going to your first rodeo

Two Goal Deficit (Nate Schmidt - Request)

A/N: This is my VERY first imagine I have ever written, and also my first contribution to the world of NHL drabbles/fanfics/etc. Constructive criticism is always welcome, as well as any pointers and feedback! Let me know if you guys like this writing style, the length, dialogue, etc. This doesn’t have too much talking as I imagine most athletes don’t want to speak much after a tough loss. :) Thank you!

Request: Hi booboo! Hopefully you are getting some requests!!! If I may to help get you started… as a fellow Caps fan (!!!) can I get a Nate Schmidt imagine??? He’s so sunshiny!!! Maybe like after a tough loss he’s down and you just want to take care of him and make him smile again???

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for the fall 2015 freshman...

since some of you are lucky ducks and haven’t started your freshmen year of college yet, lemme tell you some of what I learned in my first week (based off my university):

1. dont buy your books until the first day of classes unless they specifically tell you its required for that first day. I understand they’ll send you the syllabus but they are usually required to put books on there they aren’t actually going to use, and they’ll tell you what you ACTUALLY need the first day of class.

2. don’t BUY your books, especially from the university book store unless that is the only place you can get it. Amazon and my personal favorite, Chegg, rent them out for literally SO MUCH CHEAPER. I rented a $220 book for $23! And I received them in only three days. Chegg is amazing.

3. Don’t panic. Professors are aware its your first time in the rodeo. They aren’t going to get mad if you’re late the first day because you got lost. Campuses are confusing as hell.

4. If you’re worried you’re gonna get lost, find your classes BEFORE the first day. If you do get lost, just ask some one! It’ll be okay. Honestly, from the seniors I’ve met, half of them don’t even know whats going on and they’ve been there four years.

5. Don’t be afraid to sit alone, and don’t be afraid to ask someone who’s sitting alone if you could join them. At least at bigger universities (mine has 33,000 students) seating it limited in the food courts or wherever. 

6. Remember everyone is just trying to figure everything out for themselves. It’ll be okay. It’s a whole lot different from high school but damn is it liberating. Enjoy the freedom as an adult. Don’t be scared.

All of this, again, is just from my first week of experience. Message if you questions!

The Law Man

Prompt 9 of 642: Write about a time you broke the law.

Dean nodded as he pretended to listen to Benny talk about the “amazing” thing Andrea had done yesterday and got too much catsup on his french fries.  As he raised the fries to his mouth, a large blob of the thick red sauce slipped off the end and splattered on the table top barely missing his pristine blue uniform.  He made a face and grabbed one his brother’s napkins to wipe the mess up before it oozed over the edge of the table.  Sam didn’t notice (or didn’t care) because he was messing with his phone.  As usual.

“You need a date, brother,” Benny said for about the hundredth time in a month.  “But you never go out and meet people.  All you see all day are criminals and my handsome mug.  What exactly is it going to take to get you to go on an honest to God date?”

“Well there’s an idea: maybe I should date a criminal.”

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Prompt: “You are cordially invited to go fuck yourself.”

Character: Derek Hale (Suggested by anon)

Warning: Arguments

"So when and where are we catching this thing?” The Pack had gotten together because apparently human killing monsters were once again running amok around Beacon Hills and as per usual you were the only people who could or would deal with it. Honestly, sometimes you just wished Beacon Hills was a bit more normal and a bit less murderous, it was a wonder anyone died of old age in the town. 

“You don’t need to know.”

“What?” You looked over at Derek. He couldn’t serious? You weren’t just not going, you needed to go. I mean this wasn’t your first rodeo and this certainly wasn’t something you’d just let him and the rest of your friends run off to do without your help!

“You’re not going.”, But oh was he serious, and he was doing that thing he always did where he clenched his jaw and scowled at you as if his angry face would compel you to listen to him. Because intimidation was such an effective tactic. Not. 

You stormed over to Derek, ignoring your other friends who were deigning not get involved in the argument that was almost definitely about to happen, “Why not? I have as much right as anyone else here to go and help with this thing?!” It wasn’t even about right any more so much as the duty you had to help out seeing as you knew about these things!

“You’re not going.”

“Yeah, well you are cordially invited to go fuck yourself because I can and will being going whether or not you like it, Hale.”  You harshly poked the man in the chest before turning on your heels and out of the building. You’d find out where to go from one of the others, but you would not let Derek Hale order you about like a lost puppy who had to listen to its master.