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Imagine...You And Your Best Friends, Kurt And Peter, Going To See Christine When It Comes Out In 1983

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But she's NOT a strong female character. She runs off with Raoul who's an asshole who just wants to keep her barefoot and pregnant and off the stage. If she was really a strong woman she'd tell Raoul to go fuck himself sideways, stayed single, and sang for the rest of her days. Poor Erik deserved better than her.

Darling, have even read the book?

Christine Daae is an extremely strong female character.

I’ll base this off the the Leroux novel. 

1. She’s roughly twenty years old, has already lost both parents (at a young age, mind you). Not only is it extremely hard to lose your parent(s), but then she has to spend the remainder of her childhood/teenage years in France, a place that she’s not native too and is still very foreign to her. That’s really rough.

2. She’s not treated very nicely. The ballet girls make fun of her and her singing, and Carlotta teases her as well. That’s really hard on the self esteem, and Christine manages to keep really level headed and fights through it. That’s really hard, trust me. 

3. She ends up catching Erik’s attention and he stalks her. He takes advantage of the fact that she’s weak at the moment, and she is tricked. But after all of his deception, she stays sane. Imagine if you were being pursued by a creepy guy that talked to you through the walls and probably watched most everything you did. You cannot honestly tell me that you could stay sane. But Christine does.


4. Okay let’s get this straight. Raoul’s not an asshole. He’s anything but an asshole. Sure, he can be naive, and he doesn’t really believe Christine at times, and he likes to get his way. But come on. For a boy who has been pampered his whole life, he’s not a little whiny brat. He definitely could have been that way, but instead, he was sweet and loving to Christine. Yes, it was a little hard for him to take the news of this ‘Angel of Music’ thing. But again, imagine if your best friend came up to you one day and said, “Hey sorry I can’t talk to you anymore because the voice in the ceiling told me I can’t”. Again, you cannot say you wouldn’t think they were crazy.

5. It literally never says that he wants her “barefoot and pregnant and off the stage” anywhere?????????? Raoul wants to marry Christine. Yes, that does mean there is a possibility he wants children, but he’s not at all forcing her to give him an heir. That’s the last thing you get from Raoul. He wants Christine’s gentle love, that’s all. Also, he never states he wants her off the stage. Raoul’s brother, Philippe, doesn’t really want Raoul to marry Christine because she is a performer, but does that stop Raoul from being nice and looking out for Christine? No. He still watches her perform and sends her flowers. What part of that makes you think he wants her off the stage?

6. WHO KNOWS IF CHRISTINE ACTUALLY MARRIED RAOUL? LITERALLY SHE COULD’VE WALKED OFF AND BECOME A SUPER FAMOUS PERFORMER SOMEWHERE, WE HAVE NO IDEA. This literally makes me so angry. We don’t know what happens. Yes, it is stated that Christine is said to have go off and married Raoul, but we have no clue if that’s really what happened. But say she did marry him. Just because a woman is married to a man does not make her weak. In fact, I think it makes her even stronger, for she made the choice to bind herself to him in marriage. She didn’t have to do that, but she chose to do that and support her husband, just as he should support her. That’s awesome. 

7. “Poor Erik deserved better than her” good lord have mercy on your soul. I love Erik, don’t get me wrong, but he did not deserve ‘better’ than Christine. He took advantage of her and he lied to her. No way did he truly deserve her love. Yes, he did take care of her. Yes, he did train her. But you know what else he did? He threatened to blow up the opera house if she didn’t marry him. Ah yes, how romantic.

I could go on and on. But seriously, if you don’t see that Christine is powerful and a super fantastic woman, then you must’ve read the book upside down. 

In conclusion, Christine Daae is a perfect little daffodil that is super strong, courageous, and doesn’t need to be told how to live her life. 

It’s been a few months since I’ve read Leroux, so if I have missed some other badass info on Christine, please feel free to add to this.

August 24, 1977. One more time, on the plane. As usual, Lindsey is his usual asshole self. I am slowly coming to the conclusion that Lindsey and I are at an end. So sad to see good love go bad. Seattle. Worried about Christine. Wishing some spiritual guidance would come from somewhere. Where are the crystal visions when I need them?‘
—  Stevie Nicks reading from her journal, November 1997

People everywhere have lost much of their childhood recently, with the passing of Christine Cavanaugh. She voiced a lot of memorable characters in past years, and I speak for everyone when I say I’m sad to see her go.

Rest in peace, Christine. Your legacy and your voices live on in our hearts.


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I saw Fleetwood Mac in the flesh the other night. It was simply the most majestic moment of my young life. It literally felt like old friends visiting after a long time, jamming out in the living room and hanging around. They told stories, blew kisses and hugged/held hands with each other towards the end of the night.

I cried. Not going to lie. Seeing Stevie, Mick, Christine, Lindsey and John on stage, sounding fantastic with no egos whatsoever, was a very exciting and touching experience. I can’t explain it. The staging and visuals were simple. all they needed was themselves and to this day, they remain true rock stars and professionals with the same amount of energy I could see they had in their earlier concert days on youtube.

It was perfect. Just perfect.

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