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brutasha + trapped in elevator (such a cliche, i know, i know...)

A/N: Partially inspired by this fic by the amazing khaleesa.

“Tony’s gone this weekend, right?” Natasha asked as walked into the elevator.

“Yeah, why? Planning a party or something?” Bruce asked, pushing the button for their floor.

“You think I’d wait til he was out of town for a party?” Natasha teased.

“Good point. So what’s going on?”

“It’s-” Natasha stopped as the elevator came to a halt. “What the fuck?”

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Me at 2pm: I just want to go to sleep.

Me at 4pm: I’m just gonna make myself stay awake until 8pm, and then I can sleeeep!

Me at 8pm: Oh hey, tv is on!

Me at 10pm: I FEEL ALIVE!


900630 ☆ Happy Birthday, Cha Hakyeon!

I’ll spare you all the long, emotional message (sort of), but I’ll just say that I’m so proud to be a fan of VIXX’s great leader. NNNNN is such a dork sometimes, but there’s more to him than that: he’s kind, hard-working, loving, etc. I’m thankful for the many times he’s made me smile. Happy birthday to this man I like and respect so much; may he have many more birthdays. ♥


Wanted to do some more Steven Universe fanart since I don’t do enough, so the gang’s heading out for some beach time! AW YE >:V 

Anonymous asked: Request for a drabble to celebrate the supreme court’s ruling, which legalized gay marriage in all fifty states today? Please and thank you if you are so inclined and have the time. Love love your blog!

Author’s note: For stuff like this I MAKE time. ;) Congratulations on marriage equality to everyone living in the United States! 

Dean had thought that it was kinda unnecessary when Cas had pulled out that shiny ring when they’d been cuddling in their now shared bed on a lazy Sunday morning. Silly even. Because yeah, they’d been to Hell, Purgatory, and back together; what was it that some lame human ceremony could possibly add to their ‘profound bond’, as the angel liked to call it.

Regardless, Dean had said yes. Because if it was important to Cas, then surely it had to be worth it. They were going to do this because Cas wanted it, not because Dean was so thrilled about getting married.

And yet, now that they were here, Dean was starting to change his mind. It was small, intimate. There was Sam, and Claire, and Donna, and Jody with Alex, all of them smiling as the vows were exchanged. Their suits weren’t too fancy but neat enough, Cas wearing a blue tie, Dean wearing a green one.

Whereas before Dean didn’t understand, he could get it now. Could feel it, actually. He felt it as Cas said his vows. Felt it as the angel put the ring made of white gold, simple yet delicate, on Dean’s finger for the first time. Felt it when their lips touched, and their witnesses started cheering.

He most certainly felt it when Castiel mumbled “I love you” against his lips.

But Dean truly, truly understood what this added when he softly whispered back “I love you too, Mister Winchester.”


daredevil week ⋙ day 2: favorite relationship - matt murdock x claire temple