going to see a film at my friend's house


an imagine in which good ole suggy boy gets a little jealous

Word Count: 1,750

Rating: PG-13

Getting a hey, you busy? text from Jack Maynard was never a good sign. You responded with a no, and he replied back quickly with a plea for video help and an offer of free lunch.

“Hey babe?” You called out across the flat. 

“Yeah?” Joe called back from his office. 

“Do we have any plans for the day? Jack wants help filming over at his.”

“Not really, no. Does he need you like right now? I’ll be done editing in a few hours and I can go with you.” Joe offered, rolling his chair to the doorframe. He seemed a bit off, but you didn’t push it. Joe always told you if something was wrong in his own time.  

“He seemed pretty urgent, I think he wants to upload tonight. I shouldn’t be long, and I should be home for dinner. I can cook if you want!”

“Nah, I’ll cook tonight and film a gaming video while you’re out. Just text me when you get there safe, yeah?” Joe gave you a smile and came over to give you a goodbye kiss before heading back into his office. 

You called an uber and gathered your things, and you were at Jack’s flat before you knew it. You let yourself in, announcing yourself as you entered.

“Y/N!” Jack grinned, coming over and scooping you up in a hug as soon as you were in the doorway. You hugged him back with a laugh. You’d missed him, and the rest of the boys, since it’d been a while since you’d all gone out together.

The rest of the afternoon consisted of catching up, grabbing a quick nandos and setting up everything for the video.

“So what’re we filming today?”

“I wanna do another tinder message video, but I need someone to go through and react to them. Kinda like what Joe and Zoe did, but you give me advice on how to pick up girls as well. And seeing that you’re one of the few females I know that I haven’t actually met on tinder, I wanted you to do it.”

“Oh hell yes, let’s go,” you grinned, already excited. Jack was probably who you were closest with out of all the other boys, so you were excited to finally get a chance to be nosy.

It didn’t take long for the video to get rolling, and you were loving every second of it. It was as if the camera wasn’t there, and you were just helping your mate out, and embarrassing him at any chance you got. You gave him some legitimate advice, talking about all the good things that Joe did as a boyfriend, and how it made your relationship so fun and easy. Filming went smoothly, and you kept him company whilst he edited. He only had one request before you left. 

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Creepypasta #1054: I Watched Video Footage Of A Camping Trip That My Friends Never Actually Went On

Length: Super long

It was getting to be a tradition.

For the past two years we’ve gone on a camping trip together, me and my group of friends: Sean, Lin and her sister Lily, Key, Sal, Monica, and Gabe. Monica’s family is really wealthy and they own a lot of land out in Bumbfuck Michigan so we’ve wrapped up our past two summer vacations out there in their woods. We pitch a few tents in what’s basically the backyard of Monica’s grandmother’s huge Victorian-style house and pretend we’re “roughin’ it” when in actuality, we just sleep out there for the five hours of the night that we don’t spend drinking or playing video games inside. Cooking out over the bonfire and climbing trees is fun, but it’s always only been a very small part of the trip.

None of us talked about it or admitted it out loud, not even Monica, but we were all a little afraid to be out there for too long. We had no concrete reason to be, but we were. No matter how many times the Pines’ family assured us that the property was safe. I’d never seen or heard anything out of the ordinary out there–maybe it was just because I’d seen enough horror movies to develop a fear of the woods in general, but I don’t know. Something about the air in the intimidatingly vast property just made me feel really vulnerable.

I got told just days before we were supposed to leave that I wouldn’t be able to take the time off for the trip. One of my fellow supervisors at work had to go in for emergency surgery on his knee and my store just didn’t have the coverage. I was really bummed, but my friends didn’t hold it against me - we all know being an adult sucks sometimes. I told them they could still use my cooler and my tents and my camcorder and that they should video-blog the trip for me. I hugged them all goodbye the morning they left and then I went off to my shift. I told Sal to call me once they got there because I knew he would be the only one who’d remember to check in.

Sal never called. None of them did. I left work at 10PM and tried to text and call all of them, but not one of them got back to me. I checked Twitter, Facebook - nothing from anybody. No updates since Gabe’s “hitting the road” status from earlier that morning. I felt like throwing up. Something felt really wrong. 

Key’s mother called me as soon as I started to panic and she sounded really rattled too. He hadn’t talked to her all day, and he’s really good about touching base with her when he takes trips. I’d later learn that that whole night, my friends’ parents were all trying to get in touch with each other. None of them heard from their kids since they first got on the road. Monica’s mom called the landline to the house several times. Grandma Pines was out of town this year, but Monica should have answered if they were there - she didn’t.

Sean’s father drove up to Pines’ property the next morning with Monica’s parents. He told me something felt off as soon as he stepped out of his car. When you pull up to the house, there’s no fence or anything, so you can see if anything is set up in the area surrounding it. He would have been able to see if everyone had set up tents and gear as soon as he got up the path, but there was nothing. But he said all the house’s windows were open and all the lights were on. Within a half hour, they called the police.

I was asked to come in, watch the videos, and answer any questions I could. I transcribed what I watched as best I could.

Clip 1, 10:45 9/16/2016

Gabe has the camera pointed at the rearview mirror.

Gabe: “How the fuck do you know when it’s recording?”

Monica: “The green button is on, dipshit.”

Clip 2, 1:15 9/16/2016

Gabe is filming the back of Lin’s car just ahead of them. He’s talking to Sean and Monica but I can’t tell what they’re saying, even with the audio adjusted. It’s raining really hard and I see flashes of lightning.

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Seize The Moment

YouTuber!Au Series

Word Count: 1654

Genre: Fluff

“Make sure to say ‘congratulations’ on our behalf!” Exclaimed Joshua.

The two older boys sat adjacent each other on Joshua’s couch. The news of Seungcheol’s engagement had been spreading like wildfire, even though his vlog hadn’t even been finished yet, let alone uploaded.

“I definitely will,” Seungcheol began as he stood up, “I’ve got to get going. Thanks for the collabs, guys!”

Joshua and Vernon, who’d stood up too, bid him farewell in unison as they watched him disappear out the front door of Joshua’s house. The three of them had just finished shooting a video for each of their channels, trying to make the most of what little time they would have to see each other.

“Yeah, Josh, thanks so much for letting me film my new video in your house.” Vernon said, with gratitude.

“Don’t mention it,” Joshua replied, “What’s this one going to be about?”

“Oh, it’s going to be the ‘Touch My Body Challenge’. I invited my friend, (Y/N), over to do it with me.”

“Ah, (Y/N). Is this the person you’ve been talking so much about lately?”

“Well… Yeah… (Y/N) has been on my mind a bit more than usual.”

“Are you nervous about filming a video together?”

“Well, normally I wouldn’t be. But, this particular video has me kind of… Worried. I think it’s also this whole thing with Seungcheol’s engagement. He just proposed yesterday and now the entire city knows! (Y/N) isn’t a YouTuber, I don’t want the publicity to seem scary.”

“Why would it be that scary? It’s not like (Y/N) is going to be on your channel every week.”

Vernon sighed and slouched in Joshua’s lounge chair. Joshua really didn’t seem to be getting the hints Vernon was dropping, though he just wasn’t ready to admit to himself, or Joshua, that he liked you. Luckily, and unluckily at the same time, you interrupted the awkward silence by knocking on Joshua’s front door.

He opened the door and greeted you with a warm smile, “Hi, you must be (Y/N). I’m Joshua.”

“Hello,” You responded, shaking the hand that Joshua held out for you, “It’s so nice to meet you. I’m a big fan of your work on YouTube.”

“Thank you so much! You’re here for Vernon, right? He’s inside.”

Joshua stepped back from the doorframe, allowing you to enter the living room. Lo and behold, there was Vernon. He had stood up to greet you, though his welcome was more stiff than Joshua’s. It was just the slightest bit peculiar, considering Vernon had known you for nearly ten years and Joshua had just met you. He raised his arms, as if to give you a hug, but as soon as you drew closer to him, he quickly lowered them. Opting instead to shake your hand, Vernon shyly scratched the back of his neck as Joshua began readying the audio equipment.

“Hey,” Vernon started, “How are you?”

“I’ve been good. What about you? It must’ve been fun hanging out with Seungcheol and Josh again.” You replied, looking at your hands instead of at him.

“I’m good too. I’ve been really busy with YouTube lately, but, it’s fun.”

Normally, the two of you would have gone on and on, until Joshua had to snap you both out of it to film. But, for some reason, the conversation simply dissolved. All Vernon could do was shove his hands into his pockets and try his hardest to avoid your gaze. But why was he acting this way all of a sudden?

You concluded that it could’ve been because Vernon and Joshua were awkward with each other, so the atmosphere was tense. But even that - seemingly the most logical conclusion - didn’t quite add up. The two of them looked to be all buddy-buddy just a second ago.

Before you could think about it for any longer, Joshua called for your attention as he was done setting up.

“Ok guys, the mic is ready, the camera is positioned. If you guys are ready to go, we can start.” He announced.

Vernon looked to you for approval, shrugging, “If you’re ready then I’m ready.”

“I’m good.” You affirmed, walking over to sit on the couch, at which the camera was pointed.

Vernon sat next to you, though not very closely. He sat for a moment in silent, most likely thinking about how to go about moving closer to you, then he scooted over the slightest bit. To the both of you, it seemed to make a world of difference, but to Joshua who sat behind the camera, Vernon still appeared to be at the other end of the sofa.

“Uh, Vernon,” Joshua called out, “Can you move closer to (Y/N)? You’re at the very edge of the frame.”

Vernon complied, cautiously moving in your direction again. This time, it was slightly more than before, but Joshua still did not seem pleased.

“A little more.” He urged.

Vernon moved over again, not stopping until Joshua told him to do so. But by then, you and Vernon were sat so close next to each other, your thighs were touching. Naturally, the both of you began blushing furiously, your cheeks hot and your nerves flaring.

Joshua wore a smug grin, yelling, “Ok, and we’re rolling.”

Vernon clapped once before putting on his best smile and greeting the camera, “What’s up guys, welcome back to another video! I’m here with my friend, (Y/N), say ‘hi’ to the people watching!”

“Hi~” You cooed, cutely waving to the camera.

“Today we’re going to attempt the ‘Touch My Body Challenge’. If you don’t know the rules, basically, it’s that one person is blindfolded and the other person lets them touch a specific body part and the blindfolded person has to guess what body part they’re touching. Sound like fun?”

He turned to you with his bright eyes and relaxed smile. He was so charismatic, and so handsome that you could barely stutter out an answer to his question. Instinctively hunching over in embarrassment, you tried to hide your rosy pink blush by moving some of your hair in the way. But, it didn’t help as much as you hoped, because Vernon took out the blindfold and just kept going with the video.

“Ok, (Y/N), do you want to go first or should I?” Asked Vernon.

“Um, whatever you want.” You answered, hesitantly.

“Why don’t you just go first? Unless you want me to…” He trailed off.

“Oh no, it’s fine.”

With a silent sigh of relief, Vernon handed you the blindfold to tie around your own eyes. Even though he was reluctant about admitting to his crush, he definitely knew he was not ready to touch various parts of your body.

As you tied the blindfold, vision completely blacked out, Vernon awkwardly sat and played with his fingers. Joshua noticed his nervous fidgeting from behind the camera, but stayed quiet for a while. Though, with the way your collar bone was accentuated as you struggled with the blindfold, Vernon only became more restless.

“Hey, Vernon,” Joshua interrupted the silence, “I think the camera just died.”

“Crap,” Vernon hissed, “Alright, (Y/N), just wait here and I’ll be right back once the camera’s working.”

“Ok, I’m just not even going to take off the blindfold then.” You stated.

“Cool. We’ll try to do this super fast.” He assured you, getting up from the couch and dashing to Joshua’s side.

Joshua gestured for Vernon to follow him, “The charger’s in my bedroom.”

The two of them didn’t even make it up the stairs before Joshua stopped and spoke to Vernon in a hushed voice, “What are you doing out there?”

“What do you mean?” Vernon asked, a nervous tone to his question.

“I mean, why are you so awkward with (Y/N)? Aren’t you good friends?”

“Well, yeah, but… It feels different now, for some reason. I can’t explain it.”

“Let me have a shot then. You like (Y/N).”

“What?! That’s ridiculous! That’s crazy! That’s… True. Josh, I think I like (Y/N).”

“So you finally admit it.”

“I don’t know what to do about it. What if I confess too soon and get rejected? It’d make our friendship weird.”

“From what I can see, it looks like (Y/N) kind of likes you back. Just make sure you go about it the right way.”

With a reassuring pat on the back, the older boy strolled down the stairs and back into the living room, sitting in his original seat behind the camera. Vernon followed closely behind, with greater confidence than before but still no real idea about how to confess to you.

“Did you guys find the charger?” You asked, feeling the sofa cushions being weighted down as Vernon returned to his seat next to you.

“Yeah, the camera’s fine.” He muttered.

Had your eyes not been covered, you would have seen Vernon blankly staring at the wall. He was in pretty deep thought for a moment, replaying Joshua’s advice in his head over and over again.

Feeling a sudden surge of confidence, Vernon decided to lean over and peck your cheek, just below the blindfold.

Your eyes shot open beneath the fabric. Not even bothering to untie the blindfold, you lifted it over your eyes to reveal a blushing Vernon smiling to himself.

“What was that?” You asked, not necessarily mad about what happened.

“I like you, (Y/N). I always have.” He admitted shyly.

Seeing him like that, all cute and vulnerable, your heart nearly melted right then and there.

“You know,” You started, “If you want to kiss me again, next time, you don’t have to do it while I’m blindfolded.”

Vernon’s entire face lit up with excitement. His lips formed the most sincere smile you’d ever seen, but only for a moment before they curled into a sly smirk.

“So, can next time be right now?”

-Written by Admin Cali

Rich || Jack Maynard

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Word Count: 1.1k+

Summary: This is basically a drabble with little to no plot, but it was fun to write and I quite like it and I hope you guys do too!!xo

Dedicated too: All the people who got bullied for being a little more wealthy: you are still human, you can still be humble, you are still appreciative. Focus on your goals for the future and stick to them lovelies

Ever since you were young and your fathers business began to multiply into a worldwide success, you always had everything you could’ve possibly wanted. Your mother spoiled you, and your father never failed to surprise you with the most expensive and luxurious gifts whenever he returned from a particularly long business trip.

However, your mother always made sure that you remained the humble, well mannered girl you  always had been. You knew that her main priority was making sure you didn’t turn into a cliche rich girl who didn’t appreciate anything she had. You never took advantage of any opportunities that presented themselves to you: and as you got older you began to work for your father, who was thrilled to have you join his team.

Even now, he’d still surprise you with presents every now and then, from new cars to handbags to simply a framed photograph of yourself and him. They were all of the same value to you: and if you were honest you always loved when he’s give you something like a photograph, as he’d obviously put love and care into it.

You met Jack when you were nineteen and he was twenty-one. He treated you like a princess from the moment he met you and treated you no differently when he found out how wealthy yourself and your family was. He simply shrugged it off, and grew to become good friends with both your mother and your father - who approved greatly of him.

Jack was your very own Prince Charming. He held your hand wherever you went and carried you up to bed whenever you’d fall asleep on the couch. He woke you up with a thousand kisses every morning and made sure to remind you of how much he loved you multiple times a day. That was when you realised, that money didn’t buy happiness, you just had to be patient and eventually, happiness would find you.

You were a bookworm, and had your own personal library in your apartment - something you’d always dreamed of. And even though you adored your apartment, when you first left home you were worried that you wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure; but you were a responsible adult and were determined to learn how to live without your mother. Eventually, you got the hang of everything, and your apartment became your home. You had photographs hung and music playing constantly, your favourite scented candle always burning. It was a dream.

It was a rainy Tuesday morning, and you were midway through cleaning your grand piano when you received a phone call from Jack, asking if he could bring his friends over to meet you today. You agreed happily, having been excited to meet his well regarded friends for quite a while but always being unable to find the time.

Luckily, you’d already attended a business meeting with your father in Central London that morning, and so you were already dressed and had just enough makeup on to boost your confidence enough to be meeting your boyfriends friends for the first time. You hum along to your music and swing your hips from side to side as you walk around the apartment, straightening everything up and making sure nothing had dust on it. Something you did daily, especially after insisting that you didn’t need a cleaner - you were determined to prove your mother wrong.

When your door clicks open you smile widely and glance over your shoulder, watching as jack led his awestruck friends into your apartment. You walk into his arms, brushing your lips against his and smiling against them, opening your eyes and looking into his deep blue ones lovingly. “Hi.”

He places his hands on you waist and pulls away, pecking your nose quickly. “Hi princess, the boys were all getting impatient and demanded to meet you today. I hope you weren’t too busy.” He frowns in worry, but you shake your head quickly, reassuring him that you didn’t have anything important planned.

“It’s fine, I’ve been wanting to meet these guys for months.” You smile up at him before turning to his friends and moving from person to person, sharing a few words of greeting and hugging them all lightly before smiling at them all and lifting your arms. “Make yourselves at home, you can touch anything you want, just try not to break anything.” You laugh, and they all nod, immediately jogging off in different directions of the room.

Joe headed to the room to your left which had an arrow pointing to it that said ‘Gaming Room’. Josh and Mikey walked over to the built in fish tank and began to point out all of the different breeds. Conor, even though he’d been to your apartment before, walks toward your piano and lifts the lid, reaching down and pulling out the music sheets that he’d sketched when he last visited. Oli heads into the kitchen and brushes his hands across the marble features, somewhat in awe of the beauty. Caspar runs over to the spiral staircase that lead up to your library, and after shooting you a quick look to make sure he could, he runs up them and into the library.

You smile in content ad turn around, winding your arms around Jack’s neck and smiling at him softly as Joe walks out of the gaming round you glance at him over Jack’s shoulder with a grin. He holds up his camera curiously. “Would you mind if I vlogged a little? This place is amazing.”

You shrug and nod, “go ahead. Just try to avoid filming the mess.”

He chuckles and nods in agreement, jogging back into the gaming room as Conor begins to play one of his own songs on the piano making you glance at him over your shoulder and smile gently. You adored listening to Conor play the piano, and seeing as he was the one who taught you to play in the first place, it only seemed fitting that you let him use the piano whenever he wished.

You look up at Jack and brush your noses together with a quiet giggle. “I think your friends like my house.”

He rolls his eyes and kisses you lightly. “They like you too.”

“Good, because I can see myself becoming quite good friends with them all at some point: and besides, Conor already spends the majority  of his free time here already, what harm could five other boys do?”

The answer? Well, lets just say, when they left that night, your kitchen was covered head to toe in flour and your gaming room was covered in crumbs and rubbish. As you stare at a patch of egg on your wall, you began to think that maybe taking your mothers advice and hiring a cleaner wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

The Past Can Haunt You || Joe

Joe masterpost found here

Word count - 1,127

Summary - The one with the ex-friend group.

You and Joe were out late one night- later than planned and not in the best part of town. You had gone out to a bar and were walking home. You forgot that the walk went through a particularly sketchy area of town. But you didn’t worry; you were with Joe.

The two of you walked hand in hand down the street chatting about random things. You had been with Joe for a few years now and spending time with him never got old. You hadn’t even noticed that you walked past a dark alley that several people were standing in. “Hey, is that (Y/N) (Y/L/N)?”

You and Joe both stopped in your tracks when someone hiding out in the shadows called your name. You looked as the person stepped into the light and saw a boy from your old high school. “Hey James,” you said casually, scratching the back of your neck. You were extremely aware of his bloodshot eyes and the way he smelled of both marijuana and vodka.

“Shit, it’s been so long,” he said, throwing an arm over your should and pulling you in for an awkward side hug. You could see Joe tense at your side.

“Yeah, uh, how’ve you been?” you asked, stepping back closer to Joe’s side.

“Oh, we’re great,” he said. “Hey, Trevor, Vicky, look who it is!”

The two other people who were in the alley stepped out of the dark and approached the rest of you with smiles. Trevor and Vicky also graduated high school with you. They greeted you as enthusiastically as they could whilst being stoned out of their minds. “Who’s this guy?” Trevor asked with a grin, nodding his head at Joe who was still glued to your side.

“Oh, this is my boyfriend, Joe,” you told them.

“Hope he’s treating you right,” Trevor added with a laugh. “Aye, she’s great in bed, isn’t she?” Joe clenched his jaw even tighter and you physically grabbed his arm so he wouldn’t take a swing at Trevor. 

After that, the two of you didn’t stick around for very long. You and Joe finally managed to walk away from the group and head back in the direction of your flat. Joe was quiet for most of the walk and you couldn’t help the nerves you were feeling about the situation that was sure to come. As soon as you walked into your flat, you sighed. “Okay, I’ll tell you before you ask,” you said. You and Joe crossed into your bedroom and both began changing into pajamas. “When I was in high school I messed with the wrong crowds. Got drunk and smoked weed probably twice a week, even did the harder stuff if we had access to it. It was me, Vicky, Trevor, and James- and yes, me and Trevor dated for a while. But once we graduated I wanted to move on and do something with my life and they just wanted to keep doing drugs and all that shit. So I went my way and they went there’s.”

Joe was quiet and you looked at him hesitantly. You were both sitting on the bed with your legs crossed. Your hand was absentmindedly twirling strands of your hair around your finger. “I don’t do any of it anymore,” you told him. “I’ve not had a sip of alcohol since then. That’s why I don’t drink when we go out or anything. You’ve got to believe that I’m not like that anymore.”

“No, no I know,” Joe said quickly, grabbing your hands in his. “I know you’re not.”

“You must think I’m horrible,” you said, casting your head down in shame.

“Never,” he said quickly. “In fact I think you’re incredible. You took the initiative to get yourself out of that. Clearly you’ve come a long way.”

You nodded, still not looking up at Joe. “We were bad kids,” you said quietly. “I think James and Trevor have both been in jail like twice. We destructed property and broke into the school just to fuck shit up. I regret all of it so much it makes me just hate myself to think about it.”

“But that’s not you anymore,” he reminded you. “You’ve changed. You’re such a good person. Your past doesn’t define you. You know that.”

“I know,” you nodded. “I just wish I could forget about it altogether. I wish I could erase the past and all the memories.”

Joe opened his arms up to you and held you close to his body as he leaned back against the headboard. “I quite like the person you are now,” Joe told you, his thumb rubbing against your arm. “I don’t care who you were in the past because I know you now, and I like you now, and I know you’re only gonna keep getting better. I know you regret all your past mistakes but you have to realize that they’re a part of who you are. Your past doesn’t define you, but it does pave the way to where you are. If you had made other decisions, your life could’ve brought you somewhere else, and then I never would’ve met you.” Joe pressed his lips to the top of your head and you smiled. “And I’m quite happy with all of this.”

“Me too,” you said quietly. You looked up at Joe who just gave you a smile and pressed his lips to yours.

“I love you,” he said, brushing some hair away from your face.

“I love you too,” you paused, then said, “So what were you like as a kid?”

Joe laughed, “I was such a goody too shoes.”

“No!” you gasped teasingly, throwing your hand over your heart.

“I swear!” he laughed back. “I never skipped a day of school in my life.”



“Well that’s quite boring now isn’t it,” you said.

“Boring?” he said back with a scoff.

“Yeah, boring!” you repeated. “Drunk or not, some of the best memories made are on days when you skip with your friends! You never even, like, left halfway through the day to go see a film? Or leave to go to your girlfriend’s house to make out when her parent’s weren’t home?”

“No!” Joe laughed. “What if I missed something important!”

“Oh come on,” you said. “Wow, I’m dating an actual loser.”

“I resent that!” Joe said defensively. “I was not a loser! I just enjoyed school.”

“See, and that means you’re a loser,” you teased.

“You’re an absolute brat,” Joe huffed, leaning away from you. You smiled and crawled on top of him, straddling his waist with your legs. You kissed his neck gently, easing your way up his jaw.

“Sorry,” you said, your lips now hovering over his. “I just love teasing you.” You leaned forward a little more but only pressed your lips to his cheek. “Forgive me?”

Joe grinned, “How can I not when you’re this sexy?”

You smiled and kissed Joe. While the kiss lasted a long time, you eventually crawled off of him and cuddled into his side again. The two of you talked until you both fell asleep, and the whole time you couldn’t stop thinking about how lucky you were to have someone who cared only about your present and your future.

Random Shit about Sherlock Filming Locations in Cardiff


- 28 the Parade - what we affectionately called the Sad Gay Batman roof

- Mount Stuart Square – plot twist the boys had their “walking into the twilight together” moment at Mount Stuart Square.  The tree in the background has blossomed, much like their love.


- National Museum Cardiff – you literally walk in and are instantly assaulted by emotions because the staircases are the first things you see.  Also the gift shops are filled with lots of bees.

- Ba Orient – it’s located in a pretty prominent area in Mermaid Quay, so every time we walked past it, we made snide comments about asshole Sebastian trying to having his dinner and Sherlock and his boyfriend John busting in and being all yo son your co-worker DED.  Also it is definitely not actually a sushi restaurant named Ba Orient.

- Roland Kerr College/Cardiff School of Chemistry – this is just really fucked up because it looks almost nothing like what you see in the show.  The two separate buildings?  Those don’t exist.  That shit is all one giant circular building, my friend.  Visual effects are crazy.


- Heddlu De Cymru – aka Roath Police Station. Obviously we couldn’t go inside where they filmed to see the exact location, but we were outside it and it didn’t really look at all like a police station.  The outside of the building is actually rather creepy.  Also right as we were about to get here, we walked past a London taxi cab (which looks completely different from a Cardiff taxi cab) and it was suspicious as hell.

- Tredegar House – we actually made a day trip out here at the end of the week that they used it for base and it’s super precious.  The last owner was a hilarious gay man who reminded us of Mark and there is a dalek in the stables since they’ve used it for Doctor Who.

- Cardiff City Hall – we couldn’t go in because there was a wedding happening at the time.  We mentioned that we should have brought cufflinks for the occasion.

- School of Optometry and Vision Sciences – there was nothing to see there but we kept trying.


- Corner of Bute St and James St – first of all, Bute Street takes up half of Cardiff.  Seriously, it is the longest street in the whole damn city and ends with, surprise surprise, Bute Park.  Secondly, there is a salon in the corner as Lestrade is walking called the Guy Christian Salon.  There are a lot of these in Cardiff and this is the first one I saw.  The first time I saw it, we were on a bus and I had just gotten there, unexpectedly arriving after an awful four hour bus ride next to an asshole and I was exhausted, irritable, and not fully with it.  I saw Guy Christian and was 100% sure it said Gay Christian.  From that day forward, all Guy Christian Salons were Gay Christian Salons.  Also, this exact spot on the corner is about a street away from Mount Stuart and if you cross the street and keep walking about 400 odd feet, boom you’re at the drug den entrance.

- National Assembly – it’s open to the public and is designed to be a meeting place (hahaha good one, to quote hotsmug) and there are exhibitions and a café.  It’s actually really aesthetically pleasing from the outside, no lie, and it looks right out over the water in Mermaid Quay.

- The Packet Hotel Public House – it may look cute, but they don’t serve food.  Luckily it’s right down by Mermaid Quay and there are 8000 restaurants down there but SERIOUSLY WHAT KIND OF PUB DOESN’T HAVE FOOD.


- 111-112 Bute St – okay so the cool thing about the drug den is that is actually looks like it could really be a drug den.  Like you walk up to it and it does for the most part look like that and we’re pretty sure it’s just empty buildings next to it and it’s creepy as hell.  It doesn’t go in nearly as far as it looks and it’s in a really nice area so it’s kind of random but cool whatever you do you drug den. Also on one of the days we were in Cardiff Doctor Who was randomly filming there too because why the hell not.

- Cardiff University Main Building – aka the hallway of EMOTIONS.  Fittingly this is the science building so you’re literally surrounded by science classrooms as you’re being assaulted on all sides by angst and sorrow.  As you walk up and down, gently caressing the walls and trying to hold in your tears, try and keep your weeping to a minimum because this is actually a school and there are people trying to, you know, study, but this also means that you’re not likely to get kicked out, which is cool.  They filmed on both corridors, but the one on the left as you walk in the more familiar of the two.

- 10 Wordsworth Avenue – John and Mary’s flat is hella adorable, no lie.  It’s literally in the middle of nowhere though so they’d both be bored out of their fucking skulls in a minute.  It was also really weird just standing on the street staring at someone’s house, which is why we didn’t take pictures of it.

- Kapu – sadly not actually a gay bar, but apparently it is tropical themed.  There is a gay bar right down the road named, fittingly enough, Mary’s.

- Kitty Flynn’s – it’s super precious and sells specialty beers and nibbles.  We basically sat down, had emotions, and left.  It’s about two doors down from Kapu.

- Cardiff Crown Court – appropriately enough, the law courts are actually located here.  If they actually put a coffee kiosk here, it would probably do some bomb ass business between the students and the police force, actually.  Right across the street there’s a nice little park (Cathays Park) where we decided John and Sherlock should get married because it is super adorable and has a precious little gazebo.


- Charles Street – the Christmas lights are definitely up all the time (they were up while we were visiting in early August and there was no filming happening at all).  Also this is the gay district in Cardiff which is seriously excellent.  Hotsmug and I visited a gay bar on drag night on the next street over one of our nights visiting.

- New Theatre – we walked past it.  A lot.  There really doesn’t seem to be anything all that fantastically special about it, honestly.

- Cardiff University Students’ Union – this place is the most hospital looking place to ever hospital.  Seriously who the fuck designed this place, what the ever living hell is wrong with them.  That shit is eerie.  Also we rushed through it because we were pretty sure we were going to get kicked out. I mean, it was also really cool looking…in a hospital kind of way.  It just really creeped me out okay despite the fact that it had a Starbucks.

- Mint and Mustard – actually looks like a really cute place.  We got off the bus for a day at the beach and it was just right there. We may have no idea what happened there, but the place looks adorable and the food is actually pretty high class (nice one John).

- Portland House – right across the street from the drug den and on the opposite side of it is Mount Stuart Square.  It’s not as nice and fancy looking outside as the pictures make it out to be.  It actually looks rather shit when you’re walking past it.

- St David’s Hotel – it’s the first five star hotel in Cardiff (thanks, boat tour) and it’s basically jutting out into the water.  There’s…really not much else to say because we’re frankly too poor to be able to tell you more.

- Mount Stuart Square – the pic that Arwel took of the clock to troll us while they were filming at Mount Stuart is actually part of construction that seems to be there all the time – hotsmug took pretty much the exact same pic.  Also, that vid of Ben pretending to shoot the seagulls?  He did that because they are always around. Making noise.  Being a nuisance.  Because seagulls are rats with wings.  They are evil assholes.  I hate seagulls and they are particularly awful in the Mount Stuart area.  And appropriately enough, there is a very nice wine bar and book shop across from the church at Mount Stuart where we found the book Swimming with Sharks.  SYMBOLISM.

- Cardiff Bay Barrage – it’s actually in Penarth and there’s a random ass restaurant thing right after you get off the bridge.  The whole thing is pretty cool, like a manmade canal type deal that opens the bay to the greater part of the ocean, but apparently there was some controversy over it when it was initially built.  Regardless it took us about a half an hour to walk there because there are no direct bus routes from the Quay there and there was a food festival happening so our bus stopped earlier than it should have so that was an extra fun adventure.  

Well, hopefully you enjoyed this little journey into the Sherlock filming places around Cardiff.  All of the kudos to @hotsmugstache for a good portion of these pics and her and the flatmate for helping me create this post! Obviously this isn’t all of the locations, but it was the ones we had the chance to visit and explore.  Enjoy!

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you watched sense8 with your mom?? i'd feel uncomfortable even watching it with friends lmao

Yeah I mean, in my house it’s always been a case of, this is a form of art. TV, film, its all a form of art, and it’s no stranger to watch a show with your parent that has nudity or a sex scene, than it would be to go to the Galleria dell'Accademia in Florence with a parent to see Michelangelo’s sculpture of David, or the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid to see the painting The Kiss by Théodore Géricault and so on. It’s all just art, and it’s all designed to be viewed and taken in and enjoyed. It’s an interesting thing that traditional art that displays sex or nudity doesn’t seem strange to view with a parent, but newer art like cinema and television does.

100 things that make you happy

So since I keep getting in slouches of feeling really shitty, I thought I’d take a leaf out of @xtoxictears book and list 100 things that make me happy :) Be warned this will be a super long post

1. Kaya’s videos ;) cause they always make me smile

2. @behold-munro ‘s vlogs

3. Metal Ass Gaming Streams, they are the highlights of my week

4.  My Cat

5. Drawing something on a whim

6. Writing stories

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Beach Boys || Joe Sugg

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Word Count: 1.1k+

A/N: first imagine of the night!! i’ll be staying awake for the whole 24 hours (hopefully!!) so send me asks about what’s happening and start a conversation with me, i want to be as active as i can!! good luck and remember to stay healthy and hydrated my loves!!xo

Having been in Florida for a few weeks on an all boys holiday, which you’d graciously tagged along on seeing as you were and always had been a huge part of their little ‘gang’ they had going on, you’d managed to, collectively, get a whole lot of shit done. From climbing mountains to filming collabs and even at one point camping out in the backyard of the house you’d rented for the month that you were in the country, you had to admit that you didn’t really get much time to relax.

Being friends with a whole bunch of boys who fancied themselves ‘ladies men’ during the evening but acted like incessant children during the day, really wasn’t very easy. From having to constantly be reminding at least one of them to put on sunscreen and then having to break up wrestling matches that’s started off playful and had gradually gotten a little too aggressive, after two weeks, you felt like you’d aged a good twenty years.

It wasn’t all bad though, and you found yourself having more fun than you could remember during the times when everything was calm and you didn’t have to worry about any accidental deaths. You got to spend real quality time with your boyfriend, Joe, who’d spent so much time away on his book tour in those previous few months that you’d hardly got to see him at all.

Today though, after a few weeks of going along with what everybody else wanted to do, you’d put your foot down, cleared your throat, and used the telecom that ran through to each bedroom in the house, at six am on the dot, letting each of them know that whether they liked it or not, they were spending the day at the beach today.

It wasn’t that any of them particularly disliked the beach, but being woken up at six am sharp with a loud voice echoing around the house through multiple loudspeakers was bound to make them at least a little grumpy.

But you didn’t care, instead, you walked around the house in your beach clothes, packing a small bag full of anything you could need whilst tanning under the Florida sun. Joe followed you around the house for a little while, kissing the back of your neck softly and mumbling against your skin, just talking to you about anything that popped into his head as he gradually began to wake up.

Not to say that you were a morning person, far from it, actually, but the sun rose so early in Florida compared to back where you lived, and so when the sun shone through your curtains in the morning, your body just told you that it was time to wake up, no matter how much you wished you could just roll back over and bury your head into Joe’s chest to drift off for a few more hours.

You’d tried that on your first morning here and failed miserably.

You could partially blame it on the Jetlag, too, seeing as you were known to suffer quite badly from it in the past. But after a few days you managed to finally get your body to work with you, and even though you still weren’t getting barely as much sleep as you usually did back home, you shrugged and were just grateful that you were getting some at least.

It was eleven am when everyone was ready to leave for the beach, breakfast had been eaten, the pool had been used, and Caspar had managed to sort his hair out enough to satisfy himself. You didn’t understand really, seeing as you barely brushed your hair through once before shrugging and throwing it up into a messy bun, but you couldn’t judge. You were known to spend a good few hours on your makeup if you were feeling like it.

Seeing as you’d hired a car the day you arrived and you personally had already driven around Florida on multiple occasions beforehand, the drive down to the beach wasn’t too bad. Apart from the whining from a few of the boys that the car was too hot, and a few strange song choices from Joe, who’d snagged the other seat up front and claimed it was all to do with ‘boyfriend perks’, the drive was uneventful.

After parking the car and getting all of the bags out of the trunk of the car, you all disperse onto the beach, Joe with his arm around your waist as you two hung back and watched the rest of the boys shoving each other over and having to constantly apologise for people as they stumbled over them.

You laugh to yourself quietly, after you’d found a nice spot and laid out your blanket, resting your head onto Joe’s bare shoulder as the two of you sit in your swimsuits, watching the boys mess around in the water with small smiles on your faces.

The heat glared down upon your skin, and you couldn’t help but close your eyes and soak it up. It wasn’t often that you got heat like this back home, and even when you did it was, for some reason, so uncomfortable and sticky that it completely dampened your mood, but when you were away on holiday, it just seemed like heaven.

The occasional splashes of cool water from the sea managed to keep you cool, and Joe continued to make you drink some water whenever he did, claiming that he knew for a fact that otherwise you’d forget completely and become completely dehydrated. You hated to admit that he was right, but he was, and so each time you took a sip of water, you’d peck him on the cheek and adjust his RayBans; just because you could.

It was a few hours later, when the sun was beginning to set and the breeze was a lot more constant, that you and Joe found yourselves leaning into each other, you playing with his fingers and him playing with your hair.

You glance over your shoulder, smiling softly to yourself as you watch the boys sat a few feet away, just laying on their towels quietly and making the most of the sun whilst it was still there.

As much as they hated to admit it whilst on their adventurous days out, they are and would always be, simple beach boys. And that was okay, because since you were three, you’d been a beach girl, and there was absolutely nothing wrong with that.

tag meme

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Five things you’ll find in my bag!

  • wallet
  • mentos
  • journal 
  • colorful pens
  • chapstick
things you’ll find in my bedroom!

  • glow-in-the-dark stars
  • books I haven’t read yet
  • vitamins
  • a few crystals
  • artwork by Erika Rier

Five things I’ve always wanted to do!

  • go to Iceland!!!
  • finish watching the X-Files (it’s soo long!)
  • visit friends in different states in the US
  • go to a rave! 
  • see the Northern Lights

Five things that make me happy! 

  • my partner.. he’s a riot :) 
  • television! right now, “Community”
  • ice cream 
  • cleaning the house
  • doing puzzles

Five things I’m currently into!

  • Sims 4! 
  • exploring this new town I live in
  • shopping (teehee)
  • Radiohead (OKNOTOK)
  • instant film cameras (I have an Instax)

Five things on my to-do list!

  • finish working on these demo videos for work
  • call old friends! (sorry I haven’t called yet @lumbercop, you are first on my list! )
  • visit with @augmentedampharos when she is feeling better :) 
  • learn how to Lindy Hop 
  • play tennis! 

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this is 100% irrelevant and no one else is gonna be excited about it which is ok but i was looking at the specific locations of where they shot home alone bc the entire movie is shot in my area and it turns out the convenience store kevin steals a toothbrush from is now this ice cream place where my friends and i go all the time and that scene where he’s walking down the street on christmas eve and sees a family celebrating in a house was filmed three blocks from where i live bc i walk by that house all the time !!!!!!!!

Come on, Why Not Cho Chang?

     People prefer Lord Voldemort to Cho Chang.  And why?  Because in the films, Cho Chang was forced by a potion to give up the secret location of Dumbledore’s Army and broke Harry Potter’s heart and trust in the process.  In the books, it was her best friend, which caused people to turn their backs on Cho, too, especially Harry.  I know none of us like to see anyone hurt, especially a series protagonist, but really?  Boo-hoo.  Cho’s cool in my book, and I’m going to tell you why.

First of all, she was in Ravenclaw, and while all the Hogwarts Houses are great in their own way, there’s something special about Ravenclaw.  It’s the House for creative and intelligent people.  Readers don’t realize that this means that Cho was both of those things.  Unfortunately, she’s a minor character, so we don’t really get to find out how strong she was academically, but I’m going to assume she was pretty quick if the Hat put her in Ravenclaw.  Don’t forget that Cho was probably, like, crazy smart and definitely insightful just because she was sad when her first boyfriend died.

            And speaking of that, did Cho sit around and mope when Cedric Diggory died?  Nope.  She was sad, and yes, she did cry, but crying is not a sign of weakness.  Crying is a sign that makes you know you’re alive and in touch with your emotions, which Cho is.  Instead of wallowing in pity when Cedric died, she did something about it.  She made the choice to be strong.  Cho Chang was a FOUNDING MEMBER of Dumbledore’s Army, not to mention she SURVIVED the Battle of Hogwarts.  This girl was not weak.  She saw what needed to be done, and she seized the opportunity and became braver and tougher than she already was.  Don’t you get it?  Harry didn’t like Cho merely because she was a pretty face.  She was awesome for a lot more reasons than that.

            Oh, yeah, remember how it’s a thing that Cho was the Seeker for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team?  Being a Seeker, let alone a female Seeker, is a huge deal at Hogwarts.  This means that Cho was a powerful athlete recreationally as well as for, you know, surviving against Voldemort.  The girl was involved in school and in the good fight, just like Hermione or Ginny.  Cho really is just as cool as they are, and I think it’s time for us to stop hating on her just because of what happened in Order of the Phoenix.

            By the way, I can’t stress enough that in the films, which is the only Potter medium some of us know, Cho didn’t willingly give up that information.  She was DRUGGED.  Giving her Veritaserum is equivalent to drugging her in the Wizarding World.  This young woman was abused by an awfully cruel bunch of people, and readers treat her like she chose to give up the information that – come on – she would have otherwise protected.  She endured abuse by not only Umbridge and her friends, but by the readers, and that’s really unfair.  And concerning the books, Cho wasn’t even the supposed traitor.  It was her friend.  It was someone else, and people still blamed her.  Unfair.  All Cho did was defend her friend, and Harry and the others still blamed her for something they would have done.  That’s not only unfair, it’s ironic, and it sucks.  Cho never did anything less than her best.  But despite all that abuse, both in the books and films, Cho still fought the good fight because she knew it was the right thing to do.  It would have been so, so easy for her to slip into latency after seeing all of her friends and peers turn on her like that.  But there’s just something powerful about Cho Chang that kept her going.

            She has such indomitable spirit that goes unnoticed.  Her whole life was ripped to pretty much shreds when she was a teenager.  Her mom lost her job, and she just kept trucking.  She really did love Cedric, and he was murdered by the biggest threat ever.  And yes, she allowed herself to be upset, but that’s okay.  Showing no emotion doesn’t always mean strong, a false conviction that so many people latch onto.  Sometimes, it might even be stronger to show your sadness, which Cho does.  But she also doesn’t let it consume her.  She doesn’t allow herself to live in a vacuum.  She finds a middle ground to tread on, and I’ll be damned if she doesn’t do it well.  So, please, stop hating on Cho Chang because she’s not Ginny Weasley or because you use her as a scapegoat.  She’s way tougher than you realize, and I’ll be the first one to award her the credit she deserves.

The Visit

Here is Part Five of “Chances”  

Read “The Letter”
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Read “The Date” 

Words: 1067

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          You stepped off the plane and felt the butterflies in your stomach go nuts. You were about to see Jensen again. You were visiting him in Canada while he filmed Supernatural. You couldn’t wait to see him again.

           You talked to Jensen every day since he had come to meet you, but as you got closer to him, you got even more excited.

           “There’s my girl!” Jensen called out when you got to where the family and friends were greeting everyone.

           You squealed, hurrying toward him, “Jensen!”

           Jensen laughed, picking you up and spinning you around, “I’ve missed you,” he said, putting you down.

           “I’ve missed you too,” you smiled, looking up at him, “I can’t believe I’m really here with you.”

           “I’m so glad you’re here,” he put his arm around your waist, “Let’s get your bags and get you to my place.”

           You were practically bouncing through the airport by his side as you got your bags and went out to the car.

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apart from such great heights, i doubt i’ll be posting any new fics for a while because i actually need to finish something, but in the mean time i just wanted to share a long preview of another niall thing i’ve low key been working on because i love niall hehe so enjoy

Nora sits herself down at a table just inside the cafe, dumping her duffle bag down on the floor beside her. She grumbles under her breath as she pulls her phone from her pocket, only to find she’s got merely five percent battery left. Fucking great.

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That time I met Mads Mikkelsen. A two act saga.

Act One

Friday, April 22.

It was supposed to be a normal day.

I almost didn’t sleep the night before because I was studying, so when my friend, flatmate and fannibal @malaperzona came to the kitchen to have breakfast we barely spoke. She went to work and I kept on with my studying. At 2 PM I received a DM via Twitter. It was an Instagram link, I opened it and it was a picture of Mads Mikkelsen smiling next to a tennis trainer in a golf resort near the beach that is 40 kilometers (25 miles) away from my house.

And then I think that all my neurons submitted their resignation at the same time.

Guys, you have to understand this.  I live in Murcia, a small city located in the south east of Spain. It is not Madrid or Barcelona. It was crazy. It was simply impossible. It was like if suddenly Mads Mikkelsen was in, I don’t know, Pittsburgh. 

So I kept staring at the picture and then I realized that it was the official account of the resort. It felt impossible but it was happening. So I called @malaperzona. She was driving.

—   What’s up? I’m driving

—   Please stop the car a moment

—   What? It is something wrong? Something happened? 

—   Please stop the car.

—   (She stopped). What?

—   Girl… girl… I think… I think Mads Mikkelsen is here. He’s on holidays on the golf resort.

—   WHAT?!?!

—   I think Mads…


So, as you can imagine, we started to freak out. After discussing one million of different possibilities (it’s an old picture, we are both death, this is a glitch in the Matrix etc.) we decided that she was going to pick me up and we were going to check it. 2 pm is lunch time in Spain. Neither of us could eat anything.

So we drove there, The Smiths playing on the car radio. We settled the plan: It was almost impossible to see him because the facilities are huge, so we decided that we were going to have a beer at the terrace bar of the hotel and if for any miracle we see him, okay (“OKAY” UNDERSTATMENT OF THE CENTURY). So we walked into the bar and we ordered two beers. We didn’t say a word for ten minutes or so because we were nervous as fuck. When the waiter came by, we had a little chat with him and we told him that there was an actor staying at the resort and that we really really liked him. We showed him a picture and he said “Oh yeah, he is el guiri del cortado, he is with a group of Danish people, playing tennis”. Guiri is a word that we sometimes use to refer to tourists from the north of Europe that come to Spain on holidays (because they are all tall and blond and pale). Cortado is a coffee served in a small cup ¾ parts of coffee and ¼ parts of milk. It is literally “a cut coffee”. Thus it was more or less “the foreign guy who orders the cut coffee”. So yes, he was there. We drank our beers and we discussed other things (mostly philosophy and religion and destiny because of whatever) and after an hour or so we decided to leave and then my friend said (THANK YOU FOR THIS MURDER MUFFIN) “let’s check the tennis courts before leaving, he was there before and I have this feeling”. So we started to walk across the facilities. We asked a couple for directions and they said “keep going and you will see an Italian restaurant, the tennis courts are behind it”. The restaurant name was “DANTE’S”.

Still not a fic.

We arrived and there was another bar with a terrace for the people who go there to watch the games. Then, guys, I look at to the terrace and there he was with his friends. And I froze. I took my friend’s arm and said “It’s him”. And we froze together.

We decided to have another another beer there (at this point we were a bit drunk, but we kept our shit together) but to not interrupt him because we promised ourselves that we were not going to make a fuss because he was on holidays and we didn’t want to bother him or his friends. Therefore we accorded that we were going to wait for him to leave and then we were going to speak to him. We sat on a table and I could see him from my position, so I made my best efforts not to stare at him (I’m very proud of myself because I succeeded). At some point, a waiter came by the terrace with two HUGE glasses of beer and I thought “One of those is for Mads” and OF COURSE IT WAS. You Mads. You. I cannot fucking believe you.

And guys, you know the feeling of looking at him in Hannibal or in one of his films and be thinking “This person is amazingly beautiful, what even is he?”. He is not like that in person. HE IS MORE. Not kidding. He is from another world. He was stunning even though he was wearing sport clothes (we all know that he has a thing for sport clothes, but to be fair this time he was actually playing a sport). Eventually he stood up, smoking, and he reclined over the balustrade like a cat, enjoying the view or whatever and guys, I swore, he was the most beautiful human being I’ve seen. He was… It was like watching a panther.

When his group was going to leave, my friend stood up and said “Excuse me Mr Mikkelsen, we don’t want to interrupt you during your holidays but we are fannibals”. And he smiled the most beautiful smile. My friend was wearing a hairband with a leaves patter and Mads touch it and said “Yeah, I can see your crown!” And then he looked at me and he said “but you don’t have one!” and LMFAO. Those eyes guys, those amazing eyes. They are maroon but with the afternoon sun they seemed golden and I thought “Oh my god, are you a fucking vampire or what”. He said “we should take a picture of us” and he passed his arms over both of us and we took a photo. It wasn’t a good one and he was in a hurry because his friends and wife left without him (LOL) but in spite of that he took another photo with us and said “see you tomorrow”.

And my friend and I walked back to our car in a lysergic state. It was like being in a David Lynch film (or in one of the episodes of the Italy arc).

Back in our house we still couldn’t believe what happened and we started to laugh so hard and we remembered that he said “see you tomorrow” and we were joking, “so that is a date!” and we look into each other eyes and said “we are coming back tomorrow”. We called a couple of friends and we talk about going to have lunch to the resort restaurant. It was settled. We decided that this time we were not going to talk to him because, again, he was on his holidays. And then, thank you brain for this idea, I said to my friend “Girl, tomorrow it’s St Jordi, let’s buy a book and a rose and leave them for him at the reception desk”.

(St Jordi’s day it’s book day in Spain and as a tradition, especially in Catalonia, people gift a book and/or a rose to their beloved ones. Also, Jordi = George, THE DUDE WHO KILLED A DRAGON.)

And then I added “And let’s do a mic drop to all this cosmic serendipity. We are buying him American Gods”.


Act Two

Saturday, April 23.

We bought the book (in English), the rose and we drove there with our friends. We sat and ordered lunch and we had a nice conversation. At some point he came with his friends and his wife (and wow, she is such a beautiful gorgeous lady). They were having lunch (Mads was eating spaguetti like a child. What a cutie) and we were having lunch and just happy of being there. And right after, the most amazing thing happened again. When he was leaving he passed near us and he look at us, RECONIZED US and waved at us. At that moment we could not help it and we stood up and said “hi again” and then gave him the book and the rose and explained briefly that it was a tradition and guys, he looked SINCERELLY TOUCHED and surprised. We said that St Jordi was the knight who killed the dragon and he laughed. And then, THEN, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS PART. I STILL DON’T BELIEVE IT. I imagine that some of you know that Spanish people greet each other by giving one kiss in each cheek. For us it’s daily bread but we all know that this is a pretty invasive thing for a foreigner. But he, Mads, IMPOSSIBLE MADS MIKKELSEN looked at us smiling, said “Muchas gracias” (Thank you very much) and bend over to kiss us in each cheek. And while I’m typing this I’m realizing that my cheekbones touched Mads cheekbones and this post could be titled “How I’m still breathing? I don’t have a clue”.

Afterwards we said our goodbyes and he left. We came back to our table, with a haunting gaze and his friends were looking at us and they were laughing (in a good way, like “Mads again, LOL”). When his wife was going to the pool, she passed near our table and smiled kindly to us like “I know what you did, girls”.

We drank a coffee and then we agreed that we were going to go home, feed our cat (Bedelia du Maurier), freak out properly, rest and going party the four of us. We came back at 5 AM. It was an amazing night.

So this is it guys. It is not a legend. Mads Mikkelsen is the kindest, nicest, most adorable person ever. And let’s be clear, he was not working. He was on holidays with his wife and friends and he had not reasons to actually take care of us. He could just have been average kind but he was fucking great. Put all together, the photo, all the smiling, the waving, the fucking kisses. We also were so polite and restrained but seriously, he could perfectly have done just ONE of those things and yet we would have said that he is a fantastic guy.

And, to put an ending to this incredible story, two pics of the copy of American Gods that we gave to him.

And now I think that I’m going to eat my fucking leg.


Last semester, I was approached by a friend of mine and was asked if I wanted to be an extra on Netflix’s House of Cards. Being a film major, I agreed in a heartbeat and immediately sent my information to him who then relayed it to the casting agent who had contacted him in the first place asking for extras. 

Two weeks later, a bunch of friends and I (who all were accepted as extras) arrived at our destination in Baltimore, some twenty minutes away from our university, and after a quick rundown of where we were to go and what was expected of us, were thrust right into a scene that involved House of Cards character Remy Danton. 

I won’t go into too much detail because I could rabble on forever, but it was an experience I’ll never forget. For the first time in my life, I got to see an official and professional film crew in action as they filmed this scene that my friends and I were so lucky to be a part of. Over and over, the film crew redid the scene as they strove for perfect lighting, perfect line delivery from the actors, and believable movements by us extras in the background. Like a well-oiled machine, every extra in the background had a mark to hit and we had PA’s (Production Assistants) telling us where to go and when to go as soon as the camera started rolling. 

After six hours of shooting, the scene (which is only about two minutes) was wrapped and while the film crew moved on to their next shoot, us extras were dismissed—our work was done. Despite only being an out of focus extra in the background who was visible for less than a second in each shot I was in, it was a truly incredible experience. So much work goes into movies and television and I am eternally grateful and happy to have been part of such an incredible television show. 

Come to think of it, my first official film-related job was for House of Cards.

That’s really frickin’ rad. 

You Again, Chapter 3!

Hey Maksyl fam!

It’s me again!

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Without further adieu, here is Chapter 3 of ‘You Again!’


The camera crew comes today. Don’t forget that we’re reuniting for the first time in years, so act as happy as you possibly can. Big smiles. Big laughs. We clear?

Meryl’s phone buzzed to life in her lap. She glanced down, let out a martyred sigh, then replied to Val’s ‘friendly reminder’ with a quick Gotcha.

Val and Meryl still weren’t on the best of terms after the first few days. They had made a bit of progress—they could now stay in the same room without erupting into an explosive argument—but even that, admittedly, wasn’t much.

Part of her wanted to try to make peace with Val and move on from the whole thing, but the majority of her refused to back down. Backing down would mean submitting to Val’s name-calling, his yelling; his mistreatment it would mean going against the woman she had become to make nice with her ex-boyfriend’s fricking brother.

Meryl was not about to throw her dignity away to try to appease a man she wasn’t even sure she liked anymore.

If the two engaged in any type of argument, Meryl decided she would stand her ground and fight like the spitfire she was.

“Who was that?” Fedor’s anxious voice resonated from her computer’s speakers, abruptly drawing her out of her thoughts.

Honestly, if they hadn’t been videochatting, Meryl would have sighed at her boyfriend’s blatant display of jealousy.

They’d been having a decent conversation before the text, but she could already sense a change in direction was going to spin their chat on its head.

“It was no one, babe,” Meryl shook her head in quick dismissal.

“…Alright,” Fedor narrowed his eyes, skepticism evident in every part of his countenance. Meryl chose to ignore it.

As frustrated as Feddy seemed, he acquiesced.

“So, MerBear,” he chose a safe topic, “what’s it like to be back with your friends?”

Meryl’s eyes lit up at the mention of her longtime comrades.

“It’s great,” she squealed, Val’s borderline-hostile text long forgotten, “I got to see Dinah and Jim again! Tonight after filming I’m going to see Rudy and Jacque. I think it’ll be a lot of fun!”

Fedor chuckled, “I’m so glad you’re enjoying yourself.” Then, in a softer tone, “Y’know, I miss you. The house is lonely without you..Our bed feels empty without you by my side.”

Oh yeah? Maybe you should have taken the chance to sleep with me when you had the chance instead of sleeping on the freaking couch. Meryl was momentarily stunned by how forcefully the bitter thought hit her.

“Yeah, Feddy, I know what you mean. The first few days were absolutely terrible,” she replied, willing the downright nasty thought out of her mind. “I’m just happy things are getting easier. I mean, I’m so busy all the time, I hardly have a spare moment to miss anything!”

She’d meant it as a lighthearted joke, but the second she saw his wounded expression, she realized she’d made a mistake.

“Well, Meryl; I’m glad things are getting easier for you. I’m still in hell, but hey; it’s good to know you’re over it all, even while I’m torturing myself waiting for your return,” he frowned.

Meryl’s was about to blurt out an emphatic ‘THAT’S-NOT-WHAT-I-MEANT,’ but he continued.

“It’s terrible to know that while I’m here, alone, you’re having the time of your life with your ex’s brother and his friends. It’s horrible…” he harshly expelled air from his mouth.

She was going to jump in with a pity-induced apology but Fedor hadn’t yet ended his rant.

“Honestly, Meryl, I just.. I wish you’d gotten off your high horse and agreed to not go back in the first place.”

“Wait, wait. What did you just say?” Meryl was floored by Fedor’s sudden adaption of an accusatory tone.

“Oh, stop it with the innocent act. You know what you’re doing isn’t fair to me. Hell, you just told me yourself that you don’t even miss me,” Fedor raved, fury flashing in his eyes.

Meryl paused, carefully choosing her next words. If there was any way she could avoid another confrontation, she’d try it. After all, she did have to go and meet Val in a little while, and she didn’t have the energy to battle it out with one handsome Ukrainian after another.

(On top of all of that, she still hadn’t told Charlie about her return to the show. She was certain he would have a few choice words about her decision…)

“Listen, Fedor. I do miss you—”

“Right,” Fedor let out a harsh laugh, his tone practically oozing condescension, “you miss me so much that you don’t mind taking the time out of one of our video chats to text another man back.”

“God, it was just Val,” she scoffed. Every ounce of self control was slipping out of her grasp.

“Is that fun fact supposed to make me feel better somehow? Tell me, Meryl, should I feel relieved that you chose to reply to your first love’s brother over me? Maybe you didn’t get the memo, but I don’t care who you’re talking to. If you’re replying to any man over me, we have a problem.”

Yep, that did it. The last shred of her sanity fell away.

“You know what, you freaking assbagel? I’m done with this conversation. Call me back when you get over your ridiculous jealousy and possessiveness issues.”

She slammed the laptop shut, effectively ending the Skype call.


Meryl stepped into the studio, a sense of dread manifesting in the pit of her stomach.

<i>Same directions as before.</i>

To distract herself, she shot a quick wave at Dinah, who returned Meryl’s greeting with a mischievous grin.

‘Talk later?’ Meryl mouthed, and the perky redhead nodded eagerly in reply. ‘Perfect,’ Meryl grinned back.

Okay: down the hall, to the left, elevator to 2nd floor, Room 10E.</i>

The trek to the room didn’t take as long as she’d wanted it to.

She was standing at the engraved door within minutes.

She exhaled slowly, twisting the brass doorknob to the left. The door clicked open hesitantly, and Meryl could just make out Val standing there, his expectant eyes glued to her door.

Just a bit further beyond him, the camera crew was recording. This, of course, meant she had to make her entrance absolutely perfect.

Don’t overthink this too much.

It was showtime.

Meryl re-shut the door, prepping herself for the performance of a lifetime. She paused for a beat, then flung the door open, shouting an all-too-giddy “surprise!”

Val let out a loud laugh at the sight of her and sprinted towards the door.
“Hell yeah,” he crowed happily, a giant grin splitting across his face. He was all smiles and laughter, and she made sure to be the same.

This is all fake. Fake, fake, fake.

The very second he reached Meryl, his strong arms engulfed her in a bear hug. Val twirled her in the air, making sure to keep his eyes locked on hers at all times. Around and around she soared, her (still famously-long) hair whipping behind her back as she spun.

Val kept his arms secured around her waist, even as he lowered her to the floor.

This was the welcome I wanted to begin with.

“Hello, Valentin Chmerkovskiy,” she giggled against his chest, and he pulled away to look her in the eyes.

“Why, hello, Meryl Davis,” his hands ran up and down her arms, an excited expression permanently plastered to his face. “God, I’m so freaking happy you’re my partner! I just know we can win this, Mer.”

She stuck her hand out for a high-five and he willingly indulged her, taking it a step further by intertwining their fingers together.

She tried (in vain) not to look so surprised.

Her apparent shock at the move was met with an overconfident smirk from Val.

“I’ve got you blushing already? I am good! Alright, so let’s get to work, Davis,” he drawled.

She recovered from her silence and playfully rolled her eyes. “What’s our first dance, Mr. Cockypants?”

“‘Mr. Cockypants’? What are we, five years old?” Val mocked, grinning.

“Just answer my damn question,” Meryl giggled, swatting at Val’s arm.

“Ouch,” he slapped an overdramatic hand to his chest, “you’re violent!”

“What dance are we doing?” Meryl repeated, slightly exasperated, slightly amused.

Val jogged over to the other side of the room, the prying eyes behind the cameras following him as he ran.

Woah. Was that…Was he holding a giant sign?;

“I’m actually glad you asked,” he winked, unfolding a large scroll of paper.

Sure enough, on the poster were three words crudely scribbled in Sharpie and decorated with a failed coloring attempt and a meager smiley face sticker to serve as punctuation.

“Cha cha cha,” she read the phrase on the poster aloud.

Then, because that in itself wasn’t enough, she tacked on a playful, “I don’t suppose you made this sign yourself?”

“Ha-ha-flipping-ha. I think you’re just jealous because I’m clearly a better artist than you will ever hope to be,” he grinned back.

“Whatever helps you sleep at night,” she quipped, causing Val to muss up her hair.


Eight Hours Later.

“Amazing work today, guys. Thank you for making my job so much easier!” Gary, the man specifically assigned to be <i>their</i> cameraperson, grinned over his shoulder.

“Any time, boss,” Val nodded, and Meryl let out an agreeable laugh.

The crew had just begun their departure, packing their mic packs and their high-def cameras. Still aware of their presence, however, Val wrapped a strong arm around Meryl and tugged her small frame against his.

Gary paused in the doorway at the affectionate gesture.

He turned back towards the duo again.

His eyes shifted between the two of them for a brief moment, a grin slowly lighting up his face. “I genuinely think we have enough footage to turn this into something magical.”

Meryl shot him a thumbs up, offering a kind smile, “Awesome! I can’t wait to see what production puts together!”

“Great! I’ll see you two lovebirds the day of the show!” Gary chuckled as the last of the crew cleared out, then shut the door behind him.

Once the crew was gone, Meryl lightly tugged herself out of Val’s slack grip.

“So, apparently we’re getting a magical storyline secured in our packages,” Meryl mused, more to herself than to Val.

“That’s what happens when you’re nice to people, Meryl. You get good things,” Val spoke, his voice devoid of the coldness Meryl had expected to be there.

Maybe pretending to be friends all day kind-of helped the reality of our situation? Or maybe he was just coming off of the ‘performing’ high?

“This is true,” she acknowledged, hoping to maintain their unspoken truce, “what do you think our story’s going to be?” Meryl grinned.

Val shot her a confused smile, but remained silent. He was clearly as lost as she.

A few beats of contemplative silence passed between them.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, disjointed comments began to connect themselves together.

Hold up…‘magical storyline’



She could immediately feel her heartbeat quicken as she realized the connection.

Oh my God.

She turned to face Val, whose face had paled.

Apparently he’d connected the dots, as well.

“You don’t think—?” He trailed off, too horrified to even finish the question.

“Oh, yeah,” she put her head in her hands, “we’ve definitely got ourselves a budding showmance.”

Val ran a hand through his hair, distressed.

So much for their possible reconnection.

“But why would they choose that storyline out of them all? Isn’t that angle a bit overplayed?” He shook his head fervently.

Any excuse to deny the inevitable.

“Normally, yes. But this season, your brother’s a judge,” she couldn’t help herself; she flinched at the very mention of Maks, “and you and I are partners. A showmance between us would create a whole new level of drama and excitement to she show, especially after the way things ended how they did… It’s just what the producers needed to make this season the ‘best one yet,’” Meryl’s voice was uncharacteristically hollow.

“What do we do?” Val’s voice was frantic.

“We can go to production and ask to switch up the storyline?” Meryl offered.

“No; we signed our contracts today. They now have the legal right to do whatever they want to do with the footage they have,” Val trailed off

“Then there’s only one thing to do,” she said slowly.

He turned to look at her, curious. She met his eyes with a dull certainty, a shared feeling of bitter acceptance passing between them.

“We go along with it.”


I went into Boston today to watch the Black Mass filming with my good friend Abby. We met some awesome members of the Cumbercollective and Abby got some amazing shots of Ben!

When Benedict arrived and I saw him in person for the first time I nearly fainted. He’s gorgeous and amazing…and yes, not that tall in real life. He was very much in character, and was immediately directed into the house where they were shooting. Ben didn’t do any interacting with the fans, but it was still a dream come true to see him in person. I’m going back to watch shooting Monday!

(more pictures of the set and Johnny Depp to come!)

Spin the Bottle

Dan Howell Imagine

Word Count: 1,449

A/N: So I really enjoyed writing this until I got to the “sexy” scene haha. I am so awkward when it comes to writing that kind of stuff. I tried though, it’s not crazy sexy, but more of just like a heated kiss scene and even then I feel like I didn’t do a great job. It was a challenge and I hope you can still enjoy it. Maybe I can get better at feeling less awkward about these kinds of things haha, in fact I think I have a prompt in my asks for a smutty imagine that I haven’t go to yet that I’m kind of dreading.

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