going to the farmers market today

I’ve been working on Avenue a little today and I’m so excited I have so many ideas but at the same time I still have no idea what I’m going to do with all the space???

I’m pretty sure I’m gonna make a “farmer’s market” out of the diff npc tents you can add like Katrina’s tent and Redd’s fireworks stand :-) like around the town plaza and move the tree to another spot for a park or something.

the interiors are gonna be fun to design. basically a replica of my apartment, an antique store, and a restaurant of some sort.

Joey’s has a house in Avenue as a tent in a secluded woodsy area bc we like to hike and camp and stuff. ^o^

I can already tell I’m gonna be brain dumping a lot of town ideas here so be prepared for that lol

Carrots (Ezio Auditore)

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Pairing: Ezio Auditore/Reader
Words: 890
Warning(s): asshole guards
A/N: okay i may be getting sucked back into in AC. Also this is brotherhood Ezio. 

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Saturday things!

• woke up at 7:30am and relaxed in bed for a few minutes.

• got up and made coffee, and watched some spongebob bc I’m an ☝🏼adult ☝🏼

• planned out my weekend and I decided to not run today bc I’m sore today. It’s bc I ran yesterday after literally being sick in bed for 48 hours straight! It was only a 3 mile run but even 3 miles after two days of no movement will likely put my body through something lol!

• so today is a rest day (I’ve had like 4 rest days this week 🙃 but it’s okay, when you’re sick it’s good to rest up!) and tomorrow I’m going to run and then afterwards go to the farmers market downtown!!!! 👌🏼👌🏼yay!

• and tomorrow I’m going to get a grande (!!!) Starbucks cup bc I want one of those spring cups!!!
I low key want a yellow cup bc the sun picture on it but I can’t bring myself to get a large latte. Maybe soon I’ll be in a better mentality to do so, but right now I know I can’t push past a grande probably.

• anyways, back to this morning vs tomorrow morning lol!
Currently texting my friend about “sexcapades” (definitely not mine bc… 👀 sex love.. 👀 nope.. don’t see one anywhere around here.. 👀 lol and eating breakfast, two Trader Joe’s english muffins with daiya cream cheese! And watching Miss Congeniality!

• I am just gonna relax at home for the morning until work from 2-10pm!

I hope you’re all doing well! ☺️



Today, since the kids is on spring break, I took the kids to the farmers market in our neighborhood. I usually go by myself because they don’t like coming with me but they surprised me by wanting to come. Miyoko had fun picking out what fruits and vegetables she wanted while the twins run around like two wild children but they were careful not to run into anyone. I had bought some grapes, limes, tomatoes, potatoes, pomegranates, plums, and flame fruits going to have fun making recipes with this produce :)


i’ve been getting extremely inspired by “mind of a chef” and seasonal mindful eating, so today i went to the farmers market and made my mom and i a delicious salad- thinly sliced brussels sprouts, kale and easter egg radishes marinated in olive oil, lemon juice & zest, whole grain mustard and salt, with shaved grana padano. tonight i think i’m going to do shakshuka with a base of sautéed kale and garlic with moroccan spices and feta.
tomorrow i’m doing some fun photo shoot stuff and recipes for Giadzy.com so i’ll post some behind the scenes crap here if anybody’s into that sort of thing!

So I’m feeling a bit better today. I was able to get some sleep last night and barely coughed at all. Hopefully I’m actually getting better and I don’t feel worse again tomorrow.

I have to be better by this weekend. There is a big garden / home show thing going on in Jamestown. It’s put on by the same company that does the farmers market and we had a thousand brochures printed up to be put in grab bags that are being handed out to anyone the comes to the show.

The company also has an event coordinator position opening up, so I have to try and not look like I’m about to keel over. I probably should go shopping for some new clothes. I want to look somewhat professional when we go to the show because we will be doing a lot of networking and I can’t just wear the same worn jeans and hoody I wear to work at the feed mill.

anonymous asked:

I work at a farmers market and there is this girl who makes/sells smoothies a few stands down that Ive always thought was cute but I never had the nerve to talk to her. Well today there was a guy walking around at closing time with a sloth (I'm not joking) so we all left our stands to see it. She wanted a picture so I offered to take it for her which led us to talk for a little before we had to go back to our stands! So thanks to a sloth I have an in with the cute smoothie girl ;)

YAS. I ship it. Also free smoothies so that’s a plus


Kamakura city is 1 hour’ train ride from Tokyo and famous as the place where the Kamakura Bakuhu was established in 1192 and there are many temples, shrines and the Great Buddha statue. Nowaday it has been elected as the one of the ten most favorite town to live in Japan.

It is 15 minutes’ drive from my house and I often go to shopping there. One of my favorite to buy is vegetables made in Kamakura. Kamakura is a famed tourist spot and has many restaurants. And many chefs who had trained the art of cooking in France and Italy let farmers in Kamakura cultivate European vegetables, which hadn’t been cultivated in Japan. Not only chefs, but we can buy such rare ones and fresh ones directly from the farm at a small market.

Today I buy 2 kinds of mastard greens; one is green and the other is pirple, pale orange carrots and Norabouna, a kind of cannola flower. And then I cook 3 kinds of salad with them and I’m very satisfied.

Sweet Swap Meet Deals 

It’s nearly 90+ degrees out here today which is super hot but it beats staying at home all day not doing anything, so we’re making the most of it.

Oakwood has a Farmers Market every Wednesday / Sunday and a Swap Meet every Tuesday / Saturday. I love going to these small events in our neighborhood to utilize the great deals that we find from small personal vendors! Today I took Apple with me and we found some pretty good sales; §2 and §3 drought tolerant assorted plants, from a little sweet Spanish family who was set up in one of the booths. 

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okay so imagine liam working as a producer after the band has ended and he’s leaving for the studio one morning with zayn grumbling about liam’s early morning schedule which he detests despite it not being his, anyways when liam’s been at the studio for like 2 hours he decides to take a break and he goes out to walk about london hoping to grab some coffee and a small bite nd while he’s going to his usual coffee place he passes a farmer’s market and something catches his eye, the market sells plants and today they had a flower called baby’s breath on sale, liam pays for them and walks back to the studio forgetting about his coffee and food, when he gets home that night he has a new bottle of wine along w the flowers and when zayn welcomes him home, liam can smell the aroma of chicken biryani, zayn is just so happy to see him and he pouts when liam informs him that he’s had nothing to eat and he’s like “why didn’t you grab something to eat babe? it’s not good to skip meals” and liam just thinks about the plant behind his back and he pulls it out saying “well when i was going to get something to eat, i passed by the market and got distracted by this plant, baby’s breath is what it’s called, i couldn’t help myself, it made me think of you” and so when he looks at zayn there’s a huge dopey grin on his face and he’s shaking his head fondly and he takes liam’s face into his hands saying something like “i love you, you know that?” and liam giggles or some shit and he loves zayn too and then a firm hand makes him sit at the counter while zayn fills plates of food for liam to eat which he happily does as zayn puts the flowers in a vase looking at the soft flowers smiling widely :’)))


Last night I went to my favorite vegan place with my best friend & had really good food! today we went to the farmers market by the lake and we sat on this quilt in the sunshine reading and bought 15 fresh local eggs! everything is so cute everything is so nice I am so happy with how life is going!

October 18th, 2016

Today, James and Lily are going to the local farmer’s market. James is convinced that he can try to trade some of his weirdly large zucchinis for something more seasonal that he doesn’t have to make into bread. Lily is trying to remind him that that’s not how farmer’s markets work. It’s not working. Drop it, Lily. For your own sake.


Happy Saturday! 

I woke up this morning and was feeling.. squishy. Ya know? So I put something cute on to help improve the mood. I did some cleaning, which also always helps boost my mood. A clean house is a powerful thing. After tumblring for a while, I decided to get outside and go check out the local farmer’s market. I haven’t been over there yet this year, and since B is working today, it was the perfect day for it. 

I could have turned around after that, but I decided to keep walking, and ended up doing just about 5k. That leaves me at 8,000 steps so far, so I’m feeling good. It was HOT out today - boy did I work up a sweat. The bottom post-walk photo does not do the sweatiness justice. I’ve got at least 60 oz of water down so far.

Now I’m off to put in some laundry and make a grocery list for the upcoming week. I’ve got Forensic Files on in the background.. why do I love these kinda shows so much? *shrug*

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

Cross-Checking: An Outtake

Thanks to @loving-mellark for the gorgeous banner and @papofglencoe for her mad beta skills. 

This little drabble outtake is for @gobletgirl! Happy Birthday my dear. You are such a gem to this fandom. So supportive and kind, and always willing to cheer someone up. So thank you for always being you, and being such a huge supporter. Hope today is as amazing as you are! xoxo <3 (It’s also going under the cut, well cause it’s dirty)

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Some days...

Some days were okay. You could get out of bed, eat, drink, do chores, have responsibilities, etc. But some days weren’t. And Harry understood that. He’d be up early, going for a run, headed to the health food store or some farmer’s market, doing all the weird hippie things he did. If you were still in bed when he came back, he’d ask.

“Getting up today?” Some days, that question was all it took to get you up even if you’d thought you couldn’t. Some days, you’d just give a faint mumble and burrow down farther underneath the covers. Harry was always supportive of whatever decision you made. Some days, he’d push you a little, telling you what he was doing every minute to try to coax you out. Some days, he’d leave you be, checking on you as frequently as he could with his schedule and making sure you always had water. But some days… some days, when he came in from his run and he understood that you weren’t getting out, he’d jump in the shower and then slip under the covers with you.

You liked those days.

It was still rough and you weren’t going anywhere, but when Harry slid in next to you, you felt a sliver of calm steady you. He pulled you into his arms, cuddling you up to his chest and curling around you. When he first joined you, he would always hold you tight and attempt to soothe you, running his fingers through your hair and placing feather light kisses all over your face and arms. As the day went on, he would loosen his hold, relaxing in bed with you. If you ventured your head above the covers, he’d put on a movie or some music and lay with you all day. He never left you once he climbed in with you except for bathroom and water. Some days, just being there with you helped you get out of bed for dinner. But some days you couldn’t.

When nighttime rolled around, whether he’d spent the day in bed with you or not, he would coax you above the covers for just a little bit to eat some nasty health smoothie he’d made. You only ever drank half of it and he’d joke that you didn’t appreciate his cooking. Some nights, he’d braid your hair for you over and over again, making the braids smaller and smaller until you fell asleep on your stomach to that soothing motion.

But some days, nothing helped. And nights were worse. You’d curl into the fetal position and let the hot, dense air under the comforters almost suffocate you. Harry hated those days. They scared him. He’d finally slid in with you, pulling your tightly curled body as close to yours as possible and try to loosen you up, massaging your muscles from your feet to your shoulders. When you went limp, he would press your loose body to his, leaving the covers down so you could breathe fresh air but warming you with his body. That’s when the love began. He’d shower you with gentle kisses and whisper sweet things in your ears, telling you that he loved you and singing your praises for every second that he could. He’d tell you about every talent you had and every wonderful thing you’d done and would do and it comforted you. He comforted you. When you were finally able to sleep, he’d hold you close in his embrace and make sure you knew he would be there all night. And he always was.

So I went to lunch at the Farmer’s Market by the Grove today in Los Angeles.

And me and my friend sat down to eat and I started listening to this woman at the table next to us talk about Donald Trump and how he was going to hire this expert on finance for his campaign and how his campaign is really taking off and how she’s excited. 

She starts talking about immigrants and foreigners taking all of her tax dollars and that she owns a business. She’s absolutely surrounded by immigrants where she was eating. Surrounded by immigrant foods. She’s some white lady in her 50s who dyes her hair this punk red because I guess she thinks she’s cool and she’s trashing immigrants and praising Trump. 

I’m really starting to get nervous about this election. 


ok here it is!

What I ate today 

~spinach, strawberries, mango, and pineapple smoothie with maca powder and seed & root powder (I made two batches)
~chia pudding with frozen blueberries on top(mix chia seeds with almond milk and vanilla extract, set in fridge overnight or for at least 25 minutes) 

~Salad: kale and spring mix, red peppers, spiralized carrots and cucumber, with dollops of red lentil hummus (made with red lentils instead of chickpeas), topped with hemp seeds
~farmers market berries + 3 large pretzel rods broken up

SNACK: (not shown)
~Veggie-Go “Tropikale” fruit leather + nut and seed granola bar 

~Sauteed veggies (broccoli, carrots, peas, green beans, red peppers) with a small amount of coconut oil, almond milk, and curry powder. Topped with hemp and sesame seeds 

~banana “nice”cream sundae (frozen bananas, 2 pitted dates, vanilla extract) with cacao nibs and frozen raspberries