going to try a bit harder next


I didn’t figure out that Elsewhere University was anything other than a place filled with shivery-but-ultimately-harmless traditions until I’d already started my second year.

It wasn’t anything too exciting - I stumbled into the wrong part of the library, came out and realized I hadn’t missed my afternoon classes after all. I went to class, came back to my dorm room, had a panic attack, and went on with my life. Oh, and I changed my safename. I think I ended up going through half a dozen in the next few weeks, trying to find one that didn’t actually mean anything to me. (I remember Toucan was one of them, though I think I got anxious over what if it somehow offended the crows.) Sunny was the one I stuck with that year, mostly because my TA for Intro to Statistics sat me down and told me to just pick one so he’d know who to give the assignments back to.

I already knew most of the lore by then. I’d thought it was just fun bits of knowledge, traditions and legend-building, but I’ve always collected that kind of thing. After that initial panic (having made sure the horseshoe was securely over my doorway, and stuffed salt packets in all my pockets, and turned my underwear inside-out, and written and deleted several emails to my parents) I remembered that according to everything I heard, Bio majors didn’t usually interact much with the Fae. I’d actually been disappointed by that, back when it was just a story not quite close enough to touch, but it was a comfort now. So once I’d settled on my new safename (and stopped side-eying my poor roommate), I caught up with my assignments and moved on, just a little bit more careful than before.

I fell in love with lab work that year, and on the advice of a professor shifted into the tiny Molecular Biology concentration. Elsewhere University doesn’t do much research, but there’s lab space available for fourth years doing a thesis, and you can use it earlier if you have a Prof willing to supervise and sign off for you. The Molecular Genetics professor was full of ideas for what I could do with the reagents left behind in the fridge and one big freezer, and between us we managed to get me an internship the next summer, to stay and start on my own project.

I spent those months sharing a tiny apartment in the next town over with an English major going into her fourth year. (I don’t know why she was staying for the summer. I asked, but she gave me a different answer every time - she needed to hang teardrops on the rainbow, or count crow’s teeth, or find the door out of the laundry room. After a while, I stopped asking). In the mornings she’d drive us both into the university, and in the evenings I’d either wait for her in the library (always near the front) or I’d take the single late-night bus that ran from the university to the middle of town.

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Caffeine Challenge “Something to Do With the Shadows”

My first attempt at a caffeine challenge. Does it count if I don’t consume any caffeine? Not really sure what this is.

It didn’t work. That’s the worst thing about all this. It didn’t even work. I look over at the lamp in front of me. Then down at the floor behind me. Still nothing. They say we used to have shadows. Lots of people say that; mostly older people but they say it all the time.

There’s nothing there though. Instead there’s a slight drip of something warm from the base of my nose.

He’s looking at me again. He passes me a tissue. “I’m sorry,” I say. I always say I’m sorry. I’m not really sure that I mean it anymore but it would be rude not to apologise.

“Don’t worry about it.”

I wipe the blood from my nose. “I’ll try again in a minute.”

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They’re Better Than You Are P.2 (Rob Benedict x Reader)

A/N: I didn’t mean for this to turn into three parts but here we are. 


Summary: You and Rob are married, but you’re going through a really rough patch. You play Metatron on Supernatural, (female Metatron), and the time has come for the two of you to film “Don’t Call Me Shurley”.

Pairing: Rob x Reader

Word Count: 1,938

Warning: Angst, Fighting, Emotional Hurt, Fluff


I looked down at the opened package in my hand.



Written by

Robbie Thompson

Directed by

Robert Singer

“God dammit.” I said, slamming my fist against the kitchen counter. I’m an idiot, a God damn idiot. I pulled out the schedule in the package, along with the given plane ticket. Thank God I was scheduled to fly out tomorrow.


“Rob Benedict! How are you doing man?” said Bob Singer, reaching out to shake my hand.

“Bob Singer, doing just fine. Honored to be back, sir.” I said, shaking his hand. I glanced over his head, trying to see if Y/N was on set yet. It had been almost two days and I still haven’t heard from her.

“Okay, so you’re gonna sit in this booth here, and Y/N’s gonna come around from here to start the scene.” said Bob. I looked down at my “costume”, a white and green t-shirt, jacket, and jeans. I nodded, showing I understood.

“You don’t happen to know where Y/N is, do you.” I asked.  

“Oh, I would imagine you haven’t seen her yet today. She’s been filming a scene in a dumpster for most of the day, but she’s on her way back now to start filming here.” said Bob, walking behind the camera moderator to finish setting things up.

I sat down in the booth of the bar, not really sure what to do for the time being.

“Okay, Bob, this dog is quite literally the best dog I have ever worked with on a set before, and that’s saying something.”

I turned around at the sound of Y/N’s voice, seeing her walk in carrying the small dog that was a part of this episode.

“Good he’s being a good dog, Y/N.” said Singer, laughing a bit.

“Ready to shoot?” Y/N nodded, looking around the set, eyes falling on me. The second they did, I could see the light just leave.

I’ve really messed it up this time.

“Okay guys, we’re gonna start with the scene with Metatron flying back through the doors. I want to get the stunt out of the way first. Y/N, you good to get hooked up with the wires?” My eyes went wide.

“Holdup, since when do you do your own stunts?” I asked, getting up from the seat and walking towards the two of them.

Bob looked at me, confused. “What are you talking about, Rob? She’s been doing her own stunts the entire season.” I looked at my wife, surprised she would keep that from me.

I guess Bob could feel the tension.

“Um… I’m gonna get the harness set up correctly.”

Y/N turned towards me.

“If you think you have the right to get me to stop doing stunts, you can shut it, Benedict.”

“Y/N, please I just want to talk-.”

“Rob, you lost that right a long time ago.”

“Okay! We’re ready!” said Bob.

I sighed, turning around to get on my mark as she got hooked up to the harness. It was gonna be a long day, I could tell now.

“Ready guys?” asked Bob, getting into his director’s chair. Y/N and I both nodded.


“-think we’re finally getting somewhere.” I said, getting into Chuck immediately after 6 years of not playing him.

“You started writing the second she came back, didn’t you?” This was the first time, obviously, that Y/N and I have ever acted together. I stuffed my hands in my pocket as Chuck, ready to keep going.

“No wonder you’re on a deadline! Now I understand why you’re masquerading in that sad, little meat suit! For the same reason you created this nostalgic bar to write your masterpiece in- you’re hiding!”

“Okay. First of all, this gift-.” I pointed at my face. “Is super cute. Secondly, I’m not hiding. I just like the ambiance in here.”

“You said… the safest place ever created. Created by you… to keep safe from Amara! She can’t touch you in here, can she?!”

“You’re upset. I-I understand. And it’s good to let it out.” I turned around, walking back to the booth like it said in the script, but my eyes went wide, realizing just how big the parallels are in this script, comparing it to our own life.

“But, uh, let’s focus on, uh, finishing my book.” I clapped my hands, pretending to type on the computer. I knew the next line coming, and I knew how much Y/N was actually going to mean it.

“You know, I was a crappy, terrible god. My work was pretty much a lame, half-assed rewrite of your greatest hits. But at least I was never a coward!”

I pulled myself together, ready to watch her being flown back through doors. I didn’t want to do this. I didn’t want to hurt her, real or fake. I didn’t want to fight anymore.

But I also needed to do my job.

I stood up, turning around to face her, making myself look as furious as I could possibly look in this situation. As soon as I faced her, she flew back, flying out the door. Knowing the camera was on her, I closed my eyes, just trying to keep it in character. She walked back in.

“There he is. That’s the guy I know, the guy I love. I remember the first time I saw you. All the angels were terrified, but I wasn’t. The feeling of your light was… was just beyond measure. And then the unthinkable. You picked me to help you with your tablets.”

This was way too hard.

“You were just the closet angel to the door when I walked into the room. There’s nothing special about you, Metatron. Not then… not now. Now… I’ve been called many things- absentee father, wrathful monster. But, coward… I am not hiding. I am just done watching my experiments’ failures.”

“You mean your failures, Chuck?”

How did Robbie Thompson write something so close to our lives right now? I sighed.

“You want to watch? Be my guest.” I turned, gesturing to a set of TVs that weren’t there yet.


I let go of a breath I didn’t realize I was holding, leaning down against my knees. I turned to look Y/N, just to see she was in the same stance as I was. At least I know she was feeling the same as I was.

“Good job guys, excellent really. Just give us a minute to set up the different camera angles, alright?” I nodded at Bob, turning towards Y/N.

“Y/N, look, please we need to talk. What can I do to get us that far at least-.” She held her hand up, cutting me off.

“Not now. Please, just let me concentrate on working today. I can’t handle anything else. Please.” I nodded slowly, backing down.

A long day it was gonna be indeed.


“Ready guys? Second to last scene of the day before we continue tomorrow.” said Bob, again in his director chair.

“Yeah, I’m ready.” said Y/N. We’d been on set for hours, yet she’d been able to ignore me all day.

“Yeah, I’m ready.” I said, facing her and the computer they had set up in front of me. We were both sitting in the booth of a bar, ready to film Y/N’s big scene towards me.


“You know, you really are a terrific editor, Metatron.”

Y/N chuckled, chuckling in character. “Well, I was a terrible writer. A worse god. It’s good I’ve got something good for me.”

“Yeah, you know. I have to say, I didn’t see the whole evil-turn thing coming.”


“Why did you try to be me?” I said, keeping the scene going as Chuck.

“That was just a sad, pathetic cry for attention.”

“Whose attention were you trying to get?”


My jaw dropped, but my jaw dropped as Rob Benedict, not Chuck Shurley. Her words, the words she said to me before leaving for Vancouver replayed in my head.

“You know what Rob? I’m done trying to get your attention.”

Y/N went on with her monologue.

“You are light… and beauty. Creation.”

I leaned back in my chair.

“Wrath. Damnation and Salvation.” All of a sudden, tears started escaping her eyes. It wasn’t written in the script for Metatron to cry, not written at all.

“And I don’t care if I was just the angel nearest the door.” Y/N’s voice cracked as she went on.

“You picked me. Your light shined on me- Me! Oh, and the warmth. But then you left me. You left all of us.”

I forcefully tried to hold my own tears in as her words from before kept replaying in my head.

“-but you better open your eyes and realize you need to be here to fix it.”

“It wasn’t just the saps who were praying to you. The angels prayed, too. And so did I- every day.”

“I know.” I know now. I know how long she had been fighting for us. I know how long I hadn’t been answering.

“You want to sell the best-selling autobiography of all time? You explain to me- Tell me why you abandoned me. Us.”

I didn’t want to say my next line. I’ve never hated myself more than I do in this very moment.

“Because you disappointed me. You all disappointed me.”

“Then why do I feel like such a disappointment?” I was there to hear it. I was there to hear her words to Matt. But she didn’t know that.

All of a sudden, Y/N stood up, advancing towards me to say her next line. Another thing that wasn’t written in the script. She was sobbing by now, but holding it back just enough to keep going on with the scene. The tears flew down her face.

“No, look. I know I’m a disappointment, but you’re wrong about humanity. They are your greatest creation because they’re better than you are.”

I bit the inside of my lip, trying to keep myself from crying too. This was going to be a lot harder than I thought. Y/N kept going; I could tell we both just wanted this scene to be done.

“Yeah, sure, they’re weak and they cheat and steal and… destroy and disappoint. But they also give and create and they sing and dance and love. And above all, they never give up! But, you do.”

“I’m done dealing with the fact that you’ve given up.”

My face fell, but the cameras were still rolling. The tears kept rolling down her face, but I put the glasses back on, cleared my throat, and turned back to the computer.


“Holy shit.” I said out loud. It was the best acting performance she had ever given. I turned and looked at the crew behind the cameras; their jaws were dropped just like mine was. I turned back to look at my wife.

She had broken down completely. Y/N sat there, her head in her hands, sobbing her eyes out. I just couldn’t believe I had done this to her.

Bob Singer took one look.

“Y/N, do you need a minute before the next scene? I think we can be done with this one now.”

Y/N nodded, jumping up and walking away, I’m assuming to her trailer. I stood up behind her to follow.

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Sweets - James x reader

James X Reader 

Request: Anon, can you write a James Potter x reader where he bugs them/flirts to go to hogsmeade with him?

Here it goes…

Originally posted by scrapbookofmarauders

You and your best friend, y/f/n, were walking out of transfiguration, Conveniently, it was last period, and it was also your free period, so you had the rest of the day off. The corridors were chaotic. For a second, your friend separated, causing the conversation that occurred to pause. People rushed past you in every direction, making you twist and turn without control. Soon enough the sound disappeared and the passage became clear again, you and went back to your talk. 

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Sunday, 19 February | 15/100

Hello everyone—I haven’t made any 100 Days of Productivity posts in over a month, and I feel really bad about it. But I’d like to keep going and start posting regularly again; I think it helps me stay accountable to myself and feel good about the work that I’m doing.

Good news though: I got my essay results back a couple of weeks ago, and I got firsts on all of them! I was very shocked but very pleased. If that’s not motivation to try even harder and knock my next assignments out of the park, I don’t know what is.

I’m going to be honest; lately I haven’t been at my most productive (not only in terms of academic life, but life in general). But I’m going to change that. I’m going to get back on track.

Today my main priorities are to finish my reading on comparative education, work on my e-books literature review, and do a bit of general reading into the history of education for my lecture tomorrow. Wish me luck.

The Distractor - Fred Weasley Imagine


Hi! Can you please do a Fred imagine where I am trying to do homework in the library before Christmas break ends but Fred (my boyfriend) keeps distracting me by being sexual and kissing my neck and all that? And I try to tell him to go away but he keeps doing it more and more then I ultimately go with it? I’d love for Fred to be EXTREMELY flirtatious and suggestive with lots of fluff. Do what you want with it. Thanks so much! Love you! 💕💫🌷🌙💋🌻

•Warning: Touchy Fred!•

~(Y/n)’s POV~

I currently sat in the library reading the book named ‘Hogwarts: A History’ trying to get as much details that I can off the book and onto my essay that was due tomorrow before break starts and everyone leaves home. This Christmas break I decided to stay with Fred, he and his family begged for me to come and stay with them for Christmas. I’ve been there a couple of times but never for the holidays, I’m pretty excited I can tell you that. I sighed running my hands through my soft hair roughly letting out a deep sigh, I barely finished my fourth paragraph and I need three more left. I’m starting to think that Professor Mcgonagall hates us. I slowly read a sentence trying to understand every word and try to get some kind of idea off of it and onto my paper. I sighed deeply again before turning the page to a whole new chapter, I felt strong but gently arms wrap around my waist from behind me making me jump and squeal. “Shh!!!” I heard a voice hiss, I turned my head to see Madam Pince pointing a finger at me then slowly moving her index finger over her lips telling me to be quiet. I nodded at her before quickly turning around to look at the person who made me squeal. With no surprise at all it was my boyfriend, Fred Weasley, always smirking whenever he sees me. His red flaming hair always messy, his beautiful brown orbs that seem to always have a twinkle in them, and his rebellious attitude has got me drooling. I don’t know how I ever go so lucky to find a guy like Fred Weasley, but I’m glad I did. “Fred. What are you doing here?” I asked returning to my essay “I wanna spend time with you.” He whispered making his grip around my waist a little tighter placing his chin on my shoulder. “Well, I can’t right now Freddie. I’m busy.” I said sadly turning another page in the book, writing down a sentence I found in the book.

“Please.” He begged, I sighed turning towards him “Can you wait ten more minutes?” I asked placing my arms around his neck, he nodded leaning forward kissing me. I kissed him back with the same amount of want and passion, he slowly ran his tongue on my bottom lips asking for entrance that I did not grant him. I pulled back “Ten minutes” I teased turning back to my essay, I wrote down a few more sentences happy with myself that I finished a paragraph. “Are you done yet?” Fred whined pouting his lower lip “Freddie. It’s only been four minutes!” I exclaimed “that’s a long time!” He pouted, I continued to write on my paper ignoring his complaints. “How about you write one more sentence then we can leave?” He suggested “I need two more paragraphs! Please go away!” I hissed getting a bit frustrated. He growled standing in the same position he was a few minutes ago, hands tightly around my waist with his chin resting gently on my shoulder. After a few seconds of silence, he broke it “Did you sit on a pile of sugar?” He asked “No. Why?” I asked suspiciously getting a bit worried that there’s was something on me. “Are you sure? Because you got a pretty sweet ass” he said smirking, I laughed heat rushing up to my cheeks “That was really cheesy, Weasley” I smiled writing down another sentence on my paper “you always like my cheesy pick up lines.” He chuckled, he started to kiss my temple slowly making his was down to my jaw line, then to my neck. He kissed my neck softly making me smile, then he started to suck on my sensitive skin making it way to hard for me to concentrate on my work. I quickly bit my bottom lip harshly suppressing a moan, god I hated when Fred would kiss me there in public.

He started to suck more harshly by the second surely leaving a few bruises. “Fred” I whimpered, after a few seconds of waiting for him to stop, I stood up quickly. “Where are you going?” He asked sadly “Um… I’m g-going to go get another b-book.” I stuttered out feeling flustered as if it were me and Fred’s first time kissing like that. I walked to the back of the library looking for another book about Hogwarts and to calm my heartbeat that was racing. I went through an aisle running my finger against the books leather spines finally finding one that had the word 'Hogwarts’ on it. But before I could reach the leather book I felt a hand grab my ass and squeeze it softly, I gasped turning around to see Fred. Of course. Geez this boy was such a flirt. That I can’t resist. I grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him into a rough and heated kiss making both of us moan. He ran his hand through my hair roughly then placing his hand at the back of my neck keeping me in place. His hands slowly made it to my butt squeezing it softly, but since I’m a huge tease. I pulled back, grabbing the leather book named 'Hogwarts’ and started to run back to my essay leaving Fred breathless and excited in the back of the library. I quickly wrote down one sentence. 'That makes one paragraph, one more to go!’ I thought in my head excitedly. I quickly opened the book reading through it rapidly trying to get this darn essay done, then I saw from the corner of my eye a glint of red hair.

He sat down in the seat next to me, I glanced his way and saw that his hair was more messy than usual and that his lips were a bit swollen with a hint of red. He took my right hand in his left hand intertwining our fingers together, Fred always did this after we were done kissing or after a long day. I only needed three more sentences but it seemed harder than I thought, Fred who I thought gave up on trying to distract me, did the opposite of what I thought. He slowly let go of my hand and placed it on my knee sending a shiver down my spine. I slapped it away gently reading a new page on the book, he placed his hand on my leg again but not on my knee, but on my thigh…
I slapped it away making Fred whine, he stood up behind me wrapping his arms around my chest tightly almost to the point where I can’t breath but I like it, it makes me feel safe and protected. He lightly places kisses all over my cheek sending a warm feeling in my stomach, this feeling is a meaning. Meaning that I need to get away from this paper! I sigh standing up before placing my essay in my bag, throwing the bag over my shoulder. I grab Fred’s hand and intertwined our fingers together, he smiles down at me as I rest my head on his chest leaving the library. We go to the Gryffindor common room and relax, Fred laying on the couch with me on top of him, my head nuzzled into his neck. “I love you” he whispers right before I’m about to close my eyes “I love you too” I whisper back more like a mumble but I’m sure he can hear. I’m Almost on the verge of closing my eyes due to Fred’s fingers stroking my back softly back and forth kissing my head in the process. Soon we both drift off to sleep, tangled in each other’s arms.

~The Next Day At Night~

“Oh (Y/n)! It’s so wonderful of you to come and stay with us for the Holidays!” Mrs. Weasley said in a thankful tone, this is the second time she’s thanked me today. “Thank you, For inviting me” I said giving her a smile, she smiled back. “It was no problem at all dear” she said starting to eat her soup. For dinner, Mrs. Weasley made us French onion soup with fresh baked bread and butter. I sat next to Fred, who was holding my hand in his loosely. “Oh my…” Mrs. Weasley blurted out, everyone turned their head towards her “What’s wrong?” I asked as I noticed that she was staring at me “What happened to your neck dear? There’s bruises all over it!” She exclaimed, George who was sitting across the table from me and Fred sprayed out a mouthful of French onion soup all over us when he saw my “bruises”. He started to laugh hysterically as Fred moved my collar out of the way showing more of the purple marks “What hap-” he started but quickly shut his mouth when he figured out what they were. “Nice Job Freddie!” George said aloud clapping his hands together, I blushed just remembering the reason why I have hickies all over my neck. I laughed nervously as Mrs. Weasley gave her son, Fred, a glare waiting for an answer. This is going to be a great break.


Good Dreams

Rated N for Night Moves

It was the fourth night in a row this had happened.

You woke up with a small scream, sweating and gasping for breath. Another nightmare. Another dream that seemed designed to get under your skin and bother you for the rest of the day.

You gulped for air in big huffs, gripping your blanket and sitting straight up in bed. Next to you, Junhong had been sleeping peacefully, most likely, judging by the way he was spread-eagled on top of the blanket you were holding. Now he was beginning to stir, and you winced guiltily. You hated waking him up when this happened, without meaning to.

Sometimes you woke him up on purpose, when it was bad enough that you needed him. This wasn’t quite on that level, but you were still torn between being glad he would be awake soon and wishing he’d just slept through it.

“Jagiya?” came Junhong’s sleepy voice. “Everything okay?”

You took another deep breath before answering. “Yeah. Yeah, I’m fine. Just go back to sleep.” Damn. Your voice was still too shaky for him to buy your response.

Junhong yawned, sitting up too, his eyes still closed. His hand automatically went to your back, rubbing it soothingly. “Liar.”

You managed a weak chuckle. “Quit knowing me so well.”

Junhong laughed quietly. “Don’t do it on purpose, love.”

He didn’t ask what the nightmare had been about. He’d learned long ago that you never really wanted to discuss them once they were over. He just sat next to you, scooting close enough for your legs to touch, smoothing his hand down your spine and resting his head on your shoulder.

“Is there anything I can do?” Junhong asked after a while.

You shook your head a little, laying back down facing away from his side of the bed. “Nah. Just hold me a while. It’ll help me go back to sleep, if I can.” You both knew that was probably not going to happen anytime soon, but Junhong complied anyway, sliding his body up against yours and draping one arm over your hip gently, pulling you closer to his chest.

You closed your eyes and breathed in his scent. He’d taken a shower before bed, and he smelled like soap and something unmistakably Junhong. It was your favorite smell in the world.

Junhong kept pulling you closer, until you were pressed tight against him, his lips in your hair, kissing you softly as he murmured to you.

“I love you, jagiya. It’s okay. I’m here. I’m always here.” Junhong murmured, and you believed him. You wished he could just transport himself into your bad dreams, to fix them before they got too out of hand. Even so, this was the next best thing, having him right by you when you woke up with a start.

“I know.” you said back finally, one of your hands drifting down to squeeze his, still wrapped around you, stroking your belly lazily.

You felt Junhong smile against your neck, and just that small movement made you shiver. You weren’t sure if you wanted him to notice or not.

Not that it was up to you. Junhong noticed everything. He was always observing, always watching over you and learning every small thing about you he could. And he noticed this, of course.

He chuckled again, the sound going even huskier than it had before. “You good?” he asked, his voice teasing now.

He may have noticed the shiver, but at least he couldn’t see the eyeroll. “Yeah, I’m good.” you replied wryly, trying to squirm out of his grasp a little. He didn’t let you.

“No. You stay here.” Junhong said firmly, and you knew he was pouting playfully without even needing to look.

You gave in with a giggle. “‘Kay.”

A silence fell between you for a while. Junhong’s hands drifted over your body, from your belly to your hips and back again, before they gradually, slowly started inching higher, towards your breasts.

Even if he couldn’t see the next eyeroll, he probably felt it somehow.

Junhong.” you said, a warning in your voice.

“What.” It wasn’t a question.

“What are you doing?” you asked quietly.

His hands finally glided over your breasts, pausing to squeeze both at the same time. You choked back a moan, unable to help squirming just a bit.

“What does it feel like I’m doing?” Junhong questioned, just before his lips began kissing a trail down your neck. Dammit. He was playing dirty.

You let go of his hand, your fingers digging into the bedsheets instead as you squirmed harder, simultaneously trying to pull away and get as close as humanly possible to your boyfriend. “Stop…I wanna go back to sleep…” It was a straight up lie, and he was going to know it.

“Bullshit.” Junhong whispered in your ear, and that was the end of your resistance.

You turned over onto your back, and the minute you were in the new position, Junhong’s hands were shoving your nightshirt up your belly and over your chest until it was bunched up just above your breasts. You looked up at him just in time to see the way his eyes turned hungry suddenly, impossible to miss even in the dark.

In the next few seconds, Junhong dipped his head and closed his lips around each of your nipples in turn, nibbling and licking and swirling his tongue around each sensitive nub, leaning down to do the same on the underside of your breasts before he began kissing down your belly, closer and closer to where your panties were rapidly dampening as a result of everything he was doing.

You couldn’t help yourself. You pushed his head down, harder than you’d meant to, probably.

Junhong just let you, groaning and yanking on the waistband of your panties with his teeth. He pulled on them until they were pushing down for him, his teeth gently coasting over your skin as he slid them down and down with just his mouth, and then his hands caught them and pushed them the rest of the way.

You kicked them off of your ankle carelessly, unconcerned with where they were going to land. Junhong slid both hands down your thighs, parting them easily, spreading them wide until he could see how wet you were for him. The growl that came from low in his throat was quiet, but it sent a bolt of electricity straight to your pussy anyway.

Junhong teased at your clit with two fingers, rubbing and squeezing and pinching it, not hard enough to hurt, but hard enough to make you whine, almost whimper, almost beg. He slipped one finger between your lips, coating it in your juices, running it back and forth almost mindlessly as he watched you drip for him, and you were writhing now. It wasn’t enough, and he knew it. It wouldn’t be enough until…

Without warning, Junhong pushed two fingers between your folds, and the suddenness of it, the unexpected sensation of being filled just the way you were aching to be made you cum with an arch of your back that you were very sure you would never be able to pull off in any other situation.

There it was again, that growl, that verbal expression of hunger, of need. Junhong growled, and then his head was between your legs and his tongue was inside your pussy, right next to his fingers, still pumping in and out, deeper and deeper with every thrust.

Junhong lapped at your sugar greedily, pausing every now and then for the smallest second to curve his fingers inside you, just the right way in just the right place to make you cum again, and then he’d go right back to licking up every drop.

It went on for what could have been hours. You weren’t sure. You didn’t really care. Usually, Junhong didn’t last very long at this, always too eager to give you his thick cock instead. Tonight, though, in the middle of the night in your quiet apartment, he was doing everything for your pleasure. Going out of his way to give you everything you wanted.

Your fingers were in his hair, pulling and tugging on the strands as he ate you out, his name on your lips turning more and more unintelligible as he kept on. Junhong didn’t stop until every single nerve in your body felt like it was on fire, and you thought you might pass out, and you needed his cock thrusting into you instead, anchoring you, pulling you back down to earth.

Frantically, you tugged harder at his hair, trying to grab his shoulders and yank him up until you were face to face. It took so long for him to come out of his sugar haze that you nearly screamed in frustration, but he finally got it, and suddenly his tongue and his fingers were gone and you felt so empty that you might have cried instead.

Mercifully, he didn’t keep you waiting for long.

Junhong slid up your body as fast as he could, pushing his tongue into your mouth just as he fucked his cock into you, and when you did scream, he licked every syllable off your tongue instead of letting them hang in the air around you.

Junhong was really fucking good in bed. Creative, talented, and he had stamina for days. It usually translated to him bending you into a variety of positions until your limbs felt like noodles, but he satisfied your pussy so well that you welcomed it.

Tonight, though, he was sweeter. Junhong laid on top of you, letting your legs wind around his waist while he played with your hair and stroked your cheek and fucked into you almost delicately, almost, if he wasn’t still going hard enough to keep you cumming. It was hard, but it sweet, and you were half out of your mind within minutes, just like you were sure he’d wanted.

Junhong was a talker. Always talking to you, always telling you the most beautiful things, how gorgeous he thought you were, how lucky he was to be the one who got to do this, to make you feel good, how he was going to do it forever. You ate up every word like you’d been starving, and translated them into orgasm after orgasm, spilling over his length until neither of you were making sense anymore.

You lost count of how many times you’d cum. You knew it was firmly in the double digits, and that jelly feeling was starting to roll over you like a warm wave. Junhong was looking down at you, his mouth slightly open with the exertion of sustaining his thrusts. He was always handsomest when he was inside you, somehow both a boy and a man all at once, and completely yours.

“Yours.” he was saying now, panting the words out between breaths. “I’m so fucking yours, jagiya. Nobody else could make me feel like this. Fuck…I love you, so much. I’m gonna cum…”

You held him tighter, running your fingers through the hair at the nape of his neck, and just that little motion was enough to make his rhythm falter for a moment, render him speechless for long enough to lose himself, to gush every bit of love he had into you with a desperate moan of your name. You came again just as he did, your eyes unable to focus on anything in the room anymore, so you closed them again and just let it take you over.

You weren’t aware of anything for a while, and when you finally managed to grasp onto anything that might have been happening, you were sure you were having another dream. Except this time, it was a good one.

Junhong was stroking your hair gently, laying next to you and watching over you. He was singing softly. He rarely sang, hardly anyone knew he could do it, but you did, and you loved it, and so he did it for you.

You thought about trying harder to figure out if this was real, or a dream. In the end, you decided it didn’t matter. Sometimes, being with Junhong was both.

  • it’s basically canon that when Neil and Andrew sleep together, Andrew’s back is against the wall
  • while Neil had to get used to sleeping with his back against the room because of his contacts, he still prefers to face it and finds the warm weight behind him comforting
  • (everyone remembers the time when Kevin entered the dorm late at night, Neil woke up and reached for a gun in his sleep-hazed panic, hit Andrew’s arm, and ended up causing Andrew to fling him off of the bed)
  • otherwise they’re spooning without the cuddling??
  • Neil almost always wakes up super early and gets out of bed before Andrew for a run
  • he’s managed to sneak out with minimal movement and Andrew usually sleeps through it
  • except one morning he wakes up and Andrew’s arm is wrapped around his waist, his nose buried in Neil’s hair
  • (Andrew won’t admit it, but he loves the scent of the shampoo Neil got when his hair-dye-safe stuff ran out)
  • its really nice
  • but Neil’s kind of worried because he really, really needs to pee and waking up Andrew is not an option??
  • Neil tried, Andrew was just so unresponsive to any attempts to call his name and Neil did not feel like being punched so early in the morning
  • he’s just laying there, freaking out, and trying to hold it in until Andrew wakes himself up
  • eventually Andrew does; Neil can feel his breathing stop for the brief moment that he’s trying to take in the body next to him
  • Neil can also feel Andrew relax once he does
  • but Andrew’s arm just tightens around Neil 
  • (which did not help the need-to-pee thing)
  • Andrew starts pressing kisses and lightly biting Neil’s neck and he’s so???
  • Neil almost wants to stay but he seriously needs to relieve his bladder
  • “Andrew, I need to go.”
  • the next bite is a bit harder and Neil has to try not to moan
  • “you don’t need to run anymore.”
  • “no, I need to take a piss.”
  • Andrew sighs, but he also sort-of shoves Neil out of the bed
  • when Neil returns he makes for the kitchen because he needs some morning caffeine
  • “where’re you going?” Andrew asks, not really saying that he wants Neil back in bed
  • (Neil knows anyways)
  • Neil just smiles sleepily at him and climbs into the bed
  • Andrew turns him around so they’re facing
  • they make out under the covers until Kevin comes to wake them up for morning practice
the night patrol, chapter one

chapter title: Just Once
words: 1.2k
summary: Ladybug and Chat Noir independently discover each others’ civilian identities, and start doing their own night patrols to secretly learn more about one another. In the process, they find themselves falling even harder for each other—but when they fight together, both feel compelled to pretend that they don’t know the truth. (lots of Marichat, lots of Ladrien, slow burn Ladynoir)

next chapters: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

a/n: this is a plot bunny that was just dancing around my head that I needed to explore! I have no idea where this is going to go, but I wanted to try my hand at parallels and Marichat and do something a little bit tonally different from my other ongoing fic. This chapter’s just meant to set up the scenario, but I hope you stick around and enjoy the ride! :)

AO3 | Fanfiction

It’s been two weeks since Adrien found out that Ladybug is none other than his classmate Marinette Dupain-Cheng, and to his surprise, the main emotion he feels is curiosity.

He’s been learning a lot about Marinette over the past few months—her likes, her dislikes, her extreme expressiveness, the fact that her parents own the best bakery in Paris, and, most recently, (and purely by accident), the fact that she has a huge crush on him.

He overheard Alya talking to Nino about it one day, how Marinette just can’t seem to straight up tell Adrien about her feelings, and Nino promising to do his best to talk to Adrien about her without being obvious.

Thanks to years of experience with modeling and photoshoots and living with an emotionally distant father, Adrien has learned to be pretty good at acting and hiding his feelings, so it isn’t too hard to hide the fact that he already knows what Nino is going to say by the time his best friend finally comes up to him and talks to him about Marinette.

But even knowing all of that, he wasn’t sure what to do with the information.

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Who Are You Calling Tiny? (Mack-AOS x reader)

Request: Hey!! Could you write a thing with Mack from AOS? The reader is a lot like a nerdy young version of May, a little cold and aloof, but could kick your ass, and Mack is always teasing/flirting with her because he likes her and she’s so smol (tbh to him everyone but Thor probably looks small) and nerdy and he’s very protective of her even though he knows she doesn’t need it, and he loves making her blush and laugh and one day she can’t help it and she kisses him and idk fluff thank you Bonnie!

“Hey, Tiny, what are we working on today?” Mack asked with an upbeat spring in his step this morning, almost uncharacteristic for him and for only 6am.  He crossed the lab with a nod to acknowledge Fitz, giving his friend a gentle slap on the back as he passed by to get to you.  

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Late Again (Xiumin x Reader)

This is my first ever attempt at writing fan fiction even though I’ve been reading then for years. no one asked for this but there is not enough Minseok fan fiction out there so please enjoy.

Word Count: 3813

Genre: Smut

Characters: Xiumin (Minseok), Reader, Exo Members
10:32 pm, you sighed looking at the clock. He was late, again. This time there was something comforting about being at the dorm and knowing it wasn’t just him, but all 9 members who were late at practice. This comeback had been hard on him on all of them, but Minseok had been working extra hard. On his body, vocals, dancing, even though to you he didn’t have much to improve on since in your eyes he was perfect, always perfect.

You sank your head back into your book, ignoring your urge to call or text him asking him when he would be home. You failed though, as a quite ding came from your phone, and you through your book across the room, lunging towards it.

Min: Hey practice just ended, be back at the dorm soon :)
You: Okay see you soon
Min: Sorry for being late again love, practice just ran a bit late
You: Don’t worry babe, I get it. Love you.
Min: Love you too!!! See you in a bit.

Biting your bottom lip you got up from the crease you’d created in the couch from waiting so long to go pick up your book. You opened it up to a random page in preparation for Minseok to come home. You wanted to make him think you had been unmoved by his tardiness and that you had enjoyed the night to yourself. Things like this always got to him. “ I’m going to make you miss me next time.” He’d say in that deep sexy voice that gets you wet every time. You bit down harder on your lip trying to control yourself from grinning at the thought.

The 17 minutes you waited with that book in front of your face felt more like 17 years, and every few minutes you shifted on the couch trying to find a more comfortable spot even though you knew you would only be comfortable with you boyfriend by your side, his large arms holding you close. 11:06 the door to the EXO dorm opened and you shot your face back down into the book in front of you.

“ Hey Y/N!” Jongdae shouted as he was the first to enter the dorm.
“Not so loud, Jongdae” whispered Junmyeon “you’re going to wake up the entire floor
Finally Minseok entered with only Jonging and Sehun trailing behind him.
“Hey babe. He said plopping into the couch next to you.
“Miss me at all today?” he asked smiling at you, still trying to ignore him.
“Hmmmm. Not really, I was able to get some reading done during the peace and quiet.” You replied still pretending to be engrossed in the literature I’m front of you.
“Reaaaaalllly???” Minseok asked as he grabbed the book from your hand “Because this book is upside down.”

Silence. Well from you at least. The boys had been standing there the whole time and Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Sehun, and Jongdae could not find it in them to stop laughing. You thought your head was going to catch fire you were so red and hot from embarrassment. You quickly picked up your phone and muttered “I’m going to bed as you stormed down the hallway to Minseok’s room, the boys still laughing in the background.

You dove under the duvet hoping to forget the world outside of the soft bed you were laying in. The door to the room open followed by a rush of cold air as Minseok lifted the duvet and joined you under it.

“AISH!” you hissed as the cold air made every hair on you body stand up

Minseok said nothing in response, he just grabbed you and pulled you close to him. You weren’t facing him but you could feel the love in his eyes.

“What’s wrong?” he whispered into your ear after holding you for a while. “Why were you trying to be distant from me tonight?” he asked now leaving soft kisses on the back of your neck. No response.

He bit into the sweet spot on your neck, earning a soft moan from you “Answer me.” he ordered going back to softly kissing your neck.

“I wanted to see the jealous you,” you finally responded “you were late again and I wanted to make you feel empty, even for a little bit. Like how I feel every time you walk through that door late.”

He turned you around so that you were facing him and planted a soft loving kiss on your lips. “ I’m so fucking sorry babe.” he said pulling you in to hold you as close as he could. “It drives me fucking crazy every time I have to stay late. I’d love to come home every night at a normal time like everyone else and eat with you and watch a regularly scheduled program with you no matter how bad its gotten over the seasons. I would love that so much but I-… I mean i just can’t and I’m so fucking sorry. I love you so much.”

You pulled your body away from his and looked at his face, now full of sorrow and guilt. Cupping his cheek you pulled him in for a kiss. He pulled you back in as close to you as your kiss would allow. Licking your bottom lip with his tongue, he asked for entrance into your mouth, wanting to tase you. Catching him off guard you broke off the kiss and caught his bottom lip in between your teeth and gave a gentle tug. When your lips met again you opened your mouth to him, finally allowing entry.

As your kiss grew more steamy and you both began to almost gasp for air you broke off the kiss again, annoyed by the lack of oxygen under the duvet. You pulled it off your heads and you moved on top of Minseok to straddle him. As you took your seat over his fully clothed cock you finally felt how hard he’d been getting before noticing how wet you’d also gotten for him. You leaned down and planted a few kisses into the crook of his neck before opening your mouth to suck on his sweet spot. He moved away from you, pushing you upward slightly “You can’t.” He said in regards to the love marks you planned on leaving in his neck. You remembered. The comeback. The photo shoots that came with it. The reason you were upset to begin with.

Your face didn’t even have face to fall before he blurted out “But that doesn’t mean things can’t be the other way around.” Your smile was enough for him to get the hint as he flipped you around. Minseok leaned over you, his hot breath airing over your skin, teasing you. Finally he sunk down and began to suck… hard. A satisfied moan left your lips as he continued to work magic on your neck, stopping to lightly kiss or run his tongue over the sore marks he was leaving. He reached down to grab the hem of your shirt in order to pull it off. His lips parted from your neck to get your shirt over your head and he caught your lips again once the shirt was on the floor. You shared open airy kisses and he worked the hook of your bra, with no need to pause this time to remove the garment over your head, he immediately began to trail kisses down your jaw, neck, collarbone and down your breast until he was able to take your right nipple into his mouth. Sucking and licking the sensitive nub, his right hand imitating the motions of his mouth on your other breast. “Aaaahh Min-” you moaned and he bit your right nipple and pinched you left before switching motions and attacking your left nipple with the same ferocity he’d given your right one.

You slid your hands down his toned back and tugged at his shirt. he got the message. Sitting up on his knees above you, he removed his shirt and threw it across the room, revealing his toned body. You reached up and lightly ran your hands down his abs, feeling as the clenched under your touch.

“I want you Min” you said biting down on your bottom lip. “I need you Min.” A smirk grew over his face as he cupped your face in his hand before slowly moving it down your body. “How do you want it baby girl?” He asked, his hand making its way down your stomach, stopping at the knot on your joggers. Your eyes met and you were able to see the lust growing inside his. “As hard as you can.” You responded pulling him down by the nape of his neck to kiss him. You lips clashed as he skillfully undid your joggers. He began to kiss down your body, slipping his hands in between the band of your joggers and your skin. Stopping at the waistband of your pants, he looked up at you for permission before pulling them off you. Reaching his hands up to your already tender nipples he licked your clit through the cloth of your soaked panties, sending a shudder up your body, arching your back up and moaning at his touch.

He lifted the band of your underwear and quickly released, snapping the underwear back down to your skin. You let out a noise somewhere between a shriek and a gasp. Minseok peeled your ruined panties off of you and began to lay feathery kisses on the insides of your thighs. Your pelvis, everywhere that wasn’t where you wanted him. Your hips shot up hoping you could find his mouth, instead his strong arms pushed you back down onto the bed.

“Patience baby girl.” He said lightly running his thumb over your clit

“Fuck daddy I want you now!” You moaned reaching your hands down to tangle them in his hair, trying again to lift your hips up. This time he didn’t force you down, instead he hooked his arms around your legs and brought you up to his mouth, moving his tongue around you expertly. You moaned his name and you tried to push his head further in, hands still tangled in his hair. Minseok moved his lips up to give full attention to your clit. Or so you thought. Through the biting, sucking, and licking, you felt two fingers curl up inside you. “AH FUCK MIN FUCK” you screamed.

“You. Taste. So. Damn. Good.” He responded in between sucks, never stopping his movement with his fingers. The pit in your stomach grew as you felt your release coming close “OH FUCK MIN DON’T STOP!” You yelled as his mouth and fingers continued to work their magic. “I’M SO CLOSE MIN FUCK PLEASE DON’T STOP!’” It was too late when you’d realized what you’d done. Knowing he loves to tease the living shit out of you, letting him know you’re close is always hell because the minute he knows all his movements stop.

He pulled his fingers out of you, and blew quick shots of air into you soaking heat. He came back up so that your faces were inches apart and he put his two finger on your lips and ran them across the slight part. “Suck.” He demanded and you obeyed, running your tongue over his fingers before taking them in your mouth, letting your tongue wander over the entirety of his fingers before releasing them and grabbing the nape of his neck, pulling him down and whispering into his ear “Fuck me as hard as you can Minseok. Now. Please.” You felt him smile into your neck as he reached into the nightstand by his bed to pull out a condom, leaving one kiss on your neck before standing up to remove his gym shorts and boxers, revealing his erect cock, but you knew that wouldn’t do it.

“Come here.” You said taking your bottom lip between your teeth again. He walked towards you and as soon as he was close enough for you to reach you took his cock into your hand, rubbing the tip with your thumb before running your entire hand up and down his length. His head shot back and his hips thrust forward into your hand “….fuck…” He sighed as your grip released and you slowly took him into your mouth, hollowing your cheeks to create a tighter fit. You bobbed taking his entire length in you mouth going deeper and deeper each time. Minseok pulled away when he was ready, and opened the condom, carefully running it down his cock. “Legs apart baby girl.” He said climbing back into the bed situating himself on top of you, slowly running his manhood over your clit “You ready?” He asked still making sure everything was still consensual. You nodded and his head hung down into your neck as he slowly entered you.

A slight gasp left your lips as he pulled out and slowly thrust himself back in. It always starts slow. He likes to give you time to adjust before really getting going because the last thing he wants is to hurt you. “I’m fine.” You moaned out urging him to begin picking up speed. “Alright hold on baby.” He resituated himself, sitting up slightly and pulling your hips up, elevating your lower half off the bed. He grabbed your hips to hold you up and to get solid hold so that he can really begin. His first real thrust took you aback, feeling his length all the way up in your stomach, there was a slight pain, but you overlooked it because of the overwhelming pleasure. Over and over again he plunged into you as hard as he could, picking up a steady pace, hitting your sweet spot more often than not. The pit in your stomach began to grow again with the each thrust. “Faster.” You yelled in an almost demanding voice. You knew you would receive punishment for that at a later time but for now he was too engrossed in the pleasure. Usually good at finding words, you found yourself reduced to “fuck, harder, faster, and right there”

“Min I’m gunna come.” You moaned as he began hitting your sweet spot with every thrust. he dropped your hips down to the bed and leaned in to leave more love marks on your neck.

“Daddyyyyy please let me come I’m so close!” You begged in his ear trailing your nails down his back.
“Hold it baby girl, you can’t come until I say you can.”
Your heavy means and loud “AH FUCK’s” into his ear as he sucked on your neck drove him to plunge in deeper and faster, but more erratic, you knew he was close. His lips raced to find yours, sharing open aired kisses and he felt himself reaching his climax.
“Come for me baby girl, you can come for me now.” He moaned into your mouth. “Fuck Min- AHHH FUCK!” You hollered out as you released. He continued to thrust into you, working you through your climax as well as milking himself through his. A few more thrusts and it was over. You were seeing stars staring up at the ceiling as you gasped for air, sweat glistening on your body.

Minseok pulled out and pulled the condom off tying a knot at the end and disposing it into the trashcan by his bed. He pulled the duvet over the two of you and brought you to his chest, holding you as if he never planned on letting go.

“I’m sorry.” He muttered barely loud enough for you to hear.
“What? Sorry for what?” You asked placing a soft kiss on his chest
“I know you probably don’t care anymore but I’m still sorry I can’t really be there for you whenever you need me”
You sat like that for a few minutes, drowsiness settling in. Eventually you responded.
“I love you so much.” You said, he gripped you tighter and the night was over.

8:13 am. You rolled over to grab your phone. Minseok was still fast asleep, one arm lazily laid over your hip. You slowly and carefully moved his arm and moved off the bed. You winced a little, feeling the pain in between your thighs and you walked to grab one of your boyfriend’s oversized shirts anyone of his joggers. The idea of waking him up with breakfast in bed crossed you mind and you awkwardly made your way to the door but stopped before opening it, hearing some of the members already up and about. You refused to face their torment about you and Minseok’s night alone. You knew you weren’t quite last night and some members probably didn’t catch sleep until it was over. You hobbled back over to the bed where you snuggled up next to Minseok until he woke up, admiring every feature of his face.

He let out a soft sigh as he woke from his slumber and his eyes fluttered open. He wrapped his arms around you and brought you in close, laying a soft kiss on your forehead.

“How long ago did you get up?” He asked tugging on his t shirt you had on.
“About a half hour ago. I was going to make you breakfast but…” You trailed off not finishing your sentence.
He hummed running his hand up your shirt lightly flicking your nipple. You winced in pain, still tender from last night. Your boyfriend caught this and removed his hand quickly.
“I’m sorry I was so rough last night. I didn’t know I -”
“Don’t worry about it” you cut him off “if I didn’t like it I would have told you to stop”

He held you for a bit before breaking the silence. “Let me make it up to you.” he said shifting himself so he was positioned over you, slowly sinking down. “Do you mind?” He asked grabbing one of the strings of his joggers you had put on.
“Help yourself.” You responded suddenly thrilled you hadn’t had any underwear to put on as you dressed earlier.

He untied the joggers and slid them off your legs dipping his head and kissing your pelvis. “Legs open baby girl.” He demanded and your legs snapped open in response, the cold morning air hitting your damp womanhood sent chills up your spine. When his mouth met your clit you were yet again in heaven. Taking his tongue all the way from bottom to top making you feel good again and again, finally stopping to focus on the bundle of nerves practically screaming his name. And just like the night before you found yourself moaning his name.

“Make me feel good daddy…” You moaned tangling your fingers in his hair urging him to go deeper. He ate you out like he hadn’t eaten anything in days. Like his life depended on it. Your stomach was in tight knots and knowing that everything he was doing was for your pleasure, you moaned out “Min I’m gunna come soon.” And just as you thought, he didn’t stop, his tongue only moved faster and more frantically as your moans turned into cries and those cries turned into you crying his name. “Yes yes MINNN-” you cried out as he guided his tongue across you until he’d taken every ounce of your juices, licking you clean. He kissed his way back up to you lips, tasting yourself on his mouth.

“Let’s go get something to eat.” He suggested. “Well… Nothing will ever be as good as what I just ate but, something with substance.” he chuckled, his body still propped up over yours. You nodded your head in agreement, awkwardly making your way out of his bed to put his joggers back on.

He took your hand in his and guided you out of his room and down the hallway. You hadn’t even entered the room yet as Baekhyun began the long awaited torment.


Jongdae walked over to Baekhyun grabbing his hand, pressing their cheeks together “Ooooh harder daddy” Jongdae teased, making Baekhyun slightly uncomfortable.
“MWOLEYO!” He shouted pushing Jongdae off of him. You took a seat on the couch and Minseok plopped down next to you giggling at the two children in front of him.

That’s when you heard it. The slamming of silverware in the kitchen. It was Junmyeon. You didn’t even have to see his expression to know he was mad.

“YOU TWO!” He came out holding a spatula and wearing a goofy pink apron, making his way to you and Minseok.
“WHAT DO YOU THINK THIS IS? THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE IN THIS DORM! ON THIS FLOOR.” He approached Minseok grabbing the collar of his shirt “ I COME HOME YELLING AT JONGDAE TO KEEP IT DOWN WHEN HE SAYS HELLO LOUDLY BUT YOU TWO!” He yelled shaking Minseok still gripping his collar.

“YOU TWO STAY UP UNTIL THE EARLY HOURS OF THE MORNING SCREAMING KEEPING ALL OF US UP WHEN WE HAVE A SCHEDULE IN THE MORNING!” Minseok was trying his hardest to not grin and you tried to hold back a laugh almost completely failing.

“And how DARE YOU TREAT HER LIKE THAT.” Junmyeon said gesturing over to you, causing your eyebrow to raise in a questioning manner

“Girls are like precious flowers” he continued “not sex toys, treat them like delicacies not like rags!” He said throwing Minseok back into the couch and moving over to you, taking your hand in his.

“Are you okay?” He asked worryingly “Did he actually cause you any pain?” You now failed to hold your laugh back, causing Minseok to let his grin out and eventually begin laughing with you.

Junmyeon look back and forth between the two of you, wearing confusion on his face. “What’s happening, did I say something funny? I’m serious!”

Your laughter died and you shook your head looking up at Junmyeon who was still confused.

“I want it like that. He doesn’t hurt me because he loves me and even though it hurts a bit in the morning I want It like that because of I love him too. If lever asked him to be gentle I know he would be.” You said reaching over to grab Minseok’s hand. “Because we love each other.” you said smiling.

Minseok couldn’t conceal his gummy smile as he stood up still holding your hand. “Come on.” He gestured his head towards the kitchen. “Let’s go get some coffee.” You followed not even trying to conceal your awkward walk, headed to go get your morning started with your boyfriend before he left for his scheduled day.

Pregnant, Sirius Black x Reader

Originally posted by softsiriusblack

Request1-27-33-35 sirius x reader?
Information: (Y/N) = your name, (y/f/n)= your friends name
Pairing: Sirius Black x Female reader
1. “Come over here and make me” 
27. “I’m pregnant”
33. “Please don’t do this”
35. “You heard me. Take. It. Off.” 

Gryffindor won the Quidditch Cup and they were throwing a huge party in the common room. Everyone was invited, even the Slytherins. Everyone was dancing on the music, drinking, eating or singing. Sirius was looking around the room, James and Lily were dancing together and even Remus was dancing with a Hufflepuff girl one year below the Marauders. Peter was casually talking with a small and chubby Ravenclaw. Sirius kept glancing at the stairs to the girls dormitory’s. He was waiting for his girlfriend, but she was still upstairs. She told Sirius that she had a surprise for him later on because they won the match, and he couldn’t wait. He looked around the room once more to check if no one was watching him, turned into a dog and ran up the stairs to the girls dormitory’s. 

Sirius reached the door and pushed it open. He was in his human form again and smirked as he saw his girlfriend do her makeup. She turned around when she saw him standing in the door frame, in her mirror. “Sirius? How did you get up here?” “That doesn’t matter love” he smirked, coming closer. He kissed her cheek and laid his hands on her hips. “Take it off” he whispered. “What?” “The dress” he smirked. (Y/N) laughed and slapped him on his arm. “I just got dressed Sirius! I want to go to the party” “We can make a party ourselves. You heard me. Take. It. Off.” “Sirius Black shut your mouth!” she warned as he climbed onto the bed. She missed him inches with her brush. He laughed and raised his eyebrow at her. “ Come over here and make me.

The next couple weeks were a bit different. (Y/N) was more cold towards Sirius and she didn’t feel well most of the time. Sirius suggested that she better could go to Mrs. Pomfrey to check if she was alright. She agreed and went with her friend (y/f/n) to the Hospital Wing. Little did she know that she was getting the shock of her life there.

“How are you going to tell Sirius this?” asked (y/f/n) later, trying to stop her from crying. “I- I haven’t e-even thought about t- that” she cried harder. “Shh shh it’s going to be alright” “W- what if h- he breaks up w- with me?” she asked. “He won’t I promise” her friend comforted her. So later on she went with (y/f/n) to the library where they found Remus Lupin. She thought that she could better tell Remus first, since he knew Sirius quite well and she couldn’t functionate well at the moment to think about what Sirius would say about this. Remus reacted just as shocked but tried to make it less by congratulating her. She laughed and hugged him. He promised her that it will be alright and they thought about a plan to tell Sirius.

A week later, (Y/N) knocked on the boys dormitory door. Peter opened the door and gave her a warm and understanding smile. All the Marauders and even Lily knew by now, so they could help her. Except Sirius. She was dead scared for what Sirius would say. “Sirius? Can we talk for a moment?” she asked and her voice sound nervous. “yeah of course, unless you want to break up with me” he sounded a bit nervous too but smiled. James and Remus both lay a hand on (Y/N)’s shoulder and gave her a smile before leaving the room, this seem to make Sirius even more nervous. “(Y/N) are you alright? What is this about?” Sirius asked concerned. “You haven’t been h-” “ I’m pregnant “ she said. Sirius stopped in the middle of his smile and his face sunk. He dropped his wand and the blood disappeared out of his face. His eyes were glassy and his face was paler than ever when he stared at nothing. “ S- Sirius I understand i- if you want to break up with me “ she said as tears filled her eyes. Sirius said nothing. “Please talk” she begged. “Sirius please don’t do this “ she cried but Sirius seemed to be awoken as he jumped up and hugged his girlfriend close. His usual grin seemed to appear on his face again as he lift her off her feet. “You’re pregnant! I’m going to be a father! I mean I’m only sixteen but.. we can do this together I promise. I hope she has your eyes and my hair, or he of course. But I hope a she because I want a mini you. Oh (Y/N) I always wanted a family with you, it’s a bit early but still. I promise I’m going to be a great father! I’m going to be a daddy.. I’m going to-” “Sirius” she laughed and cut his very fast and exited promises off and wiped away her tears. “I love you. I love you so much” Sirius said rather serious and kissed her. Then, out of nothing, Lily, (y/f/n) and the other three Marauders burst into the room with blue and pink balloons and party poppers. (Y/N) laughed and rest her head on Sirius chest as everyone hugged the two future parents. “I’m only one month pregnant!” (Y/N) yelled and laughed but no one seemed to hear her.

As Fate May Have It...

I rushed into the kitchen toggling my phone and my keys in my hand before I set them to the table and went off to one of the cabinets to try and figure out if there was a quick meal I could prepare for myself and eat in less than 15 minutes. There weren’t too many options.

I noticed Isco sitting at the table, in the midst of eating cereal and scrolling something in his phone before he looked up to me and said, “Morning.”

“Morning. Where’s Ish?”

“Still fast asleep,” he explained. He got up from his seat at the table and headed over to me, wrapping his arms around me from behind. He lowered his face to the crook of my neck. “So…”

“So…?” He had this certain tone of voice as if he was close to asking a question but stopped. I was unsure of what he was leading into but I could tell he wanted to say something.

“I’ve been thinking…”


He didn’t immediately respond. Instead he began to rub my skin through the dress I wore, focusing his hands on circling the sides of my belly. He placed a kiss to my cheek. “Well…just about how amazing you would look with a baby belly.”

I broke out into a small laugh. “Me? With a belly?”

He nodded. “I’ve just been thinking maybe it’s time to give Junior a sibling.”

I pulled away from him then as I was now able to look at him face to face to gauge how serious he was being. There was no joking smile on his face that hinted to me he was just saying this to see what my reaction would be. He was actually serious.

“I really don’t think now is the time.”

His face frowned. “Why not? You’re incredible with Junior.”

“Yes but that’s entirely different. I didn’t have to carry him for 9 months. I didn’t have to stop my life and give birth to him.” I loved him like my own blood but I knew it was an entirely different situation to be pregnant than to be a stepmother.

“Stop your life?” He scoffed. “Being pregnant won’t stop your life.”

“Yes it will. You think I’ll be able to work for Analise when I’m 7 months pregnant? Hell, maybe just even 5. Could you imagine that? Me telling her ‘Oh yeah. I won’t be able to work for a few months but before that I’ll be taking days off every now and then, probably every week because I’m dealing with all of the ugly sides of pregnancy. She would flip! I’m her only assistant.”

I had been working for the bossy, petite Italian lady for 2 years now. It took me every day of those 2 years to work myself into a big role within her design company.

“Then she can hire another one.”

“It’s not that easy. I’m the only person she trusts. She wouldn’t dare allow some lowly stranger to step into my role.” I practically did everything for her. I was her confidante, her assistant, her best friend, practically her intern as well.

Isco laughed but I knew it wasn’t a pleasant one. “You are great at coming up with excuses.”

“How is my career an excuse? You’re saying that as the one who won’t have to drop your plans. It’s not like you’ll have to stop playing football to carry a baby.”

“So what you want me to wait until you’re done with your career? Is that it? Wait until you’re done pleasing your little Analise and then we can have a kid?”

“I—“ I began to speak but I was cut off by the loud ring of my phone. I grabbed it from the counter and looked to see who was calling. Speaking of the devil…

I looked up at Isco, his eyes waiting, my eyes already apologizing. “I’m sorry.” I looked down towards the phone ringing in my hand before looking to him again. “I’m really sorry.”

He rolled his eyes and I picked up the phone. “Hello.” Isco threw up his hands in defeat as he began to walk away. I couldn’t stop him, too busy trying to pay enough attention to my boss’s demands.

“I need you here. We’re starting the shoot early and I need fabric.”

“Okay okay. I’m coming,” I rushed out.

I could hear Isco yell, “Have fun with your real lover!” A door slammed behind him. I wanted to follow him, wanted to apologize but I knew that if I even took a few more minutes to try and talk, I would be late to the shoot and my boss would hate me so I didn’t.

I grabbed my things and rushed towards my car.

It was funny the way life worked. It seemed there was always some sort of sign that would pop up when you least expected one. I hadn’t expected to see one here, in this crammed studio but I did.

My eyes felt entranced by the pregnant woman standing not too far away from me, her summery dress gliding around her with every step she took as she changed angles with each shot she took of the model in front of her. It was easy to see her glow, her smile bright after every instruction she gave.

“Y/N!” Analise’s yell snapped me out of my own daydream and I looked to my left to see her standing there, an impatient hand outstretched while she pinched the fabric she was trying to adjust on the model’s back between her fingers. “Thread,” she instructed.

I nodded and handed her the needle threaded with the yellow stitching she needed but not even her quick disruption could stop my eyes from falling right back to the pregnant photographer and the halo that seemed to be wrapped around her.

It was nearly 9 p.m. before I got off and my feet were aching. I slipped out of my pumps before I even fully got to open the door to our home and I stepped inside to see Isco sitting on the couch infront of the television.

“You’re home,” I uttered.

“Where else would I be?”

I guess I couldn’t be mad at him for his harsh response. I had just walked out of our home to head to work when we were mid-argument. I could see how he thought I put my career first and maybe he was right on that. I just hated he was.

I walked forward towards him, dropping my heels in my hand to the floor along with my bag. “Can I sit?”

“You can do whatever you want,” he responded stalely. I took it he didn’t know what I meant but I sat in his unwelcome lap anyway. I could see him cut his eyes before pretending to be occupied with the television remote and flipping through the channels. I decided to jump headfirst into sharing the thoughts I had been having all day.

With one hand I slowly caressed his cheek. His eyes never met mine in that time, still too busy trying to pretend he was focusing on finding something to watch. “I love you more than I love myself and I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.”

“Join the club,” he stated emotionlessly.

I huffed a deep sigh. This was going to be a bit harder than I thought. I reached over into my bag and pulled out my latest purchase, setting it next to him. He gave it a quick meaningless glance. “A scrapbook? Is this supposed to make me feel better?”

“Maybe not yet,” I hinted.

“Well I already have one of these. I don’t need another.”

I guessed I would have to explain it all to him. “Well you’ll need another. I’ll need another. Isco…” I grabbed his chin into my hands and forced him to look directly in my eyes. “I’m sorry for earlier and you were right. I do put my career before everything else but I thought about it and maybe it’s a good idea for us to try for a baby. Granted, that miracle could come in a few weeks, it could come in a few months, it could even be years but I just want you to know that I’m open to the idea.”

“Don’t say these things just to try and pacify me. If you don’t want a child then—“

“I do.” I wanted to begin explaining how I felt watching the photographer earlier and the feeling in my gut I got that seemed to express all that I needed to know but I knew there was no way I could put such fate into words or at least words that would be understood so instead I just said, “I’m ready.”

He gave me a faint smile. “I still think we should wait a few months before we officially try. Just to be sure you’re really ready for this.”

“Well in the meantime we can still practice right?” I gave a teasing smirk before I moved my body to straddle his lap. With me looking down at him, him looking up at me he broke out into a full on grin and ran his hands up and down along my sides.

“Of course, amor.”

Rough Patch


I’m standing in the kitchen, cooking dinner for Niall and I as I wait for him to get home. I’m stirring the pot of pasta sauce when I hear the door open, and footsteps leading inside. “Hey.” Niall says, popping his head into the kitchen, and offering a small smile. “Hi.” You reply. That’s pretty much how we worked these days. “What you making?” He asks, walking in and grabbing a glass of water. “Pasta.” I say, and even I can hear my voice shaking. Honestly, I just wanted Niall back. I heard him stop and turn towards me at the sound of my voice. “What’s wrong Princess?” He asks gently, taking a few steps towards me. Everything. “Nothing.” I lie. I feel him standing next to me, as he takes the spoon from my hand and moves the pot from the element. “Can you look at me please?” He asks, as if he’s talking to a child. I don’t look up, but feel a tear escape my eye, but I quickly wipe it away. I feel Nialls hands on my hips, as he effortlessly lifts me up, placing me on the bench. He stands between my legs, and gently cups my cheek, brushing away tears as the fall. I realise this is probably the closet we’ve been in week, and find tears falling faster. “I miss you, Niall” I say so quietly, I’m not sure I said anything. I hear a sigh leave Niall’s mouth, before he leans down and leans his forehead gently on mine, before his Irish accent comes out in a whisper. “We’ll figure it out babe. I swear. I’m not losing you.”


I walked in the door from a day out with my friends and sighed lightly. I slipped off my shoes, and headed towards the sound of the television. “Hey Hairy” I smiled softly, as Harry turned around and smiled too. My friends had told me I had to try harder to make it through the rough patch we were going through, if I wanted us to make it out the other side. I walk over a sit next to him on the couch, and I think he’s a bit confused, but puts his arm around me, somewhat thankfully, anyway. “How’s your day?” I ask. “Good” He says, before busting into one of his s stories, that I’d missed so much. We hadn’t really talked that much lately. I laughed and offered comments for his story until he finished, when we were both laughing as I lay in his lap. He smiled down at me, a real genuine smile, then leaned down and pressed a kiss on my lips. “I feel like I haven’t seen you in ages.” He mumbles, with sadness in his eyes. “Same.” I admit. After a few seconds of silence I feel his fingers playing with my hair. “You still want to be in this, right? Cause if you don’t, you need to tell me.” He says, looking into my eyes, fearful, I might just get up and go. “I do. Do you?” “More than anything. I just want us again.” He says, sadness again glazing over his eyes. He leant down and placed a gentle kiss on my lips, and I moved my hand to the back of his head, holding him there as he deepened the kiss. “I love you.” He said between kisses. “I love you too” I tell him as he roll on top of me.


“hey baby” Zayn tired voice rings through my computer speakers. “Hey Zayn” I reply. “How was your day?” I ask, after a few seconds of silence. “Good.” He replies, not glancing up from his phone. We sit there quietly for a minute or so before I take a deep breath. “I’m gonna go” I tell him. “Oh, okay” He says, finally looking up from his phone. “I might move back into my flat” I say, refusing to look at him. “Wait, what? Babe, don’t do that” He says. Oh so now you suddenly care, do you? “Please babe. I know we aren’t good right now, but don’t go please.” “It’s not like you’re trying Zayn” I tell him harshly. “It’s hard on tour babe. We can’t see each other all the time.” “I’m here right now, and you’re not trying.” Zayn makes a face of realization, before a guilty expression lays on his features. “This weekend I’ll fly home and we figure this out.” He tells me. “Can you promise me you’ll be there when I get home? Please? If we talk, and you still want to go, you go.” I nod lightly. “We got a deal?” He asks, and I nod again. “I love you baby girl. It’ll get better.”


I’m lay in bed late one night, trying to get to sleep when Liam trys to tiptoe in, and quietly get changed. “I’m awake Li” I say, with my eyes still closed, and he then becomes noisier as he gets ready for bed. After 5 or so minutes, he slips in bed next to me, but quite far away. I sigh, and close my eyes again. I can hear that next to me, Liam was wide awake, and after 10is he minutes, I feel a big hand on my hip. I smile lightly, as Liam pulls me towards him, really cautiously, as if I’m about to yell at him or move away. I feel his hand leave my hip when I’m closer to him. I guess this is my turn to make a move. I wiggle closer, closing the final little gap between us as I feel my back hit his chest. I snuggle into him, and I feel his tense body, relax, before he wraps his arms around my waist, getting comfortable. I interlock my fingers with his, before closing my eyes again with a slight smile on my face. We hadn’t slept like this in weeks. “I love you” I whisper. I fell his lips place a gentle kiss on my neck before I hear him whisper “I love you too. So much.”


“You don’t care anymore! You just don’t care about us!” Louis yells at me. “I am constantly trying, I am honestly throwing myself at you and you just shut me down. All. The. Time.” He continues, running his fingers through his hair. He takes a deep breath before turning back to me, a desperate look on his face.“Do you not love me anymore?” He asked quieter, sounding broken. “Louis, don’t say that. I do. I love you more than anything.” I say, and I notice my voice sounds tired. Just tired of working, all he time. Nothing to do with Lou. I guess I had been distant, but when I got home, I just wanted to sleep. And Louis had had enough of it, it seemed. He sighs and walks over to me, linking our fingers together loosely. “What’s going on then (y/n)? Cause I’m watching you drift away from me really quickly.” I bite my lips together and shrug. “I didn’t realize. I’m just stressed from work and stuff.” Louis places his fingers under my chin and tilts my head so he can look into my eyes. “I love you. So much, but I can’t watch you drift away anymore. Your not even yourself anymore.” He tells me. “Do you want to break up?” I whisper, not able to make any louder sound, as a tear slips down my cheek, and Louis moves quickly to whip it away. “No, no. That’s the last thing I want baby. I just want you back.” He whispers back. I open my mouth to respond, but am interrupted by the annoying sound of my work phone. I close my eyes slowly as Louis reaches behind me, before passing me my phone. “Hello?” I say, trying to sound happy, but failing. “Right now?” I ask, after listening to the person. I look up and give Louis an apologetic glance, and he sighs, shaking his head, turning and walking away from me. “Okay. Tell them soon. Bye.” I hang up, and slide my phone back into my bag. “It’s my job Lou.” I say quietly after sitting in silence for a long time. “This is our relationship (y/n)!” He yells, waving his hand between him and eye. “This is what I was talking about. You just don’t care.” He says, more to himself than to me, as he turns and leaves the room. “Have fun at work.” He says before jogging up the stairs. More tears fall from my eyes, and I drop my bag, making a few calls, before going up stairs after Lou. I open our bedroom door and see Louis laying in bed. “You forget something?” He asks in a mumble. I slip off my shoes and my jeans before climbing in next to Louis. He rolls over and looks at me with a small smile. “Just how important we are.” Louis smiles and places a kiss on my nose. “Thank you baby. Thank you.” He says. “I’m sorry.” I mumble. “You’re here now. That’s all that matters.

Where You Belong [XMAS REQUEST]

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas! This was going to be posted yesterday but my food coma was bad and I couldn’t move. But hey, everyone gets late christmas presents, right? From those weird relatives you never see? That’s me … I’m your weird relative!

Anyway, I hope you all had a lovely day and you were spoilt with presents! Let’s have an even better 2016 :D

Lots of love

Jade xo

“Baby, can I talk to you for a minute?” you asked with a knock on the door. When he was staying at yours, he liked to take over your spare bedroom and use it as his studio so he didn’t wake you up when you were sleeping.

His eyes stayed fixed on the bright screen in front of him, where he was sliding bars and clicking away. He didn’t answer straight away, which made you look at him closer and realise he had his headphones in and was therefore dead to the world. You knew he was probably in the ‘zone’ but you really needed to talk to him and it couldn’t wait.

Crossing the room, you tapped him on the back and rested your head on his shoulder, waiting for him to take out his headphones. “Oh sorry babe,” he muttered, stopping the music and taking his headphones out. You lifted your head and stood up straight while he spin in his chair to face you. “What’s up?”

You gulped hard and blew out a breath: you really hated breaking bad news. “I need to tell you something,” you told him softly, fiddling with your hands in front of you. “And you may not like it.”

He reached out to take your fumbling hands and pull them closer, tugging you until you were sat on his lap, his arms wrapped casually around your hips. “If you’re worrying about what to get me for Christmas, I already told you that I don’t need anything. Just you,” he said cutely, kissing the tip of your nose and making what you were about to say that little bit harder.

“It’s not about Christmas presents,” you assured him, still chewing over your next words. Whichever way you told him, he wasn’t going to like it but you could still try and soften the hurt. “It’s about Christmas. The company wants me on a flight to London on the 24th.”

He frowned at you, the little cogs in his head spinning in thought. “Does that mean you’ll be late for Christmas dinner? I can tell Kyungsoo to start cooking later to give you more time. It really doesn’t matter when we eat as long as we do,” he said, running his hands up your arms to comfort you. But his innocence was even more heart breaking.

Gently you ran your fingertips across his hairline, cupping his cheek with a tender touch. “Don’t worry about Christmas dinner. I won’t be able to be there at all. The next flight back is the 27th. I’d be in London for Christmas.” You let the sentence hang there in the air, waiting for him to react.

For a second, he was frozen. “London for Christmas?” he stuttered, looking up at your face with sad wide eyes. You reached your thumb across his cheekbone and bit on your bottom lip, holding back the tears. “You’re not going to be here for Christmas?” he asked again, his voice a bit louder this time but still full of disbelief.

“I’m so sorry baby, but I can’t get out of it this time,” you managed in a tiny voice. Any louder and the tears would be streaming down your face, breaking both of your hearts.

He gripped you hard, pinning your arms to your side and freezing you in place. “I’ll come with you then,” he insisted frantically, moving his hands to cup your cheeks on either side. His touch broke you instantly and the tears fell, rolling down your face until Chanyeol brushed them aside. “We can spend Christmas in London together and it’ll be perfect,” he exclaimed, but you knew he didn’t mean what he said. He couldn’t mean it.

“You have a concert on the 26th,” you rationalised, holding back the sobbing in your chest. Christmas in London with Chanyeol sounded like pure bliss, but it was merely a dream. He was EXO’s Chanyeol first. “The company wouldn’t let you leave and I know you couldn’t bear to do that to your fans.”

Reality seemed to crash down on Chanyeol, all the features in his face falling as he realised there wasn’t anything he could do to fix this. All the thoughts going through his head were probably the ones going through yours when your boss told you. But there wasn’t a solution and you could see it on his face the second he knew it was true. He moved his hands off your face to the back of your head and pulled you down, your face burying itself in his shoulder.

“I’m so sorry Chanyeol,” you mumbled into the collar of his shirt, the sobs finally breaking free of your chest. “I’m sorry baby.”

Chanyeol pushed you back gently to look at your face, his thick thumbs brushing the tears away. “It’s not your fault baby,” he murmured softly as you watched his eyes fill up. “It’s just one of those things we’ll have to get through. There will be other Christmases!” he promised, leaning forward to kiss your lips for a second before just pressing his forehead against yours and looking into your eyes.

“I really hate being a flight attendant sometimes,” you muttered scornfully under your breath, letting out a long sigh that helped release some of the frustration you were feeling.

Your boyfriend laughed, just a little tear slipped down his face and into the collar of his shirt. “You don’t mean that baby. You love your job!”

It was true. You loved all the travelling and the fact you sometimes got to sleep above the clouds and wake up over a different country. And if it wasn’t for your job, you never would have met Chanyeol. He never would have spilt his tea down your uniform and had the excuse to give you his number. You wouldn’t be sat in his lap right now, looking into his beautiful brown eyes, and feeling like the luckiest girl in the world.

But recently the job had started to take more of a toll on you. The trips seemed longer and you didn’t love them as much as you used to now that they dragged you away from Chanyeol. “Ok, I don’t hate being a flight attendant but I hate that I always feel like I’m choosing between my job and you. I mean it’s taking me away from you at Christmas!”

“There will be other Christmases,” Chanyeol told you softly, giving you a weak smile. He was trying to be positive for you but the smile didn’t reach his eyes like it usually did. “This isn’t the worst thing we’ve had to deal with.”

Lifting your legs up, you tucked yourself up into a ball in Chanyeol’s lap and nuzzled your head under his chin. “Can I listen?” you asked quietly, pointing at the bars of music on his laptop screen. You didn’t want to keep talking about it: you just wanted to spend as much time with Chanyeol as you could before you left.

Chanyeol laughed a little and passed you the headphones he had been using. “It’s not anywhere near finished yet so bear that in mind,” he quickly insisted, moving the chair closer to the desk so he could start the music. He clicked play and sat back, wrapping his arms around your body and dotting kisses on the top of your head.

As the drumbeat filled your ears, all you wanted to do was stay where you were, with Chanyeol holding you and nothing making you leave.

Christmas just wasn’t the same without Chanyeol.

It didn’t feel like a festive day supposedly filled with joy and cheer. You boyfriend wasn’t there to wake you up at an ungodly hour, shaking you awake so he could open some presents under the tree. The hotel room was sparsely decorated in comparison, the tree in the corner with some random pieces of tinsel and a couple of baubles. At home, your tree was beautifully decorated with lots of lights and fancy ornaments and a star on the top. It had taken you ages to redecorate it after Chanyeol just threw them on and said it looked pretty.

Of course you video chatted your boyfriend as soon as you woke up but in Korea, it was already the evening and he was sitting down for a meal that Kyungsoo had prepared. It made you so homesick seeing them all smiling and laughing with lots of food while you were alone in your hotel room with an old Christmas movie on the TV to entertain.

You had breakfast with your work friends but by the time you were dressed and ready, after spending a lot of the morning in bed video chatting, it was more lunch than breakfast. The food looked and tasted absolutely mouth-watering but in the back of your mind was Chanyeol: missing him, wondering what he was doing, hoping he was thinking about you.

After eating, everyone was going to hang around the bar and talk. You quickly made your excuses and heading upstairs, hoping to talk to Chanyeol before he fell asleep. He picked up within seconds of you ringing.

“Hey beautiful!” he said brightly, his face super close to the camera as it popped up on your phone. “I was just thinking about you.” Moving the phone away from his face, you saw a bit more of the background and noticed the photos on the wall behind him.

“Are you in my apartment?” you asked with a furrowed brow, trying to remember if Chanyeol had photos on his bedroom wall like you did. Looking at your phone, you fell onto your bed and wrapped the covers around yourself like a burrito.

Chanyeol pulled an adorable pout and pulled the covers up his chin. They were the covers of your bed, the dark grey ones you loved because they were so soft. “I was missing you too much so I’m staying here until you come home,” he confessed, taking a deal breath of your covers and smiling to like an idiot.

You couldn’t help but laugh, covering your mouth with the covers shyly. “You are too cute,” you cooed cutely, wishing you could reach through the screen and pinch his adorable cheeks. “How was dinner?” you asked.

Immediately like it was a reflex, Chanyeol groaned in delight. “Oh it was so good!” he sighed happily, closing his eyes and smiling so the little dimple on his cheeks appeared. “Kyungsoo prepared so much food that by the end of the meal, we all had to be horizontal for like half an hour.”

The pair of you talked for way over an hour, with Chanyeol wanting to tell you everything about his day. He had a schedule in the morning but in the afternoon, he played games in the dorm with the members. By the sound of it, he was still bitter about losing to Jongin at Mario Kart. You helped his ego and promised to let him win at Mario Kart next time you played. He asked about your day but you hadn’t done much since you last spoke to him. The comparison of your Christmases was big: he had done everything to the point where he was exhausted whereas you had barely done anything.

As the conversation went on, Chanyeol became more and more sleepy, his eyes drooping and his speech being slower. You could tell he was trying his hardest to stay awake for you, seeing as the time zones were so different between the two of you. But even when you told him to go to sleep, he was adamant about staying up.

“This is the only way I get to spend Christmas with you baby,” he murmured tiredly, covering his mouth to hide his yawning. Determined to stay awake, he slapped his cheeks lightly and rubbing his eyes. “I’ll stay up until the morning just to be with you more.”

You rolled your eyes at his stubbornness and checked the time on your phone, working out in your head what the time was there. “Chanyeol, it’s past 2am there! We’ve been talking for two hours! You need to go to sleep!” you ordered him, although it was less effective when you were on the other side of the world. “I’ve seen your schedule for tomorrow and it’s long so stop worrying about me and go to sleep. You can call me when you’re on your way to Music Core tomorrow.”

“No, I’m going to stay up with you,” Chanyeol replied stubbornly, giving you the cutest smile that made your heart skip a beat and melt all at the same time. “I’m doing this for the girl I love.”

“I can’t believe I love this idiot,” you groaned, giggling silently as he smirked at you through the phone with his eyes closed. “I’m just going to the toilet,” you said, putting your phone down on your pillow and jumping out of bed.

When you came back, you jumped onto the bed and grabbed your phone, holding it above your head. “I’m back,” you told him, wondering if the phone had frozen. Chanyeol’s face was still, his eyes closed with the covers brought up over his chin. “Hello? Chanyeol?” You waited but there was no response, no movement at all. But you saw the rise and fall of his chest, so you know the screen wasn’t frozen. “At least you listened to me,” you said softly, smiling at your sleeping boyfriend.

You knew you should hang up and go and join in the festivities again but you couldn’t pull yourself away from the screen. You were always the one to fall asleep, your boyfriend usually up late composing or writing lyrics. Seeing him asleep before it and you wanted to stay with him a little longer, even if he was asleep. He was very peaceful, the stress of the day slowly falling off his face as he slipped deeper into his sleep. When you had stared at his face for an obsessive amount of time, and taken enough screenshots for future blackmail uses, you decided it was time to hang up and let your beautiful idol get his rest.

“I miss you baby,” Chanyeol murmured quietly.

Quickly snapping your attention to the screen, you saw Chanyeol nuzzling deeper into your covers. His eyes were still closed and his features were still in sleep. “I guess you’re dreaming about me,” you murmured, smiling to yourself. “I miss you too baby. I’ll be home soon.”

That was probably the longest flight of your life. There was so much turbulence as you left Europe which made everyone on the plane really anxious and agitated. You were just as anxious – you hated turbulence just as much as the passengers but it was your job to stay calm and reassure them, even if inside, all you wanted to do was strap yourself in and stick your head between your legs.

When you finally touched down, you sent a message to Chanyeol and grabbed a lift home from one of your workmates. You were so excited to get home and just pass out on your bed and be nice and cosy in your own apartment. Chanyeol didn’t text you back so you assumed he was asleep, but you weren’t sure if he was at yours still or the dorm. Either way, as soon as you arrived outside your building, you hugged your friend, grabbed your suitcase and ran inside, scrambling for your keys as you climbed the stairs.

Finally being able to get your door open, you dropped your things off in the hallway by the shoes and started turning lights on, moving through your apartment. Already you could hear your bed calling you. It was only 6pm but you were so tired, you could probably sleep for days.

As you walked into your living room, the lights turned out without you touching you and EXO literally popped out from behind your sofa, Baekhyun and Jongdae holding a banner above their heads that read ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS!’. “Surprise!” they all called out, cheering and clapping loudly. You jumped in shock and almost fell back, only to bump into Chanyeol who had emerged from the kitchen with a cake in his hands and candles burning on top of it.

“Merry Christmas,” he said softly, holding the cake out in front of you with the flickering candles casting a warm glow over Chanyeol’s smile.

Little tears trickled down your face as you looked around your living room. All the decorations were lit up and looking amazing. There were presents brimming out from under the tree and on the table there were plates and bowls of your favourite Korean food. As you looked at all of Chanyeol’s members smiling at you happily, you couldn’t help but cry a little bit more. This was how you wanted your Christmas to be; with your boyfriend and his friends at home with lots of food and smiles.

You turned back to Chanyeol and smiled, which probably went against the tears on your face but he knew they were happy tears. “I can’t believe you did all of this for you,” you murmured, wiping the tears off your face quickly.

“Well you missed Christmas Day so we thought we’d postpone it for a few days until you were home,” he replied proudly, still holding out the cake in front of you. “Now blow the candles out before the wax melts down completely!”

Doing as you were told, you blew out the candles, not taking a second to make a wish because you had nothing to wish for. You already had everything you could ever had asked for. “Thank you everyone,” you said, turning in a circle to give everyone a clap before facing Chanyeol again and reaching up to give him a kiss. “Merry Christmas baby.”

“Let’s eat!” Chanyeol declared quickly, which seemed to make everyone happy as they scrambled to the table in the middle of the food and started piling their plates with food. Chanyeol placed the cake down and then pulled you to join them, letting you sit in between his legs as he plated up all your favourite things.

Beside you, Minseok was pouring everyone a glass of beer and passing them around. Once everyone had a glass, you held yours up in the air and called for a cheers. When everyone clinked glasses, you called out “Merry Christmas,” and everyone replied, clinking glasses with everyone individually.

While everyone ate, you caught up on everything you missed whilst you had been working. You were worried Kyungsoo had been forced to make all this food for you but it turns out they just ordered in for you. It was still lovely that they went to so much effort for you: their presence wiping away the fatigue you felt earlier. They made it the best Christmas you’d experienced, sat in Chanyeol’s lap with laughter all around you, happily stuffing your face with dumplings and feeding Chanyeol while you chewed.

After dinner, you all sat around the table and opened the presents under the tree. Everyone was happy with their presents from you and you had been well and truly spoilt by them, especially Chanyeol who bought you the prettiest locket ever that already had his picture inside.

At some point between opening presents and eating cake, you fell asleep on Chanyeol’s lap, waking up when everyone had left and Chanyeol was lifting you up to carry you to bed. “What did I miss?”

Chanyeol laughed lightly and dotted a little kiss on your forehead as he continued to carry you into the bedroom. “I completely forgot that you’d probably be exhausted after the long flight. You fell asleep so I sent everyone back to the dorm and cleaned up,” he explained, kicking your bedroom door open and setting you down lightly on the bed.

You sat up and wiped your eyes, your hand dropping to hold locket around your neck. “You cleaned up by yourself? You should have woke up me so I could help,” you exclaimed sleepily, yawning into the back of your hand.

“It’s alright baby, as long as you had a good evening!” he told you softly, stripping down to his boxers and climbing over you and into bed.

His undressing reminded you of the fact you were still in your uniform. You shimmed out of the tights and pulled the dress up over your head, throwing them both on the floor before climbing under your soft covers in just your underwear. Once under, Chanyeol moved to lie next to you and wrap his arms around you, letting you use his arm as a pillow while he stroked your forehead. You turned in your spot to face him, your hand back on the locket.

“It was the best pretend Christmas I’ve ever had,” you told him softly, reaching up to kiss him on his soft lips. As your lips touched, his grip became tighter and he rolled over with you so you were lying on his chest completely, your legs tangled together. “I missed you,” you added as you moved your hands into his hair and pulled him closer for another kiss.

He laughed against your lips and trapped your bottom lip between his teeth, smiling as you groaned and moved closer. “I don’t like it when you leave but I love it when you come home,” he said in his low voice that had your heart pounding a mile a minute. He squeezed you tighter and kissed your lips for too short a second. “This is where you belong,” he told you sternly, squeezing again to reemphasise his point. “And no matter where your work takes you, whether it’s to China, Australia or England, I know that you’ll always come home. Because this is where you belong, in my arms.”

“I didn’t think I could love you anymore than I already do,” you sighed, folding your arms across his chest and resting your head on them to look up at him better. “But then you went and said that. With all my heart and soul, I love you.”

The little dimple appeared again on his face and this time, he was right in front of you and you could actually poke it. He screwed his face cutely and ran a hand through your hair, pulling your face closer so your lips just brushed his. “I love you too baby. Merry Christmas!”

“And a happy new year!” you finished, closing what little gap there was between the two of you and losing yourself in the kiss.

For the last time in 2015 … MASTERLIST!

Edmund Pevensie X Reader | AN 'ACT'.

Anonymous said:

Can you do an imagine where Edmund tells a crazy princess you’re his girlfriend to get out of something, but doesn’t expect you to take the role so seriously? Your writing is great, btw ^_^


“You must be King Edmund! It’s a pleasure to meet you, Your Highness!”

Edmund turned around to see where the squeaky voice came from, and was annoyed at only the sight of her.

A princess-most probably one of Calormen-was looking at him with a smile on her face that creeped Edmund out.

Edmund wanted to groan in annoyance, why did he have to attend the ball?

After all, it was to celebrate Caspian’s coronation.

He had never been one for those formal events.
He would much rather go horse-back riding or play chess with (Y/N) so he could see her eyebrows furrowed cutely in concentration.

Edmund blushed, he should really stop thinking like that about her.

She was his friend, only his friend. Nothing more, nothing less.

But Edmund knew he was lying to himself about not having any feelings for (Y/N).

He had wanted to tell her, but he would think about the worst that could happen instead of the best.

The worst thing that could happen was her rejecting him and then the friendship they had would also be gone because, come on, it’s pretty awkward being friends with someone who you know has romantic feelings for you.

The best thing that could happen however, and Edmund never thought about that since he never dared to think she had feelings for him too, was their friendship developing into love.

Edmund mustered up his best fake smile and bowed lightly to the princess, “hello Princess, it’s nice to make your acquaintance.”

“Just call me Genevieve!” The girl insisted.

“Okay, Genevieve, how are you doing today?” Edmund tried really hard not to show he was annoyed by the girl, and that would have gone wrong if she wasn’t so oblivious to the reality of the situation.

“Perfect now I have met you.” Genevieve sent him a wink that was meant to be seductive, but actually it only made her creepier than she already was.

“It’s…nice…to hear that.” Edmund was having a hard time being polite to the girl.

The only thing he wanted was to tell her to go away because he was not one bit interested in her. But he knew that would be rude, and he didn’t want to cause any issues between Narnia and Calormen.

Edmund was trying really hard to come up with a plan on how to excuse himself, but with Genevieve staring at him like he was a doll she wanted, that was harder than it seemed.

Then suddenly, Edmund saw his chance as (Y/N) walked past him, flashing a little smile his way as she looked briefly from Edmund to Genevieve.

Before she was out of reach, he grabbed her arm and pulled her next to him.

“Princess Genevieve, I want you to meet (Y/N). (Y/N), meet Genevieve.” Edmund placed a hand on the small of her back as the two girls bowed their heads lightly to one another in respect.

Edmund noticed the narrowing of Genevieve’s eyes at (Y/N), but he didn’t notice the fake smile (Y/N) had given Genevieve in return.

“Is she your cousin or something that no one knows anything about?” The Princess asked rudely as she didn’t even take a glance at (Y/N).

(Y/N) raised an eyebrow at the girl and scoffed in disbelief.

Edmund, knowing that (Y/N) didn’t have a filter for her words and would even fight if necessary, slipped his hand into hers to calm her with a light blush resting on his cheeks.

(Y/N) blushed and forget all about Genevieve, who was now giving (Y/N) a dirty look.

“No, she’s not my cousin.” Edmund looked down at (Y/N) and tried to look at her lovingly, which wasn’t really hard since she was always lovely in his eyes. “She’s my girlfriend.”

Confusion dawned upon (Y/N)’s face, but when Edmund shot her a look that screamed ‘Please play along, she knew what to do.

“She’s your what?” Genevieve furrowed her eyebrows in confusion, which made Edmund remember that Narnia didn’t use the same words as they did in England.

“We’re courting.“Edmund let go of (Y/N) hand and slowly slipped his arm around her waist to try and prove his point.

Genevieve got a really jealous look on her face that satisfied (Y/N) and made her happy about this little act.

To annoy her even more, (Y/N) leaned up and kissed Edmund’s cheek, lingering a second longer than necessary.

The two of them had to do anything in their might to keep from blushing and giving away that they were lying to Genevieve. And to themselves.

"How lovely,” The Princess didn’t bother to hide her envy. “Did you just start courting? I haven’t seen you two being really close to each other in the few days I have been here.”

That made Edmund’s eyes go wide.

Before the ball, the guests who had to travel a long distance to Narnia were allowed to come to the castle a few days earlier so they could get enough rest.

And since Calormen was far from Narnia, this Princess had been one of those guests.

The fact that made Edmund scared however was that the Princess had most probably spied on him during those few days, or she would not have known this information.

He tapped on (Y/N) waist in morse code, knowing she understood it.

“……-.. .–. / – .(help me)” he made sure to make every tap clear to (Y/N) but invisible to the Princess’s eyes.

“That’s what chambers are for, ” (Y/N) made Edmund and herself blush as she said those words. Edmund scolded himself for thinking like that, “to contain the little privacy we have.”

“Who needs privacy?!” The girl threw up her arms, “I’m sure the whole Kingdom would like to see you two kiss!”

Edmund’s blush grew a darker shade of red as he realized what the girl meant; kiss in front of me so I know you’re really courting.

(Y/N) also seemed to understand Genevieve’s intentions and she gently wrapped her arms around Edmund’s neck.

Edmund was almost frozen in place when she leant in, but then remembered that would look suspicious.

So instead of ruining the only kiss he would (or rather, he thought he would) ever have with this girl, he decided to enjoy it.

His arms wrapped around her waist and he also leaned in.

Then their lips met, and neither Edmund nor (Y/N) cared anymore that there was a jealous Princess watching their every action.

(Y/N)’s hands fiddled with the ends of his hair as Edmund’s hand pressed down the small of her back, bringing her closer to his body.

The annoyed huff that Princess Genevieve let out as she stormed out of the ballroom brought Edmund and (Y/N) back to the real world.

They slowly parted and blushed as they looked anywhere but each others eyes.

“Uh, thanks.” Edmund was the first to break the awkward silicone that has dawned upon them.

“Anytime.” The girl laughed softly.

“So, how come you didn’t like her?” (Y/N) asked teasingly.

Because she’s not you, Edmund wanted to say.

Instead he answered the question in a way that he didn’t actually have answer the question, “is that a trick question?”

(Y/N) laughed and kissed his cheek, which had Edmund’s breath hitch.

“Are we still acting?” He asked, hoping that the answer would be ’no’.

“We have to keep the act up for a little longer until she’s away.” (Y/N) reminded him.

Little did they know that even after she would go, they would keep up the ‘act’.

Wonho - Step-Sister Pt. 2

Author: Jo

Word Count:1529

Genre: Smut

Rating: M

Request: “ Holy shit… I’m feeling some type of way about wonho… AND HE’S NOT EVEN MY FUCKING BIAS… part 2 please???”

“can u do a part 2 of the step-sis wonho scenario where he finds you to return the favor?” 

“Oh my god your Wonho step sister smut killed me. I was wondering if you could do a part 2 please?”

I had a few people request this. I kept going back and forth between many different ideas on how to do this so I hope you guys like this. I also apologize for taking so long. 

Pt. 1 

Originally posted by twice-ooh

It had been hours since you and Wonho had the interaction. You weren’t sure what you were suppose to do. He had been ignoring you all day

Your dad was sitting on the couch with his wife next to him. They were watching TV while you stared down onto your phone. They had small conversations about the show, talking back and forth. Hopelessly, you were trying to get your mind off of everything by checking your social media sites.  

A banging noise came from the stairs. Wonho appeared from the stairs and walked over to the kitchen. You looked up and locked eyes with him. Quickly, he turned his head from you and went over to the refrigerator to grab a drink. Asshole. Wonho grabbed a water bottle and began drinking it. You couldn’t help but to look back up at him, meeting his eyes again, although he didn’t look away from you this time.

Your dad noticed the looks you two were giving off, “Why are you guys looking at each other so seriously? You both look like you’re ready to kill,” he diverted his attention back to his wife. Before putting the water down, Wonho winked towards you. A fluttering feeling filled your stomach. Trying to ignore his gesture you looked back at your phone. He put the bottle of water on the kitchen table and began observing you, “Well, she shouldn’t have barged into my room.”  Your eyes shot up to him in a mix of anger and shock, “What?” You dragged me into your dirty, tissue paper filled cave! “Alright, alright,” your dad intervened, “I think it’s time we all head to bed.

Wonho smirked devilishly at you. Passing Wonho next to the staircase, your parents went up to their bedroom. Following after, you got up from your chair and walked towards the stairs. You passed by Wonho and gave him an annoyed look. You walked up the stairs hearing Wonho’s steps behind you. Continuing forward, you made your way to your room without looking back. He watching you walk inside before entering his room.

You slammed your phone onto your bed angrily. “He’s so frustrating,” you said as you changed into your PJs. As you were putting on your shirt you got a text. Curious, you looked at the message Are you sleep? It was from Wonho. You looked at the message for a bit longer before locking your phone again. You weren’t sure what was going on between you two anymore, but you were trying your best to convince yourself you didn’t care.

A few minutes passed by and you were ready to crawl into bed. A knock came from your door. Confused as to who it could be you opened the door. To your surprise it was Wonho. With built up anger you were ready to lash out, “Get out of my-” his lips stopped another word form coming out of yours. His right hand rested on your back, pulling you closer into him as his left hand slowly closed the door behind him. He pulled away from the kiss and looked at you. You were frozen.

He smiled, “I thought it’d be unfair if we left it off like that.” There were footsteps approaching the door, “Are you alright in there, sweetie?” your step mother asked through your door. Hesitant, you looked at Wonho who was waiting for your response. “Yes, I’m fine.” you claimed. He smiled and began kissed the side of your neck. “I’ll be heading to bed right now.” Wonho flicked the lights off for you before leading you towards the bed. Footsteps faded from your room.

You sat on the edge of the bed and crawled back so that Wonho would climb on too. Your back hit the headboard, stopping you from going and farther. Slowly, he crawled on top of you. Gazing over every part of your body, he hovered over you. Your eyes met. Without a word, he lowered his lips onto yours. His lips motioned softly with yours. For some reason you felt shy.

You felt a hand resting on your hip. His thumb made its way under your underwear band, tracing circles on your skin. He pulled away from your lips, leaving them empty. Teasing you, he looked back up to you biting his bottom lip. Noticing your exposed neck, he began kissing from your neck down to your collarbones. He raised your shirt up to your breasts and nibbled at the the skin on your stomach. His hands grabbed both sides of your pajama pants and lowered them, leaving you in only your panties.

Wonho kissed the inner skin of your thighs and around your panties. You thought you were going to go insane from his touch. While his lips were busy on your thighs his hand made its way to your crotch. Softly, his thumb rub over your slit through your panties. A light moan made its way through your lips. Turned on from the sound, Wonho bit your skin lightly. Another whimper shot out from your mouth. He moved his lips up to yours and kissed you passionately. Although, his thumb continued to graze over your area.

Small moans were trying to fight their way out from the kiss. Wonho let go of your lips and moved over to your ear, “Shhh, we wouldn’t want them to hear.” You nodded. The sexy tone of this voice made you feel weak. He then began moving down your body again. He left more kisses on your skin just above your panty line. Both his index fingers curled around the sides of your panty straps and pulled them down your legs. Tossing them to the side quickly, he went back to you.

Wonho positioned his head just above your crotch. His hands placed your legs over his shoulders. He rested his hands on your hips, squeezing them softly from time to time. Shivers went up your spine. You felt his tongue on your clit. Your hands gripped the bed sheets under you lightly. He moved his tongue around your clit before playing with it. The sight of him down on you made you feel like you were going insane.

Your legs were burning from all the pleasure. His tongue started slow but he soon began rubbing your clit harder. You bit your lip trying to contain whatever was about to leave your mouth. His right hand moved from your hip down to your area. Wonho slipped his index finger into you first then the middle finger next. Your back arched to his touch. Your hands went to his head and gripped on your hair. He moved his finger in and out of you and occasionally curling inside. It left you feeling needy of more.

“Wonho..” you moaned as quietly as you could. You were worried about your parents hearing, but he was so engulfed into you that you wanted to give up caring. With a few more rub, you were at your limit. Before you could come he left your body. You looked at him with confusion. At that pointed you were sexual frustrated. He slid his sweatpants and boxers down and grabbed the condom from earlier that he wasn’t able to use. He quickly rolled the condom onto his hard length and positioned himself over you.

The only light provided was the one from the street light that shined through the blinds. You could see the outline of his body hovering over you. His eyes that were filled with lust before were now burning with fire. Wonho slowly entered you. You buried your face into his shoulder, fighting back the urge to moan out loudly. He waited for your walls to adjust to his size before thrusting in and out of your body.

His strokes were strong and consistent. You two were both already at the edge of your climax from all the touching before hand. It wouldn’t be long before you both hit your end. You felt his thrusts getting faster and harder. “Uhh..” you couldn’t hold back. Immediately after, Wonho locked his lips with yours. It was the only way to keep you quiet. Your hands gripped onto the sleeves of his shirt as he continued to ram into you. Wonho tried to keep the bed from rocking back and forth as much as possible.

It only took a few more powerful thrusts and you both orgaismed. Yours and and his moans clashed together in the kiss. You both rode out the orgaism. The room was silent with only the staggered breathing to be heard. Wonho took the condom off, wrapped it in a few tissue papers and threw it out into your garbage can. He got up off the bed and pulled his sweatpants and boxers back up. Looking over at you, he noticed you also putting your panties and pants up.

You sat on the edge of the bed and watched Wonho walking back to you. He left a small peck on your lips for the last time. You looked deep into his eyes, “ Don’t barge into my room.” He smiled and laughed under his breath, “I’ll try.”


You woke up with a terrible headache. Everything hurt and you couldn’t remember your bed being so uncomfortable. It was early in the morning and when you opened your eyes, your surroundings weren’t quite familiar to you. It looked a lot like, you imagined the gryffindor common room to look like.And the boy lying next to you, had a remarkable resemblance to Sirius Black. You stared at the boy before shaking him roughly by the shoulders. You wanted to know what was going on and you wanted to know it right now.

“Sirius!” You hiss, “Wake up!”

The boy rolled around on the couch for a bit before he finally seemed to be awake.

“Aren’t you looking adorable today.” Of course the first thing he’d do after waking up was flirting with the next girl in his reach.

“Stop trying to be cute and tell me what the hell I’m doing here. And your answer better be good.”

“You can’t remember? Wow, you must have banged your head harder than we thought.” He says and takes your head between his hands, looking at you closely.

“Sirius! Talk.”

“We met you last night when we were sneaking out, you wanted to get your books from the library because you had forgotten them there. Rings a bell?”

“Uh, yeah I think..”

“When we heard footsteps, we ran away but you kind of bumped into an open door someone hadn’t closed. So since we had no way of getting you into your common room we brought you here.”

“Oh.” You slowly say, “That somehow makes sense.”