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 Titles from Carter Burwell’s score for Carol 

“A great score, I think, it’s impossible to imagine the movie without it, and that score comes back to me all the time. It evokes the entire film every time I hear it […] The Burwell score is this device that constantly returns you to the film, so you’re looking at this moment in the past and you’re always going to recall it with that very hummable theme.” - The A.V. Club

  • Lucy: Natsu, I'm gonna go take a bath.
  • Natsu: *Distracted by video game* Okay.
  • Lucy: You think you might want to join?
  • Natsu: Nope.
  • Lucy: You sure? You'll get to see me naked and..wet.
  • Natsu: *doesn't flinch* I'm fine, Lucy.
  • Lucy: This is the only chance you'll ever get and you're just gonna throw it away?
  • Natsu: Are you gonna get in the tub or not? Your kinda distracting me.
  • Lucy: Oh, so you wanna play that way? Okay-
  • Natsu: Play what way?
  • Lucy: No more sleeping in my bed, your gonna sleep on the couch, no more touching (sexual or not), no more kis-
  • Natsu: Wait, wha-
  • Lucy: -No more kisses, going on adventures, and definitely no more sex for as long as I think is best fit. Would you like me to continue?
  • Natsu: No! But-
  • Lucy: Okay, good. Have a good day, Honey!
  • Natsu: Wait, I'll come with you!
  • Lucy: no, no, that would be against the rules, wouldn't it?
  • Natsu: yes,-
  • Lucy: Then there you go.
  • Natsu: You didn't say anything about watching though!!
  • Lucy: *smirks* I guess I didn't, did I? You can watch, but no touching.
  • Natsu: Ugh, I hate you!
  • Lucy: Do you want me to take away your privilege of watching?
  • Natsu: Nope! I'm coming!

How to make me cry without fail:

Step 1:

Step 2:

All right, guys. I need your input and creative minds..!!

In a modern world setting where Erwin remembers his past life and owns a company (where most of the former survey corps members including Levi work), what sort of company do you think it would be?

What would Eren’s major be at university?

Please save this pitiful artist so I can keep working on my comic ;u; My mind has been going in circles in search for the ~perfect~ answers to these questions for so long now and nothing came out of it.Feel free to throw all of your ideas at me, I’m grateful for any inspiration!! <3
what YOUR dunmer house says about you!
  • hlaalu: you love money and think you're hot shit because you make a lot of it. you are frequently called a 'cuck', but you don't care because you think you're rich. you have many friends, all of whom secretly hate you. you would sell your family to satan for half a corn chip.
  • redoran: you love rules. you love playing by the rules. someone once offered to remove the stick from your ass; you reported them to HR for harassment and had them put on disciplinary leave. when its your turn on the aux you put on an audiobook. the only reason you have friends is because you're the one who bails everyone else out once shit goes bottom-up, but they still hate you bc you never stop gloating about it.
  • telvanni: you think you can do whatever you want and then you do it. everybody hates you but you don't care because you hate them more. you probably describe yourself as chaotic neutral; everyone you know describes you as a dick. you make garden decorations out of doll parts and collect books you'll never read because they make you seem intelligent. you think "ethics guidelines" are holding science back, consider yourself as an intellectual, have made at least one 'triggered' joke at some point in your life.
  • indoril: you're a teacher's pet and damn proud of it. either you're a member of your religious sect or you're outspoken against religion on humanitarian grounds (but only gently because you consider yourself to be exceptionally tolerant.) you participate in charity and make sure everyone's aware of it. you're distantly related to a popular military leader and you think that's proof that you're the glue holding society around you together. you either have been or at some point will be hung from a flagpole by your underpants. also, you destroy everything you love
  • dres: let's be honest, you're kind of a redneck. like telvanni, you think you can do whatever you want, but 'whatever you want' for you usually involves a gallon of vodka and a puddle of mud. you start a lot of shit but somehow manage to not be blamed for any of it because while everyone else is dealing with the outcomes you're out in a swamp wrestling lizards. this uncanny talent allows you to start all sorts of drama and you do so with wanton relish. you're the one who called hlaalu a cuck.
  • dagoth: you're a goth, you know you're a goth, everyone else knows you're a goth, and yet you still insist that you aren't a goth. you're a hopeless romantic and you cry easily. sufjan stevens is your favorite artist and you feel as if he's the only one who really understands you. you're still obsessed with your first grade crush and you're proud of that because you think loyalty is the most noble trait one can have. you own far too many candles
  • sadras: you're the most unremarkable person in the world. the only reason you're successful is because you're a snitch and redoran thinks that makes you responsible
  • mora/clan ra'athim: you are a MESS. you're an absolute disaster. you're wildly successful in the same way that a tornado is successful. you're unstoppable, you do what you want, and nothing will be the same once you've finished throwing trees through houses. you love having sex with politicians. you're the extrovert on all those introvert vs extrovert memes. 'live fast die young leave a pretty corpse' is your motto. everybody loves you but you're still going to get stabbed in the back and honestly you wouldn't have it any other way.
  • sotha: everybody loves you, you don't know why, also you're probably dead
  • dwemer: you don't really fit in with your social group, but you're lumped in there anyway because nobody understands you. you enjoyed c0da. you have complex theories on philosophy which you're never going to share with anyone because nobody else is intelligent enough to understand them. one day you're going to disappear mysteriously and will go down as the most famous unsolved paranormal case of the 21st century
imagine this:

Hae soo dies. Wang So rule the kingdom for 26 years. he built many temples to pray, because he know about Hae Soo’s world, he pray in the end he can reunited with her in her world

Wang So dies. when he open up his eyes instead of after world, he’s in 21st century, he’s 19 again, but unlike hae soo first time in the past, wang so have both memories, the past and the present. he try to find Hae So for a year, when he finally find her, she doesn’t recognize him. walk past him without even looking. so he wait. built another empire, his own business empire, he live his life but still watch her from afar. he watch her chasing her dream, fall in love with another guy and got her heart broken.

one day, his man alerted him. Hae Soo in the hospital, she was drowned trying to save a kid. she’s in coma. he go to the hospital everyday, always sit in lobby never go inside her room, her family beside her and he’s nobody.

after months, she finally wake up, the first thing she did after released from hospital is go to their lake. she want to see it again, she want to watch the stars and imagine him by her side. turns out he’s really there. waiting for her. after waiting almost 30 years in the past, 10 years in the present, his hae soo finally return to him.

I saw some discussion going around about Danny as Hawkeye after the latest episodes. But honestly, Danny would make the best Katniss Everdeen ever.

Because she tries to pretend she’s going to be callous and militant when she gets into the games but then she’s like ‘Oh no this little girl needs my help.’ and she just throws her whole plans out the window because a child needs her help. 

And if that’s not Danny I don’t know what is.

How Steve would fit into that… Haymitch.

Haymitch is the battle worn character who wants to not care, but gets sucked in by Katniss and follows her from then on out. And I’m not for Haymitch/Katniss (just no) but if it was Danny and Steve? Yeah okay I’d be all over that.

Grace would be Prim, of course. Danny’s little sister that he feels paternally about. And she’d get called up and he’s be like ‘No, no not her, not Grace.’ and he’d volunteer, and she’d beg him to win, and he’d be determined to win because he’s not dying for anyone.

And then Steve’s his mentor who signs him off as dead without giving him a second glance.

And Danny has to MAKE Steve notice him and help him. Because he promised Grace, and he’s not going to give up just because some Victor thinks he can’t hack it. And gradually Steve starts to pay attention because Danny’s a fighter through and through, and then Steve starts to think maybe Danny can do it, and he’s sucked in and trying to help before he knows it.

And then Danny’s in the games.

And he come across this character like Rue and logically he knows only one of them can live, but she reminds him of Grace, and he CAN’T hurt her, and he can’t abandon her. So he throws his lot in with her. And everyone know that ends badly and what happens after that.

And all the while Steve is trying to get him sponsors to get him through the game.

But he wins the games, (lets forget Peeta exists) and Steve is just like ‘Oh thank god.’ And what happens next… well that’s more complicated.

Persona 5: Anne Takamaki’s English VA Laura Bailey

(Don’t worry there’s more Catherine and Rise later in the vid. lanfsl;an wasn’t originally going to do this video, but then Anne got announced as the Lovers so I had to. :’D I think as long as Laura doesn’t use her Catherine/Rise voice she’d fit Anne just fine. XD Fun fact, Laura has also voice Catwoman and this DC character Cheetah as well…so….if she did Anne that would be 3 cat thieves actually I dunno what Cheetah does ladies Also thanks @avatarem for helping me with that blushing pic :’D)

Because I fangirled and it wouldn't fit in the ask box.

^_^ As a fan of both the movies and books and a fan fiction addict I can tell you that the HP fandom is totally cool with writers just taking the setting and playing with it. If you want to ignore the harry potter plot line go for it! 

And now I’m imagining Cas being the last in a long line of purebloods, really serious student because he’s trying to live up to his family name, and a loner because despite his massive extended family he never got to interact with people outside of formal occasions until he came to Hogwarts and by then he didn’t want to. And Dean’s this halfblood that has been living in America since his mom’s death because John couldn’t stand staying in Britain after it happened, but Dean came to Hogwarts because he’s technically a British citizen and he’s set on becoming an Auror to catch the guy that killed his mom though he loves quidditch and is damn good at it and is overjoyed that Sam’s finally joined him at Hogwarts even though the little bitch got sorted into Ravenclaw instead of the totally awesome Gryffindor. And Cas and Dean meet through dueling club where Cas is a member because all Novaks have been in the dueling club. Dean grudgingly respects Cas because he never takes cheap shots or tries to humiliate Dean even though he keeps kicking Dean’s ass. It isn’t until a group of Slytherines try to take Dean out before a quidditch match and Cas intervenes that the two become friends. Though Cas isn’t sure how this led to Dean dragging him the Gryffindor table for meals or their study sessions in Cas’ favorite corner of the library or that one trip into the Forbidden Forest that they nearly die on (thankfully Cas’ parents never found out about because Grounds Keeper Bobby is practically Dean’s uncle,) but neither of them would trade anything for it and stop brain, you have work to do! 

Also, harrypotter .wikia. com is a good source for trivia and canon. 

sivvic  asked:

Ya know I'm cool with Adrian in a skirt as long as it's the right skirt. Like maybe a loose pencil fit? But no way am I gonna approve of my boy in a short jersey style. He is bold so you gotta put him in a bold skirt! And don't just throw him in a skirt- it wouldn't match his regular outfit, some black flats, and a black shirt that cuts off at the elbows, and a v-neck! Yes yes a V-neck! AND A BEANIE!! I could go further but basically everyone has their style and Adrian's is bold. AND TIGHTS!!


Marinette? Is that you? 

(Dude, this is amazing. Ahhh. MAN YOU HAVE GOOD FASHION TASTE!)