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BTS Reactions To Their Girlfriend Being a Night Owl


Jin woke up in the middle of the night only to find you missing from your usual spot beside him. Confused, he got up and headed downstairs only to find you sitting comfortably on the sofa with your laptop on your lap and earbuds in your ears. He tilted his head as he made towards you. As he neared, you finally noticed his presence and looked up a bit surprised to find him awake.

“Oh no,” you frowned, “did I wake you up?”

He shook his head, “no…what are you doing?”

You turned your laptop towards him so he could see the YouTube video you had been watching.

“I usually don’t sleep until late,” you explained.

“Oh…that explains why you sleep in so much. I can’t believe I havent  noticed until now.”

“I didn’t tell you because then I felt like you’d feel obligated to stay up with me.”

He nodded in understanding before he looked at you with a pout, “I can’t sleep without you in my arms though jagiya.”

“You sleep perfectly fine without me while you’re on tour,” you pointed out only making him pout more finally making you give in.

“Fine let’s go,” you said as he grabbed your hand and led you back to bed.

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Yoongi felt the bed dip as your weight was suddenly lifted off. He didn’t think much of it though as he quickly fell back asleep. Your laugh is what ultimately woke him up.

His eyes were scrunched in annoyance as he tiredly reached for his phone on the bedside table. He could barely see as he typed you a message telling you to shut up and let him sleep.

His annoyance rose as he felt your phone buzz not too far from his. He contemplated whether to just fall back asleep again when he heard you laugh louder this time. He groaned as he begrudgingly rose from the bed and headed to the living room.

Your eyes widened as you covered your mouth, “I woke you up didn’t I?”

He just silently glared, before he grabbed you by the hand and led you back to bed. Once you were settled he rested his head on your stomach and closed his eyes.

“This is your punishment for waking me up,” he murmured before drifting back into the unconscious.

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Hoseok  could feel his eyelids begin to droop as he stared at the TV screen. He looked at the time and was surprised to find that it was already 1am. How had time flown so quickly?

You on the other hand, were the complete opposite of him. You were wide awake. Your feet rested on his lap as you browsed the internet through your phone.

Hoseok had become used to your late sleeping habits but he still worried you weren’t getting enough sleep. However,  he knew that there wasn’t much that he could do, as it was just who you were.

He stayed up a bit longer having decided to keep you company before the urge to sleep became unbearable.

He lightly patted your leg to get your attention before he moved to get up, “hey baby, I think I’m going to head off to bed now.”

You looked up from your phone and frowned as you could see the exhaustion paint his face.

“You should’ve gone to sleep sooner,” you told him with soft eyes.

He shook his head and gave you a warm smile, “don’t worry just try not to stay up too long.”

He leaned down to give you a kiss, before he headed off towards the bedroom.

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You were trying to decide whether to watch another episode of your drama or sleep when your eyes wandered to the spot beside you. You could barely contain your laugh as you saw Namjoon with his mouth hung open as his chest rose and fell; a snore occasionally leaving his mouth here alnd there.

Though you usually stayed up late to catch up on your dramas or browse the Internet, moments like these are what you truly looked forward to. Seeing him sleep so peacefully was something you didn’t often get to see as he’d usually wake up before you.

Namjoon was well aware of your sleeping habits but they never seemed to bother him. He was quick to fall into a deep sleep regardless of how much noise you made.

A yawn escaped you as you noticed how the blanket had slighty slid off Namjoon in his sleep. You closed your laptop and put it away and readjusted his blanket before you turned the bedside lamp off,  and drifted to sleep.

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Jimin let out a yawn as he sat up in bed and stretched his arms. He looked towards your side of the bed and wasn’t surprised to find it empty. With a small sleepy smile, he got up and made his way to the kitchen.

He couldn’t help but notice how cold the floor felt against his bare feet. In fact, the whole house felt a bit chilly. Making a small detour he rose the heat so you’d be more comfortable staying up.

You heard him before you saw him. You found it funny that you could now identify his steps from others. 

“Hello,” you chirped from the dining table as he walked to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. 

“Hey,” he returned as he sat down beside you, “so what are you up to, today?”

You shifted your laptop to show him the picture you had just been editing.

“It looks good,” he smiled.

He kept you company for a few minutes before he placed a kiss on your temple, “I’m going to head off back to bed. Make sure to sleep relatively early, ok? Oh! Also, it’s a bit cold so maybe move to the living room where there’s blankets.”

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Taehyung didn’t always wake up, but it did happen occasionally. However, today, or rather tonight, happened to be one of the times he did. 

You felt him stir awake beside you and you took your earbuds out, “I didn’t wake you did I?”

His eyes still a bit hazy, he sat up in the bed and shook his head, “no.” You felt relieved, the last thing you wanted was to rob him of his sleep since it was so important that he was always rested. 

“What are you watching?” He murmured as he looked towards the screen of your laptop. 

“It’s a new kdrama that came out,” you explained as you saw that he was unfamiliar with what he was seeing. 

“Is it any good?” He asked genuinely curious. This was something that happened occasionally too. You often stayed up to watch dramas or youtube videos and if he happened to wake up and find them interesting, he’d stay up with you.

You took a few minutes to explain the basic plot line to him and after garnering his attention he went to the kitchen to grab some snacks before joining you again. After laying the laptop in front of you both, you finished another 2 episodes before dozing off.

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Jungkook was already waiting on the couch for you, having gotten used to this habit of yours. As you came back down from changing into your pyjamas, you noticed various snacks strewn all over the coffee table.

Your eyes slightly widened, “where did all those come from?” You were genuinely curious as you hadn’t seen them in the kitchen earlier.

“I bought them on my way home,” he explained with a smile as he moved over on the couch so you could sit down.

“So what anime are we watching today?” He asked curiously as it was your turn to choose.

“Hmm I was thinking Your Lie in April, maybe?” 

“Isn’t that one supposed to be sad?”

“Yeah, but I heard it was really good!” 

With a nod he agreed to your choice and you laid on the couch and rested your head on his thighs. Once you were settled he kissed the top of your head before he reached over to throw a blanket over you so you wouldn’t be cold. 

After each of you picked your choice of snack, you began your usual long night. 

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Both admin k and i felt this request on a personal level. We both stay up too late these days lol….anyways, I hope it came out ok and that you guys like it!

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I wish I an “early to bed, early to rise” type of person but I’m a “ok let’s go to bed early tonight, but doesn’t and ok let’s try to get up early but snoozes all of my multiple alarms and goes back to sleep for another couple hours” type of person

Only Look At Me (m)

After a longtime Jimin realizes he likes you but it may be too late


Word Count: 6k

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Staring blankly at the ceiling of your room you sighed and reached up to try and touch the glow in the dark stars your best friend stuck to it for you. Your eyes traced the letters that they formed and felt the small smile spread on your face until it grew and you felt your eyes crinkle up in an eye smile. Park Jimin, your best friend for a year now, always told you to smile whenever you would start stressing out or over thinking which was all the time. Today was no different.

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Ok I am feeling slightly more human today.

And I had no choice, I had to get up and host Bug’s birthday party today. I’m home now and am working on some fics and trying to stay awake. 

It’s gonna be early to bed for this old gal tonight lol

I ain’t feeling the like a Mature Spring Chicken right now…. but I blame it on the foot of snow we got the other day….. from no snow at all to a foot of snow…. no wonder I got sick *pouts* 

I’m tired of snow!!! *cries* 


The door slammed behind you as you pushed inside. You kicked off your shoes by the door before lugging your arm load of groceries to the kitchen, leaving a trail of water behind you as it slid off your rain coat. After placing the bags on the counter, you took your coat to the coat rack by the door. On your return to the kitchen, you slipped on one of the puddles you had left behind, causing you to knock over a framed photo on the side table. The glass inside was cracked right through the middle.

“Of course,” you muttered to the empty house. You picked up the frame to set it up right again. It was a photo of you with your boyfriend, Niall, taken six weeks ago on your first night as a permanent resident of London. With a paddy cap on his head and his cheeks flushed with drink, he looked happy and in love. So did you. In the picture, you were looking at him, laughing at something you couldn’t remember. It was great night, supposedly the start of an amazing adventure and life with the man of your dreams. The crack that had formed ominously spread between the two faces. It was broken, just like your fantasy of what life would be like living in London.

You set the frame back down and went to the powder room to grab a towel to wipe up the puddles on the floor. In the mirror, you caught your reflection. Your hair was a mess, wavy and frizzy from the rain. There were bags under your under eyes which were also rimmed with redness, leftover from the frustrated cry you had had in the car on the way home. You were tired and sad and you looked the part. You really needed a hug but there was no one there to give you one.

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Contact (Ginny/Mike)

LOOK YOU FUCKS. This was not what I had planned for tonight. I was going to enjoy a beer, finish proofing chapter 3 of Love Light Gleams, and go to bed early. Then y’all had to reblog @mindykahling‘s post (here). And yes, ok, MAYBE my tags were a little sinful, but @darlinginmyway had to escalate AS PER USUAL. Also tagging @pottercastleminds because you had the misfortune of also calling out my tags.

Rated M

Mike fancies himself a pretty observant guy. It’s how he and his mom got by when he was younger, partaking in actions that could be considered less-than-legal. It’s why he’s a future hall of fame catcher, sussing out batters’ patterns and calling for pitches accordingly. It makes him a great captain, reading the different personalities in the room and getting them all to work in harmony.

It’s how he figured out early on that Ginny has a thing for his hands.

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  • Telepathy
  • abilities : read minds ~  see images of what a person is thinking of ~
  • HMmmn I think he would have the gift of telepathy, being the leader of 17 he’d definitely have the skill of knowing what’s up in everyone’s mind
  • Despite having this power I don’t see him using it often since it’s taboo and rude to read peoples mind but he might use it on some occasions like, “ HEyy Y/N? What do you want to eat on our date ?”,”guess what I’m thinking of eating” and at these times he would ‘abuse’ his powers. “OK so let me guess, you.. want to eat ..hmm.. JAPANESE FOOD ?! AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT “ [ u kno right spoops ] , you kinda get freaked like how does he get it always right ???!
  • every time you ask him how he does it he’d just shrug it off and say he was lucky ;)


  • flight
  • abilities : Fly no shit ~ fly at high speeds ~ regeneration of feathers on his wings ~
  • he would have the gift of flight since he is an angel  /don’t judge me ples/
  • The very convenient thing about his wings is that they appear at his own will and did I mention how beautiful his wings are ?
  • their natural colour was pure white but he felt like changing it up a bit so that his wings matched his hair so now you’ve got a red winged jeonghan
  • you would whip out the old ‘did it hurt when you fell from heaven’ pick up line and this boy would cringe so so Hard
  • would definitely use his ability to his advantage, train breaks down pffft, traffic jam PFFFT doesn’t matter, jeonghan would just fly to where ever he wanted to
  • likes to have you in his arms while he shows you the skyline lighted up at night


  • water manipulation
  • abilities: absolute control of anything that contains water ~ able to create ~ orbs of water at will ~ can change the state of the water ~ breathe underwater ~
  • idk why but he gives me chill surfer dude vibe 
  • just imagine doing the dishes with him, it’d probably end up with you and him in a giggling mess when he tries to impress you but he totally missed the plates and shot the water to the neighbours pots which may or may not have knocked them over
  • ‘‘ joshua pls stop making the ice cubes into water we need them cold and cube-ish ? not watery and floating in the air “


  • shapeshifting
  • abilities: change any feature of his body ~ morphing into any object of his choiceable to also change anyone’s appearance with a single touch ~
  • likes to tease you whenever he morphs into a cat [ because why not ?] and you mistake him for your own pet  and start to snuggle up to it him
  • you’d go all ??? when you see two of your fluffy babies
  • doesn’t need to use hair dye since he could basically CHanGe his OWN hair
  • sometimes ‘accidentally‘ changes into your pet just so he could fit into your arms but when you wake up you’d be shocked to see a jun there


  • force field projection
  • abilities: create force fields that can protect the object from almost anything ~  control the size of the force fields ~
  • likes to create small force fields as bowls so he doesn’t need to wash them genius
  • “ Hey, Y/N put the soup in these “
  • “r u srs Soonyoung ? the soup is going to look like its floating on the table and if my mum sees that again she’ll lose it, do you know how difficult it was to explain to her how our juice was in our hands without!a!cup!!”
  • soon enough you guys start eating out of force field bowls #teamlazy
  • you two get caught in the rain and hoshi makes a force field just big enough cover you guys and the people around were surprised how come you weren’t wet from the rain


  • time manipulation
  • abilities: pause time ~ travel back in time and into the future but he can’t do anything to change it though [ don’t want the universe to explode and shiz ] ~
  • since this busy bee is pretty busy most of the time it would make him want to punch himself in the face when he forgets your birthday
  • literally stops doing everything and freezes everything in time /including you/ to rush to get a present
  • “um woozi pretty sure that gift wasn’t in your hand a minute ago did you do the time thing again”, he’d blush several shades of red when he gets exposed


  • Invisibility
  • abilities: control over which parts of his body turn invisible ~ able to turn thing invisible with just a touch of a finger ~
  • you experimenting with a new recipe and lets just say it didn’t turn out so good, not wanting to be a bad or insensitive boyfriend he “ate” the plate of food you made
  • “Wonwoo how was the cake ? was it good ?”
  • “Y-yea sure It was RLY RLY good Y/N”
  • likes to mess with you by making stuff invisible
  • “wonwoo pls, did you make a puppy invisible because I can see her tracking foot prints into the living room”
  • “ Y/N it was supposed to be a surprise  “
  • pouts


  • solar munipulation
  •  abilities: able to absorb energy from the sun ~ emit energy ~ energy conversion ~
  • is a literal ball of sunshine
  • you can’t help but smile whenever you’re around this guy
  • “seokmin, honey, are you actually glowing ? are you sure you’re not using highlight ?”
  • likes to joke how he’s just like your house plant, pins those bean sprouts on his head and would definitely ask you to pass him a glass of water and say you’re watering him what even ??


  • eat anything [ trust me this is a super power ]
  • abilities: well he can eat anything
  • which means he’s basically kirby
  • your aunt wasn’t the best cook but she was a fun aunt so being nice you swiped everything on your plate onto mingyu’s
  • you gave mingyu a pleading look, defeated, mingyu swallowed the mountain of grub with a small smile when your aunt offered him more when he ate it so fast
  • always wins at those hot dog eating contest 
  • ppl around him would just look at him in shock as the veteran hot dog eating winner was defeated by this tol bean boy


  • Plant control
  • abilities: control the growth of plants ~ control plants
  • likes to go on park dates with you even though its cliche, he likes the occasional bump-ins with the neighbourhood pets 
  • would make the flowers bloom in the middle of winter [ but he makes sure no one sees ]
  • you’d see him petting a dog while the petals fall and I’d make you wonder if this boy came out of a manga or something /dusts of sakura petals/
  • knew that you were heart broken when the plant you got from him withered so he made it come back to life again just so he could see you smile


  • persuasion
  • ability:  affect someones thinking
  • ofc this boy would NEVER use this power unless he really had to but it would break his heart when he sees you pushing yourself soo hard to the point where you stay up late for days
  • “boo I’ll sleep in 10 min i promise but now I need to finish this first “
  • with just a kiss on the forehead you suddenly felt the urge to go to bed early “you know what seungkwan ? I think I’m going to turn in early tonight, goodnight boo”
  • although he feel guilty for using his power like this he knew you needed some rest
  • you’d wake up the next morning slightly made at him but you knew he meant well


  • super human aim
  • ability: never miss a target [ unless he wanted to ]
  • would like to impress you by taking to a carnival date
  • “hansol, don’t waste your money on the game pretty sure its rigged since I saw a couple of ppl complaining about this booth its ok really”
  • and the moment you ended your sentence he shot down the target making everyones jaw drop
  • “ok woah ignore what I said, your aim is insane hansol, do you take archery lessons or ?”
  • he’d just say that it was luck [ yea sure it was ;) ] before he handed you the giant soft toy


  • healing [ because he heals my heart <3 ]
  • abilities: heal anything with just a touch ~ aura sensing ~
  • you being clumsy, slipped on the floor spraining your ankle, poor chan would go all .0. he’d rush to help you up and heal you as soon as he could
  • he felt like you two were a match made in heaven since you kept falling down giving yourself a small bruise or a scratch and he’d patch you up in seconds 
  • would ask you to kiss him on the cheek to ‘heal’ him from falling for you
  • wink wonk ;]



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Could you possibly continue that kagehina drabble where Kageyama has a panic attack? Like if the two of them were at Kageyama's house and his parents didn't even care he was having one and Hinata, not really knowing what to do, is screaming and I've written too much I'm sorry

Follow up to this….sort of.

It’s a normal dinner. Kageyama invited Hinata over and they are sharing the rare meal with Kageyama’s parents. Well, sharing might be a stretch. Kageyama’s father has his briefcase open at the table and is surrounded by work. His mother is on the phone talking with someone from work. Mostly Hinata and Kageyama are just eating and quietly chatting with each other about school and volleyball.

Kageyama’s father receives a text. It’s from his office and they want him to come in and deal with a last minute problem. He cleans up and starts to get ready to go. Kageyama’s mother looks up and says “Drop me off at my office on the way? I need to finish up this project.”

“Ok, but get ready quickly, it’s an emergency” Kageyama’s father tells her.

Hinata glances out of the corner of his eye at Kageyama. He’s starting to curl up into himself just slightly. Hinata reaches out and puts his hand on Kageyama’s thigh squeezing gently. Kagayama just grabs his hand and pulls it closer to his body, holding tightly.

They hear Kageyama’s parents moving around upstairs and then his father start walking down the stairs to the front door. “Five minutes” he calls back up the stairs to his wife. At this Kageyama starts shaking and breathing heavily. By the time his mother comes down the stairs Kageyama is in full panic attack mode. He’s curled up in the corner of the dining room shaking and starting gasping for air.

Hinata runs up to his parents and asks them to stay for a little longer to help calm Kageyama down. They both glance in the dining room and shake their heads. “He’s got to learn that we can’t be here all the time.” Kageyama’s mother says. “He’s been doing this since he was a little boy, it’s high time he grows out of it.” and she turns and walks out the front door.

Hinata grabs Kageyama’s father by the sleeve and says a little louder “Please, he just needs to know you guys are there for him and that he’s not alone.”

Kageyama’s father shakes Hinata’s hand off and says over his shoulder as he leaves “I can’t stay, it’s an emergency, they need me.

Hinata runs after the two of them and shouts at them “Kageyama needs you more, don’t you care at all?” 

But it’s a useless effort. He stands there helplessly and watches them drive away. He hears Kageyama call him from the dining room and rushes to his side.

Pulling Kageyama against his chest he holds him tightly. “Ok, it’s ok, I’m here.” he says. “Come on, breathe with me. Slow down and breathe deeply with me.”

Kageyama tucks himself into Hinata’s embrace and holds on for dear life. They know the routine by now. Kageyama starts to time his breathing with Hinata. He listens as Hinata rambles on about random stuff to distract him. Hinata is always sure to talk clearly to Kageyama and let him know ahead of time what he is going to do next. “Kageyama, I’m going to move so I am leaning back against the wall.” Hinata asks after about ten minutes. “Ok?”

Kageyama nods into his chest as Hinata maneuvers them around so Hinata is leaning against the wall and Kageyama is leaning against Hinata. They sit like that until it starts to get dim in the room. Kageyama looks up at Hinata and says “Thanks”

Hinata smiles at him and leans down slightly to kiss him gently. “Always”

“Think you can make it upstairs with me and we can go to bed early tonight?” Hinata asks. 

“Yeah” Kageyama starts to get up and looks back at Hinata looking a little frightened. “You’re coming, right?”

“Of course” Hinata says as he hops up and grabs Kageyama’s hand, pulling him to Kageyama’s room.

They get ready for bed, Hinata never far from Kageyama’s side. Kageyama curls up around Hinata holding him tightly and whispers “You’re here.”

Hinata snuggles in deeper to Kageyama’s embrace and whispers back “I’m here.”

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Preath Prompt: Christen being scared about falling for a teammate and talking to Ali about it and Tobin doing the same thing but with Ashlyn. Just the A team helping preath get together

Christen takes a deep breath and sidles her way over to where Ali is laughing with Hope in the corner of the breakfast room. She needs to talk to someone about this, needs to tell someone how she’s feeling. What she’s feeling. She’s pretty much terrified and she knows Ali will understand; she must have been through at least a similar sort of thing with Ash, Christen thinks to herself, although she’s convinced Ali hadn’t been harbouring a crush for years, and instead had the nerve to act on it.

Christen smiles at Hope, who’s finished her conversation with Ali.

“Hey Chris!” Ali smiles. “What’s up?”

“Not much,” Christen shrugs. “Well, err I was hoping I could talk to you about something kinda personal if you’ve got time and you don’t mind. I mean you don’t have to,” Christen rushes out as her shoulders slump, but Ali touches her lightly on the shoulder.

“Sure Christen. You can talk to me about anything. Do you want to sit down here? The rest of the girls have left and we’ve got a while before training.”

Christen just nods her head. “Ok, good. Sit down, I’ll grab us some coffees,” Ali states as she walks off to grab a few cups.

Ali comes back to the table Christen is sitting at, hands knotted and feet tapping on the floor. She’s jittery. This is the first time she’ll be telling someone about this. About Tobin. About her crush. Although crush seems too school girl, it’s way more than that, much much more. Christen’s breath hitches every single time she sees Tobin, her palms get sweaty and all she can think is that she wants to be closer to her. Too close to her. She wants to kiss her, and do much much more than that. She wants to hear Tobin scream her name as she writhes underneath her.

She’s cut out of her inappropriate thoughts when Ali sits back down at the table, placing the coffee down in front of Christen. Ali just smiles at her, waiting for Christen to tell her whatever’s playing on her mind.

“So, err. Oh God this is embarrassing, I feel so dumb, maybe I’ll just leave it-” and Christen buries her face in her hands.

“Hey. Hey Chris, look at me. It’s ok, I promise I’m not going to think you’re dumb ok? Just talk to me. I’m your friend, I mean we’re all practically family on this team. I want to help.” Ali encourages the younger girl and Christen smiles weakly.

“How did you tell Ash you liked her?” Christen almost whispers out and the ghost of a smile passes Ali’s lips, as if she knew this was coming.

“Tobin?” Ali questions, and Christen just nods her head; she knows some of her teammates must have figured it out by now, but they’re all too kind to ask, or make her admit something she’s not ready to.

“Well, it was hard. I was convinced she was gonna laugh at me. Ashlyn Harris, the stud that she is, going for a goofy girl like me who mumbles her words and can’t leave the house without mascara? I thought I was being ridiculous.”

Christen nods along. “I feel the same, like Tobin is so effortlessly cool and chill, and then there’s me who can’t even relax properly unless my diary is up to date.”

“It’s true what they say though,” and Ali takes a sip of her coffee. “Opposites attract. The world would be a boring place if everybody was the same, and sometimes two different people make the best couple. Like Ash is the ocean, the waves and the storm and she keeps me wild, she keeps me free and she makes me feel alive, and I used to think I was so inadequate somehow. Ashlyn has been through so much and she is still one of the kindest people I know and she’s so unafraid and I’m not, I never will be. But somehow it’s ok because she’s brave enough for both of us and that means more to me than I could ever tell her.” Ali takes another sip of her coffee, setting the empty cup down on the table. “I guess what I’m trying to say is that don’t think of all the reasons why it wouldn’t work, and try to think of all the reasons why it would.”

Christen nods and smiles. “We get along so well, and I feel so relaxed and so comfortable around her. I feel safe, you know?”

Ali nods. “I know.”

Christen gulps and takes a deep breath. “I’m scared Ali. I’m scared of what this means. I’ve never liked, well anyone this much before, but Tobin she’s. Well she’s-”

“A hot girl?” Ali questions and Christen laughs.

“Yeah. A hot girl,” and Christen smiles despite herself.

“It took me a while to come to terms with that you know,” Ali continues. “But I promise you, it’s ok. You have nothing to be ashamed about, and you shouldn’t have to hide your love. It’s confusing, I know it is. Especially in relation to people like Tobin and Ash who are so calm and cool and accepting of who they are. It’s sometimes harder for the rest of us. But the best thing I ever did was tell Ash how scared I was. How falling for a girl, a woman, scared the shit out of me. There’s so much more to think about, to take into consideration. But, it is all worth it, it is one hundred percent worth it. Love is love at the end of the day Chris,” Ali states, tears welling up. “And when you find love, when you find that person, hold onto them as tight as you can because not everything is guaranteed in this life, and sometimes bad things happen. But the bad things are that little bit less horrible if you have someone there to share life with.”

Christen can feel the tears starting to well up in her own eyes now. “But how do I tell everyone? How do I come out?” Christen sobs out.

Ali places her hand over Christen’s. “You don’t have to come out to anyone. You don’t have to even label yourself if you don’t want to. So you’ve fallen for a girl? Big deal. Gender doesn’t matter, you fall in love with whoever you fall in love with, and those around you who love you will understand that, and they will accept it.”

“Thank you.” Christen states simply, squeezing Ali’s hand. “All I have to do now is tell Tobin, easy right?” and Christen manages a laugh.

“Trust me Christen, I’ve seen the way her eyes follow you around the room, I’m pretty sure she feels the same.”

Christen just smiles as she gets up, grabbing their empty coffee cups. She pulls Ali into a hug and when they break apart Ali smiles at her.

“I’m happy for you Chris, and talk to me whenever ok? If you’re scared or unsure, come to me. I’m glad you did today. I’ve been there and got through it. It’s not always easy, but just remember to share your feelings with Tobin, it’ll make things easier.”

Christen nods and smiles as they walk out of the room together, heading up to their rooms to change.

Tobin dramatically walks into the room she’s sharing with Ash and flops down on her bed.

“Girls,” Tobin sighs out and Ash laughs.

“Girls indeed.” Ash replies. “What’s up Tobs? This is about Christen isn’t it? I see you two looking at each other and it looks like you want to rip each other’s clothes off half the time. It’s really not subtle.”

Tobin sits up suddenly. “Shit! Is it that obvious dude?”

Ash laughs again. “Only to people who know what they’re looking at. Don’t worry,” Ash shrugs. “Not that many people have clocked on, and those that have won’t say anything.”

Tobin nods. “I don’t know what to do about it though. What did you do with Ali? Did you ask her out? Because I don’t think I’ve got the nerve to ask Christen out. She’s so perfect Ash, and so soft and kind and pure , and what if she says no? Oh shit what if she’s straight?”

Ash laughs louder this time. “Oh my God Tobin you have got it bad. I’m not one to comment on Christen’s sexuality. Sexuality is fluid anyway, but she looks at you like you’re alone in the room sometimes and I would bank on it that gay or straight or whatever, she’s definitely into you. But in regards to asking her out, it took me forever to pluck up the courage to ask Ali out. She’s just so fucking gorgeous, I was convinced she was going to reject me.”

It’s Tobin’s turn to laugh now. “Ali never would have rejected you Ash.”

“Well I know that now.” Ash smirks. “Seriously though. You’ve gotta just go for it. You’ll regret it if you don’t.”

“Yeah, I know. I’m gonna do it tonight I think. I’ve been thinking about it a while and I want to take her to the beach to watch the sunrise. I know she gets up early to meditate so she likes mornings, and I was gonna take some food and stuff.” Tobin gestures around, shrugging. “That’s lame isn’t it?”

Ash walks over to the bed Tobin is still sitting on and places both her hands on Tobin’s shoulders. “It’s sweet Tobin, she’ll love it.”

“Ok, cool. Thanks.”

“No worries. Go ask her tonight before you chicken out.”

“I will,” Tobin states as she stands up.

“Good, let me know how it goes. And Tobin?”

“Yeah Ash?”

“You can talk to me whenever about this you know. It stays between us. I won’t even tell Ali.”

Tobin laughs. “Thanks Ash. I appreciate it.”

Ash just nods as Tobin gets up to head down to training.
Their room is a couple of doors down from Christen and Mal’s room and Tobin sees Christen about to swipe her key card. Tobin jogs down to her and Christen waits outside her door, her face breaking out into a smile as she sees Tobin softly look at her.

“Hey you. Can I talk to you after training?” Tobin asks, pulling Christen into a hug.

Christen pulls back, looking worried. “Everything ok?”

“Yeah,” and Christen nods, knowing Tobin isn’t usually one to elaborate until she’s ready. “It’s nothing bad, it’s err-good I hope.”

Christen smiles. “Sure thing.”

Tobin grins then and sheepishly looks at her feet, unable to hide her growing smile. “Cool, I’ll see you downstairs in a few minutes for practice.”

“See you there!” Christen can’t take her eyes off how Tobin walks away from her, all gangly, muscly limbs, her flip flops too loud on the floor. She smiles and heads into her room, more confident, more at peace since her chat with Ali.

Tobin walks down the corridor to the elevator, feeling like a weight has been lifted off her shoulders since her chat with Ash. Her heart is still beating hard and she can still smell Christen’s shampoo from the short hug they’d shared, but she feels calmer somehow, noticing how Christen held on that little bit tighter, that little bit longer. She just hopes Christen feels the same way about her, knowing that if she does then her life would be that little bit brighter with Christen in it.