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Herrow there friend ✋ I would love a fic where Betty has to figure out the best way to tell juggie she's pregnant with his baby and his reaction, I just feel it would be so cute!

I’ll give it a go!

“No Ron, I mean.. maybe.. I don’t know. What if he doesn’t want this? We just got married last year and you know he’s got the new book coming out, and then what about me? Winter break is coming up so I’m trying to keep the morning sickness down so I don’t have to miss anymore work. This is a mess.” Tears gathered in the corners of Betty’s eyes as she bit down hard on her lower lip.

Veronica grabbed her best friends shaky hands, stroking her palms soothingly

“Listen to me. You are going to be an amazing mother, it’s normal for you to be worried, it’s scary but you’ll figure all of it out, you always do. As for Jughead? You both have incredibly stable jobs, he makes great money and you’re 25 years old. He loves you Betty and he’s going to love that little baby. And.. I’m gonna be a godmother, oh my god I can’t wait. I hope it’s a girl, I saw the cutest little pearl charm bracelet at Tiffanys the other day.” The raven haired beauty rambled, her brain already flying into auntie mode.

Betty couldn’t keep the small smile off of her face as she sniffles, wiping the tears from her eyes
“A girl would be nice, but then… a little boy with Juggies eyes. Maybe my blonde hair.” Her hands fell to her still flat tummy, a wistful smile on her face as she daydreamed about her future baby.

Veronica placed a comforting hand on the beautiful mother to be’s shoulder
“See, it’s all gonna workout.” She whispered softly, her own eyes landing on Betty’s stomach as she grinned.

At that exact moment the front door swung open revealing a snowy Jughead carrying a brown paper bag filled with takeout food.
“Honey, I’m home.” He singsonged, walking into the living room, cheeks going red when he spotted Veronica tugging her coat on.

“Veronica, Betty didn’t tell me you’d be over.” He cast a glance at his wife, instantly stiffening when he saw her watery eyes and red nose “what’s the matter? What happened? Betty, baby? Why are you crying.” Jughead quickly dropped the bag of food on the ground and flew to the couch, squeezing next to Betty.

Veronica pulled her cape on with a flourish
“That’s my cue to leave. I’ll see you both at breakfast tomorrow. And remember B, I love you.” She blew a kiss and headed through the front door.

“Baby?” Jughead spoke again, drawing her green eyes back to his. “What is it? What’s going on?”

Betty tried desperately to hold back her tears but at the tender voice of her husband, the flood gates reopened.

It took Jughead all of one second to pull his wife into his arms, rubbing her back gently and whispering in her ear.

“It’s okay. Whatever it is, we’ll figure it out. I love you. I love you so much.”

She sobbed openly into his chest her hands splayed against his soft flannel shirt, she knew she was being dramatic but if anyone asked she was definitely blaming it on the hormones.

“I…, I don’t know how to tell you, I’m.. oh juggie”

Jughead pulled back slowly, cupping her face in his hands.
“You can tell me anything. I promise, I love you.”

With a shaky breath Betty finally spoke

“I’m… I’m pregnant.”

It came out as a whisper, something so weak it didn’t even sound like her own voice.

Jugheads grip on her cheeks went slack, his hands falling to his sides with an audible thud, Betty nodded, looking down.

“I didn’t know how to tell you. I know it’s scary, and maybe we aren’t ready, but I think we can do this. I think.. maybe we could be good parents, we’ve had a lot to learn. I don’t know how to tell you, I didn’t think you wanted one of those baby announcements and judging by your silence maybe you’d have preferred if I didn’t tell you at all. I get it, I…” Betty was cut off as she yelped, suddenly she was in the air, looking down as her husband beamed at her.

“A baby.” He whispered, the smile still etched on his face, his eyes fell to her stomach as he swung her in a circle “our baby. My baby.”

Betty nodded as Jughead fingers fisted the fabric of her shirt covering her stomach.
“Yeah. Our baby, your baby.” She was smiling now.

“Thankyou.” Jughead whispered, pressing his forehead against hers “Thankyou so much Betty.”

Betty felt a single tear fall from her eyes, this one was a happy tear.

“You’re welcome Jughead”

Suddenly he was pulling away from her.
“I’ve gotta call my dad.”

Betty’s eyes went wide
“No! I have to call my mom! If she hears we told your dad first she’ll kill me.”

Jughead had the cordless phone in his hand as he held it over his head.
“You snooze you lose.” He grinned

Betty pulled her cellphone out of her pocket and immediately pressed Alice’s speed dial, Jughead stuttered as he pressed the numbers on the phone.

“That’s what you get for not using modern technology.” She stuck her tongue out

“Hey mom…”

“Hey dad…”

The couple spoke at the same time, stating at each other with the goofiest smiles on their faces.

“We’re pregnant.”

Sleepy MP100 Headcanons 3/3

Its actually canon that Reigen falls asleep watching crappy B movies all the time. Screw first names, we need a character profile like that for Serizawa.


  • Fidgety sleeper, rolls around and changes positions a lot
    • Not actually awake for it, he just does it in his sleep
    • Gets tangled in his sheets a lot
  • Would probably sleep better if he didn’t eat expired weird snacks before bed
  • All of his pajamas are just sweats
    • TACKY sweats, like the one from the New Year’s arc
    • If its really too hot he’ll just sleep shirtless
  • Falls asleep easiest and sleeps best when he’s not trying to
  • Likes to have background light and noise 
    • Hates silence with a passion


  • Sleeps with the covers pulled up over his head 
  • Has old habits from being a personal body guard
    • Always sleeps between another person and the doors/windows
    • Can go pretty long without sleep and still be alert
  • Keeps little to no furniture or other items in his bedroom
    • Its gotten better, but he still levitates stuff pretty frequently
    • Sometimes wakes up hanging from the ceiling like a blanket cocoon
  • Has room darkening curtains over the windows
  • Before Reigen started cutting his hair, he would put it in a bun/ponytail to keep it out of his face
    • (I would sell my soul for a picture of that)
Love at First Video Part 36: Eavesdropper

Mish a Collins x Reader

1200 Words

Story Summary: You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

“Are you sure you’re feeling okay?” Misha asked you for the third time in an hour as the two of you sat outside on the patio in the early morning hours. Misha was getting ready to go to work, but you had gotten up a little earlier to spend some time with him before he left. Your stomach was rolling, but you were trying to keep normal, not wanting him to recognize anything.

“Yeah, I think my stomach’s a little upset from dinner last night.” You hedged, as you scooted closer to his warmth on the lounge. He was already dressed and ready, while you were still in your pajama’s, and you enjoyed the quick cuddle before he was gone for the day.

Keep reading

If you have been paying attention, then you know I have been going through some things lately and not very myself. Asks were off.. I have been avoidant and non responsive.. but every valley has the base of a mountain at its edges… mountains to be climbed and overcome.


Thats the number of messages I just deleted.. effectively emptying my inbox. if you had sent something in the past, then apologies.. its not that I didnt care, or that it wasnt valuable to me. It’s just that my mental health is what is most important.

 Feel free to ask again.

I will try to keep up better from now on.

Life n stuffs

Have you ever had your faith in humanity simultaneously shaken to the core and magically restored all at the same time? The hands of someone I thought I could trust wrapped around my neck and tried to choke out the last of my faith, while I felt the wind off the wings of two angels lift me up and help me breathe enough to keep going. Life is bizarre and strange and what I realise is that we are all in it together; for both better and worse - at the same time. Some people rise and stand tall and show you how to be better than what you thought you could be, by showing you which path is the right, kind and true one to walk on. Some people fall right off the path and into the raging sea and they will try anything to grab hold of you and bring you down with them - it doesn’t mean you should let them drown. You should try your upmost to never leave someone in rough waters. You sturdy your footholds, you take the help that kind strangers (angels in disguise) offer - and you pull them up to dry land. Once they are safe, and alive, and you know you’ve done everything you can - what you do is up to you, and how they react is up to them, all you can do is hope they won’t fall so hard next time.

This is a really cryptic prose-ish type personal post, with lots of weird metaphors I realise, but I think it can resonate for any manner of situations. Even in the weirdest and sometimes toughest circumstances there are lessons that can be learned, that need to be learned. I’m just so grateful that fate put me in the path of some amazingly kind humans in the midst of trying to deal with a situation I was not equipped to face alone. And I regret, that in the drama and chaos of it all, I never thought to get their contact details. I will forever be thankful to them. Look around you. Sometimes you see some really messed up stuff in this world, and it can get you down, but if you look closely - I think you’ll find that there is so much more good happening within the souls and hearts of the people around you - the people that are here with you on this weird spinning globe thing. Lol. I hope everyone has the honour of meeting someone kind today! Xx

Schuyler Abigail - Nine Months Old

We had a busy month this month! God, can you believe that Schuyler is nine months old? She’s been in the world for as long as she’d been in my womb now. It’s so strange to think… while I was pregnant, it seemed like not much was changing week-to-week, but now something changes daily!

It’s amazing to watch a baby slowly grow right before your eyes. Every time Schuyler accomplishes something new, I’m reminded that soon she won’t be a baby anymore. I keep looking back at her newborn pictures and just thinking “wow, she was so tiny.” Imagine how I’ll feel looking back five years from now!

She sleeps like a dream. She wakes up once at midnight to nurse, but I’ve been trying to latch her before she wakes fully so we can both go right back to sleep after she finishes. I’m not interested in dropping her night feed at all! I’m a firm believer that a baby will only nurse when they need to, so I will never deny my child that.

Schuyler Likes

  • Kicking her legs
  • Bath time
  • Mommy playing piano
  • Playing with Boq
  • Eating!
  • Going outside
  • Afternoon walks with Mommy and Mama
  • Crawling everywhere
  • Pulling herself up onto furniture

What is this?? Next thing I know, she’ll be taking her first steps.

Until next time,

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Back To You keeps falling to #12 and going back up to #11 on the US youtube trends. Lets try and push it to top #10 so more people can see it and its chances to go up on the trending 100 are higher! DON'T STOP STREAMING

stream like it’s your last day on this hellearth

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Welcome back I missed you sooooo much! Your blog is flawless

Thank you ❤ Truth is I have a lot of things going on right now with my internship and everything, so I haven’t been able to be on tumblr for a while. Nevertheless, I’ll try to keep up as much as I can! Missed you too guys  ❤

So I weighed in at 93lbs again

And I’m okay with that.
I’ve come to terms with my weight, finally. If I lose more that’s cool. But I’m not going to actively try to lose more.
I already restrict sooooo much, and I’m honestly terrified of destroying my body. I’m thankful for that, because it gives me a peace of mind the 93lbs is small enough. I don’t know what else I can do to make it go down besides straight up not eating, and I refuse to do that.
I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing and work to maintain this number.

I can’t stay I’ll feel this way forever! Lol just last week I got the sudden urge to really push myself to get to that UGW of 89lbs. But like I said, I already restrict so much that I’m constantly counteracting the thought of “just eat it’s fine” and “DONT DO IT!!!!” and I know that’s unhealthy as it is.
This week was a really good week for me. I actually felt happier than I have in what feels like months. I binged and sure it was a bit rough but I didn’t sink into a swirling depression like usual.
The scale at the doctor claimed I gained 3lbs and I was like “that’s fine, I’m wearing clothes & ive eaten multiple meals soooo”
Like this entire week I’ve managed to be…. mentally healthier? It’s crazy. But it feels good.
I started taking 4 St. John’s wort pills a day a couple weeks ago, so I wonder if those are actually helping me a little?
Whatever. I’m thankful I even had one week of semi-happiness and peace.

Anyway, so I’m inspired by myself to be content with my weight and not push myself to lose more. It’s a little hard, because every time I think about it I also can’t think “this is how it starts. This is how you gain alllllll the weight back- with thoughts like that”
But it’s just not true. I’ve binged, felt motivated to recover, and basically I’ve felt that way for months now with multiple little actions. Just thinking the one salad from corner bakery is going to send me back up the weight gain train. But it doesn’t! I didn’t gain weight. I’ve managed to eat three meals a day, snacks in between, binge sometimes, and cheat on weekends and I still lost weight and continue to maintain a super low weight.

Sorry for the long diary entry. Lol…. just trying to keep myself motivated to not stress so much about food & weight loss constantly like I have since fucking January.

On that note, I’m going to my moms and I really hope she wants Zoe’s Kitchen instead of Korean BBQ lmfaoooooo

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how about a overprotective tfp optimus prime,, like,,, you fall out of a tree on the second day you and prime became partners,,, and then you sprain your knee,, but once you're healed you try to go back out again :00

(So,,, like,,, you didn’t say whether Hc’s or a scenario and I give up so here are some hcs,,,)

  • On the second day when you break your leg he rushes you to the hospital and carries you in in his holomatter.
  • He’s almost visibly freaking out, but not by much, he’s mostly calm and his fear is greatly hidden by his urgency to get you where you need to be.
  • He visits every day that week to check on you, and then they let you out he’s become protective and keeps you on low ground, and does things he thinks may be dangerous for you to do.
  • Once you’re healed he asks you to promise him do watch out everything you do and not do dumb stuff.
  • And then you go back at it again and he’s like, ‘No! Bad Y/n!’

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Do you think Ash would date someone with a more bubbly and positive personality? Since she have so much going on and everything is kinda dark and stressed..? If yes how would she feel about a S/O who's happy with like a pastel aesthetic, generous and kind? Who also happens to love animals? Thanks Ducky keep up the amazing work!! -Rosy Anon



Yes, definitely! It would take a long time to convince her to open to to a romantic relationship though. Like a really long time because she will always brush you off. It’s not until Red encourages her to give you a try because he doesn’t like seeing her isolated, so she does and she’ll grumble about it. Ash will keep doing everything to push you away, but as long as you’re persistent and keep moving with a positive mindset, Ash will open up more. In reality, she really needs your positivity because of all the shit she has going on in her life. She’ll never say it outloud, but she’s really thankful. 

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I have so many ideas for Danny Phantom that I want Nickelodeon to use them. But my love for creating things for my favorite cartoons is conflicting with my discomfort with working with the man who's an avid Trump supporter. I might work with Steve Marmel but who knows if he wants to even write for Danny Phantom again.

I’d like to try and keep politics off this blog since it’s supposed to be kind of a safe space, but I’ll at least assure you by reminding you that Elmer doesn’t own the rights anymore. So someone could absolutely pick up the show again without him.

So, if you’d like to try and work on a revival of the show, you don’t need to worry too much about being uncomfortable around Elmer. He’s not required to be part of the project anymore. Go for it. Shoot for the stars.


Let’s not kid ourselves here. I am horrible whenever it comes to keeping track of individual starter calls that I make. I tend to lose them and more often than not I can easily run out of ideas when I try to do them all in one go. So, basically, this is what pressing this little heart will get you:

     - Me bugging you in the IM for plotting. Or just general conversation if you’re in the mood.
     - Tagging you in random starters. Me writing you random starters whenever I come up with an idea– in a multitude of verses if you want.
     - Us coming up with AUs and plots / winging it inside of those AUs.
     - Generally talking about what-ifs, and using them if we want to.
     - Adding me to Discord once we’ve spoken enough.
     - Making Discord Servers for RP on anything you don’t want on Tumblr that’s more than one thread at a time.

I’m going to be reblogging this a couple of times so ayyyye. Hit the heart because I love talking with you guys !! <3

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then send this to ten of your favorite followers 💕

My darling @tattooed-angel-harry also sent me this, and I’m SO BAD AT THESE! But here goes, in no particular order.

1. My eyes (ok, this is a true number one) – they’re by far my best physical feature. I had conjunctivitis in one of them three years ago and it was a nightmare for many reasons, including the vanity one (I’m vain about literally nothing else, lol).

2. I’m pretty resilient, I guess. I take a lot of bruises and get pretty soft in some spots, but I callous right up and keep going.

3. I’ve got a lot of fears, but I’m also pretty fearless in some ways. I went halfway around the world by myself, there’s nothing I won’t try once in the kitchen, and when I was 13 I was so afraid of sharks that I made myself watch Shark Week to get over it and learn more about them.

4. I like next to every type of genre of music… I guess that’s something to like about myself? Somehow?

5. I like that I listen. A lot. To everybody and everything. I like that it helps them, and I like collecting experiences, even peripherally, and spinning them out into stories some 10-20 years later. 

Thank you, my loves! xx


Leon x Reader

At first, you tried to resist Leon’s advances throughout the night. You usually brushed off his advances on a daily basis, playing it off as some kind of joke, but tonight was proving slightly more difficult considering you had a bit of alcohol in your system. He had been after you practically all night after he had set his eyes on you, and he wasn’t going to stop trying until he got what he wanted. Every time he would saunter up towards you, he began purring sweet nothings to you. You had continued to shrug it off, hoping that he’d give in, but it only made him more persistent, and it was making it harder for you to dismiss him.

“You know, ______, you can keep telling yourself that you don’t want me, but at the end of the day, we both know that’s a lie.” He husked in your ear, his breath hot against your skin, “I know you’ve always wanted me. You’re in denial, goldfish.“ The lust was practically dripping from his voice. It honestly made your stomach flip, and he knew it all too well. He wore a smirk as he backed off of you, which turned into a wolfish grin stretched across his lips as he studied your reaction. You hesitated for a moment, biting down on your lip briefly before clasping your hands either side of his face and pulling him in, crushing your lips together with enough force to leave a bruise or two.

He groaned, backing you towards the wall and coming to an abrupt halt when your back made contact with the surface. Your fingers were tangled in his hair, pulling him closer to you and deepening the kiss as his hands roamed all over your body. His tongue trailed along your bottom lip, and you granted him the entrance, moaning as your tongues collided a few times. He pulled back for air, glaring down at you with hungry eyes.

“I want you.” He growled, moving his lips to your neck and placing a few sloppy kisses there, earning a few more moans from you. "Let’s go somewhere more private. Then I’ll let you have me.” You pressed yourself on your tiptoes and whispered in his ear, pushing yourself closer to his body. God, you could be such a tease. "My room?” He proposed, nipping at your neck one more time.
“Leon” You moaned softly, “I thought you’d never ask.”

I’ve decided that since I:

1) do not ever want to cry the way I cried this morning ever again

2) can’t afford to give up on life now,

I’m gonna use a bit of denial that fairy tail actually ended. I’m not at peace with it, but I’m just gonna try to keep going like nothing has changed. ❤❤

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I just broke up with my boyfriend/daddy yesterday and I feel upset, and I want to go regress but I feel like if I do, I'll just be more upset and just give in and try to get him back.

Hmmph this has me stumped :( im so sorry you feel upset about this. I personally have never left my daddy so I can’t say I understand how you feel very well.

My best advice would be, do what will make you feel better. If you want to regress, then do so but, keep yourself busy with movies, or games or something like that too keep your mind focused on something.

I do know how hard it can be to not talk to the person you are no longer in a relationship with though. Just remind yourself “theres a reason why I left”. Remind yourself of whatever that reason was when you get the urge.

Stay strong my darling 💕 You can do this.

I’m exhausted. But I know if I go to sleep now, I’ll wake up at like 4am. I’ve been trying to test my webcam for two hours now. Keep zoning out. Sometimes I hate being like this. But gosh it’s going to feel soooooo good when I finally climb into bed.

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For the weight gaining anon. Im 5'7 and and weigh 48kg (a little under 100 pounds) and gainig weight is a process if your genetics are what keeps you thin. I have the same problem. I suggest to look up what kind of calorie intake you need daily and then try to go over that every day. For example i need 1700 cal per day and try to eat 1900-2000 and it me ages to get to 50 and unfortunately you have to keep eating a lot (at least in my case) or you'll lose it again fast (second ask coming)

(Part2 weight) what i used to do to get extra calories was to mix up a smoothie with milk/soy milk, peanut butter, bananas and vanilla or caramel syrup. Tastes good and in the measurements i did it (400ml of milk, two bananas, 40-60g of pb) i had like 600-800 calories innone shake. When going grocery shopping i also see which of my groceries i would buy anyway has the most calories on 100g. You gotta find what works for me but key is staying above your needed calorie intake whenever you can

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Will you be following Taylor court case and what do you think of the fans who want to go?

I mean I’m going to follow it, yeah, because I do care about her and I want it to go well for her. As for going to the actual courtroom, I feel like that’s /incredibly/ invasive since she’s worked so hard to try to keep it private. I get wanting to fill up the seats with supportive people, but it’s definitely taking being a fan too far imo to show up at a sexual assault court case.