going to the farmers market today

food truck au 1/??

(inspired by my earlier post)

Anyone who knew Jack Zimmermann would laugh at the idea of him even being able to remember the login for his Twitter account.

No one, not even his parents, would ever suspect that he checked his feed every single morning.

Jack didn’t care much for social media; he was too private a person to ever want the world to know where he was or what he was eating at any given moment. In fact, he only followed three accounts: his mother’s, the official Falconers’, and that of Li’l Dicky’s Southern Comforts. The latter was the only one he actually cared about.

See, Jack Zimmermann had a deep, dark secret – he was in love with the mini apple pies that were sold daily at Li’l Dicky’s. It was the only dessert he ever indulged in on a regular basis, and said indulgences were a secret he would take to his grave.

Every morning, Li’l Dicky’s posted their location for the day. Jack knew the general schedule by heart at this point, but some days the truck switched things up, due to weather or construction or event catering, and Twitter was the only way for Jack to know if he would be able to get his apple pie fix.

It didn’t hurt that Eric Bittle, the owner of Li’l Dicky’s, smiled at Jack like the sun shined out of his ass every time he came by. But really, it was the pies Jack couldn’t enough of. Mostly. Probably.

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i found these almond milks at the marin county farmer’s market today and i had to report to y'all that it’s the best almond milk i have ever tasted. if you’re in northern california, or you can get a hold of these somewhere else, do it!!! they’re so fresh it’s crazy!!! the lavender is my favorite but they’re all incredible 💗💗💗

instagram: @witchy_vegan

Olli Maatta and Morgan Reilly both have the soft boyfriend aesthetic goin on but Olli’s is more like “I go to art school and enjoy farmers markets but I love children’s literature and hiking is my true passion” whereas Mo’s is more like “I’m the mom friend of my frat and when I’m not at sports practice I babysit for some extra cash to spend on my secret landscape painting hobby”

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Hi I'm really glad the requests are open again, is it possible to do a scenario of revali in a soulmate au. Please and Thank you. By the way, I really love the stuff you do have a nice day :)

[A/N: efhskbebobdvk thank youuuu, and sorry it’s so long! I was really inspired!!]

Soulmate AU

You had been traveling between villages for a few weeks selling merchandise and the likes, but today was going to be a relax day. You had been taking your time to walk the farmer’s market admiring all the different jewelry and large vegetables, and stop occasionally to look over precious stones. 

You weren’t sure why you chose to come today, but you paid no mind and tried to enjoy nonetheless. However…there was a strange inkling that wouldn’t leave you alone and you occupied yourself in merchandise that wasn’t even interesting to you, but for some reason you felt you needed to stay.

 When you came to a vendor, their spread was out of place from the others. This one had shrunken heads, bird skeletons in cages, and different pots filled with different ingredients. The smell was overpowering, but for some reason you decided to look within the stall.

 Further into their makeshift tent, books lined the walls on rickety shelves. You ran your fingers over the spines of the books noticing none of them had any titles. You found it odd how some look brand new while others looked worn and well read.  Not a one matched, but some had similar spine decor.

 You were about to walk to another shelf when one book caught your eye. It was a deep navy blue, with a red and white spine. You traced over the intricate impressions in the cover and mused to yourself that the material felt soft as feathers. Gently picking it up you looked it over and like all the other books it did not have titled, nor an author. When you opened it, your confusion only increased as you flipped through all the pages. There was not a single word nor picture in it.

 Strange, you thought, and went to pick up another book only to find you couldn’t. You set the book you were holding down and used both hands on the other to take it off the shelf. It would not budge for the life of you, it was like it was glued to the spot.

 “You can try all you want, but you are not the owner of that book.”

 You spun around from the sudden grainy voice, and the shopkeeper was hunched over at the entrance. They gave you a wrinkly smile as their hand shook to hold up one finger. They pointed to the book behind you, “That is your book.”

 You raised a brow before looking between them and the object, “…And why is that?”

 They hobbled in using their cane and walked by you all the while speaking, “Do you plan to take responsibility of each and every book?”


 “Then you do not need to know anything more than that.” They ran their crooked fingers over the blue book. “Why did you come here today, young one?”

 You were taken back, not sure where this was leading, “I had the day off, I suppose.”

 “You do not sound sure.”

 “Erm…I am not sure what I would need to be certain of.”

 They gave a slow smile, their jaw jittering along with their body. “Take the book.”

 “Wha-, well, I don’t know if I want it. It’s just a journal.”

 “Is it now?”

 Their question fluttered around your head like a bird in a cage, and it left a deep curiosity that began to slowly burn. You weren’t even aware, but you had picked up the book, running your fingers against the soft cover. Gazing upon this hardcover it gave you a familiar feeling, and you looked up, “How much will it b-”  

 The old person was not there and the makeshift tent you were in was gone. 

You looked around with wide eyes to realize you were in the middle of the farmer’s market still. Taking a step back, the shop you once were in, now you stood on a patch of dirt. You held the book closely to your chest and you decided that you were done looking around for the day.

 Finally home and in your bed, you were reading a book under the lantern’s light, but you weren’t able to keep focus. Your eyes would wander to the journal on your nightstand, its existence proving to be loud and obnoxious. You sighed and leaned over to grab it to pull it back in your lap. As you flipped through the pages again you were scolding yourself that there was nothing there. You ran your hand along your head in frustration, and left it open at a blank page.

 “What’s so special about you?” But the book did not answer your heated question. You leaned back against your headboard feeling like giving up, and blankly stared at the page of the book. You ran your finger along it as if reading a sentence, but you began to squint your eyes.

 Was there….something forming on the page?

 Upon closer inspection, an image slowly bled its way in. An image emerged overlooking mountains high in the night sky while clouds slowly made their way across the horizon and leaves rustled from the winds. You were in awe and amazed from the slow motion image, and you rubbed your eyes thinking you were seeing things.

 But you weren’t.

 Though you were terrified of this strange phenomenon, each night you open the book to find it had new paintings of different scenery and sometimes people. You gather that whoever this was, is a Rito given one photo had their arm stretched out with a large bow held by their wings. It was like a drug you couldn’t wean yourself off of and you anxiously await the night to fall asleep to these images.

 The Rito was apparently close to the Princess as there was one image of her with a young blond man kneeling in front of her. You gathered that these images were memories, and whether they were current or from the past, you could not decipher. You were becoming fond of whoever this Rito was and adored they images from their point of view in the sky.

 One night while admiring the old paintings something new happened. A new image bled onto the page, this time of the Rito’s wings held in front of them as if they had committed a heinous act. Their hands shook and looked pain..

 ‘I feel so alone.’

 It read underneath the painting causing a sharp pain to shoot through your body. You ran your fingers along the image as if they could feel your comfort. “What’s wrong..?” You whispered and your heart felt heavy as the book did not reply…

 ‘They doubt me.’

 ‘Why him? Am I not good enough?’

 ‘I have worked so hard. I do not understand.’

 ‘I am afraid…’

 Each night new paintings appeared with a text underneath, and they grew more desperate. Their images were becoming distorted and began to come in like melting strip of film. The more the weeks dragged on it spurred you to try to connect to this Rito that was a complete stranger. You whispered encouragements you knew they could not hear and brought the book with you everywhere as if it was a way for them not to be alone.

 You were sitting on a rock somewhere in the Great Plateau flipping through the pages again. It was like watching a timeline of a sound person slowly coming undone. Some days this Rito would have wonderful and beautiful days, and others…they were wallowing in self hate. You sighed coming to an empty page, “I wish I could help you….”

 As if the book heard you plea a new painting came and what you saw made your jaw drop. It was you, clearly blurry and more of your lap than anything, but it was your clothes being swept in the gentle wind.  Beneath it, words appeared..

 ‘Who is this? Why is this person in this book?’

 Frantically, you scrabbled about looking for your travel sack and rummage through to find a quill. However, before you could attempt to write a reply in a silly hope they would receive it, a new image appeared, but this time of your hands holding the book.

 ‘Their book almost looks similar to my own.’

 And you gasped, feeling excitement course through your veins. You stood up holding the book out in front of you, “Yes! Yes! It’s because they’re connected! Oh please! Tell me you can hear me?! Sense me?! Something?!” But there was no reply, however, it spurred a intense feeling of determination. They had a book that was in connection to this one, and you knew that somehow they would be able to see your memories.

 With a burst of energy, you bound for the Rito village across the land and you hoped that they could see what you see. Maybe they would realize you were on your way and your heart rammed in your chest from fear and excitement. You had no idea what these books meant to either of you, but somehow you know it was the fate of the Goddess that you two should meet.

 When night fell, you sat by your small campfire for warmth and held the book in your lap while patiently waiting for a new image. It seemed like hours before a new painting emerge and this time it was them soaring in the nighttime sky. You held your hand to your mouth in astonishment at the words appearing before you.

 ‘Are you still waiting?’

 “Yes!” You said in excitement, beaming at this wondrous phenomenon. You could only wonder what images along with words appeared for them and you looked up to the sky in great anticipation. “Oh please, oh please. I’ve been waiting so long.” You whispered to the sky and bounce from your spot on the ground. It was exhilarating, it was magical, nothing in this world could top this! You could hardly sit still and stood up to turn in a circle looking at the sky. You closed your eyes and pressed the book tightly to your chest. “I don’t know how this works, but please come soon.”

 An hour or so passed and you were still wide awake. Nothing new appeared in the book and you were becoming impatient. Slowly, and surely, you heard loud flaps in the distance and right as you turned around a gush of wind blew harshly causing you to shut your eyes from the flying dirt. As you blinked away, your vision gazed at the feet of a Rito and followed it up to their face. For a Rito, he looked quite handsome and within his wing was a book with your colors but matching spine decor.

 He looked a little smug as he looked you over and quirked a feather brow up. He noticed the book in your hands and held his up, “Seems we might become reading partners. Shall we open a book club?”

 You snorted and shook your head at his jest, but the excitement bubbling within you was about to burst. “Strange book club with only two members.” You took a step closer and tried to ignore the awe you felt at his height.

 His beak quirked in a smile as he too took a step closer, “Well, they do say three’s a crowd.”

 “I’ve been anxiously waiting to meet you.” You spoke in a hush voice, finding the air within you disappearing, but it was not unpleasant. He gave another cocky smile and pulled up a page from his book, it was of your point of view looking up to the sky with the captions underneath, ‘I’ve been waiting so long.’ 

You could feel your cheeks burn and gave a sheepish laugh.

 “I am Revali.” He spoke surely, but gently. 

 “I…” You laughed and smiled, “I’m [Name]…” You placed your hand on top of his book and he looked at you curiously as your eyes glimmered with your deeper emotions, “And I will make sure you never feel alone again.”

Carrots (Ezio Auditore)

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Pairing: Ezio Auditore/Reader
Words: 890
Warning(s): asshole guards
A/N: okay i may be getting sucked back into in AC. Also this is brotherhood Ezio. 

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• I’m still in bed. The kids are still sleeping and my alarm doesn’t go off for another 30 min.
• I’ve been watching YouTube videos of what the dr is going to do today and I kinda freaked myself out.
• I feel bad for blocking someone yesterday, but I know I shouldn’t. I don’t understand that kind of hate.
• I’m really glad it’s Friday. Dr appointment at 11:15, rest my arm later cuz they told me to, drop the kids off at their friend’s houses for a sleepover then picking up R and going to the drive in.
• I need to find a farmers market to go to Sunday.

Yay Friday 💋

Take It Back - Dean x Reader x Sam

Written For: Impossible Prompt Challenge

Prompt: It licked me

Warnings: none

Y/n had gone to the local farmers market with her boyfriends brother Sam, Dean had no interest in going. He was happy to stay at the bunker working on Baby, so she and Sam went alone. “I’m really happy you came with me today Y/n, the last time I brought Dean here he acted like a four year old” Sam said. “I know how that goes, I made him go with me to a fruit market and he was okay, he just didn’t want to be there and it showed” she said. “Not saying I didn’t get the same way when he dragged me to a car show” she said, “yeah same here” Sam said. Y/n heard a small barking, she turned around and saw a bunch of puppies for adoption. “Oh Sam look at the little babies” she said happily running towards the pups. “Shit, Y/n no Dean hates dogs” Sam said, she picked a puppy up, “how can anyone hate this cute wittle face” she said. “He is cute, Y/n I love dogs, but Dean has never liked them” he said sadly, “well I love dogs, this is the first time I haven’t had a dog since I was born, so Dean’s just gonna have to deal with it” she said. Sam rolled his eyes knowing what he was in for when he brought Dean’s girlfriend home with a puppy. Y/n adopted the puppy naming him Gizmo, she and Sam stopped at the store to get dog food. While she got dog food, Sam ran and got two pies one apple and one cherry, trying to get back on Dean’s good side. Sam and Y/n pulled into the garage and Sam was relieved to not see Dean working on Baby. “Come on Giz, let’s go see your new home” Y/n said, Sam blinked and took a deep breath to relax. Sam knew Dean would blow his lid when he saw that puppy. “Here you hold Gizmo, I’m going go soften up the big guy” she said. She found Dean in the bedroom they shared, “hey Dean” she said, “hey sweetheart, you and Sammy have fun” he said. “Yeah we did but there’s something I have to tell you” she said, he sat up looking concerned. “Okay” he said, “you know how we talked about having a family together one day” she. He nodded, “family members come in all different types, some of them even have four legs and are covered in fur” she said. Dean saw the look of worry on her face, knowing what she’d done. He tried to stay calm, “please tell me you didn’t get a dog” Dean said. Just then Gizmo ran into the room, “not a dog a puppy” she said, she picked him up. Sam stopped at the door seeing his brother glare at him, “it’s not Sam’s fault Dean, I love dogs and I’ve always had one, I missed having one, please give him a chance” she said. Y/n gave Dean her best sad face including her best pouty lips, “it licked me” Dean said in an angry voice. He saw the sadness on Y/n’s beautiful face and he couldn’t bare to make her sad, “yeah, he can stay” Dean said. Y/n jumped into Dean’s arms hugging him tightly and kissing him all over, “thank you Dean, thank you” Y/n cried. Dean turned to Sam, “tell me there’s pie and whiskey” Dean said, “of course I knew you’d need it” Sam said.

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Strange Cars and Strawberries


*Steve Rogers-centric


“Hey, babe,” Steve said, stepping into the living room. He pressed a kiss to your cheek. “What’d you do today?”

“Oh, nothing much. I did some laundry, I went to the Farmer’s Market, I got some writing done, I–”

“Farmer’s Market?” Steve asked. “What Farmer’s Market?”

“The one on 14th Street.”

Steve frowned slightly. “I thought we agreed you wouldn’t go there by yourself.”

“Well, I mean we talked about that, but–”

“Y/N, that’s a dangerous part of town!”

“Most times, yeah. But there’s plenty of security during the market.”

“I don’t like the idea of you going there by yourself. If something had happened–”

“Nothing happened!” You stood, turning to face Steve. “Steve, please, I’m an adult. I can take care of myself, okay? You don’t always have to be there to protect me.”

Steve shook his head. “I… you don’t know…”

“What? How to protect myself?”

Steve shrugged.

Frustrated, you pushed past Steve. “I’ve lived here my entire life. I know where it’s safe to go.”

“Where are you going?”

“Back off, Steve.” You grabbed your bag, slipping it across your shoulder. You stormed out of STARK Tower, getting lost in the crowd on the sidewalk. Your feet moved with no real direction, destination. You eventually ended up in a less crowded area; the area was empty enough for you to notice the car behind you.

‘God dammit,’ you thought. You pulled your phone out, angrily punching Steve’s contact.


“This is the opposite of backing off, Steve.”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t act coy. You borrowed a car from Tony. I can see you behind me.”

“I didn’t… I’m not…”

Something began to tickle the back of your mind. “Don’t lie to me.”

“Y/N, I would never.”

You glanced back at the car again. “Steve…”

“Where are you right now?”

“By the park.”

“Go into the park. Stay around other people. I’ll be there soon.”

You hung up and hurried into the park. You kept your phone in your hand, just in case. There were a handful of people enjoying the park today. Sparing one more look behind you, you made your way to the playground, sitting on a bench.

After a few minutes, a hand landed on your shoulder, causing you to scream.

“Easy, Y/N! It’s just me.”

Turning, you found Steve behind you. “Sorry. I just…”

“Come on. Let’s get you home.”

You let Steve lead you out of the park, keeping only a hand between your shoulder blades. Once outside the park, Steve raised his hand, hailing a taxi.

You looked up at Steve. “How’d you get here so fast?”

“I, uh… ran here.”

The cab pulled up to the curb and Steve ushered you into the backseat. A few short minutes later and the cab pulled up in front of STARK Tower. Steve handed over a bill and slid out of the car.

The elevator ride up to the apartment was… tense. Just as the bell ‘dinged’ and the doors slid open, you spoke. “Thank you… for coming to get me.”

“Of course. Although…”


“I… almost didn’t come.”


“I just… you’d told me to back off and…” Steve sighed. “But you sounded scared on the phone and–”

“I shouldn’t have told you to back off,” you interrupted. “I mean… I know you’re just looking out for me. And as that little walk just proved… maybe this city isn’t as safe as I thought…”

“No, you were right. I overreacted. You’re fully capable of taking care of yourself. I can’t expect you to stay locked away in the apartment all day while I’m out. That’s not fair.”

“So…. We were both in the wrong.”

Steve smiled at you. “Right.”

“You… want some strawberries? I picked them up fresh today.”

Steve thought for a moment. “Do we have any whipped cream?”

“Uh, I think so.”

“Sounds like we’ve got a party, then.”

The slap on your ass told you exactly what kind of party Steve had in mind.

livestock farmers

realize this - their whole worth comes from the lives of innocent beings. instead of investing in themselves and having a career based on their own talent and skills, they use, torture, rape and kill animals. 

even when the market is declining and small livestock farmers are making less than ever, they still go on, trying to save their beloved farm and “business”. between 1970 and today, the US lost 88% of its dairy farms. the government has been cracking down on small farms, and less than 25% of farms bring a revenue of more than $50,000 a year. 

which is fine by me. while factory farms are terrible for the environment, local family farms are just as bad - sometimes worse. grass-fed animals can produce 50 to 60 percent more greenhouse gas emissions than their grain-eating livestock. they can also use more water as their activity level is higher, especially in hot, summer months. they also use more land, so small, free-range, organic farms are no greener than factory farms. 

but you argue livestock farmers make a hard-earned honest living? no. that’s just sheer abuse and laziness. there should never be a business that solely relies on killing others for profit.


Our day told by Snapchat. I left out the videos.

But today was our mommy/cayden date.

I woke up at 4:30, worked until 10, ran a few errands, and then took a nap with Cayden.

After nap time we went to this huge play plex thing. They had arcade games, trampolines, bounce houses, slides, etc. We did that for about 2 hours then went to get dinner at Cayden’s favorite place, chili’s.

Then bath and now bed. I love this little man.

Tomorrow we’re checking out the local farmers market.

today’s summer vibe: sweating copiously and wearing an outfit that is all thrifted/clothing-swapped except for very expensive new Doc Martens while biking to your non-binary friend’s apartment to pick up an entire gallon of free grapefruit juice salvaged from a local hard cider brewery


 I’ve never really been able to take any of my previous dogs with me when I go places. And God have I wanted to. Parks, farmers markets, hikes, you name it and it would be better with a dog there–in my opinion. Obviously, dogs are still amazing despite their fears and or social anxieties (Trust me I have adored some crazy dog aggressive, social anxiety ridden dogs). But this dog is amazing and he shows me that every day. I took him to a parade today and it was great. He just has a level of confidence to take things in stride. Even things that I personally find stressful (example: firetruck sirens, people shooting water off of parade floats, motorcycles revving their engines, cars honking, etc.) He just amazes me and for awhile I was nervous to take him to these kind of events. But I’m so glad that I have started because he loves them and I love having him there. 

I got lucky with this one and I’m just glad we both like the same kind of things.

I just really love my dog.

That’s all. 

whenever I wanna impress a girl I always go ham like today I’ve got a farmers market date so I guess I’m just health nut margo from the Whole Foods now and I’m gonna buy some 12 dollar ginger root

I try… I try to stay positive, to find little motivation in this life but it’s tough.

I was talking to my mom today about holiday plans and she kinda said we are not doing well financially. I cried after we finished talking. I really tried looking for a job but I am going to my hometown in a month so its not worth it to look for a job rn. I had the opportunity at the farmer’s market but I fucked it up. I am broke and I have lots of costs this month.

The project is a pain in the ass, I will talk with my prof at the end of this month and ask if I can get a student research assistant contract.. On the other hand, she might say I am almost finished and maybe reject it. I don’t know how to formulate it. I dont know how to explain to her that the workload is too much.

I still couldnt even start looking for full-time jobs. I have so much to do regarding this project. And the residence permit extension on October freaks me out. Everything in this fucking life makes me anxious.

….and I have zero motivation. Nothing to look forward to. Last year, I held onto my ghouls, Ghost, Martin.. this year, everything is shattered into pieces.

I don’t know what to do.

Farm Journal: 7/14/17

Today we harvested for market tomorrow. It would’ve been fine except that the other group jumped ahead on their harvest list and kind of screwed us over. But that’s a long story and it worked out in the end even though we stayed an hour into lunch.
The boss man showed us how to pick melons which I’m excited about because cantaloupe make the world go round on hot summer days. And cherry tomatoes! Which are also fun to pick and eat. Aside from being frustrated with my cohorts the morning passed by quickly and soon we were onto the afternoon.
We started the afternoon by picking squash which we do everyday but Sundays. Then we loaded up the red truck, Felix, with three pallets of kale and collard seedlings and got about a row of kale planted before we were caught in a big ol thunderstorm. We drove back to the barn where boss lady, cohort E and I bunched flowers for market. The others washed eggs and bins and then went back to planting once the rain stopped.
So then we bunched flowers for hours on end until it was like 7pm and we finally called it a day.
Tomorrow Dan, the partner in crime, goes to market super early in the morning and the rest of us will harvest and prep for market on Sunday.

Sunday Financial Blues 6/18/17

Today has been the definition of a Sunday for me, especially financially. Making money has been a bitch like usual. I ran around all day taking hours to make what I can normally within an hour or two. Thankfully there was a farmer’s market going on on the hill so I decided to panhandle there and that saved my ass. Then I went somewhere else to do the same thing. I ended up scraping up enough to buy a half gram of heroin so I could have my afternoon get well shot and my bed time shot for tonight also. Also before I bought the half gram I bought $30 worth this morning, but it was all gone in one shot like usual and it certainly wouldn’t have been enough to sustain me for the entire day. I’ve busted my ass today and it feels good to FINALLY be sitting down with P and my dog Poppy charging my phone and relaxing in a coffee shop.

Thank you Junkie God’s. You tha homies.
💉 😎💊✌

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💭 ☀

💭 - Favorite foods?

im not a picky eater at all and honestly dont rly have favorites but currently i rly like all fruits, and chocolate, and i had indian food today and forgot how much i love it

☀ - Story about your day.
i got to see a good friend of mine i hadn’t seen in a long time and we went to a farmer’s market and walked around my old neighborhood and places i used to go and it was rly nice, and then later i went to a grad party and also saw ppl i hadn;t seen for years so that was nice

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HI HELLO <3 I know we haven't talked in forever (I'm the most horrible friend, I'm so sorry for that...) BUT I just wanted to know how are you???!!! You eating yummy food and taking care of your stunning self?? I REALLY HOPE YOU DO CUZ IF NOT I'M COMING OVER TO DO THAT FOR YOU > . < But ya, just wanted to say that no matter what happens, know that you are absolutely epic and deserve DA BEST ! <3 Xo love <3

Dude no worries! It doesn’t matter whether we don’t talk for 2 months or 2 years! You’re always going to be one of my good friends ^ - ^ We both have busy lives to tend to so I understand~ BUT I’M GOOD!!! I DIDN’T EAT ANYTHING TODAY YET BUT THIS CUTE GIRL BOUGHT ME A COFFEE RANDOMLY AND THAT WAS SO SWEET AND IT WAS RIGHT AFTER I WENT TO THE FARMERS MARKET FOR FRESH FRUIT AND VEGGIES!!! So I’ll be sure to make something super yummy with those fresh ingredients later today ^ - ^’  Gosh messages like these really keep me alive sometimes ahha. Thank you so much pal, you know every time I see your posts running around my dash I get so smiley ^ - ^ Thank you for sending this! YOU DESERVE THE BEST TOO OKAY?? DO YOU HEAR ME?? *aggressively loves the shit outta your cute boot* I LOVE YOUUUUU!!!!! *smooch*