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Okay but switching between three accounts has to be so exhausting, what if something despawns before the others can grab it??

(@dirtytfblog and me were talking about Transformers playing Pokemon Go the other day and I got distracted after I realized each of Blitzwing’s personalities would be a different team, can you imagine)

[Image description: A selfie of a trans enby teen. They have the pronoun “they” written on one cheek, and pink and blue sparkles on their lips. They also have 4 blue and pink plastic gems on their face, kinda on their cheekbones. They’re wearing a white shirt with small holes. End image description.]

I’m so happyyyyy!! PWR BTTM is opening at the concert that I’m at, I’m with my sister.

College Notification Dates (from College Confidential)

American: 3rd week of March
Amherst: March 29th, online
Bates: by April 1 (last year = mailed March 26)
Bard: by early April (last year = mailed March 26)
Barnard: emailed March 27 @ 7pm
Boston College: March 23 (received by applicants living close to BC)
Boston University: online March 23
Bowdoin: Emailed March 22 @ 7 pm
Bucknell: mailed March 21; posted online March 22
Brandeis: online March 14
Brown: March 28
Bryn Mawr: online March 21
California Lutheran: About March 15
Caltech: March 9
Carleton: mailed March 19, online March 24
Carnegie Mellon: mailed March 22nd; online March 26th
CWRU: March 9
Chapman: mailed on March 15
Clark: March 1
Claremont McKenna: March 22 @ 5pm
Colby: March 23
Colgate: March 20
Colorado College: March 15 @ 6pm
Columbia: March 28
Cooper Union: (last year = March 31)
Conn College: March 26 @ 8pm (online)
Cornell: March 28
Dartmouth: March 28th
Davidson: March 26 @ 9pm
Dickinson: (last year = Friday evening, March 23)
Drexel University: By Mid March (decisions being released in waves)
Duke: March 27 @ 6pm
Elon: March 15
Emory: March 27th @ 7 PM
FSU: March 14
Franklin & Marshall: by end of March (emails sent on March 19)
Furman: April 1
Georgetown: (last year = mailed March 27)
George Washington U: online March 22
Grinnell: March 23
Hamilton: March 28 @ 8pm EST
Harvard: March 28
Harvey Mudd: mailed March 22
Haverford: mailed March 22
Holy Cross: early April (last year = mailed March 27)
Johns Hopkins: March 28
Kenyon: mailed March 19
Lafayette: by April 1 (last year = mailed March 26)
Lehigh: late March (last year = mailed March 22); students of color March 16
Lewis and Clark: April 1
Macalester: March 30
McGill: Jan 25-March 27 (Law, Dentistry, Medicine, Music have different release dates)
Miami (OH): March 15
Middlebury: March 23 @ 8am EST
MIT: March 14
Mount Holyoke: by April 1 (last year = online March 21)
Muhlenberg: (last year = mailed March 15)
Northeastern: March 21 (open for view by progressive region)
Northwestern: March 21 (E-mail with link)
Notre Dame: by April 1 (last year = mailed March 27)
NYU: April 1 (last year = mailed March 24)
Oberlin: April 1 (last year = mailed March 26) (rumored to be 25th/26th)
Occidental: mailed March 21
Olin College: Mailing March 25, Online March 27
Penn State: Feb 28/March 31
Pepperdine: April 1
Pomona: mailed March 22
Princeton: March 28
Purdue: rolling
Reed: late March (last year = mailed March 28)
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: March 9
Rice: March 22 @ 5pm CST
Santa Clara: online March 21
Sarah Lawrence: early April (last year = mailed April 1)
St. Lawrence: mid-March (last year = mailed March 21)
Scripps: emailed March 25
Skidmore: late March (last year = mailed March 27)
Smith: March 22
Stanford: “end of March”
Swarthmore: April 1 (last year = mailed March 27)
Syracuse: March 15
Tufts: March 29 (3 pm eastern)
Tulane: April 1 (last year = mailed March 2nd)
Trinity (CT): March 27 @ 7pm (online)
U British Columbia: rolling, February to May
USC: March 26 (mailed); online March 29th
UCLA: March 22
UC Berkeley: March 28
UC Davis: March 15 @ 5pm
UC Irvine: online March 23 (decisions were posted throughout March)
UC Santa Barbara: March 19
UC Santa Cruz: March 15
UC San Diego: March 16
UC Riverside: Feb 1st-March 31st
Other UC’s: March 1- March 31
U Chicago: March 15
U Denver: March 5
U I-UC: February 15
U Mass: beginning in early March
U Maryland: by April 1
U Miami: early March - April 15
U Michigan: Mid April (Rolling?)
U North Carolina: online March 22
U Penn: March 28
U Pitt: rolling admissions
U Richmond: April 1 (last year = mailed March 22)
U Rochester: by April 1
U San Francisco: 3-4 weeks after all required materials have been received
U Texas-Austin: March 1 OOS
U Virginia: March 21 after 5:30 Eastern
U Washington: mailed starting March 21
U Wisconsin-Madison: end of March
Union: March 23
Vanderbilt: mailed March 25
Vassar: online March 27
Villanova: online March 20 @ 5pm
VCU: April 1
Wake Forest: by April 1 (last year = mailed March 23)
WUSTL: March 8
Wellesley: March 21st online @ 5pm
Wesleyan: March 29 @ 3pm EDT
Whitman: emailed March 25
Wm and Mary: (last year = in-state mailed March 19; OOS mailed March 31)
Williams: March 27 evening via e-mail
WPI: April 1
Yale: March 28





“I saw Big Hero 6 a few days ago and fell in love with Baymax. I just, really, really, like him. This fall, I’m going to college in San Francisco, alone, and I’m extremely nervous. So, just before I go, I’m going to buy a Baymax doll and take him with me. I know it’s childish, but like Hiro has Baymax in San Fransokyo as his companion, I’ll have Baymax with me in San Francisco as my buddy so I won’t feel so alone.”