going to finish this anyway lol

So there’s a Harry Potter AU Victuuri + Durmstrang student Victor Nikiforov trend going on twitter and I hopped onto that bandwagon as soon as I could CUZ I AM TRASH FOR HARRY POTTER AU


Surprise! I have other fandoms besides YoI and One Piece xD

Here’s a lowkey TodoDeku piece bc I’m a sucker for the fact that Izuku started Todoroki’s road towards full self-acceptance. I couldn’t decide which color version I like best, so there’s the original on the left and a color-processed one on the right!

I’ll be uploading a speedpaint of this drawing on my Youtube so watch out for that!

HEY EVERYONE!!! Yes, I am alive, I’ve just been busy with applying to schools and working on stuff for friends, which I still need to finish -___- but I really wanted to draw this, so everything had to stop. Just wanted to practice more on my Mashima art style because I love it so much, plus I think Eileen and Erza deserve to have a happy conversation, so here they go! And of course Jellal in the background thinking there’s two Erzas LOL They look so alike! Anyway, hopefully I can make more post soon!



April 19 2017: What motivates you? 

 I accidentally hit post on this before finishing lol and I’m late again it’s 12:29am April 20 What motivates me is that if someone else can do it, I can too. Even though I’m a woman and a minority, in America today I have all the same opportunities as anyone and I am just as capable. It’s empowering believing this ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ 

 I went to the gym finally today. I didn’t want to go but I ended up going and it was actually satisfying lol. I also played tennis! Anyways I’m still not done with the pre-lab write up that’s due tomorrow before lab :L so I’m going to go do that right now fml Organic Chem is scary 


I gave up on art relating to school entirely I need a break before I have a meltdown lol and then I had to go and watch GOTG 2 which broke my resolve to not turn into a screaming puddle all together anyway here is a Yondu WIP I dunno when I’ll finish it the point was to practice a greyscale colour pass for school and you know what I CAN do it so ahaha take that values and why did this turn into something educational again I just wanna draw for fun lol T T And also Yondaddy. I’m sorry I just had to X”D 

Unexpected | Zach Dempsey x Reader

Genre: Romance, Smut
POV: Second Person’s

WARNING: Contains sexual content and swearing!!!

A/N: You guys don’t even know how hard this was for me to write. I’m not used to this but I really hope you guys aren’t disappointed. I literally had to take a 5 minute break after writing every paragraph. But anyway, this was requested so I kinda had to lol. Enjoy!

Request 1: Do you by chance right smut because Zach smut is my guilty pleasure?? My friend, you wouldn’t disappoint me, I promise!! - Anon who requested Zach smut

Request 2:  Hey, I adore your writing! It’s sooo good❤. I was wondering if you could do like spending the weekend with Zach and he’s your first. Xx (I’m sorry I had to change your request up a bit!)


It’s a Saturday night and you were supposed to go to Jessica’s party but you decided to stay home and finish a research paper which was due first thing next Monday. However, instead of actually doing the paper, you find yourself scrolling through Instagram, looking at pictures of your friends enjoying the party you were missing.

You let out a loud groan as you shut your laptop; to be honest you really couldn’t be bothered to finish the paper. You kick yourself thinking that you should’ve just gone to the party tonight, especially since you’re home alone because your parents are out of town for the weekend.

Finally, after procrastinating for so long, you pick up your phone and send a message to your boyfriend, Zach Dempsey. He was currently in the party with the rest of your friends.

You: I’m dying here.

A few seconds later and your phone buzzes.

Zach: Aw my poor baby. Well you’re not really missing out on much. This party’s boring without you. Wish you were here.

You smile at his reply before sending one yourself.

You: Well, I’m wishing you were here too.

Zach then sends out a sad emoji with a heart next to it and you pout as you place your phone down beside your laptop. You decided to open it up again as you stared at the page count. Great 2 pages out of 5, you think to yourself. You need 3 more pages to finish the paper.

You let out a loud sigh as you push your laptop to the foot of your bed. You then proceeded to shut your eyes momentarily. A few minutes later and the doorbell rings which causes you to suddenly sit up and wonder who that could be. You take your phone and your pepper spray as you slowly make your way down the staircase. You send a text to Zach while doing so.

You: There’s someone at the door.

You: Babe I’m scared.

Zach: Just open the door babe, make sure to have the pepper spray that I gave you ready okay?

You: If something happens to me, I love you Zachary okay?

Zach: Stop messing around Y/N and just open the door!

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anonymous asked:

Ok so you probably get this ALL the time, but when is your next Harry Potter thread coming out and what is it about. (This blog is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen btw)

(( OOC: So… I’ve kinda sucked lately and haven’t done anything. I have several HUGE projects in the works, but zero motivation to finish them rn. *weeps* I’ve also been working A LOT, and spending more time like…. leaving my house. lol. 

I guess this blog has been on a bit of a hiatus lately, hasn’t it? 

WELL ANYWAY… I just finished making some gifs for an awesome marauder’s era series that Jess wrote and organized, so there’s that… and I’ll probably be throwing together some shorter threads in the near future… but as far as big series go, I just need to get motivated and work on the one I’ve been writing for the past, like… three months. *sobs* 

However I’ve also been spending some time writing some fan-fiction lately (which I haven’t done in ages, it’s been fun to write again) so I may post some of the chapters I’ve been working on soon, if I can get far enough along to feel comfortable with it. 

*shrugs* Basically… I dunno wtf I’m doing rn. I’m all over the place. )) 

"friend" asks me if she can copy an assignment...

A girl I used to be friends with (you’ll find out why I decided to break that “friendship”) in high school was in almost all the same classes as me, including my maths class. Now I had already caught onto the fact that she was just outright using me for her own gain. She barely ever talked to me outside of class or school, only invited me to stuff where she would get something from me (like her birthday party), etc etc. I was kind of quiet and shy at school so I let most things slide, but this was the last straw and I wasn’t going to let her use me this time. So we had the same maths assignment, and we worked together completing the first super easy part in class. After that, I worked on it by myself at home for about a week and finished it. Anyway I’m sitting in class one day (few days before the due date of the assignment) which is one of the classes I don’t have at the same time as this girl. I’m browsing my emails and one pops up from this girl. She says that she was wondering if I could send her my maths assignment so she can “check that what she’s done is correct”. She also says that she’s apparently “pretty much finished” and just wants to confirm she’s been doing the right thing. Red flag, as she’s asked to copy my assignments before, but her wording makes me think she’s done absolutely nothing and is trying to copy/hand up my answers. I completely ignore the email and pretend I never got it, and since she refuses to talk to me outside of class, she can’t bring it up. The due date arrives and the teacher is getting us to print off and hand up our assignments. I hand up my fully completed one and sit down to watch what this girl will hand up. Much to my petty delight, she doesn’t print off anything and just sits at her desk. To then make it even better, the teacher actually calls her out in front of the class asking where her assignment is, and she has to admit she hasn’t finished it/done any of it. The teacher tells her to go print off what she’s done anyway and when she comes back from the print room she hands up one mostly blank page with a title and one small table. I’m absolutely revelling in this, and now I think back on it, I totally should have turned to her and said sweetly, “I thought you had almost finished it? :)” (shit eating grin included).

Tl;dr girl tries to use me for answers to assignment, gets called out in front of class, hands up almost nothing.

Oh, Captain! {James Potter x Reader} *SMUT*

FINALLY. I FINISHED IT. Fucking hate random writer’s block but I hope y'all like this one. Sorry if it’s not as detailed or as intricate as the other smuts I’ve written (lol you naughty readers ;)) ) but i did my best. Also, I might not open requests next week ‘cause it’s Holy Week from where I am but mainly because my parents will be home. 

Anyway, here you go, my sweet children!


@allertonn @all-the-hp-love



(Y/n) kept her eyes focused on the approaching Hufflepuff while trying to guard the hoop. Gryffindor was now on tie with the rivalry team and both only needed fifty points in order to determine who wins the game. As she swatted the quaffle with her broomstick, her team captain, James Potter, cheered; thinking they had succeeded in slowing down the opponent’s chances of winning. However, it was only a distraction as the other Chaser zipped to one of the hoops that (Y/n) was supposedly guarding and threw the quaffle perfectly through the ring.

The crowd roared and applauded at the sight before the game commentator could announce the team’s victory.

“Hufflepuff wins!”

Gryffindor students all groaned in defeat as their own team flew down from the cloudless blue sky and landed on the ground to properly congratulate the opposing house. James was the first to approach the Hufflepuff captain and shook his hand with a firm grip before turning away, leading his teammates towards the exit quietly. He had scheduled the field for Quidditch practice almost every week and yet all their hard work were put to the garbage bin, losing more luck to win the house cup this year. He couldn’t accept this defeat at all. As he calculated every single movement that he made during the game, his mind began to retrace its steps and wonder what went wrong.

Or rather, who went wrong.

The team was all appalled at his silence, having been used to hearing him brag or attempt to motivate them when he finally spoke in a deep voice.

“Get changed and come back here for practice tomorrow morning. That’s all,” he was normally not this serious but his expression shook everyone so they decided not to delay and immediately went to the locker room.

(Y/n) was about to slip away to the dormitories to avoid facing her teammates or worse, her own team captain. She didn’t want to see the disappointment written on his face nor did she want to hear him tell her she was going to be replaced especially since she had worked twice as hard just to please him. She took her broomstick with her and made way to the opposite direction when she heard someone clear their throat.

“May I ask where you’re going?” James asked, his hazel eyes on her.

She turned around and looked down, refusing to meet his gaze and mumbled a seemingly believable excuse, “I-I’m going back to the dorm. I left my clothes there and my broomstick needs repair.”

James walked closer to her and inspected her broomstick before smirking, “It looks like it’s in perfect condition. Pity it’s not quick enough.”

“Look, James, it wasn’t her fault-” one of the teammates tried to defend but James glared at him before he could continue.

Everyone was definitely scared now. Famous James Potter and his jokes and pranks, now completely furious over a game. He had every right to be. They were supposed to play against Slytherin and winning against them could only mean championship but now they had to lay back and watch from the benches in agony.

James dismissed the whole team except (Y/n) who shuffled her feet before finally looking at him. Once they were alone, she tried to speak to him in a small and gentle voice but he backed her against the wall with both his hands on each side of her head.

“J-James…what are you doing?”

He leaned in close to her, his forehead pressing against hers before whispering to her lips, “Tell me, do you still need to leave?”

He kissed her softly and ran his other hand down to her waist, slipping them beneath her shirt to feel her skin and moving it to her lower back. He kept his kisses teasingly light and gentle.

She kissed him back and entangled her fingers through his messy black hair when he pulled away and moved close to her ear, hot breaths down her neck.

“Worked so hard for me now, didn’t you, love? Such a sweet girl.”

He planted small kisses down her neck while she moaned pleasingly.

“Unfortunately for you, it wasn’t enough..,” he leaned in close to her ear once more, “But luckily for me, I get to punish you,” he breathed before adding,

“After all, naughty girls ought to be punished now, don’t you think so?”

James smirked and in a quick flash, his lips went back to hers, now harsh and rough. He sucked onto her bottom lip and held her by her thighs, carrying her and allowing her to wrap her legs around him. She was his addiction and all his pent up frustration and sexual desires went straight to her delectable lips, tasting them vigorously. His tongue pried her mouth open, meeting hers halfway, unafraid to show the lust they felt towards each other. He ripped her robe open and peeled it off of her while she removed his, discarding them onto a pile on the floor. He grinded his hard tent against her clothed core, an indication that he wanted her now. His lips left hers immediately and began to trail down on her throat to her collarbone where he nipped and sucked onto her precious skin.

“J-James…Want you now…,” she moaned, making him stop and look back at her.

“You don’t make orders here, (L/n),” he demanded, “Now, take off the rest for me. Wanna see you, dear.”

(Y/n) obeyed and removed her clothes in front of him. James could not keep his eyes off of her the entire time, watching the last bit of fabric fall down to the ground. He took off his sweater as well, revealing his white undershirt that stuck to his muscled body before he walked towards her, pressing her against the wall once more.

“Let’s see how wet you are, doll,” he reached down and trailed his fingers down her underwear, feeling her wet entrance. Without another word, he knelt down slowly and raised her leg over his shoulder, pulling her panties aside and sliding his finger up and down her soaking slit. (Y/n) gasped and did her best to balance as he continued teasing her with his finger. He slipped inside and attached his mouth onto her clit, his finger now moving in and out of her smoothly, all soaked up with her juices.

It was a heavenly feeling to have him down there, finally playing with her and going as far as licking her slit. Apparently, he was not only talented in academics and Quidditch, but he was also talented in combining both his finger and tongue on her. James licked her hungrily and even went as far as sticking his tongue in to taste her, eyes staring right back at her. She grabbed his hair in an effort to get him closer but all it did was make him moan against her slit, sending vibrations that made her call his name desperately.


He pulled away and gave her one long lick before tugging down her panties, exposing her fully to him.

“Sorry, darling. Can’t cum yet. You’ll have to wait,” he smirked while removing his pants together with his boxers, his length all hard and ready for her. He carried her once more in his arms and pressed her against the wall, teasing his tip on her wet entrance.

“Captain…please, I want you,” she moaned, clinging onto him.

“Captain, huh? I like the sound of that,” he said before placing a soft kiss onto her lips and finally entering her in one quick push. He was certainly bigger than she had anticipated but she was definitely not complaining. She loved every hard thrust he gave her, his hands squeezing her ass as he persisted in hitting that glorious spot. Her walls were already tightening around his length and he could almost sense that she was about to cum once more.

He moved her up and down onto his member quickly as he chased his climax, both of them moaning.


“Louder!” He shouted, slapping her ass hard while continuously thrusting into her wet core. His glasses were already fogged from the intensity but he did not care.

“Oh, Captain!” she moaned louder and felt his cock throb inside her, making her release all over him with another moan of his name, nails scratching onto his back.

James pushed inside one last time before he finally came, painting her walls with his seed. He panted heavily and kept her in his arms until they came down from their high.

The two got dressed afterwards and left the room together, their teammates waiting by the door, all of them shocked at what they heard.

“Tomorrow again?” (Y/n) asked James with a smile on her face.

“Certainly. Just don’t practice without me,” he winked before kissing her once more.

ly--canthrope  asked:

Hey honey! I was wondering if you could write a cedric x reader drabble based off the prompt "green". Thank you :)

@ly–canthrope you have no clue how excited I was to see a Cedric request paired with a sort of abstract, open direction that I could interpret. Thank you so, so much for such a wonderful prompt. I hope you enjoy what I did with it.

Cedric makes another round around the block, breaths creating short trains that fall off their tracks and disappear in mere moments. The crisp smell of winter burns his nose as he breathes, but he doesn’t bother adjusting his scarf. Two crimson berries from mistletoe hang over the doorway to his right, and from the arching window, he can see a happy family with kids tearing open presents and a dog running around howling away. He drops his eyes.

The sidewalk’s a hazard of ice and snow and grains of salt that do nothing to melt their foe. December’s a cruel month, one of bitter weather and even icier memories. He never meant for any of this. All he wanted was to win that damn tourney to earn some money for the future, but if he’d known what lay at the end of it, he’d never have placed his name in the goblet.

A snowman stands in front of him, one he’s seen five times now. It still waves, but the smile is drooping and the carrot’s about to fall out, shaken loose by a raven with jet black wings and a charcoal beak that won’t stop pecking at the thing. Cedric stares at it, frozen in his place, watching this innocent thing be destroyed by something out of its control. Merlin, how he wishes he were anywhere but here.

A bark comes from somewhere far away; it’s little more than a haunting echo here, but it startles Cedric from his reverie and he starts forward again, snow crunching under his feet. The raven behind him dives for the carrot with a mocking laugh. Cedric doesn’t bother to shoo it.

The house he’s looking for is navy blue with a chimney and shimmering gold curtains in the front room. A horrid color for curtains but one that’s the perfect color for hair, or, at least, that’s what you claim.

He blinks back the pain, the image curling around his vision like smoke. It’d be so easy to be lost in it all again, to find you in his arms with your head on his lap, with you laughing as you both try to catch snowflakes on your tongues, spinning and spinning and spinning until you stumble and fall into a silver snow drift, tugging him down after you when he tries to help you up.

It’d be so easy to be lost in you again.

Cedric stares at the boot prints on the sidewalk in front of him, ones that match the soles of his boots perfectly, as he continues forward. The navy house looms only a few driveways in front of him, drive untouched by footprints. You’re still here.

The package in his pocket shifts. It’s a small box, no larger than the palm of his hand, and wrapped flawlessly in a rose-stem green paper. He’d tried six times to wrap it properly. It had to be perfect for you.

Head still bowed, he trudges through the deep snow in your driveway. Usually, he’d be out here, helping shovel, but not anymore. God, if only he could go back and change it all.

The door’s a cream color, one the two of you accidently splattered with bright yellow paint two years ago. A paint gun experiment gone wrong.

Cedric almost smiles at the memory.

Another train of breath appears in front of him, this one longer, staying on its track as it floats out then up to the light above the porch.

He spots you, curled up next to the fireplace, nose in a book. The sight nearly brings him to his knees as it solidifies it all. You’re not waiting by the phone for his call. You aren’t wrapping a present made for him. You aren’t staring out the window waiting to yank him inside as soon as he gets here. No, you’re just living as though everything’s normal. Which, he supposes, it is for you.

He struggles to breathe as he sees the towering tree, a deep green, covered in crimson and cream tinsel, navy blue and yellow ornaments, the black and silver one he’d bought you nowhere in sight. A golden star perches on top of it, balancing carefully. He can hardly see the green underneath it all.

Suddenly exhausted, Cedric digs the gift from his pocket. He hesitates, glancing at you one final time before knocking.

When you open the door, there’s nothing but a set of footprints and a small green box nestled in the snow. You scan the area, but all of your neighbors seem to be enjoying the holiday indoors. You don’t blame them as you snatch the tiny gift from the snow and shut the door, shivering. It’s freezing outside.

Padding back to your seat, you turn the box over and over in your hands. There’s no name, no to or from or even an indication that this is supposed to be a gift at all other than the wrapping paper.

You know you should set it aside, ask your family if they were expecting anything, but curiosity gets the best of you, and you slide a finger under the flap of paper.

When you finally pop the top of the box open, you can’t speak.

The silver pocket watch shimmers in the firelight. Squinting, you read the engraving on the back. Time stops when I’m with you.

You’re certain this can’t be for you despite your fondness for pocket watches. No one would be so sweet, not since… well, no one anymore. But when you go to place it back in the box, you notice a folded piece of parchment.

It’s a letter in Cedric’s handwriting, obviously written before everything happened, a thank you letter for supporting him, for listening to him, for caring for him in an honest way no one else did.

Tears prick your eyes as you notice the words at the end, an addendum he must’ve gone back to add after it all broke apart.

I want to come home. I miss you.

You wonder if he knows how desperately you agree with that sentence.

Help meeeEEEE i’m addicted to this game lmaO

 I love it so much lol

one day i’ll finish these doodles maybe

but for now i hope you enjoy these drawings lmao i was kinda bored at work cause i finished all things i had to do so i decided to go ahead and make some fanart, i couldn’t look up references so im sorry if i fucked up some stuff lmaO 

i mean these are just some sketches so it shouldnt matter anyway lol

We Used To Dance

Prince Adam/Beast x reader

The Curse Series:  Part one, part two, part three, part four

Author: Lil Laddie

Words: 894

Warnings: Angst

A/N: SCHOOL IS OUT!! Today was our last day of finals which was awesome!! I finished out the school year with pretty good grades. At least, I see them as pretty good anyways lol. I hope you guys are doing good with your finals! And have an amazing day!! Love y’all!!

“What’s wrong?” You demanded, sprinting through the doors of the west wing.

“You came.” Adam smiled, stopping from his pacing of the wide room.

Adam hadn’t expected you to come to his aid when he had sent one of his servants to go fetch you. He had been ignoring you for years now. He could still remember the vile words he had said to you, yet you came. For some reason, you still cared for him and he did not understand why. He should be nothing to you after all that he has done.

“Of course I did! You said you needed my help. What is it?” You asked, glancing at the rose behind him that only had a few wilting petals left.

“Belle and I are going dancing in the ballroom tonight.” Adam mumbled, looking at the floor nervously.

“That’s fantastic! One step closer to breaking the spell.” You smiled, trying to force back your jealousy of Belle.

“Well, I haven’t danced in years and I…” Adam trailed off, making you laugh lightly.

“Adam, you are stressing too much. Just relax and remember the last time you danced.” You tried to reassure Adam, a smile on his face from hearing your laugh.

“How could I be stressing too much? I am going to make a complete fool of myself!” Adam roared, expecting you to cower as he lost his patience. Instead, you stood still without a trace of fear on your face.

“I would help you if I could but…” You paused, looking down at your very unhuman body. “I’m afraid I won’t be much help with reminding you how to dance.”

“Actually, you will be more than enough help.” Adam stated, causing you to furrow your brows in confusion.

“I don’t understand what you’re asking me to do.” You said hesitantly, not knowing what to expect.

Adam didn’t try to explain himself, instead he picked you up in his massive paw. You jumped slightly, not having been prepared. Adam stared at your face for a few seconds before clearing his throat.

“Show me couples dancing.” Adam said, watching intently as your face faded from the glass mirror.

The mirror first showed images of couples Adam had never met before. They danced and twirled, but watching them was doing him no good. This was not working out as well as he had hoped. Adam moved to set you down, but stopped when he saw an image that was much too familiar with him.

Adam held you closer to his face as he watched intently. This had happened not too long before the enchantress came. He had almost forgotten how beautiful you had looked when you were human.


“Dance with me.” You pouted, holding out a hand to a human Adam.

“If it will make you smile again.” Adam nodded, taking hold of your open hand.

Adam began to twirl you around the ballroom. Your laughter echoing through the large room, making Adam laugh with you. The two of you moved gracefully together, not once having to look at your feet. It would be hard to miss the admiration that was clear in the couples eyes as they looked at each other.

A couple members of the castle staff stopped to watch the two with a smile. The servants loved to see their master losing some of the traits his father had forced upon him. They had waited so long to see him happy again and it was brought back by you.

“You should dance with me more often.” Adam grinned, spinning you closer to him.

“I would love that.” You said, never once letting your eyes stray from his.

“Then why don’t you ever come to my balls?” Adam asked, raising an eyebrow at you.

“I would rather not have to compete with the other ladies there for you attention.” You sighed, not enjoying the thought of seeing other women throw themselves at Adam.

“If you were there, there would be no competition.” Adam promised.

“Sorry for the interruption master, but you are needed for a meeting.” Cogsworth interrupted, causing Adam to scowl at him for ruining the moment.

“You are fine, Cogsworth.” You quickly reassured him, hoping that it would ease Adam’s anger. “I will see you later.” You smiled at Adam.

“See you at dinner.” Adam quickly placed a kiss to the back of your hand before leaving.

With his back turned, you let your smile turn to one of disappointment. You barely ever saw Adam due to him trying to run a kingdom. It was heartbreaking, yet you were determined to push through it. You had never felt something like you had with Adam.


Adam set you back down as your face returned in place of the memory. He never knew how sad you were when he would leave for meetings. He hadn’t just made you sad when he had distanced himself. He had made you sad from the beginning.

“Did that help at all?” You asked with a hopeful smile on your face.

“Yes.” Adam answered, when in reality it had only made him dread dancing in the ballroom with Belle. “Thank you, (Y/N)”

Adam looked at you with longing, before he turned and left the west wing. You watched him leave as the smile that was on your face fell.

“I remember when we used to dance.”

Lover AND A Fighter

Originally posted by giggleplier

Request: Omg, could you do a teamiplier request (with bf Ethan) where the reader is a smol bean but like hella strong and is a martial artist and they get into a brawl (obviously informing the victim that they are a fighter) and teamiplier is just like ‘omg smol bean can kick ass’. Maybe like the person they beat up is a creep that tries chatting them up and touches them inappropriately (nothing to bad, like maybe ass touching?? But reader says no???)

Summary: It’s Mark’s birthday (it actually is coming up soon awww) and you guys have the great idea of having his birthday party at a bar where he can’t drink. Fights ensue.

A/N: Hey y’all sorry I didn’t post all week. I have no excuse, I just couldnt really find the inspiration for this fic at first rip. Anyway here I am! With a fic! Hope you guys enjoy :D (ps in case you don’t usually read my A/N 2.0 at the end of the fic, make sure you read it this time. Got a cool thing to tell you guys hehe

Wordcount: 1240, woohoo they’re getting longer!

Requests are closed at the moment, sorry folks!

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IT LIVES! Haha, okay, this was my little experiment and it worked, sort of. Being self taught means sometimes things develop slowly and this one was extra slow because I had to do lots of adulting recently, snore, and it meant not being able to mess with photoshop for a while. Anyway, here’s a thing that was mostly self -indulgence. It looks almost exactly like it did in my head, so I’m happy. Hope you like it (again, lol).

–> Original post

School AU
When she found herself with some paperwork to finish after the bell on a Friday afternoon, she decided she might as well make two cups of tea as make one. She approached Serena’s door carefully, fearing that she would probably let the drink go cold sooner than take it. Hearing a raised voice, she paused for a moment. She couldn’t quite make out what was being said, and she could only hear one side of the conversation; Serena must be on the phone. The exchange grew sharper and sharper until Serena’s voice became a shout and then stopped abruptly, the phone clattering loudly onto the desk before everything was still.

Bernie was drowning in the silence. She couldn’t walk away or go into her own office without alerting Serena to her presence right outside the door. There was nothing for it. She knocked in a way that she hoped suggested she had no idea what had just gone on.

Maybe Serena would just ignore it.

Maybe she should just go and drink both the damn teas.



–> Per Angusta ad Augusta by @midlifelez

Confessions of a recently admitted size queen

I did it again, and god it was good!!

last evening I got a call from a friend the operates a dive bar  I used to work at in a blink ya missed it town. She needed a fill in for the night.

So some extra cash sounded good and i had no reason I absolutely couldn’t help a girl in need, so hey! Off I went.

I hadn’t been there in well over 2 yrs, but it was fun to be back. All the regulars  were there and happy to see me and give me hell just like I never had left! Most of the guys just had to say hi to the twins! Which always gets me very good tips! I made sure to wear a tight cut off T just for the occasion! Though I didn’t put it on till after I got out of the house. Hubby is not fond of many stories from my time there and didn’t want him getting pissy about it.

Like I said, small local bar, the bar, fire station, a bank and 2 gas pumps. That what the towns got! LOL. So it can get to b anything goes sometimes and most know and don’t care.

After the happy hours crowd died down I got to talking and flirting with the few left, an old drunk, a couple, another gay couple(oddly enough) and a few regulars. Of course the topics always seem to get sexual and be a lot of fun and sometimes awfully raunchy! They all know various things about my naughty side so not unlike the past the pool started for getting me to serve with a little less on! I have to admit this is always fun but I never made it a habit when working there but when the owners husband was there and the pool got high enough…  well ya know. I’ve been persuaded on some occasions!

There really was very few there this night. I knew everyone very well anyway so I played along to see where it would go. It didn’t take long before I was astounded and decided to go change out of my jeans! I had to improvise this unplanned circumstance and found an old beaded type thing. Like something from a renaissance fair i guess, idk. I used that even though there was little point as it really didn’t cover anything! What did it really mater anyway? I figured. So feeling a little awkward but turned on at the same time I came back out in my half t and makeshift bead skirt! Of course they all loved me! he he!

After a little while I was having fun with it as these guys were thoroughly enjoying they’re mostly nude bar maid! Eventually the pool talked me out of my top. Before leaving the old men got to cop their feels. I had to let em, I know 2 of em rarely get any and they were extremely respectful and generous! The other, well lets say I’m glad the couple were still there as the husband had to escort him out as he found himself unable to leave without showing me just how happy I was making him! It was kinda funny in a cute “old man” kinda way. Though he may have been wanting more so it started getting  a little creepy! ewww!

I began cleaning up a little getting ready to close while “Bob and Mary” were finishing their drinks and keeping me company. I hadn’t bothered to get dressed, as I had my shirt on anyway and been this way for like over 3 hrs. Besides they contributed to the cause just as much all night! She liked me and I could tell just how much he did too!

The conversation went that direction after a little while so I had to ask her how big he looks… is it really? lol. After a lot of girl talk that I knew was going to far into our agreement about experiences with bigger than average guys I went to wipe down the tables real quick. Just trying to let em know it’s time to go. I then couldn’t help thinking as I was bending over the tables how much i was getting turned on by the idea of her husband just coming up behind me and just slamming his huge hard member in me!

As I finished up the last table Mary asked me,  "Would u like to feel him before we go? I don’t mind.“  I was surprised and don’t know what I did exactly next, but I didn’t turn around I know that. I was trying to figure out what to say and then i felt her come up next to me and she put her hand on my shoulder and kissed me. I didn’t wanna stop her and then she whispered, well?” I just nodded my head. Then he came behind me and put his hand on the back of my neck, gently bent me over the table as she walked away. His body wasn’t even touching me as I felt his hard cock against my already wet, slippery lips. Then, as if he knew, with one strong thrust he slammed his girth inside me as i let out a scream that was both pain and pleasure! He never said a word but did not stop the thrusts as I kept screaming from the mixture of feeling ripped open and filled full of ecstasy inside with an immediate orgasmic pleasure!! I soon reached a uncontrollable climax. Relentlessly, he held me down tighter now and did not let up! No longer was I feeling any pain, only what seemed to be a wave of pleasure from his violent thrusts deep into me insides!

I still had not seen his manhood but was becoming very aware this man may be more than I’ve ever taken as the feel of him stretching my insides full was becoming increasingly more pleasurably sensitive.

He continued to fuck me this way and I couldn’t stop moaning in pleasure as the waves never seemed to cease. Something very new to me! Then my curiosity won over and I lifted myself on the table to turn on my back. I had to witness, at least for a moment.

When I saw him a whole new gush came over me as he pulled my legs apart as far as he could. He had opened me much more than I was aware. Only 2 other men have ever come close to doing this to me. He certainly was long enough, though nothing much more than others well endowed I’ve been with.  My lord the man was thicker than I’ve ever seen a real cock to be! Seeing him sliding his truely massive thickness in and out of my soaking wet and swollen pussy made me have another intense orgasm! As I came I unconsciously was telling him “I fucking love your cock” over and over as I lay back on the table spread eagle letting him pound his cock as deep as possible then pulling all the way out teasing my wide open hole with new sensations. He soon after came as I held my thighs for him. I felt him cum up against the back of my vagina. I felt no pain, only his release and numb. Confirming to myself he is in fact the biggest I’ve been with.

Others have bottomed me out, always too much to handle. This man was by the end for sure and I was fine. Size isn’t everything. It really isn’t guys. But I do prefer a little bigger than average and that night, well…  If the guy really knows how to use it right AND is big also. U hm Every girl should be so lucky!!