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Hey I was wondering at what hotel you stayed in Korea? Could you recommend it?🙈

i stayed at korstay in hwagok dong, it was rly cheap (99,000원 for 4 nights) there are a lot of convenience stores around altho not much else lmao the subway is lit like 5-10 min walk even tho its quite far from hongdae etc the subway is super easy! altho theres just room for 2 beds and a bathroom (maybe not the cleanest) but it was comfortable and warm. obv when ur there u dont spend a lot of time in ur room lmao

IM SORRY for the other night. I don’t know why I choose to live post every time I’m going through a breakdown. I needed a day or two to recollect myself.

I want to thank everyone for your kind words and concern. It opened my eyes up a little bit more. I know I’m not alone but my mental illness forces me to believe that I am. I know I’m loved and appreciated but my depression makes me feel like I’m not. I promise I’m okay. I’m trying, believe me.

Jesse Cale put on a live Instagram video the other day(same night I posted all those things), and he played on his piano, opened his window and let the rain and thunder come in, and the beautiful melodies and song that came from that man made me cry. It was absolute heaven. I felt all my anxiety melt away and my stupid breakdown subsided and I felt a wave of pure ease and calmness. I felt okay.

He continued to share a quick story about how he wasn’t okay and he’s been through all these dark and hard times as well, but he made it through. He knows it doesn’t go away but he shows that it won’t last day to day. I am a deep feeling magic being and that’s okay. ❤

yuuri isnt as verbal as viktor when it comes to love confessions. it only makes viktor happier everytime he does it (ᵘ ᵕ ᵘ)💕 #yurionice

14 million subscribers? that’s fucking insane! i’m so glad that i can be a part of such a kind and understanding community. jack’s videos have helped make me happier and i’m really glad i came across his channel. to jacksepticeye, the future of the channel, and many more videos !

Building characters up for the big ending of the book without really knowing how the “final battle” is actually going to play out

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my fav lil things abt j-hope

- always ALWAYS the one who brings up song credits
- although he was tired af after the concert (stated by jimin), he still helped tae to get in the room
- no one talks abt it but he always beatboxes for the members and he’s rly good @ it but no one ever shines the light on him!!!??
- always the 1 monitoring the members’ progress in dancing and NVR fails to compliment them and their progression when he gets the chance to
- his cute coffee dates w his sister 😍
- is usually the first one to notice the fan projects (prime example being the eatjin project where everyone changed their dps to “we love eatjin”)
- how he’s the one tht has to take a few steps back when he’s w yoongi lmao
- known rapmom for a good few years but still wants to know him better through trips (friendship goals)
- does anything to make members laugh, esp yoongs
- “important business”
- so close to maknae line tae actually thought he was part of it till their 3rd anniversary radio show lmao (even funnier since rm is younger than hobi)
- jamming on the toilet
- smol hoseok dancing in predebut vids, still hella energetic as ever
- the one tht finds rapmon’s lost items
- bittersweet bc being an under appreciated member comes w cheaper merch…..lol yea
- “jeongguk ahh~” tht deep voice ;—;
- tfw he in the centre of the stage you know shit gonna go down real quick
- rare talent: playing a recorder w his nostrils
- allows fans to touch his dimples
- good @ asking for directions in foreign countries
- his violent mood swings
- how he came for dancing & singing, but ended up creating his own Rap Style™ and writing all his own lyrics
- no one talks abt it but his freaking freestyles omg i could watch him do That all day
- !!!!!the nmd dance break!!!!!!! gdi
- the barfing sounds in 1verse
- 1verse
- forehead exposure
- not to pressure anyone but when will he be properly recognized as The Golden Hyung
- kinda weird but when he always moans during yoongs’ part in cypher 3 (IDK WHICH ONE SPECIFICALLY BUT THAT ONE TIME IT WAS HELLA LOUD AND I WAS TAKEN ABACK AF)
- his selfie game in america (the snapback w sleeveless look…. yea)
- basically the world does not deserve jung hoseok

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Sebastian Stan as Hal Carter and Maggie Grace as Madge Owens in William Inge’s Picnic (2013)