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Aku cinta kamu.

Okay. So. I want to talk about this famous scene.

There are many ways to show your love to someone special in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language). When you first start a relationship, you usually only say “Aku suka kamu”, which means “I like you”. This stage lasts for a long time. Saying “I like you” in Indonesia is actually a big deal. In most cases, by saying that you like someone, it means you want to go out with them. We, Indonesian, don’t throw these words carelessly.

Other than “Aku suka kamu”, we have “Aku sayang kamu” which means “I care for you”. The feelings you want deliver are stronger than the previous phrase. It is usually used by family, close friends, and people in a more serious relationship. By saying this phrase, it means you care for them deeply

Now, other than those two, we have this: “Aku cinta kamu”.

“Cinta”, or “Love” is a really, really strong word. You do not throw the word carelessly. Couples tend to say this phrase once in a while, in a really conducive situation. Couples who say this usually have been dating for years. This phrase is usually used by married couple. People tend to stick with “Aku suka kamu” and “Aku sayang kamu” in the dating phase. Saying “Aku cinta kamu” shows great commitment, that you will love them unconditionally. If one is brave enough to say it, then the feelings are deep, deep, deep. It is a phrase you use only to those who you have really strong feelings with. Don’t expect a newly dating couples or people who fool around to say this phrase seriously, because it’s a blatant lie.

“Cinta” is a pure, sacred word. By saying this, you do love them.

Magnus lived in Indonesia (then was called Nusantara) when the country was invaded by the Netherlands. At that time, Indonesian suffered both physically and mentally. Batavia was located in Java Island. At that time, it was the centre of trading and civillization. People of all tribes went here to work. It was a commercial city. People went to Java for business. Therefore, feelings were underrated. The Javanese are known for being reclusive.

My point is, Magnus grew up in a place where feelings were not openly shown. Javanese lived with strict rules. Women were not allowed to speak up her mind, let alone showed her love. A man who showed his love was seen as weak. Interactions between a person and their love interest was scarce. “Aku cinta kamu” is a phrase said in closed door.

But. Yeah. Magnus said it. He is that in love.

One more reason to go down with Malec, guys.

I have a few duplicate anons and some questions that I’m going to address altogether here.

First of all, my Sam and Cait ship is based on a foundation of beliefs and opinions, as is any good story. My beliefs and opinions that I’ve arrived at over the course of my time here. Those are that Sam is a good guy, just like everyone has been saying for years, Cait is a strong and remarkable woman, Sam and Cait are good, charitable, caring people, and Sam and Cait are together. That’s the foundation. So when a picture comes out showing that Sam has been a guest at a wedding and had a picture taken with a bridesmaid, my reaction has to be ‘What can she be to him then?’ And 'How does this fit into my story?’ Not ’ Well, it turns out Sam is a lying cheating slimy con man and his fans have been played.’ And the way this fits into my story, given the pose in the prom photo and the body language in..well, ever…she is a friend and somehow he has a connection to her and her family and he was invited to the wedding. The stuff I have seen that has been collected over the last three years cannot be treasure to me one day and out the window the next because of one incident that we cannot explain.

Now about the way Sam and Cait should act tonight, or at the con? I hope they act exactly the way they always do, the way we love to see them. Someone said that after the IFH, if they were friends all along, then why change their behaviour. They tried to tone it down but couldn’t pull it off. So maybe this is how they are, as friends, with each other, and they can’t help themselves. Yet when asked why they show nothing in the way of pda to their 'SO’s’. It’s because they are holding back. For privacy. So at the Scottish BAFTA’s. Sam wanted to turn around and make sure MM was okay but he had to hold back. But he kept looking over his shoulder to find Cait because he couldn’t help himself. He remained stony faced at the table and didn’t drape his arm around MM’s chair because he was holding back, but he put his arm around Cait while she groomed him because he couldn’t help himself. Cait doesn’t exchange glances with Tony and she walks three feet away from him because she’s holding back but she is reduced to giggles and crotch smoochery with Sam because she can’t help herself. This is my dilemma

The other question that comes up often, is why would they act this way if they have SO’s in their lives? How could they be so disrespectful? Why would their SO’s tolerate this kind of treatment? …well 👀
And , “ Guys! If these people are your rl partners then show it! Own it! That’s all we ask”
Reminds me of that old joke about the guy who refuses three rescue attempts and drowns in the flood waiting for God to save him. Usually, the answers have been there all along.


It is ABSOLUTELY fine for someone to have a STRAIGHT ship. I keep seeing things about how much people hate certain ships mainly because they are a straight ship. And people keep using the age card to justify their hate for the ship. We DON’T actually know how old these characters are so STOP uses that excuse to boss people around and to hate on their ships.

I’m going to say this again, I don’t like the show because of ships. I like the show for the characters individually and the family-like relationship between the characters. Romance is too complicated for me to want to get caught up in. Although I wouldn’t might a little romance in the show later on (hopefully it’s at a minimum and doesn’t take away from the plot).

If you have a certain ship that’s your OTP then that’s great. I don’t care if it’s straight or gay or whatever, just stop hating others because they interpret the show different than you.

Barson Playlist...

Once again an addition to my Barson playlist, which is now containing 51 songs!

Ariana Grande - Into You (cover by James Arthur) // Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do (cover by Alex Goot and Sam Tsui) // Sia - We Can Hurt Together // Katy Perry - Unconditionally (cover by Alex Goot) // Hunter Hayes - Wanted (cover by Alex Goot) // Jamie Lawson - Wasn’t Expecting That // Lindsey Sterling - Hold My Heart // Coldplay feat. The Chainsmokers - Something Just Like This // Elvis - Can’t Help Falling In Love (cover by Kina Grannis)

Find the whole playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLg9G0_6Pwr0Z95fHEhlowkGJYSuQkKGKP

I hope you guys enjoy this! :)

10 Days of Heroshipping!

time for something dumb and adorable

this is just a fun lil event to chill off from all the deaths and things in the recent dragonfable story, as well as show some love for our heroes and and shamelessly indulge in oc/canon shipping.  i suggested a week earlier, but after some thought, just five days wasn’t enough for everything i wanted to do!

you’re free to draw, write, animate, record, sculpt, or whatever you want to do to for any particular day.  likewise, you’re free to depict any ship as platonic if you want; sometimes love is about being there for someone and tickling them mercilessly instead of going on dates and smooching.  go wild my dudes!  just tag your entries with #10 days of hero shipping so we can find them all and enjoy them, and tell u how awesome they are.  late entries are always welcome since we all got lives outside of fandom, and sometimes art takes time.

so without further blabbing, here are the prompts!

Day 1: Hero/Hero

whether it be an NPC on the side of good like galanoth or aegis, this is where you’d celebrate the shippy vibes between one hero and another.  or if you want to take a more literal approach, the shippy vibes between your hero oc and another’s!  shipping is shipping my dude, im not gonna deny u the piece you want because of semantics.

Day 2: Hero/Villain

this is where we put our heropulchures.  our herovaals.  villains are some of the best characters in the game, and they generally have a very interesting dynamic with the hero.  why not explore that dynamic a little? B)

Day 3: AU

sometimes canon sucks.  sometimes canon doesn’t suck but u wanna be a mermaid or a vampire or fight everybody in a mad max style apocalypse.  i feel u either way my dude.  today is the day where u can explore the what-ifs of your ship.

Day 4: Hateship

sometimes shipping isn’t about good vibes and sunshine.  sometimes shipping is about throwing people that despise each other in the same direction and watching them tear each other apart while still also caring for each other, ya know?  today’s the day for such shipping.  let’s see those ships that your hero loves to hate.

Day 5: Broship

conversely, here’s the day to celebrate those ships that are less about shipping and more about one or more peeps and your hero being Bros.  and not just Bros, but Best Bros.  sit back on the couch with some popcorn and let your broship chill.

Day 6: Tragic Ship

also known as ravenloss day nah but here’s the ships that are doomed to fail, regardless of whether or not they involve tomix.  make us cry fam.

Day 7: Feelgood Ship

okay so maybe including tragedy in an event centered around escaping canon tragedy wasn’t the best idea.  to make up for it, let’s see some schmultz fam.  the cutest, feelsiest shippy nonsense u can think of.  make me wanna d’awww.

Day 8: Beach Episode

dragonfable is an anime right.  u gotta have a beach episode, fam.  u just gotta.  have some cute fun in the sun, or destroy your enemies in volleyball and waves.  so long as it’s on some kind of beach, everything is good my dudes.

Day 9: Next Gen

everything’s better with babies.  sometimes.  regardless, let’s see the next generation after your ship.  whether this is your ship having children and raising them with parental shenanigans, or your ship being old men yelling at clouds and complaining about adventurers these days, let’s take a peek into the future and see some new faces!

Day 10: Free Day!


and there’s the prompts!  now i figured it’d be a good idea to give u guys time to plan out your entries and brainstorm, so for a date, how about starting from March 5th to March 14th?

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RE S&M:Colleagues, friends and a date? Yes. Relationship?Naah. Mainly because of who, how, when and where (not going to elaborate further for various reasons 👀). Ship on lassies (and lads ?). Thespian Anon.

Oooh…I have no idea what you’re referring to here, but in Thespian Anon I trust ✋🏻 Thanks! (Tiny hints would not go unrewarded)

Dorianmance Week 2k17

idk im not entirely sure whats happening tbh lol


Dorian grunted sleepily at the bed shifting, reaching out to grab Nicos in the hopes of keeping him close. They’d been apart too long and he’d grown needy.  Nicos eluded his grasp and slipped out of bed.  Dorian squinted against the sunlight filtering in through the gap in the curtains as Nicos stretched, his shirt riding up and exposing the well-muscled back Dorian had grown to miss.  He noted a few new scars, the way the poor man’s bones seemed a little more prominent as he’d rapidly lost weight over the past….Maker, had it really been almost a year since the Exalted Council already?  Dorian sighed sadly, pushing himself to sit up, still observing his amatus as the man opened the balcony doors, allowing a cold burst of air into the room.  The wind blew Nicos’s shirt up again and Dorian smirked when it revealed the waistband of his underwear-the blue silk pair Dorian had given him earlier in their relationship.  

He’d never have guessed they would last this long together, never have imagined they’d be married. If he had, he’d probably have given Nicos something a little more thoughtful that Satinalia… Dorian smiled fondly at the memory of Nicos opening the gift and the deep blush that spread across his face.  He was glad Nicos still wore them.

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Hang on...theory train needs to switch tracks again.
  • Me: Plowing through asks with a lovely little theory.
  • E!: BWA HAHAHA have and article that blows your Fitzsimmons ones up.
  • Me: Really...well at least we don't have to go through hiatus not knowing.
  • Brain: Processing
  • 10 Minutes Later:
  • Me: Okay I can work with this! To the ask box!

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do you still ship/support reylo?

I never shipped it, I just don’t have anything against it.

The amount of days where I want to ask shippers and antis to shut up (like simultaneously) is way too high. Can we, like, have a dedicated Star Wars fandom peace day per week where no one argues about ships publicly, is at least maybe an hour? It’d be real nice. A day where we talk about R2 and whether he’d teach BB to swear and guess how many freckles Rey has, simple stuff. I’m pretty sure all of us could use a break.

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I'm laughing at the person that responded to our appreciation of Sherlock Holmes being the #1 Warstan shipper in canon with "Lol no." Great argument. That is totally going to change our opinion or canon. It's not going to stop me form finding this sad nerdy tsundere shipping his best friends together and promising to be there for them both and their baby sweet and adorable. :-D

Such a powerful argument, right? Yeah, I saw it…

Anyway… Here’s the shipper telling to their OTP that they’re gonna have a baby! (something most shippers just dream we could ever do! hahaha)

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Supergirl: Mon-El and Karamel

Alright y'all. I need some help.
Okay so I have been watching Supergirl since the very beginning and I love the characters, and the writing, and the cast and crew, I love it all. And as you know if you watch Supergirl, Karamel (the ship of Kara Zor-El and Mon-El) recently became canon. And I was happy with this news, as I love both these characters individually and I ship them. But then I go to Tumblr and I see practically everyone is saying they hate Mon-El and he is horrible and that Kara deserves better, and I’m confused. As far as I know, Mon-El respects and trusts Kara, so I don’t understand why everyone is saying Kara deserves better and them being together is an unhealthy relationship. I don’t know if I’m just stupid or biased because I ship Karamel, but I don’t understand why Karamel is a toxic relationship or why Kara deserves better. So someone, please explain to me why Karamel is toxic or Kara deserves better. And please be respectful when you do it, because I respect all ships and I fully accept every member of the Supergirl fandom. Thank you. ❤️💙