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Pairing: Hamilton x reader

Warning: none

Requested: Yes, @slightly-upset-lesbian requested a songfic with Homewrecker by MATD with Hamilton.

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Word Count: 1501



Y/n never believed she was a homewrecker.

Then, she met Alexander Hamilton.

Alex had heard the stories, even seen his best friends get ruined by her. He swore to himself he would never succumb to her deception. However, after Eliza left him and he downed two pints of Sam Adams, he saw her. She was the image of perfection in that dress.

Y/n heard the stories of Eliza and his terrible breakup and set her eyes on a new target. Alex had a broken heart looking desperately for a new start, her specialty.

With a confident head held high, y/n strolled over and ordered a beer.

“You look lonely. Want some company?” y/n smiled sweetly at the boy.

“Sure. Sit,” Alex gestured.

Y/n started her basic routine of strategic touches and flirty comments. She almost felt bad for the poor boy. He seemed so enthusiastic about their conversation. He somehow managed to turn it political. Contrary to popular thought, y/n could hold her own in a debate.

“You know, y/n, you’re not what I expected. You’re smart,” Alex smiled at her.

Y/n just laughed and shook her head.

“Here’s my number if you’d ever want to debate over coffee,” Alex smirked and handed her a slip of paper. Then he pushed himself off of his barstool and left.

Y/n was slightly shocked at his confidence around her. She was somewhat sad at what she knew was coming.


It didn’t take long before Alex had set up a coffee date. He was attempting to pick out a shirt when his roommate, John Laurens, walked in.

“Oh thank goodness you’re here. Which shirt?” Hamilton asked out of breath.

“Uhm, why is the room a mess? Do you have a date?” Laurens smirked.

“Maybe,” Hamilton blushed.

“Girls don’t make the Alexander Hamilton I know blush. She must be important. Who is she?” Laurens teased.

“Just a girl,” Alex said too quickly. Laurens narrowed his eyes.

“Who is she?”
“Y/n,” Alex muttered.

“Y/N?” John asked incredulously.  “The girl that convinced Burr to dump Theodosia, dated him for a week, and then slept with Jefferson the second they broke up last year?”

“I know that sounds bad, but she’s not that bad!” Alex defended.

“Not that bad? Dude, she never dates anyone for more than a month. She ruins with relationships. Remember the only time anyone has ever felt bad for Lee is when she cheated on him!” Laurens yelled.

“She’s changed. None of you understand her!” Ale protested.

“Fine, do what you want. But be ready for me to say ‘I told you so,’” Laurens walked out of the room, slamming the door.


The first date was successful. The second one went just as well. Y/n surprised herself when, after a successful third date, she didn’t sleep with him. However, y/n did like to move things quickly. After just one week, the two were officially dating.

Eliza couldn’t stand to hear this.

“Hamilton!” Eliza yelled one day, finding Alex talking to  Burr after class.

“Eliza?” Alex asked confused.

“Are you stupid or something?” Eliza threw her hands up in frustration.

“Probably yes,” Burr commented, receiving a glare from Alex.

“What do you mean, Eliza?” Alex asked, annoyed.

“You’re dating y/l/n?!” Eliza asked incredulously.

“You know, she’s not as bad as you all swear her to be,” Hamilton spat back.

“I can’t believe you! I’m just trying to help you. Alex, I still care about you,” Eliza softened for a second.

“I don’t want nor need your help because I don’t care about you,” Hamilton said, coldly.

Eliza’s eyes filled with tears.

“Well, if that’s how you feel,” she turned on her heel and stalked away.

Burr just shook his head at the dumb boy.

“I’ll remind you of the trials she put me through with Theo. If you want another chance with Eliza, I’d caution you to distance yourself with this girl. She’s a homewrecker, and that’s all she’ll ever be,” Burr scoffed, walking away.


Everyone on campus was confused as to how Hamilton and y/l/n had stayed together for two full months. Despite the time that had passed, Angelica Schuyler, the older, protective Schuyler sister, still muttered mean words whenever she passed y/n. Her favorite was homewrecker.

Y/n never let it get to her. She knew she hadn’t done anything wrong. It was Hamilton’s choice who he spent his time with. So what if he liked y/n more than Eliza. It wasn’t her fault.

The only time when it got to y/n is when Eliza would stand beside Angelica as she muttered it. Angelica was vengeful, but Eliza was forgiving and kind. If Eliza didn’t disagree, could it be true?

Y/n felt bad as she prepared for what she knew would be her last date with Hamilton. She’d actually stayed with him for two and a half months (a new record for the young girl). The girl had hung on longer than she usually did. She hadn’t known it, but deep down, she’d been hoping for someone to fall in love with her mind, as Hamilton had done.

Y/n’s roommate, Maria Reynolds, had just gotten home to see her best friend wearing a lowcut dress and copious amounts of makeup.

“Wow, you haven’t gotten dressed up like this in a while,” Maria commented.

“Yeah, Hamilton usually prefers me without makeup,” Y/n replied.

“So, why go back to wearing it how you used to now?” Maria questioned, flopping onto her bed to watch the other girl fix herself one last time.

“I think I’m going to dump him tonight. I mean, we’ve already slept together, and that’s when I usually leave. I don’t know why I’ve stayed this long,” Y/n shrugged, taking a sip of water.

“Because you love him,” Maria answered.

Y/n choked on her drink.

“Pardon?” she asked, confused.

“Remember when I slept with Alex, and everyone called me a whore? I realized I was acting like one, but then I met Peggy. She reminded me how wonderful I was. I was like you, y/n, until I fell in love,” Maria smiled at the memory.

“Well…I-I don’t think I’m in love. That’s a crazy idea,” y/n stuttered.

Maria gave the naïve girl a knowing look.

“No, you’re wrong. I’m dumping him tonight, and that’s final,” y/n slammed the door behind her.

Maria pulled her phone out and dialing her girlfriend’s number.

“Peggy, I need you to tell Eliza something,” Maria said, worriedly.

“Here she is now,” Peggy handed the phone to Eliza.

“Maria? What can I do for you?” Eliza asked.

“You’ve got to hurry! I’m pretty sure y/n is about to make a huge mistake,” Maria explained.


Y/n had just gotten to the restaurant where Hamilton was waiting. Taking deep breaths to calm herself, she stepped out of her car and headed to the restaurant.

“Y/n wait!” Eliza called out.

“Eliza? How did you get here? Why are you here?” y/n asked confused.

“You love Hamilton. I can see it in your eyes. Do not throw away your shot at falling in love,” Eliza pleaded.

“I am not in love,” y/n scoffed.

“Then do it for Alex’s sake. Don’t break his heart like this,” Eliza grew desperate.

“He knew what he was getting into. He knows who I am, nothing but a homewrecker,” y/n spat, throwing her sister’s words back in her face.

Eliza faltered for a minute at the comment.

“He didn’t know! He thought you love him like he loves you. He swears he’s never met anyone like you. You show him a different side of yourself that you never show anyone,” Eliza replied, hopefully.

“Why do you even care?” y/n questioned.

“Because, I still care about Alex. We might have broken up, but I still want what’s best for him,” Eliza smiled softly.

Y/n softened for a moment, smiling. She remembered the way Hamilton made her feel smart, like she was more than what the world thought her to be. When y/n was with Hamilton, there was nothing she couldn’t be. However, the memories of what she had done flooded back in. The reality of who she was hit her.

“It’s all I’ll ever be,” y/n thought to herself.

“If you still care about Hamilton, you’ll take him back after I break his heart,” y/n spun on her heel and marched into the restaurant.

“It’s over, Hamilton,” y/n smiled, coldly.
“W-what?” Hamilton’s eyes flooded with tears.

“Don’t cry, it only makes this harder for me,” y/n said, nonchalantly.

“Why?” Hamilton sniffled, staring at the floor.

“Honey, don’t you know who I am?” y/n laughed with venom in her voice. “I’m a homewrecker. This is what I do. Did you really think we could be in love? Or that we could have a life together?”

Hamilton stood up, with as much dignity as he could muster. Y/n knew he was running back to Eliza, to the life he had before. He would be happier there.

Y/n never believed she could be anything but a homewrecker after she loved Hamilton.

One Step Closer to You-Sebastian Stan x Reader

Summary: Sebby proposes to you

A/N: set in London because tfa was partially filmed here, I live in London, and lastly, I wanted an excuse to complain about the rain and the hail. also, this took close to a week to write and i hope you like it bc ive been writing for hours haha

You had been away from Sebastian for half a year because of filming and Chris called you and mentioned that your boyfriend had been missing you more than usual. Chris had dropped the fact that Sebastian was a lot more miserable and lonely, even with your daily calls. Your boyfriend always called you before you went to sleep because it made you feel closer to him and it made the night more normal.

You were sat in bed in one of Seb’s shirts and you got a text from Sebastian telling you that everyone would be flying over to London to continue filming by the end of the week. It made the pair of you happy because it meant that you would be able to see everyone. You replied to his message with a smile on your face.

You: At least you guys won’t die of heatstroke in those costumes considering it’s always raining! I was literally stuck in the hail the other day.

You threw your phone onto the sofa and watched Game of Thrones for the fourth time. After you finished the episode, you called Sebastian and walked to your bed. “Hey, baby.” Sebastian’s smooth accented voice and beautiful face graced your screen. “I’ve missed you.”

You smiled at him and curled into the blanket a little more. “I’ve missed you too. I can’t wait to see you again.” You let out a soft sigh and closed your eyes in content. Sebastian looked drained. His eyes were paired with a matching set of bags and his skin was a little pale. “Babe, are you okay?”

Your voice was soft and concerned and Sebastian felt his heart swell. He rubbed his chin and the stubble was growing back. It made you very happy. “I’m just a little tired, princess.” He yawned and you cocked your eyebrow at him.

“Just a little tired?” Sebastian shrugged his shoulders and you raised your eyebrow again. “You look exhausted. Maybe we should stop talking so you can actually sleep.” Your voice wasn’t condescending or rude, but it was stern.

“But I want to keep talking to you.” Your boyfriend pouted and you were close to agreeing with him but you shook your head.

“You can talk to me when you arrive in London. I love you.” Sebastian pouted even harder and you laughed at the ridiculousness of the situation. You knew that he doesn’t get much of a chance to sleep and you worried about him. A lot. Filming ensured that he was working for close to the entire day and then the press tour would only drain him further.

“I love you more.” You blew a kiss at your boyfriend and then hung up the call. You plugged your phone in and let it charge as you fell asleep. You always slept easier when you speak to Sebastian beforehand and it became a routine when he is away from home.

You weren’t exactly sure when Sebastian was returning home but you knew that when you heard the door open, you knew that Sebastian was home. It was close to midnight and you had already prepared to sleep but you knew that Sebastian usually took late night flights to avoid the press.

 You ran towards him and jumped into his outstretched arms. Your legs wrapped around his and you refuse to let go for a few moments. Once you removed your legs from his torso, Sebastian tilted your head to meet him. “I’ve missed you so much! I’m so glad you’re home.” You kissed him again and melted against the feel of his soft lips.

“I’ve missed you too, princess.” Sebastian was obviously extremely tired and you kissed him again. You dragged him to your bedroom and curled on the bed to look at him. “I’m just going to talk a shower, and then we can sleep, okay?”

Having stayed awake until Sebastian finished his shower, you were slowly drifting to sleep. You forced yourself to stay awake and you were rewarded with Sebastian entering the room with only a towel wrapped around his waist and beads of water dripping down his body from his hair. “I thought you’d be asleep.” 

Sebastian climbed into bed and held you. You breathed in his familiar scent and buried your face against his hard chest. “I wanted to wait for you and sleep in your arms.” You wriggled to get a little more comfortable and you sighed in bliss and melted into Sebastian’s embrace. “I’ve missed falling asleep with you.”

Sebastian stroked your hair and peppered kisses over your neck. “Just having you in my arms reminds me that all the time I spend away from you is worth the moment when I come home.” Sebastian lugged his leg over yours so that the both of you were tangled in each other.

You kissed Sebastian’s collar bone and he let out a sigh. “I miss being inside of you.” Sebastian muttered the sentence out quietly and he didn’t expect you to hear it.

“I miss that too, but you’re exhausted, get some sleep and I promise we can have some fun in the morning.” You kissed Sebastian again before you fell asleep.

You woke up to Sebastian’s arm over your stomach and he was lightly snoring. He looked so peaceful but the thing that caught your eye was his hard member beneath the sheets. You knew that he would be thrilled to wake up to you sucking him off.

You checked your phone for the time and decided that since it was almost midday, it was fine to wake up your wonderful boyfriend. You moved the blanket from Sebastian and pulled out his cock from his boxers. You used the pad of your thumb to move over the head and when some pre-cum leaked from the slit, you eagerly licked it off. Sebastian jerked a little and a small moan escaped his lips. He wasn’t fully awake yet and so you took him into your mouth.

You took as much of him down as you could before you gagged against his long member. You played with his balls with one hand and the other gripped at his thigh. Sebastian groaned and looked down at you. “S-stop.” You peered up at Sebastian and he pulled you away from him.

His fingers slid down your shorts and panties. You let out a whimper and you took off your shirt. He pulled down the rest of your clothing and shed his boxers. He inserted a finger into you. You were so wet that you could hear your arousal every time he exited you and entered again. 

Sebastian sucked at your clit and you almost screamed. You hadn’t felt that good in months and you were close to coming. You started to tremble and Sebastian picked up the pace. His fingers moved in and out of you faster and he sucked on your harder. “S-sebastian!”

“That’s it, baby. Come for me.” Your body continued to tremble and Sebastian held you whilst you rode out your climax. He then took himself in his hand and pumped his cock a few times before he entered you in your post-climax state. “God, you feel so good.”

You were still reeling from your earlier orgasm and your clit was very sensitive. Each time that Sebastian thrust into, he would graze your clit and each time he knew exactly where to thrust to get your toes to curl and for your body to respond to him in sheer bliss. 

Your walls clenched again and you could feel that Sebastian was close so you ground your hips against him just a little more and in one hand, you cupped one of his balls. He groaned and kissed you, your hands raked down his back and he reached his own climax not long after yours.

You were panting and so was Sebastian. He went to the bathroom and got a damp cloth, he helped clean you up. He couldn’t stop touching you and you kept stealing kisses like you were a teenager again. It was good to be in his arms again and you wanted to savour every moment of it. “You’re the best, Mr Stan.” You were tired and your muscles were worked more than they had been in a long time.

“No. You are the best.” Sebastian kissed your forehead and slumped in bed beside you. “I got a present for you. It’s a dress for tonight.” You scrunched your eyebrows in confusion as to what ‘tonight’ was going to involve but you guessed that he was going to take you out on a date. “We’re going to have dinner with everyone because I really want to show you off.”

Your face fell at the thought of being with the rest of the cast but you were glad that you were going to see them. “You’re always showing me off, anyway.” You felt Seb’s chest rise and fall as he laughed.

“Tonight is different, trust me.” You traced your fingers along the grooves of Sebastian’s toned body. You always loved it when he bulked up.

Dinner was at Aqua Shard. It was a pricey place but the view was beautiful. You were a little suspicious that everyone was meeting up at such an extravagant place, it didn’t happen often as everybody opted for a cosy, homey place to eat usually. “It’s so beautiful up here.” You whispered to your boyfriend and he nodded his head.

“It’s a shame that I can’t really take in the view because you always catch my eye.” Your breath hitched in your throat and you smiled up at him. He squeezed your hand and the both of you walked to the table and greeted everybody.

Dinner was fun but Sebastian looked nervous. At the end, Sebastian stood from the table and got on one knee. Your hands flew to your face in surprise and your heart kept skipping beats. He took a velvet box from his pocket and opened it to reveal a very expensive looking diamond ring and his beautiful blue eyes looked up to meet you. “Y/N Y/L/N, will you do the honours of marrying me and making me the happiest man in the world?”

His accent shone through and tears streamed down your face. You were only vaguely aware that the whole restaurant was watching the spectacle. “I know that it sounds so cliche but you make me happy. The way you act when I try to wake you up makes my heart swell and how your whole face lights up when you’re excited.” Sebastian took your hand and held it as he continued his speech. “I remember when we met, I remember our first date, and when I met your parents. I was petrified because I needed them to like me just a fraction as much as I adored you because I knew that at some point I would ask for your hand in marriage.”

You were shaking with happiness and shock. You had tried to regulate your breathing whilst your friends were recording the whole proposal. Anthony, no doubt, would bring it up at your wedding. “I also remember the time when my mother told me that you were the one. She told me that she knew because you brought out a certain light in me that didn’t always show.”

You were sobbing but at least the trembling stopped a little. “You bring out the best in me, you’ve made me a better person. Please let me be the one that makes you happy. I love you, Y/N Y/L/N. Will you be my Mrs Stan?” You crouched down to Sebastian and kissed him. He pulled the both of you up and when he broke the kiss, he looked at you expectantly.

“Yes! Yes, you idiot. I love you.” You kissed your now fiance again and he slid the ring on your finger. The restaurant was filled applause and a waiter placed a few bottles of champagne on the table as you and Sebastian were congratulated. 

Sebastian opened the bottle and poured everybody a glass. A smile was held on your face and you had never felt happier. Anthony decided on a toast. “To Sebastian and Y/N.” Everybody rose the glasses and drank. 

“How long did it take for you to orchestrate the whole thing?” You held Sebastian’s hand tightly, excited at the prospect of actually being married to him. Your head was rested upon his shoulder and he looked down at you smiling.

“I knew that I wanted to marry you almost a year ago but dinner took me close to six months.” Sebastian kissed the top of your forehead and you smiled again. “It took me ages to book the place and get everybody together, I also had to ask your parents, get a ring and your dress.”

You pulled Sebastian down to kiss him again and his hands wrapped around your waist. “I don’t deserve you, Sebastian Stan.” You were on your tiptoes and slowly returned the heels on your feet to the ground. “It’s my turn to talk. You are the most caring man ever, you have a way with people to make them feel welcome and wanted. You make me so happy, even when we argue and I love you so much. So much so that you will probably never understand.”

Sebastian kissed you once more. “I am so honoured that you want to spend your life with me because anyone would be lucky to be with you, but I am the lucky one and I can’t wait for this new journey to start with you.”