going to end up marrying

“beauty and the beast” where beauty’s dad comes home with the rose and is like oh shit oh shit this terrible monster says i have to come live with him forever because i picked his favorite flower and beauty just goes fuck that and puts on her pants and marches down to the beast’s castle herself

and she’s expecting this horrifying dark fortress but it’s actually sort of just a normal castle with big rose bushes and furniture that’s sometimes alive

and she thinks, i can work with this

and the beast comes out and he’s like don’t look at me i am a hideous monster and beauty’s like dude you’re like a talking tiger in a cape are you kidding you’re AWESOME can i pet you can i stroke your paws can you give me a ride

and he’s like what and she goes around the castle like okay we’ll put curtains here and expand the kitchen and this could be a really cute breakfast nook

and the beast is confused because isn’t she supposed to be terrified and hate him and he had all these intimidating speeches planned and he’s like uh aren’t you going to try to run away

and beauty’s all are you kidding this is a magic castle i’m going to live here forever

so they just sort of settle in together and one day beauty goes home for the weekend to visit her family and they’re all amazed that she’s alive and her sisters go WHY DIDN’T THE HUGE MONSTER EAT YOU TO DEATH and she’s like nahhh he’s basically just a big cat he’s kind of cute actually sometimes he plays with yarn when he thinks i’m not looking

and she explains how it’s really not that bad, all the dishes wash themselves and i get all these gorgeous dresses for free because the castle doesn’t know what else to do with them and yeah there are flowers everywhere but hey that’s his hobby y'know i’m not gonna discourage that man

and then one day while beauty’s re-alphabetizing her magic library and trying to decide where to put that enchanted mirror the beast comes up and he’s like hey so this is awkward but are you like………………………………..in love with me……?????????

and beauty’s like oh uh wow haha um sorry no you’re…sort of a tiger

and the beast is like thank goodness because if you were i’d have to turn back into a human and i've kind of gotten used to being a big lion thing with horns and the ability to speak english for some reason like why would i want to go back to being a spindly little man and then beauty laughs and she’s like okay well can you go catch us a wild boar for dinner, dear

and they end up getting married in the end just because it’s easier to explain that way, you know, a single lady ~~living alone with a man~~ even if he’s not actually a man, and that’s fine with them because beauty was never really into the whole boys and sex thing and the beast (whose name is jeff) is honestly more interested in his flowers

and whenever any of the other ladies in the village give her any shit beauty is just like, oh, you don’t like my crepes? well you know my husband, who is literally a tiger, loves them and then everyone leaves her alone, which is really all she ever wanted

and she goes back to her magic castle and sits down with a book in front of the fire and rests her feet on her cat husband and nobody bothers her ever again

can that happen

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SO I HAD A THOUGHT AND IM GIVING IT TO YOU BECAUSE YOURE THE BEST!!! So any soulmate au where once the youngest one turns 18 you find out who the other is OK SO the day before his, Enjolras decides he doesn't want his life dictated by pre-determined rules, so he impulsively marries his boyfriend, Grantaire. As soon as they wake up the next morning, they see that [enter whatever soulmate au: tattoos, quotes, whatever] matches.

[Shhh, you’ll make me blush. I’ve never written a soulmark au! Here it goes:]

“Are you really sure about this?” Jehan asks doubtfully.

Yes,” Enjolras says firmly.

“Believe me, Jehan,” Combeferre says with a slight grimace. “This is already the toned down version of this plan.”

“He wanted to get married, today,” Grantaire says, grinning lovingly at his obstinate boyfriend.

“Isn’t there a two week waiting period after you register a marriage?” Jehan frowns.

“Yes, yes there is,” Combeferre says. “And with good reason.” That earns him a scoff from Enjolras.

“So tattoos it is,” Grantaire grins widely.

“Alright,” Jehan laughs. “I do think it’s super sweet.”

Enjolras gives them an enquiring look. “You don’t approve though,” he says. He doesn’t sound accusing or resentful, he’s just asking.

Jehan hums vaguely, putting the appropriate paperwork down in front of their friends. “I have good reason to be fond of soulmarks,” they say and their hand absentmindedly passes across their heart. Just above the low collar of their shirt the top of the letter M is visible. “But you guys were obviously meant to be together.” They smile. “And chosen soulmarks… That’s just too romantic for me to object to. I love it.”

Enjolras looks content and Grantaire grins. They sign the paperwork and hand it back to Jehan.

“Right!” Jehan beams. “Let’s get you ready for some ink then.”

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a YOI spy AU where Viktor and Yuuri are put on a mission together… which is on a luxury cruise … where they have to be Fake Marrieds on their Fake Honeymoon


  • Yuuri is quiet and efficient, he always gets the job done with minimal-to-zero collateral damage (he even got a plaque for it!)
  • Viktor is the 007 2.0 who always gets the job done, but there’s gonna be a few explosions and he’s gonna wear really cool shades while it happens
  • Christophe and Phichit are their like, contacts or backup or whatever they’re called… whatever, they’re along for the cruise too bc Reasons
  • they also have to share a room (budget constraints)
  • Chris: this kid talks about hamsters nonstop. send help. or booze.
  • (also: Christophe and Viktor are always flirting back and forth with each other a la Garcia and Morgan from Criminal Minds)
  • Yuri is the Kiddie Tech Genius also being dragged along for the ride bc that cruise ship wifi is waaayyyy too pricey. he’s hating every minute of it.
  • Viktor getting sunburnt on the first day
  • Yuuri: You are the world’s best spy… and you forgot sunscreen
  • Viktor: I know, you don’t have to be so mean about it :((
  • “I think we should snuggle, it’ll help us get in to character ;)”
  • Viktor constantly hanging all over Yuuri. even when he really doesn’t need to
  • Viktor being dressed in the most ridiculous ways imaginable and Yuuri being constantly Stressed about it
  • Yuuri: you realize we’re supposed to be BLENDING IN?
  • Viktor: someone like me is incapable of blending in *puts on sunglasses* *flips hair*
  • Viktor having an absurd number of speedos
  • Yuuri: is that really necessary? did you really NEED to bring 7 thongs??
  • Viktor: okay, first of all, at least three pairs are CHEEKY cut, so I will not be Slandered like this…
  • Chris to Phichit: wow they sure do sound married
  • Yuuri constantly fighting the urge to stare at Viktor and drool all over the place while he prances around in tiny speedos all day long
  • Yuuri: you are going to get us killed
  • Viktor: I’ve seen how well you handle a gun, we’ll be fine ;)
  • Yuuri: …wait what?

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What's your response to this argument I saw one time saying that anti/aang rhetoric fails to take into account how aang never acts jealous or possessive of katara in the episode "jet" where she exudes outward feelings for another guy in front of him? I've always had this question myself, wasn't sure if it was something used to make the plot go smoothly or not. Like if both sokka and aang didn't like jet, then Katara would've been swayed to leave way earlier n the episode wouldn't have happened.

I actually agree with that point: Aang doesn’t act jealous or possessive at all, even when Katara’s crush on Jet is obvious. He even wears the hat that Katara made for Jet!

Throughout season one, actually, Aang’s feelings for Katara are handled well. He’s kind and tender, and whether Katara wants to mack on Jet or Haru, he’s helpful in whatever cause her romantic interests are pursuing.

He has a crush from the start:

He thinks she’s pretty:

He pursues her: 

But, it doesn’t interfere with the foundation of his character.

In fact, with the exception of The Fortuneteller [You can read my opinions on this episode here [x] & [x], Basically, the episode focuses on learning about one-sided crushes, only to take the last 20s and reduce Katara’s destiny to who she’s going to end up marrying]... Anyways, with the exception of last 20s of The Fortuneteller, season one did a splendid job of shaping Aang’s feelings for Katara into something that was ultimately one-sided:

But, it was still innocent and cute.

 In fact, I didn’t dislike Kataang until the end of season two and all of season three. 

In season two, my issues came with Aang’s choice to choose Katara over the Avatar State. It was foolish on his part, and a foolhardy push by the creators to show us just how much Aang loved Katara. 

It was silly, considering season two was full of instances that not only foreshadowed Aang growing out of his crush on Katara:

But also, further established their relationship as one-sided:

Katara: [Turns to face him and gestures to the portrait.] And here, it says, “Love is brightest in the dark,” and has a picture of them kissing.
Aang: [Utterly confused and lost.] Where are you going with this?
Katara: [Shyly, blushing.] Well, what if we … kissed?
Aang: [Very surprised.] Us … kissing‌?
Katara: See? It was a crazy idea.
Aang: [Dreamily.] Us … kissing
Katara: [Fake-jokingly.] Us kissing. What was I thinking? Can you imagine that‌?


Aang: They’re made of some kind of crystal. They must only light up in the dark.
Katara: That’s how the two lovers found each other. [Gestures with her hand along the ceiling.] They just put out their lights and followed the crystals. [Sees the exit.] That must be the way out! [The two hug.]
Aang: So, uh …
Katara: Let’s go!

The ending of season two also dashed a ton of character development for Aang, such as learning a bending stye so unlike his own: 

Navigating struggles between himself and his masters: 

And learning that his way of life may not be the only ‘right’ way of life: 

Aang’s decision in The Crossroads of Destiny didn’t align with the development in season two, and seemed an awfully rash decision considering we’d only ever seen Katara behave maternally around Aang. A narrative that is only furthered by the illusion to Pieta: 

In season three, Aang’s behavior grew into something that was no longer innocent and one-sided, but aggressive and one-sided: 

Aang: [Standing up.] Argh!
Katara: Relax, Aang. They’re not accurate portrayals. It’s not like I’m a preachy crybaby who can’t resist giving overemotional speeches about hope all the time. [Everyone looks at her.] What?
Aang: [Turns around and sits down. Sarcastically.] Yeah, that’s not you at all.

Katara: Are you all right?
Aang: [Angered.] No, I’m not! I hate this play! [Yanks his hat off and throws it on the ground.]
Katara: I know it’s upsetting, but it sounds like you’re overreacting.
Aang: Overreacting? If I hadn’t blocked my chakra, I’d probably be in the Avatar State right now!

Aang: Katara, did you really mean what you said in there?
Katara: In where? What are you talking about?
Aang: On stage, when you said I was just like a … brother to you, and you didn’t have feelings for me.
Katara: I didn’t say that. An actor said that.
Aang: But it’s true, isn’t it? We kissed at the Invasion, and I thought we were gonna be together. But we’re not.
Katara: Aang, I don’t know.
Aang: Why don’t you know?
KataraBecause, we’re in the middle of a war, and, we have other things to worry about. This isn’t the right time.
Aang: Well, when is the right time?
Katara: Aang, I’m sorry, but right now I’m just a little confused.

Katara: I just said I was confused! I’m going inside. [Exits the balcony.]

Not only that, but their relationship, based on dialogue alone (X & X), was drifting apart. Aang was increasingly belligerent and self-righteous, while Katara was treated as a means-to-an-end, his muse, his reason for saving the world, and his prize for succeeding. 


You see, Aang may not have shown possessive tendencies in season one or two, because the relationship was handled properly. However, the moment Kataang became so forced as to neglect Aang’s character development in season two and portray poor behavior as romantic in season three, Aang does act possessive and aggressive towards Katara. 

And because he’s never taught that his actions are wrong, because he never apologizes for the many times he acted out towards Katara, Kataang is tainted by these negative qualities, and the pattern continues on into the comics and LOK.  

I don’t even know where I went with this.
Enjoy Dad! Loki.

Dad Loki headcanons:

-when you gave birth he totally said the child looked like an asgardian raisin.

-you were so pissed.

-Probably has no idea whatsoever on how to care for a child.

-Tbh he never thought he’d have a child, let alone even be with you, so it’s a whole new experience for him.

-Thinks of the child as a squishy, puny being.

-10/10 probably lets the baby wear his helmet.

-It’s way too big for them, so it’s hilarious to see something so small wear something so big.

-Never thought fatherhood would feel so rewarding to him.

-Dad Loki is super protective.

-Probably less of a narcissist, not as big as a sassy asshole anymore.

-Being a new father is such an experience for him, it tired him out so quickly.

-Can’t change a diaper to save his life. The last time he tried to, the poor child was wearing it inside out and backwards.

-Probably can’t wait for the child to become old enough to care for themselves.

-Who am I kidding, when the baby grows up, he’ll probably miss these times like hell.

-Low key hovers people when they hold the child without realizing it.

-You’ll have to probably point it out to him.

-He’s 100% going to deny it.

-“but Loki, you were basically breathing down their neck”
-“I have no clue what you’re talking about (y/n)”

-When it finally hits him that he’s going to be a dad, he’s probably scared.

-His father was never a truly good father, and he’s not that great of a person so he’ll probably be so scared to care for something so impressionable.

-Gives the baby cute nicknames like little frost giant or snowflake.

-Wears gloves because he’s afraid his cold skin will make the child sick.

-When the child grows up he’d be so proud to see how amazing they turned out.

-Kinda pissy when they get old enough to be in a relationship.

-“I don’t like them”
-“Loki you haven’t even met them yet”
-“I don’t care (y/n) I don’t like them”
-“okay love, whatever floats your boat”
-“what does that mean?”
-“never mind Loki”

-When he meets their boyfriend/girlfriend, he’ll totally act like he has a stick up his ass, this will later lead to you having to lecture him.

-Loki being Loki, he’ll totally deny everything, ending up with him having an uncomfortable nights rest on the designer couch he bought.

-If the child ends up getting married he’s probably going to cry.

-Who am I kidding, he’s gonna cry.

He Was Found


I recommend reading He Was Lost before reading this.

Ethan Dolan forgot what it’s like to be annoyed at his brother. Not ‘dammit Grayson, why’d you have to go and drink all the milk’ kind of annoyed, but more like ‘dammit Grayson, why’d you have to bring up the love of my life who I stupidly let go of and miss more than anything’ type of annoyed. He is peeling oranges near the counter and Grayson’s mixing some pancake batter, tossing in handfuls of chocolate chips.

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Imagine Chris attending your graduation.

A/N: Back at it with more of the Chris Evans Mini-Series Spin-off! This is Part 1 of Chapter 4 which is called ‘Miss Graduate’. And as always, it’s just fluff, fluff, and more fluff. You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’, ‘Little Ways Away’, and 'She Said Yes’ - Masterlist) Enjoooooy 😁❤️

You stood in front of your mirror in your graduation cap and gown, smiling at yourself with great pride. You couldn’t believe it, the day was finally here. You’d made it through hell and high water, but you were finally graduating. You lifted your head to keep the welling tears in your eyes; you did not want to ruin your makeup before you even got to the ceremony.

Chris poked his head into your room and immediately smiled when he saw you. To say he was proud of his girl was an understatement, as he was more than just proud of you. He wished he could tell you what he thought, but there were simply no words to express how he felt seeing you in that graduation cap and gown. The feeling was mutual when you went to his Broadway debut, to his 'Avengers: Infinity War’ premieres, basically to anything that involved showcasing his undeniable talent. There was a sense of excitement, and pride, and adoration; just a huge mess of positive emotions. Now Chris wasn’t only feeling all that because you’d achieved something amazing, it was also because your graduation meant you were soon to move in with, and eventually marry him. Those two things were something he’d been dreaming of since he’d met and fell in-love with you; with his beautiful, talented, and perfect other half.

You spotted Chris in the mirror and smiled. He crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the door frame, “you look very dignified.” You chuckled as you turned, shooting him a quick wink. “You ready to go? 'Cause Ava is, she’s downstairs in the car with Seb.”

Yes, your best friend was graduating alongside you, top of her class whereas you came third in yours. Ava was a year younger than you, but you’d gone into university at the same time due to your gap year. You were glad to have taken that gap year, as you couldn’t have imagined doing that wild ride without her. She was like a substitute for your mom, who you were thick as thieves with. She reassured you, kept your grounded, read your work and gave you honest reviews, took care of you, and showered you with endless love and positive vibes. Ava was pretty much your sister from another mother, and your mother’s second daughter; she was your family. So as excited as you were to move in with Chris, it was going to be heartbreaking to leave the apartment you shared with Ava for three years. You were going to miss seeing her face every morning and every night, though she swore she was going to hang around your new home so much Chris would think she’d moved in too.

Speaking of Ava, her and Sebastian were now officially a couple- hence why he was attending the graduation ceremony. After that dinner at Chris’- where their obvious chemistry could not be ignored- they casually dated for a little while, doing a little bit of a long distance thing as Sebastian had to go back to New York after his shoot. But when he was in Los Angeles, or when he invited her to New York- they went on dinner dates and movie nights and short romantic getaways in and around Los Angeles and New York. It was always superbly romantic and Ava would always return home with a huge smile on her face. It was fairly obvious they both wanted something more, but were afraid to jump too quickly as they didn’t want to get hurt or hurt the other person. So they tested the waters, took things incredibly slow to see if things between them was something that could last them a lifetime. They were insufferable, but a little less than you and Chris were considering they were actually dating. Six months after their first proper date, they announced that they were officially a couple. Sebastian posted about her on Instagram, they trended on the World Wide Web, and you and Chris popped the champagne.

“Yeah, just give me a sec.” You walked over to the left side of your bed- the side where Chris usually slept when he slept over. “There’s something I want to give you before we go.” You took off your heels before you got on your hands and knees, searching under your bed for your secret box of secret things. Chris watched you curiously, pushing his weight off the door frame and onto his feet. “I’ve been working on it before you even knew I existed, I just didn’t know how I was going to give it to you.”

“You didn’t know how you were going to give something you’ve been hiding under the bed to the man who sleeps in said bed?” He teased and you chuckled, slipping your heels back on as you got back on your feet. “Oh God,” Chris chuckled when he saw what you had in your hand; a leather bound notebook in your favorite color- Tiffany&Co’s signature blue. You held it out for him to take, biting back your smile. “You’re going to make me cry like a fucking baby with this book, aren’t you?”

“Probably,” you nodded and he chuckled, smoothing one hand over the surface of the notebook. “I was going to save it until the night before our wedding, but um- I decided to stick with my original plan instead. You know, the one I had before I knew I was going to end up marrying my idol.” Another low chuckle escaped his throat. “And that was to somehow get it to you on my graduation day, so,” you beckoned your head at the book.

“I shouldn’t start reading it in the car, should I?” He asked.

“Not if you want to look pretty for the pictures,” you shook your head and he cracked a smile, nodding in acknowledgement. “You can read it whenever you want, but I can promise that a cry baby like yourself-” you teased him and he laughed, “you’ll cry when you read it.”

“I’ll save it for when I’m alone then,” he told you, setting the notebook down on the top of your dresser. You watched him as his hand remained on top of the notebook, eyes contemplating whether or not he wanted to read it now. He was curious and it was obvious, but he also took your warning fairly seriously; you were very good at making him cry with your writing. “Why’d you have to give it to me now?” He both groaned and chuckled simultaneously.

“Because I’m a sucker for cliffhangers,” you giggled, drawing a chuckle from him. “Now come on,” you took his hand and pulled him out of the room and away from the notebook. “We’re going to be late for the ceremony. Chris-” he abruptly pulled you back and into his arms, pressing his lips against yours. You felt a smile on his lips and one surface on your own as his hand moved onto your lower back, pressing your body against his. “And what was that for?” You asked when he broke the kiss, resting his forehead against yours.

“I am just so incredibly proud of you,” he told you and both your eyes welled with tears.

“Don’t start with me, Evans.” You chuckled and drew back slightly so you could tilt your head and stop yourself from crying; your makeup may have been waterproof, but there was no way it could survive the crying that came as a result of Chris’ touching words. “We said no crying until we got home, I want to look pretty for the pictures.”

“Lucky for you,” he gently swiped a tear that was rolling down your cheek, “you’re a beautiful cryer.” You chuckled then pecked his lips, brushing his bearded cheek with your thumb. “Okay, we should really go 'cause my pants just vibrated.” He patted the pocket where his phone was in, and you tried not to laugh as you teased him.

“Who knew a graduation gown could turn you on so much?”

“Oh God,” he threw his head back, bellowing with laughter. You giggled and pulled away from him, taking his hand and leading him towards the front door. “You know, you should really learn to be more like me and keep the bad jokes to yourself.”

“I should,” you glanced back at him with a smirk, “but where’s the fun in that?”

• • • • • • • •

Chris and Sebastian moved to sit with yours and Ava’s families upon arrival, while the two of you went to join your respective classes. It was insane how many people were there, and how majority of them were as emotional as you were after your chancellor’s speech. The part of his speech that stuck with you the most was, “this is the end of your life as a student and the beginning of your life as a contributor to society. You no longer have your parents, your professors, or your student identity to fall back on. You are an adult now. You are responsible for every action you make, and every reaction you create. So do something extraordinary with your time on this earth, with your existence, and do not- for a second, let anyone or anything decide on your fate because this is your life. Stand up, because it’s time for all of you to set out and conquer the world.”

When applause erupted through the crowd of more than eight thousand people, you found yourself looking for Chris’ face in the sea of people. It was ridiculous because there was no way you would’ve spotted him from where you were, but you tried to anyway because he was the reason you were here and ready to do as your chancellor said.

Ava spotted you scanning the crowd then smiled when she caught your gaze, sharing a nod of pride and acknowledgement with you. Her smile widened when she saw your lips mouthing the words, “I am so proud of you.” To which she mouthed back, “I am so proud of you too,” causing your smile to reach your eyes. You kept your gazes on each other then turned away chuckling softly when you both realized you were making each other cry. You may not have spotted Chris, but you saw your best friend and she, too, was one of the reasons you’d made it. Without her and her constant support, you wouldn’t be sitting there and you sure as hell wouldn’t have believed you deserved to be with Chris.

When all was said and done, you pushed through the sea of students celebrating and crying with their friends and families so you could find yours and do the same. Ava found you before you could find her, throwing her arms around you to give a tight hug as she cried with utter joy. You hugged her back with the same tears of joy streaming down your face, laughing softly at your promise to not cry until you got home. “Congratulations, Ava.” You whispered before you pulled away. “You did it, you graduated.”

“So did you,” she chuckled, brushing her tears away. “And you’re finally getting the life I always knew you’d get, the one you always argued was impossible and unrealistic.” You chuckled when she poked your arm, smiling. “Look at this, I always knew we’d end up here.” She took your left hand and reminded you of the engagement ring Chris had slipped on almost three years ago. “I am so, so happy for you. You are going to do some extraordinary things with your life,” she gently squeezed your elbow, “I just know it.”

“You too, Ava,” you smiled, giving her elbow a gentle squeeze back. “And you are going to make the most beautiful bride one day.” She chuckled softly and dropped her gaze, hiding her reddening cheeks. “He’s going to ask, you know that right?” You tried not to smile when you remembered talking to Sebastian about his plans with your best friend; he was going to marry her, definitely, he was just waiting for the right time. To which you countered with, “there is never a right time, Seb. Just the right person, and Ava’s pretty freaking perfect for you.”

“Let’s focus on your engagement and your wedding first, we don’t want a Bride Wars situation to happen.” She joked and you laughed. “Though I doubt it would, I’d happily let you and Chris have whatever location and date you want.” You smiled and gave your best friend another tight hug.

“Are the two of you going to share that love? 'Cause we’d really like to get in some PG hugs and kisses before we bring you back to your families.” You heard Chris’ voice and smiled, releasing Ava from your arms to turn to your fiancé. “Congratulations, Ava,” he said to her as she walked past him to hug Sebastian. “For you, my love.” He held out a bouquet of red rose and you smiled, taking it from him before you buried yourself in his arms. “Congratulations, sweetheart. I am-” he chuckled to stop himself from crying, “I am so proud of you.”

“Thank you,” you looked up at him and smiled. “Now I’d tell you all about how I wouldn’t have pursued screen writing without you, and how I couldn’t have made it through the last three years without you, but-” you chuckled. “It’s in the notebook and I don’t want to spoil anything for you.” He chuckled, pressing a kiss to your forehead. “So I’ll just tell you this instead, though- I’m pretty sure you know this by now.” He nodded before you could say anything. “I love you, Chris Evans. More than I’ll love another being in this lifetime, more than I love Fan fic Chris, and more than I love myself.” He smiled and caressed your face in his hands, ready to dip his head to press his lips against yours. “And I am so ready to move in, marry, and spend the rest of my life with you.”

“Took the words right out of my mouth.”

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Part 2A

Voltron Theory: Lotor, Haggar and Zarkon are related

Alright so, after rewatching season one and season two of Voltron, I have a theory that connects back to the old Golion story way back in the 1980s. Now bear in mind that Dreamworks Voltron is its own beast, and a lot of what’s going on has no connection with the original Beast King Golion or the original Voltron tv series. However there are a number of clues that show that this series is taking from both of the series in their own way.

First I have to point out that in Voltron magic wasn’t directly addressed, however Golion did have this and we’ve seen that the Alteans use magic so first connection to Golion. Following this we have Shiro’s name, clearly named after Takashi Shiro from Golion as well. However Shiro himself seems to be taking more from Sven and Keith from the original Voltron. That being said as well we can then see other connections here and there: The lions possibly having spirits in them akin to Golion, while from Voltron we get more of the goofy characteristics of Lance as well as him being more of a flirt.

The new series really seems to like to play with both shows which brought me to wonder, now that they have Lotor coming in, exactly which story line would they give him? And the strange thing is, I think they’re going to merge aspects from both series into this.

Mind you this is just a theory, as we haven’t even seen Lotor, but I’m going based on what I’ve seen so far in the show, and I’m hoping I’m right on this. 

Alright so we’ve seen in the last episode Blackout that Haggar is worried about Zarkon, and seemingly has been for some time. Naturally a few people have suggested that she has feelings for him, but I don’t think it’s the case of romance. Bear in mind that in previous incarnations Zarkon was the son of Haggar and Zarkon’s father who pretty much used her as a concubine (though Haggar wasn’t an Altean in the series) and she gave birth to Zarkon who later pretty much, er…slept with Lotor’s mother who was a Altean captive of his (this was a pretty dark birth story line and later drove Lotor mad).

I do not think that the whole captive thing is going to come into play here, rather given the events that we’ve seen I highly suspect we’re going to get a rather tragic story of both love and obsession. There’s also the issue that in Golion there was a space angel, goddess of the the universe, who was the one that split apart the lions into five separate beings. In Voltron it was Haggar that did the splitting.

So, my guess based on the clues that we have, is that the whole family tree within the Golion story is going to be kind of twisty and full of turns. They wouldn’t have made Keith Galra without reason, and I suspect that a large part of it is going to come from the fact that there’s going to be connections between Keith, Zarkon, Lotor, Haggar and Allura.

I can only build the theories on the clues that have been hinted at and the two sources of the show, plus the Devils Due comic that came out several years ago. Like I said, most of this is based on the limited clues that seem to be dropped though out the two seasons.

So my theory goes something like this:

Years ago Haggar was one of a family related to Allura’s mother (who I’m guessing is going to be that Space Angel like Goddess –or she’s going to be the purple Lion again) and ended up being married to the Emperor of the Galra. During this time she had a child with the emperor who was Zarkon.

Clue’s that seem to indicate something connected to this as a possibility:

1. In the show Zarkon never calls Haggar by her name, he never addresses her as Witch Haggar, however he shows the utmost respect for her, and trusts her more than anyone else in the whole fleet. I find it odd that he doesn’t call her by her title either, not only that but she seems to be the only one that can talk to him in a less formal manner and that he will listen to.

2. In the original Haggar was Zarkon’s mother, but wasn’t able to tell him due to the way the Galra had set things up. So she could only protect her son from afar in a way.

3 In the new show we see Haggar worrying over Zarkon beyond just a loyal subject. She, at points, looks at him when he’s walking off with utter fear and worry, much like a mother would look at her child before he or she does something that they know the child will regret.

4. Zarkon and Haggar’s attitudes towards one another during the events that led up to Blackout. Zarkon’s voice sounds more like a child telling his mother that he knows what he’s doing and to but out. While Haggar seems to be operating from the shadows trying to find a way to stop Voltron before Zarkon makes a bad move.

5. Both Zarkon and Haggar seem to have the ability to harness the Quintessence.  Something we know the Galra can’t do as most of their machines run on regular crystals and energy over the magic based system that Allura seems to be using.

As the son of the Emperor Zarkon eventually took control of the Empire and because of her connections to the Alteans Haggar made it so that Zarkon could befriend Alfor easily. Keith’s mom was probably a friend of Zarkon’s who was connected to him, or possibly related to Zarkon either though the royal blood line, or directly related as his sister through a different mother.

Anyway, during the time the comet crashed and Alfor came by to help, among those that were working with him was a young Altean woman who met Zarkon and the two fell in love. This eventually lead to a romance and Zarkon and this woman had Lotor. Not sure if they were married or not, that can be left in the air, but it’s reasonable to believe that Zarkon, given the way he’s seen by a lot of people, isn’t 100% a rotten person.

Clues to this come in the form of us mostly in the fact that Lotor in past incarnations has had a Altean mother and given the fact that Zarkon and Alfor worked closely, I don’t see it as such a surprise if Zarkon did meet and fall in love with a Altean scientist.

We also saw from the space mall episode that people are living mostly normal lives under his rule, which is conflicting with what Zarkon has been doing to others. There’s also the mall cop that seems to think that Zarkon is the best.

Somehow between the point that the first group of Voltron paladin’s came about and the new group came about, something large and dangerous attacked the Galra home world and probably killed a lot of people in the wake of its destruction.  Among those that died, more than likely Zarkon’s wife.

Clues to this could be seen in his obsession to get to Voltron and building a device that will destroy worlds. One of the key differences here in the case of Voltron Legendary defender and Voltron Defender of the universe and Golion was the fact that this is the first time that the Galra home world (also called planet Doom) was destroyed. This could mean that the need for Zarkon to overpower everything probably is not coming from the need to conquer everything for the sake of just having power, but rather to build up his army to take on something more powerful than he is.

If you’ve noticed there’s the point that everything he attacks is either for finding strong warriors, finding parts for something that he’s building or gathering the lions to him for use in some giant moment. We’ve seen that he’s willing to die to get those lions back, and there has to be a connection between the use of Voltron and Zarkon’s need to gather parts for war.

Now on to Lotor in this case. If I’m right about Haggar is his grandmother, then that means that there could be a case that like that of Prince Sincline where he doesn’t know about his blood line in regard to his father’s family. However we’ve already seen that the Stranger, if he is Lotor, seems to already be as tall as Keith meaning that he knows he’s probably part Altean. The question is how is he responding to it?

As I’ve said in earlier posts I’m suspecting we’re going to see a more science based Lotor, over the flirty and mostly jerkish version from the original Voltron and Golion show. My reasoning comes from a few places:

1. We saw him grab the scaultrite meaning he knew what he was looking for when he got trapped by the Weblum, and clearly he knew where to look for it as well.

2. Is the fact that he only took enough for one person to use, which to me at least indicates that he’s going to be testing something on a smaller scale first, which is what scientist do normally when they’re trying stuff.

3. We can devise from the fact that the Galra don’t have a wormhole device that they don’t possess the magic to activate something like the Telledove and move over the course of time and through the use of the Druids magic over their own abilities.

This makes me think that Lotor, if that is Lotor, is trying to find a way to make it so that the Galra can move more efficiently without the help of the Druids. This also tells me that he probably will not have as pleasant an interaction with Haggar, as she seemed not to happy to actually be calling him in. Meaning that, like the other Galra, he’s not someone who trusts Haggar and the Druids and finds them offensive. Which also means that he’s probably going to rely more on tech over something like Haggars spells.

If Haggar is his grandmother, and given her love of robeasts and the like, we will probably see new upgraded versions of these things, if Lotor sees reason to use them. I’m also suspecting we may eventually see the robot Iron Maiden, come out of this whole thing.

Of course this is just a theory right now.

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Artist & Actor
Word count: 1690
“Tom sit still for goodness sakes, I swear you are worse than a dog”.

This was the 5th time you had scolded Tom in the last 30 minutes, he was severely sea sick so you were doing your best to add some color to his face.

“I’m sorry Y/N, I forget that you’re doing my makeup and well sometimes you just have to move”.

You stop what you’re doing to look at the only other person in the trailer with you and Tom. He’s a boy about your age with dark hair and soft looking pale skin. He had been staring at the two of you since you finally got Tom to sit in your chair. Tom didn’t understand why you had to “cake on” so much “stuff” as he put it.

“Tom, I’m almost done with your foundation then all I have to do is contour you”.

Toms eyes got big at the word he didn’t know, plus the fact that he had to sit in your chair for a bit longer. He was beginning to pout like a little boy.

“But Y/N, you’ve been doing this for hours”.

He said dramatically as your rolled your eyes and grabbed the bronzer.

“It’s been 35 minutes”. You said dryly now applying highlighter.

“Ok you’re done you can go”.

Tom quickly jumped out of the chair quickly running past you and slapping the brown haired boy on the butt as he passed.

Laughing the boy turned and faced you standing up a bit straighter, turning shy.

“Umm… you are Y/N, right?”

He must be one of yours, you were assigned to 3 people’s hair, makeup, and costumes. There were a total of 6 makeup, hair, and costume assistants on set, two of them being assigned to the main cast along with you and the other three all had to handle the extras.

“Uh yea, and what might your name be?”

Shyly smiling at you a small dimple popped in his cheek, making him impossibly cuter than before. You knew this was your job and you had to keep things professional, but it was getting difficult with how attractive the cast was.

“It’s Fionn, I think Um…I think I’m one of yours”.

Ok the whole cast was attractive, but this one, you already knew it would be hard to stay away from this one.

“Yes you are, along with Harry and Tom, but don’t let Tom scare you away from me, I’m not as bad as he made me out to be a few moments ago, he just really can’t sit still. It’s nice to meet you by the way Fionn”.

You held your hand out to shake his, the boy stretched his arm out to meet your hand, but his eyes were looking everywhere but at you.

“Well let’s get started shall we. Today I’m just going to apply some basic foundation and that’s all … looks like you have pretty good skin so you don’t need much”.

Fionn took a seat in your chair while you pulled out a new clean beauty blender and the foundation. You placed about a nickel size drop into your metal bowl and wet your beauty blender before dipping it in, then lightly bouncing the sponge off of his soft skin, making sure to get full coverage.
“Actually looks like you have Freckles, they fit well with your features, I like them, especially with your dark hair and hazel eyes”.

You didn’t know why you were telling him this, but it was like you couldn’t stop yourself. It was true though, and he was beautiful.

“You know you don’t talk nearly as much as Tom does, kinda refreshing actually, although you do have a nice voice, calm and deep”.

You suddenly stop applying the makeup. Had you really said that? It was true but he didn’t need to know how you felt about the voice you’ve only heard twice or his skin.

You can see his cheeks have turned bright red, bright enough to show through your work. Great, now you were both flustered. As the heat in your cheeks remained you quickly cleared your throat and started on his hair.

“So…um, I’ll just be adding a bit of Oil to your hair, to give it the effect that it hasn’t been washed in a while and then you’re done”.
Please, please, please don’t let him have soft hair too or you may melt into a puddle right there. Sliding your fingers through his dark hair you had to bite your tongue, because just as suspected, it was indeed soft, perfect actually.

His eyes met yours in the mirror,

“Already? But, it took you at least 45 minutes on Tom”.

Fionn looked back at the ground like he previously was. He didn’t mean to make it seem like he wanted to be in there with you longer than necessary, but he did.

“Well that’s because you’re good and sit in you’re seat while I work. You don’t wiggle the whole time and ask if I’m done yet like you’re 5”.

He chuckled, it was true though, Ton did do all of those things, Fionn should know he was standing there.

Fionn ended up in the makeup trailer 45 minutes early because he was mesmerized by the gorgeous girl he had seen on set previously that day. She had the most beautiful and unique look about her from her hair to her skin.

Fionn hadn’t even realized that you had finished his hair because he was so caught up in daydreaming. He was staring the whole time, but you were too busy to notice.

“Alright, you’re done for now but I will be with you, Harry, and Tom throughout the day for touch ups”.

Fionn smirked at you, fiddling with the shirt tail of his uniform.

“You mean I have to share you…can’t just have you all to myself?”

“No unfortunately not. Trust me, you’re the best out of the bunch, would much rather just have you”.

“Ay love, that’s not very nice”.

Harry entered the trailer with only half his uniform on and a goofy but charming smirk.

“Harry what happened to your two shirts and your jacket?”

“Ummm well, the first shirt you see I accidentally got it caught on something when I fell and it tore, and the second, I’m not sure really. Honestly I was just tired of wearing a shirt, took it off somewhere, but I don’t remember where”.

Rolling you’re eyes, you feel like you’re babysitting with the way Harry loses things, and Tim can’t sit still.

“Ok…ok, I’ll go find you some new shirts, but when I get back your butt had better be in that chair and ready for me to cover your tattoos and do your hair”.

“Yes ma’am”.

Harry saluted you as he sat down swiftly. Walking off to the back to retrieve him more clothes, you began to massage your temples, mumbling to yourself,

“God this is going to be a long month”.

But you couldn’t help to think that maybe Fionn would make it just a little more bearable.

“Ay mate I see you came back here to make a move after this morning. Let me guess, love at first sight”.

Fionn was just about done tying his shoes as Harry asked the question. Harry and Fionn were close, they’re always together on set, so of course Harry knows of the gorgeous girl from this morning.

“Shut up Harry she could hear you”.

Harry sat up a bit more in his chair, surprised that Fionn hadn’t made a move yet.

“C’mon mate, you have to do something, can’t just sit around all bloody month just staring. At least make conversation with her, compliment her or something”.

You arrived back in the room with two new shirts for Harry.

“Here, and try to be less clumsy and forgetful please, were running out of your size”.

Harry playfully rolled his eyes at you and kicked Fionn, signaling him to make a move.

“Uh so Y/N, how long have you been doing this?”

You were a bit stunned at the random question, but he asked it so sweetly and with his lovely voice that you didn’t question it.

Harry on the other hand, looked up at Fionn with disgust at his terrible attempt at flirting, laying his head in his hand.

“ This is actually my first movie, but I’ve been doing makeup since I was 13”.

“Me too! I…I mean this is my first movie too, not that I have been doing make up since I was 13… cause I haven't… done makeup, ever actually”.

You could see how flustered he was getting. God he was cute when he was flustered.

This whole conversation pained Harry even more than before, but he could tell you liked Fionn too. You were smiling and being too polite. You were flirting.

“Yea I knew what you meant”.

The two of you laughed while you began pulling out what you needed for Harry.

“Well I guess I better head to set, it was nice meeting you Y/N”.


After Fionn was gone Harry just kept staring at you like he knew something you didn’t.


“Oh nothing, just that you two are going to end up married with children and I get to say that I witnessed your relationship from the beginning”.

Was it that obvious that you liked him? It doesn’t matter because this is a job, and you already promised yourself you would keep this professional.

“Y/N, it’s ok, I know about your stupid professional rule, but I think love is worth breaking rules over”.

You were now working on covering his many tattoos, and also trying to avoid eye contact. Harry was right, but it didn’t help that he was your best friend and knew everything yuh were thinking.

“So what, it’s just a crush, I’ll get over it”.

“S’not just a crush love, he’s got feelings too, and im going to get the two of you together so I can add some more godchildren to my list”.


Final Chapter: We Have Forever

As promised, here is the second part of my two-shot!  I hope you all enjoy it, it really warmed by heart writing this little fic!  Much love to my canon babies!

~ 10 Years Later ~

“Hey, Lu, are you nervous?”  Levy asked as she came around the table that Lucy was seated at in the guild hall.

“A bit actually.”  Lucy admitted, chewing her lip in thought.  “I don’t really know what to expect, you know?”

“I know how you feel.  It’ll be fine, trust me.”  Levy patted Lucy’s head and smiled down at Lucy.

“Thanks.”  Lucy smiled up appreciatively.  Lucy had been nervous for months, and now that the time had finally come, well, her nerves had skyrocketed to an entirely new level.

Levy bid her farewell with one final comforting pat on Lucy’s shoulder, and went off to scout for Gajeel.  Lucy sighed, she was content and happy, but everything was about to change and she didn’t know how it would go.  Everything had been at peace for so long, it was nice to have the guild so happy, but she had been focusing on one thing for the past four and a half months.  She was happy, of course, but continuously nervous.

Shortly after the war, almost eleven years prior, Lucy, Natsu, Gray, Erza, Wendy, Happy, and Carla all set off on a hundred year quest.  Of course, it wasn’t actually a hundred year quest, no, the mission itself had been posted on the guild’s wall for a hundred years.  Natsu had been dying to take the request and they were finally able to once all of the chaos was over.  

The mission was difficult, after all, Gildarts was the only one to ever take on a hundred year quest and survive it, so they had taken things cautiously.  It took Team Natsu just over seven years to complete the mission and they all had learned a lot and matured within that time.  The mission certainly lived up to its name as a hundred year quest; only the most skilled mages took on those kinds of jobs, so it was one that Lucy would never forget.  However, that’s the topic of another story for a different time…

Lucy sat in an almost trancelike state at her table, reminiscing about the past, and watching her guild mates in the hall.  Makarov had actually retired about four years after they left for their journey, and Laxus had become guild master. Lucy thought he did a wonderful and had really come around to be a great person; he had truly repented for his past.  He and Mira had gotten close over the years and actually ended up getting married and were expecting their second child.  Freed was to be the godfather and Lisanna was the godmother.  

Within the year that Team Natsu had left, Levy and Gajeel announced that they would be getting married, which Lucy and the rest of the group had hurried back to the guild for their wedding.  They had twins a few months later, Shutora and Yaje; they were nine now.  They were the first to be parents and Lucy had never been more happy for her friends.  Levy had asked her to be godmother to the twins and Lucy had been more than ecstatic to accept.  

Others weren’t far behind; though Gray and Juvia were apart while they were all on the hundred year quest, every time they would stop home at the guild, Gray would make sure he spent most of his time with her.  They had already been dating before they left for their mission, so there was no hard feelings as far as ‘love rivals’ go.  They ended up getting married after they finished the mission; Gray was sure to beat Juvia to it when it came to asking her to marry him- she was ready to propose to him herself.  They had a daughter named Briny, she was going on two now.

Jellal and Erza kept in touch during the seven years and the group had often conveniently run into him throughout that time.  They got together officially about two years after they left, and Lucy had made sure that Erza got the ‘fairy tale’ wedding that she had always wanted.  Though Jellal did not accompany them on their journey, he often made appearances at Fairy Tail, and shortly after ending their mission, Erza announced that she was pregnant with a baby boy. The guild had scolded her on continuing with her journey even though she knew she was pregnant, but she had assured them that she put him in no danger, and she was absolutely fine.  It almost gave Lucy a heart attack knowing the things that Erza did while pregnant.  Their son, Tenchi, was just going on four now.

It warmed Lucy’s heart to see her friends so happy.  Pantherlily helped with Gajeel and Levy’s twins all the time, he absolutely adored them.  Cana and Gildarts had continued to remain close, and he even helped her out when she volunteered at the orphanage once in a while.  Wendy and Chelia were closer than ever and she often visited Lamia Scale to see her.  

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What you guys do on this site is amazing! I'm impressed with each fic that you write! I don't know if i'm sending this too early, but my birthday is on February 28th. I have a few favorite tropes: best friends to lovers and arranged marriage. Either one with a M rating would be awesome. Thank you! :)

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Wishing to the happiest of birthday! To help celebrate in style, the lovely @thegirlfromoverthepond has written this wonderful bit of Everlark, just for you! Enjoy!

Someday My Prince Will Come ….

rated M

A/N: Happy Birthday :)

My deepest thanks to @xerxia31 and dandelion-sunset who did a great job at betaing this piece :)

Katniss looked at herself in the mirror, surprised by the reflection in front of her. Instead of the simple dresses she usually wore, she was in full princess attire - tiara included. The grey of her dress complimented her olive skin, the beaded appliques on the top of the bust and the bottom of the bodice making her eyes shine more than usual. The slim fit of the garment embraced her body, highlighting her thin frame, leaving her long arms free of fabric for now. But she knew she would have to cover her shoulders before leaving her bedroom. This wasn’t a ball she was heading to.

Moving was difficult, as she had trouble realizing it was herself she was seeing. She could recognize her features under the carefully coiffed couron of hair on her head - so different from her signature braid - on which her tiara was resting, sparkling with dozens of diamonds.

Her princess tiara.

It was easy, usually, to forget she was Katniss of Everdeen, eldest daughter of King James and Queen Annabelle, that the weight of an entire kingdom would rest on her shoulders one day.

And that this new life was starting this precise day.

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❝ 100+ f.r.i.e.n.d.s starter sentences
  • “well, no problem, we’ll just use it to stop the bleeding.”
  • “this is huge! this is bigger than huge this is - what’s bigger than huge?”
  • “oh i’m so sorry, i just gave away the ending didn’t i?”
  • “i mean - how, how did this happen?”
  • “i mean isn’t that just kick you in the crotch, spit on your neck fantastic?”
  • “so what the hell happened to you?”
  • “there was always this little voice inside my head that kept saying its never going to happen.”
  • “i never would’ve gone for it with her if it hadn’t been for you.”
  • “how is that a silver lining?”
  • “you want to know what i’m thinking?”
  • “i was trying to spare your feelings.”
  • “okay, you have to stop the q-tip when there’s resistance!”
  • “okay, sweetheart, i’ll see you later.”
  • “you think you could close your eyes for just a sec?”
  • “i sort of did a stupid thing last night.”
  • “okay, ______, why don’t you just go get dressed and be on your way.”
  • “you’re not pathetic, you’re just sad.”
  • “this is about your horrible mistake.”
  • “okay, you’re going to have to not touch my ass.”
  • “you’re sure he’s going to be able to crack that code?”

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I want a Destiel assassin AU where Dean and Cas are both hired separately to kill Trump.

They run into each other, literally, on their way to kill him.

They are constantly pushing each other out of way and arguing about who gets to kill him.

Eventually the tension grows so much that Cas pushes Dean into a wall and kisses him roughly.

They agree to work together to quickly kill him and then go on to have great sex.

They end up as a happy married couple in a Trump-free world.

amor proibido v

Through the hourglass I saw you
In time you slipped away - Berlin, Take My Breath Away.

The feeling of a hand tracing circles on my thigh causes my eyes to flutter open, turning to the side to read the bright numbers on the digital clock. 4.45 am. The room is dark and the only sound is the rhythmic breathing shared between us.

“Trying to sleep,” I mumble, pushing away his roving digits and turning on my side to return to sleep. “Some people like to sleep and not spend all night fucking, you know.”

He chuckles mirthlessly, showing the exhaustion he shares. “You need to lighten up, being so tense all the time isn’t healthy. It is my job to help you…” He places his head on my shoulder, planting a few kisses right there. “…lighten up.”

“You could just let me sleep and leave me the fuck alone too,” I reply, but I lean closer to him so he can slip his arm around my waist.

“What are you doing to me?” He asks, voice full of questions and rhetorical at the same time. Neither of us has the answers. “You are fucking with my emotions again, and I am letting you. Last night you walked away from me and you said you felt nothing…”

My body tenses, not willing to have this conversation for the thousandth time tonight. I push away from him, looking for my phone in the dark and heading for the door in a flash. I am not doing this, no. I am already way above my head, and I don’t need to make it even worse. This is just a stupid job. Then I go back to my real life.

Looking down at my phone, there are two missed calls from Landon and a few texts to tell me how he went out with his friends because he didn’t want me to be the only one having all of the fun. He is only teasing me, but I can only imagine how hurt he would be if he knew where his fiancee was at this very moment. Landon may be a tad self obsessed, but he would never cheat. His mother did that to his father, and it killed him. He always said when he started to get more serious, he only wanted to pursue the relationship if I was the same page. And I was…at the time. Then everything changed with one stupid moment, and now I am wondering what the fuck I am doing with my life. 

Shawn gets out of bed, walking over to the door and placing a hand on my arm. “Will you just fucking wait?” His eyes stare daggers into mine, showing his anger and sadness at the same time. “I am trying to understand what the end game is here. You are the one who walked away last night and yet you showed up here, begging to get into bed with me because you don’t want to be fucking alone. Last time I checked, you were the one pushing me away. And I have been asking you what the fuck you want from me. Just a simple explanation.”

Shutting my phone off so he doesn’t see the messages, I place a kiss against his lips and say, “I should go.  I am still supposed to interview you in the morning, and I have to see if my boss is going to extend my stay like he seemed to hint at in his latest email.”

“Fuck you,” he spats, turning his head away. “You are not going to mess with my head and act like I am the one who has done something wrong.”

“Shawn, please…”

“Please what? An hour ago, you were saying please don’t stop Shawn and now you want me to let you just walk away?”

I place my hand on the door knob and sigh, “I will see you in a few hours, okay? You need sleep. And so do I.”

He snorts. “Sure, go ahead and walk away. But we both fucking know you will be back, and the most fucked up part is that I will let you come back.” He storms back to bed, throwing the covers over him and turning his back to me.

I can’t get married in a month… there is no way.


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I forgot to upload this o: 

its my submission the the MakorraWinterProject, it is also a How I Met Your Mother Crossover :P

Dating Archie Would Include:

- Supporting his music
- Being a hands on couple everywhere you go
- His dad welcoming you into the family
- Stealing his football jacket, sometimes even wearing it after sex
- Archie kissing you any chance he gets
- Weekly dates at Pop’s
- “Archie, your dad could be home any minute”…“He won’t be, trust me”
- Having songs written about you
- Being flirty with one another at school
- Always getting cute notes in your locker
- Betty taking her time warming up to you, but she eventually does after she realizes how much you and Archie care for each other
- “Hey there, handsome”…“Hey there, beautiful”
- Ordering pizzas, hanging out in Archie’s room and cuddling
- Veronica making cute comments about how you and Archie are going to end up getting married
- At times Reggie flirting with you because he knows that pisses off Archie
- Going to Veronica and Betty for advice when you and Archie get into an argument, and he going to Jughead
- “I’m so in love with you Y/N”
- He sneaks in your room late at night purely because he misses holding you
- Sex would most often be gentle and so damn passionate but none of you are opposed to spicing things up
- Whenever you’re upset Archie will do silly things to make you laugh, even if that means it makes him look stupid
- Laying in between his legs while the two of you play video games. Archie will then turn that innocent activity into a more heated one, mainly if his losing the game
- Attending family dinners together
- Not giving up on each other no matter how hard it gets


6″ Pregnant Juvia with a little baby commissioned by BonneyQ and made by me.

Pregnant, pig-tailed Juvia is actually based off of an amazing edit @bonneyq made ages ago. When she commissioned the plushie version, she wanted a little baby to go with her.  Even though we never ended up getting actual married and kids Gruvia in the manga, there’s always fan content to fill the void. ^-^ Now, we can imagine this is what eventually happened after Gray declared Juvia as his. ^_~

Thanks again, Thalita, and I hope you enjoy Juvia and her little “Burrito” lol! ^^

Back 2 U

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A fic written from the song of the same title “Back 2 U” by NCT 127. Highly suggest listening to it while reading ^.^

Jaehyun x Reader

Genre: angst

1:27 a.m.

The loud ring of Jaehyun’s phone echoed off the walls of his room, causing him to wake up from the light stage of slumber.

Despite his sleepy state he slowly opened his eyes – almost as if this was a frequent night routine. He stayed still in bed, surrounded by darkness with only the bright light of his constantly ringing phone sounding off behind him on his night stand.

And with each ring, he found himself growing sadder by the moment. Even without having to look at the screen he knew exactly who was calling at this late hour.

…He knew you were at home, probably biting your nails and hoping he would answer just this once.

The mere thought of you made his heart break on the inside as memories of your relationship suddenly came to mind. Years of nothing but happiness and love spent together. You two were the couple that had it all – the couple that everyone thought was going to end up married first as you and Jaehyun were completely inseparable.

But all those years of hopes and dreams were shattered with one mistake. One heart shattering mistake on your part that ruined everything between you two.

And after that, your relationship was never the same.

And now here you were, calling your ex at the early hours of the morning.

Not being able to withstand the thought anymore, Jaehyun finally turned around, gazing at the bright screen in front of him.

And it was at that moment he wished he didn’t look as there, displayed on his lock screen was your contact picture, smiling beautifully into the camera while your name glowed within the dark room.

Grabbing his phone, Jaehyun stared at your picture for a moment, hesitating to answer until the thought of you crying made him crazy.

Taking a deep breath he finally answered your call, pausing for a few seconds without a word.

“J-Jaehyun? Are you there?” You whimpered on the other end.

The sound of your pure voice nearly had him to tears himself, realizing just how much he missed you since the breakup. He stayed quiet for a bit longer as he set the phone down and covered his face with his hand, rubbing it over his skin before returning back to the call.

“Jaehyun, I know you’re listening and it’s late…but I need to talk to you.” You pleaded. “I love you and I just want things to go back the way they were-”

“You know that can’t happen,” he spoke with a short breath. “We can’t go back to the way we were Y/N.”

“No, don’t say that. We can work it out,” you tried to persuade while your eyes were welling up with tears yet again.

Jaehyun winced at the sound of your cries, lips trembling at the urge to take everything back and hold you in his arms again. However he knew that wasn’t possible. And as much as he wanted things to go back to the way they were, he knew nothing would ever be the same. The relationship was broken and no matter how hard the two of you tried, it was something that could never be fixed.

“Don’t make this harder on me Y/N,” Jaehyun begged, “You know it hurts me just as much – but you can’t keep doing this. Y-you and I. It’s already over.” He said and you couldn’t help but plead for forgiveness, admitting to your mistake over and over again in hopes he would reconsider.

But instead of a response, you suddenly heard a click on the other end, making you realize he had hung up. Slumping down against the wall you covered your mouth, muffling your heart broken cries as you dropped the phone beside you on the ground.

But little did you know miles away, Jaehyun was shaken up as well. His phone was laying atop of his night stand, just as it did before as he sat at the edge of the bed. He ran his hands through his hair, sighing aloud as he tried to stop a single tear from escaping his tired eyes.

He promised himself he wouldn’t go back to you – he promised he would move on and quickly forget about the memories you once shared.

And as the phone started to ring again he slumped back into bed, closing his eyes as he turned away.