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random boyfriend!Minhyun texts

About Gabriel Reyes..

“It all started when my mother received the news.. I was just a kid and couldn’t understand at first why she burst into tears when two men in uniforms delivered her a letter. That day she found out that my father was killed by a bomb on the battlefield. Of course, I didn’t find out rightaway, because she didn’t want me to suffer as much, but news started to spread and got to my ears when I engaged in a fight with some kids outside. They mocked me with it.” He stopped, looking to his side, visualizing the whole scene, trying to wash it away with a frown.

“I was confused, scared.. Angry. Because I didn’t know any sooner and went straight to our home, shouting at my mother about what I’ve heard. She bursted into tears and showed me the letter… However, since then, things started to go down. My grandparents from my father’s side never liked me and my mother and have been against us ever since he decided to marry her. The others were long gone.. And my mother… Well, due to sadness and stress that she will have to handle everything alone, put her heart on a tray, so I found myself being pushed by circumstances, from a young age, to work for both of us.”

“However, I was always a troublemaker and my mom even had to drag me out of fights few times, face covered in blood. I knew this would give me a hard time in the neighborhood to find a job that could pay for our food and monthly expenses.” He scratched a bit beneath his beanie, adjusting it right after, visibly still lost in thoughts. “Of course, a bad reputation attracts all sorts of attention, and it wasn’t long after I reached my teens, until a gang made me an offer. It was tempting, but my father always fought for the better in this world, and I felt like I would betray him if I joined them.”

“But when I came of age I decided to enroll since my mother’s medication became more and more expensive and all the jobs I found weren’t paying enough to sustain it all. I did it for her and I am sure she understood this, but the price of it could’ve been so big with just a single misstep.” He finally raised his head and looked at Jesse. His eyes were wet and smile was bitter. “Of course, she became proud of me and my progress, always bursting into tears whenever I came home and told me how much I start to look alike my father. Unfortunately, she passed away long before Overwatch was even on paper as idea or in someone’s head.”

Jesse placed his hand over Reyes’s arm, giving him a apologetic look.

“We’ve both been through some rough stuff in our early days..” McCree finally said, to which the other man just responded with a small nod.

“Which is why we must fight on. For those who decided to believe in us.”

A little something I had on mind and decided to write down. I apologize for the eventual mistakes, but it’s really late and can’t really focus much anymore.

Schizo feels

“I’m sure it’s just your anxiety I don’t see you as CRAZY”

Everyone’s out to get me

Is there actually a face on that or?

*Voices screeching and sighing* okay did I ask?

Not sleeping ever

Can anyone else hear that?

He’s staring at me they’re all staring

Don’t answer the phone, don’t eat that, don’t look at him, don’t do that.

Random shadows or people in the mirrors

The bugs

The ringing and buzzing of flies

Wondering if you’re actually real

Wondering if youre really doing what you’re doing

Not being able to explain to people or family members because they don’t care or don’t want to deal with you

Covering your ears doesn’t help

Rocking back and forth is so innocent and helpful

Thinking you’re fine and 3 seconds later thinking you need to be locked up

The voices arguing.

Shuddering, shoving, and screaming to keep from them touching you or touching it.

Nothing seems real

How do I know my family isn’t fake

Are my family robots

How do I know that my pets aren’t imaginary

Being genuinely suprised when there is a real bug on you

Your therapist telling you to change your relationship with the voices to something pleasant first off hOW THE FUCK

Upping your meds anytime it gets bad

Not wanting to take your meds Everytime it gets bad

No one truly understanding what’s going on with you

Religious parents/grandparents thinking that the devil is your voices and he’s got a hold of you (telling me this makes it worse thanks)

The constant stress of just being alive

Not being able to sleep or being woken up by your schizophrenia

Feel free to add on ❤


Request: A fic based of Daylight by Maroon 5 with Billy Hargrove please if you have time. Thank you!

Song: Daylight- Maroon 5

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of abuse

Word count: 1150

A/N: Thank you for the request I absolutely love this song. So, this is set before Billy goes to Hawkins. If anyone would like a part 2 of maybe a reunion please comment on this post or message me (my ask box is currently closed). Requests are currently closed while I catch up on requests.

Part 2


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Here I am waiting

I’ll have to leave soon

Why am I holding on?

We knew this day would come

We knew it all along

How did it come so fast?

When Billy had told her he was moving away, Y/N had been almost as distraught as him. Neither of them could stand to lose the other. But they had over a month left together so they decided to make the most of it. The month had flown so fast neither of them even saw their last night together coming. Yet here it was.

Luckily, Y/N’s parents had decided that the night in question was a great time to go visit her grandparents out of town. Y/N thanked god that they had. Billy had knocked on her door just after five in the evening after he had managed to pack up well enough for his dad to let him go. He was crying before she even opened the door. When she saw him stood there in his denim jacket for possibly the last time, she started crying too. He walked straight up to her and shut the door behind him before cupping her cheeks and kissing her with desperation. Their tears mixed as he picked her up, without breaking the kiss, and carried her upstairs.

This is our last night but it’s late

And I’m trying not to sleep

Cause I know, when I wake, I will have to slip away.

Billy laid staring at the ceiling. Y/N was drawing patterns on his bare chest with her fingers as they both tried not to fall asleep. They wanted to save each moment they had left.

“Don’t go.” Y/N choked out.

“You know he’d kill me if I didn’t.” Billy whispered as he grabbed her hand in his and kissed her knuckles. “I’ll come back for you, as soon as I turn 18.”

And when the daylight comes I’ll have to go

But tonight, I’m gonna hold you so close

Cause in the daylight we’ll be on our own

But tonight, I need to hold you so close.

His arms tightened around her as she shifted and pulled the necklace she always wore from around her neck and hooked it around his. Neither of them said anything. He just pulled her closer and pressed kisses to her hairline as she laid back on his chest. She went back to drawing faceless patterns on his chest and he watched as her eyes started to get heavy and she began to drop off to sleep. Her breathing evened out and her movements stopped.

Here I am staring at your perfection

In my arms, so beautiful

The sky is getting bright, the stars are burning out

Somebody slow it down.

He refused to lift his eyes from her sleeping form. He was fighting off sleep with everything he had. He didn’t care if he was too tired to drive tomorrow. He just needed to cement as much of her in his mind as possible. She was perfect in every way. He loved her with all his being. No matter where they were, how far away, or whoever they were with, neither of them would ever stop loving the other.

Billy glanced at her curtains and saw that light underneath was beginning to get brighter. The darkness was ebbing away. He didn’t want to look at the clock; didn’t want to know how long he had left with her.

This is way too hard, ‘cause I know

When the sun comes up, I will leave

This is my last glance that will soon be memory.

His eyes drifted to her face again and it hit him once again that he would soon have to leave and he didn’t know when, if ever, he would ever see her again. It became harder for him to keep the tears in his eyes and he let them trail down his cheeks. Everything they were, had been, was about to become a memory. He didn’t think he could handle it. His chest was beginning to shake with his sobs but he kept most of it in so as to not wake her.

And when the daylight comes I’ll have to go

But tonight, I’m gonna hold you so close

Cause in the daylight we’ll be on our own

But tonight, I need to hold you so close.

He reached up an arm and wiped the tears from his face before gently running his hand through her hair. Tomorrow, they would be miles away from each other. But he swore, with every fibre of his being, that he would come back for her as soon as he could. Screw his dad, screw high school, screw her parents, screw anyone that would stand in their way. He would be back for her and she would go with him.

I never want it to stop

Because I don’t wanna start all over

Start all over

I was afraid of the dark

But now it’s all that I want

All that I want, all that I want.

He doubted as long as they both lived they would ever be able to properly start over with other people. He knew he wouldn’t. He would never be able to. She had seen him at his best, at his worse, at his most vulnerable and she still loved him more than anything else in this world. He was still questioning what had made her fall for him in the first place but he thanked god every day that she had.

The light was starting to get even brighter now. As a child he had been scared of the dark; now it was all he wanted.

And when the daylight comes I’ll have to go

But tonight, I’m gonna hold you so close

Cause in the daylight we’ll be on our own

But tonight, I need to hold you so close.

The sun would be up fully soon and Y/N would wake up. Billy wanted neither of those things. He wanted to freeze them in this moment. She looked so peaceful and happy. He knew when she woke up that would change. She’d cry, he’d cry and they would both fall apart on each other. But right now, it was peaceful and he was going to live in this moment for as long as possible.

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If a Chinese woman married a Japanese man, how would their surname be? I read that in China they mix their last names. For example (and im going with surname first, name last) Wei Qiang-Feng married Huei Lin-Yu, Their last names would be Wei-Yu, or Yu-Wei. However, what if, for example, Wei Qiang-Feng married Takano Ryu? Would they join their names too, or does it depend on what they want to do?

Combining Chinese Surname with Japanese Surname/Combining Chinese Surnames

We have a post on combining Chinese surnames here. These days, it’s not done so often outside those circumstances, so while it’s growing, it’s not necessarily the norm. However, if you were to combine the surnames, it would be [husband’s surname] [wife’s surname] for the wife, at least. (I’m going off of my maternal grandparents; my grandfather didn’t take my grandmother’s name. Chinese followers, feel free to comment if your experiences are otherwise.) 

Also, if you’re going with surname first, name last, the surnames you’ve given us should be either Wei-Huei or Huei-Wei. 

With Takano and Wei, it would simply depend on what they wanted, to the best of my knowledge. It’s not a requirement to combine surnames at all. 

–mod Jess

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In honor of Shangri La, would you please do a Friends to Lovers scenario for Leo? Thanks so much mom!

i need to write more for vixx,,,,im sorry starlights!!
but here’s friends - to - lovers taekwoon!!

  • so you’re kind of a cat lover and have had two cats in your apartment that u love dearly named clover and rose,,,,and u didn’t know until rose got pregnant that ur cats were well,,,,,,,dating??? cat dating??? whatever
  • but basically u found out u were going to be a grandparent and got super excited until u realized that kitten litters can be up to as much as 8 kittens,,,,,and ur small apartment is too humble for,,,,,,8 more cats
  • so sadly,,,,as ur cat got closer to giving birth u put up an ad and asked some friends if they were interested in adopting one of the cute furballs from u when they were born
  • a couple of people said yes but one person,,,,who u didn’t know personally but through ur friend hongbin,,,,,said he was interested
  • but being someone who loved ur pets dearly u asked if hongbin could tell the guy to come over just so u could ask him some questions and see if ,,,,,,,he would take good care of the kitten
  • and when u heard the doorbell ring on the day u were set up to meet this mr. jung taekwoon
  • u opened the door and almost fell backwards because,,,,ok hongbin is tall,,,,,,but this man,,,,,,,woah
  • and not to mention the interesting features of his face which at first glance seemed slightly stoic but the moment he came inside and clover jumped up into his lap,,,,became soft and cute
  • and u made some tea and u just asked him if he’s ever had pets and whatnot and before u knew it even with taekwoons quiet voice he was telling u about his family,,,,his nephew who he loves with everything he’s got and how he actually does musicals and stuff
  • and maybe it’s the fact that unlike other people taekwoon never pushes his opinions or personality onto u 
  • and also maybe because clover made a home in his lap,,,,which he never does he’s a picky cat,,,,,
  • that you decide taekwoon will make a great dad for ur cat’s kitten,,,,,that and he would also make a nice friend
  • so u guys exchange numbers so u can call him to get the kitten after they’re ready and also u guys agree that getting coffee soon will be fun
  • and,,,,,,,a week later u guys are chatting at a coffee place u love and taekwoon is like i didn’t even know about this place,,,but i love it
  • and u laugh making a joke about it being a hole in the wall kind of place but taekwoon says he finds it charming
  • and u guys talk about ur lives but it’s so comfortable??? which is crazy because hongbin had told u that taekwoon is super reserved and can come off a little brash
  • but the man sitting in front of u,,,who covers his mouth when he laughs,,,whose eye’s light up whenever a mother comes in with her toddler,,,,who exciting shows u photos of his family on his phone
  • like,,,,,,what brashness???? what reservation????? he’s so,,,,he’s so,,,,delightful to be around
  • and when rose is finally in labor u text everyone but only taekwoon asks ‘do you want me to come over and help?’ and,,,,u didn’t expect it
  • but he literally seems like he RAN over when u open the door,,,bangs stuck to his head with some sweat and he’s like “did i miss it??? is she doing ok??”
  • and everything goes smoothly,,,,rose gives birth to five healthy little angels and u and taekwoon leave her to bond while preparing water and food near the corner where she’s laying 
  • and u guys stand in ur kitchen,,,,and ur breathing a sigh of relief and clover is weaving between u and taekwoons feet
  • and taekwoon suddenly goes “won’t you miss the kittens?” and u give him a sad smile because ofc u will,,,rose will too,,,,,but since most of them are going to friends maybe u can visit
  • and taekwoon nods silently and motions with his hand and ur like ??? and he’s like “o,,,oh i just,,,u can come and see the one i take anytime,,,,,,”
  • and ur like that’s sweet,,,id like that!!!!!! 
  • and taekwoon doesn’t say anything ,,,, he kind of looks like he’s thinking and ur a bit worried until he suddenly adds “u,,,,,can also just come to see me too,,,,,”
  • and ur like oh!! like in a friendly wa- but taekwoon shifts his eyes and for the first time ever u see a light pink dust over his cheeks and he’s like “,,,,maybe we can also do it in another way,,,,a ,,,date,,,,,,”
  • and ur taken aback,,,,,but u nod before u can even speak because,,,,,you’d actually like that even more
  • and taekwoon,,,as happy as he is tries to hide it by being like iLL Go chECK on,, rose,,,and thE LItter,,,,,,,,
  • but he turns and clover is standing in the doorway of the kitchen seemingly as to keep guard
  • and taekwoon turns back to u as u burst into giggles and he’s still kind of blushing but it’s really adorable,,,,,,
  • and when u tell hongbin taekwoon asked u out hongbin literally almost drops his phone because he’s like he took the first move????? hmm,,,,u must be super special
  • and u joke that no it’s just because u like cats too and hongbin is like hehe true,,,,
  • but that’s not the only reason ok taekwoon just thinks ur so positive and u make him feel like butterflies are flying in his stomach and head and ok that’s corny but taekwoon probably goes home from ur place with the BIGGEST smile on his face 
Also also

So when Luke disappears/”dies”/whatevers at the end of the movie, his clothes stay behind (NAKED FORCE GHOST). Does his hand stay behind too?

The ‘100 days of productivity’ challenge can be an overwhelming experience, that’s not a big surprise. 100 days of doing something productive every single day?, it’s not always that easy. Not everybody can manage to finish the challenge when they start it, which is ok, but nothing is impossible either! Here there are some tips to help you on your journey through the most (in)famous challenge among studyblrs:

1. Redefine ‘productivity’. Productivity doesn’t need to mean homework or studying for an exam, but it can go from visiting your grandparents to grocery shopping or even travelling. There are going to be days within the 100 in which you are going to be unable to do study-related things because you’re sick, it’s a big day like Christmas or a birthday, or because you are on vacation away from home. But that’s totally fine! ‘Productive’ is anything that makes your day worth it, that will make you go to bed with satisfaction and the feeling that you made that day count. I’ll for sure consider ‘productive’ a day in which you had an important conversation that you were postponing with your parents, an unexpected date with someone you like, or a visit to Ikea to buy furniture for your new room. But try to do as many ‘studyblr’-related things as possible as well, as that’s the spirit of the challenge!

2. Take pictures ahead if you need to. There are days in which inspiration is not at its peek or you just can’t be bothered to snap a photo of what you’re doing. I usually keep a couple of extra pictures of things that I do almost daily so I can use them other days. The book that you’re currently reading + a coffee, or your laptop + your planner, you know, that sort of things that are representative of most of your study days. I believe it’s totally fine to skip posting a picture some days, or even upload one for two or three different days, but this is a useful trick for those who at least want to try to post photos almost every day of the challenge.

3. Plan properly, divide your tasks evenly among your days so none of them ends up being too bulky and drains your energy. I’ve found out that when I have a week of crazy work I find myself procrastinating more the next one, as I’m too burned from the previous days. I also use this idea of planning for dividing my errands among days, so I have to go outside the house and walk around the city doing stuff ever single day, to achieve my goal of 10k steps per day. Obviously this is not for everybody, it’s just an example depending on your goals, as you could easily do the opposite: run all your errands in one day so you don’t waste a lot of time in the afternoons, for example!

4. Try to follow a strike on something. Use the challenge as a way to track a strike on a thing that you want to incorporate in your habits. Mine is Duolingo, but it could be reading every day, making your bed every morning, or not drinking soda, whatever you want to achieve! I’ll say that if you actually want to do a 100/100 you shouldn’t pick habits that can vary easily, like waking up or going to bed early, as it is very possible that one day you won’t manage to do so because you’ll be on a party, have had a bad night sleep, or any other thing.

5. Think what you want to get from the experience. It’s kind of related with the previous point. ‘100 days of productivity’ doesn’t need to be only a ‘I’ll work for 100 days straight’-thing but it can be the path to achieve a goal. Vision yourself gaining something from it and you’ll be more likely to finish the challenge. It can be something very specific like learning the first steps of a new language or, like in my case, something more broad like achieving better discipline or learning to plan more efficiently.

6. Use the challenge as a journal. Especially if you don’t own one, it is nice to be able to read what you did on the previous days of the challenge to check how your overall performance is going. Express yourself, tell us about your day in the description of those cute pics you took early on. I don’t like to write a lot nor get too personal, but it’s nice to describe better how you think you did one day or which other things that are not related to the challenge happened to you that day, very briefly. It’s a very nice way to engage with the studyblr community and get to know each other as well!

7. Not all days have to be extremely productive. It’s ok to be tired, sick, or fall a bit out of track! It is enough if in a low day you manage to do something tiny like tidy your room, as I would for sure consider a success to fight tiredness to do at least one thing. Don’t be too hard on yourself, normally it’s not possible to be an excellent student for 100 days in a row.

8. Tips on pictures. Last but not least here I have a compilation of easy and quick tips for those who are a bit lost in the ‘What to post?’ department:

  • Things you can photograph that might look cute: your notes, your planner or bujo, the book you’re currently reading, your desk, some stationery, your computer, the library, your textbook, the trees you manage to plant in Forest…
  • Things that you can add to your picture to jazz it up: stationery, beauty products (hand cream, lipstick/lip balm, face mask…), snacks (fruit, cake, pop corn, sweets…), drinks (tea, coffee, hot chocolate, smoothy…), a cozy sweater or blanket, jewelry, your pencil case, your glasses, a plant, your bag, electronics (tablet, headphones, mouse…), your watch, a candle…
  • Vary your background once in a while. Very optional, but it’s a way to not have very repetitive pictures. Use your desk, your floor, your bed sheets, a piece of paper… depending on which ‘vibe’ you’re feeling that day.
  • Be true to yourself! You don’t have to go with what’s ‘trendy’ in the community if you don’t like it. If you like pictures au naturel, don’t edit them a lot; if you like greens to pop a lot, add a filter that makes that effect. You do you!
  • If you can, take the pictures in the morning. It is less likely that you forget to do it if you don’t postpone it, plus most of the people find natural lighting more beautiful than artificial.
  • You don’t have to post something study-related if you don’t want to. What you did in your break, your work-out session and your meal outside with a friend are also valid, if you consider them part of the productive stuff you made that day.
  • Don’t overthink it. I just grab a couple of things that I’ve been using and the first things I can think of to ‘decorate’ the picture. I do a quick arrangement and a very simple editing and done! The whole process can take me as much four minutes of my time in days in which I am not very inspired. The challenge is call ‘100 days of productivity’, not ‘100 days of studyblr aesthetic’, so don’t worry a lot about it. Honestly, your favourite pictures may not do as well as you thought, while that one that you didn’t fancy as much might get a lot of feedback, you can never guess it beforehand. The most important thing is to remember that this challenge is to improve yourself, not your studyblr account, and your success in it is measured by your work, not the number of your notes.

All I have to say is good luck to anybody that wants to give this a chance! Enjoy and learn about yourselves (and about a bunch of other things), we’re all cheering for you!

Why Bisexual Lance is So Important

Alright guys, I want to get a little bit personal with you. I can’t explain just how important bisexual Lance is without explaing the journey to understanding my own sexuality first, so bear with me for a little bit.

When I was a kid, I spent a ridiculous amount of time agonizing about my sexuality. I knew I liked boys, but there was also this part of me that felt drawn to girls. In fact, I have vivid memories of going to church with my grandparents and hiding away in the bathroom, quite literally praying that god would give me some kind’ve grand epiphany. Seeing that part of my upbringing was rather conservative, of course I didn’t want to like girls, and I remember thinking that god wouldn’t be so unfair, that if liking the same sex meant being sent to hell - as my fudemental church taught me - then god wouldn’t set me up to lose like that.

This part of my story is an universal experience amongst a lot of people in the LGBT community. But this is where it gets tricky.

My mom came out to me as a lesbian when I was about thirteen. I had my suspicions, but the point is, she never told me. I had already internalized my sexuality, and because she hid hers from me, it was only natural for me to do the same. In fact, the only person I told about my possible bisexuality was one of her girlfriend.

Fast forward several years and I’m seventeen. I have only dated boys and am currlently with my boyfriend of one and half years. He was a good guy, but ignorant. We both were. He use to say that he was fine with me making out with my female friends because it was “just fun”. Lol, spoiler alert 2011 boyfriend, that’s not the way it works.

So I inevitably developed a crush on one of these girls I’m having fun with, and after some Freaks and Geeks style Teenage Angst™, I tell my well meaning boyfriend that I think I’m a lesbian and break up with him.

It’s a big deal for me. I come out. The conservative part of my family holds an intervention, my mom makes some joke about receiving my How to be a Lesbian handbook in the mail. I had a few girlfriends. I genuinely felt as if I was strictly attracted to girls. It was great…until it wasn’t.

Eventually, I do start dating sleeping with guys again. At first, I make excuses. “Oh, no girls want to date me anymore.” Or “I’m just lonely. It was one time.” And I did have to make excuses. My friends would constantly interrogate me. My ex took me to be some lying slut instead of the sexually confused individual that I was. And perhaps worst of all was the fact that I grew up with a mother who was biphobic. She - like a lot of lesbians I know- had an issue with bi woman. And look, I love this woman to death, but growing up she would say horrible things about bi woman without realizing her own ignorance.

This is the first differentiator between what its like to be gay and what its like to be bi. Over fifty percent of the LGBT community identifies as bisexual, and yet are subjected to more decrimination than any other fraction of said community within their own community. In the straight world, bisexual people are treated as slutty or confused. In the gay world, they’re simply treated as if they don’t belong.

This stems from a much bigger issue. When my friends would interrogate me, they’d always ask, “So do you like boys or girls?” Or, it was always or, never and. Once I accepted my sexuality, this infuriated me. At least until I realized that I was the same way. We are conditioned to compartmentalize things, sexuality and gender especially. People are assumed straight until proven gay. Bisexual is never on the bracket. Most people dont even realize that liking both boys and girls is an option.

And for many people, when they finally do, there’s such an internalized biphobia that accepting it becomes actually painful. Accepting it means constant judgment. It means being ostracized by your gay friends.

“You can come the party, but you cant bring your opposite sex partner,” says my lesbian friend, completely ignoring the B in LGBT.

“Oh, I know you’re bi, but if you haddddd to choose,” says a thirty something year old, gay man - my friend.

“Becca, if you convince my husband that he’s bisexual, I swear-” says another gay friend of mine who constantly rejects his partners sexuality because godforbid he be married to one of us two-sex loving heathens.

Theres a reason why Bisexuals are said to be apart of the “phantom spectrum”. Because we are constantly treated as if we don’t exist. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Media is one of the biggest and long lasting influencers in our lives. It shapes who we are and how we view the world.

I’m twenty three, and it wasnt until I was twenty one that I begane to proudly wear the label of bisexual. Its too late for me. I can’t go back in time and change those formative years, but with something as simple as explicit bi representation, we can save a generation of kids the same confusion and stigma that many bi people experience today.

So yeah, I’m a little bit fed up with people treating me as if wanting Lance to be confirmed bisexual is the same as me pushing my Big Gay Agenda on them. If that’s what you really think it’s about, then you are willfully ignorant to the unique experiences of Bisexuals.

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WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE ABOUT VIRGINITY?! THIS IS A GOD DAMN CHILDREN’S SHOW! LOOK, I NEVER KNOW WHAT YOURE WRITING ABOUT! SCHWINN, S H U S H, I WANT A SONG! YES, I WILL DO MY HOMEWORK, YES I WILL work in the garden, YES I WILL GO WITH MY GRANDPARENTS…TO ISRAEL! instead i get this nonsense about someone who loses,,,their virginity t-to those with whom they have no affinity?! THIS IS A GOD DAMN CHILDREN’S SHOW! i-i..youre sick, youre in the hospital, you’ve got this…. brain thing. you know what? you know what? im gonna get my son to write the song. where is my son?! HEY! where’s my son? somebody find my son? where’s my son? 


Defining Love

“Love is when daddy lets mommy have the last Veela pastie even tough they’re his favorite” A five year-old Scorpius Malfoy told Albus Potter in a matter of fact way, taking his pumpkin juice and giving it to a toddler Lily Luna “there! Now you know Albus loves you baby Lily”

At age five Scorpius thought himself an expert at the subject. His parents had been a love match. To his toddler mind there was nothing complicated about love. Daddy loved his mommy and mommy loved his daddy and together their love was so big it spilled out and made a person.

Which was him: Scorpius.

Or at least that’s what Draco had said when he asked where babies came from.

To his innocent mind there was nothing to fear in the world because he had them and one day he would find a girl as wonderful as his mommy and love her too.

To him love was when Draco worked himself into a temper but reigned in all his foul mood as soon as he saw his Astoria and Scorpius.

Love was when Astoria butchered a song in the piano for hours and Draco still managed to tell her that her music was wonderful.

Love was going to visit the grandparents and resisting the urge to insult them because they were Draco’s family.

To Scorpius Malfoy, love was also not letting people get away with bad behavior.

Because Astoria never let Draco cast unsafe spells inside the house despite the fact that she loved him, and Draco never let Astoria plant carnivorous flowers in the garden despite the fact that he loved her.

They in turn, never let Scorpius have desert when he’d been rude to someone else. Despite the fact they loved him.

Love was tea parties with enormous cakes and jumping in mountains of freshly raked autumn leaves.

It was sitting in Draco’s lap as he read some boring account of a Malfoy ancestor and watching Astoria’s eyes drop as his voice soothed both Scorpius and her to sleep.

And these were things Scorp knew about love.

At age eight when he discovered that there were evil people in the world who would willingly hurt a child like him to make his father suffer, Scorpius added more things to the list.

When Draco pushed Astoria behind him and disarmed the strange witch that had grabbed Scorpius out of the blue in a public festival, Scorpius understood that love was also fear.

Love was when Astoria held Draco in her arms after a long day.

It was the forehead kiss Draco pressed on her head everytime he left to conduct business.

Love was putting eachother’s needs before their own when the other looked too tired.

Scorpius liked to think that his parents knew a lot, when they sat him down and talked about all that a little boy like him had to fear in this world, his parents didn’t disappoint him, they were honest.

They told him that most of his ancestors had done terrible things, that people would probably judge him for it forever, his family’s past had nothing to do with Scorpius, but that was how prejudice worked. They’d looked hopefully at Scorpius, with kind smiles that told the little boy he would always be their son no matter what he thought of them and this had cinched the issue in his head.

Love was not judging a person because of their past. Because if Astoria could look beyond Draco’s dark mark to the soul that was beneath and Draco could look beyond Astoria’s family name to see the sweet woman she was, then Scorpius wanted to be like them.

From then on Scorpius Malfoy decided that he would ignore the pasts of everyone as long as they were kind and if someone wasn’t willing to get to know him as himself despite all the bad things his parents told him people said about his family then…well…good riddance.

And these were things Scorp knew about love.

At age eleven Scorpius learned his first lesson in the complicated nature of love.

When Astoria hugged him like she didn’t want to let him go and Draco put his hand in Scorpius shoulder with warm pride, Scorpius realized that love also meant letting go.

He’d watched this happen every time Draco looked forlorn at the door whenever Astoria was in an overnight event with the Greengrass foundation.

Or when Draco had to partner his resources with businesses that required him to be away for days. Astoria would get that resigned air of melancholy about her.

It was the same when they saw him off at King Cross.

Scorpius figured that’s what separation felt like, wanting to hold on to someone forever yet loving them enough to let them grow.

They were setting him free despite how much it hurt them to be apart from Scorpius and that was also love.

In Hogwarts Scorpius learned much more about why love was considered complicated and most of it he didn’t learn about it from his mom and dad.

It wasn’t their fault really.

They were happy together and their love was as subtle as it was strong, their biggest outward shows of affection were usually reserved for Scorpius himself who was always on the receiving end of the messy kisses and crushing hugs.

He understood them…sort of, because he was a part of both of them, Astoria and Draco didn’t hold back from showering him with tickles and filling his world with playful laughter.

But as a couple, their love expressed itself in loving sighs and shared eyerolls from across the dinner table.

Flowers in his writing desk, warped eclairs in her vanity table. A shared look of affection every five minutes, a brush of a hands as they went on their daily routines.

If they fought they did it well away from Scorps hearing and if they felt cross with eachother they hid it too well for it to be seen plainly.

Unlike Albus and even Rose’s parents who reportedly enjoyed a good argument every once in a while and were active in expressing their affection towards the other, the love of Scorpius’ parents seemed almost. ..boring.

And because Scorpius had grown in such a sedate household, nothing prepared him for the first time a girl broke his heart.

At age fourteen he still thought that his parents were the best example of love he could find, he also wanted a girl to share inside jokes with, sigh into the distance and cut flowers for.

But Rose Weasley well, she wanted emotion, she wanted someone to argue with noisily and kiss in the middle of the great hall for all the world to see. His first love was bigger than life, Rosie was an explosion of fire and smarts that was almost too good to be true. And in the end she didn’t understand why Scorpius didn’t express his love the way she did.

Rose didn’t want subtlety, she wanted an extravaganza of passion and Scorpius just didn’t like being the centre of attention, not like Albus and Hugo.

And so that summer Scorpius returned home heartbroken. Asking his mother what he’d done wrong?.

Astoria and Draco hadn’t known what to do, they told Scorpius that truthfully neither of them had much romantic experiences before finding eachother and their own first loves had been footnotes in comparison to Voldemort’s shadow. Before Astoria Draco had been with Pansy for most of his life and he’d only dated her to appease his father.

And Astoria had only ever loved Draco since her fourth year in Hogwarts. Anybody before that hadn’t been real enough to call a crush.

Before the war their families had taught them both that love was a liability when one was a purebloood and until Draco and Astoria had fallen inlove they both had believed it was true.

So when Scrpius came to them for advice they only did the best they knew to do as parents and listened.

And that’s how Scorpius learned that love was painful….But it was also healing.

Watching his parents together Scorpius realized that love was also being okay with not having all the answers.

Because when Astoria didn’t know something she never blamed Draco if he didn’t come up with a solution, she simply nodded and took his hand in order to find it together.

And whenever Draco got frustrated because there were things out of his control that affected his family, he never took it out on Astoria, instead he talked it out with her. Found a way to see the light side of the situation for her sake.

With them love was a thousand conversations spoken with a single raised eyebrow and the quirk of coral lips.

And these were things Scorp knew about love.

Over the years Scorpius came to accept that his parents were not perfect. His mother was a bit manipulative and his father was oftentimes too prideful.Astoria’s sweet frailty lent fodder to Scorp’s fears and Draco’s increasing grouchiness as his hairline began receding was a constant cause of headaches for his only son.

But Scorpius never stopped seeing Draco’s eyes light up when Astoria entered the room. Or Astoria smile whenever Draco said she was beautiful.

There was always a hand in the small of Astoria’s back when they were in public, and a kiss in the back of her palm when they were not. Those hands got a bit more wrinkled as the years passed as did the lines in Astoria’s mouth and eyes, but they never moved from her back, no matter the need for a walking cane that came after Draco turned fifty two.

And while Astoria’s hair seemed to have a bigger smattering of grey highlights everytime Scorpius returned from Hogwarts, she never stopped kissing Draco’s cheek whenever he walked out the door. Her reading glasses came with menopause much like Draco’s cane, but her eyes never lost the sparkle of teasing laughter that always made Draco smile.

Then one day long after moving out from his parents house Scorpius Malfoy found himself cutting sunflowers and placing them absentmindely in the desk of a certain Daily Prophet correspondant. A girl with mischief in her smile who could telegraph her thoughts across the room with just one glance in his direction and who could make Scorpius laugh with silly caricatures of her eldest brothers.

Half imp, half rainstorm, she was a unstoppable mischief and boy did it drive Scorpius crazy to see her fluttering in and out of his life in a flurry of silk hair ribbons and ballet slippers. He almost didn’t notice when he stopped holding out his arms to break Lily Luna’s fall in case she broke a limb when she crashed down from whatever tree she was currently climbing. And when he started holding out his arms because he wanted to feel her close to him.

He didn’t notice when she stopped being “Al’s little sister” and became “Not again Lily!” With an affectionate huff. Or when he began looking forward to mutually teasing Albus over his career in the ministry.

Not until he attended his parent’s anniversary ball and his father of all people tapped his cane impatiently and with a sigh of frustration pulled Scorpius aside “So when are you planning to tell the Potter girl that you love her?” His father finally snapped “your mother and I would like to live to see our grandchildren, thank you very much” and with the finesse of the crochety old man he was, Draco stomped away from his very adult son grumbling about the stupidity of youth.

And despite disliking his father’s temper Scorpius learned one last thing about love from the old man and that was that one couldn’t really know how love worked unless one felt it.

So he joined Lily Luna at their table and smiled resolving to ask her to be his girlfriend as soon as possible, keeping his father’s words in mind. He loved her…of course he did. It was so obvious now.

He chanced a look at the middle of the ballroom where his parents glided around the room with the ease of professional dancers, thirty years married and Scorpius still didn’t doubt how much they loved eachother.

Maybe he would never stop learning from them, maybe he would always want what his parents had. And maybe he was close to getting it with Lily.

So he clapped as the orchesta finished their piece and raised his cup to toast to his parent’s marriage because these were the things Scorpius Malfoy knew about love.

An: this was my first Scorpius centric one shot, which I dont normally do because Scorpius is way too shippable I always fall of tangent when I write him in, and forget this is a Drastoria blog, I think that in the end its always our parents who teach us how to love. so I hope you liked it anon

fluff friday “roommates” [madasakuobi]

this jaunt was inspired by @multicream‘s lovely comic. seriously, check her art out, it’s fantastic!

I need to write more poly pairings, it’s a lot of fun!

Sakura swung the door to her new apartment open, exhaustion hanging over her. The hospital was overrun following the war and Sakura was coming off of a double shift that left her drained. Still, it was a good sort of drained, an accomplished sort of drained.

She was an internationally acclaimed medic, a war hero, and a member of the up-and-coming new trio of Sannin.

All-in-all, she was quite talented in her own right, yet dread lingered over her like a cloud.


Well, her two roommates.

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Scott McCall AU

Plot: Any permanent mark your soulmate gets, you get. Along with a distinct, unique tattoo that appears after an important moment in your soulmate’s life, however, you have no idea how you get away clean

A/N: So I really don’t see a lot of these Soulmate AUs with the Teen Wolf fandom, or at least the tags I check don’t, but I’ve decided to write a series, which will finally get me on track for my writing schedule and hopefully inspire future imagines. Also this is a pretty long one… so enjoy!! AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!!!


When you were younger it seemed you found new scars on yourself every few months, sometimes 5 a month. Your parents were constantly worried but once they realized that the scars appeared on below your elbows and knees, they just figured out that your soulmate was clumsy.

“I wonder what this kid does all day…” Your dad used to tell you.

“I bet he’s a superhero.” Your mom used to tease you, just to see your tiny cheeks warm.

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anonymous asked:

dammit, your heart is 2 sizes too small! Santa's gonna put u on the naught list >:c what about watching A Festive Day in the Life of Dan and Phil! ???


trade mistakes // panic! at the disco

Adventure // Na Jaemin


the prompt: can you write a prince!jaemin au bc i love that boy sm pls.

words: 4800

category fluff + minor angst

author note: i love him sm too. also this is lowkey from a tolkien quote: “I am looking for someone to share in an adventure that I am arranging, and it’s very difficult to find anyone.”

- destinee

Originally posted by kunq

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