going to lineart this

Collab i did with @bowtiesandtriangles!! She did the wonderful line work and I colored the whole thing!

Please love this artistically talented child

It looks kind of empty and lacks the shading details, but the reason is because I am going to color this one later. I just wanted to post the lineart as well, cause I love how this turned out.

Also this was an inspiration from @magic-retina and her drawings of Jack with the flower infection where he coughs up cherry tree flowers. Aku is also affected by it, but since he’s a tree demon, it doesn’t hurt him at all and instead puts him into a state of relaxation and trance while he’s creating more flower petals.


RFA Magazine Mockups!
{{I also have a Society6 account now!}}

They were supposed to make magazines about the charity parties and benefits lol – i guess everyone did little edits on each other’s covers too hhhhahaha

V’s approval stage:

dozing off.


There. The blushy Jot you wanted. u:< Now go to sleep. I’m dying. LMAO