going to add some more probs

some morning kandreil headcanons 

  • none of them are morning people 
  • which means it takes them forever to get out of bed 
  • especially because bed is warm and cozy and there are pretty boys there who are sleep soft and want to kiss you 
  • breakfast is a mess
  • they all knock into each other in the kitchen because even though they’re Graceful Athletes they haven’t quite got the hang of moving around each other in such a confined space
  • which leads to some broken mugs 
  • one of which was secretly andrew’s favourite 
  • grumpy exclamations of ‘whoever finishes the fucking coffee put on another fucking pot its common courtesy’ happen daily 
  • sir and king get fat because no one answers when neil asks if anyone has fed the cats (andrew always does it first thing in the morning but he never mentions it for god knows what reason) so they get fed again 
  • kevin asks at least once a month ‘who the fuck ate my all bran?’ 
  • neil and andrew get shitty because ‘we don’t eat that crap don’t blame us because you ate it all and forgot to buy more’ 
  • kevin turns his nose up at andrew’s fruit loops. andrew Does Not Care
  • someone is always left having to take a cold shower because kevin takes twenty-five fucking minutes every morning 
  • seriously what is he even doing in there kevin’s vanity is a nightmare sometimes 
  • they try exactly one (1) time to cut down their water usage by all showering together
  • needless to say it doesn’t go at all how they planned (but exactly how you’d expect) (i should expand on this it’s not dirty but i’ll let you think what you want) 
  • these boys are a mess and mornings suck but they get a good system going eventually 

anonymous asked:

sorry if these asks make you stressed you can ignore if you need but it's hard to keep silent even if im not really "courageous" to go off anon BUT the fact that ppl are literally saying just shipping mag and taako is "fetishistic" is super stressful like im a gay guy and i like ta./kitz but i like other things too you know? i get that there are people who make some Bad Content in fandom but also just simply... shipping That isn't doing harm. idk this doesnt make sense prob but.

dont have much more to add onto this but yeah, these ppl r making mountains where there werent even molehills in the first place

pokemon go things i need

- be able to friend ppl
- be able to trade pokemon
- pokemon amie how cool would that be listen…. i want to pet them
- more trainer appearance options (i need better hair my trainer reminds me of myself in middle school)
- notifications when a pokemon is within range!
- more things to do… i need more things…