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Cute 100% canon things from the wreck-it ralph wii game

-Ralph, Calhoun, and Felix watch the Sugar Rush roster race regularly!

-Felix sings when he’s sad!

-Felix had a Nana that would give him advice!

-Felix literally thinks about Calhoun 24/7!

-Calhoun tips Felix’s hat over his eyes as a greeting!  


Their Favourite Disney Movie {Avengers Preference}


Clint; Brave - do I even have to explain why?

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Bucky; Beauty and the Beast - I think Bucky would love this because he views himself as a ‘beast’ most of the time and when he watches it, it makes him feel better knowing that even the ‘beasts’ can find love too.

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Tony; Emperor’s New Groove - I think this one is also pretty obvious

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Steve; Toy Story - he would just love the message that it sends and would always be singing ‘You’ve Got A Friend In Me’

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Bruce Banner; Wreck It Ralph - he would really identify with Ralph and it would always be his ‘go-to’ movie if he was stressed/upset etc.

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Natasha Romanoff; Mulan - strong, female character; what’s not to love?

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Thor; Hercules - I think he would connect with Herc and would obviously go around belting out all of the songs.

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So I FINALLY watched Moana (as you’ve probably guessed from my previous post), and I could go on and on about how this is exactly the brilliance I wanted and expected from Disney and how Moana is a quality journey of self-discovery on par with Wreck it Ralph and The Lion King, but all I will say is this:

I identify so much with Moana’s hair problems.

movie night

REQUEST: “May I request a Bucky imagine where he and the reader are watching Wreck It Ralph and it gets really fluffy when they hear the bad guy speech.”

“Okay, Buck. Let’s go through the checklist. Popcorn?”




“Twizzlers. M&M’s. Pretzels.”

“Check. Check and check. (Y/n), you know that we are going to be sick to our stomachs after eating all of this junk.” Bucky chuckled as (Y/n) grabbed the remote from the coffee table and sat on the couch next to him.

“Oh c'mon Bucky. Don’t be such a sour sport.”

The majority of the team had gone out for a night of dinner and dancing. (Y/n) wasn’t really in the mood to going out so she ended up staying behind. When Bucky saw that she was staying, he told everyone he was going to stay too. He didn’t want her to spend the night alone and he was looking forward to some alone time.

Bucky had feelings for (Y/n). Feelings that he never expected to have. After spending time with her, he saw that they had a lot in common. Out of the rest of the team, they were more subdued. The only person that knew of Bucky’s feelings for (Y/n) was Steve. He had been trying to get his best friend to tell (Y/n) that he liked her, but Bucky was too stubborn.

(Y/n) was stubborn too. She shared her feelings about Bucky with Natasha and Wanda only. They told her numerous times that they felt like he felt the same way for (Y/n) but she didn’t believe them.

“What movie are we watching?” Bucky asked as (Y/n) turned the tv on.

“Wreck It Ralph. It’s a Disney movie.”

Ever since Bucky had been around, (Y/n) had been trying to help him catch up on pop culture. He had missed quite a lot because of Hydra and being brainwashed. She wanted him to feel like he hadn’t missed anything.

So far, she showed him some of the classics. He really enjoyed the Jurassic Park movies and the James Bond films. (Y/n) loved disney movies so she started showing him some of her favorite ones.

The movie started playing and (Y/n) was happy that Bucky was getting into it. He even laughed a few times at Vanellope von Schweetz and her weird antics.

Their bodies seemed to gravitate towards each other by the time the movie was reaching its climax. There was little space between them.

(Y/n) enjoyed watching Bucky’s reaction when he watched movies more than anything. She liked seeing his nose scrunch up a little when he laughed and his seeing him smile.

“You’re missing the movie.” Bucky teased when he sensed that she was staring at him.

(Y/n) looked away, her cheeks a little warm from embarrassment.

The ending of the movie was rapidly approaching and Wreck It Ralph was about to sacrifice himself to save the other video game characters.

“I am bad and that is good, I will never be good and that’s not bad, there’s no one I’d rather be than me.”

(Y/n) looked back over at Bucky as Wreck It Ralph spoke about being himself. She decided to follow her heart and reach over and grab his hand. Bucky smiled a little and moved closer to her. She rested her head on his shoulder as they watched the end of the movie.

The credits started rolling when (Y/n) looked up at Bucky, “So what did you think?”

“I really liked it. I liked the part about him saying that there was no one he would rather be but himself.”

“That’s my favorite part.”

Bucky looked down at their hands joined together before looking back at her, “I really enjoy the time we spend watching movies together.”

“I do too, Buck.” She smiled. Bucky looked from her lips to her eyes and then back again. He had a huge urge to press his lips against hers.

(Y/n) noticed that Bucky started moving closer to her. Her eyes fluttered closed once she felt his lips lightly graze hers. Before they could actually kiss, they heard the elevator doors open and voices.

The others had come back from their night out. (Y/n) didn’t even realize that it had gotten so late. She and Bucky moved apart as the others walked into the room. Tony, Nat, Steve and Wanda saw (Y/n) and Bucky

“Well look at the two lovebirds all cozy on the couch. Have a nice evening?” Tony had a smirk on his face. He often enjoyed picking on (Y/n) and Bucky.

“Yes we did have a nice evening, Stark. By the looks of all of you, it seems like you did too.” (Y/n) laughed.

“Yes we all had a fantastic time. Maybe next time you and Mr. Freeze could join us?”

“I’m sure the two of them would rather be alone.” Natasha teased making (Y/n) blush even more.

“Uh I think it’s time we all go to bed and leave these two kids alone.” Steve said as he gestured for everyone to head to their respective rooms.

“Kids? Steve, I’m older than you.” Bucky chuckled.

Once everyone said good night, Bucky and (Y/n) were left alone again.

(Y/n) looked over at Bucky and saw him already looking at her. “So, are you up for another movie?”

“Yeah, if you are.” Bucky agreed.

(Y/n) started to get up off the couch to grab another movie but Bucky grabbed her hand and pulled her back down.

“Bucky what-”

He interrupted her by crashing his lips against hers. It was everything they imagined and more.

When they broke apart, it wasn’t because they wanted to. It was because they heard cheering. Steve and the others had been spying on them.

“Guys! C'mon!” Bucky grabbed a pillow nearby and threw it at them.

Top Favorite Films of 2016

I’ve put off making a list of my favorite movies from 2016, mostly because there’s still a bunch from my to-watch list that I haven’t been able to see yet. But, whatevs. Here we go:

15. Zootopia (dir. Byron Howard and Rich Moore)

Perhaps this film’s attempt at using anthropomorphic animals as a metaphor for prejudice and institutionalized racism in the human world doesn’t quite reach the effect that it desires, but the attempt is a welcome one. Along with Wreck-It Ralph, I think it’s one of Disney’s best recent animated releases.

14. Arrival (dir. Denis Villeneuve)

Amy Adams said that director Denis Villeneuve told her that the simplified summary of this film is “a mother telling a story to her daughter”. That simplification of the story combined with the complexity of the alien invasion plot is what makes this a standout sci-fi feature.

13. Other People (dir. Chris Kelly)

The Creative Gay Millennial Angst™ is strong in this movie, but so is the specificity of watching loved ones succumb to disease. Both Jesse Plemons and Molly Shannon turn in honest performances, with both characters frustrated by their own respective unexpected turns. Also, there’s a Zach Woods sex scene.

12. The Meddler (dir. Lorene Scafaria)

This is the first starring vehicle for an older actress on my list. Susan Sarandon is charming as fuck as a widow who is frustratingly over-involved in her daughter’s life. Imagine a future Bob’s Burgers where Linda Belcher lost her Bobby and moves across the country to put all of her attention on a thirtysomething Tina, and you have a sense of this movie.

11. The Fits (dir. Anna Rose Holmer)

Running at 72 minutes, this small film builds to an impressively otherworldly ending. Royalty Hightower (what a name!) stars as the powerfully understated center of this equally effective and quiet film about a girls’ dance team. At times a bit creepy, but lovingly observant to its surroundings, The Fits is truly like nothing I’ve ever seen. I feel like to say more about the film’s plot would be to give too much away. To go into this movie uninformed is best and the finale is the best ending from a 2016 release.

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