going to see the book of mormon

Underrated things from The Book Of Mormon
  • Elder Poptarts
  • Satan implying that all Catholics and Jews go to Hell
  • “He answered your prayers, huh?”
  • the golden plates in “Joseph Smith: American Moses”
  • the mission president
  • the gasps of Genghis Khan, Jeffrey Dahmer, Adolf Hitler, and Johnnie Cochran when they hear that Kevin broke rule 72
  • the “Hasa Diga Eebowai” reprise
  • “fuck you in the eye!… fuck you in the other eye!”
  • the x-ray of the Book of Mormon in Kevin’s ass
  • “I have maggots in my scrotum” “You should really see a doctor about that” “I am the doctor”
  • Johnnie Cochran playing the bongos in “Spooky Mormon Hell Dream”
  • the entire airport scene
  • “Africa is nothing like Lion King!  I think that movie took a lot of artistic license!”
  • the kraken that shoots Joseph Smith torpedoes that will turn you into a lesbian
  • the insanely fast costume change in “Turn It Off”
  • the fact that Arnold has never read the Book of Mormon

what i say: im fine

what i mean: i’m happy that in the closing number of The Book Of Mormon they reference the fact that Connor McKinley overcame his internalized homophobia however I think it would’ve added a lot to the story and McKinley’s character if there was some sort of Turn It Off reprise in which we could see him going through this emotional change. It is literally established that this man has vivid, traumatic nightmares regarding his sexuality every night. It would’ve added a lot to the production to witness him change his worldview as he begins to doubt the existence of god and the legitimacy of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. And lets talk about Kevin. Did Kevin’s arrival at the mission center influence Connor’s worldview? I mean obviously the nonsense that Kevin, Arnold, and Nabalungi started prompted Connor to question the legitimacy of what he’d been told his entire life. But he also tried to kiss Kevin after the general shot that guy. Like he just tried to kiss Kevin and it’s never acknowledged again. How big of a role did Kevin play in Connor’s emotional development? Why don’t we get to see it happen? Connor was in serious denial about his sexuality since 5th grade, is he okay? 

Cheer Up Post #4623 - Rory O’Malley Edition

For the anon requesting actor Rory O’Malley, here you go!

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anonymous asked:

you tagged a nic rouleau post saying that you got to see him? or something like that? i was just wondering what broadway shows you've seen?

WHOA BOY ANON GET READY. I might live in Canada but in the past two years, I’ve been lucky enough to go to New York twice. Once, with my parents, and the second on my own. I’m also aware that I’m lucky enough to have been able to see a ton of shows, but I only paid full price for one ticket (guess which one…it isn’t hard). I’m not trying to brag, but I have seen: 

  • Chicago
  • Aladdin
  • Avenue Q (Off-Broadway but I count it!!!) 
  • Hamilton 
  • School of Rock
  • Matilda 
  • Book of Mormon 

And I’m going to NYC again in this August, so I’m going to see a ton of shows again. I have one ticket pre-bought, plans to buy another, and then I’m gonna rush/SRO the rest of them. My plans include: 

  • Come From Away
  • Sleep No More (again, technically Off-Broadway)
  • Dear Evan Hansen 
  • Anastasia (with Elissa!!) 
  • Bandstand
  • Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 
  • The Play That Goes Wrong

Satan has a hold of France, we need to knock him off his perch, we are the soldiers of the army of the church…

So I just got back from seeing the Book of Mormon and I am so amused by thinking of BoM AU with Enjolras and Grantaire it just works so well, the pretty boy that’s trying so hard and the sloppy geek…

Imagine them singing You and Me But Mostly Me (”Cuz I can do most anything!”“And I can stand next to you and watch!”) Then they go to France and meet all the amis who are all the ridiculous missionaries in their sparkly vests (this au is HORRIBLE) And Enjolras is trying to help Grantaire control his gay urges but instead just gets some of his own… malfaux lets rp this please I’m not kidding.

(And btw baby Aaron Tveit would have been suchhhh a good Elder Price omg)

Talk to me about this AU reply to me about this AU this is important.

hi everyone!!!

i’m going to new york at the end of april and my father & i are seeing hamilton! but, we also want to see some more shows. we are looking in to a few, but we can’t quite decide which ones to go to.

i really like dear evan hansen, but we haven’t been able to get tickets for that. would anyone like to suggest a show for us to see? i’m not too familiar with the shows currently on broadway, so if someone would like to direct me towards a good one that would be rockin.

ps. my dad and i probably should not see a raunchy, curse-y show, so try to keep it pg to pg-13!

any suggestions?

Well, I turn twenty today. I didn’t do anything incredible when I was nineteen, but I did do some great stuff:

- Made my very first big grown-up decision (taking a semester off, transferring colleges, and going to live with my dad)
- Started seeing a therapist
- Started some meds
- Started exercising!
- Went (mostly) dairy- and gluten-free
- Started writing for myself
- Created Mac, Nini and Chase (my favorite OCs)
- Saw the Book of Mormon live!!!

I feel like I grew a lot in the past year. It’s kind if nice to look back and see how things have changed. Also, biggest improvement: Last year this time I was hanging out in the hospital with my sister after her spine surgery, fighting with anons, and generally feeling like shit. Most of my birthday was spent in bed.

Today, I’m making a dairy-free, gluten-free ice cream, like I’ve always wanted, and dancing around my dad’s kitchen listening to the Book of Mormon soundtrack at full volume.

How much do people think it costs to see Hamilton? Everyone keeps posting about needing to sell a kidney or cut off a limb to see it, but literally if you can afford a trip to the shore, eat out every once and a while, or even drink alcohol twice a week, you can afford Hamilton. 

The prices are 99, 167, and 450 (for premiere, fancy shamncy seats). Yes, it’s not a cake walk to get tickets. FOR REALLY GOOD SHOWS THAT HAPPENS. Book of Mormon is the same, super hard to get a lot of tickets for. That’s life. Sucks doesn’t it?! But if you budget, you can see Hamilton. Yes, it costs money to get to NYC to see it, but if you don’t like that, go to Chicago or SF or LA to see it, they’re all getting tours. But don’t tell kids that it’s a lot of money to see the show, you can budget and very easily go see it. 

anonymous asked:

Jen you got tickets to Ed's London show!! That's so exciting!! I'm hoping to do that next summer. Are you going to see him in America too?

Yes, I’m so excited! I haven’t been to Europe since I was a teenager. I’m still trying to decide on all the things I want to do while I’m there. So far I know I’m going to two of Ed’s London shows and I’m going to see The Book of Mormon as well as a play that has David Tennant in it, because I’m such a ridiculous David Tennant fangirl. I’m going to try to get him to sign my playbill. :D I’m also looking forward to seeing some live music at a few of the small venues and bars that Ed came up playing. And… there might be a certain castle that I’m interested in visiting, heh. England’s documented history goes back so much further than America’s that I feel sure I’m not going to be able to squeeze in everything I want to do and see in the 10 days that I’ll be there! I just feel so lucky that a friend offered me a place to stay so I don’t have to worry about spending money on a hotel. :)

I am seeing Ed in America, yeah. I’ll be seeing him in Atlanta… and possibly Nashville, but that one’s still up in the air. 

Face To Face: Roseington

Hunter was actually excited for Marley to see his show. He had done this show countless times, yet this was important to him. This was the one that she was going to see, and he wanted to leave a good impression. He finished getting into costume and with one last touch of makeup was on his way out to join the rest of the cast. It was as if everything from that point went twice as fast. Soon he was out on stage holding a Book Of Mormon. 

“Hello. My name is Elder Price, and I would like to share with you the most amazing book.” As the other Elder’s joined in Hunter was so focused on the show that he didn’t see Marley in the audience until Blaine was yelling “Would you like to change religions I have a free book written by Jesus.” He wanted to flash her a smile but he knew it would be breaking character. Instead he waited for the song to be over and quickly smiled at her before turning his attention back to the stage. 

things my friends claim i’ve said sentence starters

“ i am literally going to fight everyone right now. “
“ wrap yourself in a condom of safety. “
“ watch out for aliens and lions. they run rampant in public bathrooms. “
“ shots fired from the d. “
“ you literally sicken me. if there was someone who sickens me, it’s you. you make me sick. get away from me you cretin. “
“ i am the saltine cracker of love. “
“ he showed me a dead bird, and i got sad so i wanted you to see the dead bird too. “
“ you fucking crying bro? you being a nerd– oh you’re not. okay. false alarm. “
“ i am a burrito filled with anxiety. “
“ drive me to throw rocks at the sun. “
“ how do you feel about sea lions? “
“ duuuuude, what do you think it would be like to be a cactus. “
“ what the fuck is math? take it away. “
“ i am allergic to you specifically. “
“ it’s broken? well poke a lot of eye holes in the curtain and we can just stare at the audience screaming for like three hours. we’ll call it live art. “
“ get the fuck away from me you, extra long tadpole. “
“ you’re what a flat tire would act like if it were a person. “
“ we can be pirates! “
“ sorry, i can’t do that. i’m busy being an opium pirate. “
“ marry me for the tax benefits, bro. “
“ oh no. everyone stop what they are doing. get the camera. i’m going to reproduce asexually. my spawn is budding off of me. capture the birth. “
“ i have been to the nurse six times in five days, fight me. “
“ towels make me uncomfortable. it’s like rubbing carpet on your body. “
“ do these pomegranate seeds smell like bourbon to you? “

OKAY KIDS having seen a bunch of posts going around about how Broadway is too expensive and inaccessible (which is another conversation), let’s talk about cheap ways that aren’t rush lines and lotteries to see Broadway and Off Broadway theatre in New York! 

  • TDF - available to anyone under 26, students, teachers, and all industry professionals.  It’s $35 per year but you can get heavily discounted tickets to Broadway, Off Broadway, music, dance, opera, etc.  You will earn back that $35 if you use it just once.  Broadway is usually $50-$60, Off Broadway $30, and other venues vary.  They’re not going to have things like Hamilton or Book of Mormon but I have seen some truly excellent theater for under $50 thanks to TDF. 
  • TKTS - basically the same thing but it’s a booth, located in Times Square and Brooklyn, and is only day of (both) or day before (Brooklyn only). I believe other cities also have TKTS - I know Boston does.
  • Today Tix - an app, available for free to everyone.  Not as cheap as TDF, but they do have discounts on a lot of things and they have daily lotteries that you can enter through the app rather than showing up at the theater.
  • 30 Under 30 Programs - Second Stage, Lincoln Center, Manhattan Theater Club, and MCC to name a few all offer $30 tickets to those under 30.  You have to registerer for LCT but it’s free.  The others you can just go to or call the box office.  Roundabout offers $25 tickets to those under 35! Again, you have to register but it’s free.

And of course support your local and regional and non-profit theaters! 

So in Jared’s meet and greet I asked if he had a favorite piece of theater, and he proceeds to just stare at me for 30 seconds and finally say “Yes but I want to give you a really good answer and I don’t have one right now. Will I see you again later today?” I said I had a photo with him later and he promised to have an answer for me by then. When I go up for my photo, he grabs my hands and very emphatically says that he and Jensen saw Book of Mormon and loved it, but that he wishes he had a more serious answer for me. I told him I had an autograph later and he could tell me then, and then I got the very squishy hug you see above, a waist squeeze and a wink, and off I went. When autographs finally come around, he just looks at me and goes “I don’t have an answer.” And apparently my brilliant response to that was to slap my hand on the table and yell “Jared!” and startle one of the volunteers near him in the process. I told him to at least pick something that he’s seen and liked, to which he then lists at least ten different shows and begins debating their merits with himself and the volunteer next to him. This goes on for about a minute and he ultimately just goes “Yeah so it’d probably be Death of a Salesman.” I laughed and thanked him, and he winked and said “Thanks darlin’ have a nice night.” And thus concluded the best day of my life.

Can we just look at the difference in lyrics from the beginning to the end of the Book of Mormon?

You’re gonna die someday
But if you read this book
You’ll see that there’s another way

Spend eternity with friends and family
We can fully guarantee you
That this book will change your life 
- “Hello”

When the world is getting you down
There’s nobody else to blame
Raise your middle finger to the sky
And curse his rotten name

- “Hasa Diga Eebowai”

Lots of negativity, pain, and two completely different methods of coping with life. And then you go through the show, and everybody grows and changes, and you come to the finale, where everyone believes in the crazy stuff Arnold is preaching. And you get this, the very, very end of the show: 

We are Latter Day Saints
We take life one day at a time
When the chips are down we know just what to say

The past may be in tatters
But today is all that matters
Because today is yesterday’s Latter Day

- “Tomorrow is a Latter Day”

Everyone in the cast sings that part together, and I think that’s really what makes the show mean something. Religion is just another way of dealing with this ball of shit we call life, and cursing God isn’t going to make anything better, just as blind faith in a church won’t. 
It’s a great ending, because none of them believe in the literalism of Arnold’s words, but they believe in the meaning, and that’s all that matters.
Today is all that matters, and being right or wrong and finding the right person to blame for everything doesn’t mean anything, at the end of the day. 

For some reason I thought about that time they tried to make it seem like Louis and Eleanor went to see the Book of Mormon.

And now I’m cracking up at the thought of Louis and Danielle going to see it.