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How'd the 2ps react to their crush randomly telling them a cheesy pick up line?

2P!America: “…AhahahHAHAHA, I’ve never seen anything more innocent than a cute lil doll like you tryna hit on a guy like me.” ;DDDDD

2P!China: “Huh? Huh?” He blinked a few times. “…Whoa, wait, did you just… did you just try to flirt with me?” He broke into a grin before laughing and going on and on about how fuckin’ adorable he thinks you are.

2P!England: He’d probs giggle at the line bc cheesy a’f and then would like add to it with some kind of lame pun tbh

2P!France: “Uh… so are you trying to be funny?”

2P!Russia: He’d try to keep his poker face but would end up like snorting or something and then try to hide the fact that he even acknowledged you

2P!Italy: “Er… nice try?” Cue the confused look on his face bc he thought you were smooth or something, for some reason

2P!Germany: He’d totally laugh about it, like, “lol you’re sucha dork and i love it”

2P!Japan: This block of salt would probs roll his eyes and wonder why he likes you again

2P!Canada: Facepalms. “Stop,” he says, jokingly

2P!Romano: Laughs and hits you with an even cheesier line probably

2P!Austria: Would chuckle and add on to the line, most likely with some word play

2P!Prussia: Nervous laughter bc he’s not used to getting hit on or even the idea of jokingly being hit on

how long has the description said "here's he is" and none of yall told me

im gonna be on desktop for a bit i guess cuz if i dont fix that i Will die
also im gonna make a few more adjustments on the blog as well!
i have a photo credit to add and i think im going to make a page with suggestions and/or some kinda updates tab with suggestions!
ill probs do a whole new theme as well
does anyone have any suggestions for things to make the blog better? esspecially if anyone has any accessibility issues with it (ie: font too small, colors hard to distinguish, submit buttom is hard to find, mouse is too small)
let me know any thoughts!!!

ok but

transformers/mad max au

optimus is the war rig but due to a really bad injury hes p much in stasis so everyone thinks hes just a normal truck and he only wakes up halfway through the movie when everyone is going to the Green Place and hes like “whAT THA FUCK?!? WHAT DID YOU IDIOT S DO TO M Y PAINT JOB????? YOU FUCKING-wait where the fuck are we”

and depending on what you want this could be with the movies characters (because imagine furiousa and the wives with this shit that would be awesome) or humans from some other continuation…maybe even all of them  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

im probs gonna add more to this because i really like this and optimus being the war rig does things to me like have you seen that thing imagine him with that for his alt mode imagine how fucking awesome he would look

Things I Want To Do Before I Graduate High School

- Sneak out. done

- Skinny dip.

- Go to prom.

- Go to homecoming. done

- Go on a road trip with just my friends.

- Fall in love. done

- Skip class/school. 

- Start a club.

- Explore some place abandoned.

- Kiss a crush of mine. done

- Go to a house party.

- Go across the country.

- Come out to my mom.

- Make someone fall in love with me.

- Find lifetime friends. done

- Not fuck up.

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What are the admins favourite ongoing fics at the moment?

Hi dear! Here’s a chunk of the fics I’m currently following: 

This has been admin J’s c: (maybe admin Q will add some more later!) <3


H ELLO admin N’s gonna butt in too hope you sweethearts don’t mind  ◕ ‿ ◕

have a nice day everyone! admin n’s gonna go poof again to work on her final project. /blows flying kisses/

pokemon go things i need

- be able to friend ppl
- be able to trade pokemon
- pokemon amie how cool would that be listen…. i want to pet them
- more trainer appearance options (i need better hair my trainer reminds me of myself in middle school)
- notifications when a pokemon is within range!
- more things to do… i need more things…

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What is Dick Grayson's personality?

Dick Grayson is a lot of things and I honestly probably couldn’t do him justice without extensively digging through old comics and providing a variety of interpretations. But I definitely don’t have time for that and want to answer your question so I’ll give you my personal interpretation of his character.

My frame of reference for characterization will come mostly from Nightwing vol. 2, pre-boot Batman and Robin, Teen Titans: Year One, Robin: Year One and some stuff I’ve read on Tumblr/wikipedia/comicvine/etc. since those are the things I’ve read. You may find his character different if you’ve read different things like The Outsiders or whatnot, such is the nature of comics.

Dick Grayson, like any other bat (because lbr Bruce has standards for who he works with), is a top notch, combatant, detective, and over-all crimefighter. He’s inherited the classic bat-traits of logical thinking and seriousness when the situation calls for it. Since Dick is the eldest of the batfam, he’s acted as a mentor, particularly to Tim and Damian, and is also considered one of the best leaders in the DCU having also led the Titans.

Dick often uses levity to keep a more optimistic exterior than Bruce, and this is one of the key differences between them that people (writers and fandom alike) often emphasize to distinguish them as different characters. Despite this, Dick still takes his work seriously and actually holds himself to extremely high standards, both Bruce’s and his own. He actually worries a lot about letting people down. He also has a tendency to try to handle problems by himself.

Even though I haven’t read the books where Dick works in a team (Titans, Outsiders, etc), I get the impression from panels I’ve seen that Dick cares very deeply about his friends and family, and I think that this fact cracks his bat-composure and causes him to completely lose his cool when his friends and family are in danger or have been hurt. I’ve seen enough panels of Dick rage-fully attacking someone who hurt a loved one, or snapping at a teammate for some sort of endangerment to sort of conclude that the thought of losing a loved one triggers Dick’s temper.

I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting, but anyone feel free to add stuff! Dick’s history is so long that I’m sure there are lots of things I’ve missed. Not to mention that comics, like any literature, can be interpreted in a number of ways, so I’m interested in hearing what y’all think!