going to tag anything because this is stupid

im trying to get RID OF THIS ARTBLOCK by drawing stupid sexy men in kilts I am FURIOUS like i think im going crazy this dude was on the food network and he was wearing a kilt and i was like uh huh im listening and he made haggis and honestly it looked good SO WHATEVER THEN GUESS I HAVE NO MORALS GIVE ME THE STUPID DELICIOUS SHEEP ORGANS. at least i can do SOMETHING useful with my hands that way because im bout to flip my desk over

if you think there’s anything sexier than a man in a kilt you can go to hell

Sleeping Arrangements (4/4)

Emma dreams of her own space. Killian dreams of sharing space. Henry dreams of what was and what will be. 

Chapter One     Chapter Two    Chapter Three   Read on ff.net here

Killian and Henry’s…thing…didn’t wake anyone else up, but it wasn’t hard to convince Emma to come with them, to believe in them, when they tag-teamed her and broke her out of the hospital.

But her magic didn’t return with her belief and there was a split-second where Henry was convinced she was going to die when they confronted Fiona. Fiona had a fireball on her way to Emma and his mom couldn’t conjure up anything to fight it and then Killian dove in front of her and…fuck.

Fuck, he thinks. His stupid ass plan is going to get Killian killed and does Zeus do do-overs because he’s already died once and it was–

It’s his grandfather. His father’s father, who saves him. All fury and magic and cursing his mother about Belle and protecting Henry and suddenly the Black Fairy is no more and the world is sliding in and out of place and they are–they are–

They are home.

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When my friend used to go to gay bars as a teen sometimes he would get creepy dudes going after way younger men so to avoid them he would strike up a convo with the scariest looking guy in the room. imagine two-face in the iceberg lounge being approached by gay kids like 'hey can i hang w/ u there's this creepy guy following me' and at first he's like 'wtf' then just comes to accept it like 'yes my bi ass will fight those creepy old guys point me in right direction bitch'

why are creepy dudes a constant in our society…when will we be free…that’s a good avoidance tactic.

and also 100% true Harvey WOULD….like he might be a criminal but he still hates smug old guys hitting on kids bc so many of the people he used to put in jail were so powerful that it was no secret that they were openly predatory. and Harv’ll be damned if he still doesn’t hate many of those guys…after all, Sal Maroni is the reason his face is burnt, and Sal was a real jackass.

So he’s just at the Lounge to casually threaten Penguin and these kids come up to him and he lets them tag along, and of COURSE anyone in there knows that “holy shit, that’s Two-Face”, and while some of them are stupid enough to continue following him (they get fucking decked), most people value their lives and get out of dodge. and that’s how the criminal underworld reaches the conclusion that Harv is bi as fuck

And like, Batman gets really suspicious? because there’s definitely something else going on, and he confronts Harvey once after he leaves (and gets a taxi for the Threatened Kid of the Day), and Harvey is just like “hey, I haven’t done anything illegal recently, also here’s some photos of creepy predators you might wanna look into that”

How is Killing Stalking child porn

They’re all out of high school

If you wanna be a sjw and such then go to everything you find wrong go complain there

If you don’t like a manga then you avoid it

And don’t tell me that its because it’s dark because guess what almost every work is dark if you look into it

Tokyo Ghoul? Cannibalism. You know, eating people. But I guess that’s not sick.

Or how about when there’s full mass murders in anime/manga? Well, I guess you should look over that because obviously this a serial killer killing like what ten people and so what if those thousands of people were killed because they’re side characters, right?

Fucking Blood C is a horror. If you don’t like the murdering scene then go get upset with that too.

Being that it’s in the yaoi tag (which is just gay hentai), then of course it’d be on the wild side. Hell, there’s legit full hentais following pedophilia and rape trains but I don’t see anyone complaining about those.

Oh wait—maybe they understand that if you don’t like something you ignore it.

It’s not like killing stalking is promoting anything just like any other dark work. If you think humanity is that stupid then I think you’re the problem.

Go ahead and think it’s whatever, but the fact that you think it’s okay to police people’s feelings on the manga just because it doesn’t match yours just shows how overly sensitive you’re being about this piece of fiction.

I don’t care if you’re gay/straight/bisexual. Saying “me, a gay person” doesn’t make your opinion correct. All sexualities have the same standards because your sexuality doesn’t define you. You can say that being gay gives you the insides of gay relationships and such but, in a honesty, it’s not different if you’re straight. It’s two partners loving each other in their own way (not what Sangwoo and Bum doing).

I just want to meet one fucking anti that can respect peoples opinions and views. If you give respect, you get it.

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Hmmm.. what do you think about the monoma x shinsou ship??

It’s… possibly a good ship? I guess? I’ve seen it around a bit, but ngl I don’t really understand it haha

Anon said:  when’s your birthday?

November 13th! It’s still pretty far~

Anon said: you say you like seeing the bakusquad taking care of babies hmmm? draw them maybe? OuO

I did haha

Anon said: Because of your art (you made me fall in love with Bakugou and Kirishima and Kaminari) I started BNHA and got my best friend into it. Now I can’t stop writing them and my friend and I have several AUs already.

This is the best kind of ask omfg !!!!! Glad I could get you into my disaster trio!!! …but also are you maybe gonna share like I’m starved for bakushimanari content a n o n

Anon said: Aw man i was gonna recomend that fic by newamsterdam to you. Like i finished reading it and thought you could like it since you like that other kuroo x teru fic (thanks to you and the anon for that btw) and it seemed your style? Im kinda sad i missed the chance (ok i know this whole ask sounds stupid)

Awwww don’t be sad anon, reccing me bakushima stuff is seriously hard because I might or might not go daily in the ao3 tag to read anything complete that’s been updated and I might or might not be following all fics regularly updating unless they have a character death/angst with no happy ending warning oops - thank you for thinking about me tho!!! That made me happy haha

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Okay so I just heard about the Supergirl cast drama and honestly, yikes. So in response, I want to lay out my thoughts, but before I do, I will put forward the set of events I have been told so that if I misspeak on something because of false information, you all can tell me without being dicks about it.

From what I’ve been told, without being prompted of anything to do with Supercorp, Melissa started saying that the pairing was stupid and never going to happen. She then went as far as to start singing a song about how she found it stupid and included everyone but Katie and two others (I’m not sure which ones) from the cast. The three of them seemed extremely uncomfortable and Katie had to reassure fans that she did not think they were delusional for liking Supercorp or even thinking it may happen. Chris Wood stepped in accusing Supercorp fans of forcing sexualities onto characters. Jeremy and Melissa were later found laughing about “debunking” Supercorp and Melissa was heard calling Jeremy brave for doing so. A fan later emailed Melissa’s team saying that they were hurt by this set of events and voicing their opinion that Melissa had gone too far. Some people are saying this fan called Melissa homophobic while others are saying they didn’t. Regardless, Melissa’s team responded with some bullshit “She’s been on Glee so she can’t be homophobic!” response and then Melissa herself responded with threats to sue this fan for defamation due to saying/implying she was homophobic. Jeremy has since apologised, admitting he was in the wrong and trying to start a conversation with fans to understand their point of view.

I want to start my response by saying that I am heartbroken. This is mostly because when Melissa was fired and later refused to go back to Glee, I celebrated with her. I literally started Supergirl as a fuck you to the Glee writers and fans who showed hate towards her because I believed she deserved better. I will fully admit that I now am starting to believe that I wore rose coloured glasses in regards to her.

Now I’m not sure I would go as far as to say Melissa is homophobic. It could very well be she just has something personally about Supercorp itself. But regardless, what she (and the other cast members who played a part in it) did was unprofessional and rude at best and not a slip of the tongue nor a miscommunication. Because here’s the thing, if she had just said it was stupid and apologised when pulled up on it, that could have been one of the two. But the go as far as to go out of your way to bring it up and sing a song about it shows that she somewhat premeditated and thought about it. And perhaps her and Jeremy did see it as a joke and meant no harm, but in my eyes it shows what their mentality is if that’s a joke to them. I will however say that Jeremy apologising is a good first step, and Melissa and her team should follow that example rather than issuing a threat to sue and some bullshit excuse about how a past job somehow meant she couldn’t be homophobic.

I also obviously find it ironic as fuck that Chris Wood is talking about forcing sexualities onto characters that have not been labelled cannonly in this show as it clearly implies he sees them as characters that have to be straight.

So what does this mean for the show? Nothing good unfortunately. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that most the fans and casual viewers did not like season two as much as season one. In fact, viewership was down and a lot of fans, myself included, weren’t sure if we were even going to watch season three after the shit they pulled in show. The one factor people did seem to like more and perhaps the redeeming factor for many people however, was Supercorp and Sanvers, so basically the lgbt+ actions and implications the show had brought in. To then alienate these fans, regardless of if you agree with them or not, is stupid. Like you don’t bite the hand that feeds you, and as much as people like to believe that the writers are the hand, end of the day, the viewers are the hand that feeds them because without viewers, show gets cancelled and no one is getting fed.

And I can hear you all screaming at me now “Don’t be a hypocrite! You said the Glee writers said never to change their story to pander the Klainers!” and that’s true. But there’s a very big difference between expecting pandering and expecting respect. Like end of the day, while I think the show would be wasting potential not at least giving the chance to explore Supercorp, if it’s not in their plans, then it’s not in their plans. Likewise, if for whatever reason they didn’t like the ship and/or found it unhealthy, that’s their right, but there is a way to go about it (See: Chris Colfer about Klaine). Because here’s the thing, regardless of if they were ever planning to give this ship a chance or not, that does not give them the right to disrespect viewers like that.

I do want to leave this on a good note, so I will say that the fact that Katie was so open with supporting Supercorp fans and that the two other cast members refused to play into this means a lot to me so I wish them the best along with hoping this will be a learning experience for the others as what Jeremy seems to be taking it as and they will improve for the future.

EDIT: I have since heard that Jeremy actually started the song, Melissa did not call Supercorp stupid and I have since seen Jeremy’s response. I do find Jeremy’s response very victim blaming in nature so take back what I said about him at least apologising but maintain everything else I said in my response. Because yes, this could have been a joke gone too far, but their response to it all still wasn’t okay.

EDIT 2: I have since found out that the song was part of a recap for the season. Melissa was also not the one to say Supercorp would never happen. I have also found out that Katie didn’t quite have to go as far as to have to say that Supercorp fans aren’t delusional but instead said something along the lines of that while she didn’t see Lena as having wlw undertones, tv shows are art and as such can be interpreted different ways. Chris Wood did not imply that fans were pushing sexualities but did make a rude “Because sexualities are totally what others perceive you as rather than what you are” type comment before Jeremy said something along the lines of “He’s been to theatre school so he can validate that”, both of which were douchey things to do.

Apparently there was also a song about how great Daxam is??? Like I hope I don’t need to go into why that’s bad and (as much as I hate Mon El) goes against what they were trying to achieve for Mon El, but seriously wtf?

Jeremy has also since sincerely apologised. In my opinion, it shows that he misunderstood the issue he had caused thinking it was about shipping rather than the broader lgbt+ community and that he is trying to make amends. While this doesn’t make what he did right, I am now willing to give him the benefit of the doubt at least for now and I hope that the other castmates involved will take a similar attitude in the near future.

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yo!! how did you set up that redirection script for your blog? I've been thinking of swapping my username out but I don't want all my links to break.


The way I did it was that firstly, I changed URL on my art blog (ryuki-draws) Then I created a side blog with my old URL (ryuki-chinto-art), where in source code I used the redirection script from here. Works like a charm. ♥


Important is not to change the default theme Tumblr gives you when you create the blog. (mobile reasons) So just paste the script in the HTML editor to head or body, as tutorial says. I put it right after <head> 

Once you do that, however, you will not be able to reach the blog from browser because it will automatically redirect you. To change any settings, you will have to do it from dashboard. There is a function to access the HTML as well (just pointing this out since I got hella confused how the hell am I supposed to do anything in source code when I cannot reach the page to click the “Edit theme” button in the right top corner because I am stupid.)

This solves any old links without breaking them. However, it doesn’t solve this. 

This is however, dashboard problem only. If you go to someone’s post they reblogged from you directly on their blog, the link to you will redirect just fine. But even on dashboard, you can help it by slapping your new URL all around the redirection blog, shamelessly. 

It also helps a lot in tagging if someone hasn’t noticed you changed your URL.

In worst case, you will be checking notes on the redirection blog for a while as well. :”D

Unfortunately, I am not quite a mobile user and I am pretty much wifiless so I cannot check how stuff works for the app. :(

Hope it makes sense at least a little. :D I also recomment looking through redirect code tag of lovely lady who wrote this script for troubleshooting!

guys. i saw wonder woman.

((i had a few issues with it, but i don’t plan to talk about them, because i still loved the movie))

so, here’s an embarrassing story.

immediately after diana made her debut in batman v superman, i wrote a little kara/diana (supergirl/wonder woman) ficlet because i adore kara danvers (and melissa benoist) to death and i am literal trash who will use any available excuse to ship her with amazing, incredible women. i never posted it because i thought people would think it was stupid.

buttttttttt now that i’ve fallen even more deeply in love with gal as diana, i’m probably going to write even more?? i’m so so so sorry.

ignore me 5ever because i’m literally trash

Dating Chad Gable would include:

× winks from across the room
× becoming close with Jordan
× jealous sex
× “I’m sorry but I hate you, Chad”
× “why?”
× “your hair is better than mine, love.”
× cuddling all the time
× forehead kisses
× always being with each other
× “baby girl”
× “dork
× “babe”
× “idiot”
× “Baby”
× “Chipmunk”
× Darling”
× “Love”
× him loving to be dominant
× but holy shit! He thinks that you look so hot when he is sub!
× always being confident and fearless around him
× debating about anything
× both of you crying when him and Jordan won the nxt/smackdown tag team championship
× going shopping together
× he’d be clingy; just because he loves you so much and wants to be constantly by your side
× neck kisses all the time
× “I missed you babe”
× “Chad,  I just saw you an hour ago…”
× he’ll always make sure you’re comfortable with everything
× distracting him when he’s training
× He imagines you all the time in a wedding dress.
× “I still hate you because of your stupid perfect hair Gable, remember?

Ok, looking at my blog here I think it’s clear that I don’t really stan  actors/actresses, only characters. But being part of the Clexa fandom and following others here and looking on twitter it’s bound for you to know everything about Eliza and Alycia. There is something that has been annoying me for a few weeks and I’m going to address it because it feels like PART of our fandom needs a wake up call.

Alycia has stated before that she doesn’t like SM and it actually scares her. This is what happened to her after she started on the loo:

  • Apparently she had less than 20K followers on twitter before the show and now she has over 310K (and that’s good for her and her career – so far so good) 
  • Ever since that Clexa kiss on S2 the Blarke fandom started to attack her because Lexa got in the way of their ship and they don’t know how to differ actor from character. It went on and on and got worse every time something Clexa related was buzzing on the internet: when Alycia was announced back to season 3; when they where shooting the finale in January this year (I’ve seen with my own eyes tweets wishing her cancer and her to get raped that week, but her stans on twitter reported massively); when any Clexa scene or sneak peak dropped; when Clexa sex scene “leaked” and even hating her because she was a guest star that was getting to much screen time from regulars. The hate from them only stopped when Lexa died and suddenly they all think Alycia is a sweetheart again (they even pretend now that they never sent her any hate at all since most accounts were suspended back then and the others that are still on deleted their tweets when called out by others).
  • Then she started getting hate by other fandoms because of stupid polls where Lexa/Clexa would win (remember the GOT fans that attacked her on instagram because Emilia lost a poll to her? It went on for days and days).
  • Then Lexa/Clexa was still a hot topic of many news after her death and her importance started to annoy people that never talked to us in the first place. Those people started attacking her because Lexa was brownfaced and “she agreed with it all and wore a fucking bindi and she should have said no”. They blamed everything controversial of Lexa on her and not Jason/writers/producers.
  •  At the same time everybody started attacking her because she is a “mayo”, and because of that she is not talented enough and it’s actually “overrated”.
  • Then came the Clexas that started to attack her because she didn’t “speak up” about LGBT issues or Clexa and Lexa like Eliza (or other actors do/did). Some of you all even went as far as calling her problematic for it and even homophobic because she was not as active on social media as before and part of you assumed that the Clexa relationship and LGBT fans attention was what made her uncomfortable and the reason why she left the loo.
  • Then some “fans” of hers hacked her boyfriend (ex or whatever) account and spread pictures all over the internet of his dick, him cheating her with others girls and videos of him mistreating her.
  • Every single tweet/post she makes comes with some fans going “that outfit is ugly!”; “did she get a nose job?”; “too much make up”; “OMG she is still wearing THE necklace”.
  • Trolls every single day create fake accounts to harass her by tagging her and her friends (Marny and Maia) in tweets saying she is dumb, stupid and many other things because she is still with her cheating boyfriend (something we are not even sure of) and send her photos of the others girls sucking his dick – and in here I have to congratulate about 5 ADC twitter accounts that ALWAYS go after them asking others to report until they are suspended.
  • Then came the fase “she doesn’t love us enough because she doesn’t post anything in a while”, “why are you not active on SM Alycia? Notice me!”
  • And now the latest trend: let’s change fandoms and shit on her because she doesn’t speak up and give us attention like Chyler and Floriana do. Thank god she didn’t! Can you image if she was as active as them about Clexa when she knew that Lexa was dead? She would have been crucified by the fandom. I’ve seen dozens and dozens of tweets and posts in the last month comparing Chyler’s and Florina’s behavior online to hers (especially Chyler’s). Really?! You are comparing her to actresses that are actually active because they want to and have a very health SM life compared to hers??! Actresses that are over 33 years old and have more experience and a resume bigger than Alycia who is only 23 and pretty new in the industry? Chyler and Floriana didn’t have to deal with the shit that comes when your f/f ship get in the way of what was “supposed to be the main m/f ship of the show”, they don’t have people hacking them and posting personal photos/videos online. And the most important: they were pretty active on SM before Sanvers (specially Chyler who ALWAYS tweeted fans).

 Some of you actually goes as far as tagging her in it and calling her names while making the comparison (here it is an example):

By the things she said on that con we already now she lurks online and sees all the things you guys post. She knew all the inside jokes of the fandom. You think she doesn’t see all of this? The girl admitted she only got twitter to follow Nasa for fucks sake. A fan that is a real fan respects that and enjoys the little things they get…NO ACTOR has a duty to keep you entertainment outside of their contract obligations. NONE. The only thing they owe you is respect and professionalism and, as far as I’ve seen, those are the 2 words that most describe Alycia’s behavior (online and off). Unfortunately it’s normal for any public person to receive hate from people that don’t like them…but it’s not normal to receive from your own fans!

The only thing you are going to achieve here is getting Alycia to regret ever taking part on any of it (Lexa/Clexa) and push her away from SM more and more until she actually caves and deactivates. Congratulations, you are helping make her SM experience a real nightmare by acting as haters instead of fans!! If you are her fan, respect her! If you decided to unstan her and move on to another actress (and that’s normal and happens a lot, there is no problem in that) move on and stop sending hate to a person that you were kissing ass not even a month ago. It’s things like this that helps to give a fandom a bad reputation and you guys are not helping at all and giving a bad name to a big majority that can behave like real human beings. Again this is a call out to PART of the fandom, not everyone!

highpriestessbriyanna  asked:

➐ Are there any people you’ve been too afraid of approaching?

There are a LOT of people.  Many of which, I’m even too shy to tag them in this because I’m still recovering from years of conditioning (to put it nicely), and don’t want to look…whiney or stupid or something like that.

It’s usually a long time of sending in anons going “YOU’RE GREAT AND YOUR CONTENT GIVES ME LIFE” before I even dare comment or anything like that off anon.
The list of people where this happened with, but I have since finally started talking to normally with less, or no, anxiety includes but isn’t limited to:
@literalprush , @blackwellbrothers , @alphahusk , @tiny-snorlax ,
  @necroarchy@voibi and tagging @guardianshanarra even though we don’t talk a lot because whenever I think about Illidan things I always think of Shan ANDYEAH.

Like legit all these people have OC’s that whenever they pop up on my dash as either art or in threads I just start to scream internally and it took me for.ev.er. to come off anon. Because I didn’t want to waste any of their time with my stupid ass. 

THAT SAID. There are still a lot of people I’m still too afraid to come off anon to or even TAG HERE.

im not tagging anything bc I don’t want to get dragged into this stupid fucking bullshit lmao but ive seen numerous posts abt how the cult end obviously must exist because there are three symbols exactly the same in game!! it has to be real why else would they be there!!

the devs probably wanted to include a fun cult ending to pay homage to the dating sim trope of having a really dark and awful end– often called the True End bc back in the day most mainstream or popular dating sims were made by straight dudes so nothing was allowed to be truly happy. it’s the equivalent of the shitty “they were really in a coma all along!!” Fan Plot Twist Endings for children’s shows that people always (rightfully) bitch about.

there are multiple similar signs bc the idea probably made decent head way into the beta stages bc creepy evil cult/bad endings are FUN, people enjoy them bc sometimes you just want a dose of Dark Unhappy Shit, but the devs also probably realized people were going to unreasonably tear their assholes open over it and scrapped the idea late in development. the remnants (three whole images that look a like!!) probably got left in as a fun nod, or to give players something to wonder about.

instead people are encouraging each other to pirate a game from indie devs so some guys they don’t like Feel Bad :))) im gonna make something very clear: people like that are the reason we don’t have a lot of q///ue//er media. we’re a risk bc the tiniest flaw is blown out of proportion and then the creators are socially obliterated. no one wants to touch us lmao.

you don’t have to buy the game. you don’t have to like it or like the Bad Dudes. but don’t fucking pirate it, and stop trying to destroy it because you don’t like A Couple of Dudes.

even if there really was a secret dark cult ending (which there isn’t, it’s not playable content and isn’t accessable in game in anyway) who gives a fuck? let people enjoy some grimdark. that one ending doesn’t make the whole thing Bad TM.

again: this has been hanging over me for days now and I wanted to say *my* thoughts on *my* blog. I’m not tagging and I’m keeping specifics out of it so I don’t get obliterated. please respect my wishes. im cool with conversations with friends but if you try to start shit, cool, I’m just gonna block you.

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the haters can bitch and moan about charinina in the main tag, but they find it "offensive" when we post metas and fangirl about charinina stuff in the main tag?? hypocrites. I swear, the haters are even bashing on charinina on charinina posts (by commenting) IN THE CHARININA TAG. the haters should bash charinina in their az*nin* tag instead cause you know, I don't want their stupid and childish comments.

Hahaha yeah, that is true! And I always laugh about that fact becuase they can easily go to main tag and say bullshit as ““Charioce is shit”” and we can not do anything about that because WE are the ones that are being salty. Like? 

And yeah, you have no idea how many replies I am getting since forever with people directly attacking me and want me to do what they want, and of course, saying that I am so damn bad and such an idiot because I have a very different opinion of your average Azazel stan. *sighs*


Blog stuff

Okay, so there is not many days of my vacation left and I wanna make the best of them. No I am not leaving this blog. (I might have made a mistake with making 3 scenario blogs but hey I will work it out. haha) 

Just letting you guys know that till 21st August I will be kind of working some things off (on this and other blogs). Which means re-doing themes, rules, tags and cleaning in askbox because Tumblr loves to just eat up all the requests and I am so sick of your ideas disappearing. And I will work on other writing and other sites so because I wasn’t really able to do anything even on vacation because of …reasons. 

So to sum it up. 

Till 21st August this blog will be going through some changes and then I will finally kick my ass to work more. Look forward to it! Please bear with my stupidness.

wish i could do literally anything with friends. wish friends liked things that i like. wish they’d lie about it if they didn’t so i didn’t feel stupid and embarrassed every time i etc excited about anything. wish anyone actually wanted i.e. desired to spend time with me. wish i could be invited to things because people want me there and not just feel like i’m tagging along out of a forced invite. wish i didn’t think like this because no one is ever going to outright tell me that they appreciate me or like being around me because all that does is make me sound like a whiny piece of shit who isn’t mature enough to just deal like everybody else. wish i was dead on top of that.

just poor kid in rich environment things that dex can totally relate to: 

  • everyone’s talking about going to summer camps when they were younger and you were too poor to do anything but go to summer school. at least it made u smarter
  • having to listen to your friends say they’re “"poor”“ because they didn’t go on a vacation for the first time in their entire life and gettingreally mad but not saying anything
  • when u eat chef boyardee and ramen and pb&j for a week straight because the food stamps ran out and your parents aren’t home to cook for you most of the time because Work™
  • not wanting to invite your friends to your house because you live in a bad neighborhood and can’t walk around at 11:00 like they can
  • having to explain how food stamps work because no, they’re not actual stamps and, no, i’m not ashamed i get them because they keep my family alive
  • being quiet when people talk about things you have no idea about: valets, vacations, summer camps, etc. it’s hard but you pull through with a smile on your face
  • why do rich people drive cars with no doors . you can afford doors WHY DONT YOU HAVE THEM NURSEY!!!!! WHERE ARE THE DOORS TO THIS CAR!!!!!
  • tfw one of ur parents works a series of deadend jobs and when people ask you what they do you just say “uh” cause ???
  • none of ur friends look at price tags when they go shopping, you can’t afford anything so you make fun of stuff you think is really cute to make it easier until you get to the clearance section
  • your friends choosing to go to super expensive restaurants because its not a big deal to them but you say you’re not hungry/don’t go because you don’t wanna ruin the mood
  • your friends don’t care about their grades or their extracurriculars, but you have to because you literally cannot afford to fail
  • really really wanting to do art/dance/writing as a career and being told it’s stupid constantly because “you won’t make any money”
  • this kitchen is bigger than my actual room where i live, Nursey who needs a kitchen this big, you don’t even cook YOU DONT EVEN COOK

anonymous asked:

What made you ship LuNa from OP? Why is that a popular ship? Why not ship Luffy with Hancock, Sanji/Law x Nami instead?

Come here, Anon!  Sit down!!  Get comfortable!

You come into my house and ask why I ship LuffyNami and not either of them and someone else, you’re going to get a good long talking to.

One question at a time, starting with what made me ship it.  I have a tag specifically for that. (it’s also full of fanart oops)  But to elaborate (a little, because no one will still be here when the sun burns itself out and I am still talking about Luffy and Nami), I’ve been shipping it since pretty much the very beginning.  And there wasn’t even anything super profound, it was just a culmination of all these stupid little things.

They both got hung up on Genzo’s pinwheel:

Chapter 81, Tears - I will cry literally every time i read it.

Arlong Park as a whole is really where I started seeing it in earnest, and it’s just snow-balled from there.

Arguably, I can see it starting as early as chapter 9.  The very first time Nami loses her temper and yells at him because he’s not listening and Luffy laughs and tells her “take it easy” in that laid-back, familiar way, like he hears it all the time (because he has, that’s exactly what Magura says to Dadan whenever she would start shouting a hot-tempered woman with orange hair, they say you marry your mother am i right..!).

There’s also this exchange when Nami first leaves them:

And yeah he’s this way about everyone in his crew, once he decides, that’s it, he’s decided - but he’s so adamant about it.

Right off the top of my head I’m trying to think of a handful of things without going on for forty years jesus christ  -  Whenever they’re seperated, Luffy and Nami are always two of the first to find each other (skypiea, water 7, strong world).  Luffy actually offers to share his food with Nami to cheer her up when they’re leaving Vivi.  Nami holds onto his hat for him when he’s fighting or missing (other than Usopp, she’s the only one who has); she sews it back together and sews Ace’s Vivre card into the band.  Skypiea was another heavy-hitter for me; that they’re the only two even remotely capable of combating Enel with any chance of success will never not tickle the shit out of me.  All of Strong World did you even see that movie.

Nami almost always calls for Luffy before she calls for anyone else, because she knows all she has to do is ask for his help goddamnit I’m crying



The real question here isn’t why don’t I ship them with anyone else, it’s why doesn’t everyone ship them, too??

It’s actually not a very popular ship at all, believe me, I have been meandering around this fandom for a few decent years and I’ve only recently found the small faction people that ship it in earnest.  Let me tell you right now it is a hard life to lead when what should statistically be the main ship turns out to be one of the bottom ships, and what’s worse is I don’t even ship normally - I’m not interested in the smut and lovey stuff that mostly everyone else is into, I ship stupid almost strictly platonically.

I like their relationship exactly the way it is, with maybe some extra cuddling on the side.  I also want them to have lots of babies and grow old together but we don’t always get what we want do we - 

So when I say “I ship it” I think mostly what I mean is “I see it”?  Because I don’t mentally change any aspect of their relationship, I can’t make myself deviate from canon characterization (it’s what makes me such a sour grape where reading fanfiction is concerned).  And, alright, every now and then I get a little frisky but that’s happened, what, twice - ever - and I never even finished any of the frisky things I started (except for that one - ) because my interest in it bottoms out super fast because it basically doesn’t exist.  But I’m asexual so - that’s just to be expected.

As for why I don’t ship Sanji or Law (specifically) with Nami, first of all, it’s partly because Nami tends to get passed around like a torch and shipped with everyone, and I don’t like it, so I don’t do it.  It’s just Nami with Luffy for me, she trusts him more than anyone, probably, and I can’t deal with it.

Also because Law hasn’t been around long enough to generate any serious chemistry with anyone and he’s been tense, stressed, and uncomfortable 500% of his post-skip panel time so how anyone can ship that poor bastard with anyone at this point is beyond me.  He’s said a handful of words to Nami, so I don’t really see the appeal (LawLuffy on the other hand, please get away from me, because that’s just another thing that I can’t deal with omg).

I don’t ship Sanji with any of the Ladies (though I was super interested in the potential his interactions with Violet had) because I’ve got a huge, mushy soft-spot for UsoppSanji, and I will roll right over to ZoroSanji at any given opportunity because that’s fucking hilarious, but I can be persuaded to (platonically) ship just about all of the Strawhats with each other.  I will ship anything if I think the potential for it is there, I’m shameless and I don’t aggravate too easily where shipping is concerned.

LuffyHancock deserves it’s own gigantic section (and this might sound as if I don’t like Hancock, which is not the case at all, I promise, it’s just that I’ve realized that this is almost a NOTP for me huh).  I don’t ship them for a very specific reason - because, let’s be frank, Luffy doesn’t like Hancock.

He says it right to her face that she makes him sick after she’s petrified Marguerite and the other girls just for helping him; after she’s gloated about how everyone will forgive her for it because she’s beautiful, she asks him “What about you?” and this is his response -

- because Hancock is the type of person that Luffy doesn’t like at all. She didn’t have any qualms at all with killing Marguerite, Sweet Pea, and Aphelandra over one small transgression, and they’re people that Hancock is supposed to take care of.  Nothing makes Luffy madder than people with no regard for their friends or followers.  Those people trusted you and you just threw them under the bus, fuck that.

He didn’t even bother trying to remember her name until after she helped him break into Impel Down so he could try to save Ace.

He only came around enough to actually hug her when she gave him the key to Ace’s handcuffs - and even after all that, Luffy has a more viable and intimate relationship with Marguerite than he does with Hancock.  Marguerite has actually talked and empathized with Luffy, Hancock puts Luffy on a pedestal, she can’t even look at him directly, let alone have a conversation with him - and Luffy isn’t interested in her in the slightest, not even a tiny bit, outside of appreciating her help and knowing he owes her a big favor.  There’s no mutual or equal ground between them at all.

Hancock is mean, selfish and vain (ironically enough, these are traits she shares with Nami), but the way Luffy interacts with Hancock is very different from the way he does with Nami. As just one example, he’s firm and direct when he declines Hancock’s marriage proposals, but he rolls over and whines whenever Nami is being demanding.

He likes Nami, even when she’s not being a particularly nice person.  He’s politely friendly with Hancock.

(And, as a side note, I don’t like the idea of shipping Hancock with anyone, anyway, let alone a man.  Not after her and her sisters were enslaved by the Celestial Dragons, we all know what probably happened and I just don’t have the time for that nope.)

The Escort

Author: Jena @i4z-0892-imagines

Summary: Having to pretend to be an Escort for a case was not your idea of fun in the slightest. However the looks you keep getting from The Boys just might turn out to be a better way to spend the evening than you thought.

Pairing: Sam x Reader x Dean

Words: 1,427

Warnings: N/A

A/N Based off of This Imagine
I have another 2-3 parts planned for this, but I won’t worry about it unless you guys really want another part. So your feedback is greatly appreciated, and decides the fate of this short Fic!

Tagging: jotink78 Because she wanted to be tagged if it was written out.

“What? No! I don’t want to do it! That guy gave me the heebie jeebies!” You announced in your own defense., and adamant that it was not going to be you who took the lead on this one. “We can break into anything, we can crash anything. This plan is stupid.”

“Oh I just think you’re so against it because you don’t want to wear a dress.” Dean chided a pleased and sarcastic smirk on his face, gaining nothing more than a flat, irritated glare from you. He swallowed the awkwardness and chased it with a swig of beer. Sam let the amusement cross his face before trying to add reason and logic into the conversation.

“We’re going to be there too, but we can’t get close to the guy like you’ll be able to. “ He offered, his hazel eyes pleading, and impossible to say no to. You pressed your lips into a frustrated line.

“Yeah, I think he’d gonna know something’s up if Sam and I show up at his loft dressed like Chippendales. “ Dean snarked.

“We’ll be there every step of the way, nothing’s going to happen that you don’t want to happen. But you’re really the only one who can get the info.” Sam said. You pondered your options for a minute. On the one hand you could completely decline but this was the only real lead you had. On the other hand you could go, but you’d be uncomfortable the entire time, for a plethora of reasons. With a roll of your eyes exaggerated enough to cause a tsunami on the other side of the world and an exasperated sigh letting them both know exactly what you thought about their plan, you nodded reluctantly agreeing.

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  6. one thing you would buy right now if you had the money? a car. 
  7. describe your fashion style. bad. jeans, t shirts, vans. grandpa sweaters but its Texas and i only get to wear it in the house. 
    do you like long road trips? what do you do in the car? road trips are fun for the first hour and then its boring. but, i love looking at the scenery. 
  8. go to movie for a pick-me-up? Holes but with the commentary from the cast haha it always makes me laugh 
  9. what are you currently reading? nothing. i’m not a reader..i wish i was. 
  10. favorite candle scent? i love pine. like Christmas scents. but right now i have this candle from this company called homesick candles and its the Texas one ofc and it smells like leather and lemon and it smells so nice i love it. 

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