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Sea, Shance Fluff Week Prompt 2

June 5th: Sea/Stars

Lance hummed quietly to himself as he sat on the beach of the alien planet, idly watching the planet’s moon rising over the peaceful lapping waves of the blue gray ocean. Another diplomatic mission, another break to relax after fighting the Galra.

They’d lucked out on this planet, with breathable air and similarities to Earth, like the foliage, the inhabitants and most importantly to the Blue Paladin, bodies of water, a teal colored ocean. Though Lance liked socializing, he had really missed seeing waves lap against the sand, Varadero beach or an alien planet.

Which was why he’d snuck out of the Castle that night, taking Blue down to the edge where the water met the beige sand. He was now currently sitting with his feet in the water, legs drawn up against his chest, chin resting on his knees and not caring that his robe was getting wet from the sea spray.

His humming faded into an old Spanish lullaby his Mamá used to sing to him as a child, the tune both comforting him yet bolstering his homesickness. Blue rumbled worriedly behind him, and he tilted his head with a slight smile.

“I’m okay, Beautiful. Just missing a pretty lady who reminds me of you.” Lance murmured, still staring at the water, now shining with the stars reflecting as if from a glass mirror.

He got so wrapped up in his thoughts that he didn’t even notice when the Black Lion landed silently a few yards behind Blue, the pilot clambering out and jogging over to Lance’s location with an air of concern.

“Lance? What are you doing out here so late?” Lance looked up, a startled blush rippling across his cheeks as he took in a moonlit Shiro. It made the bigger man look almost ethereal, soft pale silver highlighting his features and shadows dramatizing his face and body as he stepped closer.

Lance said nothing, merely patted the sand next to him and resumed staring at the ocean, still humming the lullaby. Shiro seemed to get the hint and settled down cross legged on the beach, scooting a little closer to his teammate. Lance struggled to hide his blush, grateful it was dark out.

He’d had a crush on the older man since the Garrison days, after all.

“Lance? Are you okay?” Shiro asked again, bless his bleeding heart. Lance merely sighed and carefully moved a little closer, tilting his head and resting it against Shiro’s shoulder.

“I’m good. Just… stay with me for a little while, yeah?” Lance murmured, and he felt Shiro shift a little to get more comfortable.

“Of course, as long as you need.”
I kinda struggled on this? Does this count as fluffy enough? I don’t really see it as sad or angsty, more like solemn? I tried though!!!!!! Happy Shance Fluff Week!

so i walk to this mall close by my house often and it’s also near a high school, so while i was there this group of guys were hanging out in front of target (which i needed to walk by) and while i was heading towards them they suddenly got loud and these two dudes were pushed out of the group and i stopped because i didn’t want to get in their way. let’s call them Ron and Pete. so Pete starts arguing with Ron and they’re up in each other’s faces until Ron looks over his shoulder and sees me and is like ‘HEY GIRL COME HERE’ and i turned and thought he was talking to someone else but nope. he was talking to me. Pete turned and he gestured for me to go to them and i was like.. haha no and i shook my head and stared going the other direction but Ron grabbed his skateboard and rode over to me and asked me what the first thing i thought of when i looked at Pete and when i said a skater boy and immediately shouted ‘NO. WRONG. HE IS A CHEATER AND HE KISSED LARSON LAST NIGHT EVEN THOUGH WE ARE DATING’ and flipped Pete and the group off and rode away. Pete then came over to me and apologized and went after Ron..

things civil war could have done instead of suckin iron mans dick:

  • actual character growth for steve rogers, ya know the actual title character lmao, he literally begins and ends the movie arguably without really any major development unlike tony who gets a huge emotional arc
  • focus more on sam wilson and his motivations. give him more development. flesh out his relationship w/ steve more. flesh out his relationship w/ natasha more. he had some great moments but overall i really wanted so much more of his character. 
  • focus on the amazing relationship that steve and nat had in tws and actually showcase the emotional impact of them having different ideologies and being on different sides of the conflict. it would have had So Much more impact storytelling wise than pretending steve and tony were at any point close friends lmao
  • idk actually let steve and bucky have a real and emotional conversation at least once that revolves around their different traumas………..imo their whole friendship needed to be bumped up more in this movie on the emotional front.
  • actually have the female characters meaningfully interact with each other……….
  • maria hill actually existing perhaps
  • in general giving the characters of the winter soldier a proper finale that focuses on them just a little more !!!!! just a little !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • especially steve cuz it’s his movie!!!! holy shit !!!!

“You shouldn’t have procrastinated.” El scolded, but trying to fight back a smile as Mike head lolled downward only to snap back up.

“Too busy with the Chief’s daughter.” he said with a sleepy smile. “Not much fun helping me pack for school.”

El gave in and smiled back, laying back against the blanket beneath them.

“Sleep.” she said softly, patting the space beside her.

“El no. I don’t wanna spend our last day together napping.” Mike said, rubbing his eyes.

“You’re tired. We have the rest of the day together.” she said, looking at her watch Hopper got her for Christmas that read 3:15. “Sleep.” El said a little more sternly.

“Fine but don’t let me sleep too long, okay?” Mike asked and El held out her pinkie.

Mike laid down beside her and intertwined his pinkie with hers. El released his pinkie for his hand, pulling him closer until his head rested over her heart. Mike sighed in content, wrapping an arm around her midsection.

“You smell nice.” he said and El giggled.

“It’s the perfume you gave me, silly.”

“I’m gonna miss it.” Mike said softly and El was grateful she couldn’t see her eyes water.


El stared at the sunlight peaking through the leaves of the tree above them until she was sure Mike was asleep.

Mike was on the edge of slumber when he could of sworn he heard El sniffle.

“Stay.” she whispered.

Stalker {M}

(A/N): This is my first english smut y’all!! I’m not sure if it’s good as it looks like hehe I’d some help here ♥ I hope you guys like it! Enjoy xx - admin Mel

Rating: Mature
Pairing: Jimin x reader
Word Count: 2.3K
Warning: Demon!AU

It started a year ago. The feeling of someone watching me. My every movement followed by some unknown person. It grew stronger as the days passed, and I was never sure if I was crazy or just paranoid.

But then, the first incident happened. Preparing for sleep, freshly showered and warm, my feet padded across the floor, and I drew the curtains closed, hiding me from the streetlights outside. The dark was a comfort, usually. But when I turned, I saw it. Or him.

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