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I’d say I’m “surprised” LGBT+ voices are being systematically erased in discussions of who neo-Nazis pose a threat to, but that’d be a lie.

I’m not “surprised” at all.

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When you're talking about Elsas abuse we're you talking about her parents hiding her away? Sorry if this is dumb AgHshddh I'm an abuse vicitim and I just thought your commentary on that was interesting I never caught that (Then again it's been a while since I've seen the movie but yeah :0!)

yeah! that and also, if you go back and watch the movie, a lot of what they say to her is just, really heartbreaking? 

this is the opening to the film, and toward the end of the clip we can see elsa holding anna in her arms and her parents immediate reaction is “elsa what have you done?! this is getting out of hand!” not like, what a normal parent would say which would be something more like “elsa, what happened?” 

so the first time we meet their parents, our very first impression of them is that they do not trust their daughter, and that elsa has hurt anna in the past, or at the very least, her parents are convinced she has/will hurt her. this is like… definitely not something a good parent thinks of their child. it’s plainly obvious that elsa’s parents are scared of her (what breaks my heart is elsa’s expression after her father says this too and her small “it was an accident…”)

and then they go to the trolls who then erase anna’s memories of elsa’s powers, which thrusts elsa’s dad in This monologue:

“No, we’ll protect her. She can learn to control it, I’m sure.Until then, we’ll lock the gates, reduce the staff, we will limit her contact with people, and keep her powers hidden from everyone. Including Anna”.

This is like, abuse tactics 101. Hiding your child away from people and limiting their contact with them is Abuse. It’s really no different from what happened to Rapunzel, in my honest opinion. Being locked away from the world. 

The difference being with Rapunzel was that she was told that the world was dangerous, Elsa on the other hand was told that She herself was dangerous.

And then in “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?”, we see this scene in the middle of the song where Elsa’s dad Literally tells her not to Feel Anything. 

A little later in the video we see Elsa completely distraught and unable to even let her parents Touch her or Hug her or calm her Down because over the years they’ve taught her that she is a danger not only to herself but to everyone around her. She wont even accept physical comfort because she thinks she’s going to hurt someone. 

The way Elsa is treated is so incredibly horrible to watch like, it’s just so obviously abuse. Mother Gothal was treated for what she was: an abuser. So why aren’t Elsa’s parents? 

I mean shit man, if you go and look at “A Frozen Heart”, a novel written about the movie for more mature audiences that followers Hans and Anna as the events of the movie unfold, we get a glimpse at whats happening off screen to Elsa when Anna stumbles upon her sister and parents in the solarium.

It goes on to talk about how their father has an anger problem, to which Anna says “no you don’t remember when–” and lists off a bunch of times where she fucked up and he still didn’t get as upset as he did with Elsa just then. 

And this novel is canon. Everything that happens in here is 100% something that’s happened in universe. And it all just strikes me, as an abused person myself, as so obviously abusive. The way that they treat Elsa is horrible. Blaming her for pushing them away when it was them who pushed her away and in the first place, locking her away from people and from her sister, forcing her to conceal her emotions and to feel Nothing (Conceal, Don’t Feel always felt sinister to me and when I went back and watch this movie with a critical eye a while ago I finally realized why). 

But this is all why I love Elsa so much. This is the perfect Villain backstory and she still only just wanted to protect her sister. 

I could also get into how Anna was groomed to be abusive as well but we’re talking about the king and queen rn lol and this is already long enough. 

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As promised, here is my 500 follower post.  I actually hit 500+ during the last workweek, but work is stressful and I did not have the time to do this as soon as I hit 500.  So I just blocked a few porn-bots and BAM, back to 500.  Take it as a Thank you, a Shameless promo, whatever you would like.  Regardless of how you take it or interpret it, I would like to say thank you to everyone who thought that my shitposts were worth looking at.  You guys make my life better, and I mean that.  My discord and steam info is always available to my mutuals if you guys want it.

I would like to give a special shout out thank you to those of you who I recognize by name that have been following me since I pretty much made this blog:

@dylanhack > for being my first internet friend who has stayed in contact with me for well over 5 years now.  I met you on tumblr so its only fair that I give you a personal shout out since you have been there since I made this blog.

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Thank you guys again! Love you all! just cant say it enough.

i was telling my mom that i have every intention of moving out when i graduate and she gave me a monologue on how that’s completely against our culture but little does she know i have a 1 year plan and will be living near campus come junior year

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Sometimes I write things down on anon and debate sending it. By the time I finish I sometimes don't send it cuz I'm afraid of being judged even if it's through anon. Just a confession. Something I needed to get off my chest.

That’s fine. We’re ok with like 95% of stuff. We’ve both seen, heard, and been through/experienced a lot so we get it. Go ahead and send us stuff if you need to vent. We’re all for it!

-Mel (the Slytherin)



Even after the sun had set, it was still sweltering hot in the northern islands of the Deadfire Archipelago. The air was thick enough to swim through, and night insects whined and buzzed in Aloth’s ears as he picked his way though town. It made him oddly homesick for summer in the Cythwood; the climate was right here, but the smell of it was all wrong. Wrong flowers, wrong spices, wrong ocean.

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What the fuck I wake up and my whole feed is just eclipses and then I find out that SM actually did that and Baekhyuns voice was slaying me and im like its to early for this but like what the fuck who the fuck how the fuck when the fuck why the fuck