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I was really upset today to see a post where someone posed a question about which chronic illness they would pick if they could choose. The question itself is disturbing to say the least. One response and reasoning was even more disturbing. The individual answered, “Narcolepsy because I would get more sleep that way.”

This is a terrible misconception. People with narcolepsy (PWN) do sleep more, but the type of sleep is not restful so during waking hours you always still feel sleepy, which leads to symptoms of anxiety, mood disorders and depression to name a few. Because narcolepsy stems from a dysfunctional hypothalamus, it can also affect hunger leading many PWN to become overweight or even obese.

If you’re going to blog, please make informed statements rather spreading misconceptions about serious chronic illnesses.

anonymous asked:

I know this is personal but do you mind explaining the story of your eating disorder?

well for as long as I can remember food made me feel gross and guilty. like the kind of dirty that a shower couldn’t fix. I was a dancer or a cheerleader my whole life, so I spent 5 or 6 days a week in practically my underwear in front of a mirror for hours. that can really teach you how to hate yourself. sophomore year I quit competitive dance and started taking a few classes a week instead, and I had panic attacks several nights a week with the thought that I was going to become obese because I wasn’t dancing every night anymore. I tortured myself. I was completely uneducated about how to eat healthy or what to do at a gym because I had always been naturally athletic. and because for years I considered food my enemy, I decided to restrict myself from it in fear of gaining weight. at first I started with skipping breakfast and lunch, and I’d eat dinner then go on a run at the gym. this went on for about 6 months. there was nothing glamorous about it. my hair was falling out, my nails thinned, I was washed out and appeared that I hadn’t slept in weeks, and I was so exhausted all the time that if I wasn’t running on the treadmill, I was sleeping. I lost interest in everything in my life. I destroyed almost all my relationships with my friends & my family. I was in a wildly unhealthy relationship with my first serious boyfriend. it is still hard for me to say that that person was me. none of what I was doing or how I was treating people was me. anorexia and bulimia are evil demons that will control your every thought and move if you let them, and I did for far to long. after spring break (April 2013) my depression developed. I came home from school everyday and cried. I felt so alone, and no matter how skinny I got I was to fat. I could’ve stood in front of the mirror for hours and listed 1,000 things I hated about myself, even though I was getting so skinny I could’ve been nonexistent. one of the hardest parts was seeing all the compliments I would get on my pictures. everyone admired how skinny I was, and one part of me was like “you fucking idiots. I’m not skinny, I am dying.” and the other half of me was like “wow, I must be doing something right. better keep this up” and I did. it got to the point where I would eat a protein bar and a smoothie a day, maybe a spoonful of peanut butter. it was disgusting. I was a zombie. when school ended and it was summer, not eating was more difficult since I was spending time with friends. this is when my bulimia developed. the first time I ever did it, I was with a huge group of people and we ordered pizza, and when I finished my piece my heart started beating so fast I thought it was going to jump out of my chest onto the floor in front of everyone. I didn’t even care about having fun or enjoying my friends company. I just wanted to be sure I didn’t digest an ounce of the pizza I just ate. and I didn’t. I spent the following 30 minutes with my fingers down my throat, which quickly became a habbit. I threw up my meals every chance I got. my teeth got so yellow from it, I hated it. but I couldn’t stop. there were several occasions where I would be places where I couldn’t throw up (a family dinner, a date) and I would have full blown panic attacks. panic attacks that required and inhaler or a Xanax for me to calm the fuck down about digesting my food. something a normal person shouldn’t even think twice about. I had literally become a stranger in my own body. I didn’t know where to turn, but I was in such denial that not eating was what I needed, because I would be skinny, and if I was skinny I would be happy. I can assure anyone who is still reading this, I was everything but happy. I was in a living hell. when junior year rolled around, if I wasn’t getting drunk to the point of not knowing my first name, I was probably alone in my room crying on the floor for how much I hated myself. it was a never ending rollar coaster of self hatred, which resulted in pushing away anyone who cared about me. I skipped school on a Monday and sat in a bubble bath with my phone. the previous Friday I had done my usual thing, I went all day without eating and drank a ton of cheap vodka and did stupid shit I knew I would regret, but I hated myself so much and was so numb I did not care. I read several tweets about what a “slut” I was, and so on, and I felt so empty I wanted nothing but to die. as I sit here and type that it brings tears to my eyes, to know that there was once a time where I was so unhappy with who I was that I felt as if death was the only outlet. I took God only knows how many excedrin migraine pills and a few sleeping pills and woke up in the hospital. I spent sometime after that in a psychiatric hospital. that will really make you want to get your shit together. at this point, I had no life, practically no friends (with the exception of a few, one of which is my current boyfriend who I will forever be eternally grateful for) and was beginning recovery. which is a long, hard, miserable process. it seems dramatic, but it’s what I imagine learning how to walk again is like. I didn’t know who I was without hating myself, or without starving myself. it took me about a year to learn to appreciate myself and who I am. and I am overwhelmed with joy that recovery was the path I chose. it’s been 2 years, and I have wonderful friends, a phenomenal boyfriend who I love more than anything, good relationships with my parents, I graduated high school and I am going to college with a scholarship on the west coast. I love life and it loves me back. and it is the most beautiful feeling in the universe.

hsamrs  asked:

Consider changing to "Fit positive" or "Healthier living positive" or idk something that is POSITIVE for you and not negative toward other people. Because ANTI-FAT is bullying and hate. Be something positive and respectful.

No. Fat Acceptance is a dangerous movement, telling people it’s okay to be obese. That’s as dangerous as anorexics saying it’s okay to be anorexic. I am not going to cover this in glitter and sing happy little songs about. I’m going to be aggressive, and I’m going to say the truth. 

Being obese is DANGEROUS. Letting your kids become obese is CHILD ABUSE and I am ANTI anything that tells people if you have a serious life-threatening condition THAT YOU CAN CHANGE, you should just accept it. 

Fuck that.


(My pants are about two inches lower than where I typically where them) so my dad likes to tell me I’m out of shape, and told me recently I was going to become obese when I’m older. He tells me I need to work harder at my sports, which is interesting because I have shin splints from too much work. My brothers love to call me fat. I personally don’t know what you see, because I see a huge ass girl who needs to lose ten pounds at least. There’s only a few times when I see an at least semi-fit girl and this was one of those times. I’m in ok shape and I think my dad is pretty wrong.

bangtan superlatives

most likely to piss off the wrong person, own 20 dogs: kim taehyung 

most likely to take over bts, get swole in 2016: jeon jungkook 

most likely to retain teenage eating habits when his metabolism slows down and become obese: kim seokjin 

most likely to go prematurely bald: min yoongi

most likely to try and be hip but end up offending someone: kim namjoon

most likely to murder someone for being between him and the camera: park jimin

most likely to transform into a golden orb and replace the sun: jung hoseok