going to shit myself in the final

I think the fact that we’re all so fucking confused by this episode shows the power of Gatiss’ writing. He’s trying to mislead us. There’s something we don’t know and when we finally figure it out I’m gOING TO SHIT MYSELF

every time i talk to non vegans i get so frustrated bc i’ve been there i know why u think it’s ok to eat meat/dairy i’ve been that guy™ but listen. i wasn’t aware of all the shit that’s going on concerning everything meat/dairy related. i simply didn’t know. and i didn’t make the connection. hell i even thought cows gave milk no matter what like ye that’s just what they do. WRONG. and I’m just. frustrated bc i sit here feeling like talking to myself bc i was the same. and now i can’t wait for other people to finally wake up. i know not everyone can go vegan. i know that. but pls at least get educated


You know he muerto

I´ve finally fully devoted myself to draw some Klance ( Because I ship it as hard as Lance is right now! ), and here it is for all your thirsty needs! 

I bet this has been done before but the Palpatine meme was a must to draw :D (The thirst is strong with this one)

Plus I´m pretty sure that Lance has a soft spot for everyone that talks to him in spanish… And a soft spot as well for that toned body indeed ;P

Me: *Really tired and about to go to sleep* *Sees OTP smut masterlist*

Me to myself bc everyone is asleep and I should be too: Well, I’m just going to fav this so I can find it tomorrow and read it in class…

*Realize what I just said and looks to invisible camera*

Me: Shit… I finally did it… I gave up my soul to Satan bc of gay ships

Today in Quantum Mechanics my professor was explaining properties of a second-order differential equation for a free-particle wave function in a finite potential well. Instead of freaking out like, “Oh shit, this class is about to get exponentially harder,” my first thought was genuinely, “Wow, I’m going to be so proud of myself when I finally learn this.”

That’s when you know that you really love what you’re learning.

Nate: So… you’re finally where you belong. All the bullshit is in the past, never to reach you again.

Tobias: And I can’t believe you’re here with me. It’s too perfect to be real.

Nate: Because for me home is where you are.


“I wanna be in your control…so unmerciful…you can twist me and turn me. Just don’t let me go.”

Rated: M!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT M!!!!!!

Words: Far too many (12,724)

Warnings: Master/Pet dynamic kinda, language, smut, bondage, choking, seriously I am disgusted with myself, Mrs. Weasley would send me a Howler for this

A/N: ITS FINALLY HEEEERRREEE!!! I’m super proud of this, okay. It’s my first smut, so don’t judge me too harshly XD. Tagging @25daysofchrismuts bc yas. Also @screamersdontdance and @actualamyautopsy bc they’re thirsty hoes, like myself. AND @hardcorewwetrash BC YOU HAVE WAITED LONG ENOUGH GIRL. Anyway. Enjoy yourselves, bitches. ROUGH LUNATIC SEXY TIMES, JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAAS. Hope nobody minds that there’s no Christmas references in here…I tried. 

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It’s time to post weird shit again 

I couldn’t help myself and I HAD TO made this! It’s a little thing inspired by this post

I wanted to give it a feeling that a non-proffesional interviewer wants to ask Victor and Yuuri a very personal question.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I’m starting to be more and more addicted to this ship. Help me. Please. 

I hope you like it! 

It always amazes me how much I can care about a person. I can take a lot of shit and always see the good inside of them. I will stick with that person until the end, I will go out of my way to improve their mindset, thoughts and lifestyle. I’m loyal beyond measure and I love until my hearts content, but as soon as my intuition speaks and I get an epiphany and finally realise that it’s not mutual or reciprocated, I immediately switch off. I carry on with life as if they never existed, and it rarely hurts because I love myself enough to know when to stop. People prey on those with low self esteem and sometimes your kindness can be mistaken for that, but let me tell you.. that is certainly not me. I always think to myself, there are so many ways people can hurt you, but they should morally draw the line at love, because it’s not a game. Once I realised that this person I’ve gone out of my way to care about, can continually disrespect me with no hesitation, they are no longer alive to me and I refuse to entertain anything that has no life in it.
—  Meggan Roxanne
passing finals
  • me: Im gonna pass these finals and enjoy a stress free month before reorganizing myself for a better semester!!
  • brain: yuri on ice episode 12 streams first day of break
  • me, an intellectual piece of shit: GO FOR THE GOLD BABY
Fifty Shades of black white black white black white black white black white Grey

I scowl with frustration at myself in the mirror. Damn my hair – it just won’t behave, and damn Katherine Kavanagh for being ill and subjecting me to this ordeal. Yesterday, I watched three men die because one man sneezed in a room full of blood and shit and light, but I should be studying for my final exams, which are next week, yet here I am trying to brush my hair into submission. Today, three more men go in, cheap mops and each other’s lives in their hands, but I must not sleep with it wet. I must not sleep with it wet. Yesterday, I watched a man I admired gunned down for leaving a rose for a girl whose life was tattered by trauma she never deserved. Today, she doesn’t remember, and three halls down I can hear her screaming. Reciting this mantra several times, I attempt, once more, to bring it under control with the brush. Yesterday, I watched a group of soldiers go down fighting against the corpses of comrades who’d died before them. I roll my eyes in exasperation and gaze at the pale, brown-haired girl with blue eyes too big for her face staring back at me, and give up. Today,we test another sample, this time on children. My only option is to restrain my wayward hair in a ponytail and hope that I look semi-presentable. Today,I’m alive to write about it. You want happy endings? Fuck you. You’re alive to read it. God help us all. Secure. Contain. Protect.

This last episode of critical role is probably one of my favorites. Between Vex and Percy, Zahra and Kash, and Vax meeting Keyleth’s dad, this one gave me all the warm feelings. I can’t wait for next Thursday because I need to know what happens to everyone who’s fighting Thordak.

I love Mary and Zahra is my favorite and if anything happens to her I’m never letting myself love again.

Holy Shit Thordak someone’s going to die and I really think Raishan is going to turn on Vox Machina mid battle.

I don’t want any NPC to die but I feel like that’s asking too much.

We had some amazing development with Perc'ahlia finally having their “talk” and with Vax hinting that he’s totally down for domesticity with Keyleth and meeting her dad.

Both relationships are going great and are different and I’ve already seen the “my ship is better than yours” post and I’d like to remind everyone that nobody has ever asked, I repeat, ever, your exact reasons for why one is more “natural” than the other. (Also reemphasizing how romance isn’t the main focus of d&d and it’s much nicer to enjoy whatever is given than to over analyze flaws)

As always I love the show and most of the fans but select few have to point out non existent issues and ruin it for people enjoying the show and for the players. It’s just as bad as telling them how to play their characters or complaining about how you could do better as a player or dm. (Side note: I don’t know about you but I think the biggest Kashleth hater may be Kash at this point)

Is it Thursday yet?

(Took the sleeve off) Currently reading Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. First of all I’ve been putting off buying the book for months for whatever reason. I finally bought as a gift to myself since I’ve been having a really hard time as of late. So I feel a kinship with Cath. I no longer write fanfictions (shit I barely write anymore which that alone is a sad thing) but I totally get where she’s coming from so far (as I’m only 100 or so pages in). I’m in love with Levi. I don’t particularly trust Nick. I almost feel like he’s going to claim full creative rights with the story they are working on (it keeps being pointed out that he takes the note book with him everytime). Anyways just slight thoughts on the story so far lol

Dating Jungkook would include:

  • Him not really sure how to act around you at first
  • But when he finally settles well he won’t hold back whatsoever
  • Teasing each other
  • Him messing up your hair 24/7 (this lil shit)
  • Tickeling you when you are doing something important
  • Backhugs
  • Backhugs including neck kisses
  • Backhugs including him whispering in your ear
  • “You look beautiful babe”
  • Dancing and singing together at 9 am
  • Dancing and singing together at 11 pm
  • Making everything a competition
  • “I bet I can finish my plate before you can”
  • “Oh I’ll show you what eating is jungkook”
  • “The loser does the dishes”
  • A lot of unnecessary screaming at each other
  • “NOOO!?!?”
  • “ JEON JUNGKOOK!?!? ”
  • “ FIGHT ME!!! ”
  • Him telling you he loves you on the most random moments
  • And it making you blush everytime
  • Him falling asleep on the couch all the time
  • And you putting a blanket over him so he doesn’t get cold
  • Amazing sex after he hasn’t seen you in forever
  • Passionate kissing
  • Singing you to sleep (of course)
  • Cuddlesssss!!!!
  • And you faking sleeping bc you love to hear him say it
  • Just a lot of cute and smiley kookie
  • Which makes you smile brighter than anything else

I’ve taken more pictures of myself this past year than ever before - not out of preferring smaller me to bigger me, but because I’m unrecognizable to myself. It’s like going through puberty 2. Both with the changes and the wierd moods. I’m becoming a whole other person. I had no idea what I might look like, and every day is a new toss of the dice. I’m like an animorph. Every mirror surprises the shit out of me, and I can’t pick myself out on video sometimes. It’s fun and super freaking unnerving at the same time. Who knows what my final evolve form might look like.

Anyway, I call this the mirror selfie initiative.

(Anyone can follow my journey over on hulloskinnyjeans on Instagram)

I meet a girl on Tinder. I think I won her over with my jokes about loving dirty socks and Ol’ Gregg.

We talk for a while and finally decide to go to a lake. We both love nature.

We go, meet, hug, and sit down on a blanket by the lake.

We talk for a bit. After about 10 minutes, I hear a “SPLAT”. She looks down and laughs. I look down at her leg.

There, sitting there on her right leg, is a big, white, pebbly, bird shit.

I ask, “Did a bird just shit on your leg?”

She says, “Yes,” and laughs again.

Before the date we promised no bullshit. We must be ourselves. I don’t think before I catch myself wiping the bird shit off her leg with my hand. I go to the lake, wash my hand off, and go sit back down.

We have a little laugh, talk for another couple hours, and decide to call it a night.

We go back to our cars and I go to give her the “goodbye.” I wasn’t sure if I should give her a hug or kiss at this point. I didn’t want to be invasive.

As I’m hugging her and thinking about the kiss, I start to get a boner. I start to regret the decision to wear athletic shorts.

I think. I have 2 options.

1) Turn around after the hug and walk back to my car.

2) Try to conspicuously tuck the boner into my waistline of my athletic shorts and go for the kiss.

I go for option 3.

“I’m getting a boner, I can’t keep hugging you.” We laugh. I hug her again and say, “I’ll talk to you soon.”

We promised we’d be honest. But on my way back to my car I just keep thinking, “Shit, too honest, too honest.”

I turn on my car and wait to see if she’s going to leave first. Then she gets out of her car and walks towards me with something in her hands.

I roll down my window.

“You forgot the banana bread I made you.”

I couldn’t believe I made her come back to the awkwardness to make her give me the banana bread she made for me. I take it from her, we both still laugh a bit about the boner thing, and I put the banana bread on my passenger seat.

Then, and this is the part I still can’t believe, she leans in. We kiss. A gentle, small, but amazing kiss.

She walks back to her car and drives away. I do a couple fist pumps and then drive home.

On my way home, I start to question what the fuck just happened. So much about myself to doubt, but so much greatness to it.


I’m driving home and Bohemian Rhapsody comes on. I have a Wayne’s World moment. “I WILL NOT LET YOU GOOOOOO!!!!!”

Fast forward three months. We’re still talking. I saw her tonight. We went to a creek again. We have gotten poison ivy from each other, been camping, shared great music. It has all been so great. I don’t ever want to leave her.

When we look back, she says I won her over when I wiped the bird shit off her leg.

Needless to say, that bird was my wingman.

SO I finally came out to my best friend

We were standing in a club toilet decked out in Halloween costumes and he was rubbing MD on my gums and I was like “oh shit waddup your boy is bisexual.” and he was like “oh cool man I’m so proud and happy you told me.” Then the bouncer knocked on the door and said “what’s going on in there. How man people are in there” and my friend said “one” then the bouncer said “I SEE 4 SHOES!!!” and I started pissing myself laughing and said “WE’RE SHIFTING CAN YOU FUCK OFF” and he did. 

So yeah… that’s probably my favourite coming out experience/story ever.