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Not Letting Go - Part 2

So here’s part 2 of the Jason x Reader Soulmate series!
Sorry for the wait, my weekend was crazy! Also, it is super late but I just had to get this done today, so sorry if it’s not the best. Hope you guys like it! Part 3 will be on the way soon~

Part 1

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Meeting Jason in your fire escape became a regular thing after that night, unconventional though it was. If you were honest with yourself, you were glad that your relationship hadn’t progressed any further than that yet. You liked Jason. A lot. Much more than you would care to admit. But you were still hesitant when it came to your relationship and wanted to take it slow. You had seen what falling in love had done to your mum and honestly you were scared. Jason seemed to understand though and never tried to rush you, even though it had been a couple of weeks since you had met.
At first he would only come once every few days. You would be sitting at your desk reading or sprawled out across your duvet listening to music when the knock on the window would come. Immediately your stomach would fill with butterflies and you’d find yourself grinning stupidly, heart pounding as you rushed to the window and yanked it open. The sight of him was like a balm, soothing your nerves and easing tension that you hadn’t even been aware of until it was gone. Jason’s expression would turn soft as soon as he caught sight of you, and he would offer you his hand to help you clamber out the window. More recently he had started to simply grab your waist and lift you out the window himself, laughing when you struggled and protested. You blushed every damn time, and you guessed that might just be the reason that he did it.

You had known Jason for almost three weeks before you invited him in. Even then it was more out of necessity than anything. It was a Wednesday evening, and it was pouring rain outside. The rain had never bothered you before, but since meeting Jason you had come to hate it. Rain meant no visit from your soulmate that night, and it had already been two days since you had seen him last. You missed him, and the intensity of the feeling frightened you. Already the thought that Jason might just not come back was intolerable, you didn’t want to think about what that might mean. So it was that you were laying on your stomach across your bed, head propped up in your hand while you read a book, when you heard the already familiar sound of Jason knocking on your window. You almost didn’t hear it over the torrential sound of rain against the roof overhead, but when you identified it you jumped up and raced to the window, fumbling with the latch and flinging it open. Instantly you were subject to the full force of the storm outside, rain splattering your face as you leaned out into the wind and squinted into the darkness. Jason stood just outside your window, soaking wet and grinning like an idiot. To say you were surprised was an understatement. His clothes clung to his skin, soaked through with rain, and his hair was stuck to his forehead in complete disaray. “Jason! What are you doing?” You had to yell over the sound of the wind, a mixture of horrified and amazed. “I just had to see you doll,” he admitted, having the dignity to look sheepish. “Uh, could I..” “Oh! Oh of course, come in!” You jolted back from the window, giving Jason room to clamber in and shut the window, soaking your carpet as he did so. “Sorry to drop in uninvited doll, I know you don’t like it,” he was rubbing the back of his neck, his eyes apologetic when he looked at you. You softened immediately, realising thag despite your previous inhibitions you were actually delighted that he was here. “Don’t worry about it.” You smiled at him warmly. “Just.. stay there while I grab you a towel. Like seriously, don’t move, you’ll get everything wet,” you warned, turning for the door. He replied with a mock solemn “Yes ma'am”.

When you returned carrying a stack of towels you found him in the exact same spot you had left him in. You tossed him one, only sorry that you didn’t have any spare clothes to offer. You made do with taking his jacket, shirt and shoes and putting them on the radiator to dry off. You tried not to stare at his chest while he changed and failed miserably. He chuckled when he caught you looking and you blushed bright red, resolutely looking at the floor as you took his clothing from him. “Thanks sweetheart,” He mused your hair fondly, and you protested, blushing even harder now. “Hey!” You grumbled, ducking out from under his hand and giggling, going to hang his clothes over the radiator. When you turned back he had a towel wrapped around his shoulders, concealing his torso but making it no easier for you to ignore the fact that Jason was standing in your room in only his jeans and if your mother walked in you were as good as dead. Of course that was only if you didn’t die of heart failure first because god he was beautiful. You had known he was well built, but you hadn’t even guessed at just how toned he was until now. It was making you feel insecure about your own body just looking at him. You bit your lip, suddenly unsure. Jason picked up on your change of mood and came over to you, cupping your cheek gently in one hand while the other arm encircled your waist, drawing you closer to him. “Hey, everything okay?” His eyes were gentle, captivating, and you found you couldn’t lie to him. You looked down, whispering, “You’re amazing Jay. And I’m.. well, me. You deserve better,” Saying the words out loud made you feel vulnerable. “Sweetheart, listen,” Jason’s voice was unexpectedly serious when he spoke. “I have done very bad things in my life. Hell, I still do. People like me probably don’t deserve a soulmate at all,” Despite yourself you felt a trill of fear go through your body at his words. But then his voice dropped lower, softened. “And then I get you. Doll, you are the most amazing, brilliant, gorgeous person I have ever met.” You looked up at him, stunned, and then Jason leaned in, closing the distance between you and pressing his lips to yours. The kiss was slow, gentle, and you wrapped your arms around his shoulders to anchor yourself. When he pulled back you were breathless, feeling like you were floating off the ground. His hands were on your hips steadying you, and he rested his forehead against yours, his proximity and the smell of leather and metal surrounded you and made you feel safe. “Jason,” you breathed, dazed, and he chuckled, hugging you close.

Somehow you ended up laying on your bed, tucked securely against Jason’s chest as you just cuddled and talked quietly. You had expected the dynamic between the two of you to change when he kissed you, but instead you just felt even more connected to him than you had before. It felt natural to be with him like this, and as much as your brain wanted you to freak out you just couldn’t. Instead you were just relaxed, happy. At some stage during the night you fell asleep like that, Jason’s fingers tangled in your hair as you snuggled into him, feeling content and whole for what may have been the first time in your life.


Stranger Things | season 2 foreshadowing

“Something is coming, something angry, hungry for your blood…it is almost here.”


you can be in seattle where is 9am aND IN MIAMI ITS FUCKING 12PM?? it would literally take you 48 HOURS, (THATS TWO FULL DAYS) to travel the 2,735 miles between those two states. an d youRe in the sSAME fUCking coUNtrY what tEh fCUk



but they’re not even coUntrY tIme zoNEs??? m8 u can be in omaha ne and in columbus ne its fucking 1 hour ahead of you THEY’RE BOTH IN THE SAME STATE???WH AT?/? 


‘we were unable to calculate the route and time by road’ you know fucking why? bECAUsE tHERE ISNTT A FUCKING ROAD. HAWAII IS LITERALLY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN WHAT TH E FU CK AMERICA WHAT THE FUKC

im sorry im really salty right now but i have to go on a gd rant bc im????

  • this fandom is so violently against thinking outside the lovesquare it’s crazy. go through every ship you can think of, count the amount of content in the tags for each, and then come back to me if you don’t believe me
  • like first off let’s start with the f/f ships
    • by far the most popular two are julerose and chlolya, a.k.a. ships that don’t include mari and don’t mess with the lovesquare
    • and before you pull the whole “oh but their dynamic is better”
    • chlonette and chlolya are both rivals to lovers ships in their simplest form. so why is chlolya more popular?
    • alyanette and julerose are both friends to lovers ships in their simplest form. so why is julerose more popular?
    • it takes clawing through alyanette, chlonette, lilanette, etc. tags to find content, meanwhile chlolya and julerose are everywhere bc they’re “safe ships”
  • m/m ships! 
    • this one’s even funnier bc mlm ships in this fandom are practically nonexistent
    • the most “popular” ones are adrinino and adrinath, but guess why you barely see content for them?
    • the only reason they’re more popular than kim/max is bc they either involve the main characters, or they involve nath (the only background character that people seem to give a shit about for reasons unknown????)
  • oh and it gets better bc let’s talk about het ships that don’t get any love
    • i’ve seen marinath used so damn often as a means to an end for lovesquare shippers. like if i had a dollar for every time i saw marinath used as a way for adrien to be jealous/confess his feelings, i could buy a fucking condo
    • nino x marinette? alya x adrien? no?
    • yeah. figured. kinda makes the lovesquare impossible, right?
  • the best part about this is that when you check which pairings get useless comments tagged on about ‘oh are you guys serious?’ ‘yeah but they’re just friends?’ ‘this pairing would never work’ and ‘x person loves y so they can’t possibly like z,’ do you know which ones you’ll see more often than not?
    • pairings that include adrien or marinette

im tired of seeing people be dismissive of alyanette, adrinino, and ninette. i’m tired of having to literally claw through the tags for chlonette or lilanette. im tired of seeing artists and writers get tens of thousands of notes on their lovesquare art and struggle to get 200 notes on art with pairings that disrupt the lovesquare. 

it’s disheartening. it’s annoying. it’s isolating. and it feels like a lot of people don’t even care so i guess im done


Summary: Bucky asks to borrow your laptop and finds the smutty fanfiction that you’ve been writing on your anonymous Tumblr account.

Warnings: smut, secondhand embarrassment, fingering, metal arm kink

A/N: Thank you guys for being so nice to me today and sending me asks because I really like getting asks and they helped me feel better. I finished writing this at three in the morning because my anxiety is really bad because I’m waiting for my advisor to email me back about whether or not I can withdrawal my Physics class and I’m going really crazy waiting because I have a Physics test Thursday and welp. Anyway, that’s why you have this fic; I couldn’t sleep so I wrote this. Feedback is welcome and encouraged. If you want to be added to the tag list you have to send me an ask.

“Hey, (Y/N), can I borrow your laptop?” Bucky peered into your room, making sure you weren’t indecent first.

“Yeah, that’s fine.” You unplugged the MacBook from it’s charger and handed it to Bucky. “I’ll be down in the gym if you have any questions.”

“Thanks, doll.” His fingers brushed against yours as he took the metal computer from you. The mixture of his pet name and the tingling from his touch sent a need between your legs. “Mind if I just sit in here and use it?” 

“Not at all.” You headed out of your room and to the gym, ready to work out.

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It’s always been true.

the signs as Bob's Burgers quotes
  • Aries: My life is more difficult than anyone else on the planet. And yes, I'm including starving children, so don't ask.
  • Taurus: If you need me, I'll be on the floor. Dying.
  • Gemini: Summer is awful. There's too much pressure to enjoy yourself.
  • Cancer: Mommy doesn't get drunk. She just has fun.
  • Leo: I got a tool to remove security tags! Next Christmas is on me!
  • Virgo: Ooh, mini croissants! No matter what I say, stop me when I've had sixteen.
  • Libra: Was it obvious I don't care?
  • Scorpio: I'm no hero. I put my bra on one boob at a time like everyone else.
  • Sagittarius: What is this feeling I'm feeling right now? It's like I'm sad for another person? Is that a thing? AM I GOING CRAZY?
  • Capricorn: Okay, fine. But I'm gonna complain the whole time.
  • Aquarius: Hey, daytime whiskey, wanna meet my CD collection?
  • Pisces: I don't need a boy to pay attention to me. I'll pay attention to myself.

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shadowhunters appreciation weeks » favorite jace scene
“I know it seems like I’ve been making a lot of crazy choices lately. And I know you think that I was only thinking about myself… and Clary, and I wasn’t thinking about the consequences to anyone else. All I can say is, I’ve been going through a lot.”

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I keep seeing this post going around like ‘Here are the reasons we like Tina even tho she betrayed Newt and wasn’t a sympathetic character!’ and I’m like the fuck? why the fuck wouldn’t we like her???

  • the minute we meet her she gets mustard on her face and it’s there for like the first twenty minutes because she hasn’t noticed
  • god bless her
  • newt shows up with his case full of batshit crazy and she’s like ‘fuck! this is dangerous!’ and tries to deal with it even tho she’s semi fired?
  • did you see the way all the macusa people looked at her
  • it was very much pitying ‘oh tina honey no not again’ because you can tell she is always bursting in trying to save lives and help people Bureaucracy Be Damned
  • she cared about Credence when nobody else gave a shit and she got her own career shit fucked up by trying to actually save this poor abused bowlcut boy
  • what the fuck I don’t care if she ‘betrayed’ newt by turning him in, how the hell was she supposed to know that graves was secretly johnny depp, all signs were pointing to newt’s suitcase being full of Death and she was trying to prevent people dying bc that’s her whole Thing
  • that moment when queenie is like ‘another hot dog??’ and tina is like ‘get off my dick!’
  • mustard on her face
  • newt: ‘oh no i dropped all these magical creatures oh no they’re all over the floor and in the city oh no i must perform a mating dance’
  • tina: Career Woman. Protector of Lives. Has Mustard On Her Face. amazing

ok so linus has been going crazy the past few nights because a black cat has been going around our backyard

i finally got a pic of him and it’s probably the most ‘cryptid’ thing i’ve ever seen like holy shit

no wonder linus was all fluffed, it’s because our house is starring in paranormal cativity: the feline phantom

ted tonks hcs bc why not:

  • was going to be a rugby player when he grew up
  • like. his dad used to love it and had that kinda build anyway and would coach ted as he grew up
  • ted goes to a little league after school and his family would crowd around the tv on weekends and watch the game
  • comes from a family of woodcutters. i’m serious
  • grows up watching his dad chop wood and swinging a lil tiny axe of his own and working with like. miniature pieces of wood
  • never had very much?? but had like. the ideal childhood
  • i’m talking living in a cottage in the woods and going to a tiny state school, getting real muddy from trainings and running through bluebell-scattered meadows until his lungs were raw
  • one day he’s working in the yard w his dad when he’s like ten and he stops chopping wood and his dad’s like ‘what’s wrong ted?’ and he sighs and is like ‘dad. i just don’t understand’
  • ‘don’t understand what buddy??’
  • ‘why we have to chop wood when we can just do this’
  • and he makes a really sharp chopping movement with his arm
  • and five feet away the massive hunk of oak his dad’s been hacking away at for the past two hours just. splits clean in half
  • his dad’s mouth is agape and he calls into the cottage like ‘sweetheart! come out here, would you??’
  • and they puzzle around ted for a while and try to work out the kinks but within five minutes of looking at him with really quizzical expressions theyr just like. holy fuck our kid is amazing.
  • and by this time ted is not only smart enough but humble enough to keep it under wraps and he doesn’t even have to do it for very long anyway
  • bc a year a later they get the letter from mcgongall and ted’s dad calls him out to the living room of the cottage and they all start screaming and hugging and crying bc. their little teddy is going to magic school
  • heads straight off to scotland and starts at hogwarts and he fucking loves it
  • like care of magical creatures and herbology and anything v outdoors-y. it reminds him of home
  • he does get v homesick ngl
  • esp for his mum
  • and coming from such a tiny, well-knit community as well?? he really struggled to leave behind all the friends he’d grown up with. his rugby team in particular.
  • but the lie was easy to get around considering that his parents just say that they’re sending him off to a larger boarding school near london where he can pursue rugby
  • and ted was kinda a primary school heartthrob anyway and like. it doesn’t help when he comes back during the holidays looking gorgeous and cheeky and several feet taller than the last time
  • he is. well. he’s gorgeous
  • he grows up before he grows out so there are a few years around the 14-year-old mark when he’s v tall and v lanky but only a few people can tell that he’s set to be one of the most broad-shouldered fucks in the grade
  • and by the time he’s sixteen. well.
  • he gives andromeda black a fucking heart attack
  • bc he waltzes into school on the first day of sixth year and he’s all 6ft and broad, broad shoulders and sandy-coloured hair, these really cheeky bright green eyes and a roguish grin that’s so shit-eating it’s no wonder half the school go into cardiac arrest
  • he practically lives in flannel shirts ngl
  • and it’s not really a surprise that he’s a hufflepuff?? bc like
  • he practically lives in the kitchens and thrives off the warmth and light of it
  • gave quidditch a shot on the recommendation of the school considering the fact that he’d make a great keeper but?? doesn’t really get into it
  • it’s not the same as rugby and he can respect that but it’s not enough for him to get on a broom
  • he’s kinda traditional and straight-laced?? idk it’s just the way his mum raised him
  • courts girls v ceremoniously and has a thing abt flowers and where to buy the best ones in season
  • but yes. holds the door opens, pulls out the chair for them to sit down on, offers to take their coat, etc.
  • classic 1950’s gentlemen ok
  • patronus is probably some kind of terrier let’s be honest
  • struggles w andromeda bc. here he has the most amazing, beautiful woman and he’s just. so enamoured w her but he can’t do anything abt it??
  • he wants to give her all the best things in life and everything that she deserves but he can’t
  • he can’t take her out on dates, he can’t leave her flowers, he can’t tell her he loves her
  • and he respects her boundaries and waits for her every day but it still hurts
  • it hurts not to be with her
  • and that’s how he knows he’s in love with her
  • it’s probably like when they’re sitting at their respective house tables and she’s w her sisters and he’s w his mates and they lock eyes and he’s grinning at her but she can’t smile back
  • and it kills him and the fact that it hurts him so bad just makes him go ‘fuck it’
  • and that’s when he knows
  • goes home as often as he can to visit his parents
  • really wanted a little sister when he was younger and was like?? probably really close to getting one
  • but his mum got sick when he was in hogwarts, when ted’s around the 16/17 mark
  • and she dies and the most lost he’s ever felt is when he’s back in the house w his dad and she’s not there
  • it’s so empty and cold and quiet. like. so fucking quiet
  • his mum probably only met andy once before she died and even though she never got to see them get married she like. fucking knew
  • she fucking knew it and ted tears his whole room apart bc she knew. she knew even when he didn’t. even when none of them knew
  • and he stands in the church yard on the day of the funeral
  • and the grass is incredibly green and the day is incredibly bleak and grey and his dad has never looked so old in his life
  • but across the graveyard he can see this really dark, muddied figure
  • and she makes her way towards him and her hair is braided out of her face and her eyes are red and her face is ashen and tight
  • she’s dressed all in black and moves v softly
  • and then andromeda black is standing right in front of him and ted can’t breathe
  • but she reaches out to him and even though she’s several feet shorter than him she doesn’t waver as she holds him and he sobs raggedly into her shoulder
  • she was always the strongest out of the two of them. the most unbreakable. and she holds him and holds him and holds him in that sea of green and grey and doesn’t let go
  • he gets out of the grief of it the only way he knows how. out and through.
  • and with andy holding his hand and several hundred cups of tea he’s like. not ok but he knows that he will be, one day.
  • he was probably a really good photographer?? like he gets v invested in the world of film photography and fucking loves it
  • has no idea what he wants to do when he grows up but again. loves the idea of photography
  • probably that fucker who loves camping in the countryside i’m not even joking
  • revels in his v simple lifestyle and wants nothing more for himself
  • nor does he want anything more for andromeda
  • ted represents everything she could ever want, simplicity and safety and freedom
  • i think one of the first dates he ever takes her on once they’re out of hogwarts would probably be horseback riding and i mean. come on
  • she’s like ‘is this fucker for real’
  • they’re both like. nineteen when baby tonks is born and she’s sleeping rlly soundly in andy’s arms and her hair is just changing softly, pink, blue, pink, blush, purple, mint, and back to pink again
  • and they both wondered how they managed to make something so little, so perfect
  • and she’s the closest thing to the little sister he always wanted but she’s not. she’s his. and she’s better. and he loves her.
  • i mean. loves her. adores her. adores watching her grow up, takes such good care of her, encourages her idiosyncrasies and teaches her to ride a bike and plays rugby with her, watches her climb trees and buys her a scooter for her fifth birthday
  • and one day they’re all together in that little cottage on the edge of the woods and like.
  • they’re all there
  • and they’re all together
  • and it’s the happiest he’s ever been in his life
  • basically hot af broad-shouldered ted tonks with his roguish grin and steady hands and a heart of gold
Night Falls: Chapter 16

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: After witnessing a murder, Y/N becomes a protected witness to FBI Agent Dean Winchester, who needs her help to do more than just solve one man’s murder.

Word Count: Brace yourself…6,225


A/N: In case you missed the announcement, @attractiverandomness is the TAG MASTER. So if you would like to be tagged in this series, head on over to her page!

Night Falls Master List

After that early morning, something changed; for the first time since you had met Dean, you two finally seemed to fall into sync with each other. There was no more bickering, no more snide remarks, and the two of you had–dare you say it–become friends.

You finally found your groove amidst all the craziness that your life had become; Dean would go to work each morning while you did what you could remotely. You usually finished up early, giving you plenty of time to spend time with Hannah and Ralph during the day. Hannah was still bubbly as ever, and the two of you began a mini book club. Every week or so, she would bring you something new to read, and each day you would talk about the few chapters you had read before bed. Ralph was still impossible to crack, just as stoic as ever, but you had finally managed to get him to open up when you approached him one day while he sat over a chess board. You had never played chess in your life, and in all honesty, were never overly interested in the game, but you had time to kill.

Turns out, Ralph was a master player and had been competing in chess tournaments since he was young. He had actually won enough scholarship money while competing in high school that he attended Columbia without paying a single dollar of tuition.

It literally took all those weeks to get that information out of him (though most of it came from Hannah), but at least you knew something about him, and now, you could even consider yourself an amateur chess player.

At 6pm every day, Cas would show up, relieving Hannah and Ralph. The two of you bonded in the kitchen, cooking up dinner each night before Dean would get back from the bureau. You sat around the table every night with the two of them at your side, listening to their stories and getting a sneak peek into the world beyond these faded walls.

But as the weeks went on, you could see the toll this case was taking on Dean; bags began to form under his eyes, and most mornings he left the house unshaved and clothes ruffled. You tried convincing him to trade his shifts, if nothing else just for a few times a week, but he brushed you off, assuring you he was fine. You even convinced Cas to talk to him about it, but Dean wouldn’t hear of it.

You’re my responsibility. I’m not going anywhere until this case is shut.

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Having no concept of time is great because 6 hours can pass after you last ate and you’ll wonder why you’re hungry because I could’ve sworn I just ate???

Dangerous Woman-Part 2

A/N: WOW, the outpouring of love for my new fic Dangerous Woman is crazy! It hasn’t even been 24 hours and it’s already blown ALL of my other fics out of the water. Thank you so much to everyone who has liked it, reblogged it, and asked to be tagged. I was going to wait until tomorrow to post Part 2 but you all deserve this! Enjoy!

Warnings:There one curse word…

Summary: You’ve caught the eye of Tony Stark to become the head lawyer for the Avengers. You never expected your life to change but fate has a funny way of turning everything upside down.  

Bucky x Mom!Reader

Part 1

Originally posted by rohgers

The following Monday, you called Stark. Actually, you had Henry call and say that you would like to meet at the Avengers compound to discuss their proposal. Of course, Tony insisted that he send a car. It was a fabulous, brand new Audi S8 plus. Expensive like most of his other cars. You had dealt with wealthy business men and women before, they tended to need your help more than most, but nothing like Tony. There was no one else like Tony. Even when you were in the car, you couldn’t believe it. Iron Man and Captain America had asked you to be their attorney, their advocate. You wanted this job. Bad.

“Thank you.” You nodded towards the driver as he opened your door.

“Ms. L/N! It’s so good to finally meet you!” A tall, gorgeous woman with blonde hair greeted you. “I’ll show you right to Mr. Stark.” Ah- an assistant or model turned assistant? You shrugged it off. Tony. The building was modern with glass walls and ceilings and filled with sharp angled furniture. You tried to keep your mouth closed and your head straight as your heels clicked along, but it was getting difficult. You had to channel your badass lawyer side, not the fangirl that was threatening to bubble up. It would have been easier to continue your charade but as you rounded the corner, you bumped into two super soldiers. Literally. You were knocked off your feet when you bounced off of Bucky’s chest but he easily caught you and kept you upright.

“Ms. L/N!” Steve’s eyes went wide. “We were just coming to meet you.” But you weren’t looking at the captain. Your eyes were locked on the crystal blue eyes of the man whose arms were still around your waist. You could feel your mouth gaping open and a blush across your cheeks. He stared back. You had seen pictures, of course, of the World War II hero, read every article, and even advocated for the Smithsonian to update their Captain America exhibit to include him but this was different. His flesh arm was warm around your waist and metal prosthetic hovered, as if he willingly stopped himself from touching you with it. If he only knew. But the moment was soon over when you saw something click in his eyes. He looked panicked and shuffled away from you.

“Um, yes. Hi, Ms. L/N.” His eyes couldn’t quite reach yours as he spoke. You could almost see the hint of a blush on his cheeks.

“Hello, Sergeant Barnes. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” You huffed out before you lost your breath again. His hand reached out and you grabbed it, shaking it entirely too long. You could feel your heart pounding out of your chest. Steve Rogers was handsome but Bucky Barnes was something else. He still wore his hair long and had the initial growth of a beard across his jawline. That jawline. And he even seemed larger in person. He was still staring and you were still shaking his hand, lost to the world, until Steve cleared his throat.   

“I-I just have to say thank you for helping us back into the country.” He was stumbling over his words but that didn’t help your own nervousness.

“I had to! I mean, I wanted to. You’re a hero. You deserve to be home.” You paused, distracted by his gaze. “A-and I owe Captain Rogers my life. I was trapped in an office building during the Battle of New York. If it wasn’t for you” you now turned to Steve “and the other Avengers, I wouldn’t be here.” You could see Bucky’s face fall slightly. You scrambled, trying to think of what you said, but the model-assistant pulled you out of your thoughts.

“Well, gentlemen. I don’t want to keep Mr. Stark waiting.”

“Ah, that’s actually why we’re here. Giselle, we’ll take it from here.” The blonde nodded to Steve and then winked at Bucky as she walked away. But Bucky didn’t notice as his eyes were locked on you. Hero? No one had regarded him as a hero and yet here you were. He watched as you and Steve made small talk about potential office accommodations and family. Your eyes were bright with excitement but there was a tinge of darkness behind them. If he were back to his old self, he would have been talking with you, even flirting, but he felt nervous, embarrassed. He had no way to thank you, to give you anything close to what you had given him… a second chance.

You knocked on the door frame to Tony’s lab but then continued in without being invited. By the time Tony turned around in his chair, you were already beside his workbench, leaning over to see him eye to eye.

“In case you were wondering what it felt like to be barged in on while you were working, this is it.” You smirked.

“Noted.” He smiled but you could tell he was slightly annoyed. “Your office will be on our executive level beside Steve’s.” He huffed and then turned back around to his work.

“Excuse me! I haven’t even given you my answer!” You stood straight and folded your arms across your chest. You were obviously going to say yes, but you needed to make sure you were still somewhat in control. You could hear Steve groan out of embarrassment behind you.

“Oh, you came all the way upstate to say no?” Tony didn’t even bother looking away from his work. You pursed your lips and tried to think of a good comeback but none came. “Ha! I’m right. FRIDAY, please call all the Avengers into the common room.”

“Yes boss!” The AI chippered.

“It’s a yes, if you did care to know.” You mumbled, following Tony into the common room.

“I’m sorry, Ms. L/N. Sometimes he can be a little eccentric.” Steve stood meekly by your side as he tried to make up for Tony’s behavior.

“It’s okay and please, it’s Y/N.” You smiled and he returned one back. You looked over to Bucky, standing beside Steve, to include him as well. He nodded, giving you a slight smile.

Meeting the World’s Mightiest Heroes was quick. You already knew everyone and after your trip to D.C., they knew you. Bucky could see your shoulders rollback and your back extend but then relax when everyone returned to their daily activities. You reminded him of royalty. You were constantly ‘on’ when there was an audience or large group, gliding around the room and gracefully shaking hands. But your smile was brighter when it was just him and Steve. It was a smile that could make his heart stop. He could feel a surge of protectiveness, to keep that smile on your face, the longer he was with you.

Tony’s work was quick and your personal effects were here almost instantly. You didn’t have a lot and you had already redistributed cases at your firm before you left. Steve and Bucky were the first to volunteer and help. There was a small part of you that was more than willing to watch Bucky lift boxes. They lifted boxes easier than any moving man. You eventually felt guilty for just watching and decided to help lift a box but you were no super soldier. You began to wobble under the weight of the box. You slipped and the contents of the box scattered but you never hit the floor. A familiar pair of arms wrapped around your waist again but this time he was quick to place you back on your own two feet.

“My hero.” You nervously giggled as you desperately tried to pick up your belongings.

“Ha, I just seem to catch you at the right time.” He smiled at you, an adorable lopsided grin. The years of torture and confusion seemed to disappear when he smiled. Your heart skipped a beat. You could not fall in love with Bucky Barnes. Sure you had a crush, ever since you saw that picture of him in his greens, but you couldn’t imagine yourself and him in the same league. What you didn’t know is that he was thinking the same. You were too lost in your thought to notice him start to pick up your personal effects. Then you snapped out of it.

“Oh, I’m sorry! What am I doing?” You started gathering your small mementos and framed photos but not before Bucky grabbed your favorite framed picture. It was a simple frame. A small black frame surrounded your little one. She was asleep surrounded by white sheets with a messy bun of curly, chestnut hair on top of her head.

“Is this your daughter?” Bucky asked meekly. His eyes flashed from the picture to your left hand and back.

“Uh-yes! Amelia Eloise. She’s my angel.” Your eyes softened as you continued to stare.

“She looks like it.” He smiled back. “Beautiful, like her mother.”   

Part 3    

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