going to a wedding shower

the real tragedy is we didnt get to see the gems go to the store, buy wedding baby shower and funeral supplies at the same time, as peridot tries to steal a shopping cart, then explain that she saved earth so she’s “rightly entitled to everything”

Holy fuck what a nice energy burst…
Right after work I went and picked up dry cleaning and beer (same building… yay military), finished the dishes, brushed the dogs which is a chore, folded laundry that’s been clean for 2 weeks and put it away, started new laundry since I’ve been wearing my uniform for over a week now, got dinner going, swept the kitchen and the dog crate area, showered, discussed wedding stuff…and I still have spoons left!

It helps that I did absolutely nothing at work today so I wasn’t dead to the world afterwards and I had an afternoon cup of coffee.

I won’t feel so bad when tomorrow I’ll be passed out immediately after work


“You’re The Only One I See”

It had been years since the Barden Bellas won the Worlds and Beca had graduated college. She’d hardly given acapella another thought as she dove into her new career as a music producer. While she stayed in touch with the Bellas, she wasn’t singing anymore and didn’t miss at like she thought she might.

At 28, Beca was starting to get sick of going to all her friend’s weddings and baby showers. It seemed like everyone she knew was pregnant, engaged, or already had a family. When the invitation came for yet another wedding, this time for someone she hadn’t seen in years, she had grudgingly accepted because of the open bar.

Now, leaning against the wall in an enormous ballroom with her third glass of champagne, Beca was starting to regret her decision. She scanned the crowd to see if she knew anyone else when she saw a flash of blonde hair and unmistakable ice blue eyes.

“There’s no way…” She whispered, but as she made eye contact with the tall German girl in a stunning black dress she knew it was Kommissar. Das Sound Machine’s leader from back when she had competed against them.

A spark of recognition appeared in the blonde’s eyes as well and she broke from the crowd of dancers to approach the little brunette. Her eyes were a little glassy from the alcohol, but she looked just as stunning as Beca remembered. Possibly more so.

“Tiny maus, it’s been a while.” Kommissar said as she approached, towering over the brunette in her enormous heels. Beca immensely regretted her decision to wear flats.

“I can’t believe you recognized me.” Beca replied as she took in the beautiful girl in front of her. Kommissar was wearing a black down that hugged her hips before falling loosely to the floor. Her lips were the same shade of red that Beca remembered them being at the riff off.

Kommissar smiled. “How could I forget someone who took my title away. And don’t worry, that trophy is back in Germany where it belongs.”

“I did hear that Das Sound Machine had won Worlds recently.”

“We did.” Kommissar told her.

“Why are you here then? Shouldn’t you be in Germany not Los Angeles?” Beca asked. She still couldn’t figure out why DSM’s leader would be at a wedding on the West Coast.

“I live here now. Pieter and I moved here after we retired from DSM. I’m a choreographer now and have worked with some famous singers here on their music videos and tours.” Kommissar explained proudly. She was surprised by how easy it was to talk to Beca. She had always been intrigued by the small girl and now that they weren’t competing she even found herself liking her. Although, it may have been the champagne.

Beca nodded. “I work in music, too. As a producer. So, are you and Pieter together?”

“We’re roommates. Nothing more. He’s too much like a brother.” Kommissar explained as she leaned against the wall beside Beca. “Besides, he’s not my type.”

As she said that, she looked over Beca and her eyes linger on the cleavage that the brunette’s dress showed off.

“Care to dance, tiny maus?”

Seeing no reason to say no, Beca finished off her drink and took Kommissar’s outstretched hand before making her way onto the dance floor. The song wasn’t fast enough to really get into, but not quite slow enough to slow dance to.

They awkwardly moved to the beat for a moment before the blonde’s arms snaked around Beca’s waist and pulled her closer as a slow song came on. Beca didn’t protest and swayed with the music for a while.

Even as the song changed and the music picked up, they stayed close and danced together. No one seemed to notice them.

“You’ve always been very intriguing, tiny maus.” Kommissar whispered to her loud enough that she could be heard over the music.

Beca smiled a bit nervously and blushed. She never knew quite what to say to the beautiful German.

“You’re beautiful,” she stammered and her cheeks turned red.

“Still full of compliments, I see.” Kommissar observed with a smirk.

Beca looked at her feet. “You just make me nervous. Oh my god, I can’t believe I just said that.”

Kommissar smiled. “You make me nervous, too. I’m just better at hiding it.”

“Really?” The brunette looked up and met her icy blue eyes.

“I’m always nervous around pretty girls.”

“There you are, Luisa!” A male voice called and Kommissar pulled away from Beca to turn to see the man who was calling. It was Pieter in a suit and tie. He looked startled when he saw Beca.

“Ist das die Mädchen aus Worlds?” He asked as he looked from Luisa to Beca.

“Ja,” Luisa answered. “Beca. The Bella. She’s a music producer now. We were just dancing.”

“I could see.” Pieter replied. He wasn’t stupid. He’d realized quickly what was going on between his friend and the former Bella. “I’m going to go get a drink. Do you want one, Luisa?”

“I’m alright here. Thanks for asking.”

Pieter exited the dance floor and started for the bar.

“Luisa?” Beca asked with a raised eyebrow. “I’d have thought your name would have been much more intimidating.”

Luisa smiled and rolled her eyes before pulling Beca in and continuing to dance with her as the music changed to a song better suited for dancing.

As people began to leave the wedding, they stepped off the dance floor.

“Would you like to come back to my apartment?” Beca asked.

“Of course.” Luisa replied and leaned down to kiss the brunette’s cheek.