going to the sun highway


The Loft




I pick out a shirt to wear, and put on the vans that Jackhad gotten down for me. I look for my old apartment keys, and find them in mybag I brought with me here. Still kind of confused at what just happened withJack, I walk out of my room and go downstairs.

I walk into the kitchen and see it spotless.

Who knew that the boys actually knew how to clean?

I go up to Nash, Cam, and Johnson and say,

“Okay, I’m ready.”

I see GIlinsky staring at me from across the room as he starts walking over to the boys and me.

I see hear him whisper in Johnson’s ear,

“Take care of her, bro.”

Johnson nods and I smile at him letting him know that I heard him.

We start walking out the door and into Cam’s car. I get in the passenger seat beside Cam and turn on the music. All the boys are standing outside waving at us goodbye, when Matt comes over to the car and tells me to roll down my window.

After rolling down my window, he sticks his head inside the car and kisses my cheek, and mutters in my ear,

“You’re all mine tonight, got it baby?”

I widen my eyes, smile, and say, “Got it.”

He goes back towards the front door to stand next to the rest of the guys.

I see Jack staring him down with pure anger in his eyes, and then look back at me to wink at me.


As we start to drive away, I see the boys go back inside.

Cam turns the music down to ask me,

“So, where’s this apartment?”

“It’s off of New Hampshire Avenue, on the left.”


We reach the apartment and Nash gets out first to open the door for me. We all get out of the car and go to my front door. I reach into my pocket and grab the key to open the door. Once we enter, the boys walk around, checking everything out.

I go upstairs, grab my laptop, and a few other things I think I might need.

While grabbing some of my schoolbooks and putting them in a bag, I hear someone walk in behind me.

I turn around, my right shoulder leaning down a little due to the heavy weight of the bag.

“Hey, give me that,” Cam says to me, reaching for the bag.

“You don’t have to, I can take care of myself you know.”

“I want to, plus, I think we saw how well you could take care of yourself at the party. We just want to take care of you, okay?”

“Thanks for that by the way, I don’t know what would’ve happened if you and Nash hadn’t come. And I guess I’m just not used to people wanting to take care of me, it’s always just been myself, like-“

He puts his finger over my lip to stop myself from going further with words and says,

“Well, you don’t ever have to worry about that again. You’ve got us now, and with us, you’ve got everything. Whatever you want, need, anything, you will get. We’ve got you; we’re going to take care of you. Understand?”

I nod, and he kisses my forehead. We head back downstairs and tell the boys that I got what I needed, and we can go now. We leave the apartment and I think to myself,

I wonder if I’m ever going to come back.

I lock the door, and walk over to Cam’s car, when he opens the door for me to get in. We leave the apartment complex and drive around a little to find something to occupy our time.

Suddenly, we see a sign ahead that says,

        Paintballing – 4 players for $200.

     You can have the range to yourselves!

Cam looks away from the road and looks over at me in the passenger seat, I see him in the corner of my eyes and turn towards him.

“Oh hell yeah, you guys down?” Cam says loud enough for Nash, Johnson and I to hear.

We all look at each other and agree.

He pulls off the highway and turns into the dirt road that heads to the paintball center. We get out of the car, and go to the counter to sign up. After Cam pays for the paintball session with The Loft credit card, we get our equipment and cover up jumpsuits to protect our clothing.

Before heading out to the range, we have to pick teams, meaning we split into two.

As soon as the boys hear our instructor say we have to get into teams, Nash yells,

“I call being with (Y/N)!”

I see Cam get a little disappointed.

We finally head out to the range and split up. We start firing at each other and paint is flying everywhere, making everything much more colorful.

I see Nash and Johnson firing at each other, and I look to see where Cam is. Cameron is so good at paintballing; we all went together when we were tour. I’m standing behind a fort when I turn around to look for him again and find him standing right behind me.

I gasp and say,

“Cameron! You scared the shit out of m-“

He interrupts me and drops his gun. He bends down and sweeps my feet out from underneath me, causing both of us to fall down onto the soft ground beneath us; hiding behind the fort as we hear Nash and Johnson still firing at each other.

He starts tickling me as I start to yell between painful laughs,

“Cameron fucking Dallas!”

Still tickling me, he says under his breath with a smirk on his face, “You’ll be screaming my name again soon, just under different circumstances.”

I look down at him as he stops tickling me.

“Sure about that?” I ask as we both stand back up and start walking over to the other boys who had run out of paint.

“Oh, I’m positive. One day, I’ll get my time and I’m going to make you feel so good, (Y/N).”

I look at him in shock at what he just said as we walk up to the boys. We all agree on going home and we go to change back into our regular clothes. There’s still some paint in my hair that won’t come out though. We leave the paintball place and walk to the car when  Johnson says to us,

“I’m starving, wanna pick up some food on the way home?”

Cam agrees with, “Yeah, I’m hungry, too,” and Nash and I say the same.

We get in the car, and start driving back onto the highway. The sun is going down, and the sky looks so gorgeous. Orange and pink colors fill the sky, pulling the sun behind the clouds.

Cameron asks me while driving, “What do you feel like eating?”

I take my eyes away from the sky to look at him, “I don’t care, I don’t think we should go in anywhere considering my hair has paint in it,” I laugh a little.

“Fast food it is,” he responds.

We pull into a Jack in the Box drive thru and start to order our food. Us four order our food and pull up to the next window to pay when I ask Cam,

“Wait, shouldn’t we get the other guys food too?”

The guys lets out a laugh before Johnson replies with, “They’ll be busy when we get home, trust me.”

We go home and eat our food on the way. Once we get home, we get out of the car and get in the elevator.

Jack wouldn’t have a girl over tonight, right? Fuck. No jealousy. I wonder if Matt will have a girl over too…

We finally get home and I walk through the door, taking off my shoes as soon as I step inside. The other boys tell me before going upstairs into their separate rooms,

“Today was fun, we’ll see you later.”

They probably have girls waiting for them.

I swear if I hear anything, I will blast music throughout this house.

I grab a glass of water and go upstairs to my room. I go to the bathroom and look in the mirror, noticing the colorful paint standing out in my hair. I decide to take a shower.

I get out of the shower, and go put some comfortable clothes on to sleep in. I put some music on and lay on my bed, not tired at all. I decide to pick up a book, and sit back down on my bed and start reading.

I feel alone. I want to go get one of the boys, but I know I’ll just be bothering them. Jack’s forsure with another girl. But Matt said tonight we would-

I hear someone knock on my door and I say, “Come in.”

Matt walks in and sits next to me, and doesn’t say anything.

“So, are all the boys home? With girls?” I ask.

“Yeah. How was your day?”

“It was good, we went paintballing. How was yours?”

“It was okay. I heard you guys come home… I would’ve come in earlier… I just thought you were… busy.”

I look back at Matt with innocent eyes, “I thought you were busy too.”

“I told you that you were mine tonight.”

“I remember,” I say while scooting closer to him.

We don’t say anything for a few seconds before I try to lighten the situation,

“I’m surprised I haven’t heard any sluts screaming and shit, oh God. I would-“

He interrupts with saying, “You won’t.”


“You’ll be focused on something else,” he says before reaching his hand on the side of my face, pulling my face closer to his.

He gently leans in to kiss me. I slowly kiss him back when I feel him unclasp our hands to put his free hand behind my lower back to lay me down. He gets on top of me, separating our lips, and placing his hands above my head. He stares into my eyes as I pull down his gold cross necklace for him to kiss me again.

He reattaches our lips, and his tongue enters my mouth without permission. He plays with the hem of my shirt, wanting to take it off. I flip us over so that I’m on top, straddling him. I sit up on his body, pulling my shirt over my head and taking off my bra; tossing it on the floor next to my bed. I lean down to pull his shirt off, too, when his eyes widen and he says, “You’re so beautiful, baby.”
I lean back down; kissing him even more passionately than before. He turns us over again so that’s he’s on top of me again.

Guess he likes being on top.

As our kiss heats up more, he kisses down my jaw, to my neck, and down my bare chest. He leaves hickies up and down my torso, causing me to let out small moans. After kissing down entire top half, he reaches my pants and stops kissing me to take them off. He throws them on the floor, along with the rest of our clothes, leaving me in only my underwear.

He tugs my panties with his teeth, teasing me.

“Matttt. Fucking take them off already.”

“As you wish, baby.”

He removes them in one movement, and stares up at me from my thighs, licking his lips.

Fuck, he looks so hot.

He puts one of my thighs on his shoulder and whispers to me,

“I can’t wait to taste you. You’re gonna feel so good.”

He puts his lips to my sex, and begins slowly licking strips up and down, painfully slow. His thumb rubbing small, gentle circles on my clit. His index finger went inside of me, pumping in and out, over and over again. My eyes closed tight and my hips jolting forward, he uses one hand to hold me down and keep me still. I look down at him while he’s looking up at me, batting his eyelashes. I start letting out small whimpers, trying to contain myself so that no one hears when he stops to tell me,

“Baby, stop trying to control yourself. Let it out. I want to hear how much pleasure you’re feeling.”

I barely find the words to speak, “The oth-others with hear-“ I stutter trying to get the words out.

“Soundproof walls, let it out.”

He brings his mouth back to my pussy, licking every single spot the right way. I start moaning loudly,

“Fuck! Matt, I’m so close.”

He stops, removing his lips from my slit. I stare at him, with anger in my eyes,

“What the fuck!?”

“I want to be inside of you,” he says coming back up to my face.

“Then what’s stopping you?”

“Are you sure you want this? I know I’m your first time. I just don’t want to disappoint you-“ I grab his face and kiss him harshly.

“Matt, you’re perfect. No ones ever made me feel this good.”

He gets off the bed and stands up to take his pants off. He drops his boxers and I see his erection.

He’s so big.
He sees me staring at his size, and climbs on top of me again and says, “This is going to hurt, baby. Just keep your eyes on me.”

I nod as he inserts himself into me, stretching me and allowing me to adjust before moving. He slowly starts moving in and out at an eased pace, over and over again.

“You’re doing so good baby.”

He starts grinding himself on me, creating friction. I wrap my legs around him as he continued to thrust in and out, hitting my g spot making me go over the edge and scream,

“MATTTTT!” I let myself go and release all over him.

I feel him reach his high, throbbing inside of me as he lets out moans.

We both start to come down from our high, as he kisses me gently and removing himself from me.

He lies down next to me, us both trying to catch our breath.

“You’re perfect,” he whispers.

He brings his hand in between my legs and pulls them open. He starts rubbing me one last time, sending goosebumps throughout my body, but relaxing me at the same time.

He picks up his boxers off the floor and puts them on. Pulling me closer to him, turning my back towards him, he cuddles me. He kisses the back of my neck and he falls asleep.

- - - -

I’ve been laying here for what seems like forever, just trying to sleep. But I can’t, and it sucks.

And I’m fucking hungry again. Why am I always hungry this late.

I take Matt’s arm off of me, kiss his forehead and pick up his shirt off the floor and put it on, along with my underwear. I walk out of my room and go downstairs to get food.

I walk into the kitchen to find Gilinsky shirtless and 2 bowls of cereal, like always. I grab my bowl and go to sit on the couch. He comes and sits next to me, but on the other side of the couch. We’re not touching or talking, at all.

I try to ignore the thought of him fucking another girl tonight, but it’s the only thing I’m seeing as I’m staring at him.

“How was it?” I asked Jack.

“I wanted it to be you.”

“Sucks,” I say in a sarcastic tone, pretending I couldn’t care less.

His jaw drops a little before asking me, “How was it for you?”

“It was great,” I reply while getting up from the couch and walking to put my bowl in the sink.

Before heading upstairs, I see him staring at me in shock.

“No jealousy, remember?” I say and go back upstairs.


I watch her walking up those stairs, knowing I won’t be the one who puts her to sleep tonight.

Matt is so fucking lucky.

- - - - - - - - - - - - 


A/N: Sorry for the late update, it’s the longest part yet though. I hope you guys liked it! It’s actually 6 am when i’m posting this and I haven’t slept in three days haha, but sorry for the late update, some stuff recently happened and I had to deal with that. But let me know if you liked this part, and when you guys want part 9. Love you guys! - taylermarie