going to a wedding shower

marriage sentence starters.

“ will you marry me? ”
“ will take my hand in marriage? ”
“ i want to be with until death do us part. ”
“ how’s it feel to be a newly wed? ”
“ so, are you going to plan your own wedding? ”
“ ready to go wedding dress shopping? ”
“ who’s going to be the flower girl? ”
“ let’s get hitched! ”
“ do you want a big wedding? ”
“ let’s just get married. ”
“ i want to marry you. ”
“ so, where’s your fiancee? ”
“ i am engaged! ”
“ i’m going to ask her/him to marry me. ”
“ oh my god! he proposed! ”
“ i wish he would propose to me already. ”
“ have a wedding theme picked out yet? ”
“ guess what comes after marriage? divorce. ”
“ kids come after marriage you know. ”
“ did you say yes? ”
“ will you do my the honor of marrying me? ”
“ this wedding is stressing me out. ”
“ congratulations on your engagement! ”
“ what’s going to be the theme of your wedding shower? ”
“ i’m going wedding shopping later. ”
“ are you getting married? ”
“ how does it feel to be engaged? ”
“ who are the lovely bridesmaids? ”
“ so, is it going to be a big or small wedding? ”
“ oh, i love weddings! ”

Via Colton Haynes on YT

Okay, so this made me ugly cry happy tears. It’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

Whatever you do-don’t imagine it’s Alec as he stands there waiting for Magnus crying and overwhelmed by all the people and kind of in disbelief that this moment is actually happening..that he gets to have this.

Don’t think about how Magnus would be walking down the aisle and how Alec’s heart would skip a beat as he thought about the time before when Magnus walked down the aisle and saved him.

Don’t think about how Magnus would be just like Jeff and hop right up there and do a little spin and say hi and make everyone laugh and then openly wow at how beautiful Alec is because he wanted to say out loud how beautiful he was the last time but that tux wasn’t meant for him, but then Alec was incredibly brave and changed their lives forever.

Don’t think about how Magnus looks at Alec, just so happy and in love and Alec beams back at him through his tears.

Intro to Upper Class Culture, Part 5: Dining Etiquette

“Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.” -Clarence Thomas

I think this is my longest segment so far…

So I’ve gotten a few requests regarding this little series I’ve been doing, and dining etiquette is one that keeps coming up. Before I begin, I want to point out that this is American dining etiquette; every culture has different rules and accepted norms, especially when it comes to dining, so if you are going to be dining outside the US or if you are from outside the US these rules might not necessarily fit your circumstance.

Also, I sort of fell off the bandwagon writing these because of some personal things in my life, and work..and Ramadan. But without further adieu, here is Dining Etiquette.

A note: I’ll be kind of dividing this into two main scenarios, dinner parties and nicer restaurants, but even within those two scenarios there are differences in behavior if it’s a business lunch versus a date, or depending on how well you know the host of the dinner party etc. but this is just an overview.

First, the invitation. Focusing more on dinner parties, if you’re invited to a dinner party it’s fine to say no. You don’t even necessarily have to give a reason, just saying you have a prior engagement is fine. However, once you say yes you’re locked in unless there is some emergency. The season finale of the Bachelor being on is not an emergency. Deciding you’re too tired after work to get dressed and drive somewhere is not an emergency. Why am I stressing this so much? Dinner parties are expensive to throw, especially if the host is using a professional chef, and the price goes up as more people RSVP. They also have saved a seat for you and accounted enough drinks for you, so cancelling at the last minute will basically be saying to your host that you’re fine with them throwing money down the drain. No matter how wealthy your host is, that isn’t cool, and it’s just rude. So, if you say you can attend, you need to attend. This also applies to if you’re attending a group meal or a one-on-one meal, obviously, but I would say it’s especially important for dinner parties.

Second, the arrival. For meals at restaurants, you need to be on time, if not ten minutes before your reservation. If you’re going to be more than fifteen minutes late, it’s considered polite to call ahead and let the restaurant know you’ll be late. For dinner parties, it’s a little different. I personally usually try to arrive about fifteen minutes after the stated time, but I think within thirty minutes is acceptable and an article online agreed so officially, you have a thirty minute arrival from the stated start time to arrive. If you are going to be later than thirty minutes, call your host or hostess and let them know that you aren’t simply bailing on them, and apologize because really you should plan ahead to be there on time. Now, a side note, I wouldn’t necessarily choose to arrive exactly at the set time, and certainly not early. Why? Because your host or hostess will probably still be rushing around to set things up and if you arrive fifteen minutes early, they’re going to be even more stressed by having to entertain you and having to finish making the final preparations for the evening. Don’t put them in that situation. My rule of thumb: fifteen minutes is long enough that they won’t be running around like a chicken with their head cut off, but early enough that they won’t be worried you aren’t coming.

Third, to gift or not to gift? I would say if you’re going to a restaurant, unless it’s a special event like a baby/wedding shower, engagement party or birthday party, no gift is needed. As far as dinner parties go, I’ve run into some debate with a friend. She says bringing a gift is tacky, I say it’s rude to not bring a gift. So, I went to the internet and asked and came to this conclusion: bring a gift if it’s a more casual dinner party, and/or if the host/hostess is a friend. Otherwise, a gift isn’t necessary. I tend to err on the side of bringing a gift when in doubt, but make sure it’s something tasteful. Emily Post had this to say about it:

“Gift possibilities include wine, Champagne, flowers (preferably in a vase), a potted plant, chocolates, specialty food items such as jams and jellies or other condiments, fancy nuts, olives, olive oil or vinegars, or items for the house, such as cocktail napkins, guest soaps and lotions , a picture frame, or a scented candle. A CD or book is also appropriate if you know your host’s taste.”

If you aren’t sure what your host or hostess would like, or if you feel uncomfortable about picking out a gift at all, just don’t do it. It’s not important enough to stress over, but know that your host will probably appreciate any little gift because it’s the thought that counts.

Now, onto the actual meal! I’ll start with a restaurant. If you’re a woman, often times whoever you’re with or the waiter will pull out your chair, so give them the chance to do that. Once seated, the first thing you should do is figure out where to put your stuff.  Putting it on the table is not an option. Also, putting your purse on the back of your chair is also not a good option, and I’ve seen that lead to women’s purses falling over, leaving their belongings scattered on the floor, so logically it really isn’t a great idea either. The best things you can do are put your purse on our lap (this works ok for clutches, but personally I find it annoying) or put it at your feet.  Regarding dinner parties, I know a lot of the ones I’ve thrown or attended have places set aside where you can put your belongings. Really you don’t need to be carrying around your purse at your friend’s home dinner party or not, so set it down in the designated area.

This next paragraph will be a little bit of a rant. Feel free to skip it, the bottom line is do not use your cell phones. Do not pull them out while you are at a restaurant. Do not leave them on the table. Nothing should be on the table except for your dining utensils and food, really. Put your phone on silent, or turn it off, and keep it in your purse for the duration of the meal. The same applies for dinner parties. Do not be on your phone, especially at the table. If there is some sort of emergency going on, you need to let the person you’re with or the host/hostess know ahead of time, and you can politely excuse yourself if need be. If you really feel the need to check your phone, excuse yourself to the restroom, and go check it there. Otherwise, it’s very rude. VERY rude. If you are reading this, and you still pull out your phone while dining with someone, I will personally pop out of a bush, take your phone, and smash it. If you get nothing else out of this, then I want it to be: do not use your cellphone at the table. It’s my biggest pet peeve and universally is very rude, so please, I promise you will survive a couple hours without it. 

Moving on, to the oh so exciting napkins. If you’re at a restaurant, after you’ve situated your belongings and turned your phone off, the first thing you should do is place the napkin in your lap before you eat or drink anything, even a sip of water. If the napkin is fairly small, feel free to completely unfold it, but if it’s larger fold it in half with the crease facing you. If you have to get up, I’ve heard two different things, but I’ll share the one I’ve found to be most common and in my opinion is more polite. When you stand up, fold your napkin (maybe in half, don’t get crazy this isn’t time to practice your origami) and set it on the left side of your plate. Some people say to leave your napkin on your chair, but I don’t really find that to be the common practice and personally I think it’s weird. At the end of the meal, place your napkin to the left side of the plate. Napkins are meant to catch food. Don’t blow your nose with it, and don’t necessarily wipe your entire face with it. It’s meant to dot your lips and fingers and catch food, anything else is kind of gross.

As for a dinner party, follow your host’s lead. When they put their napkin on their lap, you should do the same. This also applies to eating. Once your host has taken the first bite (which should be after everyone is seated) then you’re free to also start eating.

Ok, so one thing I know people sometimes struggle with is the silverware. Instead of a standard spoon, fork, knife, plate and cup, there is a multitude of silverware and dishes at your disposal. To start, there are a few solid rules that will help get you through most situations. Use your utensils from the outside in, and, you eat from the left and drink from the right. The first part is fairly self explanatory: as a general rule, there should be roughly three forks to your left side, and then probably two spoons and a knife to your right. The first fork (from the outside, left) is for salad, the second for dinner and third for dessert. On your right, the first spoon is generally for soup, the second a “teaspoon” and then your knife is for your dinner. The second common rule (eat from the left, drink from the right) means this: if you are confused about which objects are meant for you or the person next to you, apply this rule. Napkins, bread and butter places, etc will be placed on your left. Water goblets and wine glasses will be to your right. I’m going to include some fun infographics at the end of this segment that will help you keep everything straight, but those are the two most useful, easy to remember rules.

I’ve seen some people be confused at dinners regarding the glasses. There is usually a glass called the water goblet, and it’s for, you guessed it, water. Then, there’s usually a wine glass. I’ve seen a lot of infographics floating around about the different wine glasses, but in general, red wine glasses are more stout and white wine glasses are more long and slender. The most slender of all are champagne flutes, which you will probably encounter while fine dining.

Regarding bread and butter: This is something you’ll often see at restaurants depending on what sort of food is being served. It’s common to have this to snack on while eating your salad or waiting for the meal. The proper etiquette for eating bread and butter goes like this: when the bread is passed to you, take off the amount you want, and also be sure to take the amount of butter you want with your knife and leave it on your plate. It’s rude to keep dipping into the shared butter source or asking that the bread be passed to you over and over. Once you have your portion in front of you, it’s best to tear off smaller pieces and butter them as you go.

The food. Ok, so you’ve made it to the actual dinner portion and you’re ready to dig in. There are rules for that too! First, you should wait for everyone to have their food in front of them. It’s rude to start eating while others are still waiting on their food. Second, there are specific ways to hold your utensils. I tend to use my utensils in a more “European” fashion (because I am European by birth) but I can tell you that in the US while eating, and more specifically while cutting meat, that Americans cut with their right hand (assuming they’re right handed) while holding their fork with their left hand, then they place their knife at the top of their plate, and switch hands. Cut one bite at a time, at most two. As far as how to hold various utensils, there are a million and one youtube videos out there. I don’t really stress out about it too much. Unless I’m having dinner with the Queen or Emily Post I don’t stress about the tiny details.

There is also an entire language with knives and forks. I’m going to include an infographic (yayyyy for infographics) at the end rather than explain them, because visuals will help you so much more, but just know that there is an unspoken language regarding utensils. I think the infographic I’ve found disagrees with this, but I know this is the commonly accepted etiquette in the US for when to signal you’re done eating: “To signal that your are done with the course, rest your fork, tines up, and knife blade in, with the handles resting at five o'clock and tips pointing to ten o'clock on your plate (4:20).”

As far as the actual food goes, you need to at least attempt to eat what’s being served. Even if it looks horrible, you need to choke down a couple bites. The only excuse for not eating something is a food allergy, and I mean a real food allergy, not your I’m-trying-to-lose-weight-so-I’m-cutting-out-gluten food “allergy”. Somebody slaved away to make your meal, you need to at least eat a few bites. If you have dietary restrictions, you need to make them known far in advance-probably when you accept the invitation. The host or hostess will try to make arrangements for food you will actually eat. Depending on where you are in the world, there are rules about cleaning your plate versus leaving food on your plate. In the US, the rules aren’t so strict. Do your best to eat most of the food on your plate, but no licking it clean or spooning the sauce into your mouth. That’s disgusting.

Wait Staff. This applies to upscale dinner parties and restaurants. Do not ever shout for your waiter. Attempt to make eye contact with them, and once you have done that you may slightly raise your right hand and slightly raise your index finger to signal that you need them. Be nice to the wait staff, smile, make eye contact, always say please and thank you. Being a waiter or waitress sucks enough, don’t make it worse.

Payment. So you’ve made it through the meal (this is for restaurants only) but what about the bill? If you’re on a date, it’s customary for the man to buy the meal. If you’re in a large group, generally the person who invited the group is supposed to pay. It’s considered particularly polite if they give the restaurant their credit card information even before the meal begins. And when in doubt, tip well. It’s good karma.

Instead of vocab like I normally I do, I’m going to just add in other tips that didn’t really fit in a specific section.

  • Don’t slurp your soup
  • If somebody has something in their teeth, the best protocol is to make eye contact with them and subtly touch your finger to your own teeth. They should get the hint.
  • Don’t drink too much and get drunk, especially if you’re with certain company
  • Don’t chew with your mouth open, don’t talk with a full mouth
  • The no elbows rule only applies while you’re actually eating; if it’s between courses and you’re just talking, feel free to rest the elbows on the table
  • Don’t reach over people, ask for it to be passed your way. Side note: if you want to share food with someone, don’t pass your entire plate, but put some on your bread plate and pass that instead
  • Eat quietly. Don’t chew loudly. Don’t scrape your utensils together.
  • Sit up straight, and don’t lean over to eat your food, bring it to you with your utensils
  • Hold your wine glass by the stem
  • If you need to leave the table, just say “Excuse me, I’ll be right back”. You don’t need to say you’re going to use the restroom, or that you’re checking the football score, or dealing with a family emergency. Less is more.

These are all of the basics I could really think of. There is so much information out there about meal etiquette and there are people out there who are sticklers for following every single rule, but most people are pretty reasonable and as long as you follow the basic rules, you’ll get by just fine. For the sake of being polite, most people aren’t going to point out if you happen to hold your fork with a finger in the wrong place. I’ve taken a few etiquette classes and found them to be really helpful, but there are so many videos and articles online that honestly you could pretty much teach yourself how to fit in meal etiquette wise.

If you liked this article, feel free to check out my other segments in the Intro to Upper Class Culture tag. Also, if you have any requests for future segments, send them to my ask box. 

P.S, below are the handy dandy info graphics. I like them, they’re pretty useful and easy to understand. 

The Contest-Part 20

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest.  They are doing open casting calls all over the country.  Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N: My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only Red, AKA@oriona75.  So I am actually telling two stories here, Jared and Readers, and Sam and Gemini’s.  It flips back and forth, so try and keep up! :)

Characters: Jared Padalecki, Reader, Best friend Nikki(OC) Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Mark Pellegrino, Rory Montgomery (OC), PA Emily (OC) Cliff, Other Supernatural cast and crew

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

After much debate, Jared and Jensen had convinced me that it would be much more fun if we surprised Nikki and Misha with the wedding reception/baby shower.  “So what cover story do we use to get them there?” Jensen had asked.

“I got it!” Jared had said.  “It’s almost Y/N’s birthday, so we can say I am throwing her a party for her birthday and because she’s staying on the show.” 

“This is good.  We can work with this.  You can ask Misha and Nikki to be the ones who get me there.,  I’ll make it REALLY hard on them. Nikki will bitch, but Jensen you can say you’re helping Jared set up.”  My mind was already whirling with possibilities.

The entire cast and crew had been sworn to secrecy.  I honestly had my doubts as to whether we were gonna be able to pull this off. Mark Sheppard couldn’t keep a secret to save his life.  Ruthie Connell was so excited she could barely contain herself.  Amateurs!

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I don’t think I know how to make friends. Other people who are my age end up being in weddings, going to baby showers, going to bachelorette parties and all that jazz and I never have to do any of that. I really I don’t like doing any of the things I listed so maybe I’m just kind of terrible and crotchety and even though I don’t complain about everything my bitch face probably gives me away. I have plenty of acquaintances but I believe my only close friends are related to me. I can’t think of anyone I could call about having a bad day other than my mom, sister, dad, or grandma. Oh well. I’ve always been a bit of an odd duck. This could also be me unwilling to rely on a person for emotional support because I hate the idea of inconveniencing someone and I can’t ever tell if people like me or not.

Tomorrow is my 30th birthday and I’m going to go to a friend’s wedding shower and pick up a balloon bouquet I got for myself and flowers that my girlfriend sent me and have dinner with my family incl. all my in-town nephews and I’m going to tie a balloon to the youngest one and watch him run around trying to charm the cats. (I forget if I mentioned, this week my sister in law sent us a video where she asks him, “Where do you want to go?” and he says “GAW-LA-GER. GRAMMA. KITTY!”)

When i was a little kid I used to dream of being in my 30s. I always wanted to grow up. Being an adult was when you got to choose where you lived, what you ate, who you spent time with, what you got to do. Even when I was eight, I dreamed so hard of being settled in my career with a spouse and family, able to right some of the wrongs I saw in the world and make art that mattered.

Getting here has been so hard–and between mental illness and the economy, I’m not nearly as settled, married, or fecund as I’d like to be–but you know the fuck what, I’m happy to be here anyway.

Have you ever had people in your life that only seemed to come around when things were great? God is not like that. His Love is not only present on the mountaintop but, also in the desert and the valley. So lean to into His love and listen to His voice. It is constant, no matter who comes and goes or stays.

People value different things in other people, but always remember that God values you, no matter what you’ve accomplished, no matter what you’ve done. He wants to speak to you in your daily life, whether things are going well or not. He doesn’t just show up on graduation day or when you get engaged. He doesn’t just appear when things are going well and there’s something exciting to talk about. He wants to talk to you all the time. Whether you’re a surgeon or you’re passing out coffees through a drive thru window, whether you’re married to the love of your life or completely single, He wants you to hear His voice and show you something new every single day.

The voice of the Lord shakes the desert… - Psalm‬ ‭29:8‬

So in the celebratory season of graduations, engagements, weddings, baby showers, and whatever else that’s going on, don’t be distracted by those that are there today but weren’t there yesterday. Don’t be disheartened when it seems like certain people only pay attention to you when things are going well. God has been with you all this time, and He wants you to cling to Him more than you cling to anyone else.

Written by @morganhnichols for #TheDevoCo

“I can’t wait to see how Meg the social climber’s attitude will change towards common pursuits, we already started seeing that when her people demanded her name not be associated with the not-so-posh label Reitmans because she’s above it now she’s dating a royal.” - Submitted by Anonymous

“Meghan is a snake and she does not even make her actions subtle that she is a social climbing attention seeker. First, she misses her friend’s wedding because she doesn’t want to take the “attention” away from his wedding, but she’s completely okay going to Pippa’s wedding. Then she decides to bail on her friend Serena’s baby shower in order to go get exposure in the UK at the polo match.” - Submitted by Anonymous

anonymous asked:

Don't burn me at the stake, but Dudley. I'll totally admit growing up I was an awful, spiteful, rude human being. I've tried to change and be a better person but I'm worried that people will always see the old me when they look at me, not that I can blame them. I understand me trying to be a better person now doesn't make up for me then, but I want to try

I relate to Harry in that I grew up with a total Dudley for a cousin… My cousin was the spoiled only child of his ultra-conservative parents who doted on him, gave him everything he ever asked for, expected no chores or personal responsibility from him, and even home-schooled him for no other reason than they didn’t like the school system’s expectations of him (he needed no accommodations, though I am sensitive to those issues for many people).  My cousin and I fought all the time, especially when my brothers and I ended up practically living at their house for a while.  He’s the only person that I’ve physically fought because he just pissed me off so much I had to start something.

My cousin is now near and dear to my heart.  We text all the time, he’s one of the only people in my huge family who came to my wedding shower, we go climbing together and have a blast.  Much like Dudley, he grew up and realized that his parents weren’t necessarily right just because he got what he wanted from them.  Now he has some perspective, he works a lot to make his own money, he still lives at home to take care of his dad, and he feels really, really bad for the horrible, selfish things he said and did when we were younger.  Please trust me when I say that this difference is easily seen by people.  I don’t think of him as a “Dudley” anymore at all, sometimes I forget about it entirely even though for a while it was all I could think of.  

Please know that if you were really as difficult as you think you were back in the day, then it will be so obvious to everyone how much you’ve grown up and changed.  And it will be so appreciated.  They won’t think to themselves, “Ugh, finally, they’re not being a little dick anymore.”  They’ll genuinely think something like, “I can’t believe how well we get along now.  I’m so happy they’re happy.”  Just treat people with respect, apologize if you feel the need to (or don’t) (my cousin never did but I don’t find it necessary because he’s a completely different person now), and try to forgive yourself.  Move on.  Life is too short.

Make You Feel My Love

Requested by: nobody lol but I was inspired by the many Ravi Gifs on @animeotakupooh blog c:

Submission: n/a

Summary: Y/N is in love with Ravi but he doesn’t feel the same and heartbreak ensues for her

Genre: Angsty Shit Right Here BEWARE!

Word Count is 2,033 (holy fuck)

Originally posted by reila-ravkong

               When you met Ravi your life was a mess, your parents had gotten a divorce and your mom ran off with a coworker and your dad had gotten fired from his job. You were only sixteen years old and you had to drop out of school to take on three jobs to support you and your alcoholic dad. Ravi was your guardian angel and your best friend and you were grateful for him. You two met when you started a new job at a café and he happened to be friends with the owners kid. He was taking on a summer job and you two got close when you passed out from exhaustion at work from not sleeping three days in a row. You told him about your situation and he helped you out, with his help you got your dad into rehab and you went back to high school while staying with him.

               You graduated at the top of your class considering you were top of your class before having to drop out completely. You quit two of your jobs and continued to work at the café full time with Ravi until he took off to be an idol. By that time your father was out of rehab and had gotten his life together and had his own place and a job. He offered for you to stay with him but you turned him down and continued to live with Ravi’s parents for a month before moving into your own apartment with the money you had saved.

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sun and stars [photographer!luke]

a/n: hello my peaches!! i don’t have to much to really preface this with tbh but i hope you enjoy and i hope it’s not too cheesy for you and please, as always, feedback would be just wonderful (◡‿◡✿) 

“I’ll call you when I find out.”

His words were spiralling through your head over and over again like clockwork. It had been hours since he uttered them before planting a rushed kiss on your lips and darting out the door with his camera bag and portfolio in tow. Normally Luke was pretty relaxed, never letting thing get to him. He’d taught you a lot in that aspect, your gears usually tightly wound in stressful situations.

Today was different though. Luke woke up earlier than usual and headed straight to the shower. On any other day, he’d lay in bed for close to an hour, whining about how much he didn’t want to get up, how badly he just wanted to stay in the warm confines of your shared bed with you and Maggie, the lab you adopted together nearly a year ago. You didn’t even receive a glance today though as he rolled out of bed and started to get ready for the day.

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anonymous asked:

The DM are pulling everyone’s leg . No way us MM going to Senera wedding , read the article they are totally trolling her “ MM may turn up “ don’t think so , she wasn’t invited to her baby shower , why the hell would she go to her wedding . Not in a million years with Queen B there . Just laugh another wedding Mad Megs can claim she didn’t want to overshadow to bride . Ha ha she wasn’t invited to Patrick’s wedding someone she’s worked with for 7 yrs , his wife can’t stand her .

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you’re about to turn twenty
and you’ve found that it feels a lot like sixteen did,
and seventeen, and eighteen,
and most of nineteen;
you just turned twenty
and you’re confused and directionless,
and for the life of you, you can’t figure out
where the last two years have gone;
you’re about to turn twenty
and you’re untouched and unable to figure out
why all the guys have been wrong
and where the right ones are:
but twenty is not a stamp, stating
“best if used by…”
it’s not a list in a magazine, telling you all the things
you should have done before you stepped over the threshold
out of your teens and into your twenties.
twenty is a new start: a clean slate and a decade of opportunities
twenty is a spectrum of experience,
as you go to weddings and to baby showers and also
graduations and parties in basements,
with bad music and cheap alcohol
because twenty is calling into work
to sleep until it’s dark out, and crying
and pretending you don’t cry
it’s being selfish and caring too much and
still relating to taylor swift
twenty is wondering if you’re too old for the mall
or for disney movies; too old to be getting drunk
on cheap rum in your dorm room
(the answer to all of these is probably yes)
but twenty is teetering on the edge of adolescence
and adulthood, so enjoy
—  age twenty (happy birthday) by Catherine Morse

ok i’m gonna do it

i’m going to watch the sg wedding shower scene

because i hate myself

because i’ve already listened to “a song for you” by donny hathaway on repeat until i cried

and before that i laughed for five full minutes at a sign that said “trebilcock construction”

and before that i sobbed in the bathroom at work over that student

and because this day has been just been weird af in general

so why the fuck not


“You’re The Only One I See”

It had been years since the Barden Bellas won the Worlds and Beca had graduated college. She’d hardly given acapella another thought as she dove into her new career as a music producer. While she stayed in touch with the Bellas, she wasn’t singing anymore and didn’t miss at like she thought she might.

At 28, Beca was starting to get sick of going to all her friend’s weddings and baby showers. It seemed like everyone she knew was pregnant, engaged, or already had a family. When the invitation came for yet another wedding, this time for someone she hadn’t seen in years, she had grudgingly accepted because of the open bar.

Now, leaning against the wall in an enormous ballroom with her third glass of champagne, Beca was starting to regret her decision. She scanned the crowd to see if she knew anyone else when she saw a flash of blonde hair and unmistakable ice blue eyes.

“There’s no way…” She whispered, but as she made eye contact with the tall German girl in a stunning black dress she knew it was Kommissar. Das Sound Machine’s leader from back when she had competed against them.

A spark of recognition appeared in the blonde’s eyes as well and she broke from the crowd of dancers to approach the little brunette. Her eyes were a little glassy from the alcohol, but she looked just as stunning as Beca remembered. Possibly more so.

“Tiny maus, it’s been a while.” Kommissar said as she approached, towering over the brunette in her enormous heels. Beca immensely regretted her decision to wear flats.

“I can’t believe you recognized me.” Beca replied as she took in the beautiful girl in front of her. Kommissar was wearing a black down that hugged her hips before falling loosely to the floor. Her lips were the same shade of red that Beca remembered them being at the riff off.

Kommissar smiled. “How could I forget someone who took my title away. And don’t worry, that trophy is back in Germany where it belongs.”

“I did hear that Das Sound Machine had won Worlds recently.”

“We did.” Kommissar told her.

“Why are you here then? Shouldn’t you be in Germany not Los Angeles?” Beca asked. She still couldn’t figure out why DSM’s leader would be at a wedding on the West Coast.

“I live here now. Pieter and I moved here after we retired from DSM. I’m a choreographer now and have worked with some famous singers here on their music videos and tours.” Kommissar explained proudly. She was surprised by how easy it was to talk to Beca. She had always been intrigued by the small girl and now that they weren’t competing she even found herself liking her. Although, it may have been the champagne.

Beca nodded. “I work in music, too. As a producer. So, are you and Pieter together?”

“We’re roommates. Nothing more. He’s too much like a brother.” Kommissar explained as she leaned against the wall beside Beca. “Besides, he’s not my type.”

As she said that, she looked over Beca and her eyes linger on the cleavage that the brunette’s dress showed off.

“Care to dance, tiny maus?”

Seeing no reason to say no, Beca finished off her drink and took Kommissar’s outstretched hand before making her way onto the dance floor. The song wasn’t fast enough to really get into, but not quite slow enough to slow dance to.

They awkwardly moved to the beat for a moment before the blonde’s arms snaked around Beca’s waist and pulled her closer as a slow song came on. Beca didn’t protest and swayed with the music for a while.

Even as the song changed and the music picked up, they stayed close and danced together. No one seemed to notice them.

“You’ve always been very intriguing, tiny maus.” Kommissar whispered to her loud enough that she could be heard over the music.

Beca smiled a bit nervously and blushed. She never knew quite what to say to the beautiful German.

“You’re beautiful,” she stammered and her cheeks turned red.

“Still full of compliments, I see.” Kommissar observed with a smirk.

Beca looked at her feet. “You just make me nervous. Oh my god, I can’t believe I just said that.”

Kommissar smiled. “You make me nervous, too. I’m just better at hiding it.”

“Really?” The brunette looked up and met her icy blue eyes.

“I’m always nervous around pretty girls.”

“There you are, Luisa!” A male voice called and Kommissar pulled away from Beca to turn to see the man who was calling. It was Pieter in a suit and tie. He looked startled when he saw Beca.

“Ist das die Mädchen aus Worlds?” He asked as he looked from Luisa to Beca.

“Ja,” Luisa answered. “Beca. The Bella. She’s a music producer now. We were just dancing.”

“I could see.” Pieter replied. He wasn’t stupid. He’d realized quickly what was going on between his friend and the former Bella. “I’m going to go get a drink. Do you want one, Luisa?”

“I’m alright here. Thanks for asking.”

Pieter exited the dance floor and started for the bar.

“Luisa?” Beca asked with a raised eyebrow. “I’d have thought your name would have been much more intimidating.”

Luisa smiled and rolled her eyes before pulling Beca in and continuing to dance with her as the music changed to a song better suited for dancing.

As people began to leave the wedding, they stepped off the dance floor.

“Would you like to come back to my apartment?” Beca asked.

“Of course.” Luisa replied and leaned down to kiss the brunette’s cheek.

Pre-Episode Rant (ish)

So two random thoughts before tonight’s episode. 

First, if there are attempts at making Lena and James a romantic pairing, I’m probably going to hurl. Seriously, there not even friends at this point, and we’ve already seen this story play out with Kara and Mon-el. And that was a rousing success, obviously (immense sarcasm here). At this point, Winn would make a more believable and reasonable (male) love interest for Lena. They, at least, have things in common besides Kara and have had some positive interactions before. 

Second, and more importantly, if James isn’t present at the wedding shower, I’m just going to assume that the writers can’t write for James or just don’t give a shit about the character. There is no conceivable reason why James would not be at Alex’s wedding shower. I can understand why Lena won’t be there (she’s only really friends with Kara at this point), and I can even forgive J’onn not being there (he had to pull double duty at the DEO to make sure Alex and Kara could have the afternoon off). However, there is no reason for James not to be there. He has known Alex and Maggie for about as long as Winn has and has had similar interactions with Maggie. 

As for the, potential, excuse of having to run CatCo, this would be a perfect opportunity to derail, or begin to, the animosity between James and Lena. James requests the afternoon off and Lena quickly agrees. James is surprised and questions it. Lena explains her policy of making sure employees have a healthy work/life balance even if she doesn’t follow it herself. They laugh about how hard they work and mention how much harder it is when you are a woman/black. You have a mutual moment of understanding between the two which can be the basis for friendship or, if the writers are really stupid, romance in the future.