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“Hey!” Mariana slid onto the occupied bench in the middle of the park. She’d been on her way back home from the dance studio when she’d noticed that she was being followed by some unsavory looking folks. “Long time no see!” The smile on her face was large, and her voice was almost too cheerful. “Pretend we’re having a conversation. Someone’s following me,” she spoke lowly, but kept the outward smile on her face.


A while back me and some friends started a cool intermission rp on twitter. A lots changed in a few months and we’re revamping some stuff, including the option to choose mobsterswitch characters, and generally having a party.

It’s a chill group and a fun time and if you’re interested in joining the taken characters and rules can be found under the cut!

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Lessons Learned by Moonlight

Sidekick!Adrien AU. Some shameless Ladrien to celebrate the fact that MY THESIS OUTLINE GOT APPROVED. GOODBYE FREEDOM.


Ladybug’s knowledge of relationships could not be considered much. Over the course of her teenage years she’d had two boyfriends, neither serious. There were no breathless “I love you’s,” no substance beyond the occasional fit of butterflies, and definitely no plans for marriage. But at least she could say she knew enough about relationships to recognize a red flag.

Adrien’s hesitance to kiss her? A huge red flag. And catching his cheek after a last second turn of the head was the final straw

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Borders And Horizon Lines

Around the time Mr. Greg originally aired, @zombee made an interesting remark about how amazing it was that each line of the bridge of It’s Over sounded like the title of a Pearl/Rose fic. In an attempt to break out of an awful writing slump, I decided to use just that as prompts for a bunch of interconnected ficlets, all different but in relatively familiar and comfortable (for me) Pearlrose territory, in thematic rather than chronological order. So here they are, ten in all - nothing too polished, but hopefully effective. Only bold, precise, and experimental if you squint. ~3700 words.

War and glory

The raids and battles of the tense, packed day all go surprisingly well - it almost seems like a miracle. Their reunion is teary-eyed and giggly and just the smallest bit light-headed with relief, with hands tangled in hair and haphazard kisses. But there are no injuries to speak of, seven eager new recruits are joining the ranks of the Crystal Gems, and Pearl is humming at Rose’s side with a happy bounce to her step. Keeping the compliments coming is the easiest thing Rose has done in a long while.

“Oh, and I loved that little flourish you did at the end there, with your swords? Very precise and imposing, good for sending a message and leaving a lasting impression.” Pearl preens at that, and Rose is all too happy to continue and drive it home. “It was all very charming, too. You are charming.”

“Y-yeah? I am?”

The little sideways looks Pearl keeps shooting her are irresistible, and easily drive away any remaining doubt regarding that statement Rose might have had. “Absolutely. Look at me, I am charmed, completely won over. Can’t you tell?”

“Well, I do try to be at my best… It’s, uh… I just don’t like to presume…”

“I know you don’t,” Rose softly cuts into the reluctant stammer, punctuating her point with a peck to the hand that had been on its way to cover Pearl’s increasingly blue face before she soundly captured it in hers. “But please always presume this. Look at you. What more could I possibly want?”

“Well, a few more quartz battalions surely wouldn’t come amiss,” Pearl starts only half-jokingly before Rose pulls her into her arms.

“I’d rather have you than a thousand of them.”

Believing her is the easiest thing Pearl has done in a long while.

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hamiltoninstacd  asked:

You answered saying asexuals aren't lgbt because they don't experience homophobia. That was the answer, not the bullshit you're spurting now. Bisexuals experience BIphobia, not homo Yes, insult my URL, that's a way to make yourself look smart.

yes… cis asexuals arent lgbt because they dont experience homophobia… and because theyre cis…..

surprise bisexuals experience homophobia bc its their SGA that gets them in trouble with the str8s….. they also experience biphobia which is a subset of homophobia and specific to being bi, as opposed to homophobia which is experienced by everyone attracted to the same gender……

nah ive already made myself sound smart enough, poking fun of the racist shit that is hamilton is entertaining myself in this boring conversation

This is how it starts.

Doing what you don’t want to be doing because it’s safer and keeps a roof over your head, meanwhile letting your skill set with what you actually want to do wither and die because you don’t have the time or energy to keep it alive.

The absolutely fiendish part is that it can sneak up on you. It can go on for years until you finally catch yourself and say, “Oh, how’d that happen?” That’s how it’s been for me.

I’m doing okay. This just isn’t where I want to be.