going to see the book of mormon

Favourite stage moment of all time probably
  • Elder Price: *walks out on Elder Cunningham, cause Africa is nothing like The Lion King and he wants to go to Orlaaaaaandoooooo*
  • Elder Cunningham: *desperately trying to figure out what rule to follow* Rule 23, rule 72, rule 23!"
  • Josh Gad: *looses glasses from turning back and forth*
  • Josh Gad: *improvises* I CAN'T SEE!
Underrated things from The Book Of Mormon
  • Elder Poptarts
  • Satan implying that all Catholics and Jews go to Hell
  • “He answered your prayers, huh?”
  • the golden plates in “Joseph Smith: American Moses”
  • the mission president
  • the gasps of Genghis Khan, Jeffrey Dahmer, Adolf Hitler, and Johnnie Cochran when they hear that Kevin broke rule 72
  • the “Hasa Diga Eebowai” reprise
  • “fuck you in the eye!… fuck you in the other eye!”
  • the x-ray of the Book of Mormon in Kevin’s ass
  • “I have maggots in my scrotum” “You should really see a doctor about that” “I am the doctor”
  • Johnnie Cochran playing the bongos in “Spooky Mormon Hell Dream”
  • the entire airport scene
  • “Africa is nothing like Lion King!  I think that movie took a lot of artistic license!”
  • the kraken that shoots Joseph Smith torpedoes that will turn you into a lesbian
  • the insanely fast costume change in “Turn It Off”
  • the fact that Arnold has never read the Book of Mormon

what i say: im fine

what i mean: i’m happy that in the closing number of The Book Of Mormon they reference the fact that Connor McKinley overcame his internalized homophobia however I think it would’ve added a lot to the story and McKinley’s character if there was some sort of Turn It Off reprise in which we could see him going through this emotional change. It is literally established that this man has vivid, traumatic nightmares regarding his sexuality every night. It would’ve added a lot to the production to witness him change his worldview as he begins to doubt the existence of god and the legitimacy of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. And lets talk about Kevin. Did Kevin’s arrival at the mission center influence Connor’s worldview? I mean obviously the nonsense that Kevin, Arnold, and Nabalungi started prompted Connor to question the legitimacy of what he’d been told his entire life. But he also tried to kiss Kevin after the general shot that guy. Like he just tried to kiss Kevin and it’s never acknowledged again. How big of a role did Kevin play in Connor’s emotional development? Why don’t we get to see it happen? Connor was in serious denial about his sexuality since 5th grade, is he okay? 

Good luck up you with final exams and SATs

Here’s an hour or so long playlist for ya as you get ready as as you drive and before to go in for you musical theater nerds 

youtube playlist    

Opening up[Waitress] 

You and me (but mostly me)[Book of Mormon]

 My Shot [Hamilton] 

Once and for All (like on volume blasting your eardrums) [Newsies]

 96,000 [in the heights]


 Bottom’s Gonna be on Top[something rotton] 

We see The light[something rotton]

 Sincerely Me [dear Evan hansen]

Master of the House [Les Mis](optional wrong tone but great tune)

 Masquerade [Phantom] 

Natasha Pierre…Prologue [Natasha…the great comet] 

Once and For All or Yorktown right before you go in as loud as you can bear

OK, so by my count there are around 11 people (plus one baby) living in Kitguli. This is shown in Hasa Diga Eebowai.

Now, Mafala says that 80% of the village has AIDS. 80% of 11 is 8.8 (11x0.8). Rounded up, that’s 9 people in this village that have AIDS and 2 people that don’t. We already know that Nabulungi is one of those two, which leaves one member of the village who doesn’t have AIDS. I’m going to assume that it’s the baby’s mother, because AIDS is transmitted from mother to child, and clearly the baby ins’t ill if Mutumbo tried to rape it to get rid of his AIDS. This means that the man who gets shot in the head by General Butt-Fucking-Naked has AIDS.

Where am I going with this? Well, AIDS is transmitted through a variety of methods, but one of them is contact with the blood of someone who is infected. 

Now, after the man is shot by General Butt-Fucking-Naked, we clearly see that Elder Price is covered in his blood. 

Originally posted by askeldermckinley

This includes some on his face, near his eyes, nose, and mouth. This means that there was mostly likely some transference of blood into his body. Blood which, it’s already been established, most likely contains the HIV virus.

Kevin Price most likely has AIDS.

Between the Audience Choice Awards and the Tony nominations, I am seeing way too many posts about a certain actor getting “Too much recognition for being on stage for 2 seconds.”

What… The… Fuck…

Listen. I get it. You are upset that your “Honey” did not get nominated. But I am sorry. A person like Andrew Rannells or Christian Borle are NOT GOING TO GET NOMINATED FOR BREAKTHROUGH PERFORMANCE.

I don’t know if you remember… But they were in Something Rotten and Book of Mormon. THOSE were their breakthrough performances. Not Falsettos.

And then I see posts saying that he shouldn’t have gotten nominated for a Tony because Connor was only alive for the first few minutes and then was a ghost????

Why? Does? That? Matter?

He was still performing. Which means, it was all fair and eligible for a nomination.

The Book of Mormon AU Absolutely No One Wanted

Note: Idk anything and the day I do research is the day I storm heaven and devour God. 

  • The Zimmermanns are Mormons. They move down from Canada to Mormon city stronghold of your choice for vague reasons.
  • That afternoon a young, well-dressed man comes to their door with a tin of cookies and a smile.
  • “Hi! I’m Eric Bittle and I live down the street. Just wanted to make a good impression before you go to church! You probably won’t see much of me after.” 
  • Of course it’s Jack who answers the door and receives the cookies, and he’s so awkward and stunned by literally the cutest ray of sunshine in all of Mormon Stronghold that he doesn’t think to ask what Bittle means. “Um, thank you.” And then he closes the door.
  • The Zimmermanns are greeted warmly by the community that weekend, so warmly they get several warnings to stay the heck away from that Bittle fellow.
  • Several elders have been by Bittle’s house to give him literature and invite him to the church. He’s always very polite, friendly even, but he’s really… gay unsettling.
  • On top of that, the inside of his house is kinda unconventional. Like, there’s a lot of dribbly candles. Black pillar candles. Candles shaped like skulls. There’s incense everywhere, and herbs drying upside down by the windows. There are animal bones, picked clean by scavengers and bleached by the sun, apparently somehow acquired and resting in a curio cabinet. Bittle keeps strange dolls, terrible faceless things that smell like rosemary and earth, in cupboards and drawers. And there’s a rabbit, a fat brown fluffy thing with floppy ears, that he talks to like it understands.
  • They think Bittle might be a witch. And almost definitely gay. And a bad influence besides.
  • But he’s also very friendly and bakes more sweets than he could possibly eat, which created something of a conundrum. The elders fought each other to be the ones to visit him nearly weekly, but the church as a whole disapproved of any of their members being within a hundred feet of Bittle’s front door. 

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There’s this mormon movie called The Testament that depicts the events before and when Christ appears in the Book of Mormon. It’s a pretty good movie and if you’ve been a member for a while you’ve probably seen it.

However, it is infamous for it’s romantic-subplot, something that is 100% made-up for the movie. Even small children reacts at this.

Now, if you will, imagine the whitest, most heterosexual, forced, woman-with-less-than-one-dimension-to-her, horrifically bad romance that only America could have the stupidity to do. 

The creators of this movie looked at the events in the book, oppression of a people, a son who is dangerously close to going the wrong path, natural disasters that’s been prophesied for hundreds of years, the literal coming of Christ who heals people from their afflictions, and decided that the movie wasn’t interesting enough.

Now in MTC, missionary training center, they have ¨movie nights¨ on Sundays. One can either watch talks from apostles and such or a LDS film. A missionary told me yesterday that when they were showing The Testament, the leaders had to legit go up to the microphone and say ¨there is romance in this movie that has nothing to do with the Book of Mormon and should not be given a second thought. If you laugh, you will be escorted out.¨  If you laugh, you will be escorted out.

So the scene where the subplot begins comes around and everyone is dead quiet. Imagine seeing a room full of men in suits and women in formal wear staring emotionless at a screen. The man finds this woman by the river, filling up a jar, and strikes a conversation worthy of youtube cringe compilations. You hear someone snort and the leader shoots a glare at the person.

Then it’s time for the man to leave and the woman says ¨you didn’t even ask for my name.¨ The man replies ¨i already know your name¨.

It explodes. A lecture hall full of God’s servants loses it over this romance that even conservative Utah Mormons realizes is bad. The leader has to run up to the mic and order everyone to be quiet, a poor exasperated person who’s been forced to watch this gag-worthy subplot time and time again, to hear the symphony of people laughing at it’s stupidity countless times.

The saving grace of this movie is that the scene when Christ appears is so heart-warming, you feel yourself getting cleansed from that horrifying heterosexuality.

Dear Evan Handsome

   I, like probably most other Americans, thought that after the wildfire success of Hamilton, that Broadway had peaked, patted itself on its back for a job so well done, and clicked off the lights. Thankfully, that’s totally untrue. Broadway is still churning out works of art and it turns out that at least one of them is bloody brilliant - that one being Dear Evan Hansen.

   Dear Evan Hansen is new Broadway musical that tells the story of a socially awkward misfit, Evan Hansen, who, at the advice of his therapist, writes a letter to himself each morning: “Dear Evan Hansen, today is going to be a good day, here’s why…” Well, one day as Evan writes this letter to himself at his school’s computer lab, another lonely misfit named Connor finds it and berates Evan about the letter. Connor steals the letter and storms off.

  Days later, Evan is called to the principals office. When he arrives, Connor’s parents inform Evan that Connor killed himself and that they found a letter addressed to Evan Hansen in his pocket. Connor’s parents, under the assumption that Connor and Evan must have been friends that wrote letters to each other, ask Evan through tears about their relationship and Evan, riddled with anxiety and unable to tell the grieving parents that their son was actually a bully who had stolen Evan’s self-addressed letter, goes along with it. What starts out as a little lie grows and grows as Evan fabricates a mass exchange of emails to serve as evidence of the nonexistent friendship between Evan and Connor. As the emails go public, other students come together to start a viral online presence they call The Connor Project. Meanwhile, Evan is becoming closer and closer with Connor’s family and distancing himself more and more from his own mother.

   Evan Hansen is played by Ben Platt. Ben Platt is insanely talented. I got to see Book of Mormon in Chicago a couple of years ago where Ben Platt played the role of Elder Cunningham and I thought he was absolutely terrific and his delivery and comedic timing was side-splitting.

   Because so much of what Evan does throughout the show is morally ambiguous, the role demands a certain level of vulnerability from the actor portraying him in order for the audience to remain on his side. Platt plays the role flawlessly. He will give you all the feels you could ever ask for plus half a dozen extra free of charge.

   Another aspect that helps with the moral ambiguity of the show is the fact that the music is damn near perfect. The music allows us to glimpse into the soul of the characters in a way not otherwise achievable, which allows the audience to relate and empathize with what the characters are going through and where they’re coming from.

   The music for the show was done by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, who also wrote the lyrics for the contemporary movie-musical La La Land. Steven Levenson wrote the book, meaning he’s the mastermind behind the brilliant and original story and all the characters involved. Michael Greif, whose name you might recognize because he’s a Broadway legend, directed the show. He also directed Rent and Next to Normal.

   Get this soundtrack. See it on Broadway if you can. Try to find video clips of it online (if you’re into that.) This show is spectacular and, let’s be one-hundred, you can use a break from Hamilton. It’ll still be there when you come back.

hc that wrightworth loves theatre like both of them always wanna go out to see a show on Date Nights but the problem is edgeworth likes old ass pretentious stuff so on days when its his turn to choose they’ll go out and it’ll be like the magic flute in its original german and phoenix wantS TO DIE like he doesn’t speak german!!! meanwhile phoenix prefers edgy newer musicals and edgeworth fucking hates them like phoenix took him to see book of mormon once and edgeworth was this 👌 close to walking out at intermission

eventually they find a middle ground like phoenix takes edge out to see phantom and to his surprise edge actually loves it (he totally cried) so from then on anytime phoenix picks he goes for a more serious or more historical musical that he thinks they’d both appreciate like les mis or 1776 and anytime edgeworth picks he goes for shakespeare bc it turns out they’re both HUGE shakespeare nerds (phoenix wanted to act shakespeare in college) edgeworth loves the complicated plots and the genius word play and phoenix likes all that but he also likes the dick jokes and tries to use them as pick-up lines later

things i remember from seeing the book of mormon tour cast:

- price stood there in two by two after “uganda” for literally like a minute before he joined in the dance again
- in hasa diga when cunningham starts going HARD he started doing the single ladies dance
- after the CRUSH IT in turn it off the theater was so loud from laughing that mckinley had to wait a solid minute before he could say “okay??”
- the people sitting next to me and the person i went with never clapped and left after act one yikes
- after price told cunningham he wasn’t his best friend and was just stuck with him the room was SO quiet. like that was the quietest moment of the whole show
i cant remember anything specific from act two because it was so amazing i just took in everything i could. if you have the option to go see this tour cast GO SEE THEM. conner, pj, gabe, and the rest of the cast are so amazing and it was one of the best nights of my life

Broadway Casting I Need To See (feat. mostly newsies)

Ben Fankhauser in “Waitress.” He’s obviously not old enough to play Cal, and I don’t think he’d be a good Earl, but holy shit, his Dr. Pomatter would be so good and his Ogie would be adorable. Like, vocally he’s more of a Pomatter but I’m kind of dying imagining him singing “I Love You Like A Table.”

A revival of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” starring Brandon Uranowitz, only because I need to hear him sing the line “I look handsome, I look smart/I am a walking work of art” mainly because he is.

A revival of “Little Shop” with Stephen Michael Langton as Seymour, because he wants to do it.

If Ben Platt and Will Roland ever have to leave “Dear Evan Hansen,” I would love to see Nick Barasch replace Ben because holy crap, what a voice, and I would love to see Zachary Sayle replace Will because I need Swearing Crutchie in my life.

Jeff Heimbrock apparently booked “Book of Mormon” on Broadway as per Melissa Steadman Hart’s tweet, but I want to see him as King George in “Hamilton.”

A revival of “13: The Musical” with Anthony Rosenthal, because why the hell not.

I don’t know where Jacob Kemp and Mike Ryan would go, but I need them on Broadway or off-Broadway. I could POSSIBLY see Mike as Rod in “Avenue Q,” but I don’t know if he has puppet experience. There are a lot of roles that I think Jacob would be good at, but he’s too young to play them outside a setting where everyone is too young to play those roles. I don’t know if that makes sense. Like, it would be like me playing Ruth in a Broadway revival of “Pirates of Penzance.” I played that role in eighth grade, but it was with a bunch of middle schoolers and they weren’t casting middle-aged women. I had Ruth’s vocal range and a big motherly-looking bosom, so I got the part, but I’m just in the beginning of my thirties, so I wouldn’t be considered for that role on Broadway because Ruth is supposed to be forty-something-but-look-older and I look 24. Jacob is almost 29, but his last two big roles were a 16 year old (Davey) and a 22 year old (Randy in “Why Him”). I’m sure he’d be a PHENOMENAL Bobby in a “Company” revival (and he apparently did play Bobby at Stagedoor), but Bobby is 35 and a director would probably go with someone who has actually BEEN 35. I actually think he would have been a DELIGHTFUL Mendel in “Falsettos” but he’s too young and far too tall, and Brandon was JUST. SO. GOOD.

Like, maybe Jacob would be a good Link in a “Hairspray” revival, but I have a feeling they’d say he was too ethnic-looking. Personally, I think he’d be amazing.

Ooh, maybe Jacob and Ben in a revival of “Blood Brothers.”

When Musicals are actual persons and Les Mis needs help for his next revolution.
  • Rent: Yeah, NO DAY BUT TODAY... I mean, tomorrow...
  • Hamilton: Even so, we gonna RISE UP anyway
  • Hamilton: Well said ma'am, like we say: TALK LESS, SMILE MORE and always WAIT FOR IT.
  • Legally Blonde: Yes! you have to KEEP IT POSITIVE...*AND SLAP THEM TO THE FLOOR*
  • Hamilton: WHAAAAT-
  • Les Mis: Guys, we're going out of track, IT IS TIME FOR US ALL TO DECIDE WHO WE ARE...
  • Les Mis: No! Geez, don't you see? THE COLOR OF THE WORLD IS CHANGING DAY BY DAY...
  • Les Mis: Can please someone give the Phantom a sedative?
  • Les Mis: Hamilton please not you too, you are the only other Musical here with experience in fighting in a revolution. I can't do this ON MY OWN.
  • Hamilton: *you mean the ONLY ONE that had a successful revolution?*
  • Young Frankenstein: Who ordered a sedative?
  • Legally Blonde: I'll take it, it will help me balancing all the Red Bull I had.
  • Wicked: Dear Oz! Are you trying DEFY GRAVITY Girl?
  • Sweeney Todd: Weren't we about to slay someone? And... on a totally unrelated topic, is anyone else hungry?
  • Hamilton: I'M YOUNG, SCRAPPY AND HUNGRY, thanks for asking.
  • Sweeney Todd: I don't talk with you.
  • Hamilton: Why?
  • Sweeney Todd: You left us... how could you? THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE LONDON!
  • Wicked: Yes, then we'll talk about you misquoting me...
  • Sweeney Todd: Maybe you are misquoting me.
  • Wicked: Count the Tonys dear...
  • Sweeney Todd: Yeah, yeah, as you like it... are we going to kill somebody today or not?
  • Les Mis: Rent go home, you are high.
  • Les Mis: It's the last time I tell you Phantom, it's: BLACK THE DARK OF AGES PAST.
  • Wicked: Wasn't it the blood of angry men?
  • Les Mis: What kind of angry men do you have in Oz?!?
  • Wicked: Hello? Green witch, talking goats and flying monkeys...
  • Book of Mormon: HELLO!
  • Legally Blonde: Mormons? I TOTALLY FORGOT YOU GO HERE.
  • Les Mis: Sweet France give me strength... Can we please stay on subject? Hamilton, please, back me up.
  • Hamilton: We don't like the word "SUBJECT"
  • Les Mis: Oh my god!! Whats wrong with you guys? Why can't we have a nice revolution?
  • Hamilton: Maybe some of us want a REVELATION...
  • Les Mis: Ok. I'm done. I quit. Have you heard me? Les Mis quits on a fucking REVOLUTION. I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY NOW.
  • Wicked: Hey! I don't care if you are upset, that's not a good reason to stealing my line!
  • Les Mis: ...Sorry Wicked... but why every revolution I start goes sideways?
  • Wicked: Oh sweetheart, I'm afraid that NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED... Next year revolution will be a blast, I'm sure!
  • Legally Blonde: Me too, you definitely got A CHIP ON YOUR SHOULDER.
  • Hamilton: You will BLOW US ALL AWAY!
  • Wicked: Hey, why haven't we called The Newsies, they achieved quite something...
  • Hamilton & Les Mis: NEWSIES, THEY GET THE JOB DONE.
  • Rent: Can we go home now? while some of us still had one?
  • Les Mis: Yes, bye guys, see you next year.
  • WICKED: Shut up Rent.
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • Annie: Did someone said TOMORROW?

ok but i have thoughts on arnolds hair especially bc it’s so different from the other elders like the song goes “our haircuts are precise”
like. all the other elders have the same haircut, if not just very similar and then you have cunningham with his wild curls and just imagine in group photos where u have everyone else look exactly the same and then you have Arnold and his curls that draw attention to that short chubby boy immediately
im not going into angst headcanons in this post but like. you can see where this is going, the kid is definitely jewish and you can see just how different he is from everyone he wouldn’t really fit it, not just because of his enthusiasm and his loudness, because of how he looks too