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More stuff I had forgotten.

Last year I wanted to try doing that scene redraw thing people do alot so I decided to screenshot Strange Magic and here ya go. I loved sketching this and I was super proud of it when I finished it. I mean, it’s still good but it’s not as “perfect” as I remember lol. I spend a lot of time drawing Bog King, not because it was difficult but because it was so much fun. Less details could’ve sufficed…

This is actually very good way to practice stuff, now that I think about it. I did sketch out more screenshots but I did them traditionally so I can’t add them here (My scanner sucks and I don’t feel like tweaking them for hours so they’ll look good). I still don’t do color.

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I'm 16 and my boyfriend is 19 and he lives in a different country but In a couple weeks he's coming to America to see me and while he's here I want to get pregnant because he said if I did he would stay in America with me instead of going back. Is it wrong if I purposely try to get pregnant? I want a baby more than anything in this world so I wouldn't be doing it just to keep him here. To me it's a win win. I get a baby and get to keep him here. But is it wrong to try without him knowing?

i would strongly advise you not to do that

fic recs and writer recs [supercorp]

Kind of for my own reference but also, shoutout to some of my favorite fanfic writers out there (hi!). I’m trying to engage with the writing community on tumblr & ao3 more, so I’m happy to beta for people, take prompts/collabs, or talk writing craft – open invitation, hit me up! & I owe you all ao3 comments, sorry, trying to be better at that… =]

In no particular order:

& a tablespoon of shameless self-promotion:

(obvs this list is not representative at all, so) rec me more fics, writers, or books?

also if anyone has fun prompt memes or prompts in general, send them my way!

Smitten Kitten (Chapter Nine)

Bucky and Steve FINALLY figure their shit out in this chapter. Finally.

I hope you guys are enjoying this :) Trying to add everyone to the tag list, let me know if I miss you :)


It was going on three weeks now of Tony being stuck in a partial shift and he was tired of it.

The longer he was in a half-cat state the more he struggled to talk normally, to have regular sleep cycles, and even to control his emotions. He had Steve and Bucky at the ready at all times to drop what they were doing and hold him, but it was really starting to wear on him, and they both felt bad about it.

Bucky wasn’t expecting to find Rhodes in the lab when he went looking for Tony to see if they could spend some naked time together, but there the colonel was, passed out on the couch with Tony dead asleep next to him, their arms wrapped right around each other, Tony’s head buried in Rhodeys chest.

“Hey did you find–oh.” Steve pulled up short next to him. “Those two are just friends, right?”

“Right.” Bucky nodded slowly, and motioned Steve back several feet so they wouldn’t disturb the nap. “Pretty sure.”

“And they sleep together? Like that?”

“You know Tony needs the extra sleep right now. Besides, Rhodes says they used to share a bed in MIT all the time.”

“But… platonic, right?”

“I guess so.” Bucky cleared his throat a little uncomfortably. “I understand wanting someone in your bed for physical comfort. Like we used to.”

“Yeah.” Steve looked down at the floor, then out the window- anywhere to avoid Bucky’s eyes. Then, “I miss you.” he blurted. “I miss… you. You moved out of our room, and now we can hardly be around each other without Tony there, and I hate that. It’s like we’re barely even friends anymore and I hate that.”

“I miss you too.” Bucky admitted. “You’re my best friend, Steve, this isn't… easy on me.”

“You’re my best friend too.” Steve said quietly. “But weren’t we… weren’t we trying for more than that?”

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Reacting to you eating a tub of ice cream to yourself in one sitting. 


He’d look at you, half in amazement and half disgusted. He’s surprised a human being is even capable of doing so, but is also now seriously worrying about your health. 

‘Yah Jagiya, you’re going to get stomach ache.’

Originally posted by minniedeer


He wouldn’t care at all, the amount of times he’s seen you so much more than a tub of ice cream is ridiculous. He still is fascinated by it all though.

Woah… you’re really something Y/N.’

Originally posted by porkdo-bi


He would be most definitely cheering you on, giving you words of encouragement and when you had finished the first tub. He’ll try and get you to finish another one as he’s so amazed by you.

‘Come on Jagiya! You can beat the world record if you tried!’

Originally posted by dayafterdae


Challenges you to an ice cream eating contest, ends with you both feeling awfully sick from eating too much ice cream.

‘I won Y/N…. but I still feel like I’ve lost…’

Originally posted by wooyoung

Kyungsoo (D.O)

The only reason why he’s bothered is because he’s slaved away in the kitchen making you cookies to eat, but instead you’re sitting here stuffing you’re face with ice cream.

‘Yah Pig, I guess you don’t want your cookies.’

Originally posted by chogiwhatislife


He just stares at you, utterly speechless and confused as to why someone would want to eat so much ice cream, and then not even offer him any. 

‘So… that’s a lot of um… ice cream…’

Originally posted by captivatesme


J U D G I N G. No other way to put it, he’s straight judging you right now.

*sips water whilst fully judging you *

Originally posted by gabrielagaeta


Makes the mistake of asking you if he could have some ice cream, resulted in him having to sit in the corner of shame. Starts to do aegyo to get you’re forgiveness. Why did you do that Xiumin?

‘Heyy Y/N I’m sorry, I’ll never ask you to share your food again~’

Originally posted by minnieyeol


He’ll be staring at you scoff you’re mouth with ice cream and be trying his best not to laugh. He fails miserably and ends up laughing so hard that you can’t help but laugh yourself.

*Laughing his ass off*

Originally posted by intokai

HEYYYY I’M IN A PRODUCTIVE MOOD AND MY IMAGINATION IS RUNNING! Well actually I just had ice cream and boom this idea was born.

I hope yall enjoyed this reaction and will leave requests as they are open! I love every single one of you and have a good day everyone!

Until next time, byeeeee~

Hello! I’ve gotten a lot of questions on how I edit/color my photos so I’ve decided to just make a tutorial! Also, just a needed fair warning: I suck at explaining basically anything and it might be super messy, but I’ll try to get everything across! Hope you all are having a great Memorial Day/Monday! ❤  

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I wonder how in this situation(the hospital situation) Brooke is doing?

Brooke: Not even at the hospital, anon. I’m currently fashioning a rope to break into Michael’s bed room window to pick up his stash of that stupid red soda.
Brooke: Chloe is in the car, trying to get out the mess of random clothes I keep back there. Why, what’s going on back at the hospital??

knuckle-duster  asked:


  • Who asks the other on dates: 

YMIR she trips over herself trying to get Historia to go out with her lmao

  • Who is the bigger cuddler:

Again, Ymir like u can’t tell me she’s not a clinger when it comes to Historia

  • Who initiates holding hands more often:

Historia! She goes right for it

  • Who remembers anniversaries:

They both do!

  • Who is more possessive:

YMIR but thats only openly. Historia can death glare like no one expects

  • Who gets more jealous:

Probably Ymir lol

  • Who is more protective:

They both are

  • Who is more likely to cheat:


  • Who initiates sexy times the most:


  • Who dislikes PDA the most:

Tbh they don’t care who’s there man if they wanna cuddle and hold hands and smooch in public they will

  • Who kills the spider:

Historia. Ymir’s like “f UCK THIS 8 LEGGED ABOMINATION I’M BURNING THIS PLACE DOWN” and Historia’s like “JFC ur dramatic” before putting it in a cup and letting it outside

  • Who asks the the other to marry them:

Well, I think we all know seeing as it’s CANON

  • Who buys the other flowers or gifts:

Ymir totally omg

  • Who would bring up possibly having kids:

Historia, super lowkey, but it’s more of “Hey guess what Ymir we have this whole Orphan farm,”

  • Who is more nervous to meet the parents:


  • Who sleeps on the couch when the other is angry:

Ymir, she is banished to the couch 

  • Who tries to make up first after arguments:

Ymir! Actually I feel like they’d both work to it at the same time

  • Who tells the other they love them more often: 

Historia, who’s lost her too many times to not

So uh…. I’ve decided to do something a bit different and try to draw a digital drawing of myself kinda semi-realistic but keeping a cartoon-vibe to it, I guess. This is the closest you’re going to get to seeing my real face. Trust me. I don’t look nearly as pretty in real life (at all actually) as I drew myself here. Anyway, this was surprisingly fun to try and I’m even more shocked at how well it turned out. 

Oh iiiiinteresting! Hope you enjoy!! ~mun Ashe

-Shu: He’s perplexed as to how she can anticipate everything he’s about to do, but he isn’t one to pry. Too much effort, yo. As long as she still gives up her blood, we’re all good, if not, she gon have one cranky vamp on her hands.

-Reiji: SUSPICIOUS AS HELL. How the fuck does she know exactly what’s going to happen??? He’ll question her relentlessly. Even if she tells him, he won’t believe her and will torture her until he gets an answer he deems satisfactory.

-Ayato: A confused boi. He gets frustrated by being thwarted at every turn because she knows his next move. He’s always trying to get the jump on her but she knows exactly what he’s going to do so he ends up pouting just a bit more than usual.

-Laito: He’s disappointed that she keeps managing to avoid his advances. She’s always like 20 steps ahead of hum and it’s frustrating him, mostly sexually. He finna nut.

-Kanato: Lots of confused and frustrated screaming. Maybe she should try getting him sweets to pre-empt any incoming tantrums. USE YOUR POWERS AND KNOWLEDGE FOR GOOD. PLEASE THE SCREAM CHILD.

-Subaru: His mind is literally just “??????” and “!!!!!” all the time, she’s broken him, fix his poor mind!

Thank you!!!

This has happened! Thank you so much for being here and supporting my writing and/or sharing my love for Haikyuu!! I loved taking drabble prompts when this blog hit 500 followers, but since I’m really trying to focus on my works in progress right now so I can FINISH them and share them with you, I thought I’d do something a little simpler this time! 

Send me a ship and a number (you can choose more than one number if you’d like), and I’ll ramble about these boys for you! 

My preferred pairings are DaiSuga, AsaNoya, IwaOi, KuroDai, and KuroKen…but I’m open to different combinations of these characters (AsaSuga or AsaDai? OiKuroo? Bring it). So go ahead and ask me who…

  1. Made the first move
  2. Hogs the blankets
  3. Gets up first in the morning
  4. Makes sure the other eats breakfast
  5. Cries at movies
  6. Suggests new things in bed
  7. Takes care of the other when they’re sick
  8. Gets jealous easiest
  9. Insists on couples costumes
  10. Kills/deals with bugs
  11. Gets more excited about holidays
  12. Is the most competitive while playing games
  13. Does the grocery shopping
  14. Sings louder in the car
  15. Laughs when the other trips
  16. Suggests they get a pet
  17. Brings up having kids first
  18. Is the lighter sleeper
  19. Is the bigger cuddler
  20. Is the biggest sap
  • Robert: I really don't need this, Vic.
  • Vic: Answer your messages, then! I was starting to worry.
  • Robert: Why?
  • Vic: Because this is massive, Robert. You're gonna be a dad, then you go all radio-silence on me.
  • Robert: Yeah, because there is nothing to talk about.
  • Vic: Of course there is.
  • Robert: Rebecca doesn't want me involved and I don't want to be involved. So what's the problem?
  • Vic: Aaron, please will you try and talk some sense into him.
  • Aaron: Phh!
  • Vic: Well, that's all you've got?
  • Robert: You happy now? If everyone's done telling me how I should be feeling, then...
  • Aaron: Well, that's not what I was doing.
  • Vic: And no actually, I am not happy. So can we please go for a coffee at least?
  • Robert: No, I'm not wasting any more of my life on this.
  • Aaron: Wow. Nice way to talk about your kid, innit?
  • Robert: What, you heard Rebecca yesterday.
  • Aaron: Yeah, after you had a go at her.
  • Robert: Why are you so bothered?
  • Aaron: Because neither of you know how you're going to feel when it's born.
  • Robert: I have a fair idea. And I can't see you being quite so fine. Not when it's actually here.
  • Aaron: And how would you know? You know what, just do what you want. For a change.
Dating Jughead Jones III Would Include....

A/N: I’ll try to do one of these for all the characters, but if there’s one you’d like to see next, pop in my (now open (oops)) ask box and leave a name/other request!

  • Spends more time at your place, he’s kind of embarrassed about his living conditions
  • But when he gets more comfortable, he invites you over
  • Cute dates at the drive-in
  • After it gets knocked down, you two sometimes walk past, making bets on what they’re going to build
  • “Movie theater?”
  • “Too ironic. Shopping center?”
  • “Obvious. Apartments?”
  • “No demand? Another bar?”
  • “More? That’s excessive.”
  • It just goes on
  • Most of your conversations are like that, short, open-ended sentences
  • Which of course means that old conversations can get picked up really suddenly
  • “Hey remember that thing we talked about last year? Well I was thinking…”
  • Sometimes, he’ll shut you out, but just try to worm your way back in there
  • If you go for the root of his problem, rather than focusing on him ignoring you, it’ll go faster
  • “So Jug, is your family bothering you again?” will go much better than, “Why are you ignoring me?”
  • Even if your guess is wrong, it shows you care, and he thinks it’s sweet
  • Usually, he’ll tell you what’s wrong (after much snooping and interrogating) but sometimes he just can’t
  • He’s not so big on pda, at least not at first, so you two sometimes just hit each other with your shoulders when you walk past
  • It becomes a thing, and it escalates
  • Eventually you two just beat each other up to sho your love
  • Needless to say, people are concerned
  • “Jug, where’d you get those bruises?”
  • “Y/N”
  • “Kinky”
  • Your friends really like you two as a couple
  • Other people, not so much
  • “Hey look it’s the freak’s girlfriend.”
  • Jughead will try to fight them. Protect Jughead, do not let him fight them. Instead fight them yourself. Beat them to the ground.

This got a bit longer than I would’ve liked, but if anyone wants a part 2, I got you bbys

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Just wanted to say your arts amazing, Also, what got you into art in the first place?

Thank you!
I was born into it, kind of? My parents and both of my grandfathers have background in arts/are professional artists, and I’ve been drawing since I can remember. I’ve always been doing it mostly for fun, it’s kinda like a natural need for me, but recently I finally realized that it’s what I want to do as a profession. Before that I thought I might be fine keeping it just as a hobby and explore other careers but then I figured why not at least try embracing the one passion I know is going to be with me forever. So right now I’m making do as a freelance artist and trying to find some way to further my art education (since I never got any formal education in Arts) to expand my skillset and explore more career opportunities as an artist. 

I’m laying in bed trying to get ice on my leg for five minutes. RK just came home from her weekend with the family she’s transitioning to. DS is having a meltdown. He’s angry because he spent all day with different friends, but that’s not enough and he wants more time with friends. I shut that down and said no so I’m waiting to see if this is going to blow into a full blown rage. He’s doing a good job of breathing deeply, but being super sassy and defiant when approached about how DH or I can help. Of course, he also won’t get out of my room which pisses me off to no end, because I need some down time. However, I’m choosing to remain calm in the moment. Let’s hope I can maintain it.

ETA: He came out of it without a rage! Go team! It took some time and providing a fidget spinner (just putting it near him because he insisted he didn’t want it), RK timidly offering him some beef jerky she brought back from her weekend away, and some more time. Eventually he just crawled up onto the bed and told me he was sorry for being rude to me. Oh DS, I love you so much! I wish I could figure out how to better help you navigate these rough waters.

do you remember? we slow danced above the skies, faded from blue to purples and oranges, pinks, to darkness littered with tiny white lights reflected in your eyes. “i modeled them after you,” whispered into the night. time stopped when you kissed me and my eyes glazed over with the overwhelming beauty of the universe, the planets all swirling around in orbit, asteroids tangled in my hair. i felt more than us. i felt like i was apart of something. like a colossal supernova exploding at the seams.

HOKAY SO my computer has decided to be an ass-hat so I have to take it to the place computers go to die or redeem themselves. More commonly known as the genius bar. 

ANYWAY! This is a bit of love for @the-pasta-pack of gorgeous mister Fawkes! Thank you for being my 300th follower! I hope it looks like him! -dies- Brindle is my nemesis -weeps in corner- 

Assuming my computer doesn’t move on to a better place, I think I might try doing this for every 100th follower, because I had so much fun doing this one! The colour/pattern/markings were super challenging and I had to redo the brindle like three times, but it was still a really enjoyable piece. I actually really love drawing other people’s dogs, because you get to work from refs and it’s satisfying when they look like they’re supposed to ._. lol

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What kind of issues might a three-legged fox encounter while traveling in a cold, forested area?

Do you mean issues specifically from being three-legged that a four-legged animal would not face?

Foxes generally try to walk by placing their feet into their prior footprints. A 3-legged animal may not be able to do this, because their gait is off center. This could make them more unstable on fresh snow.

Being 3-legged is also going to make hunting more difficult for your fox. Foxes are not as social as other canids, and generally don’t have a other individuals willing to support them through an injury.

Depending on which leg your fox is missing, your fox may have more difficulty leaping and pouncing (hind leg for power and aim), or landing accurately in the pounce (front leg for actually pinning prey). Consider the gif below.

Originally posted by art-nimals

My bigger question would be how has the fox ended up with three legs in the first place and survived this long. If the leg has been lost through trauma then there is a huge amount of healing that must occur, and significant risks associated with blood loss and infection. It will not be an efficient a hunter as its four-legged brethren and may have to be more dependent on scavenging than hunting. Foxes are intelligent and adaptable, but some thought does need to be given to these points in your story if you have not already done so.


My Type Part Two | Taehyung, You

Part One

Originally posted by chimcheroo

I’m much more me when I’m with you

When the lesson was over, Bree sprinted out of the hall as fast as she could, not wanting to look back – or ever go back for that matter.

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