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I don’t mean to freak anyone out, but I read all of the tags that come up when one of my imagines is reblogged. And I mean all of them. And I just want to say thank you to every single one. Every kind word that comes up, every little message. Tagging it to leave a simple comment, to make sure one of your friends sees it, or even if just to better organize your Tumblr. I get so cheesed about every single one. Because I am a softie. And extremely easy to get excited.

Just wanted to let you guys know, and to give proper thanks.

And hey, thanks for reading. It feels good to know that my writing is actually getting some notice. It really humbles someone to know that their writing is our there, being analyzed or hopefully appreciated. And it excites me to know I have you out there reading this and any of my imagines. So thank you, everyone. People who just scroll, people who like, people who reblog, people who tag, people who message and reply. I see my regulars and I see newcomers. One of my favorites is to see someone going down my blog and appreciating even the imagines I wish I could delete out of sheer embarassment of how I wrote back then and the creative liberties I took on Dark.

I just…Thank you!

Last Sentence Tag Game

I got tagged in this by @agwitow a while ago (sorry, bro), and it sounded like fun (then it got lost in the email void).

I don’t want to explain too much about context since it’s from a fic I’ll be posting at some point anyway, so here’s my sentence. Well, it’s technically two sentences, but…I do what I want.

Rules: post the last sentence you wrote (fanfic/original/anything!) and tag as many people as there are words in the sentence.

Calming himself and digesting the information she’s just given him, he nods his consent. “Alright,” her voice drops an octave, “I’ll see you when I get back.”

I have a lot of writer followers, no? So, if you want to do this just say I tagged you and go for it. For now I tag @drippingmoon @tolsmolbean @screamxqueenx94 @african-caribbean-perfection and @kirarahu for politely liking any random thing I post lately.



I regret everything.

Ravenclaw, immediately after agreeing to do something.

lmao remember that terrible biphobic discourse a few years ago and how i didn’t want to call myself bi because ‘what if i’m just a straight girl invading wlw spaces’ (this was before i worked out my gender) and this atrocious bigotry calling itself ‘discourse’ made me, a questioning minor, even further doubt my feelings towards women, as if heteronormativity needed any help

lmao remember the nonbinary/truscum discourse a couple years ago and how i didn’t want to call myself nb because ‘what if i’m just a cis girl invading trans/nb spaces’ because this bullshit calling itself ‘discourse’ made me doubt my dysphoria and my relationship with my gender identity even more, as if cisnormativity needed any help

y’all need to realize that you are hurting people with this shit. whenever you fuckers come in trying to simplify the lgbtq+/queer/mogai communities and identities into something palpable for Straights you push vulnerable and questioning people - vulnerable and questioning minors - away from identities and labels that could help them. you’re all fucking disgusting. and i’m sick of seeing this shit repackaged and pushed on questioning people again and again and again. i’m sick of seeing questioning and lgbtq+ people blamed for cisheteronormative bullshit. i’m sick of your gross recycled TERF rhetoric.


malec + lips (requested by @ihaveabookishbrain )


time to dance // panic! at the disco


Daishou scribbles cause he was there for, like, half a panel and I got excite


pay attention to meeeeeeee

MM characters and their phones these days smh

today in critical role finale things that make me cry:

laura giving liam his ‘do not go far from me’ ring back

because during the break, after vax died, he must have taken it off and given it to her (because he definitely has it on during the first half)

and he only takes it back when the campaign is wrapping up

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws and Slytherins have a lot friendly debates. But they get heated very fast, which is when Hufflepuffs come in to calm everyone down, while Gryffindors try to egg them on. The most heated debates are usually about pie vs. ice cream and other similar subjects.

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The marks appear halfway through the third trimester of her first year at Dupont. Alya had just gotten out of the shower when she spots it in her bathroom mirror. Etched into the skin beneath her right shoulder blade, the words follow a curved trail along her spine in tiny cursive. It takes the combined help of her Ladybug compact mirror, her camera phone, and a whole lot of squinting for her to finally make out what it says:

“while loving someone deeply gives you courage”

No capitalizations. No punctuation marks. No hint of whether the phrase begins or ends the rest of the sentence.

-the writing on our skin by @charme-miraculeux

Inspired by the wonderful soulmate story written by Justine!! If you have not read it yet, I would strongly recommend it! You can read it on tumblr here or on ao3 here!

people look up to steve now, which is weird since he used to be too short to look up to

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join the club bro

edit: there’s an amazing fic for this now, please read it for a good time