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I’m gonna miss being part of the show. Massively. But I don’t I feel like I’m going to miss Ramsay. I feel like he had his lark, and it was just that he died. And I think it was the right thing for the show moving forward. So no, I don’t think I’m going to miss Ramsay himself, but I’m certainly going to miss being a part of this wonderful show. It’s going to be really strange this year not going back to Belfast and starting it all over again.

Sherlolly Week 2017, Day 2: Season 1

Prompt: Season 1 (Canon Compliant)

Rating: G

A/N: Since the morgue moment in “The Blind Banker” made me a hardcore Sherlolly shipper, I decided to write something related to it. I also haven’t written Meena much, so I thought they’d have a little chat about that morgue moment. Hope y’all enjoy this one!

Molly had just taken a bite of her tuna sandwich, which she was forced to get after Sherlock interrupted her lunch-slash-dinner break, when Meena sat down at her table. She waved at her best friend as she chewed her food.

Meena stirred her pot of instant chicken-flavoured noodles with her fork. “So what’s the deal with you and Sherlock Holmes, eh?”

She almost choked at her question. “Deal? I don’t know what you’re on about.”

“Are you sure about that, Molls?” she asked, waggling her eyebrows.

“Yes, I’m sure. He doesn’t feel the same way and only notices me when he needs something from me.” She took another bite. “Did you know that he complimented my hair earlier just so I’d wheel out two bodies for him?”

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Saving Part of the World - Part One - Chapter Eleven

Summary: Set after G-Rev, the World Championships have come to Belfast, Northern Ireland in the hopes of spreading the interest and drawing in tourists. In between all the teen angst and the team drama, something powerful and hungry lurks on the horizon and with the help of the beybladers, it may just destroy part of the world. 

Rated: T for cursing and mild violence

Ships: Hints of Mariah/Rei, Hilary/Tyson, Enrique/Julia 

Previous Chapters: One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten

Chapter Eleven

When the Voice had first urged Amber to go to Belfast, the idea of living alone excited her. At fifteen years old, she’d never had the opportunity to stay anywhere on her own before. Even at home, her mother insisted on leaving her at her Nana’s or with uncle Rory when she, her mother, had a night shift. So just the thought of Belfast had been filled with potential and she figured the experience would help her mature. She imagined late nights drinking coffee and watching documentaries. Of sitting at the table doing research on bladers and feeling like a badass because she was saving the world — all in secret, just like Batman.

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Dating Chibs would include

• being the only one to understand his chiberish

• him opening up to you completely

• being the one he can always talk to

• tracing the scars on his face with your finger tips

• going to Belfast with him to visit his daughter

• his daughter loving you and you loving her

• traveling to Scotland to see where he grew up

• cuddling after a long day

• him teaching you Gallic

• sharing his sense of humour

• loving each other unconditionally

• giving him a slap when he does something stupid

• reviving a ‘good Glaswegian hummpin’“ from him on a regular basis

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What draws people to be friends is that they see the same truth. They share it.

C.S. Lewis quotes cycle 9/32.

Request: Back together

Request: Imagine reuniting with your ex old man Tig after some time. He is in county jail (like in season 3 when he got caught after distracting the police so the guys could get to the airport) and you bail him, and that’s when he sees you (you decide his reaction) 

Hello people,

I wrote a first version of this, something sweet and romantic, but I decided to changed it and tried to make it funnier and sexier…Well, I hope it works…

Enjoy! Love you all!

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: smut

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Any woman would have plenty of reasons to leave Tig. His silence, his impulsive side, the violence on his life…For you, cheating was the deal breaker. You had caught them before the crow eater unbuckle his belt, but you didn’t care. You didn’t care he was going through a tough moment or the club troubles that overwhelmed him. You packed your bags and left.

You knew it was impulsive, but you were blind with rage. Now, after a time alone thinking, you found yourself missing him. You missed the club and your friends too. You missed the laughs and even the worries. Chibs called you almost every day and you knew what was going on. You told yourself that you were going back for Gemma, she needed someone to look after the TM and the boys. However you knew you were going back for him.


You never had thought you would find the TM empty and you walked in clubhouse looking for someone. You found Piney at the bar, he smiled when he saw you.

“Where is everybody?”, you asked, walking towards him.

“Sit down girl”, he said pouring you a drink, “Let me tell you”

He told you everything. The boys were going to Belfast and Kozik was trying to find Tig. He had distracted the cops for Gemma to escape and follow the club across the ocean. It didn’t take long for Kozik to come back and he had some bad news.


He really wanted to go to Belfast, but Jax needed Gemma, so Tig was happy to make the sacrifice. He was lying down on his cell when Unser came, saying that someone had bailed him. “Who?”, he asked. Unser opened the door and he looked outside. You were standing at the hallway, arms crossed.

“Hi Tig”, you said. He didn’t expect to see you, but he knew, with just one look, that you were pissed.

“Shit!”, Tig eyes widened and he closed the door, “Lock this again, please”

“She bailed you”, Unser said, “You are free to go”

“You don’t understand”, Tig watched you walk towards him, “Look at her…She will kill me”

“Come on Tiggy”, you grinned, “That is not true”

He swallowed, looking at you. You were beautiful and he had missed you like crazy. He wanted to know what you were doing there, but he didn’t want to start that reunion with a fight.

“Can we have a minute Wayne?”, you asked. Unser shrugged and left you alone. You sighed and opened the cell’s door again, “What were you thinking?”

“I was trying to help Gemma”, he said as you sat on the bed, crossing your legs. Tig looked down to you, “What are you doing here?”

“Chibs called me”, you said, “I know what has been happening around here. Gemma needs me”

You said it with such a calm that sent his blood boiling. “That is it?!”, he asked, “You came only because she needs you?!” He thought he didn’t want to fight, but there he was, angry and starting one argument right in the middle of the county jail.

“Yes”, you got up. You pushed him against the wall, “But the great Tig Trager had other plans and I had to spent my money getting him out of the damn jail!”

“You didn’t have to do it!”, he grabbed your arms, “Stop being such a bitch and admit you came for me, you miss me”

You took a deep breath, ready to say some vicious words, but that was not what you were really feeling. You were there for him, you had missed him and now, with Tig so close, a long repressed desire was bubbling on the surface. You bit your lip, a gesture that he noticed and responded by pushing you against the wall.

His mouth was hungry against yours and your hands were undoing each other’s clothes, desperate. You kicked your heels off and your jeans as Tig let his pants fall around his ankles. He lifted you and you wrapped your legs around his hips. He entered you slowly, making you press your lips together not to moan too loud.

“God I missed you”, Tig mumbled against your neck.

“I missed you too Tiggy”, you whined.

“This will have to be fast doll”, he laughed and thrusted inside you. You didn’t bother the wall scratching your back, all you could feel was his cock inside you and how good it was. You bit his shoulder as his pace was fast and hard. It was a shame, but you two wouldn’t last long, the time apart was too much and you need him as much as Tig needed you.

“Come on baby”, you whispered, feeling your walls already tightening around him. He couldn’t resist your sweet voice and your wet pussy on his cock, Tig came fast inside you and your legs trembled with the pleasure.

Tig kissed you, being sweet as he put you back on your feet. “I guess you forgave me”, he smirked, running his fingers through your hair.

“Yeah, but don’t try anything lover”, you smiled, putting your pants back on, “If I even dream about you close to one of those bitches I will kill you. Understood?”

“Understood”, he smiled, getting dressed too, “I’m glad you came back doll”

“Yeah, yeah”, you mumbled walking down the hallway, “Let’s go home, I’m not done with you Tiggy”

“Yes ma’am”, he grinned and grabbed your ass while you left the jail together.

Being Jax’s little sister would include:

Author: Johannah

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✦ You being nicknamed the Princess of Charming, and the Princess of SAMCRO

✧ Jax is super protective of you, he always has been especially since your dad died

✦ Yes, he’s got into plenty of brawls for you - Nobody touches his baby sister and get’s away with it

✧ Not just Jax - The entire club adores you, you’re like everyone’s daughter and you’d be hard pushed to find a single member that hasn’t kicked the shit out of some dickhead for looking at you the wrong way

✦ You having the same genetic heart disease that he, Abel, and your mother have

✧ Him sleeping on your couch when he and Wendy are getting divorced

✦ You not trusting Tara at all when she returns to Charming. She broke your brother’s heart once before, and you and your Mom are sure she’ll do it again

✧ (Tara calls you and your Mom the wicked witches of West California for a while)

✦ It’s you that comes around to Tara first, and if you’re on your good side then you’re not only on Jax’s but on Gemma’s

✧ You operate by Gemma’s gospel: ‘Love deep, hate deeper. Betrayal is unforgiveable.’

✦ Basically stepping up as Abel’s mother when Wendy has to go to rehab

✧ You go to Belfast with the uys when your nephew is kidnapped

✦ You can tell when Jax is upset, even if he can hide it from the rest of the world

✧ When you were little you used to be inseparable from him. In a way you stiill are - you’re so close and you are the only one Jax can be completely honest with

✦ Being like a maid of honour at Jax and Tara’s wedding (That’s a little difficult in a brothel, but you did Tara’s hair and makeup and stood by her side as she became your sister-in-law

✧ Having a bunch of inside jokes with your big brother

✦ Standing by his side no matter what

✧ Being each other’s shoulder to cry on

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Hey excuse me I'm sorry I wasn't here back then. What exactly happened in Belfast who was that twitter person who got hurt and what was that about 15 million dollars? I'm sorry to bother :/

i’m going to start by linking you to this post.

so just fyi i was literally sitting in a movie theatre watching the martian when this went down and i came out after to see my phone had EXPLODED with frantic texts and whatsapp messages so i was there for the aftermath but not when it was actually going down.

the canceled concert in belfast was on october 20th. we also got some weird pre-written instyle article claiming the fake baby had already been born (IN OCTOBER). 

the rbb countdown happened that same day starting with this. that’s a huge part of the reason why i think the canceled show was due to a behind the scenes power struggle between the boys and OT (the timing of rbb suddenly ramping up activity is hella suspicious).

the excuse we were given for the canceled show was that liam was sick (and of course, it ran in the sun and made liam look like a diva):

here are some other interesting posts from that day

Imagine going to Belfast with Chibs. You meet Fiona and are worried he’ll leave you.

You were over the moon when Chibs asked you to go to Belfast with him. You knew he had to go on Club business so you didn’t think you would even be allowed to go, let alone that he’d ask you. You couldn’t have been more excited that Chibs was finally letting you into his world. He was very adamant about you staying away from anything that could put you in danger, but you assured him that you knew what you were getting into when you decided to be with him.

Chibs had always been very open with you about his old life. You knew about Fiona and Kerrianne, and what happened with Jimmy. To say that you were nervous about meeting his estranged wife would be an understatement. You figured that you could make it work with Kerrianne, she seemed like a nice, accepting girl, but Fiona was – technically, still is – married to the man you’re now with. You didn’t think Fiona would be so accepting of you. Fiona knew Chibs’ secrets, his quirks, his strengths, his weaknesses before you had even met him. How could you ever be enough to fill the hole that she had left?

Fiona and Kerrianne were there to greet you when you reached Belfast. The family of three immediately fell into conversation, catching up on the time they had missed out on. Jealousy, protectiveness and an ounce of fear bubbled inside you when Fiona leaned over and placed a kiss to Chibs’ scarred cheek. She turned to you with a cautious eye and held out a hand.

You were greatly intimidated by this woman. She wasn’t all that much taller than yourself but her gaze was intense. You shook her hand and took note of her firm grip. You told yourself that it was just a handshake (not a challenge where Chibs is the prize) but your mind loved to overthink things.

She invited the two of you over for dinner and Filip accepted the offer for the both of you. While you stood there awkwardly, you could barely remember why you were so excited for this in the first place when all you felt now was unwanted. Your heart was telling you to try harder, to engage in conversation with these women who meant so much to the man you love but your brain was using logic and reason to convince you that if you were to speak up you’d only be interrupting this family.

At dinner that night, you all sat around Fiona’s living room, eating the delicious roast dinner that she had cooked herself. Right now, more than anything, you wished you could cook and you wondered if Chibs missed having someone cook for him. He always cooked for the two of you since each time you tried it ended in some sort of fire.

You chewed your roast slowly while your fiancé laughed with his wife and daughter about something Kerrianne did when she was six. You tried to hone in on your surroundings so you didn’t get too lost in your thoughts. Your brain was like a whirlpool right now; negative thoughts swirling around in your mind, their pull so strong while you try and swim away from he dark, empty abyss at their centre.

“-isn’t that right, darlin’?” Chibs asked, his hand settling on your knee.

“Hmm?” you hummed half-heartedly. You couldn’t be certain but you were pretty sure this was the first time that night you had been acknowledged. “Oh, yeah, sure.” You agreed and hoped that was the right answer because you honestly had no idea what he was asking you.

Without a so much as a hiccup, the family went back to their reunion.

“Excuse me,” you abruptly stood up. You needed to get away from there, even for a moment. “I need to use the bathroom.”

You left before anyone could say anything and headed to the room you vaguely remember being shown earlier that night. Your breath was coming out in short gasps and you blinked rapidly in an attempt to clear your tear-blurred vision.
You shut the door behind you and sat on the floor in the furthest corner beside the basin. Shoving your head into your hands, you let your tears fall.

This was it. There was no use denying it; Chibs had clearly realised that he only wants his real family and Fiona must’ve come to her senses and seen what she’d been missing out on with Chibs. He was a great guy and, as much as it would hurt to lose him, you wanted nothing but happiness for him – even if said happiness wasn’t with you.

A knock rung out. You wiped your face and wondered how long you’d been in here for someone to come looking.

“Are ya in there, lass?” your heard your Old Man’s concerned voice.

Something tugged at your heart and while you couldn’t quite pinpoint the emotion, you know that it hurt.

“Yeah,” you replied and tried your hardest to keep your voice steady. “Sorry, I’ll be out in a minute.”

Slowly, the door creaked open. Chibs scanned the room quickly before he saw you. His face fell at the sight of you; his usually bubbly and lively girl was now curled into herself in the corner of a bathroom, red-faced and teary-eyed.

Without a word, he sat beside you and pulled you tight into his chest. You tried to hold it in but the feeling of his arms around you and the beat of his racing heart was too much for you and you began sobbing into his cut. He didn’t say a word, he just ran a hand through your hair while the other was on your back, holding you firmly.

“P-Please,” you sobbed out between short breaths, “P-Please don’t l-leave me. I love you, F-Filip.”

His grip tightened.

“I won’t, lass,” he replied and while you weren’t looking at his face, you heard his voice falter as though he was holding back tears too. “I’m right here and I’m staying with you.”

“You are?” you sniffled weakly.

“Of course I am,” he said as though you had asked a stupid question. You pulled back enough to look at his face. Sure enough, there were silent tears leaving his eyes. He looked down at you with sad eyes. “I’m so, so sorry I made ya think I was going to leave.” He said with a frown and you could see how angry he was with himself. He pressed a kiss to your forehead and then a quick one to your lips. “Dammit girl, I love ya more than anything. Don’t you know that?”

“I’m sorry,” you apologised quietly. “I just thought you would want to be with your family again.”

“You are my family,” he confessed and pulled your body closer to him once more. “You’re all I need and I’m not going anywhere.”


“I’m looking for Chibs- er, Filip Teleford!” Your eyes were red and puffy from worry.

The nurse stared back with a furrowed brow, not to keen on the way you slammed your hand down onto the counter.
“Only immediate family is allowed to see Mr. Teleford.”

Realistic steam must have rose from your temple, you could feel it, “I am, you yuppie piece of-”

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Imagine you’re getting married to Chibs; Fiona crashes your reception completely wasted.

This is pretty long. I was on a roll and didn’t want to stop to make it into two parts!

Today is the day you are going to marry Chibs Telford. Everything thus far had been going to plan: no club business, all the guys were here, Gemma was finishing up your hair, and Tara & Lyla were finishing up their hair & makeup. It was an hour and a half to the ceremony. Tig, who was giving you away, came in every now and then to check on you.

“Tig! Get out! I’m practically naked here!” You yelled at him as he was walking in with a beer in hand. “You couldn’t even wait until the reception?” You asked whilst rolling your eyes.

“Ah, c’mon, Y/n. I’m giving you away, I need something to take the edge off. And look at this! A half empty bottle of champagne?” He mocked you while holding up the champagne you drank with your breakfast earlier.

“Shut it, Tig.” You stuck your tongue out at him. Gemma grabbed your head and turned it back to the place she wanted it.

“You keep sassing that man and you’ll have a burn mark on your face for your wedding.”

“I’m getting married to Chibs Gem, I couldn’t give a shit what I looked like.”

“Oh, is that so? Weren’t you freaking out two hours ago that your nail color didn’t match your flowers?” You heard Lyla sassing you from the bathroom her and Tara were currently in.

“Don’t you dare start with me, Saffron Sister.” You yelled back at her. She started laughing and got back to finishing her make-up.

“How is he doing, TIg?” You asked. You knew Chibs loved you, but you were concerned if he would go through with it. You knew he had worries about something happening to you, like what happened between him and Fiona. But now that Jimmy was dead and you both don’t live in Ireland, you knew that the likelihood of anything to that extent happening was very small. 

“You don’t need to worry about him, doll. He’s fine. He’s all ready for ya.” You smiled at your best friend. Gemma smiled down at you and squeezed your shoulder. 

“I told you baby, he’s here. For you. He isn’t going anywhere.” 

You finally had your dress on and were waiting in a cabin that you and Chibs had rented out for your honeymoon. It wasn’t too far from Piney’s cabin, so in case the guys did need Chibs, he would be easily accessible. The wedding was taking place in a field behind the cabin, surrounded by a lake and trees. There were a few tents set up for the reception, with a dance floor, about 10 tables with 8 seats at each table, With chairs on either side of the aisle, and you walking down a yellow three foot wide ribbon to Chibs, you knew today would be perfect. You looked down to Abel when he was yanking on your dress to get your attention. “Are you excited, Auntie?” 

“Of course I am sweet heart. I haven’t been so happy.” You smiled at the little boy.

“What if I drop the rings?” Abel asked you.

“You won’t. And if you do, it will all be okay.” Abel nodded and ran over to his mom to take the rings from her. 

“Alright everyone. We should get lined up.” You heard Gemma call. You started to try and calm your breath, but it wasn’t working. You could feel yourself starting to have a panic attack. You went out the front for of the cabin to catch your breath. As you walked out the door, you were shocked to see Chibs standing there, smoking a cigarette.

“Did I ruin your plan to run away, love?” Chibs asked you while throwing his cigarette on the ground.

“I just needed a breath. You?” 

“I need one now.” He watched you as you were pacing the front patio. “You look beautiful, love.”

“Oh shit. Chibs you’re not supposed to see me.” You covered up your face, like he hadn’t already seen you. 

“Come here.” He walked towards you and took your hands away from your face, pulling them toward his lips, he kissed your ring finger on your left hand. He looked deeply into your eyes. “We’re getting married today.”

“We’re getting married today.” You confirmed, tears were starting to form in your eyes and you could tell he was near to crying as well.

“Chibs! Get your ass at that alter. Y/n! Get in this cabin now! She might not be my daughter, but this shit ain’t happening.” Tig shouted as he separated you two and pushed Chibs to walk around the cabin. “Y/n, y/n, y/n. I never thought you would go against the whole “bride before the wedding” thing.”

“Not now, Tig.” You punched him in the shoulder before he offered you his arm. Bobby started to play “Makin’ Plans” softly on his guitar as the precessional started. Gemma walked down the aisle first, followed by Tara and Thomas, then Lyla and Abel. You were gripping onto Tigs arm so tight you thought you would break it. You were trying not to freak out, and you knew you would have if you didn’t have that moment with Chibs right before. You and Tig walked out of the back door together once Lyla and Abel were to their spots in the front. Everyone stood up as you made your entrance. As you walked down the aisle to the chorus of yours and Chibs’ song, all you could look at was Chibs. You watched his face change expression: from laughing at Abel as he was trying to avoid the attention of everyone, to a look that completely signified what love was. His eyes were on you as you made your way towards him, and you kept your eyes on him. He looked so handsome: he was wearing his cut on top of a white button up shirt. You told him he could wear his shirt however he wanted; he decided to leave a few slots unbuttoned on the top and his shirt untucked. He also had his sleeves rolled halfway up his forearms. He was wearing the dark wash jeans you thought looked the sexiest on him with a pair of his riding boots. 

You finally reached him after what felt like the longest walk of your life. You turned to Tig as he kissed you on the cheek. You gave him a hug and gave him a kiss no the cheek. He went to stand up by Chibs. Not only was he giving you away, but he was Chibs’ best man. 

Chibs held his hand out for you and you took it. You both walked the few short feet to the end of the aisle where Juice was standing, ready to officiate. “Alright. Everyone please take you’re seats. We’re gathered here to join this Old Man and his Old Lady. First off, does anyone object to this union? No? Good.” Everyone started to chuckle. “And now your vows?” 

Lyla took your flowers from your hands so you could hold onto Chibs. You were both looking into eachother’s eyes deeply, trying to recollect yourself before the vows. He was very persistent on finding a Gaelic wedding vow, saying that most of them were very romantic. You both finally found one you agreed on a few weeks ago. "Ye are Blood of my Blood, and Bone of my Bone. I give ye my Body, that we Two might be One. I give ye my Spirit, ‘til our Life shall be Done.“ You both said in unison. 

“Little man? Want to hand Chibs and y/n the rings please?” Juice asked  Abel. He made eye contact with you and you nodded and smiled to him. Abel carefully handed the “prettier” looking one to Chibs, and a black band to you. 

“Thank you, wee man.” Chibs said while giving Abel a hug. You kneeled down and gave him a hug.

“See? I told you weren’t going to drop it.” You smiled at him. He turned around and walked to his mother and brother. You both put the rings on each other’s fingers. 

“By the state of California and a few hours on the internet, I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss your bride.” 

“Finally!” Chibs yelled before grabbing you and dipping you down. You were laughing into the kiss for a little bit, then stopped when you could feel the heat and passion coming from Chibs. Once you were standing up straight again, he swept you off your feet and walked you into the cabin


You and Chibs have had sex a total of four times in the last two hours, and nothing could ruin your happiness. You officially ditched the spandex under your dress only wearing your normal underwear in case you and Chibs went to disappear again. You had been staying by his side mostly the whole evening since the ceremony. You knew that you with things starting to pick up in the club, you would not be in pure bliss for much longer with Chibs enjoying himself as well. 

You were both on the dance floor, dancing to Wagon Wheel by OCMS, when all of a sudden you heard a crash come from inside the cabin. You looked at Chibs with a raised eyebrow and followed him into the cabin. All the Sons from SAMCRO were following as well, with either a gun in their hand or their hand hovering over one. Once you two entered the cabin, you looked into the main living space to see Fiona, Chibs’ ex-wife.

You squeezed Chibs’ hand hard. “What are ye doing here?” Chibs asked through gritted teeth. 

“Just thought I’d come crash the party! Since no one told me this was happening.” Fiona was slurring her words and stumbling a bit; she crashed your wedding reception completely hammered. 

“Where’s Kerrianne?” You asked her. You were completely aware of the relationship Chibs and Fiona had. He asked Fiona for a divorce a few weeks before he proposed to you. 

“That’s none of your business.” Fiona snapped.

“Don’t talk to her like that, Fiona. Where is my daughter?” Chibs asked stepping towards her.

“She’s still in Belfast, staying with Trinity and Maureen until I return.” She told you and Chibs, with a snappy tone still in her voice. 

“Fi, why are ye here?” You could hear Chibs’ accent getting heavier and heavier as he asked more questions. You could tell he was pissed. You and him both felt it were inappropriate and impossible to invite Fiona to the wedding. She still was technically under the protection of the True IRA. Her being here was a danger to all involved. “Ye need to go back to Belfast.”

“You can’t tell me what to do Filip. Not anymore.” Fiona held up her hand, showing she no longer had her claddagh ring on her left hand, rather on her right. 

“I will if my family is involved. You need to go back to Belfast and make sure Kerri is okay, alright?” He reasoned with her. “Rat! Take Fi to the clubhouse or airport, I don’t care where. I just can’t have her here right now.”

Rat nodded and escorted Fiona out of the cabin. 

“Shite y/n. I’m so sorry about that. I had no idea she would - “ You cut him off with a kiss.

“Babe, I told you nothing would ruin this day for me. It could have been someone far worse and more crazy than Fiona. Everyone is safe. Everyone is okay. We are okay. And we are going to dance.” With that you grabbed Chibs’ arm and ran with him back out to the dance floor. 

UK. still cannot believe so many of our shows over here have now sold out… we want more of you to come party with us, so we’re adding a Liverpool show and a second Birmingham date to the tour ! They both (+ Belfast) go on general sale this Friday from 10am. Newcastle and Leeds are still on sale too :)

Saturday 6th June | The NIA | Birmingham | UK
Wednesday 10th June | Echo Arena | Liverpool | UK