going to wait till after class

The Losers Club as Teachers

- health teacher
- The students watch documentaries like every day
- Along with worksheets with the movies too
- But will lecture the fuck outta the class too like he goes hard
- “You all should wash your hands after this class, do you know how many other students have sat in these seats and touched the desk’
- Loves the kids so much he’s actually really chill
- Takes them on a walk on their school trail occasionally

Richie -
- drama teacher (also dabbles in choir)
- loves the kids so much
- Will put on a play and as many mini plays as he can
- Will take the kids to a Shakespeare museum
- Cusses in front of the kids but the office and board don’t know and never will
- “Okay listen you lil shits we are gonna have a field trip to Mr. Kaspbraks- I mean Mr. Toziers room I left him my charger and I need it back every man for himself
- He and Eddie are married I forgot to mention that

Beverly -
- art teacher
- Is literally a mom for the kids
- “Do you need to talk about anything?”
- Encourages kids to paint and draw whatever they want, she hates the guidelines and standardized testing
- On the last day of school she gets as many supplies as she can and does a project with them
- Like shaving cream on the desk
- Or a big tarp set up outside to throw paint on
- Or for the seniors, she gets a big rock and tells them to write whatever they want
- Cool Mom™

Mike -
- history teacher
- Very passionate, I think that’s why all the kids love him
- Cause they actually learn instead some mediocre teacher drilling useless information in their skulls
- Loves field trips
- “Okay y’all movie day”
- Brings food for the students in case they get hungry or can’t wait till lunch or still hungry after lunch cause he’s so sweet
- Likes to talk about not only history but his history with friends and family and the students just love it

- English teacher
- Library days are on Friday
- “Today is Friday come on let’s go!”
- Likes to take them outside to read when they do book reports
- He still writes poems for Beverly
- Whenever she stops by his class, before she leaves, she says “your hair is winter fire, January embers’
- And Ben is blushing in front of his students but he still says ‘my heart burns there too’
- And the whole class feels like they’re third wheeling

- Science teacher
- Takes his first period outside to see if the the moon is still up
- Takes them on a field trip to a bird sanctuary
- Loves the kids but he’s still so done with them too
- “If y’all don’t quiet down I’ll release a hawk on you guys”
- Rarely puts on movies but does like to discuss with the class ideas for projects and experiments
- “Have a nice weekend now get outta my class”

- psychology teacher
- Watched documentaries on the reg
- “Quiet down and watch the movie please’
- Sadly he still stutters a bit but the students are super sweet and give him time
- A kid wrote a book when they graduated and based a super cool character off ‘their favorite teacher ever’
- Bill cried
- No field trips cause it’s an elective but he does like to do debates and take them to the auditorium to do tests and quizzes

Georgie -
- wants to work in art like Beverly
- Still in college tho
- Volunteers at daycares and likes to do arts and crafts with the kids
- ‘Finger painting day!”
- Loves his brother and friends

They all work at the same school (besides Georgie) and everyone calls them the teachers club cause they’re all together when they get the chance, but they still deem themselves as the Losers Club

Love can be a miracle, darling

Pairings: Harry x reader in the beginning, Draco x reader in the end

Word count: 2281

Requested: Hey, can you write a Harry Potter x Reader where they have been dating for a while but the reader caught Harry cheating on her with Cho and they have a huge fight. After that, she keeps crying and Draco tries to cheer her up and they kiss. Pleaseeeee <3 by @partyiinthedungeons

A/N: I hope you like it and sorry for posting it so late. I did my best to finish it today because of my full schedule. Sorry for the mistakes because i am sure there are and let me now what you think ♥ 

Originally posted by crystelgreene

Being Harry Potter’s girlfriend had it advantages and disadvantages. The good part was the loyal friends you got by your side and the bad…well the bad are the slytherins always trying to offend you somehow. Well, they were mostly hostage toward Harry not me but the fact I was ready to kill everybody who had said something bad about him was enough for a way the others to mockery him.

But besides the bad attitude we got in fifth year, I was more than happy to be with him. Half of the school thought he was a liar, a boy wanting an attention and I were just a chick using him to become famous and so on. However, Harry never paid so much attention to those words but I did. I tried not to but it was hurting to hear such lies. Harry was so nice to stay hours after curfew to calm me down, to say he loved me and that’s all that mattered. He even said that if I wanted we would break up so he could see my smile again. I, of course, punched him slightly always exclaiming that he was much more important than some stupid students.  

We were going to Hogsmeade on dates, drinking butterbeers, shopping at Zonko’s, we basically tried everything there for such a short period. I did my best to stay focused when helping him with his homework but usually ended making out on the sofa in the common room. That led to an angry Hermione who didn’t skip an opportunity to remind us we were falling behind with it. But let’s come to the present where the interesting part is.

Today was just an ordinary Saturday. We had finally finished another rough week. Early in the morning I woke up and after dressing up, I headed towards the library. There was an hour till breakfast so I decided to spend it while searching information for Snape’s essay.

“Hey (Y/N)! Why are you awake so early?”, Hermione’s voice ranged through the empty library.

“I just want to get something done. I don’t want to fall and spending time with Harry isn’t helping me.”, smiling I sat down next to her.

“You managed to find the truth! Only for that I will lend you my notes, but don’t tell the boys.”, we both laughed and after promising I would not each one of us continued her work.

“If we don’t hurry we will miss the breakfast. Come on.”, I packed my things and with my friend we exited the room going straight to the Great Hall.

There weren’t a lot of people but our boys were already on the Gryffindor table. Harry was reading something while Ron was eating…a lot, as usual. A smirked appeared on my face as I went to my boyfriend as quiet as I could. He was facing me with his back so I used this opportunity to cover his eyes, well specifically his glasses. The boy jumped due to being surprised. His hands left the newspaper and touched mine trying to identify the person messing with him.

“(Y/n)!”, my boyfriend exclaimed seconds later and turned around to face me. There was a smile on his face which caused me to smile, too. I sat down next to him placing a kiss on his cheek.

“Don’t tell me you are still reading those lies.”, I took the newspaper from his hands but Hermione did the same to me, making the research instead of us.

“Well, you were late, so we had to take it.”

“You two are disgusting.”, Ron noted as he continued to eat.

“You will be too when you find a girl, oh my pardon, if you find a girl.”, Hermione retorted as she closed the paper and put it in her back.

We all laughed while Ron gave Granger a dead look.

“What are we doing tonight?”, although it seemed as an ordinary question, it wasn’t. Since some weeks, we were training spells in out secret group, or so called D.A.

“We have a studying session at 8 pm. as always (Y/n), how can you forget about it?”

“Oh, sorry Harry but when I see you I forget everything.”, we usually played this game of being so in love only to make no suspicions but we did enjoyed it, it always amused us.

After we finished our lunch we went to the lake. The weather was fantastic and neither one of us wanted to spend the whole day locked in the castle. We sat down next to a tree trying to stay in its shadow and began doing our homework. I can’t say we desired to do it but there was a trip to Hogsmeade tomorrow and I didn’t want to miss it because of stupid two meters long essays. Harry and Ron were complaining instead of working, Hermione used her energy to quarrel with Ron while I and Harry laughed at their ‘family problems’. The time was passing by and soon dinner came. After we were done, we agreed to go to the Required room separated so Umbridge won’t be able to catch us.

“What are you going to teach me today, Mr. Potter?”, I teased my boyfriend as we were heading towards our wanted direction.

“Someone is eager for knowledge? You should spend less time with Hermione.”

“Oh, shut up!”, I punched him slightly and laughed, “You are just jealous that I’m coping with school, while you might be failing.”

“That huts. That’s it! You made me cry, what kind of a girlfriend are you?”

“Come here and let me kiss you, you’ll feel better.”, leaning closer we shared a kiss that would had definitely turned out in a heated one if it wasn’t somebody’s cough to make us separate.

“Hey there lovebirds! You can continue that later, we have a work now.”, Fred Weasley smirked and entered the Required room. We followed his actions.

This time Harry showed us some others spells. I was with Neville who surprisingly was doing much better than me. I was doing well to be honest, practicing with Ginny, Ron, Harry, but maybe like 30 minutes later I didn’t fail to notice something. Cho Chang, a ravenclaw girl Harry used to like in his fourth year, was now watching my boyfriend carefully, trying to get his attention. That made me mad and that’s why I got hit my Neville’s spell that paralyzed me for a moment.

“I hit her, I did it!”, Neville screamed at top of his lungs happily, “Sorry (Y/n).” He then came closer and helped me stand.

“No problems. I am happy you did it, Neville.”, he was so happy that I couldn’t tell him I wasn’t paying enough attention to block the spell.

No matter what I did afterwards was, to put it mildly, horrible. I tried to practice but my eyes were glancing and Cho and Harry. I knew he was helping her but I didn’t like she was doing poor just for his attention. Harry was observing everybody and when he saw my actions he came closer and gave Neville time for a rest.

“What’s going on? Are you okay?”, I could read the care in his eyes and it made me feel a little better. Besides everything Harry was with me, not with her.

“I’m fine now.”

“If you wanted to train with me you could have just asked.”

Till the end of the lesson I was actually getting more and more capable of using the new spells. Deep inside me I felt pleasure to show Cho I was better that her. When the ‘class’ was over we were heading out by three. I wanted to stay and help Harry to clean but he refused, telling I’d better go and rest. I listened to him and left the room with Hermione and a tall Hufflepuff boy. We were already on the stairs when I realized I had forgotten my barrette.

“Wait for me, I’ll be back in a minute.”, after notifying Hermione I ran upstairs.

The door was slightly open. Cursing the stupid people who left it that way I entered the room but stopped where I was. My eyes widen when I saw Harry and Cho kissing in front of me. She had put one of her hands on his face, while Harry had placed his hands on her both sides. My eyes were filled with tears by now.

“How could you?”, was the only thing my mouth let out. I felt a strange feeling in my throat, not letting me to breathe or talk anymore. Harry and Cho jumped away from each other, both looking at me as a deer looking at the headlights coming towards her.

“(Y/n), I-”


I exited the room and ran in some direction not caring where I was going. Suddenly I felt somebody grabbing my hand and spinning me around. It was Harry with his messy hair and sad face.

“Stop.”, he said softly.

“Let me go, please. Let me go!”, I managed to find my voice again and screamed at him.

“It’s not what it seems.”

“Oh, really? Because it seems you still love Cho and was messing with me the whole time!”, he didn’t know what to say, he did try but nothing came out, “Have you ever loved me, Harry? Have you?”

“Of course I have, I still do.”

“Do not lie to me! Do not!”, licking his lips, the boy was about to talk but I interrupted him, “I cannot believe you used me like this.”

“I-I didn’t, I-”

“Are you sure because stuttering like this now shows me I am right.”, I bit my lips trying to prevent the others tears to roll down my face, “Look at me, look at my eyes and say you did not use me to forget Cho or to fucking make her jealous! Look at me for god’s sake and say it!”

But the boy was still looking at his feet ashamed.

“I loved you, Harry. Everything I have ever said was true. I showed you my feelings, I gave you my heart…and for what? To be your little toy!? To be the girl you would go to if Cho didn’t like you back?! To be the second option?! Fuck you Harry!”, I screamed at his face, spun around on my heels and attempted to get away from him.

“No, (Y/n), wait!”

“Don’t you dare touch me again or call me, Potter. Don’t you dare!”, this time my voice was low, almost calmly but I felt how he trembled from it. I didn’t mean to threaten him but his presence was no longer wanted around me.  

After minutes of walking I ended in the Astronomy tower. I sat down and let myself cry out all the pain inside me. How could he do this to me? I believed him when everybody thought he was a liar, I was beside him every time he was bullied…and what did I get? A knife in the back! As I was sobbing a voice spoke beside me.

“I see there are troubles in heaven, huh?”

“What do you want Draco? I am not in the mood for your stupid jokes”, but as soon as I turned to face him, his expression changed. With some steps he came next to me and kneeled down.

“Hey, hey. I’m sorry, I didn’t think it was that serious.”, he spoke with a soft and caring voice, something I’d never thought I would hear from him.

“Don’t act as you care.”

“I do care if you haven’t noticed, darling.”

Looking at him, especially at his eyes, some moments ran through my mind. He had always been good to me, never saying bad about me, helping me in Potions, not gloating when I fail… For the first time I felt I could tell him what happened, what I was feeling and he would care about it. All those small details were showing something deeper and complicated to be explained.

“I-Ha-Harry cheated on m-me.”, saying those words out made me sob again. Draco wrapped his hand around me, getting me closer for a hug.

“Hey, look at me.”, with his forefinger he lifted my chin up so now I was facing him, “He doesn’t deserve your tears.” He remover some of them, “He doesn’t deserve your love. You have to stand up, smile and show him what he has missed. Show him you are happier without him. You are the one who deserves better – somebody who would do anything for you, and by anything I really mean anything. You are so kind, funny, just amazing. I cannot explain it but each time I see you, my mood changes. I become more gleeful just because of hearing your voice, laugh or seeing the spark of joy in your eyes. You deserve somebody that can make you feel the same way you make me feel… ”

Without thinking I leaned closer and connected our lips. The kiss was salty due to my tears but was enough to make me feel butterflies in my stomach. I didn’t feel it only with my body; I felt it with my soul. It warmed me up, made me feel loved. That kiss wasn’t like the kisses I’d shared with Harry. It was kind of passionate but showing things that could hardly be explained even from the hand of a skillful poet. It was something not to read about but to feel it.

“I’ve never thought you could be showing such emotions.”

“Love makes miracles with everybody, darling.”, he smiled and leaned for another kiss.  



Loded Crush | Rodrick Heffley X Reader

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes. 

Characters: Rodrick/fem!reader, Greg.

(B/F/N) stand for “Best friend’s name” /(L/B/N) stand for “Little brother’s name”/(B/N) stand for “Boy’s name”.

Word Count: 2115 words.

Being a teenager seems good when you are a child. The movies teach that a teenager’s life is full of adventure and fun. But that’s not quite the way things really are. Well, some young people might even be that way. But it definitely was not like that for (Y/N).

The girl was just a normal teenager. She had a few friends, siblings and plenty of time available, but nothing good to do with it. Her routine was to study, pick up her younger brother at school and then go to her best friend’s house, (B/F/N), where they would just lie on bed until it was time for (Y/N) to leave. Nothing more, nothing less.

And in fact, she liked it a lot. She could not see herself surviving a life full of adventures, although a change in routine seemed like a good idea. She was kind of pleased with her life, though earlier that year she didn’t seem so happy, since she had just moved to that city at the time.

(Y/N) thought she wouldn’t make friends there. Or that it would all turn into a nightmare in that place. And she was very surprised when she saw that she was wrong, especially after meeting (B/F/N). She had basically everything she needed there, and thinking about it, she let out a smile.

(Y/N) woke up from her thoughts when she saw her brother going toward the car. The boy sat in the passenger seat, saying hello to his sister. He had a smile on his face, though he looked exhausted after class.

“Tired, huh?” she asked, which made the boy nod. “Wait till you get to high school.”

(L/B/N) sank on the car seat, letting out a groan, causing her to laugh. Suddenly a voice calling out his name was heard. A boy of her brother’s age was walking down the school ladder, stopping by the side of the car and gesturing for (L/B/N) to lower the window. Her brother leaned over to hear what the other was talking. (L/B/N)’s friend discreetly looked at her as he said whatever he was saying in her brother’s ear.

“I’ll try.” (L/B/N) replied, causing the other to send him a desperate look, but then nod before waving at her and running back into the school.

“What was this all about?” she asked, starting to drive.

“Nothing.” he shrugged, but his expression showing that he was obviously hiding something.

(Y/N) nodded, turning on the radio so there would be some noise during the ride home. (L/B/N) occasionally glanced at her, turning forward when he was caught. Until finally, when they were arriving at their destination, he turned to her.

“Are you going to do something tomorrow night?”

The girl smiled discreetly, feeling  satisfied that he was going to tell her what that boy had told him.

“Nope.” she glanced at him. “Why?”

(L/B/N) seemed to hesitate for a moment before continuing.

“That boy was Greg, we’re friends.” he paused for a second. “Well, we’re kind of friends, but whatever.”

“OK.” (Y/N) nodded. “Keep going.”

“I think you might know his brother, Rodrick.”



Rodrick Heffley. Of course she knew Rodrick Heffley. They started to study together at the beginning of the year, and almost every time they saw each other he would told her a pick-up line. A horrible pick-up line, which she would just laugh of and walk away. They had been in it for almost a year now, and she thought that after all this time he would have given up. Wrong.

“What about Rodrick?” She asked, taking a little interest in the subject.

“Do you know he has a band?”

(Y/N) let out a mocking laugh. It was almost impossible not to know about Loded Diper. At least for her, since he often mentioned his band when he tried to impress her.

“Yes, I know.”

“It looks like there’s going to be some kind of garage band competition tomorrow night and they’ll be there. So Rodrick told Greg to tell me to tell you to go see their performance.” (L/B/N) chuckled. "I think he blackmailed Greg.”

(Y/N) rolled her eyes, laughing a little herself until they reached their house. When (L/B/N) got out of the car he turned to her again.

“I think you should go.” he closed the door. “He’d be glad to see you there.”

He’d be glad to see you there.

Those words stuck in her head as she drove to her best friend’s house. And she kept thinking about it even after she had arrived, talking about it with the other girl.

“You’re not really thinking about going there, are you?” (B/F/N) asked, throwing herself into her own bed.

“It’s just… I don’t know… Why not?” (Y/N) lay on her friend’s stomach, feeling her head being lifted and lowered while (B/F/N) was breathing.

“I never thought he was your type. I thought you laughed at his pick-up lines for pity and not because you liked it.”

(Y/N) stopped for a second to think about it. She had seen Rodrick hitting on other girls, they always looked at him with a face of disgust and went away. But when he was hit on her, she laughed. Was that the reason he had never stopped trying to conquer her? Because he thought she laughed because she liked his pick-up lines? Stopping to think, she liked it a little. She liked the attention she received from him. He was cute. And he was interested in her.

“Oh my God, I have a crush on Rodrick Heffley.”

(B/F/N) started to laugh, making (Y/N)’s head shake. “You got into such a deep thought, I should have recorded.”

(Y/N) rolled her eyes, sitting up on the bed.

“I’ll go there tomorrow night.” she said decided. (B/F/N) sat down lazily.

“Good luck.”

“You have nothing to do tomorrow, right? Good.” (Y/N) got out of bed, out the door, not waiting for her friend to get up to accompany her. “You are coming with me.”

And although (B/F/N) complained and tried to change her friend’s mind, she ended up going along with (Y/N). When the sun began to set the next day, the two of them left in the car to find out where the contest would be. For a moment they thought they wouldn’t made it, since no one seemed to know where it was, not even (L/B/N). Until they saw a poster thrown in the street with the information. Damn lucky.

(Y/N) and (B/F/N) arrived at the place, it was just a small outdoor wooden stage, but the place was crowded. Most of the people who were there were part of the bands, and the rest … Well, the rest should be friends and family who were dragged there.

In the crowd, the girl found a familiar face. It wasn’t Rodrick, it was (B/N), one of her friends. When the boy seemed to recognize her, a smile also appeared on his face before moving toward her.

“Yo (Y/N), (B/F/N).” he hugged them both. “What are you guys doing here?”

“We came to see (Y/N)’s boyfriend.” (B/F/N) replied, taking a slap from her friend.

“What are you doing here?” (Y/N) asked.

“My cousin has a band, the drummer got sick, I came to help.” he shrugged, looking directly at (Y/N). “I didn’t know you had a boyfriend.”

“It’s because I don’t.” the girl sent a deadly look to (B/F/N), who just laughed. “Good luck then.”

“I’ll probably need it.” he glanced at the two girls with a smile on his face. “I’ll have to watch out for your little boyfriend’s band, right?”

And then he left, while (Y/N) felt her cheeks heat up, which made (B/F/N) start laughing loudly, which caught some people’s attention.

“He’s going to tease me for the rest of my life.” the girl threw her head back in frustration. “Thank you, (B/F/N).”

“Aw, don’t be mad at me.” she replied, taking the girl’s hand and beginning to pull her closer to the stage. “Come on, let’s try to stay ahead.”

It was not that difficult to get to the front of the stage, since most people seemed to prefer to stay in the background. The two girls thought there should be some reason why no one was so close, so they stayed with the people in the front row at a safe distance.

With the beginning of the presentations, the only thing that (Y/N) could think about was how many garage bands existed in that region. Some of them had cool songs, but some were just awful. (B/N)’s band (or, well, (B/N)’s cousin) came on stage, and she had to admit, they were awesome. She never knew (B/N) could play drums, not so well. And he seemed to be having so much fun doing it. (B/F/N) let out a few discreet squeals every time (B/N) looked at them and winked.

“I guess I’m not the only one who has a boyfriend playing here today.” (Y/N) said with a laugh, this time taking a slap from (B/F/N), who shook her head to the rhythm of the song with a smile on her face.

Shortly after (B/N)’s presentation, Rodrick came with his band. Coincidence or not, he was also the drummer, which made (B/F/N) give her a sly look. He wore a shirt with his band’s logo and eyeliner around his eyes. Rodrick, after setting everything up, began to stare into the audience, his eyes searching for someone. And then stopping when he saw (Y/N). He gave her a big smile, which made her smile back.

“You guys are adorable.” (B/F/N) murmured in her ear.

(Y/N) just kept smiling, ignoring her friend. But the smile disappeared as they began to play their music. Well, the rhythm wasn’t so bad, it was… Well… Dancing? But the lyrics, dear God. The girl started to feel bad about the Heffley boy when she realized how much people had cheered and screamed during (B/N)’s performance, and how now people were quiet and none seemed to like the song.

So she started clapping her hands and shouting words of encouragement to the boys, especially Rodrick. He didn’t even seem to notice how people seemed to be hating their music because she was cheering for him, and that seemed to be a good thing.

With the motivation she was sending, he started to play even louder, which made her wince before continuing. (B/F/N) also started clapping her hands, trying to keep her friend from embarrassing herself, which didn’t seem to be working since everyone looked at them like they were crazy.

At the end of the performance, the two applauded, with a few more people who seemed to feel sorry for them. Rodrick, once again, seemed to notice none of it, since a big smile was on his face as he stepped off the stage.

“That was… Interesting.” (B/F/N) nodded.

“Yes, of course.” (Y/N) chuckled.

Soon the presentations were over and the best band was announced. (Y/N) had no idea what their prize would be, but she seemed almost certain that Loded Diper wouldn’t win. And she was right. In the end, it seemed that (B/N)’s cousin’s band was really good, as they won. (Y/N) gave him thumbs up, as he celebrated. Then she looked around and noticed that Rodrick was staring at her. He seemed to be disappointed for not winning. For not having impressed her enough. She sighed and went to talk to him.

“Hey.” (Y/N) said approaching him. “You were very good up there.”

His frown was replaced by a smile. “You and your friend seemed to be having a good time.”

“Totally.” she nodded. “I would definitely call your band to… Well, whatever I had to call you guys.”

“We’ve played on some birthdays.” (Y/N) continued to smile, thinking to herself how it would have ended.

“Well…” the girl felt her stomach turn a little and her hands began to sweat. “You could tell me more about it if we went out, maybe, someday.”

Rodrick looked at her suspiciously, trying to understand what that phrase would have meant. In the end, when he seemed to realize she had suggested a date, he just smirked.

“I always knew you liked me.” he nodded in approval, making her roll her eyes. He had noticed it before her, then.

“Yeah, maybe I do.” she chuckled and stood on tiptoe, giving a peck to the boy’s lips.

Rodrick’s eyes went wide, clearly showing he didn’t expect that to happen. (Y/N) gave him a sweet smile, turning her back and leaving to find (B/F/N), leaving the wordless boy behind. He might have lost the contest, but he had won the girl.



Reggie was talking to Archie by their lockers. You thought this was the perfect time to tell him. You waited till Archie left for class before walking toward Reggie.

“Hey reg” You surprised him by leaning next to his locker.

“Hey y/n isn’t your class in the other building” Reggie got all his book from his locker before closing it.

“Substitute. we’re going to the library” You went closer to him “So a little birdie told me that you had a crush on me"Reggie started laughing but he’s cheeks started turning a shade of red.

"What no I don’t like you” you were impressed by his lying after the laugh his face turned stone like. But you’ve known Reggie for months and you know that when his nose starts wiggling a bit it’s because he’s lying.

“Oh really?” You grew closer to him. “You sure about that?” Reggie was only a couple of inches taller than you so you were facing his neck. Reggie was holding his breath as you neared him. You suddenly stopped before stepping back from him.

“Oh well cause I was gonna say I’m interested in you.” You quickly turned around before walking out.

Reggie stopped you pulling you to the lockers

“Wait really?"You smiled looking at the doofus.

"Yeah dork” Reggie grinned back before leaning for a kiss

Imagine skipping class with Chris. (Part B)

A/N: Part 3B! Oh God, I was going to wait till tomorrow but I’m just too excited! I’m really happy with how this one turned out. You can read the previous parts here: (Unexpected Reader - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A) Enjoooooy! X

Burbank; that was where Chris took you after breakfast in the cute little corner bistro you loved so much. He took you all the way there to give you a tour of Marvel Studios as well as introduce you to some of the people from the industry you were dying to be apart of. He even managed to get you a quick meeting with the very busy Kevin Fiege, who- thanks to Chris- promised he’d give you a meeting when you graduated from UCLA; an offer to which you squealed at the second you thought Kevin was out of earshot. He wasn’t, and it explained why Chris Evans would go through so much trouble for a girl people said was, “just a fan he met an airport.” You were sweet and humble and passionate, and Kevin wouldn’t be surprised if months later he’d heard Chris ended up dating you. The two of you clearly had a lot of chemistry, and he wasn’t blind to the way Chris looked at you; it may have been subtle, but it was definitely a look of love.


A strange concept; love. It could either be the simplest of things, or the most complicated. Unfortunately for the two of you, it was the latter. Neither of you wanted to admit anything, due to fear of getting hurt. That was the thing about love, despite how wonderful it could make a person feel- there was also the chance of ruining an entire being. A wrong move, a poorly chosen word, bad timing- all of these were factors capable of tearing a soul in pieces.

Chris couldn’t do that to you, he couldn’t take away that light you carried despite how dark you thought you were. You were the kind of girl who still believed she could meet the love of her life in a coffee shop; who believed in love at first sight; who wanted to marry as soon as possible; who didn’t want to date casually; who was a hopeless romantic; who thought love was just like the movies. You had an incredibly innocent heart that he both wanted to force his way into, but also protect. He wanted you to have a lifetime of happiness, and he wasn’t yet sure if he could provide that for you. But God, he was starting to realize you were a girl he wasn’t going to get over easily. If he found out tomorrow you were going on a date with another man, he’d both be ecstatic and heartbroken.

Chris took his eyes off the road for a brief second to throw a glance your way. It’d been fifteen minutes since you got into the car, but you were still smiling at the pass hanging around your neck. He’d made it himself, and it had both your name and the phrase “VIP - Chris Evans’ Very Important Person” on it. You looked over at him as he turned back to the road, smiling when you saw him smile. You still couldn’t believe your luck; it’d been exactly forty-three days since you met Chris and you still couldn’t believe your luck. You woke with a smile on your face each morning- not just because of the ‘good morning’ texts he’d sent you, but because you woke knowing you had him in your life. It was a pretty freaking amazing feeling, one you hoped you’d never have to give up.

“Thank you for today, Chris.” You told him, smiling; he glanced at you and smiled back, nodding. “You’re right about it being worth my time, I couldn’t imagine spending today any other way. This has just been an absolute dream come true, honestly-” you cut yourself off, chuckling, “you’re the best, the absolute best.”

“It’s not over yet,” he threw another smile your way. “We’ve still got one more stop before we call it a day, and um-” he pulled his car to a stop; you looked out and saw the Dolby Theatre. “You might want to do a quick costume change.” He told you then got out of the car before you could question him further. “C'mon,” he called as he knocked on the back windshield.

You got out of the car and chuckled when you saw him hold up two dress bags. One held a navy blue tux, and the other held your old prom dress. “Where the hell did you get that from?” You laughed, taking the bag from him. “You didn’t break into my room while I was sleeping, did you?”

“God, no,” he laughed. “Ava did.” He told you and you chuckled. Of course Ava did, your best friend would do anything Chris asked her to because she too was a huge fan of his. You’d met her on Tumblr a few years ago, connecting through your love for Chris Evans and writing, and only recently met her in real life. She was yet another wonderful thing you needed to thank Chris for, because without him to write about- you would’ve never met Ava. “I told her about today and she offered her services.”

“Isn’t she a doll,” you bit sarcastically, then laughed when he did. “Are you serious about changing?” You quizzed and he nodded, walking towards the entrance as he draped the dress bag over his shoulder. “Oh come on,” you ran after him, “I don’t want to put on a gown!”

“You’re going to be very under dressed.” He pushed the door open and beckoned you in with his head. You stared at him, not saying anything or walking into anywhere. You huffed when he chuckled, “it’ll be fun, Y/N. Trust me,” he said with a smile that you’d never- in your forty-three days of knowing him- been able to say no to.

“Fine,” you sighed and stomped into the building. “Is there a bath-” You cut yourself off when he pointed you in the direction of the bathroom. “Just so you know, I might not even fit that dress.” You told him as you stomped towards the female bathroom like a pouty child; he followed behind you, chuckling softly. “I’m not as slim now as I was at my prom.”

“You still look great to me,” he told you and you felt heat rise to your cheeks. You bit back your smile as you glanced back at him. “Get dressed,” he instructed and you nodded, “then meet me at the stage.”

• • • • • • • •

Chris waited on the stage patiently for you, fiddling with his cuffs and sleeves. “I look ridiculous,” he heard your voice and looked up as you walked down the aisle towards the stage. His lips parted in awe, then formed into a smile as he appreciated how breathtaking you looked in your simple, but beautifully elegant, chiffon gown. “I mean-” you lifted your gown to display the sneakers you were wearing. “You could’ve at least got Ava to steal me some heels too,” you joked.

“You look beautiful.” He complimented as he walked down the steps to meet you; his heart beating as fast against his chest at the sight of you, as your heart was against your chest at the sight of him. “Now come on,” he held out his arm for you to take, “I want to show you something.”

“Like what?” You asked, letting him lead you on stage. “We’re already inside this amazing theatre, I mean- this is where they host the Oscars every year.” You pulled away from him to stroll the stage. “This place has held the talents of Meryl Streep and Denzel Washington and Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino and-” You stopped when you realized Chris was smiling at you. “Of course,” you walked back over to him and poked his chest, “Chris Evans. A man who should have won Oscars upon Oscars by now.”

“As biased as you are, my number one fan,” he teased and you giggled, “I appreciate it. And yes,” he agreed as he looked around the place, smiling. “The theatre is amazing and I did bring you here to show you the interior. But-” he said and you turned to him, “I also brought you here to prepare you for your future.”

“And how are you preparing me for my future?”

“Come here,” he used his head to beckon you towards him. You walked over hesitantly then tensed when he moved behind you, gently grabbing your arms. “This is where you’re going to be one day,” he whispered into your ear, smiling. He was having trouble remembering what he’d planned to say to you because your perfume was incredibly intoxicating and all he could think of was kissing your neck. “You’re going to be standing up here, looking down at everyone you’d thought you’d only see on your screen, thanking them and your loved ones for taking a chance on you and supporting you to your first Oscar win.”

You smiled as you imagined what Chris was saying. It was almost like you could feel the Golden Statue in your hand; the weight and the sturdiness of it. You closed your eyes and looked up; it was like the heat of a thousand lights were kissing your skin. Your ears could hear the thundering applause and the cheers as the entire audience rose to their feet to give you the standing ovation you deserved. You’d look out into the crowd and smile; smile at the people you’d worked with, those who’d helped you get you the award. That was the dream, it’d always been the dream. Just like Chris was part of it, he was part of everything. Even as you closed your eyes to picture a scene where you just won an award of the highest honor, you saw him. You saw him in the crowd and you smiled because knowing him, having him believe in you the way he did, having him in your life- that all meant so much more to you than winning an award.

“I can’t wait to see you up here,” he told you as he released you from his grip. His hand forgot you were just a friend and not his girlfriend, and took it upon itself to brush your cascading hair over your shoulder. “You are going to go to amazing places, Y/N. I promise you that,” he said with so much sincerity that you felt your eyes well with tears.

“Oh God,” your voice quivered as you sniffled, trying your best not to start crying. Chris’ eyes narrowed as he gently wrapped his arm around your elbow to turn you towards him. “These are happy tears,” you quickly told him when you saw concern in his eyes. “I’m um-” you reached up to brush your tears away, but he beat you to it. “I’m just really touched that you believe in me.”

“Of course I do,” he smiled and lowered his hand to take your in his; he squeezed it gently. “You are incredibly talented, Y/N. I am so glad you decided to pursue screen writing because- God, it’d be a waste if you didn’t. You have a way with words that not many do, and I have no doubt that it’s going to take you up here one day.”

“Because of you,” you said and he shook his head.

“No,” he said. “Because of you. With or without me, you were going to find your way here and I’m…” He trailed off, smiling at how beautiful you looked despite your teary eyes and runny nose. “I’m going to be standing in that audience applauding your incredible talent, and wishing that I’d one day be lucky enough to be able to direct or even act in one of your flawless pieces.”

“You’re going to make me cry,” you chuckled because it was your only way to stop yourself from crying. He smiled and brushed the tears that had escaped off your cheeks. “Thank you, Chris,” you told him as you forced your way into his arms, hugging him tightly; he’d hugged you back without hesitation. “You have no idea how much all of this means to me.”

“You’re welcome.”

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Part 4A

Rumors PT2

Pairings: Peter Parker x Reader.

Part one

Warnings: None.

A/N: I wanted to make this longer, but I just couldn’t for some reason.

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You spent that whole night lying awake.
You started to wonder if the way those people perceived you was true. Could it be?
Yes, Peter was very smart. And he often did most of the work on these projects. But you loved him. You weren’t just using him. You wouldn’t do that to someone.

You couldn’t go back now. You weren’t going to be with someone that thought of you that way.

Where did you go wrong? Had there been some sort of sign? Did he ever love you?
Even if he ever did He obviously doesn’t anymore if he thinks of you in that manner.
You decided to stay home from school for a few days.
It wasn’t just Peter, you were getting bullied. And you just couldn’t handle all of it.

Peter felt terrible. And even worse when you didn’t show up to school the next day. He had tried to text you but had gotten no response.
He sighed as he tried to do his homework. He imagined that you were there, poking him with a pencil, telling him to take a break.

“What’s your problem?” Michelle asked Peter,  sliding her chair over. She didn’t look that concerned, she was just being nosy.

“Oh. Uh, nothing.” He tried to look like he was busy reading his homework. But he obviously couldn’t focus.

Michelle raised her eyebrow.
“Haven’t seen Y/N in a few days, huh?”
“-Yeah-” Peter sighed. He was just trying to get you off his mind.

“Well, It’s a good thing that you aren’t dating anymore.” She leaned forward and rested her chin in the palm of her hand.

“Like you said, she was just using you,”

Peter clenched his jaw shut.
She didn’t have the right to talk about you like that. Nobody did.
At this point he would do anything to take it back.

Frowning, he turned to Michelle and took a deep breathe.
“That’s not true.” He looked down at his lap.

“Then go tell her!”

Peter nodded and stood up. He was going to make things right; No matter what.

“You might want to wait till after class is over,”

He blushed. “Right.” He nodded and sat back down.

The rest of the day, Peter put a stop to everyone who was talking about you not being able to do your own homework.
He knew he had to do something to make it up to you.
He just didn’t know what.

Peter asked as he walked into your bedroom.
“Your mom let me in.. Are you in here?”

Peter nearly jumped onto the ceiling when you burst the door of your bedroom open.

You looked at him with wide eyes.
“What the hell do you want?” You tried to avoid crying. But just seeing his face was painful.

“I- I’m- so sorry-” He moved forward to hug you but you took a step back, just out of his reach.


“Peter. You, you-. They made me fell dumb, They made me feel like an idiot. You were the only person who made me feel smart. And-now..”

“I know, You weren’t the dumb one. It was me. I was an idiot.”
“You were.” You nodded in agreement.
“So, will- will you forgive me? I’ll do anything.”

“-Okay Peter.” You pierced your lips together.

“I forgive you.”


Mixing It Up - Troublemaker! Min Yoongi X Reader - Part 6

Hi, I’m updating early. I think. At least I’ve sorted out my schedule somewhat, right?

So, this week I don’t know if I’m going to have time to write since I’m going on a school trip for a few days. Then again, I think I’ll probably end up having more writing time to be honest…

We’ll see how that goes.

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Preview  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6 - Here  Part 7

You had never felt an urge to beat yourself up. At least not until today. Did you faint after Yoongi kissed you? No. That, in your opinion, was a better alternative to what actually took place.


“I mea-“

Soft lips being pressed against your own shut you right up and completely took your breath away. You forgot how to breath, no, you forgot how to function as a whole. You just sat there whilst Yoongi continued to kiss you, apparently not minding your lack of reaction.

It wasn’t until around a minute later, when he pulled away, that you took in discreet breathes of air.

He seemed unaffected by the sudden kiss which made you embarrassed. Were you overreacting?  

“Wow, you’re so stiff. Loosen up a bit, are you trying to make our kiss awkward?”

‘Our kiss’? That’s right he had kissed you just seconds before. How could you forget? Wait, what were you doing in an elevator with Yoongi again?


“What, did I break you or something? Hey, my kiss was that good? I kn-“

Throwing yourself forward, you almost collided with Yoongi, the only thing stopping you being your hands planted on the floor in front of you. He seemed genuinely shocked as you stared at him for a couple of seconds.


It was his turn to be cut off as you placed your lips upon his albeit in a more cautious way than he had previously been. Your kiss had ended much more faster than his and to your surprise he had been smirking when you pulled away.

“Who knew you had it in you to be that bold?”

Before he could say anything more the elevator doors suddenly opened and although you were on the third floor, you jumped up and dashed out without thinking. You didn’t stop running until you reached the front doors of the complex, bursting out of them.

“Ah, I’m going crazy!”


After the whole incident, you made your way home and headed up straight to your room to think about your life choices. Were you being ridiculous? Of course you were but you couldn’t really change how you reacted now.

You supposed it was sort of a good thing that Yoongi was suspended. At least you didn’t have to face him in school.

Or so you thought.

The next day, school had been the same. No Yoongi. No teasing. No progress on your ‘investigation’.

It wasn’t until the end of the school day, when you were leaving, that the day seemed less repetitive. Out by the front gates, leaning on the wall, was none other than Yoongi in all of his intimidating glory.

You spotted him before he caught a glimpse at you and ducked behind Suhyun.

“What are yo- oh.” You had obviously filled her in on your situation and she simply laughed it off before congratulating you. Apparently, she was serious when she said you would make a cute couple. You had to remind her that you were not dating Yoongi to which she replied with ‘not yet’.

“Why are you hiding from him. You might as well get it over and done with today.”

She was right. Why would you stall the inevitable. There was no way of changing the future. You were going to have to talk things out with Yoongi at some point.

“Just shut up and hide me.”

That was the wrong choice of words and you only realised your mistake after Suhyun had made her move.

“Yoongi! Yoooooongi! Look who’s here!“ Gosh, you just wanted to drop kick her at this point. Not only did she catch Yoongi’s attention, she also attracted the attention of the surrounding students.

Yoongi looked up towards the two of you before pushing himself off the wall. You had reached the school gates by now and had considered making a mad dash for your house but you knew you wouldn’t last against Yoongi if he decided to go after you.

“And look who decides to show up. After you bailed on me yesterday I knew I wouldn’t see you for weeks unless I made an effort to come out. You better be happy I did.”

You straightened yourself up and crossed your arms, attempting to come across as confident.

“No one asked you to come see me. That’s your own problem.” You knew if you said anything more a stutter would accompany your words.

“What an ungrateful little brat.” You stepped forward at this, hoping you seemed somewhat intimidating.

“Ungrateful brat? Yo-“ You were not expecting Yoongi to wrap his arm around your neck and pull your cheek so when he done exactly that, you couldn’t help but release a yell of surprise.

That successfully drew even more attention to the three of you which Yoongi didn’t seem to notice.

“Yeah, you’re an ungrateful brat. You came to my house, made yourself comfortable, met my mum and done a kiss and run. I’d say that’s a valid reason to call you that.”

You grabbed onto his shirt, trying to pull yourself out of his grip but to no avail.

“Yoongi! Shut up! And you’re the one who kissed me!”

“Can you prove that?”

He really wanted to leave a dent on your reputation.

“What the- can you prove that I kissed you!?”

“Don’t need to.”

Yoongi then dragged you away from the school gates and further down the street, whilst Suhyun, who was a giggling mess followed behind. You were absolutely certain you had made a scene due to your shouting. There was no way on earth that everyone wouldn’t know your business by tomorrow.

“So how’s your little investigation going?”

He had yet to release his grip on you so you were forced to walk with your face pressed against his side.

“She’s made zero progress. It’s fascinating how slow one can be.”

You twisted your body into an awkward position just to glare at Suhyun who in turn beamed at you.

“Wow. What do you think you’re doing then? Hurry the fuck up. I thought you were gonna prove me innocent?”

One name came to mind. Jimin.

“What else did he tell you!?”

He pretended to ponder your question before giving his reply.

“That you have the biggest crush on me.”

Your jaw had dropped to its lowest level ever.

“I’m going to kill him!”

You heard chuckling from above you and glanced up to see Yoongi covering his mouth, clearly amused at something you had said.

Hold on a second.

“I never said I had a crush on you!”

His chuckling grew into full blown laughter and Suhyun joined in.

“At least I know now.”

You had had enough. Grabbing the arm wrapped securely around you, you forced your head out of his death hold and stopped walking.

“Is that what you wanted to see me for? I’m going home then.”

Spinning on your heel, you took one step before his words stopped you.

“Actually, no. I wanted to tell you something but I guess it can wait till after I give you some advice.”

Your ears perked up at this and you turned your head to the side to let him know you were listening.

“Since you’ve made no progress I suggest you go to the fire station the firemen who were there on the day are placed at. Maybe they can tell you something. And who knows? It may just link to your class’ vandalism dilemma.”

Whilst you mulled over his words, he took it as his opportunity to step towards you and place his hand on your cheek, giving it a light pat.

“Come on. Don’t disappoint me.”

Yoongi then turned to Suhyun and gave her a small wave before setting down the street again and out of sight.

“He definitely knows something.”

Suhyun nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, even I can see that.”

She then latched onto your arm and began pulling you in the opposite direction.

“But let’s talk about how cute you two are.”

You groaned in embarrassment.



When Saturday arrived, you made the decision to visit the fire station. You had asked to speak with at least one of the firefighters that had helped put out the fire. You had been lucky enough to catch one of them on their break.

“The School fire? Well, there was no one in the building when we arrived.”

That wasn’t very helpful. Although you weren’t sure whether there was anybody present in the building at the time, you knew that there had been no casualties so you had a hunch.

“Okay, anything weird? Like maybe on the way in you saw someone around the area?”

He shook his head, not having to think about his answer for your question.

“Everyone who had been in the school that early was evacuated out of the school grounds.”

You felt as if you were getting nowhere with this.

“So nothing out of the ordinary?”

Once again, he shook his head to your disappointment.

“Are you part of a newspaper club or something?”

You felt as if you might as well be part of one with all the questions you were throwing his way. All you needed was a notebook and a camera.

“Er- no. I just know someone who was falsely accused.”

“Ah, that’s understandable. I’d hate to know that my friend is innocent.”

You hummed in agreement before standing from your seat.

“Well, I’m sorry for taking up your time. Thank you for answering my questions.”

“No problem.”

As you turned to walk out of the room, he suddenly called out to you.

“There’s one thing actually. I don’t know if this is useful to you but there was a name tag at the entrance of the class where the fire originated from. It was half burnt but I could make out the last name on it. ‘Hwan’ was it? Yeah, that was it.”

Did you know anyone with the last name ‘Hwan’? No, you’d remember. That’s a really uncommon name.

“Oh, thank you mister. I’m sure that this will help me.”

It had to be linked somehow. The fire took place in the morning before school so not many people would have entered the classroom. The only people who would have most likely been there were the culprit and Yoongi.

Who last name was Hwan? Maybe they could help you out.


“I visited the fire department but they didn’t really have any information except that they had found a name tag with the last name ‘Hwan’.”

On the other side of your video call, Suhyun scratched her head.

“‘Hwan’? That name sounds strangely familiar.”

You inched closer to the screen, not really believing your ears.

“Wait, so you know someone with that name?”

“Well, I feel like I should but my mind just comes up blank.”

Suhyun knew just how to get your hopes high and make them drop in a matter of seconds.

“Well aren’t you helpful.”

She pointed at you through her screen, eyebrows furrowing.

“Hey, I don’t appreciate that sarcastic tone.”

A yawn was all you could muster as a reply.

“Yeah, I’m pretty beat too. I think I’m gonna log off. I’ll see you in school on Monday.”

Nodding your head, you exchanged farewells before closing your laptop screen and flopping onto your bed. You knew you’d be up fo quite some time trying to fit the limited pieces of the puzzle you had together.


When Monday approached, you made it your mission to search for the owner of the name tag. However, unlike the beginning of your investigation, you were practically handed your clue.

“Y/N, Y/N! I heard that we’re going to have an assembly this morning!”

Suhyun practically screamed this into your ear. It was definitely not the best thing to experience on a Monday morning.

“And why exactly are you excited for this?”

She dismissed your extremely annoyed one and flashed you a grin.

“Because it’s one being led by the other schools principal, ‘Mr Hwan’.”

You almost flew out of your seat. That isn’t to say you didn’t jump straight out of it, slamming your hands down upon the poor desk.

“What!? Does that mean he has a son or daughter that attends his school!?”

She clicked her tongue and shot you finger guns.

“Bingo. And they happen to be the only person in that school with the last name ‘Hwan’.”

“Hey guys.” The sudden voice of Jimin startled you and you spun around, grinning from ear to ear. He would without a doubt know who said person would be.

“Jimin! Your principal has a kid in your school!”

He raised an eyebrow in curiosity.

“Oh yeah.” You could practically taste the satisfaction that was sure to come with his next words.

“Who is it!?”

“The kid? It’s-“

The schools bell rang, alerting you that assembly was due to begin any moment.

“Quick, who is it?” He seemed to ponder over his answers for a second. He finally opened his mouth to reply although not with what you were expecting.


He looked towards the doorway of the classroom before motioning with his head towards it. You soon realised he was silently telling you to ready yourself for the assembly.

“…I think you’re about to find out.”

At that moment, your class teacher suddenly spoke from the front of the room.

“Assembly will begin in a few minutes, please get to the assembly hall.”

Making your way over to said hall, you felt anxiousness bubble up inside of you. You were unsure why this feeling had suddenly appeared but you were sure there was good reason.

Seating yourself beside Jimin and Suhyun, you watched as a rather tall middle aged man stood behind the podium, a polite smile spread on his lips.

“That’s Mr Hwan.” Jimin answered your question before it even left your lips and you thanked him silently for it. When everyone was seated, Mr Hwan cleared his throat and leaned down towards the microphone.

“Good morning to all of you hard working students. My name is Mr Hwan and I am the principal of the students you have so kindly taken under your wing. I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and hospitality. It is quite unfortunate what has brought these circumstances about and split our school in half but it has also provided us an opportunity to bond.”

You were beginning to grow bored from his incessant rambling and you glanced around the hall. You soon realised the person who you had absentmindedly been searching for was not going to be present for this assembly. You caught yourself searching for Yoongi one too many times for the past week.

A nudge to your side grabbed your attention and you looked to your side to find Yoongi discreetly nodding his head towards the stage.

“- I have heard many good things from my students, including my own daughter who is head of our schools council.”

What happened next successfully made your jaw drop right to the ground. A girl stepped up to the stage and stood before all of you, greeting you all in a loud and confident voice.

It seemed like your whole investigation had gotten much more complicated than it already was and all it took was for none other than Mi-Rae to be revealed as the owner of the name tag.

anonymous asked:

Because I am trash, how would Guzma propose to his (female) s/o?

• He’d be nervous
• Like dating was hard enough but marriage?
• Fuck him in the ass with a chainsaw
• Honestly, he is just so nervous
• He saved enough money to not buy the cheapest one but not buy the most expensive because money is still short
• He gets one with that has a thin band and the diamond is squared that has silver bands gripping the diamond into place
• He has it placed into a black velvet box and keeps it hidden behind his alcoholic drinks
• Guzma, as confident as he is, tries to make sure that you will say yes because while he’s sure that you love him, he doesn’t want his heart to break
• He’ll add in movies that have proposal scenes and look to see your reaction
• He’ll notice that you’ll start tearing up at the whole going down on one knee and proposer stating things about their loved ones
• That’s when he realizes he hasn’t practiced at all
• He’ll immediately start sweating and tense up
• Once you’re asleep, he’ll go to the roof and start jotting things down about what he loves about you
• For like thirty minutes, he’s sitting there thinking about what he could write
• He loves you and he knows why but he can’t put it into words
• He’ll take you out to dinner at this high class restaurant
• He’s wearing a suit and it looks good at him
• It hugs his muscles and while it may be a little tight, it looks damn well on him
• After dinner, you guys take a walk at Hano beach
• When the moon is high, he’ll wait till your back is turned and when you turn around, he’s on his knees
• You bring your hands up to cover your mouth and he smirks when he hears a gasp
• He looks down and clears his throat
• “I love you, You know that, I know that. Hell, I’m pretty sure Kukui knows. And I decided that I want to spend more time with you. While you can be annoying, I love everything about you. I love the sounds you make when you yawn. How you slurp your soda and soup. How your nose crinkles when you smile. How different your laughs are. From cackling to giggles to that silent laughter you get when you laugh too hard. Everything about you is beautiful. So…. Will you take this gorgeous piece of shit as your fiancé?”
• When you say yes, he breaks out into this huge grin and holds you and spins you around
• He places a big, wet kiss on you while dipping you
• He’ll then proceed to make love with you on the beach

Suitors’ Back to School “Horror Stories”


Back to school time… -.-‘

It’s August now, which means that summer is nearly over and school is just around the corner (For those of us who are still in school, that is.). In honor or maybe distress of the “Back to School Season,” here are some scenarios of the MidCin suitors’ disastrous first days! I just wrote these situations for laughs: I genuinely hope that everyone doesn’t just have a good/decent/disaster-proof first day of school, but that you all have a great school year! <3

Now, let’s go to school with the suitors! 😊

*Warnings/Notes: modern day high school/college/uni AU; overly ridiculous and EXTRA situations; some cursing; high-key Lid shipping


  • He was running late, so he grabbed the nearest shirt he could find and headed out the door as soon as he got changed.
  • Unfortunately, the shirt Alyn chose got shrunk in the wash, so now he has to walk around school in a VERY tight shirt.
  • Halfway through the day, he gets so uncomfortable that he takes his shirt off for the rest of the day. Taking pity on his brother, Leo offers Alyn his favorite sweater a.k.a. the one with the broken zipper.
  • Alyn is humiliated that he has to walk through the halls and endure his classes basically half-naked for the rest of the day (however, the other students and staff members don’t seem to mind at all, huehuehue~.).


  • He never should have trained Sebastian to be his alarm clock: the darn parrot kept on squawking “TIME FOR SCHOOL, DAMMIT, TIME FOR SCHOOL” throughout the entire morning EVEN AFTER LEO WOKE UP.
  • Eager to leave the house in order to get away from that loud parrot, Leo dashed out the door with his school books and bags – breakfast could wait ‘till later.
  • After that whirlwind of a morning, he finally gets to school. He meets up with some friends, makes an extra copy of his schedule at the library (even though he’s already memorized his classes by heart), grabs a quick bite to eat at the cafeteria, and then heads to his first class.
  • Everything was going smoothly until everyone heard a THUD at the window. Being the closest to that window, Leo nearly fell off his seat from the initial shock. Once he calmed down a bit, he opened the window and peeked outside: a red feather sat on the edge of the windowsill.
  • Suddenly, Sebastian flies through the window and into the classroom, knocking over school supplies and screaming “TIME FOR SCHOOL, DAMMIT, TIME FOR SCHOOL.
  • Before the bird could cause any more chaos, Leo grabs Sebastian and heads out of the classroom. Once he’s outside of the school building, he tells the bird, “GO HOME.” Thankfully, Sebastian listens, and he flies away while squawking “TIME FOR SCHOOL, DAMMIT.


  • He had everything prepared for the day except for his schedule. He searched his entire house for it with no luck.
  • Suddenly, he hears the sound of paper getting shred coming from his bedroom. As he walks into the room, he sees his cat, Michel-freaking-angelo, destroying the schedule.
  • Ohhhh, that demonic cat is DEFINITELY not getting any treats tonight.
  • Since Giles’s printer ran out of ink, he decides to print his schedule at school.
  • Once he arrives at the campus and drops off Sid near the entrance (*See under “Sid” for that story.), he runs to the library, prints his schedule, and sprints out the door with the piece of paper in his hands.
  • It seemed like a good enough day for Giles, considering that Leo was his classmate for all his classes.
  • It wasn’t until the end of the day that Giles realizes that he grabbed a copy of Leo’s schedule, which Leo had failed to pick up before his first class. Whoops.
  • So much for “perfect attendance”… xD


  • He snoozed his alarm clock for a few minutes b/c he needed a little… more… sleep…
  • And then he realizes that his first class starts in half an hour. AND IT TAKES HIM APPROXIMATELY AN HOUR TO DO HIS HAIR.
  • He resolves to just deal with his bed head later and super-condenses his daily routine (minus the hair care) from and hour and thirty minutes to about ten minutes. Once he’s ready, he grabs his school bag, shoves a piece of toast into his mouth, and heads out the door.
  • He’s almost at the school building with ten minutes to spare before his first class. He turns a corner when suddenly WHAM: he and another student collide against one another, Louis falling on top of the latter YES, I JUST USED LOUIS HOWARD IN AN ANIME TROPE. DON’T JUDGE ME. xD.
  • Louis is about to apologize to the person when he realizes whose arms he just fell into…
  • “SID, WHAT THE FU-?!?!”
  • “JESUS CHRIST, HOWARD. Look, man: I like you, but even this is a little too much for me.”
  • Thanks to his little encounter with Sid (*And a little something else~. See under “Sid” for that story.), pictures were taken and people gossiped about their “romance,” causing Louis to cringe and Sid to merely smirk and tease the former whenever the rumor was mentioned.


  • He had driven a few blocks away from his house when his motorbike decided to act up and lose gas. Even worse: the bike stopped in front of his ex’s house – a.k.a. the a**hat that nobody likes - and Sid and his ex were NOT on good terms.
  • Instead of leaving his bike to the mercy of his merciless ex, Sid walked it to Giles’s house, which was further away from the school. Luckily, Giles was nice enough to offer Sid a ride to school.
  • Once they got to campus, Giles dropped off Sid near the entrance while the former looked for a parking spot. Sid turned a corner when WHAM: Louis was suddenly on top of him (*See under “Louis” for that story.).
  • Later that day, Sid’s ex confronts him in the cafeteria during lunchtime, screaming about how he “left me for Louis,” causing everyone to stop and stare at them. Sid was frozen at first, embarrassed by the sudden public humiliation even though what his ex said wasn’t entirely true.
  • Not wanting his ex to have the last laugh, Sid says, “At least I left for someone better.” Then, he grabs an unsuspecting Louis by the waist and pulls him in close, their faces inches away from each other. He whispers something into Louis’s ear, and the former nods.
  • Suddenly, the two of them are kissing in front of everyone, which earns them some “Ooohs” & “Aaahs,” and a ton of pictures. Once their mini make-out session is over, the enraged ex storms away as the crowd applauds Sid and Louis.
  • As the couple walks away, Sid whispers to Louis: “Thanks for playing along, Howard.” Louis angrily whispers back, “You owe me big-time, a**hole.”
  • “Aww, we’re already giving each other nicknames~.” “Shut the f*ck up and go to class already.”


  • He was carrying most of his textbooks in his arms since he didn’t have enough room in his backpack. He had a few minutes to spare before his first class, so he hurried to his locker to drop off his books.
  • He’s almost reached his locker when BAM: he’s smacked in the face with another person’s locker. This causes him to almost drop his books.
  • “Owww. Watch it, will you-?”
  • “Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry!”
  • Albert stops, his mouth agape: he just got smacked by his crush!
  • He literally doesn’t know how to react as his crush is worrying over him. Albert finally snaps out of his trance as his crush remarks, “Oh shoot, I think I just broke your glasses.”
  • The glasses’ bridge was broken, leaving half of Albert’s frames dangling towards the floor. Luckily, his crush offered him a piece of tape to keep the glasses together.
  • Although Albert is happy that he (quite literally) bumped into his crush (or, in this case, their locker), he now has to wear his glasses as if he’s Harry Potter from the first movie (Pre-“Oculus Reparo!” a.k.a. Before Hermione fixes Harry’s glasses.).


  • This morning was hell for poor Nico: he overslept, nearly put shampoo on his toothbrush, put his shirt on backwards, and almost forgot his backpack. 
  • Despite that, he somehow managed to catch the bus and get to all his classes on time. However, his bad luck didn’t end just then.
  • In the middle of the day, he was almost late for one of his classes, so he grabbed his stuff and made a beeline for the other classroom. He got to class on time; however, when he opened his bag, he didn’t find his school supplies.
  • Turns out that Nico and Albert both have similar looking backpacks.
  • Nico also happens to find Albert’s personal journal ohoho~.
  • Nico returns home while reading Al’s journal lolol at the end of the day only to be greeted by Albert’s harsh voice:
  • “Why, you brat! I can’t believe we bought the same backpack!”
  • And now an angry Albert is chasing Nico around the house because he doesn’t want Nico reading what he wrote about his crush. Oh boy…


  • He was helping his art teacher set up the room for the next class since Robert got to the room early. 
  • As Robert finished distributing the art supplies to everyone’s stations, people began to file into the classroom. Once class began, Robert took a seat along with everyone else.
  • Suddenly, one of his classmates gasped. “Robert, are you bleeding?!” Surprised, Robert looked down at his white shirt: there were streaks of red forming on the left side of his chest.
  • The room immediately erupted into panicked chaos: people were running around the classroom looking for towels and first aid kits; some students stepped into the hallway to get better phone reception for calling 9-1-1 and the school’s nurses; and a select few actually fainted at the sight of the “blood.”
  • Telling everyone to calm down, Robert reached into his left shirt pocket. Turns out that his pet hedgehog Amber somehow got some red paint stuck on her body and had managed to stealthily climb up Robert’s shirt and into his pocket.
  • Although Robert was thankful that everyone was looking out for him, he was honestly so embarrassed that he made all his classmates worry for no reason.


  • The clothes he had planned to wear for the day somehow got lost in either Nico or Albert’s closet, and the boys forgot to organize their clothes over the weekend, so Byron had to compromise.
  • The only things left for him to wear were a formal suit and tie and a snowy owl onesie.
  • He had to save his suit for an event at the end of the week, so he went with the owl onesie.
  • He honestly didn’t mind wearing it until he realized that everyone was staring at him. People even asked to take pictures with him.
  • Despite Byron’s calm composure, his cheeks were red for the entire day due to the embarrassing unwanted attention he was getting.
  • The truth is that everyone was staring at Byron because he somehow managed to make a silly and fluffy onesie look rather stylish. A bunch of students even wore onesies at the end of the school week to commemorate Byron’s first day of school outfit (What a trendsetter~.).


  • Being the new kid on the block, he decided to explore the neighborhood with Luke before his classes started. Once Rayvis got back home, he changed his clothes, grabbed some food, and gathered his school supplies before walking to school.
  • Upon entering the campus, everyone stopped and stared at Rayvis. He frowned at them all. Is this how they greet newbies here? he thought to himself.
  • He suddenly noticed an underclassman getting cornered by a gang of upperclassman jocks. Rayvis was about to approach the group when he heard something growling beside him: it turns out that he accidentally brought Luke along with him for the walk to school.
  • With a mighty howl, Luke dashed towards the group and jumped in front of the bullies, blocking them from the innocent underclassman.
  • Rayvis arrived at the scene just in time to hear one of the bullies say, “Just get rid of the stupid dog.” Rayvis narrowed his eyes at the bully and coolly replied: “He’s actually a wolf. Now, I suggest that you all leave before he does more than just growl at you.” With that, the bullies ran away.
  • He extended a hand to the underclassman. “You’re safe now. Let me help you up.” Instead of accepting Rayvis’s hand, the underclassman began coughing and sneezing rather violently. Pointing at Luke, they managed to say a few words: “Dog… Allergies… Nurse…”
  • Leaving Luke to wait for him outside, Rayvis rushed the underclassman to one of the campus’s infirmaries. He stayed with the student, feeling that he owed them an apology for almost killing them with an allergy trigger. 
  • In the end, the student told Rayvis not to worry about their allergies and thanked him and Luke for saving them!

anonymous asked:

So many fun options! Can I request 1 for Mirio, and the reader is in class 1-a? Thank you!

This is one of my personal favorite SM AU prompts~

Soulmate AU Prompt #1- Countdown timer on your wrist that counts down until you reach your soulmate

Mirio Togata:

  • “Hey, your timer is down to it’s last hour.” Nejire announced catching Mirio’s attention
  • “Oh, I guess it is.” He chuckled and shrugged. He’s not one to make a big deal out of things, though that does not mean he’s not super excited to meet his soulmate is less then an hour
  • “We’re going to that first year class in an hour.. do you think…” Tamaki mumbled next to the two chatter bugs that he called friends
  • Nejire excitedly claps her hands, showing that she agrees with what Tamaki was asking about.
  • On the way to the first year classroom, Mirio is constantly looking at his wrist, the excitement growing as he watches his clock show it’s final 5 minutes
  • Meanwhile his S/O is the talk of the day today. Class 1-A has been excited about their first classmate to meet their soulmate. 
  • It started when Tsu mumbled out that (Name)’s timer had 45 minutes left during a break between lesson.
    • “Wah! (Name)-san is gonna meet her soulmate today!”
    • “I’m so jealous!”
    • “This is a momentous occasion!”
  • They just chuckled and waved off their classmates off, not wanting to be embarrassed by their excitement or have all this attention on them
  • They watch as the last ten seconds start to go off, feeling several pairs of eyes watching their clock as suddenly the door to the classroom opens.
  • The Big Three walk in, but it’s not till Mirio & his S/O make eye contact that a small ding is made on both there arms
  • When they both break away from their eye contact, they look down to see their clocks gently fading away. Meaning that they had just met their soulmate.
  • Mirio flashes his S/O a wink and his S/O nods knowing what he’s saying without even having to open his mouth yet
    • ‘Let’s talk after class. Sorry to keep you waiting for a bit longer.’
    • ‘I understand, it’s nice to finally see your face.’
Just Admit It *smut*

Author: obrosey-af

Characters: reader x Stiles

Word count: 3,234

Warnings: literally just sex, nothing intense

Thank you tazzmariee for the request, I hope you like it(:

A/N: I’ve been really into writing smut that isn’t as rough as I usually write it lately, so let me know if you’re into that. As usual, let ya girl know whatchya think. -Er  *Masterlist*

Originally posted by moan-s

One by one, your friends trickle in thru the main doors of Beacon Hills High. Your morning routine is pretty simple. Everyone goes to their lockers right away, whoever is done first goes to the closest friend and so on. Kira slammed her locker door and, being the tiny ball of energy she was this early in the morning, skipped over to you, greeting you with her signature bear hug. The gang met up at Scott’s locker and the morning banter began.

“I’m pretty sure I failed the econ test yesterday,” you sighed as you picked at your nail beds.

“There were so many numbers and problems in it, I felt like it was a math test,” Kira whined.

“Wait, that wasn’t math class?” Isaac walks up behind, completely bewildered.

Everyone laughed just as Stiles came strolling in. His hair was a disheveled mess, like usual, and his backpack hung low on one shoulder as he fumbled through it, nearly running into Scott.

“Hey man, wake up late?” Scott joked, basically stating the obvious.

“Huh? Uh, yeah, kinda,” Stiles laughed slightly, still looking through his bag.

When he looked up, he locked eyes with you. You smiled shyly, like you always have around him, and he made no facial expression, per usual.

“Hi Stiles,” you decided to pipe up for once instead of smiling nervously and looking away.

“Yeah, hey y/n,” he said briskly before turning his attention to, big surprise, Lydia.

You’ve had a crush on Stiles for a few months now and you’ve been friends for much longer than that. However, Stiles has been paying so much more attention to Lydia and paying significantly less attention to you. Of course you knew Stiles didn’t like you the way you liked him, it was obvious to anyone with eyes and common sense. He liked Lydia. It’s always been Lydia.

“Hey Lyds,” Stiles chimed, his attitude increasing immensely as he slung his arm over her shoulder, giving it a light squeeze.

You glance around at your group of friends in time to see Scott looking at you. Based on his facial expression, he was either searching for chemosignals from you or trying to do his weird werewolf-ey mind reading thing he swears is real. You’d recognize that face anywhere. He realized you were watching him back and he snapped out of his trance. He tilted his head and furrowed his brows. He then looked over at Stiles and then back to you. Crap. His face immediately lit up as he grinned back and forth between you two; Stiles naturally not noticing since Lydia is standing right next to him. You could feel the heat from you blushing moving from your cheeks down to your neck.

“I, uh, I’m gonna go to class,” you announced, “Not that you care,” you said with a much quieter voice, looking directly at Stiles. You turned on your heel and walked away so fast you’re almost positive you left skid marks on the tile floor. You wouldn’t look back though because your eyes would naturally be drawn to Stiles and why torture yourself even more, right?

Later that day, you climbed up on your stool in physics and plopped your bag down on the floor. You twiddled your thumbs, nervous about the pop quiz Kira told you about when you met halfway between your english class and the physics room she just left. Scott strolled in without a care in the world, wait till he hears about the quiz, and takes his assigned seat next to you. After this morning, you don’t dare make eye contact. That will only make you more nervous and more susceptible to his werewolf crap. Awaiting the inevitable questions Scott was going to grill you with, you looked over to see him staring at you with a goofy grin on his face.

“If you do that long enough, your face will get stuck like that,” you brush him off as if you don’t know what he’s thinking, even though you obviously do.

“You like Stiles,” he simply states, that stupid smile still plastered on his face.

“I do not,” you replied nonchalantly, turning your attention to your notebook, remembering there was a quiz in literally three minutes.

“Yes you do, y/n, I smelled you this morning,” he exclaims, turning his whole body to face you.

“Do you know how weird that sounds, Scott?” you ask, keeping your focus on your notes.

Scott reaches over and snatches your notebook, flipping it closed before placing it in front of him.

“Hey!” you try to grab for the book, but Scott pushes it further away.

“Admit that you like him and I’ll give it back,” he says sternly, holding your hand down on the table to restrain you from trying to get it back.

“Why?” you asked, pulling your hand out of his grasp. He shoots you a confused look before relaxing back into his seat. “What will me admitting it change? It won’t turn me into Lydia,” you huffed, rubbing your index finger between two others; one of your annoying habits you do when you’re nervous.

“So you do like him,” Scott exclaimed, bright eyes looking down on you.

“Jesus Christ Scott, maybe you should say that louder, I don’t think they heard you mexico,” you whispered shouted, flailing your arms in an attempt to cover his mouth.

“I knew it,” he smiled, pushing your hands away, dropping your notebook back on the table in front of you.

You dramatically picked it up from the table and started searching for the page you were on previously.

“Why don’t you tell him, y/n?” Scott asks.

“I think we’ve established that I’m not Lydia,” you gesture at your face.

“What? Y/N, Stiles doesn’t like Lydia,” Scott exclaims, shaking his head, the smug smile only growing wider, “He likes you!”

“Yeah, and I’m a fucking mermaid,” you scoffed, shutting your notebook when the teacher walked in holding a stack of papers containing your impending doom; aka, the pop quiz.

“Y/N, that’s a cover, even Lydia knows it,” he blurts out, “Do you know how nervous you make him? He can barely look at you for more than five seconds without his hands getting all sweaty and clammy.”

“Scott, I know he likes Lydia, I’m not blind,” you explain.

Before Scott could protest any further, the teacher announces that you have a quiz made up by Satan himself, not her words of course, and instructed everyone to stop talking and to remove everything from their tables.

“This isn’t over,” Scott whispers as he begins writing his name at the top of his paper.

Later at lunch, you met up with with your friends at your usual table outside. As soon as you walked up, everyone immediately stopped their conversation and looked up at you.

“What’re you weirdos talking about?” you asked, taking a seat next to Isaac on the end of the bench.

“You,” Isaac snickers, followed by a yelp as he jerked his body when someone kicked him under the table. You’re sure it was Scott, based on the glare he’s sending Isaac’s way.

“What about me?”

Silence. Not just any silence either, the awkward silence where everyone nervously looks around at each other, desperately trying to think of a way to change the subject.

“What the hell were you talking about?” you snap, shooting glares around the table.

“Dude, just tell her,” Scott address to Stiles.

Stiles, who clearly didn’t expect Scott to say that, whipped his head to face his best friend, giving him the scariest death stare anyone’s received in the past three minutes.

“Tell me what?” you raise your voice, this time addressing Stiles directly. When no one said anything else, you pushed up from the picnic table and threw your backpack over your shoulder. “Fine, don’t tell me.”

“Y/N, stop, just listen,” Scott pleaded, shooting you his big, brown puppy dog eyes.

“I don’t even want to know anymore, Scott, I really don’t care,” you snapped before turning on your heel and striding away.


Hey can I come over?

The message flashed across your phone screen, illuminating your cave of a bedroom. You ignored it, setting the phone back down next to you on the screen. Your eyes went back to the book you’re reading when your cell buzzed again.




Not home

You typed your response quickly before dropping the phone back on the bed. You barely had a chance to pick up your book before it vibrated again. With a huff, you picked it up and nearly choked on the air when you inhaled sharply.


I’m outside

Shit. You jumped off the bed and looked through the white, translucent curtains hanging across the window. Just like he said, Stiles was standing in your driveway, leaning against the driver side door of his beat up blue jeep. You raced downstairs, skipping the last two at the bottom and swung the front door open. Stiles looked over and gave you a shy smile before pushing off the car and making his way up the front steps to you.

“Hi,” he smiles with his eyes.

“Hi,” you reply with absolutely zero enthusiasm in your voice.

“Can we talk?” he asks his stupid, adorable brown eyes widening.

Without a word, you reluctantly stepped to the side so Stiles could squeeze past. Stiles followed you down a hallway that led to the living room in the back of the house and sat down next to you on the couch.

“If this is about what Scott said at lunch, I told him I don’t care,” you explained, crossing your arms over your chest.

“It’s not just about lunch, it’s about everything,” Stiles sighed, turning his whole body to face you.

“What’re you talking about Stiles?” you sighed, completely annoyed with him already. There wasn’t the tiniest bit of hope inside you that Stiles liked you. You assume that Scott told him about physics today and he’s here to let you down easy.

“Look, just hear me out okay?” Stiles pleaded, running his fingers through his hair.

“Stiles, I don’t care about earlier, so drop it,” you snapped.

“Jesus, y/n, can you stop talking for like two seconds?” He shouted and it made you flinch. “God, do you know how infuriating you can be sometimes?”

“Excuse me?” you ask, completely confused about what the hell is going on. “How am I infuriating?”

“You always assume you know what people are going to say,” he snapped.

I do not,” you shot back defensively.

“You assumed I came here to talk about what happened at lunch,” he raised his eyebrows, knowing very well that he was right.

“Well didn’t you?” you raised your voice, throwing your hands up in defeat.

Stiles shot up from his seat and paced back and forth a couple times from the couch to the window. “I don’t know why I even came here,” he stops and puts his hands low on his hips.

“Maybe you should leave then,” you huffed, sitting back into the couch.

Stiles gave you a look you have never seen before. He was smiling, but you could tell he was either mad or annoyed; more than likely both. He took a deep breath and for a second you weren’t sure if he was going to breath fire. He held back whatever he was going to say and sighed, pacing again. “I don’t even know why I like you,” he scoffs just loud enough for you to hear.

“You what?” you questioned, not totally sure if you heard his right.

“I like you, y/n,” he exclaims, throwing his hands in the air, “and I can read you the Pros and Cons list I made about it like three months ago.”

“You like Lydia…” you said in a tone that wasn’t completely sure if you were telling him or asking him.

“I. Like. You,” he paused in between each word, now standing still and staring at you.

You were at a complete loss for words. You were mentally beating yourself up because Stiles Stilinski just told you that he likes you and all you want to ask him is ‘why?’

“Let’s hear it then,” you shrugged your shoulders, raising your eyebrows to let him know you’re listening.

“Wait, what?” he asked with surprise in his voice.

“The Pros and Cons list, I wanna hear it,” you demanded.

This time, it was Stiles who didn’t know what to say. He slowly walked over and sat down on the edge of the coffee table directly in front of you. “Which do you want first?” he asked.

“Cons,” you replied, after thinking for a moment.

Stiles took a deep breath and looked you in the eyes. This was probably a bad idea, you thought.

“Well for starters, you’re bossy as hell and you’re a complete know it all,” he couldn’t help but smile when he saw your dumbfounded expression.

“Keep going…” you shook your head.

“You’re a bad listener, you hardly let someone get a word in sometimes,” he continued, “and you wear that goddamn dress with the black and white stripes that’s all flowy and shit,” he flails his arms around his head.

“How is that a con?” you asked, refering to the last statement.

“Because,” he paused, looking at the ceiling, “because I have to see you in it and it kills me,” his voice softened at the end.

“What’re the pros?” you asked, sinking deeper into the couch.

“How much time do you have, it’s kinda a long list,” he smiled shyly, causing your face to heat up, probably turning red as well.

“Well,” he began when you didn’t respond, “you’re insanely beautiful…like…really beautiful,” he said with a blush. “You always know when something’s wrong with me, like even before Scott notices and you always make sure I’m okay.”

It was getting harder to look at Stiles because all you wanted to do was lurch into his arms, but you wouldn’t give him that satisfaction.

“You’re smart, y/n, practically a genius,” he complemented.

“I am not,” you smiled and shook your head.

“You are. I know I said you’re a know it all, but most of the time, you’re right about it,” he said, “Sometimes you even know what I’m thinking or feeling before I know.”

“I can’t believe you memorized your list,” you said, trying to change the subject.

“I didn’t,” he smiled.

“What do you mean?”

He stood up and leaned over you, pinning his hands on either side of your head on the back of the couch, his face inches from yours.

“Whenever I see you, y/n, I think of at least twenty new reasons why I like you,” he smiled.

He then dipped his head lower and pressed his lips to yours. It took you a second to wrap your head about what was happening. Stiles pulled back, searching your eyes for any reaction. You cupped his cheeks in your hands, pressing your lips back to his, harder than he had before. Stiles began to pull away again, but this time he held your hands and pulled you up from the couch, never letting your lips break from each others. He wrapped his arms around your lower back and held you tightly against his abdomen. Your broke the kiss and tugged him back down the hallway and up the stairs. As close of friends as you and Stiles once were, he had never seen your bedroom. He stopped in the doorway and looked around. The opposite wall from the door was adorned with three tall bookshelves, lined with rows of books upon books upon books. The floor in front was cluttered with two stacks of books as well. To his left, your bed rested in the corner of the room, multiple blankets and pillows scattered amongst it. The only light was the faint glow of white string lights that hung around the entire perimeter of your room up where the wall met the ceiling. When Stiles looked over, he noticed you watching take it all in.

“What’s the face for?” you asked, nervously, scooting closer to the edge of your bed.

“I knew you liked to read, I just didn’t know how much,” he chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Yeah, it’s a little ridiculous, it-it’s dumb,” you stuttered, looking away from the brown eyed boy.

“Don’t do that,” he sighed, walking over and sitting next to you.

“Do what?” you asked.

He cupped your cheek to make you look at him and his smile practically melted your heart. “Don’t say something you love so much is dumb, because it’s not.”

He pulled your face closer and planted his lips on yours. You began scooting back on the bed, guiding Stiles back with you. He hovered over you, holding himself up on his forearms. You toyed at the hem of his shirt and he sat up and yanked it over his head, haphazardly tossing it to the side. Resuming the kiss, he swiped his tongue along your bottom lip and you granted him access, allowing him to intensify the kiss. He gently dropped his body down closer to yours and ever so slowly started to roll his hips against your body, feeling the apparent bulge every now and again. The make out session picked up and before you knew it, you were laying there naked and feeling completely exposed, watching Stiles push his khakis and boxers off his hips together and kick them to the side. He crawled back up the bed lingering over your bed and start placing open mouth kissed across your jaw linr and down your neck. You fingers fluttered down his chest, trailing all the way down his stomach and along the trail of hair that led to his lower v. His breath hitched against your skin as you took hold of his length and gently pumped from the base to the tip. His lips found yours again. Stiles moved his hand down, covering yours while you still had hold of his member. He lined himself up with his entrance and looked down at you. With his left elbow being his only support to hold himself above you, he bent his wrist down and brushed a piece of hair out of your eyes and smiled sweetly. He slowly pushed into you and watched as your eyes slammed closed, trying hard to suppress any noise. After giving you a few second to adjust to him, he started grinding his body into yours, getting into a steady rhythm. Stiles moaned against my lips, picking up his pace. You felt yourself coming undone underneath him as he pulled you closer to the edge. His breath quickened and he was coming shortly after. He continued to thrust into you to help you reach your climax, before you were coming as well. Stiles took a second to catch his breath and pulling out and carefully laying down next to you. He wrapped his arms around your body, pulling you close. You rested your head on his chest and he held you tighter by resting his chin on the top of your head.

“Just so we’re clear…you don’t like Lydia?” you joked.

“Shut up,” Stiles smirked, kissing the top of your head.

Eres Tú // Who are you

Boy: Harry

Summary: Based off the song, Eres Tú by Fifth Harmony though I translated from Spanish to English.

Warnings: none

masterlist // request imagines here!

Monday you send me flowers.

You smiled at the yellow roses that Harry had dropped off at your dorm. Ever since he came to Aurodon, he loved gifting you with the beautiful flowers that this country had to offer.

“Hey Harry, thank you so much for the flowers. They’re beautiful.” You told him, holding the phone up the your ear as you searched for a vase to put the roses in.

“You’re welcome mi amor. We’re still on for tomorrow night?” He asked you.

“For sure. See you then.”

“Bye beautiful.”

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Dylan cheating Pt4

“Seriously y/n it’s been almost a month! You need to stop saying no to every guy that wants to take you out!”
“Um no I don’t guys, I can do whatever I like actually.”

You wiped your lips and chin as you straightened from the water fountain, while Devon and Robyn huffed and rolled their eyes at you.
To be honest the almost constant attention you’d been getting from guys at school since news broke about you and Dylan sickened you.
Fucking jocks, they always just saw the girls as notches on their belts. Plus it wouldn’t be the 1st time they’d done the same thing to one of your groups guys just to fuck with them. It always ended up with one of your own getting beaten to a pulp by the horde that always surrounded these douchebags. There was only so much a person could take before they reacted, even if that meant dire consequences.

This was on top of Dylan’s almost daily attempt to get you to talk to him for more than two words at a time. Yet, he didn’t stop, Even after each time he left looking so defeated and heart sore. He was there the next day and if he wasn’t he’d apologise for not saying hello the following day. This was usually over AOL, you’d given up trying to block him as he just made new accounts to talk to you.

You missed him so much though. So much that he haunted your dreams. Each night you relived a happy memory of the two of you. Almost one fucking month later and you still hadn’t runout of those memories either.
Yet you still couldn’t bring yourself to even be in the same room as him, let alone accept any form of apology. You mind was awash with confusion that drove you at times to the brink of your sanity.

“Come on guys we will be later for social studies.”
“Oh no! Not social studies! What will we ever do without it?!!”
“Yea Yea cut the shit y/n lets go.”
“I’ll catch you up, I just had science so I need to dump a load of books or I’m gonna look like the hunchback of Notre Dame.”

You bid goodbye and quickly headed to your locker, sighing happily as you dropped your heavy bag to the ground and emptied its contents. You looked over your shoulder a spied Dylan across the hall, he smiled and waved to you but you simply turned ba k around and placed the text books inside. Feeling several pounds lighter. You stood up, closer your locker and shrieked in fright as waiting behind the open door was Conrad Matthews the schools so called ‘heart throb’ and Dylan’s most loathed person at school.

“Y/n! How’s it going?”
“Um…fine Conrad…”
“Yea I’m good too! Hey what class you off to?”
“…..social studies”
“Room 205 right?”
“…yes…um is there something your after or what Conrad?”
“Well to be honest I’m after your number y/n. I’ve watched you for ages, even when you were pretending to date that faggot.”
“I wasn’t pretending….”
“Hey whatever it’s cool. I dig your helping them blend in till they can ya know come out of the closet and all, it’s noble. But now I’d love to get to k ow you more y/n, see what’s rattling around that magnificent head and know the story behind those breath taking eyes”
“Noble?! The hell are you talking about? Look I gotta get to class”
“I’ll walk you there beautiful”

You shrugged your bag onto your shoulder and stared at Conrad with a mix of disgust and amusement. You knew exactly what his game was. As you looked around for some kind of escape route you saw that Dylan was watching you. He glared with a look unlike you’d ever seen before. Something so frightfully primal and dangerous.
Looking back at Conrad you smiled. You ripped a piece of paper and jotted down a fake number. Loudly saying no thanks But he could call you later. As his hand closed around the paper you heard Dylan’s heavy stomps approach you both. Snatching the paper away from Conrad he slammed him out the way, grabbing your arm and pulling you easily away. His dementor must of been terrifying as when Conrad tried to yell out and grab you turn turn and snarled curses at him. Making Conrad let you go and take a few steps back.

You were pushed through a doorway quickly realising it was a supply room, turning as Dylan slammed the door behind you both and glared at you.

“Seriously y/n?! Conrad fucking Matthews?!”
“What I do is no business of yours Dylan! Now let me out!”
“No! Not until you fucking talk to me y/n! I’m going fucking insane here! Ask anybody!”
“Not my problem. Move.”

Uncertainty flashed across his face as he fidgeted on the spot. Running his hands through his hair, showing you just how anxious and nervous he was right now. He let out a angered grunt if frustration before rushing over to you, gripping you by the arms. Fear raised in stomach as the fuzzy feeling of panic filled your nerves.

“Well that mindset should of stopped you from kissing her Dylan but it didn’t.”
“I KNOW! I…argh FUCKING HELL Y/N!! Are you getting some kind of sick pleasure from seeing me so miserable?!”
“What the fuck?! Why?!!”
“Coz it make you feel exactly like I do Dylan!”

You turned away from him, grabbing a close by box and hurling it across the room, it was followed quickly by more things thrown as you lost it. Each time you threw something a heart wrenching cry and muffled scream escaping from you. After picking up several bottles of glue and bursting them over the already huge mess you made you felt Dylan’s arms wrap around you. Turning you to face him and holding you close, only flinching as your fist connected somewhere on his body. After a few moments of trying to break free of his iron grip your grief washed over you as you collapsed against him. Wailing like a newborn child as he said nothing. He simply relaxed his grip slightly and stroked your hair, gently trying to soothe you.

“I miss you Dylan…”
“You do?!”
“But I fucking don’t like you very much right now”
“Yea I know y/n”
“I’m so tired of being so messed up and confused Dylan!”
“Confused about what y/n?”
“This! Us! I miss you so much but you fucking cheated on me!”
“And you fucked my best friend.”
“What you don’t think that didn’t fucking hurt y/n?! I saw him having sex with you! Two days after you broke up with me!!”
“And?! That’s the point! We were split up! I didn’t fucking cheat on you!”
“No, but that was still pretty low y/n! But honestly I know I deserved it but it still made me angry as shit y/n! You didn’t even stop either, you just watched me watch you! Do you have any concept of how vindictive that is?!”
“Kinda why I did it Dylan, I wanted you to feel how I felt!”
“It was only a kiss though y/n!”
“And you KNOW that I think kissing ya more intimate than sex if it’s not part of fucking foreplay!”
“Ugh your impossible! WHAT DO I NEED TO DO HUH? TELL ME!”
“I DONT KNOW!!….. I don’t know alright!”

Dylan groaned in frustration again before taking a deep breath. He quickly straightened up with a stupid goofy smile plastered across his face. He extended his hand out to you in shake.

“What are you doing?”
“Hi my name is voDKa, nice to meet you.”
“What are you doing Dylan?”
“Dylan? Oh you mean my idiotic and useless identical twin? He’s a bad apple a pretty little thing like you should keep away from him.”
“Dylan… stop.”
“Told ya beautiful you got me confused, the names voDKa.”

You looked into his smiling face before spluttering our a laugh. You took his hand and shook it gently.

“Nice to meet you…voDKa. Your twin is a asshole.”
“Oh do not get me started on him! Total black sheep of the family!”
“And I’m guessing your the sweet good boy huh?”

Dylan leaned forwards, flashing a sky smile and winking at you. The motion working as it had when you were dating. Your cheeks flushed and your belly tightened.

“Oh no miss. The total opposite.”
“Should I be worried?”
“Only if you don’t let me take you out for a slice tonight, say 7pm?”
“…..it’s a date”

Dylan’s smile turned to shock as you agreed. You couldn’t help yourself, this here was the Dylan you’d fallen head over heels in love with. A quick witted and intelligent mind with a smile that lit up his whole face. He moved closer to you, lowering his head. You closed the gap slowly, pressing a soft kiss to his lips.

Oh how you’d missed kissing him. It quickly turned from a light kiss to something more frantic and desperate. Only stopping when you felt his fingers dancing at the hem of your shirt. You pushed his hands away and he looked sheepishly at you.

“Slow down there voDKa, I don’t even know you!”
“What?!…oh right um, yea…sorry about that my pretty lady”
“Come on, we better go.”
“After you.”

He made a sweeping gesture towards the doors before pausing. Asking if you’d really given Conrad You number. Laughing and smiling again when you said it was a fake.

“You evil woman!”
“Yea Yea well I’m still mad at you dyl, But..”
“I can’t picture life without you in it. Not after experiencing it, but you fucked up majorly Dylan.”
“VoDKa, Told ya Dylan is my twin, a stupid and unworthy cretin.”
“It’s gonna take time, but I want to at least try.”

Dylan hooked his arm around your shoulder as you both exited the destroyed supply room. Pulling you closer as nuzzling into you.

“You’ve no idea just how happy you’ve made me hearing that y/n, no fucking idea”

James Potter Imagine 1

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alright there weren’t really any specifics so imma just… write!

a/n: my patronus is a grizzly bear so I used that, but you can insert yours if you wish!


You felt something collide with you and milliseconds later, found yourself laying on the ground groaning in pain.

“Bloody hell, James!” You heard a boy shout, “There’s a new hot girl and your gonna kill her on her first day?”

You looked up at the black haired boy that seemed to being scolding his friend, a pale boy with round glasses and messy hair. 

He grimaced, “Oops.”

You rolled your eyes and got up, scoffing, “Yeah, ‘oops.’”

He gave you a grin, “Well, you’re fine, right? Besides, nothing wrong with bumping into the hottest Gryffindor.”

“Yeah, I don’t know what the hell a ‘Gryffindoof’ is, but if your the hottest one I can’t even begin to imagine how hideous the others are.”

“Gryffindor,” James corrected, “And nice one.”

You gave a short laugh, “You act like I wasn’t genuinely trying to insult you.”

“You were?”

“Why is that such a shock? You seem irritable enough.”

The other boy with curly black hair who had been silently laughing, was now in hysterics, “Mate, just drop it before she punches you.”

You couldn’t help but smile at the fact that you had made the other one laugh. 

He collected himself before holding out a hand to you, shoving a still-in-shock James to the side, “Sirius, charming, and you are?”

“Y/n, charmed, of course.”

“American, are we?”

“It seems so. Is that good or bad?”

“Surprising. But kind of hot.”

You laughed, “Thanks. I just moved from the American school.” 

“The Americans have a school as well? What do you think of that James?”

He turned and slapped his friend on the back, who had the same smirk from before back on his face, “I didn’t think there were any American wizards, to be honest.”

You laughed and gave a confused look, “What, you just thought they were all British?”

“I don’t know, maybe.”

“Alright, well I should probably find a place to sit, so-”

“Sit with us!” James shouted, causing you to almost jump, “I- uh I mean, like, you can sit with us, i-if you want to. Yeah.”

You raised your eyebrow as Sirius patted James’s shoulder, “Very smooth,” then he turned to you, “Come on.”

He led the way to the compartment where he walked in and sat next to a tall boy with several scars on his face and another short, rather plump one. You were stuck sitting on the other side with that conceded know-it-all James. 

“This is Moony,” Sirius said, pointing the the taller boy, “and Wormtail,” he added, gesturing to the shorter one.

The taller boy rolled his eyes at Sirius before extending his hand to you, “Actually, the name’s Remus, and that’s Peter.”

You shook Remus hand and waved to Peter, who gave a small smile before turning to look out the window.

“So,” Remus said, “Are you new? Kind of odd for someone new to show up in fifth year.”

“Yeah, actually I just moved from America-”

“Moony, she’s American!” Sirius whispered to Remus excitedly.

Remus sighed and smiled, “Yeah, I got that, thanks.”

“Yeah, well, I moved here to Hogwarts sent me a letter, I guess they do that to all the wizard citizens of the UK.”

“Yeah. What house do you think you’ll be in?”

“Oh, is that what James was bragging about earlier?”

Remus laughed, “That wouldn’t surprise me.”

“You know,” James sassily added, “I wasn’t bragging.”

“Yeah right,” you shot back, “you may as well have covered yourself in glitter and got a sign that said, ‘I’m Conceded!’”

“Oh yeah?”

“Oh yeah!”

“Well you may as well have… have…”

“Ha! You can’t even think of anything!”

“Well that doesn’t even matter because you’re annoying!”

“Oh, wow,” you said sarcastically, “Nice one, I’m crushed.”

“Oh, shut up!”

“You shut up!”

“No, you shut-”

“Can you both shut up?” Sirius interrupted, falling to hide his laugher. 

Remus smirked at Sirius and then back and forth between you and James knowingly.

“You see it, don’t you?” He commented to Sirius.

“Of course! I’m not bloody blind!”

“See what?” James asked with his arms crossed. 

“Oh, nothing….” Sirius grinned. 

“What?” you pressed on.

“It’s really nothing,” Remus added with a smirk.

“It’s obviously some-”

The train came to a stop and you became air born, landing sprawled across James’s lap. 

Sirius and Remus began laughing as a blushing James remained frozen, arms around you as a reflex. 

“Ugh, let go of me,” you said blushing, brushing off the flutter in your stomach as train sickness. You may have gotten off on the wrong foot but he was rather cute. 


By Christmas time you had become best friends with the Marauders, making fun of their name but ultimately becoming as much apart of the group as any of the others. Sirius kept up the little flirting game with you while you and Remus had become the best of friends. James and you kept up your little bickering game, but you all knew that you two would do anything for each other. Peter was always asking you for help and advice, and you were every happy to help with whatever he needed. 

You decided not to tell the others you were an animagus, something your parents made you endure and learn how to become for whatever godforsaken reason, but from what it seemed, they had their secrets too, going off without explanation at least once a month. You’d hoped they would come around to telling you what was up, but after half a year of being best friends, they still hadn’t fully opened up to you, and you were beginning to feel hurt. One day, you decided to follow them. 

Since you had only learned to become and animagus a year before and you were still only a teenager, your form was still a little cub, but you could move around just as well even if you weren’t menacing. 

You waited until after classes when the three boys began sneaking off and slipped into your bear form and followed them.

“-the full moons not till tomorrow,” you heard Remus say.

“Yes, but we have to talk,” Sirius said.

“Should we get y/n?” James questioned, making you smile.

“No, this is about her!” Sirius saying that made you even more suspicious. Had you done something wrong? 

You continued following them to… the Shrieking Shack?? No one was supposed to go there. You paused for a moment before remembering you were an animal. A bear, for hell’s sake! Sure, you were a little cub but you could handle anything! With new found confidence you followed the boys into the Shrieking Shack, remaining unnoticed. You sat behind the door, one ear flicking near the doorknob, ready to listen.

“What is this about?” Remus asked, sitting down next to Sirius. 

“And what’s Y/n got to do with it?” 

“Well,” he began, “I wanted to talk about Remus’s furry little problem-”

“We don’t have to worry about it until tomorrow!” Remus wounded irritated.

“Yes, and I know it’s not my decision, but I think we should tell her.”

Remus groaned, “Look. We just became friends with her! And I don’t want to scare her off, James would kill me.”

“Hey!” James interjected.

“Come on, Prongs. We all know you’re in love with her.”

You gasped and stood up, forgetting you were still a cub, causing you to loose balance and roll forwards, knocking open the door. To the boys, it looked as though a small bear cub had spontaneously rolled in.

“What the-?” James stood up. 

“A bear!” Remus shouted, more surprised than anything.

“How the hell did that get in here?” Sirius questioned.

“Bear seems kind of stupid if you ask me,” James said, “what kind of bear would just roll on into a room of people?”

You got up on your four paws and gave James the evil-eye.

Sirius laughed, “he looks like he heard you.”

“It’s kind of cute,” Remus said, “hey little guy,” he put on a baby voice and crouched down towards you. 

You figured maybe you could have a little fun with this.

You rushed towards Remus and jumped on him, licking his face. Whatever this ‘furry little problem’ was, you really did hope he was okay. 

James and Sirius laughed. 

“Wait,” James said, “I wanna play with it!”

James sat on the floor and patted the ground, “Come here! Come here!”

You blushed remembering what had been said before. Did he really feel the same way about you? Your thoughts were interrupted as you were being picked up. James cradled you in his arms and rubbed your stomach. You lifted up your paw and booped his nose, making all the marauder’s laugh.

“God,” James said, “I wish-”

“-Y/n was here,” said Sirius, exasperated, “We know! You say that about every five minutes she’s away.”

James blused.

“I do believe you said that last night at about one when we were all trying to fall asleep,” Remus added.

“’s not my fault I miss her,” James mumbled, still blushing.

You wriggled out of his lap and ran out the door and through the halls. You decided you had to talk to him, it just couldn’t wait any longer. Now that you kew he felt the same way, you could run outside, change back to human, then act like you saw them heading over here and pretend like you came to check on them. The second your paws hit the snow outside the door you turned back into a human and turned back around to head inside, until your bumped into someone. 

“Oh, shit…” you said, looking up at James, hoping he didn’t see what had just happened.


You smiled, relieved. He didn’t see.

“Oh no,” James ran his hands through his hair, “Wait- you’re an animagus? Why didn’t you say so? Oh my god! You were the bear? That means you heard….”

“No, no, James, it’s fine, really! I was there and I heard- but I wanted to tell you that I also-” your confidence completely went away, “t-that I…” 

He looked at you expectantly.

You took a deep breath.

“I… love you.”

He laughed. Your heart broke.

You looked down.

“I-I understand if you-”

Lips collided with yours and you were caught by surprise when your feet left the ground. James set you down and looked into your eyes. 

“I love you too.”

You smiled and put your forehead to his chest. 

“Asshole,” you said looking back up at him, “You scared me for a moment! I thought you didn’t feel the same.”

“That impossible. Besides, you were the cutest little bear cub I’ve ever seen.”

“Oh, god,” you blushed, embarrassed. You were still a little cub.

“I’m serious! It’s bloody adorable. Plus, there’s something you should know…”

James stepped back and next thing you knew there was a beautiful stag in front of you. 

“James?” You questioned, still surprised.

The stag jumped towards you and put its head under your hand, forcing you to pet it. You laughed, “Oh god, you’re so needy.”

Laughing, James returned to human form, “Ha ha.”

“I suppose we should go and see everyone else…”

“Come on then,” James grabbed your hand and led the way.

You entered the room to Sirius and Remus in a heated debate about who knows what. 

“I did it!” James proclaimed, holding up your hand.

“Woah woah woah, not so fast,” you interrupted, “I did confess to you first.”

“I did it!” James repeated.

You rolled your eyes and he looked over at you lovingly.

“Finally!” Sirius shouted. 

“Oh and get a bloody load of this, guys,” James said, taking a step away form you. You caught onto what he was getting at and changed into your animagus for a few seconds before switching back.

“That’s great!” Remus said.

“That was you?” Sirius asked, “No wonder the bear was so obsessed with James.” 

You rolled your eyes once more.

“Well,” Remus took a deep breath, “I guess since your an animagus I can’t make any more excuses. There’s something I should tell you… It’s why we all sneak off sometimes. I guess you’ve noticed since you followed us..” he gave you a scolding look for a second and you smiled guiltily, making Sirius and James laugh, “but I understand if you don’t want to be friends. I’m… a werewolf.”

He grimed and looked ready for a punch to the gut. 

You laughed, “What are you waiting for? Me to beat you up? Remus, I’ll always be your friend and I’ll always be here for you. This doesn’t change anything. You’re still my best friend, and an amazing person.”

Remus let out a shaky breath and you ran over to hug him. 

“Thank you, y/n,” he told you.

You pulled back, “Well now that we’ve gotten that out, Sirius, what’s ur animagus?”

“Ah,” Sirius jumped up excitedly, “I’m a (beautiful) black dog.”

You laughed, “Oh, I’m sure.”

You looked over at James, this was going to be a great Christmas. 


I don’t really like how this one turned out, LMK what you think! to the anon that requested, I’ll be happy to write something better/more specific for you! it’s a lot easier to write a good imagine with a prompt or idea. 

requests are open!

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Monsta X as Parents

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Shownu -

  • The coach of the little league football team
  • is the kind of coach/dad who is always being super nice and trying to cheer up the kids,
  • “yeah we lost, but you guys did so well!  Like really, I thought it was a close game” “But coach we lost 36:7″ “YOU WERE GREAT”
  • Always carries bandaids around with him in a little fanny pack in case anyone skins their knee or elbow during practice
  • the fanny pack is yellow and covered in rainbow stickers and unicorns and footballs and there is a little bit of blue glitter.
  • Always wears baseball caps, he has one for each day of the week.
  • Super supportive of his kids and only wants them to be happy
  • Needs to know what is happening when the kids go out, constant reminder text messages on where they are, how they got there, when are they coming home, how?
  • Eggs, bacon and sausage breakfast kind of dad.

Wonho - 

  • The kind of dad who tries so hard, but has no clue how to parent
  • brings his kids to the supermarket or the mall and ends up losing them even though he had them on child leashes or all holding hands
  • whenever they go out everyone has to wear similar outfits or all the same color so that if, more like when, someone gets lost he can just be like,
  • “Hey, have you seen my son?  He looks just like this other kid.”
  • but he’s really trying his best though, it’s just really hard, he even goes to pta meetings sometimes (all the moms swoon) 
  • Tries to cook dinner on occasion, but ends up forgetting that the stove is on because he’s watching the kids in the other room, they order takeout often.
  • Reads all the kids bedtime stories and puts them to sleep every night
  • when they’re all out cold he makes himself a screwdriver because he’s a single dad who somehow in the end makes everything work out and deserves a drink.

Minhyuk - 

  • Superman kinda dad
  • honestly though, all the kids love him, they all listen to him, and can handle almost any dad-sort-of-emergency,
  • people are surprised he’s not a preschool teacher or a guidance counselor or whatever
  • Can put the most restless child to sleep in 1 - 2 - 3 and they’re out,
  • Sings his kids to sleep sometimes and often finds himself falling asleep with them in their beds all cuddled together
  • Originally only went to a few pta meetings to socialize with the other parents and moms, but quickly became an active member when the school tried to cut some of the funding towards the music department
  • All the pta moms worship him 
  • Kinda freaks out originally when his kid wants to get their ears pierced but thinks it’s super cute when it finally happens.
  • Owns a gazillion ‘dad’ graphic tees with dumb jokes and the such
  • watches cartoons with and without the kids

Kihyun - 

  • Total pta diva mom
  • comes to pick up the kids from school in extravagant outfits and business suits while the other parents are wearing hoodies and sweatpants. 
  • Wears leopard print often,
  • Always on the phone, big sunglasses, watches shark tank
  • Shows up to pta meetings ready to fight the other mothers who get in his way, even sharpens the delicately painted nails for a cat fight.
  • Gossiper, talks about everyone behind their backs,
  • “Have you been watching Sylvia tonight, you know I thought I heard her say something about correcting that drinking problem, but she’s already on her third glass of wine tonight.”
  • But if someone ever says anything about his kids be prepared to get violated cause he is always ready to cut someone
  • Brings homemade baked goods to pta meetings, but really the nanny made it.

Hyungwon - 

  • The mom who looks as if they have their shit together because they have a beautiful face and a rich husband, but really is in some desperate need of help 
  • Has a job working for the husband’s company, but regularly stays home to sleep in and drink wine in the am
  • Loves the kids, but doesn’t really know how to show it
  • has them be driven to school by the neighbors and can’t handle the “oh so how was school today?” conversations.
  • Watches Game of Thrones, never makes it to bed nearly always falls asleep on the couch
  • Shows up to pts meetings but can’t stand talking to the other moms he’s standing in the corner with his glass of wine waiting till when he needs to go into full mom mode
  • Full mom mode often gets into fights with kihyun though they are diva friends and is very vocal on their opinion, “HOW CAN THERE BE A LICE OUTBREAK?  DON’T YOU WASH YOUR KID’S HAIR?  THIS IS RIDICULOUS!  BY GOD IF I SEE ONE TEENY LOUSE ON MY CHILD’S HEAD IT’LL BE YOURS NEXT!”

Jooheon - 

  • All his kids are in honor classes and has them all on schedules, all are super involved in after school activities + sports + SAT prep courses + piano lessons, basically these kids already have their college apps filled out.
  • Owns a red minivan
  • pta president and proud of it, but has no control over any of the other parents there, rivalry with kihyun because the diva mom tries to steal his thunder and his position.
  • Very vocal on what happens in the school and has the superintendent + Principal on speed dial
  • has empty nest syndrome even when all the kids are still living at home and because of this feels the need to be the mom of all kids everywhere, babysits the neighbors kids and volunteers at preschools all the time.
  • CHAPERONES LITERALLY FOR EVERY TRIP, and needs a clipboard to make him feel special
  • awesome at braiding hair  

I.M - 

  • Packs the kids lunchables because he really could not be bothered.
  • Not that he is an absent father or whatever, he really does care, he just doesn’t really know how to parent and is kinda awkward and keeps to himself
  • When he picks his kids up from playdates and the parents try to talk to him he is left shook.
  • terrified on parent teacher day like it haunts his nightmares, he wants to know how his kids are doing but he would rather do literally anything else than sit in that classroom in one of those tiny plastic chairs and hear the other parents voice their concerns,
  • pretty sure attending a pta meeting would be his own individualized hell,
  • Makes sure that the kids all learn at least one other language, it’s important to him also he heard somewhere that bilingual brains are smarter?
  • Leaves on spongebob for the kids to watch and when he sees they’re not going anywhere slips away to shower or listen to music or anything he just needs a break

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Of Snakes and Lions  Ch-7

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Rated: Smut

Pairing: JaehyunxReaderxTaeyong

Summary: Your new term at Hogwarts starts with more drama then you intended. You didn’t expect your oldest friend to have feelings for you, but you didn’t expect to have feelings for a Gryffindor jock either.

Mini Masterlist

The next day she was already studying with Doyoung for their next assignment. She noticed his lingering gaze at moments but decided not to point it out. Focusing on work instead.

“Are you guys working on the History of Magic paper?” She looked up and smiled noticing Johnny.

“Yes, want to join us?” She said without hesitation and he nodded sitting down.

“Hi Doyoung.” Johnny smiled at him politely and he gave him a half hearted smile.

“Johnny is really good at the subject.” She explained to Doyoung who offered a distracted nod as he continued writing in his notebook.

“I was always fascinated by those.” Johnny said, pointing at Doyoung writing.

“The pen or the notebook?” She inquired.

“Both.” He admitted, “I swear you all have such amazing things in the Muggle world.” He said with wonder and she laughed. She rummaged through her bag and picked out a notebook and a pen.

“This is empty so you can keep it.” She offered it to him and he looked flustered.

“No I can’t-” He stuttered.

“Please, I insist. I have plenty more. Consider this a thank you for helping me with this subject every time.” They both laughed at that.

Doyoung listened to their conversation quietly, holding onto his book a little tighter and not looking away from it. He didn’t need any help so he didn’t interrupt as Johnny explained some things to her, he was clearly better at the subject than he himself.

By late morning they were joined by Sicheng and Johnny’s best friend Ten. No one was studying anymore and they three boys only told them about things that happen in the Gryffindor dorm too often.

“I was supposed to study divination.” She sighed after a while, still laughing at an anecdote.

“We’re sorry.” Johnny said and she shook her head.

“No I really enjoyed listening to those. It must never get boring in the Gryffindor Tower.” She said and they laughed in agreement.

“I’ll just go finish the rest of this in my room.” She announced, already packing her things.

“Or you could come with me to my room.” Her hands froze as Doyoung spoke beside her, “I have a book that could help you.” He said casually and she turned around to look at him, her stomach dropping already.

“Okay sure, let’s go.” She nodded at him and he smiled.

“And then?” Hansol asked as he chewed on the same candy.

“We didn’t do any studying.” She groaned, dropping her head into her hands with embarrassment. He chuckled lightly.

“Well at least your afternoon was eventful.” He chuckled, his voice held no sign of judgement or caution. And that’s what she truly adored about him. She laughed and hit his arm playfully.

“Are you sure about him though?” Hansol asked as he offered her a piece of candy and she took it.

“Of course not. This is Doyoung, things are never simple with him.” She admitted.

“Then why?” He inquired and she groaned again, very dramatically.

“He just fucks me in a way I enjoy. I forgot what a good fuck he was.” She sighed and laughed when Hansol’s face contorted.

“I’m more than willing to listen to your greek tragedy but please keep the details off the table. I don’t need to know how you like to have sex.” He shoved her gently.

“But it’s relevant, I’m so stressed because of school work. Then I landed up in the infirmary, this is really not my year. He just makes me feel nice, and wanted. Also this is Doyoung so I don’t have to worry about breaking a heart that doesn’t exist.” She explained. Hansol nodded and got up, giving her a last piece of candy.

“Greek Tragedy.” He stated, “I have to go for class bye.” He waved and walked away.

She sat on the pebble beaches, listening to the water splash inches away from her. The wind was blowing so she didn’t hear the approaching footsteps till they were closer, opening her eye when she heard the distinct crunch to find Jaehyun standing over her with a curious smile.

“We were both caught injured after curfew you know.” He stated and she smiled.

“Yet here we are.” She smiled back and he chuckled as he sat down beside her.

“Did you need fresh air again?” He asked after a moment, watching her peaceful face as she sat with her head back and her eyes closed.

“No I need to think.” She spoke softly, opening her eyes and turning to Jaehyun, who turned away when she caught him staring. Face red with embarrassment.

“What are you thinking about?” He said awkwardly, only turning back when the silence stretched a little, to find her deep in thought.

“I feel like I’m making a huge mistake. Like I know it’s wrong, but it feels irreversible somehow.” She stated, looking up at him and clearly confused by her own admittance.

“Then don’t do it.” He offered and she couldn’t help her laugh at the seemingly simple solution.

“It’s not that easy.” She sighed.

“Things are only as easy and as difficult as we make them. If you think something is wrong then you also know what is right.” He said and she looked up, contemplating his words.

“I think both my choices are furiously wrong in their own ways.” She groaned and Jaehyun nodded.

“Then try both and see which one you like better.” He grinned and she laughed indulgently.

“I like your philosophy Jaehyun.” She laughed again, really contemplating his words.

The sound of cheering entered the practically empty castle, making Doyoung click his tongue with disapproval again. She looked up at him and chuckled a little, his eyes drawn together with irritation and concentration all etched into one beautiful face. She looked away and went back to her book.

“I can’t do this anymore. These people are so inconsiderate.” Doyoung complained as he sat back and raked his fingers through his hair with frustration.

“Then leave it. Do it later.” She offered without looking up from her book. She could practically hear his mind winding as she felt his eyes spaced out on her. He got up quietly after that, coughing to get her attention.

“Let’s go.” He said with a strange bit of conviction.

“Where?” She asked quizzically as she looked up at him. The moment she say him bite down on his lip she didn’t need an answer.

“No.” She said, heat already spreading up her neck as she forced her eyes away from him and back to her book, “I can finish my work just fine.” She added.

“You aren’t doing anything.” He said almost restlessly and she refused to look back up at him.

“Yes, especially not you.” She clarified.

“What’s wrong?” He asked as he walked around over to her side and she suppressed a hefty sigh.

“Nothing is wrong.” She turned a page, focusing harder on the words on the page.

“You didn’t mind me ramming the breath out of you earlier this week.” His deliberate choice of words made her breathing hitch.

“Careful Doyoung, someone might think you actually like me at this point.” She tried her best known defence against him. Instead of him shutting down or leaving, she was given a response by his fingers, unbuttoning two buttons before her hand went down to stop him.

“You really need to learn to learn to take no for an answer.” She warned with a bored gaze. He smirked, pushing her hand away easily and sliding his hand in to trace up and down her thigh till he felt goosebumps.

“Oh baby, I promise to do nothing till you beg me to fuck you raw.” He whispered against her ear. Pulling his hand out after and closing off all her buttons.

“I’ll see you in class later. I’m going to go take a nap.” He said casually like none of the last few minutes happened. He didn’t wait for her respond, smiling sweetly and walking out.

“Ravenclaw won.” Yuta spoke, first to enter the hall. Clearly still pumped from watching an eventful match.

“I don’t care.” She said, relieved to finally have silence. As she got up from her seat, “We have a class now Yuta let’s go.” She stated and he nodded.

“Your team won.” Yuta told Doyoung as he sat down on the desk beside her in class.

“I don’t care.” He said monotonously.

“You know if it wasn’t such a catastrophic idea, I’d suggest both of you get married.” Yuta pointed at both of them.

“Shut up Yuta.” She sighed and he laughed in return. Taeyong entered a little later, with Jaehyun stalking behind with Johnny. Taeyong came and sat beside Yuta, greeting them pleasantly and Johnny waved at her and came and sat in the seats in front of her and Doyoung.

“We suddenly have too many friends. Are you going to be okay?” Yuta leaned into the aisle. She scoffed and told him to stop annoying her.

Class went on as usual the professor finishing his lesson halfway through and giving them work to do. This was the point where no one did any work, which is why she preferred to sit next to Doyoung. But halfway through the lesson, Doyoung had put his hand on her thigh and his thumb kept drawing circles while he focused on class.

She turned to him several times but he looked completely engrossed in his own work, and his actions felt more subconscious. She felt telling him to remove his hand would be pointed it out and she just tried to think past it. The more she tried to not think about it, the more it became all she thought about. To the point when Johnny turned around to call her, she practically jumped at his tap, Doyoung’s hand stilling on her thigh.

“There’s a small gathering at our tower today. I won’t take no for an answer this time (Y/N).” He grinned.

“This time?” Jaehyun asked him confused. And Johnny nodded.

“I asked (Y/N) to join us on the day we were trying out hexes, but she refused.” Johnny said.

“Why are you hexing each other recreationally?” She asked with a little concern.

“It’s fun.” Jaehyun offered as an explanation.

“Gryffindors..” Doyoung said under his breath and Jaehyun frowned at him.

“And we only do it in a small group. But today we’ll be drinking firewhiskey.” Johnny said like it was definitely the better option.

“My drinking history isn’t the best.” She said sheepishly.

“Funny, Jaehyun said the same thing.” Johnny said cluelessly and both of them blushed.

“Both of you should definitely marry each other.” Yuta spoke up from beside them suddenly, catching everyone off guard.

“Ignore him.” She said dismissively, avoiding Jaehyun’s gaze anyway.

“Please come, it will be fun I promise.” Johnny insisted and she hesitated.

“She’ll come. Don’t sweat it.” Yuta spoke up, “How bad can your drunk mistakes be? You were sober when you agreed to date that one.” Yuta pointed at Doyoung, who’s hand on her thigh tightened making her hold back a yelp.

“Yuta behave.” She warned.

“Kinky.” Yuta winked at her and she sighed.

“I’ll come okay? But don’t blame me if I don’t drink too much. I’ll get him too.” She pointed at Yuta who turned towards her.

“Who said I want to go?” He asked half jokingly.

“I did. Just now.” She smiled with forced sweetness and he didn’t refute.

“I heard you got a cat.” Jaehyun inquired and she looked up towards him and nodded.

“What is it called?” He asked and she squinted with guilt.

“I can’t decide what to call her yet.” She admitted and he laughed.

“Maybe you can name her nightshade.” His voice was a hesitant mumble. She looked up with bright eyes.

“That’s perfect actually.” She said, ignoring the way her heart thumped a little.

“Why nightshade?” Doyoung asked and she smiled and shook her head, glancing at Jaehyun, both of them smiling at the significance that felt like a shared secret.


Part nine almost to ten YEAHHH never thought I would do this many and I love it, I know it’s only two but Travis got a little longer than I wanted ehehe


Travis - Gossip

Travis has been being strange for the past week he has not talked to me ones and when I try to talk to him he says he has to go and when I go up to the loft I can see he is there but I get told he is not by Jones,

one day I went up when I know he would not be there but Jones would be I know I could talk to her about this and ask what the hell is going on, not like out of no were you boyfriend just stop talking about it sitting down with a drink of tea on the sofa and Jones next to me I finally asked “Jones what is going on with Travis the past week, he not talking to me and I know he is here when I come out to talk, even when you tell me he is not?” I asked her,

she looked down at her drink then back up to me, “He think you cheating on him” she said out right after I finished “What, Why” I asked why would he ever thing I would cheat on him after what happened to me with my last boyfriend “He think you sleeping with Derek, when you come here after your class to wait for him to come home” she added I did not know what to think Derek is the one person, I would never sleep with he just fuck girl for fun there is no way I would go with him,

Before I could say some thing back the loft door opened and Travis walked in and not seeing me till he got to his bedroom door “Travis wait” I called out before he could close he door, he looked down at the floor and looked up at me slowly “We need to talk” I told him “What about how you have been fucking Derek” he hissed out hurting me with his words “No about how I am not fucking him, that I am not cheating on you, why would you ever think that after everything, I have told you about my past you really think I would go and cheat on you with some one like him, who just fuck girls for fun” I told him staying strong not wanting to cry,

He said nothing only just looked at me, he then moved to the side making a hand movement to come into his room, ones him he closed the door he looked around at me “so you have not been sleeping with him” he asked sound more like himself, I moved closer to him moving his hair out of his face at he again looked down at his hand “I have not been sleeping with him, why would I when I have you” I tell him as I smiled when he looked up, I got on my tip toes giving him a soft kiss on the lips “But you have to make it up to me for think I would ever sleep with that boy” I then said making him smile, “I can do that” was all he said before picking me up by my ass moving me over to his bed….

Sean Patrick Flanery - for my amazing twin @reedusteinrambles

I was sitting down in the front row of Norman and Sean talk panel, I have been dating Sean for going on 5 years now and to are luck we have kept me out of the public eye since I don’t do any acting or anything like that part from working on my first book,

I just watched as Sean told funny story about Norman making everyone laugh even if he had told them before, some one then asked him how his girlfriend is doing, and I could feel myself smile seeing a big bright smile come on his face when they asked “She is doing just fine, she still working hard on her first book which is super fun to watch it grow, but what will also be fun to grow is her belly” he said out one saying that my hand went right to my tummy making me smile more.

Norman looked over at Sean with a little shocked face but a big smile came on his face before moving over to give Sean a hug as everyone said “Aww” and “good luck”

Sean then put his arms in the air “Yeah am having a baby with the love of my life, fuck yeah” he shouted out, I don;t think I can ever stop smile when I am with this man, he is my life, he make everything so much better and I know I will love him for the rest of my life…

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KBTBB Childhood Friend AU

a/n: Wow, this certainly took me a while. I had hoped this would be a bit shorter, but I guess not. This here is my first attempt at drabbles/headcanons. Hope you guys enjoy it :)

Some of these drabbles are inspired by tamakirishima awesome KBTBB in elementary school headcanon. (She’s a talented writer by the way, go read her headcanons if you can ;))


You were always slightly jealous of Eisuke’s skills on the monkey bars, not to mention the fact that he’d sit atop the bars, acting as if he owned the entire playground. Nevertheless, it was still pretty fun to play with him, despite him always choosing and winning any game you’d both play. Today, you hoped for something different.

“Aw, but we always play Simon Says, and you’re always Simon. Let’s play something else!” you puffed out your cheeks slightly, hoping he’d get the point.

“Yeah, but no matter what game we play, I’m still gonna win. You might as well play what I wanna play,” he smugly remarked.

His haughty quip struck a nerve, and you decided you’d have none of that. This was the final straw.

               “Fine, if you wanna keep being unfair, then I won’t play with you anymore,” you said with all the finality a child could muster.

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