on a Captain America shield keychain. “And this,” he passed you an white envelope. “There’s a cab waiting for you to take you to the next location.” He said and beckoned at the yellow cab behind him.

“You’re not driving me?”

“My days of driving you around are over, kid.” He chuckled softly as he wrapped you into a tight hug. “That’s Chris’ job now, as is worrying about you and taking care of you and loving you unconditionally. You are his responsibility now,” he pulled away and cupped your face in his hand, “my precious baby girl. I am so proud of you and so happy for you, there was nothing I wanted more for you than true love.”

“Dad,” you laughed. “You’re talking like you’ve just sold me to Chris and will never see me again.” You joked and he chuckled. “I’m not going anywhere, I’ve still got a million milestones to get through with my family before I disappear with a family of my own. Olive’s only eight and I plan to be on her beck and call at least until she’s twenty-one,” you looked down at your sister and winked; she smiled. “You’re not going to lose me, and I’m never going to stop being your responsibility.” You told your dad and hugged him.

“He’s a good guy, you know that right?”

“Yeah,” you smiled when your boyfriend’s face- and apparently soon to be fiancé- came to mind. “If he weren’t, you wouldn’t have let this relationship last as long as it has.” You chuckled softly as you pulled away. “And you definitely wouldn’t have given him your approval when he asked if he could marry me.”

“I told him I’d give it away.”

“I kind of figured it out after the first clue,” you admitted with a smile. “Marriage has always been on the table, we just- haven’t found the right time. Plus, I know Chris. He is not the kind of guy who would do something this big if he didn’t have something bigger planned. He’s an actor who dabbles in directing, he likes his theatrics.”

“That he does,” your dad agreed. “You should probably get going, that boy has been waiting all day to slip a ring on your finger.” He told you and you chuckled as he steered you towards the cab. “Let’s not keep your future waiting any longer, shall we?”

“Of course not,” you shook your head, smiling.

“Good luck, Sissy.” Olive called as you got into the cab.

“Catch you on the flip side, Mrs. Evans,” Sebastian waved.
• • • • • • • •
The drive to the undisclosed location looked rather familiar, you couldn’t quite put your finger on why but you knew you’d been there before. You asked the driver how long the drive was going to take only to have him ignore you. You figured it was ‘cause Chris told him not to speak to you so you left it, diverting your attention to the key and envelope in your hand instead. There wasn’t much to the key, it was just a key; you slipped that into your pocket and opened the envelope, pulling out the letter Chris wrote when he started planning the scavenger hunt.

My dearest Y/N,

As I’m writing this letter, you’re five feet away from me fast asleep in my bed. You look breathtakingly beautiful, as always, with your makeup free face and disheveled hair. Dodger’s awake; he’s on the floor next to you ready to pounce on anyone- including me- to protect your beauty sleep. It’s nice knowing he loves you as much as I do, and I hope that he’ll replicate that same great love for our future children. (Or child, if you only want one. But whenever you’re ready and whatever you want, so no pressure.)

Now I know you must be wondering by now why I’m writing this letter to you, chances are that when you’re reading this- you’re on your way to meet me so I can propose to you. (I’d say ‘don’t freak out’, but I’m sure your smart brain already figured out what was happening before you got this letter.) I’m writing this letter because I want to say a few things that I know I won’t get through in person- without crying anyway. (And I also want to waste no time when you’re in front of me. I’m just going to drop to one knee and ask you to marry me without making a big speech first, ‘cause I’ve waited long enough and I am not going to wait another second for you to be my fiancée.) So let’s get to you, shall we?

The night we met wasn’t as big of a coincidence as you’d like to believe, the whole thing was actually the result of my puppeteering. I could credit Sebastian, who you’ve known for a while now, but he had no idea what he was doing when he answered my very innocent question “that actress Kevin just casted, um- what’s her name? Y/N Y/L/N? Isn’t she a friend of yours, why don’t you invite her too?” He thought I was just being nice, that I had no idea who you were and wanted to get to know you before we started work together; he was very wrong. Hearing you got casted in The Winter Soldier was possibly one of the best days of my life, I’d been a fan for so long that- I didn’t see it as an opportunity to work with an amazing actress, I saw it as an opportunity to make you fall in-love with me. I thought it would be hard, but then again, I didn’t expect the beautiful and talented Y/N Y/L/N to be a fan of mine.

So yes, I’ve loved you for a while now. A long while, actually. I would’ve chased after you earlier but I was a little afraid you weren’t what I’d imagined you to, and a little afraid I wasn’t going to meet your standard of the perfect man. (After I read that interview you had with Cosmopolitan, I honestly thought being with you was a pipe dream.) But meeting you and getting to know you and seeing how you were with your parents and your little sister, I realized that you were exactly the person I thought you to be. And dating you made me realize that while I may not be perfect, I could be for you. In our four years of dating, you’d never failed to make me feel like I was enough. Even when we fought, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that you were the one for me and I could do this for the rest of my life.

Flash forward to the present day, right? I’m hoping as you’re reading this, you’re smiling and thinking about our future together. I’m hoping that you don’t have a doubt in your mind about me, that you will say yes when I ask because you love me and you want to grow old with me. I know it’s not always easy because we’re constantly away from each other, and that sometimes phone calls and FaceTime sessions aren’t enough. I know we get tired and heartbroken when the other is on the other side of the world for months on end, but I also know what we have is special enough to hold on to. It’s not all bad. We’ve managed for four years, I think we can manage for the rest of our lives- or at least until we become irrelevant. (Doubt you will, my shining star.) Until then, we can visit, make full use of our hiatus/breaks, and of course- there’s always auditioning for the same film so even on the other side of the world, we’ll be together. There are a million loopholes and I am willing to find them with you, if you’ll have me.

Oh, and one final thing.

I know we’ve always talked about Boston being our home base because that’s my hometown and that’s why my heart is, but I’ve changed my mind. You are where my heart is now, wherever you go- that’s where I’ll go, that’s where my home is. Now I know you love me and I am your home too, but so is Olive. I know we talked about moving to Boston because I have a house there, but I can’t knowing that moving means making you start a long distance relationship with your baby sister. She’s eight and she needs you, so Boston can wait at least until she’s eighteen and ready for university. (She’s going to attend university at my alma mater, by the way.) Until then, we can just stay in our home in California which you should be arriving at at any moment now.


You looked out the window as the cab slowed to a stop. Your smile reached your eyes when you saw Chris standing next to a real estate sign, he smiled at you then slapped a big sold sticker on the sign. You got out of the cab then realized why you found the drive here so familiar, this was the open house Chris dragged you before he left for Houston. You loved it upon seeing it because it checked off every box in your criteria, you thought it was fate but you had no idea that Chris had actually spent the last year and a half looking for it and fixing it up. It didn’t occur to you that the questions he asked- “if you could change one thing about your kitchen, what would it be?”, “don’t you think a pool would be great?”, “how beautiful would a rose garden be?”, “if you could choose, hardwood or carpet?- was used to refine his search with his real estate agent. You didn’t know that the open house wasn’t actually an open house and you’d laughed when he said he was going to buy it, thinking he was joking because of the plans to move to Boston eventually. Boy, were you wrong about everything.

“Is this a joke?” You chuckled breathily as you made your way over to him.

“Nope,” he shook his head and took your hand in his, entwining his fingers with yours. “Welcome home, Y/N.”

Part 5

Double Time (10/24)

Disclaimer: Red vs Blue and related characters are the property of Rooster Teeth.
Language, Canon-typical violence
Tuckington, Chex
Rating: T
[Hero Time Sequel] After the events of Hero Time, the city and Blood Gulch are prepared for the true return of superheroes in a big way. But while Washington is attempting to adjust to a new relationship and a new living arrangement, the call of new heroes and a new mayor mean major changes for his professional life as well as his personal one. How will the balance of values fare when his new partners come to test everything he’s made of.

A/N: Who’s ready for things to get SAPPY in here? I am. I’m totally read for some more sap. Which is why I wrote it. ;P 

Special thanks to @analiarvb, @secretlystephaniebrown, @thepheonixqueen, @ashleystlawrence, @washingtonstub, @imagentmi, @a-taller-tale, @icefrozenover, @matt-you-got-this, @notatroll7, and Yin on AO3 and tumblr for the wonderful feed back! I truly appreciate it more than you know.

All On His Own

When Wash usually opened the door and was met by Church’s unimpressed expression, he was a swath of emotions ranging from mutually annoyed to exhaustedly accepting. 

On that rarest of nights, Wash was relieved and – more than even that – had been the one to call up the annoyed former super villain himself.

“I hate babysitting,” Church reported immediately, shoving past Washington without even bothering to shut the door behind him.

“I know,” Wash replied, taking the time to shut the door. 

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Another Ride - Chapter 18: Missing You

Chapter 17

James was unusually quiet that night while they sat eating dinner together and it made Sharna nervous.

“How was your day with Jenna?” she asked him.

“It was good. Exhausting. She works me as hard as you do.”

“What dance do you have?”

“Paso. Didn’t I mention that?”

“No, you didn’t. One of your favorites.”

“One of my favorites,” he echoed.

The conversation faltered for a moment while Sharna tried to think of what else to say.

“Hey, are you alright?”

“Fine,” he said, looking up at her quickly and adopting an unconvincingly casual tone. “Why?”

“You just seem weird tonight, that’s all.”

“Weirder than usual you mean?” he joked, and she forced a smile. “I’m fine. Just a lot on my mind.”

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“What’s wrong?” She pulls his face away. “What happened?”


“That’s a lie,” she says. “I’m not stupid. Tell me what’s wrong.”

“All of this,” says Jon. “All of this is wrong. We were going to have a good life, away from all the politics and people who want to manipulate you. Do you remember what we planned? To go live up in Scotland, have parties with our friends, take care of your little siblings. That future is gone, Sansa, and I don’t know what to hope for.”

“I never asked for any of this, Jon,” she hisses, “and I’m not going to be their perfect poster-child queen. But I have a responsibility towards my family and my country. We’ll have to make do.”

He wants to slam his fist into the wall. “I don’t want to make do, I want to live.”

“I’ll find a way!” Her voice rises dangerously. “Britain is not a person, Jon. I can’t have a bloody affair with it. You don’t have to be jealous of a country!”

His face twists into a silent snarl. Sansa suddenly realizes what his true anger is coming from.

Jonsa S7 Summer Challenge, Day Two: Celebration or Nature

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TAWOG-The Rejection

Harold Wilson couldn’t understand what Nicole saw in that chubby bunny. Well, actually, chubby was an understatement. Harold had seen ships with less cargo compared to Richard Watterson.

The rainbow-sporting individual narrowed his eyes, staring across the lunchroom where one of the school’s beauties sat. He remembered the earlier years of middle school when all Nicole wore was her martial arts uniform. As plain and gaudy as it was, he had to admit it had been rather adorable on her. That was Nicole when they were all twelve. Now in high school, he began to notice even more that such a lass was practically a godsend.

And fate was cruel not to bring her into his arms. Instead, fate brought her into the sweaty, fat arms of that momma’s boy Watterson kid. Harold watched in disgust as Nicole offered the rest of her food to that pink rabbit, as if she hardly remembered that he already had ten times the amount of calories she had eaten. Her smile was sincere, her flirty offer to spoon feed him her mashed potatoes made Harold’s colorful body redden with rage.

However, he took the time to admire the beautiful blue cat as well. Hair down and held back by pink clips, and that pretty purple sweater that bared one of her shoulders. Her outfit seemed to match perfectly with his own, a sweater of highly expensive value. Just as Harold felt they could be as well.

Before she met Richard, Nicole Senicourt was an unapproachable beauty. Not to say she was a man-hater or anything, it was just that her interests were 100% focused on success, and appeasing her life-planning parents. Harold heard her folks expected her to marry a man of the medical field in the future. Well, he might as well call them mom and pop if he ever personally met them, because that was going to become Harold’s career.

Yet Nicole still laid her heart for the oaf who obviously wasn’t going to get into college.

No matter how hard he or any guy tried, she friendzoned every single one. Harold hated that term. He hated to be reminded that a popular guy like him could not attract the entire population of women. But he didn’t care for other women at this point. He only desired Nicole. She was intelligent, witty, pretty, and incredibly strong in both body and mind. He recalled that time he thought she was running toward him. He tried to act cool about it, sending her his usual pick-up lines, but deep down he was overjoyed that she would finally date him.

How wrong he had been when Nicole just abruptly ran over his face, hardly even recognizing his presence. What made it more painful was how that had been the day she met Richard. Harold would have gladly taken her out to dinner, yet she was appreciative of a dang nut (he overheard her confess this gesture of Richard to one of the girls at school; probably that Jackie person or whatever). While his family was not as wealthy as the Yoshidas, Harold knew he could give anything Nicole desired.    

And that woman chose the guy whom she was willing to shovel mashed potatoes into.

Harold fought every urge to walk over there and use another one of his successful pick-up lines on Nicole. Well, not the “Have you lose weight? Your head looks bigger.” one. His face was still healing from those recent slaps…

He tried not to puke his lunch as Nicole wiped Richard’s potato-covered face. Dear God, he ate like a wild animal! A wild, ugly animal! How could such a beauty like Nicole think that was cute?

“Hey, man!” He turned to see one of his bandmates greet him. “Don’t forget the party this Friday at my  house! All the best girls are going to attend!”

Harold said nothing, glancing back toward the blue cat whose fingers linked lovingly with Richard’s.

“All the best girls, huh?” the rainbow-colored man asked, a satisfied look on his face. ______________________________________________________________________

The party was actually nice for a middle class neighborhood. After Harold parked his expensive ride across the street, he witnessed the front yard overwhelmed by practically everyone from school. Beats erupted from one of the music students who wanted to have a career as a DJ, and the tables of food actually looked appealing. What made it even better was that his bandmate had been right: all the best girls were present. And they were all dressing super nicely.

Harold offered his most suave smile, hands in the pockets of his designer jeans as he strolled toward the event. He high-fived a few buddies on one side, winked and clicked his tongue to some girls on the other. These were the kind of girls easily charmed by him, and Harold could have flirted with them already, but his focus was only on one girl.

As he entered the open door of the house, there was hardly room to roam around. Balloons were rather a cheap attempt at a bash, but they made the entire living space look more lively. He could hear bottles of soda fizz open, and the loud crunches of chips being devoured. Guys and girls raised their voices high out of excitement and thrill, especially on the dance floor while the music increased volume. Harold gave the usual flip of his long, colorful hair.

However, his mouth slowly fell open when he saw Nicole. She stood in a corner, away from the craziness of everything, merely hovering right next to one of the buffet tables. The blue cat wore a yellow summer dress, a white jacket hugging her frame. The clips were gone, allowing her hair to fall to one side of her face. But Harold certainly wasn’t complaining.

She appeared rather unsure of herself, as if she couldn’t understand typical high school parties. She wasn’t with any of the girls at the moment. The best part was that Richard was nowhere to be seen.

Harold’s heart gave a hopeful thump, as if fate was finally going to grant him the beauty he vied for since 7th grade. It could be like the movies. Girl meets guy at party, they talk and dance; and when the party is near its end, guy offers girl to take her home. And then stuff deemed too inappropriate for something rated PG-13 would probably ensue. Harold tried not to think about it, although his drool betrayed him. 


Nicole plucked another chip from the saucer and engulfed it. The party was nice, and all her classmates and friends were present. She only wished Richard could be here. He said he was coming, and probably was just running late due to his protective mother. She hardly noticed a flirtatious rainbow-ed lad sidle right next to her, his eyes trying to meet her own.

“Hey, girl, no need to get lonely,” he expressed with his usual charm. “I’m already here.”

When their eyes met, the fantasy of teenage love vanished as she merely scowled at him.

“Okay, what do you want?” Nicole asked begrudgingly.

She stiffened a bit when Harold’s arm laid on the wall behind her. The blue cat could have given him a black eye already for invading the space between them. She could practically smell mints off his breath, not that it was a bad thing. But just like in middle school, she knew what he was up to.

“So where’s your lard-eating boyfriend tonight?” he teased. “Bet he must have dumped you for an all-you-can-eat spree at Joyful Burger, am I right?”

Nicole’s expression hardened and merely pushed him back. He grunted for a moment, but was not perturbed by this. However, that was the first time they made any physical contact since the day she ran over his face.  

“Richard’s just late,” Nicole insisted. “He did say he would meet me here,” she added, glancing worriedly at her surroundings.

Harold still leaned toward her. “You know, if he doesn’t come, which I’m pretty sure he won’t, perhaps I could be of some assistance.”

She huffed at him. “As if that’ll lead anywhere for us!”

With that she turned on her heel, stomping away from him. Harold went after her, merging into the crowd just as she had and trying to find the blue-furred beauty. He squeezed and pushed past other students, refusing to lose Nicole again. Finally, he spotted her exiting out the back door of the house, leading to the other yard.

Once Harold reached it, he found that the back yard was empty of people. He found Nicole leaning against a nearby tree, her eyes to the moon as she hugged herself from the mild breeze of the evening. She looked so majestic and graceful, all she needed now was a Prince Charming around her arm to make the image complete.

“Nicole,” Harold said, dropping his flirty demeanor as he approached her. She didn’t budge, but still gave him a dirty glare. “You know, I really had hoped you’d come to this party. Because, girl, all I wanted to do was see you, a beauty I’ve known since we were twelve. Doesn’t that tell you anything?”

The blue cat scoffed. “Oh, believe me, it tells me everything. And if you think you can just sweep me off my feet like the immature amateur you are, I bet your mother couldn’t look at you without feeling disappointed!”

“Hey, keep my mother out of this!” Harold whined. “At least my mother doesn’t go planning my entire future of probably taking over the world or something!”

Nicole frowned. “Touche.” She then looked away from him. “What are you even doing here, Harold? Don’t you have some airheads to blow?”

“Okay, first off, no,” Harold retorted. “Second, I want a girl who can be real smart with me.” He offered a genuine smile toward the female cat, extending an eager hand toward her. “A real smart beauty who knows how to entice me with sharp words I probably wouldn’t understand but pretend to anyway.”

Nicole merely scoffed again, rolling her eyes. “You can be a Casanova all you want, but it’s never going to work!”

Harold felt a burning rage inside. “Don’t tell me you still think highly of that inflated piece of bubblegum! Even more than me!”

“What girl could ever think highly of you?” Nicole shot back.

“Tons of women!” he argued, throwing his arms up. “Practically millions! They adore me, worship the ground I walk on!”

“Feels more like those women are willing date anyone who’ll hopefully marry them with a large bank account in the future,” Nicole said with disinterest.

The rainbow teen inhaled before breathing out slowly, certain steam could escape his nostrils. Nicole was super witty tonight, and he found that absolutely hot no matter how much it aggravated him.

“Well, I don’t care about those women!” Harold insisted. “It’s you I want! Criminy, Nicole, I love you!”

This time she lifted up from the tree, and leaned toward him. However, instead of anything passionate Harold hoped for out of all this, she merely gave him the deadliest stare any girl could give him.

“Love, Harold?” she repeated. “You really think this could be love?”

“I’d give you the whole world if I could!” he promised desperately. “Well, probably at least Arkansas…” Harold thought, pondering the possibility.

“That’s what you’ll say first,” Nicole pointed out. “But later on down the road of life you’ll become a despicable person whose taken everything he’s loved for granted.”

“What?” he exclaimed in distraught. “You’re crazy!”

“Am I?” she challenge. “I bet in the future after we marry and have kids, you’ll just toss me aside for a younger woman after you think you’ve gotten a billion dollars when in reality it’s actually a forged check that was played as a prank to get back at you as vengeance because everyone knows you’re a jerk!”  

Harold blinked. “What?”

Nicole exhaled, rubbing the side of her forehead. “Look, Harold, as much as I want to appreciate your ‘feelings’ for me, I’m with Richard.”

“Oh, come on!” he shouted, unable to control his jealousy. “What does he have that I don’t? At least I still have my father!”

The blue cat wanted to scratch his face for saying that. After they met, Richard confessed to Nicole how his dad just disappeared one night to get milk. He admitted he was still waiting for him and that milk to come home, even though it’s been almost a year since that night. Nicole did everything she could to comfort him, even though Richard assured her that he and his mom had already picked themselves up afterward.

“True, he may not have his father around right now,” she admitted. “But he does have everything that I’ve always wanted in a man.”

“I have everything and more than what he has!” Harold cried.

“You can tell yourself that for as long as you want,” Nicole told him, her voice suspiciously calm. “Even long after you marry someone who’s probably going to chain you like a dog to discipline that thing you call your pride. You may have a lot of things that would make most woman want you immediately.”

Harold just looked at her.

“But I’m not most women,” she said, her expression hardening. “And all the things you have don’t measure up to what makes a good person.”

He could feel the color drain from his face. Literally because some of the color just dripped down his legs unto the grass. It was a cloud thing.

“Those kind of qualities that I want in a man,” she said briskly, “I see in Richard, oh, so much.”

The wind seemed to get colder as he just gawked at her. His mind jumbled from quick pick-up lines to last-minute reasons why he think Nicole was wrong about him. But nothing came out, his voice empty as his heart. They just stood there, facing one another. The beautiful cat’s arms folded, her blue locks slowly flying across her forehead due to the weather.


Both turned just in time to see Richard standing in the doorway. Harold glance back at the blue cat, and his heart could not descend any further as he saw her face. Her expression of hatred had converted to one of sincere adoration the moment she saw Richard. Never would she ever give a smile like that to Harold no matter how much he tried.

“Richard!” she exclaimed happily. “I was wondering where you were!”

“Sorry…” the pink bunny said shyly, playing with his fingers. “My mom had to make sure I was well-instructed about emergency in case something happened tonight. Like last week at Joyful Burger’s all-you-can-eat spree. Oh, hey, Harold!” he greeted with a friendly wave.

Harold said nothing, and Richard hardly noticed the expression of wanting to die on the rainbow guy’s face.  

“And let’s be clear on something else, Harold,” Nicole said quietly to him. “You may think of me as just some beauty. But mess with me or Richard, and you’ll be dealing with the beast.”

With that, she walked over to Richard. Harold could only stand there and watch as some other guy engulfed her in his arms. He could not look away as they shared a kiss, and he was pretty sure she was using some tongue just to make it more obvious she and Harold would never be.

They returned to the party, Richard unwittingly closing the door on Harold. The heartbroken teen stood there for what could have been hours, still grasping what could have been if Nicole had just stopped running and met him instead. 


Something I thought of after watching “The Choices”.

Letter for the groom

My love, I hope you would read this. This is it, the day that I have been waiting for so long. I never expected to meet you in this way, in this exact place, and in this such perfect timing. At last, I’m going to see you face to face, touch you, and feel every word you would say.

This, right here; this particular church, is what I have always dreamed of – near the bay, close to the ruins, what more could I ever ask for? My eyes are starting to get teary, and so are yours. The look on your face seems like this has also been the day you have been looking forward to ever since. Your suit and tie fits you perfectly, and your smile, oh God, I would kill for it. The aisle is too long to walk, but too short compared to the things you’ve been through. Everyone’s waiting for the door to open. I’m here at the back and you are there before the altar.

This is it. I’m breathing deep breaths as I try to hold back my tears but the wedding singers are not helping. I have looked back to all the things we’ve done and get past over with. All those years with you were perfect and if I were to go back, I really would, despite the heartbreaks and the buckets full of tears. This is the moment. As the door opened wide, I knew by then what forever really means.

Forever. I’ve lost you forever. Your eyes are fixed on her as she walk towards you, down the aisle; and my eyes are fixed on yours as well. I watch you marry her in the same place I wanted to make my vows with you and with the song I’ve always imagined playing in our wedding. This is it, this is the end. I have been doing this over and over again, but this time, I should finally and really let go of you, of the promises that we made [yet, I’m the only one fulfilling it], of the future we have planned, and of everything, with nothing to keep.  

For one last time, before you vow to each other, I would like to say I love you so much. I know you’re happy now, and I hope, one day, I’d also wear a wedding gown and marry the person I’m fated to be with.

Lastly, I thank God for waking me up from such heartbreaking dream. But then, even in reality, it [still] hurts so much because the pain is truly there as well as the fact that you’re already with her.



Sometimes I rush too much.  I expect things to happen just as I hope they will and when they will.  The fact of the matter is, I have no control over what happens in my future.  My life is already planned out for me!  What a great feeling!  I don’t have to worry, or plan anything out.  God has complete control over my life and all I need to do is pay attention.

Sure, I have plans for myself, and there are definitely things that I want to do, but my point is this:  I might have a dream for my future, or I might have a life goal, but Christ has already made the stepping stones for me to travel down.  So I need to be patient in getting to where I am going and I need to try and enjoy the ride as well.  Because this life is SHORT.  And every experience counts as a step towards peace.  

#42 Not Worth It (Harry Styles)

DISCLAIMER: Hello! This was an imagine I had posted on a co-account I owned, but we shut that down so, I put it here, just cause.


“Isn’t she cute?” she giggled as she held Samantha’s daughter in her arms. She kissed her cheeks as the baby laughed in her arms. Babies loved her, they were always attracted to her, and they always laughed in her arms. She made them laugh.

“Let’s leave Honey,” I repeated for the fifth time. She was so busy playing that, she didn’t pay any attention to me at all. I was getting late. Had Cara’s party tonight and, didn’t want to be late and, Ally here was not moving. “Okay, c’mon!” I took the baby from her and handed it to the next person in line. I took her hand, wished the host goodbye and pulled Ally out of the house.

“I think I forgot my wallet inside…” Ally said once, we reached the car.

“Oh, for god sakes, really!” I shouted. She flinched and checked her bag, again.

“It’s here…” She mumbled and sat inside the car.

I looked at my watch, “I’m so late…” I huffed.

“Isn’t the part at 9? It’s still 6:30, you’ve plenty of time!” She smiled.

Plenty of time? I had to get ready, then, drive all the way down to the hotel, it takes time. What’s wrong with her! I didn’t reply and rushed back to our apartment.

“Are you mad at me?” She asked. “I’m sorry, Lila was so adorable and, you know, I love babies…”

“I know! I know! But, if I ask you to leave, at least listen!” I raised my voice again.

“I’m sorry, it’s been so long. I haven’t stepped out of the house and, I just wanted to be out for some time.”

“Oh so, now it’s my fault!”

“I’m not blaming you…” She shook her head, keeping her voice low. “I just wanted to be out for a little bit. This entire deal of keeping me hidden is not exactly ideal, you know. And, it’s not like you’re locked up with me.”

“You aren’t locked up!”

“You know what I mean.” She got out of the car and walked off.

Ally’s POV

I wiped my tears as I opened the gate to our apartment. I had lost all hopes of fighting with him. Especially now, that I knew he had asked the management to keep me hidden. It’s been more than 1.5 years now. Earlier on, I wanted it to be undercover. I didn’t want our relationship to go out and be demeaned by fans but, that was in the beginning. After being together for almost two years, you do expect to be accepted. Although, when we sat down to discuss this, he blamed it on to the management. And, stopped going out with me altogether.

I’ve been stuck at home for the past three months because, this was the only way I could be with him but, he didn’t care about that. Like today, we were supposed to be at Samantha’s at 3 for the birthday party. He came in late, and we left within one hour of being there. So, much for being together! He didn’t even ask if I wanted to go for Cara’s party. Like, I didn’t exist.

I took off my dress and slipped into a big T-Shirt while he got ready. I saw Cara’s gift kept in a bag. It was beautiful. I thought I should wrap it.

“I’m leaving,” He announced fixing his watch. “There was a packet kept here…” He asked searching for it.

“Umm, I wrapped it. It’s on the counter!”

“Wrapped it?” He said picking it up. “God Ally, why? This looks tacky now! I don’t have time for this, where is the fucking packet?” He snatched the packet from my hands and banged the door.

I curled up on the couch with my blanket, just wondering where things went wrong.


I sat with Harry, curled up in his lap watching some random TV show. I had no interest in TV shows but, Harry enjoyed them. A scene where a mother held a baby for the first time in her arms was on.

“Do you like kids?” I asked.


“Would you like one of your own?”

“Where is this coming from?” He asked, annoyance in his voice.

“Nowhere, the TV,” I just said keeping my head down.

“Yeah, I’d like one of my own. Not now though…not with you.”

“Wh-what?” I looked up, shocked. “Is there something wrong with me?” My heart just shattered. I shifted away.

“What no, forget what I said, come here…” he said, pulling me in his lap.

I refused, “What does ‘not with me’ mean?” I asked.

“Means nothing,” He said, keeping his phone aside which he was stuck on till now.”I don’t plan to have any kids, right now. Just that…”

“I don’t plan to have any, right now, either. But, one day…” I got up from the couch. “Do you even plan a future with me?”

“You’re over reacting. Come here.”

“What are we doing here, Harry? Tell me I’m not some time pass.”

“No, you’re not. Now, forget what I said and come to me, baby” He pulled me towards him and kissed me.

I let that go that day, quite easily. Didn’t think too much about it, either. But, it’s been eating me up. He doesn’t plan a future with me. He doesn’t even see one with me. This was the reason, I asked him to tell his fans about us. He was taken aback. Then, a few days later told me that, the management didn’t think right now was the right time.

I found out, management didn’t say anything at all. It was Harry. After that, he hasn’t even been the same. Today was just another day of the same insulting behaviour I was living with now. My friends say that I was an idiot. That, I should leave him. But, I couldn’t believe it. I loved him and, there was another reason, I’m sure.

I woke up next morning, with a backache. Sleeping on the couch, in that position, wasn’t a great idea. I walked into our room and found Harry sleeping on the bed. He didn’t wake me up when he came back. I took a shower and got dressed. I had film pitch today, and I felt drained already. Plus, I was late. I rushed out and heard Harry talking. I don’t know why but, I hid behind the pillar.

“Yes, it was great! You were great! Hahaha!” He laughed on the phone. “Yes, 21st? I’m all yours! No no, no worries. Hahaha. I told you!” He continued. This 21st? It was our anniversary. 2 years. Okay.

I slowly walked out and went to the kitchen to grab an apple before I left. Harry went from laughing to whispering. This was weird.

“Yes, fine love, I’ll see you!” He laughed again.

I walked into the room and hugged him from behind, kissing his shoulders. He stiffened, “I’m talking…” He said and walked away. I felt the familiar ache in my body and left for work.

He was surprisingly home when I came back, “Hey, how was your day?” He asked, sipping his beer, “Want some?”

I shook my head. “What are you doing home, today?”

“I’m home. C’mon!” He laughed.

“Hey, Rachel’s pregnant!” I smiled. I was so happy for her.

“Rachel? Your Rachel? Are they even married?”

“No, I think, he’ll propose, though. We’re getting old!” I laughed.

“Are you inclining something?” he kept his bottle on the counter.

“Wha-no, no…I’m just…”

“Cause, I don’t want to get married.” He said, taking another sip.


“And, it just seems you’re giving me all these little clues but, it’s not happening so, don’t think and cry about it.” He laughed, he took this so lightly. Was he drunk? “I mean, I don’t even want to get married to you, much less have a baby with you…I mean, a baby – with you, what! I don’t even want people to know about us, a baby is out of the question!” And, then he looked at me.” And- I didn’t- I didn’t mean that…baby…I didn’t fuck!”

I had to take the support of the pillar to stand. He crushed all my love, my hopes, my dreams in a laugh. “Fuck baby…look at me! I didn’t mean that…really! I’m just a bit drunk! I didn’t mean that.”

I couldn’t register what he was saying now. He was suddenly hugging me and kissing me, and I couldn’t take it in. I just pushed him away and, walked into the room. Numb and heavy headed.

“Babe! Babe!” Harry banged the door. I curled up on the bed and broke down. He was serious. He didn’t want anything with me. There was going to be no us. I was just emotional support and a sex toy to come back too. For fucking two years, he played me! That asshole played me! He wasn’t planning anything on the 21st either like my heart imagined! I couldn’t stay here! I had to leave.

I packed a bag and collected my belongings and got out of the room. Harry was sleeping on the side of the door. He almost fell when I opened the door. “Ba-baby…” He woke up, dazzled and stood up. “Baby, I didn’t mean it…really. I’ve no idea why I blurted those things…let’s talk about it…why are you holding a bag?”

I shrugged his hands off my shoulders and walked out. “Look, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it! Why are you overreacting! Ally! Ally…” He ran in front of me and held my face in his hands. “Look at me…look at me! I’m sorry! Really baby, don’t go! Don’t leave me!”

“Now, you don’t have to lie to me about the management not wanting us together. You won’t have a reason.”

“You knew?” He asked, he was crying, why? “Look, I’m sorry…I can explain…”

“I don’t want to know, I’ve embarrassed myself enough. It’s clear now, you don’t want me as a wife much less a mother for your child! You made it very clear. Bye…”

“Ally!…” He followed me down to my car but, I left. I couldn’t lower myself anymore. This wasn’t who I am.

(1 month later)

“I’m gaining weight” I mumbled, as I came back from my morning run. I rubbed my hand on my tummy.

“Hahahaha! It’s a bulge! It’s like you’re pregnant!” My best friend laughed. “What-what? Why did you go so serious?”

“I’m not pregnant.” I lifted my top and rubbed my stomach. I missed my period for the past two months. But, that was regular with me. I missed it because of stress, and my pattern was always weird. It’s been two months, that I’ve had sex. It was the time Harry, and I got drunk and woke up naked in the living room. Fuck. I didn’t think. “Do you have a test?”

“Are you saying you can be pregnant?” She asked, her eyes wide. “But, you don’t have any symptoms!”

“Every body is different. My mother didn’t know she was pregnant till her fourth month! Just get me a test!” I freaked out. She ran and got me one.

I flipped it around in my hands, “Go Ally…” she nudged me. What is happening to my life!

I was going to enter the washroom when my phone rang. “The father’s calling,” My friend gave it to me.

“I really don’t enjoy your sense of humour,” It was the fourth missed call from Harry, since morning. He didn’t stop calling me. After I had left, he disappeared for a week without any contact and, every word he spoke got engraved in me. Then, he suddenly dropped in front of me and broke down. Begging for forgiveness, asking me to come back home. Telling me, he’d taken me for granted. I couldn’t accept it. Not after he told me that I wasn’t worth having a future with. He said, he wouldn’t stop trying and clearly hasn’t. I kept my phone away and took the test.

3 minutes.


I was pregnant. Fuck. I was pregnant. I slid down the washroom door and cursed myself. I couldn’t break down. Knowing that the path now, was alone, without a partner, I had to be strong. I collected myself and booked a flight back home.


“She isn’t picking up!” I said, banging my head on the tile.

“Hey, that’s new!” Louis scolded. “Maybe, she’s sleeping!”

“Nope, she goes for a run, can’t live without a morning run.”

“You’re an idiot for saying all that to her, give her time!” He said. But, I knew if I didn’t get her now, I’d lose her forever.

“I’m going to meet her.”

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The Lord had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.

Genesis 12:1

To “go” and “leave” the life that we know to follow God wholeheartedly is no easy thing. It is scary. It is easy to focus on the life we have than see what God says, “For I know the plans I have for you,“ declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Although that was spoken to the Israelites in Babylonian captivity, that is His heart towards us. But God did not act until Abram went. What we have to do is to “leave” and “go”.

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The "he could never choose" thing for me is a player's thing, I'm sorry. I cannot believe you can love two people exactly the same at the same time. Because you can't love two people exactly the same even at different times. Different people, different way you feel towards them... You probably have plans for the future you just can't tell us, but I'm just frustrated because I got really atached and I feel the way mercury handled all this is not fair... I don't want to be rude, Ily and your story

It is super hard to explain all this without spoilers. Like Saturday is probably going to be crazy, but I’m also preparing myself that what happens on Saturday is probably not going to please everyone. But hopefully it’ll help make sense of this complex mess I’ve created.