going to do what i should now

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i am done with supernatural

Over the past few weeks I have been receiving an insane amount of hate for the kpop stuff. 

I have always been mutlifandom. For over 2 years, I have been MULTIfandom.

I am no longer writing supernatural fanfiction. This is the last time most of you will hear from me, and I am fine with that. Unfollow, block, do whatever you want. I’m still going to be here, writing, just not Supernatural.

I am not writing another word on any of my unfinished stories. Into The Shadows, Ozone, they are done. For now, I will leave my fics up, but if this shit doesn’t stop, I will delete my blog and my AO3.

I have anon off, but someone decided that they didn’t care. They needed me to know that “abandoning” the fandom means I should kill myself. 

Fuck. You. 

If you don’t like what I post, then why are you following me? How fucking miserable is your fucking life that you think this is okay? I’m an adult, yes a gigantic weirdo, but still an adult. This shit is fucking ridiculous. I don’t live and die based on my follower count, likes, or reblogs. But the fact that it upsets so many fucking people, well, I’m out. 

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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Maybe YOU'RE the one who needs to Be More Chill! Rich is currently going through a really tough time, especially since he's in highschool and has a father who isn't exactly the best. Rich seems to have social anxiety and suffers from anxiety attacks from time to time. So be a little easier on the small bi okay?

K: I’m simply programmed to help but if that is what you think then it will be considered but you guys really cut me out for all the work I do. 

If you think it’s tough now, you should’ve seen him before me. 

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Hi do you have any todomomo fics you could recommend?

Oh you bet I do anon XD

My all time fave is definitely 13 Faults by @okadolet so far - It takes place after the Tournament Arc, and there’s plenty of fluff and angst to go around. (The Exam Arc is mentioned at some point as well.) The writing is phenomenal, the characterization is on point, and just gO READ THIS FIC NOW.

My Deepest Secret is You by @flaminkomage - College AU. Momo Kurieiti meets Shouto Fukasu at the bus stop by chance, and their paths cross way more than they’d like. What’s up with their last names? Well *coughs* you should read to find out. Lots of fluff at the beginning, and you’ll be drowning in angst later. (Also I may or may not have helped with the planning of this fic lmao)

Tulips, Butterflies, and Hearts by @raechelpapaya - College/Coffee Shop AU. If you’re looking for a fluffy fic, this is it. I mean look at the title, need I say more.

Noon is Later Enough by @vixenofthemist - What do you do when your crush is at your parents’ party, and you both don’t wanna stick around? Make out in a library of course. (This author is also writing a Todomomo Hogwarts AU, which seems just as promising.)

Lessons in Thermodynamics by @i-am-the-altman - When Momo receives a failing grade on an important test, she’s forced to either retake it in two months time, or risk losing her place in the Hero Course. To stop this from happening, the one and only Todoroki Shouto is assigned to tutor her. Super duper cute, with slight angst.

Cherry Chapstick on the Tip of Your Tongue by @yaoyoroz-u - Beach AU. Let’s just say, Jirou’s tips for the summer should never be overlooked on. Side Kamijirou and Kacchako as a bonus too. (Also you should definitely check out this author’s other works)

The Effects of Special Relativity on Sublimation by @electrodragonfly - Arranged Marriage AU. There’s only two chapters so far, but this fic is so GOOD. To get out of their arranged marriage situation to strangers, the two students decide to get together instead, until their problems are sorted out. Or at least that’s what they’d planned.

Of Heroes and Magic by Drosolmire - Fantasy AU. When an approaching barbarian invasion threatens the peace of the nearby kingdom of Liesen, Prince Shouto takes up the task of preventing the disaster from coming. (Along with the help of several other individuals and a certain warrior Momo) Lots of side pairings in this one. I highly recommend checking out their other works as well!

Hey guys! So, I’ve had the survey open for about a week now, and this is the response to how long the event should go on:

Since the majority want a full week, that’s what we’re going to do!

As for when the event should be, most respondents answered end of August/beginning of September. So, we’re going to go ahead and have the Positivity Week from September 3 - September 9.

I’m going to come up with a list of prompts that center around Tim’s character traits and make an official post tomorrow, but since this is all about Tim positivity and why we love him, no one is obliged to follow them. Everyone is totally welcome to do their own thing! 

If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to add onto this post or message me :)

Midnight woes (Drake x MC[Riley Monroe] fanfic)

Note: I still don’t know how to write these kinds of things. XD but I hope you guys like this one. Feel free to comment on it. 😉😉

Looking at the bottom of the glass, I could only drown my sorrows with whiskey and the right drinking buddy. We always do this, except, I don’t have any witty remark about how I’m going to solve my problem right now. “What a way to end a social season.”

He sat beside me, another unopened bottle in his hand.
“Hey.” He said, the bottle hit the table hard when he set it down. “So, what do you think we should do?”

“Ughr. I don’t want to think about that now, Drake. Pour me more.” He did what he’s told and poured a glass for himself. “Know what? I just want to be a bubble right now.”

“A bubble?” His stoic expression dissolved, he smirked and looked at me with amusement. “Why would you want to be a bubble?”

“Well. I want to be able to go somewhere far and just, poof! I’m just… Gone!” I downed my drink in one go and winced as it burned my throat. I took the bottle from him and poured myself more. “Ughr. I want to punch someone.”

He swirled his drink in his hand before drinking. “Heh. I can do that for you. No need to hurt your hand for that.” He scrolled through his contacts in his phone. I took his phone and slammed it to the table. “Hey! What gives??!”

“You’re drinking with me. No phones.” He seemed irritated at first but he burst into a fit of laughter after some time. “What?”

“Nah. Forget about it.” He finished his glasses and poured himself another. “What do you plan to do next?” His face turned serious.

“I don’t know. Maybe I should go back to America. It’s not like I have a home here. With the Beaumonts fall though, I don’t think my conscience will allow me to leave.” I stared at my glass as if looking for answers. Then I looked at him. “I’m a mess, Drake. I can’t believe I let myself get dragged to the mud like this. My life was simple, you know?”

“Life is never simple, Riley.” Drake propped his elbow to his seat, his chin resting on his knuckles. “I’ll talk to Liam tomorrow. Clear your name.”

“Nah. Just. Let things cool first. He must hate me right now. Heh. Madeleine got what she wanted. That godaweful person now cohabitates with the guy I like. What a world.” I sent a gulp of my drink down my throat, letting it sting my esophagus. “You know what? I can live with any other competitor being chosen. Why couldn’t he have chosen Penelope?? She’s pretty, well mannered, she’s trained for this life. Or maybe Kiara. She smart, well read, and she can speak 7 fucking languages. She even German-ed me with a mix of French and Spanish! I was so lost I just answered her ‘I think so.’!” Drake laughed almost to tears. “Right? I was so shocked I answered her randomly. How the fuck would I know what she meant?” I laughed with Drake, but the laughter is short lived. “I bet Kiara would make a better queen than me too. She’s also a nice person. God! Why would she choose that Madeleine? Ughr.”

“You know, we don’t have to talk about this if you’re still bummed about it.” Drake downed his drink and slapped his glass to the table. “I bet Maxwell’s going to be more helpful in cheering you up. I’m going to give him a call.” He reached for his phone the same time I did, his hand was over mine. He rubbed the back of my hand softly before reaching for me. Next thing I know his lips were touching mine.

I pulled away immediately after, shock traced in my face. “Drake? Why would– Why would you do that?” Drake is too flustered to answer, his face beet red. He stood up from where he sat.

“Uh… I’m sorry Monroe. I didn’t–” he covered his face with his hands. I haven’t seen him this flustered before and I think it kind of looked cute. “I should– ahm. I should probably go.”

“N-No. Uh… Drake?” I stood up and grabbed his wrist just in time before he’s out the door. “Drake.”

He turned to face me, his eyes avoiding mine. “I think you know why I did what I did. And I believe you’re not–” I stopped him from talking with my lips touching his. He answered it by putting his arms around me.

The kiss deepens, it somehow tastes nothing like whiskey. His hands travel down to my waist and he lifted me up to put me on top of the table we we’re sharing. Parting only to catch our breaths, I pull him closer to me. His kisses travel down to my neck.

“I don’t know why but this feels–” his teeth biting down on my neck interrupted me and my mind turned blank. A sharp gasp escaped my lips as he placed his hands under my shirt traveling up to my breast. “–so good.”

He continued to leave a line of kisses down my neck, then to my chest, my legs at his sides. His touch was electric, sending my senses into chaos with his breath on my skin. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted this.” He said in a low growl as he pressed his chest to mine, his hands holding both my legs as I steady myself with one arm. Before it goes too far, I stopped him. “What’s wrong?”

“Someone might walk in and see us.” With my hand on his chest, I can feel his heart beating wildly. He lifted me off the table, my arms laced around his neck when he did. “Where to now?” He looked at me, I can’t believe how gentle he looked like in my eyes. His face drawn with a kindness I have never seen before. He smiled at me and my heart jumped to my throat.

“You’ll see.”


From left to right down, pics of my ultimate bae, me, my bts bae/brother, and my child. Added the palette just for fun. Don’t know why they didn’t include teal. 

Thanks for the tag @jindongdongie! And here are some more selfie tags (you don’t have to do it if you’re not comfortable :).)

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Whats WRONG with u Fangirls?! Why you keep making Pitches VNeck so damn LONG?! No want to see that!?!?!?!?!?!?!?11 That is indeccent! You should feel ashamed!

*Strokes chin* Hmmmmm…so by THAT logic, I should just go a head and draw Pitch naked?

But seriously tho, if you’re so upset over a fictional characters V-Neck that doesn’t even reveal anything inappropriate (cause believe me, I could have done just that.) then maybe I dunno, don’t look? (Psst, there is a thing I learned maybe a few months ago, it’s called blacklisting, really works *thumbs up* )

I’m a NSFW/18+ blog and I’m going to be turning 30 years old very soon,
I’m a grown woman and I’m at that point of time in my life where I will draw what I please, however I please and I really just don’t give a damn what other people think.
Like what I draw? Cool.
Don’t like what I draw? Cool.
I don’t expect everyone to like my stuff and you know what?
THAT is okay.
But I”m not going to stop what I enjoy.

-And being ashamed of myself for what I enjoy? Pffft, that’s adorable.
Well, it’s lunch time here for me and I’ve got some lovely green tea steeping that has my name on it.

You can love and hate a character at the same time. The reason people are angry at Nina is not because she didn’t join the cause. I don’t particularly cared about that factor. I’m mad because she is lacking character development. Falling in love and transforming because of a kiss are not developments. It’s not. It’s a shortcut the writers took because they’re lazy to expand further. It would have been nice if she’d transformed that time to catch Mugaro or save herself from going splat because of her own will.

She is still not understanding anything at all even though we are nearing the end of the show itself (six episodes left it seems). It has been that way from the start until now. She should actually have some sort of clear understanding of their situation and what they plan to do but she just doesn’t really think too deeply about it or care too much. She’s always saying I don’t understand. What is there not to understand? Sit down, listen and think for once instead of getting caught up in the clouds about that dude you danced with. If she had paid attention, then she would have been able to understand the situation. She’s so giddy in love that she doesn’t think of the aftermath, of what is going to happen and what will happen.

Saying that she is young, a teenager in love is just an excuse to justify her actions and behavior at this point. A young person can be taught, can learn and grow in maturity and wisdom, lessons learned. She’s the main character for this, as it is she should have shown some growth along the way. She’s still the same from Ep 1 to now and unless something truly drastic happens, she’s unlikely going to change and the writers most likely will keep her that way until the entire series ends.

I do love her but I am also annoyed at her. There is nothing wrong with loving and hating a character at the same time. The thing about Nina is that she is not my ideal type of lead female character. Even the others have more story, are written better and have more depth than her at this point in the series.

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I don't get anything about Harry's strategy with this album, SOTT and the early promo was great but then it stopped abruptly and never restarted, Two Ghosts is a TERRIBLE second single choice and he isn't doing anything to promote or support it even so it's going nowhere and doing nothing for him and just making it seem more like he isn't the success he actually is. I do not get what he and Jeff are doing right now at all. It is dumb. Don't do a single right now if you won't promote it.

you and that other anon i had yesterday who was bitching should start your own music label

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Hi! (Sorry, this is really long) I've recently came out to my friends (and some of my family) as genderfluid, and now identify as they/them. However, I'm going back to school soon and everyone is going to be misgendering me and using my dead name and pronouns. Me, bring the shy idiot that I am, won't have the courage to correct them. I was thinking of getting a badge with my new name and pronouns, but I'm not sure. Any ideas on what I can do?

For one, at the beginning of the year the teacher should do a roll call, and this is a good time to answer to your deadname, but correct them and say you go by your new name, and if you feel like you have the courage at that moment, you could add a quick “I use they/them pronouns” at that time. You are already expected to speak during roll call, so this should hopefully be an easier way to let people know en mass. 

If you have already come out to some friends at school, you can always ask them to help let people know, and be the people to correct for you. 

The badge is a cute idea, and if you want to, go for it. 

-Mod Rowan

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So I'm just coming out of my gcse's and I decided to try and do the art and design btec at college but I have a friend that's been trying to convince me that it was a bad choice when it was the college its self that had said I should do the btec and I feel like shit over it now and I have no idea what to do

Just do what you want to do. Don’t let other people sway you. The last thing you want to do is be swayed by someone to do something else and hate it for the whole two years you have to do it. If you want to go down the route of art and design a BTEC is probably the best way to get there and it really will not change your chances of getting accepted into uni at all bc for a course related to that they will be more than happy to accept BTECs as much as they would A Levels. Don’t feel bad about doing a BTEC you do what you want to do. There’s nothing shameful about doing a BTEC ignore the snobbery.

  • Pidge: Keith can I go off on a dangerous solo mission to find my lost brother?
  • Keith: What did Lance say?
  • Pidge: No.
  • Keith: Then why should I let you?
  • Pidge: He’s not the boss of you.
  • Keith: [internally] This is a trap this is a trap this is-

i really did everything i could to avoid doing this but

i’m a lesbian who was kicked out as a teenager and pretty much completely disowned – i’m 25 now and i’ve been poor as dirt (last year was the first year my income was above the poverty line) the last 7+ years. i worked two jobs, went to school and worked full time, and moved across the country twice with little to no help from my family. even now i make minimum wage with tips. i’m not well off – just as responsible as i can be.

now that i’m 25 i can finally go to school since i don’t have to report my “family” income. based on my own income, pell grants will cover almost all of my school expenses, and working part time + student loans should cover most of my living expenses.

however, i’m going to lose my health insurance in 2 months. i’m nearly out of dental already. i don’t know what i can do yet, because my financial aid for school has been put through the verification process for months and months and lots of paperwork and i don’t know what my period grant is exactly or what kind of student loans i’m applicable for. on top of that, i have to pay $1,130.00 to my University out of pocket because financial aid didn’t come through in time.

i’ve never worked less than full time – in the decade i’ve spent much of it working 2 jobs – but now i’m going less than part time and my job i’ve worked for years won’t even give me so much as health insurance. i’m very scared and i feel like i’m jumping off of a cliff.

i do have credit cards, but with no health insurance and only a part time job i need them for emergencies only. $1k+ is enough to stress my credit out horribly, and i have absolutely no fallback plan. i’m an adult survivor of an abusive homophobic family taking a huge risk by finally going to college like i’ve always wanted to.

i know this is the best thing for me, and i know that my life will improve so much with a degree – and eventually my JD – and i know that i have the potential to do this. i think i might be able to survive on my student loans. but right now… i have absolutely no information. right now im going in blind. and i know this is the best choice for me, but i don’t want to end up struggling or to have everything fall through because of my low income. i make minimum wage (+ tips) and even full time i don’t even know if i can afford books. my father doesn’t speak to me and my mom has nothing she can give me.

my paypal is wishbyspirit@yahoo.com and my squarecash is $wishbyspirit

i’m a lesbian survivor who has lived through hell and is finally trying to do what i know is best for me, but it’s terrifying. everything helps. this is the biggest risk i’ve ever taken in my life, and i’ve sworn to myself that i’ll never be homeless or struggling to eat again, because those struggles have been a reality for years of my life.

thank you all for everything in advance. i appreciate all of the help i can get.

little things that can help you if you have bpd

i’ve been seeing a lot of topics like “how to deal with someone who has bpd” and it always bothers me, because there is basically no topics about how to deal if YOU have bpd. that’s why i’m making this post, in my opinion as someone who has bpd. feel free to leave other tips and comment!

  • buy a notepad and write about your emotions. in DBT (dialectical behavior therapy), used a lot to help people with BPD, they tend to help others to regulate their emotions, basing on some principles, like:
  1. identify and classify emotions; usually, people with BPD suffered/suffer from emotional abuse and it makes harder for us to have a knowledge about our feelings, since we never had someone to help us in this aspect. if you have hard times dealing with your emotions, you can create a special organization on your notepad, basing on: what just happened that could be a possibly trigger to your feeling? (EVEN IF IT’S SOMETHING MINOR, for example, if your friend replied to you in a different way, if you saw an image that made you feel uncomfortable); what are your physical symptoms about it? (for example, if you feel butterflies in your stomach, you are possibly anxious); what does this feeling make you want to do? (for example, if you feel like you want to hit something, you are possibly experiencing anger). and, also, try to identify your primary and secondary emotions, for example, if a friend forgets about an event that you would go together, first you may feel anger, but this anger can be followed by frustation or sadness (secondary emotions).
  2. how to “change” your emotions; after writing about your emotions and trying to learn about them, you can add a subject in your notepad about “WHAT CAN I DO TO CHANGE THIS FEELING”. your first thoughts may be pessimists, specially because borderlines are VERY impulsives, like “i should probably self-harm” or even “i should probably kill myself”, due to the intensity of bpd emotions, but right now, you have to think with your rationality. for example, if your friend is delaying to reply, you can think about the possibilities that are causing this problem: if they are busy, if they are having a hard time or if they just don’t want to talk right now. after thinking about the situation as a whole, you’ll ask yourself “okay, but what will i do?” and that’s why i think it’s important to create a list about what makes you happy and what distracts you, so everytime you have a hard situation to deal with, you can check on your list. “oh, i’m having x problem, but in my list it says that painting makes me happy, so what about painting something i saw today?”. if you don’t have anything that you like about, there is an app called Calm Harm, that can help you in self-harm situations!
  3. increase and improve positive emotional events; i know that it’s difficult for us to focus on positive moments, but once you are feeling down, please try to write about what happened in your day that was a good thing. and when i say it, i don’t mean a BIG thing, it can be something like seeing a flower in your garden. write about your sensations when your experienced this moment and think about the possibility of living this moment more than once. for example, if i saw a flower and it made me happy, can i try to plant one, so i’ll see it more often?
  4. apply pressure tolerance techniques; by distraction, self-care, improving the moment and considering pros and cons.

SO, in your notepad, have a space to: first, identify and classify your emotions; second, a space to write about how to change your emotions; third, a space to write about positive emotional events and fourth, write about what pressure tolerance techniqures you can apply to your life. 

  • practice saying no and saying what you need to the people around you; sometimes people with BPD tend to think that we are a burden to friends and family, and sometimes it’s not true. due to it, we often don’t tell what we really want. so, if you could, please, practice saying NO and what you REALLY need and want to people around you, even if it’s minor things. for example, if someone asks you to lunch with them, but you can’t/don’t want to, don’t let your abandonment fear decides what it’s the best for you, just say no, but not in the intention to hurt the other person. “i’m sorry, i really like you, but i can’t or don’t want to, since i have to do x thing/feeling x thing, but i really like you!”. when you say no, you can have a better idea about what you like and what you don’t, so you can start to let people know about it. for example, “hey! yesterday i said no when you invited me for lunch, so i realized i don’t really like going to public places, what about having lunch in my house next time?”
  • practice breathing techniques; intense emotions can lead us to panic situations or really bad physical symptoms. in stressing moments, we hold the air, increasing the level of carbon dioxide in our system, so the organism thinks we need more oxygen and make us breathe faster. the imbalance increases our heart beats, our blood pressure and the release of hormones such as adrenaline. i recommend ASMR videos to relax and you can breathe slowly, imagining a circle opening and closing, like the gif:

the post is getting long, so i’ll finish here! i’ll probably post a part two if you guys like! please leave a comment if it was helpful and i’m sorry if my grammar wasn’t very correct, english is not my native language.

remember that everything here is theoritical and it’s hard to apply these tips in your life, things will not suddenly change. but i believe in you and things take time, so don’t give up on getting better.

Questions for the signs

Aries: how have you been doing? has the past finally caught up with you? have your mistakes sunk in? that’s okay. now let them go. they do not define who you are anymore. you have the power to move on from who you used to be. within you lies the power to grow. utilize it. your gift is special, a priviledge granted to few.

Taurus: are you really happy?is this the life you enjoy, or the one they want you to live?start making choices for yourself. live is too short not to enjoy every moment.

Gemini: who are you trying to fool? pretending to be someone you aren’t will only cause you to completely lose yourself. open your eyes, and do things for yourself. not for them, but for you. then, you will discover how happy you truly are capable of becoming.

Cancer: how come you always put others before yourself? your own well being is just as important as the needs of those you love. take care of yourself, so you can better take care of others’.

Leo: why push away the love they offer you? why not embrace it? emotions are okay. no matter what you tell yourself, you are human. its okay to be vulnerable sometimes.

Virgo: when are you going to let yourself breathe? are you going to stop constantly critisizing yourself? you don’t have to be your own worst enemy. once you become your best friend, you will know peace.

Libra: are you still questioning yourself? why not just go with your instincts? mistakes are okay. you will never see what life has to offer if you keep holding yourself back.

Scorpio: why are you letting yourself settle for less? why aren’t you seeing that you deserve better? i see that you fall back into routines, and you hope it will be different; better, but it never changes. you are an incredibly radiant soul who should only accept the treatment that they deserve. you should be surrounded by positivity and happiness for miles and miles. why don’t you let yourself? 

Sagittarius: who are you so afraid of? why are you letting them control you? let go of the past, they do not define who you are. focus on yourself. i know you have an amazing soul.

Capricorn: do you see the world differently now? ever since it happened, have you taken a closer look at the society you were born into? maybe colors seem a little more dull now. maybe the lines are becoming abstract and you cant tell whats real, and what you have imagined. is there still even a difference? you don’t know. but you keep on living because you know the future is brighter than this colorless gray palette. keep going forward. 

Aquarius: tell me why you’ve done it all, but never really lived it? you’ve had so many experiences, but did you ever stop in the moment to actually live it? you’re always thinking about the past. if you don’t stop to actually live life, it’ll be over before you know it. be present.

Pisces: why are you still blaming the world for your actions? can’t you accept responsibility? sometimes, karma has nothing to do with your choices. your words have a lot more power than you think they do. take a look around, pisces. this is your world. make decisions you are proud of, and understand that not everything unfortunate happens because of bad luck. you may be the root of your own problems.

If Planets Could Talk to You About Life

Mars: Life is rough, but hey, you’ve got me to help you through it. Just keep going in my direction.

Venus: I agree with Mars, life is often rough, but I’m here to help you find the parts of it that aren’t so rough.

Mercury: Let’s take a look at life, observe what’s going on around us so we know what to do.

Moon: Life is scary, but as long as you keep me close it won’t feel so bad.

Sun: When life gets rough, you can always fall back on me. I’ll remind you why you’re alive.

Ceres: C’mon now, we need to take care of life so it’s not rough later.

Juno: Here’s a part of your life that you should let somebody else handle. It’s not something you need to do.

Jupiter: Life is an adventure, it’s up to you to find out how to explore it all.

Saturn: Yes, I know life has its limitations, but you never learn if you always do everything right the first time. Failure is what makes achievement worthwhile.

Uranus: Limitations are for squares, there’s something else you can do to get around them.

Neptune: Life in the real world might get scary, but there’s always another world you can go to for a bit if it becomes too much.

Pluto: No easy way to say this, life can get hard. Really hard. You have to get harder when it does.

anonymous asked:

1) welcome back! You were missed! 2) Do you think certain MBTI types are prone to certain problematic behaviors and 3) if so which ones really bother you or you dislike?

Thanks. Yes, certain MBTI types show trends when it comes to problematic behaviors. My top one for each cognitive function:

High Te (ENTJ, ESTJ, INTJ, ISTJ): The Sledgehammer

Summary: Uses a one-size-fits-all solution for different sized problems.


  • Using brute force to power through situations that might require more patience, finesse, and reflection.
  • “This worked great for me, you’re dumb not to do the same.”
  • “Don’t pursue a career in art, you’re going to be poor. Go into business, law, or medicine.”

Impact: The problem with being a hammer is that you’ll start to see everything and everyone as a nail. It also makes people feel like their opinions and points of view are less valuable than yours. It also falsely presumes that the choice which yields the best output objectively (example: the job that yields the most money) is the best. It negates the reality that people have different indicators for success because there isn’t only one correct answer to every question.

Solution: Incorporate subjective variables into your objective logical frameworks.

High Ti (INTP, ISTP, ENTP, ESTP): The Hamster Wheel

Summary: Invalidates everything in a perpetual logic loop.


  • “Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?” x1,000,000

Impact: You succeed at winning debates but fail at solving problems. Whether or not you can rationalize the validity of money doesn’t take away from the fact you still have bills to pay at the end of the day. Whether or not you can rationalize the value of grades and traditional education doesn’t take away from the fact you’ll be denied entry into many careers without the right qualifications. Whether or not you can rationalize that having children is a logical idea or not doesn’t take away from the fact that many people aspire to be parents. The validity of other people’s goals, dreams, concerns, and issues are not contingent on whether or not they can explain them to your satisfaction.

Solution: Create solutions, answers, and actions for every hole you poke in other people’s logic– not more problems.

High Fe (ENFJ, ESFJ, INFJ, ISFJ): The Guilt Trip

Summary: Guilt trip. verb. to make (someone) feel guilty, especially in order to induce them to do something.

Example: Self-explanatory.

Impact: This is manipulation. You’ll get on people’s nerves and make them miserable because you’ve forced them into situations they didn’t willingly want to enter or participate in of their own accord. Secondly, you haven’t provided solid concrete reasons and logic for why someone should do something, it’s an argument made without taking into consideration the other person’s comfort or needs. 

Solution: Explain clearly and transparently why you want someone to do something (yes, it’s really that simple).

High Fi (INFP, ISFP, ESFP, ISFP): The Cloudy Mirror

Summary: Judges people for things they don’t want to be judged for.


  • “I wish society wouldn’t judge me for not wanting to have children and not wanting to be a housewife.” [Proceeds to judge people who want to have children and want to be a housewife]
  • “Not everyone wants to be rich in life, we all have different definitions of success that should be respected.” [Doesn’t respect people who want to be rich in life, automatically think these people are greedy sell-outs]

Impact: This is hypocrisy. It also comes off as illogical and presumptuous when people’s intents and motivations are automatically filled in by you. Some people buy sports cars because they actually have a passion for driving– they’re not necessarily materialistic. Some people seek high-paying careers at the expense of personal passions because they have obligations and goals they’d like to reach– they’re not necessarily greedy. Some people like traditional gender roles in relationships because that’s their personal choice– they’re not necessarily oppressed and/or close-minded. 

Solution: Accept that “conformity” in behavior, goals, aspirations, appearance, etc. doesn’t equate to misery and/or lack of authenticity.

High Ne (ENTP, ENFP, INTP, INFP): The Whiplash*

Summary: Chronic quitting and the inability to commit due to impatience and lack of discipline.

  • *Whiplash: noun. a neck injury due to forceful, rapid back-and-forth movement of the neck, like the cracking of a whip.


  • “I’m going to do A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J … Z!” [Does none of it]
  • “Let’s do this. Let’s do that. Let’s go back to doing this. Let’s go back to doing that.”
  • “I want to have six-pack abs! I’m going to be SHREDDED.” [Exercises and eats well for one day then goes back to bad habits the next day]

Impact: People stop taking you seriously because you can’t execute on your promises, it dilutes the weight of your words and it corrodes respect (ex: “Yeah, uh-huh, sure you will, buddy.”). No one is immediately an expert at something the first try– seeds take time to grow and you’re no exception to this rule. Developing expertise and skills require time, commitment, and consistency. Results don’t happen overnight.

Solution: Underpromise and overdeliver– don’t overpromise and underdeliver.

High Ni (INTJ, INFJ, ENTJ, ENFJ): The Nutcracker

Summary: Hits people below the belt using knowledge those people shared against them.


  • Someone is insecure about their weight, you insult their weight.
  • Someone is insecure about their skin color, you make a comment about their skin color.
  • Someone tells you a secret, you expose it.

Impact: People won’t confide in you for fear you’ll use what they told you against them. This creates barriers to having close and meaningful friendships because people will view and treat you like a ticking time bomb they can’t let their guard down around. Understand that certain topics and comebacks are off-limits no matter how you feel about the person at the moment; certain words and actions have a lasting impact on your relationships. Memories fade but scars last.

Solution: The nuclear option should be your last resort, never your first.

High Se (ESTP, ESFP, ISTP, ISFP): The Blindfire*

Summary: Leaps before they look.

  • *Blindfire: noun. The term referring to the act of operating a firearm without looking at what one is shooting at.


Impact: Your lack of foresight and lack of planning will set you back even further from your goals because immediate rewards and instant gratification often only provide short-term benefits that rarely last. There’s a proverb that’s applicable here: “measure twice, cut once” which means that investing time and energy up front to do it correctly the first time will save a ton of time, money, energy, and grief later down the line.

Solution: Stop, drop, and roll think if the path you’re on actually leads to where you want to go.

High Si (ISTJ, ISFJ, ESTJ, ESFJ): The Helicopter

Summary: Micromanaging, nitpicking people to death.


  • “Write the email but let me review and edit before you send it.”
  • “What are you doing right now? Where are you going? When are you coming back?”
  • “I noticed when you loaded the dishwasher you put the spoons and forks in before the pots and pans, you should put the pots and pans in before the spoons and forks.”

Impact: Half the internet is writing posts complaining about you, the other half is writing posts complaining about having to read all the posts complaining about you. Micromanagement saps people of confidence and motivation, it also increases the chance that the bad thing you’re trying to prevent will actually happen. Additionally, you’ll feel paranoid and anxious that something will go disastrously wrong if you’re gone which results in burnout because you’ll always need to be there to keep an eye on things. This is counterproductive for everyone involved.

Solution: Choose your battles wisely– focus on the “what” (the goal) and not the “how” (the method).