going to assume that's a no

@swishyspock it was even more ridiculous in context, from what i assume- i was too annoyed to read everything but it just seemed like “fanfiction in general is a lower form of art also im gonna use johnlock as a strawman”. the phrase “john and sherlock touching weenies” was used. like way to fucking go reducing everything to sex yet again, not like thats classically homophobic against gay men.


Riverdale | 1.04 | Betty & Veronica

Are you doing this because you still have feelings for Archie?

i can’t stop laughing about how many people have seen vox machina together in their entirety

and at least some of them have to have noticed that every single member of the party wears a single stud earring on one ear but never saw them actually use the earrings to communicate

so they’re just out there, assuming that the saviors of tal’dorei decided at some point that the only true way to express their friendship was for all of them to go out and get identical friendship earrings

we also need to talk about what magnus’ spellbook implies which is that he’s singlehandedly created hundreds if not thousands of spells and that these are spells unique to him. meaning he’s the only one who can both cast and undo them, except for what he may have chosen to share to a select few. and that these are likely the spells warding the Institute, but not only that, the Clave is probably relying on many other spells he’s created.

basically what i’m saying is magnus bane has the greatest insurance policy ever because if he goes, all of his spells go with him.

kitchen sink

James Potter to all children grow up except four: so if i’m john lennon

James Potter: then sirius is ringo starr

James Potter: remus is paul mccartney

James Potter: and pete can be pete best

Peter Pettigrew: ok

Remus Lupin: i can deal with that

Sirius Black: i heard ringo starr was a massive dick

James Potter: exactly my point

Sirius Black: blocked

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puppy makkachin?? ✨

here you go! <3 //asdfjkl;;; I’m late for international puppy day but that’s okay :’D

I drew young viktor as well to make up for it ;v;;; //I’m assuming he got makkachin before we see him with long hair so he’s growing his hair out in these drawings ;7;

Pearl Belonged to White Diamond.

-She has her gem on her forehead like White does.

- She didnt mention White in AILD which strongly follows the pattern of nobody ever mentioning/Acknowledging her.

- Steven knows Rose was Pinks. Pearl would probably tell him if she was too, she’d be ashamed for sure but she wouldn’t go out of her way to hide that fact as she probably assumes thats already what Steven thinks of her.

- A lot of people use her hair as evidence that she was pinks but her entire palette is a mix of the 4 diamond colors. not only is white the dominant color on her, I should also mention that WD is presumably the leader of HW (thus having to represent the other diamonds as well) but if you ever look at a diamond in real life, They reflect a bunch of different colors. White Diamond most likely has a colorful palette like pearl as well.

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Hi I'm sorry if this sounds rude but you mentioned your friends are giving up fic writing? And that you came close to.I notice writers get much fewer rebblogs than artists but I didn't know it's that bad. Who are you talking about and do you guys talk about this, like is there a chatroom for writers?

Hi anon! This isn’t rude at all, don’t worry! This is going to be a bit of a long answer, so bear with me :’)

I don’t know if I can mention names here, I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable, so I can’t really give you more details than I already have: I am friends with this person and they probably won’t be writing fanfics anymore.
I can tell you though that I’ve also spent most of the last couple of weeks wondering if there was still a point in posting my writing at all.

The thing is, writers barely get any feedback. Especially ones that aren’t insanely popular. We pour so much of ourselves into our writing, so it’s incredibly discouraging to barely get any comments, kudos, likes or reblogs.

In my personal experience, tumblr is an awful place for writers. I’ve got a decent-sized following on ao3 I think (though I don’t have much to compare to) and even there, with more than 100 people subscribed to me, I only tend to get around… 5 or 6 comments max per fic that are actually reviews (as in, comments with more content than “please update soon” or “this was nice”) - which is already more than I know many of my writer friends get.
On tumblr, I’m lucky if two or three people reblog my work, and that’s exactly the problem: Who’s going to see it if no one reblogs it? Likes are fine and of course I appreciate those, too, but in the bigger picture they’re meaningless.
Once a fic is done, it’s done. It’s out there then, and I can’t keep reblogging my own posts again and again in the hopes that someone will pay attention to them. I get one shot, maybe two if I reblog my fic again for people in other timezones, but that’s pretty much it. I’m not surprised that it’s gotten so frustrating that it makes people want to quit.

…as for your other question - I don’t know if there’s any larger chatroom or space for writers. I know some people have group chats, but it’s mostly a private thing, as far as I know? I’m really not a big name in this fandom so there might be a lot of stuff going on that I don’t know about.

As for me - I just message people a lot, with the tumblr feature, or on skype or snapchat if I know them better. I’m open to any and all conversations (most of mine with other writers started by me yelling at them about how much I love their work ^^), so if you want to talk to me please don’t hesitate to shoot me a message. That’s what they’re for, after all? My ask’s always open, and I don’t mind private messages either.

In any case - there’s quite a few people in my immediate vicinity that I’ve talked to and I consider friends - many of them are writers, some are artists, some do both, some do neither. I talk about this problem (of wanting to write, but barely receiving any feedback, of feeling like we’re wasting our time) to pretty much anyone who will listen, but it’s frustrating because I don’t have the influence to change anything. Of course I’ll try to keep my fellow writers motivated and try to change their minds about giving up, but there’s only so much I can do, and in the end it’s their decision. Most writers I’ve talked to really enjoy writing fanfics, and it takes quite a bit of disappointment to get you to the point where you want to just… stop. So… yes, it’s a big problem.

I’m going to wrap this up now, but… again, I cannot emphasize enough how important comments are to writers. I’ve talked to some people who’ve said they’re not sure if their comments will even make a difference, because they feel they haven’t got anything interesting to say - picture it this way. As a writer, I’m standing on a stage and presenting a thing, and in response, about twenty people give me polite nods (kudos, likes) and four actually start clapping. But there’s like two hundred people (hits) standing in this room, and I kind of feel stupid now.
All comments matter. At this point, they might save you your writers. Because with less and less feedback, there’s less and less incentive to actually post things.

I can’t say much for other fandoms because it’s been a while since I’ve written substantially for anything but Haikyuu, which is still a relatively active fandom? But I get the feeling that’s starting to wear off, too.

Enthusiasm shifts, and I get that. But if you still enjoy an author’s work, please, please, by all means leave them a comment. Otherwise it might be the last work you read from them.

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what is the positively hottest Larry smut you've read? If there are multiple fics that's fine too! Love, someone desperate for smoking hot smut x

Oh jeez, anon. That’s so hard because what’s hot to me might not be at all hot for you. Um..tell you what, I’ll give you a few I love and then if those don’t do it for you, come back and be a bit more specific about what you like (because I’ve read A LOT and quite a variety as well. LOL).

I’m going to assume you want more of a one shot or PWP, as opposed to a chaptered fic with great smut. So here are a variety of fics (in no particular order) that I find super hot:

Taste of a Poison Paradise by objectlesson ( @xabjectlessonsx on tumblr) 

I’ll Know My Name As It’s Called Again by pukeandcry (they don’t seem to be on tumblr)

got my eyes on you by @eleadore

The XXX Factor by @mediaville

feel you on my neck by Awriterwrites ( @a-writerwrites on tumblr)

down by sky_reid ( @captivekinqs on tumblr)

It’s My Pleasure To Introduce You by LoadedGunn ( @loaded-gunn on tumblr but I can’t tag them for some reason)

Another Day Gettin’ Into Trouble by whoknows ( @crazyupsetter on tumblr)

I think all of these authors have multiple fics I love, so it’s hard to choose just one from each, but LMK if any of these work for you! And, obviously, it’s not every great smut fic I could think of. 

If you like Larry along with someone else along for the ride, LMK. I have a few that I like. 😁

Edit: I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I woke up in the middle of the night and remembered The Red Ribbon from Awriterwrites which is much smuttier than the one from her that I linked above (although I love that one for different reasons). I felt it my duty to update you. LOL!


let me talk crazy for a little…..

-the footage of will in the lab is on the 30th 

-the boys are in ghostbuster costumes on halloween day at school which either occurs on the 30th or the 31st.

- will is possibly (we’ve seen a photo but who knows it could also not be him) the other ghostbuster behind dustin in that shot.

-the boys are arguing about something and dustin is the only one to notice something else


heres the deal, take everything with a grain of salt im just going nuts over this im literally that one meme of charlie day right now. and i know absolutely nothing i just want to speculate. 

We were told by david that they were half way through filming at the SAG awards. This means that madmax through about the storm is done and bits are shown in the trailer, ASSUMING they filmed things in order, but u know what they say about assuming. and things are often filmed out of order.

now lets say the episode called the storm, is when that giant storm appears, cause i know the d bros are the ones to be like lets have this episode called storm but theres no storm whats so ever so im going to ignore that fact and just say the storm happens on the storm.

obviously will somehow ends up in the lab on the 30th, now lets pretend halloween day happens on the storm , and although we saw a photo today with will in a ghostbusters outfit, im not 100% sure thats him behind the boys, just based off the fact that he was in the lab the 30th and i dont think  a boy who “came back to life” and is now coughing up slugs would just be released from a science government lab. 

now the boys are biking away in their ghosbuster uniforms, and someone is missing, so its safe to say will is missing at this point,/ they took the ghostbuster photo earlier that week. 

someone found this photo

now it is pretty poor quality and its wrinkled and distorted + they are all looking the same direction which makes me think photo op.  just like the photos mike had of them winning the fair. also when will is in the lab is states 3:02 PM so anytime before that is free game that he could have been with his friends. but judging by how hes hooked up to machines and has a metal bar around his head i think it would take much longer for him to get in this state.

Which to say either they took the photo it earlier that week or the morning of the 30th.

based off their biking styles and backpacks, Im going to say dustin is on the left, the person in the middle is lucas and mike on the right. BUT WHERE ARE THEY GOING????

now among wills drawings theres a forest, and the boys are in fact peddling into/toward the forest. is that mirkwood? or is it a new area. Not to mention the giant monster is surrounded by trees. 

Now i know people have been talking about this scene 

and how her head is still shaved, and u right i agree with this. she also has visible veins under her eyes and genuine fatigue. SOOO im gonna say we are going to at some point see a flashback or her point of view after she dissolved the demogorgon. 

im not sure when or how eleven plays into these episode or when she going to be back together with the boys. But i did seem some talk about her and hopper in the cabin episode which to me is sound. But it could also be eleven having a breakdown in the wheelers meaning she obviously blames herself for something and no one is around to comfort her at least no one we can see.

im hoping eleven gets back with the boys soon, but i have a feeling the time will starts to act weird and disappear is when eleven will reappear. OR eleven points out will is acting weird which leads to him being taken to a lab which leads to her blaming herself etc.

again im JUST GOING CRAZY OVER HERE AND I WANT TO TALK ABOUT THIS. i know we are going to get tons of clips and trailers before the start of the season and i know it will probably debunk a lot of this . BUT LETS TALK

i like to speculate and would love to hear thoughts or other theories!!

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IDK if anyone has pointed this out yet, but there appears to be a WHIP hanging off a wall lamp in the background of the Thor and Daryl clips. #FiftyShadesofAsgard ? Who does that even belong to!? lol (I know Loki was initially going to use a whip for fighting in Thor 1, but that's irrelevant to this, I think...)

you would be correct, anon!

Now, it could be Darryl’s, but based on his relatively humble aesthetic and decorating choices I would think he would keep things of that nature private. He strikes me as a good-natured bloke that could be the type of ‘a gentleman in the streets but a freak in the sheets.’ Everyone has their kinky side.

Could it be Shane’s?

Nope, since it’s there while he’s being interviewed for the servant position.

We can most likely assume it belongs to Thor because of the shield and axe and all the other weapons, pumpkins, and Asgardian wares around the house. Although Thor is more of a ‘hands on’ fighter. He likes his big weapons, especially Mjolnir because they’re bff’s forever until they temporarily break up in Ragnarok..god I hope that’s temporary. Thor loves the blunt force trauma action of Mjolnir or the cut you in half with Jarnbjorn. While I fully believe that Thor can use a whip like no one else, it’s just not his MO.

So this leads us to the most likely conclusion of Loki. Loki is totally a whip using, knife throwing, fucking you up in subtler ways than a big ol’ hammer with an ozone fetish. Loki is his mama’s son even if not by blood and Frigga is (she’s totally alive, btw, I refuse to believe otherwise) amazing at getting people to look the other way and be a lot more sneaky and subtle about it. 

NOW! If this is Loki’s whip then the natural question is ‘where is Loki?’ Simple! He’s renting out the basement of Darryl’s humble abode, only Darryl doesn’t realize it. When Thor and Loki came in for the interview as roommates, Darryl said he only wanted one. Of course, Loki was like ‘nope, not happening’, so he snaps his fingers and makes Darryl forget him so that Thor would sign the lease and add the basement as an extra room. When Loki comes out of his wizard’s cave to do the walk of shame with his mugs and dishes, if Darryl and Thor are there then Thor just says it’s his bro crashing there for the night. Loki snaps his fingers again, grabs some OJ from the fridge (Frigga was always on him about good vitamin C intake), some snacks, and goes back to his hermit hole. 

Of course, Loki is the type ‘a freak in the streets and in the sheets’, so you can regularly hear the crack of the whip at night with Rihanna’s ‘S&M’ blasting through the floorboards. 

Poor Darryl often wonders why Thor enjoys that song so much, but then again when you’re getting paid in pumpkins and Asgardian gold it’s really wise to pick your battles and leave others be.

tl;dr version: the whip is Loki’s.

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the day this fandom learns that the gp doesn't read beyond the headlines is the day the lord will finally let me delete. if the headline is that louis punched a girl, or had a violent outburst at an airport, or is emotionally unstable- that's what the gp is going to assume happened. they aren't going to cross reference sources to get to the Truth. and i feel like we're getting into "the smear campaign is just hysteria" territory.

Yeah and I’m…….not okay with that. There are plenty of sources shitting on Louis, not just TMZ and the Sun. The story about Louis punching the girl in the face appeared on Perez Hilton’s website, Radar Online, Metro, the DM, Heat, Hollywood Life, J-14, and so on. And no, most of those sources aren’t credible, but just because it’s not People Magazine doesn’t mean it isn’t happening and doesn’t mean people aren’t seeing it. And even if it was just TMZ and The Sun, they have a huge fucking readership and that’s what people are seeing with almost no outlets countering it at the moment. Most other big outlets that were putting Louis in a positive light haven’t posted further articles on the situation, so the bullshit is what people are seeing.

I understand that people go wild and that this fandom definitely comes up with some conspiracy theories that are too ridiculous. I’ve shot down some of those theories on my blog in the past few days. But even looking at this as objectively as I possibly can, the suggestion that the press about Louis isn’t that bad is false. And whether his team is actively aiding the negative press or not (I assume they are when it comes to The Sun, but beyond that, probably not), the fact that nothing is being done to counter any of the negativity is ridiculous. Even if they want to wait for court for the girl to be exposed as a liar, they could do more than the nothing they’ve been doing. They haven’t even bothered to distract people by focusing on promoting Louis’ music video…..like?!?!?! Give me a break.

I feel like reality lies somewhere in between “everything is the worst thing that’s ever happened and it’s irreparable and Louis is fucked forever” and “it’s not that bad at all and Louis’ team isn’t doing anything wrong when it comes to this arrest.” I refuse to stand in either of those camps. I think Louis will be okay because the public has a short attention span and time will prove who he really is, and I do think that certain outlets would be nasty regardless (even if not to these extremes), but in my opinion, there is still absolutely a smear campaign, it is absolutely damaging his public image right now, and his team is absolutely not acting the way they should be.

So many people have noticed this already and made cute fanarts about it and whatnot but


1) Pokémon literally takes place in the future, most likely a close future, but definitely not 2014. But assuming these two are older than tabitha (27), it all HAS to happen later on.

2) Archie and Shelly as well as possibly Maxie, and definitely all the other younger admins are all millenials. It’s all based on age headcanons and nothing is set but they can plausibly have been born in the late 80s - early 90s

3) this means our current memes are the memes they were exposed to as teens/young adults.

4) they are also tru 90s kids

5) thats it go have fun with these observations i made because i have no life