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It’s You That I Hold Onto (Newt Scamander x Reader)

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✩ prompt: a lovely anon message a few posts back :) includes a jelly reader and an overprotective thunderbird

✩ word count: a fair amount idk man

✩ warnings: so sweet u could possibly get a toothache :(

It’s You That I Hold Onto

It’s a typical Saturday evening in the Goldstein residence (plus a few), Queenie and Jacob waltzing to sleepy crackling records, dappled golden mid-winter light on the wallpaper, the smell of something delicious wafting from the kitchen. 

Everything seems perfect to Y/N as she makes her way to the living room, her brilliant crimson skirt swishing rather gracefully about her waist, her hair (for once!) cooperating falling over her shoulders smoothly.

Queenie smiles at her, elegantly breaking away from Jacob to switch which record is playing, new music erupting from the golden phonograph.

“Would ya’ care to dance?” Jacob asks, giving her a rather sloppy grin and holding out his hand.

Y/N nods gleefully, enjoying the time with one of her best friends as the stout man spins her about the room, Queenie clapping to the music.

Newt’s eyes flick to the duo dancing gleefully through the living room, his gaze caught on the pretty woman in his arms. How that skirt shows off her hips-

He looks away immediately, blushing and mentally kicking himself for being “an absolute bloody creep.”

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*All My Fault* Newt x reader

◘ Anonymous asked:

Do you think you could possibly do an imagine where the reader and Newt are best friends but when Newt meets Tina he starts to ignore the reader. During the battle with Graves Newt gets really hurt while protecting the reader and Tina tells the reader to back off because it’s her fault. Can the reader act like everything’s fine but slowly stop eating and sleeping because of guilt until Newt notices. Lots of angst but a happy ending please. I hope this isn’t any trouble. Thank you!

This does include a salty, mean Tina. So beware. Take note I am not a Tina hater! But if you don’t like Tina written in a negative light, then this probably isn’t for you >.< That’s all! Carry on ^_^

Your stop in New York City alongside your best friend, Newt Scamander, had become a bit more adventurous than you two had initially planned. Unfortunately, some of Newt’s creatures had escaped his magical case and were scattered throughout the city. With the help of the new ‘friends’ you had made, you tried to work together to recapture them.

You didn’t dislike the new people you had met. In fact, Queenie was perhaps your favorite. Her constant smile and bubbly personality were welcoming and you warmed up to her rather quickly. Jacob, the no maj, was friendly and caring; someone you definitely enjoyed being around. Tina, however, seemed to capture Newt’s attention quite quickly and ever since he had spend nearly most of his time with her. Besides the fact that she had tried to turn you both in to MACUSA, Newt seemed to fancy her and seemed to pay less attention to you which honestly made you feel pretty awful. Newt had been by your side for years and you couldn’t imagine your life without him. He was like the sun in the sky and the stars at night for you. 

You were currently in search of one of Newt’s creatures, the Demiguise also known to you and Newt as Dougal. You were inside a Department store that was adorned in Christmas decorations and you were all huddled behind a giant mass of decorative wrapped gifts. 

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Weekend Stay for Prospective Students

Weekend Stays for Prospective Students in Elsewhere University are something that had to be planned cautiously, from what places to show to what to put in the introduction pamphlets (not just information, other things too), and who were going to be Tour Guides and Hosts for the students.
Being chosen for one of these jobs was an honour and a curse. To be a Guide, it was given that you should be knowledgeable about the university’s layout and surroundings, about which places were safe and which not and knowing how to react when this suddenly changed. People with authority were preferred for this spot, but sometimes it was the quiet ones who knew the school better and had some especial kind of intuition as to which places were safer.
To be a Host you had to know the rules as the back of your hand, and not just know them, follow them too. Your history with the fair folk had to be as clean as possible of things like debts, favours, and people near you taken away.
Here is where the curse part comes: as a Guide or Host you are responsible for a bunch of usually high school aged teenagers who sometimes weren’t good at following rules. That, of course, wasn’t a problem for Mike, he was in his senior year, and in the three years he had served as guide and host, not one single student had gotten lost.
This stereotypical nerdy kid wasn’t going to be the first.
Sarah really didn’t wanted to come here. She felt wrong, as if she was being observed from all angles, and something was also following her. But Noah, who usually wasn’t energetic about anything, had been so hyped that she really couldn’t say no.
Still the weird felling prevailed, and when the guides distributed the introductory pamphlets it just intensified. First of all, if she wasn’t wrong, a little packed of what appeared to be salt or sugar wand glued to the front of the pamphlets, under it, Elsewhere University was written in a fancy font all surrounded by what appeared to be a lot of green vines, she ignored that, but she really couldn’t ignore the first thing she saw after opening the thing: a list of suggestions on how to speak, or better, how to think before speaking, immediately followed by a short set of rules.
“Noah, are you seeing this? ‘Don’t make deals’? ‘Be polite to plants and animals’? What sort of- What are you doing?!”
“Shh! Do you know if crows can eat jerky?” He asked, he had an open pack of jerky in his hands and was eyeing a nearby crow that appeared to returning his stare.
“How would I know and where even did you got jerky? I thought you didn’t liked it,” Sarah asked, side eying the crow that appeared to be very interested in the piece of jerky that Noah was timidly offering.
“A cousin from Virginia was making a visit, she brought a whole box of the stuff, I have a bunch of-” he was interrupted by one of the guides in front of everyone group.
“Attention please!” The Guide, a dark haired guy who looked like he could have been a basketball player, waited until everybody was mostly quiet to talk again, “Good. Welcome to Elsewhere University, we are glad that you have chosen this university as a possible place to study, but before we give more information, I want you to open you pamphlets and pay a detention to the suggestions and the set rules written there. I ask you that you follow those rules, for your own good- and I’m not joking” he added after hearing some snickers.
After a fast revision of the rules they were assigned of chose a partner from the other prospective students, just groups of two, no more. Sarah immediately took hold of Noah’s arm, he sometimes tended to be a bit distracted and had the custom of wandering off during field trips since he was in middle school.
“Now, stay with your partners, and wait for your hosts, they are here to protect you, they will accompany you through all your stay here, again, for your own safety, the university grounds are vast and have a big part of forests, it’s very easy to get lost. Your hosts will review the principal rules with you in more detail before we begin our trip to the dorms.” the Guide looked down to a folder in his hands, looked around and started walking toward them.
Noah looked about to ask her something (“hey have you seen my-“) but someone touched her shoulder before he could finish, “Um, excuse me, are you, um, is this your picture?” a shy looking girl was showing Sarah a picture of her in of one of those folders that all the hosts appeared to have. She wondered why her name wasn’t written there.
“Yes,” she said with a smile, ”you must be my host, my name is-“
“Wait!” the girl looked altered as if Sarah was breaking some kind of federal law, and then surprised of herself for her outburst “We… we don’t use our given names here, it’s, um, a tradition of sorts, for our own protection” she kinda whispered the last part, looking around a bit, Sarah noticed that Noah was talking to the guide who was speaking earlier. His host, she guessed, “you can call me Tina, and you should come up with a nick name too,”
“Um, ah, you can call me Lara, nice to meet you” she extended her hand for Tina to take, she wasn’t good coming up with things in short notice.
“Yeah, me too” Tina took her hand.
“So this is your friend. I’m Mike, nice to meet you miss…” Noah’s host inserted himself in the conversation, with Noah beside him.
“Lara, nice to meet you too” presentations done, they made a bit of chit-chat, revised some of the rules (Sarah looked pointedly at Noah Nathan from now on, every time rules like ‘Don’t eat food that someone gives you unless you’re sure they are human’ came up) and then started walking again with the tour. Suddenly, Mike was called from ahead, he threw an apologetic smile at them, and ran to where his name was being shouted.
They kept walking. Nathan looked near his feat, stopped, and started to crouch. Tina called her attention to something at the other side, just for a second, just one, and when she looked back Nathan was gone, she looked around a bit but couldn’t spot him, “Um, Tina? Did you saw Nathan walk away?”
“Huh, no, why?” after a some talking, Tina had opened up a bit she was still almost painfully shy, ”Wasn’t he following us?”
“Yeah, he was, but I can’t find him now”
“You mean he isn’t around?”
“Um, no, he just kinda disappeared, one second he was here and the next he wasn’t”
Tina looked around, standing in her tiptoes trying to look over the crowd and when does couldn’t find him, she turned pale. “Oh my God” she took a deep breath, her eyes open wide, “oh my God, please no,” now Sarah was a bit scared, and also somewhat confused, “please no, not the first one in three years, not in my first year” Tina was starting to hyperventilate, typing erratically in her phone. Sarah didn’t understood why she was so altered, Nathan had just wandered off, just as always, he would come back in a few minutes.
She saw Mike approach them running, evading people with a grace she wished she had. He had a worried expression on his face, but not as panicky as Tina. He immediately took hold of Sarah’s shoulders, just making her more confused about what they were freaking out, “You sure you didn’t saw him wander off?” he asked.
“Um, yes, I’m sure, but, guys? Why are you so worked up? He’ll turn up in a few minutes”
“No, no, you don’t understand, that’s not how it works here” Tina looked like she was having a panic attack, Sarah looked at Mike unsure of how to react. He had a sour expression on his face, but he let her go to approach Tina.
“Calm down Tina, calm down, we don’t need panicking hosts, remember training. It was near this spot, right? I’ll contact the AR they know what to do, don’t worry about it and attend to your own charge”
“Yes, yes,” she whispered, looking like the only thing grounding her was Mike’s hands, “I’ll do just that,” she looked closer to calm after that. Sarah was pulled away by Tina to keep going with the tour. The last thing she saw was Mike frowning while hurriedly speaking on the phone.
Mike couldn’t believe it. He wasn’t mad with Tina, she was pretty good at this, almost no dangerous encounter in her history, but it was her first year doing this and having a really close encounter (even if she didn’t saw it) during her firsts time probably wasn’t good, so it wasn’t her fault. No, he was mad at himself. He had years in this. Four years to be exact, the first freshman to participate in planning. He was the one people (especially freshies) came for help, he was supposed to be trust worthy.
And then his charge (his charge) was lost in to the Other realm. He couldn’t really know what was being bargained with the Fae, he wasn’t a AR (couldn’t be, really, his major and ‘always ready for danger’ personality caused both respect and fear, but sometimes bit too much fear and anyone would feel cornered and attack, so he couldn’t approach the fae), but he knew that they weren’t making a lot of advances; Fae were chaotic neutral, but sometimes, some of them fit the chaotic part more than the neutral, and it so happens that his charge was lured by one of those. They tried to control this with agreements and other things, but every few groups of prospective students, one or two got lost, and without knowing the rules or constant contact with the fair folk to learn the most basic unwritten rules, they were more difficult to be returned.
His charge, Nathan, was a nice kid, a bit too peppy for his taste, but he was overall nice: followed the rules without questions, and, curiously, seemed to have a connection with the place. If he decided to study here, he would have done well, but now they probably wouldn’t even know.
They tried to keep it as quiet as possible, no one outside the weekend event organisers and AR were allowed to know to not scare the prospective students away. One day, 6 hours and counting. Tomorrow evening was the end of the weekend event, guests were supposed to go back to their homes. The event had been a blast for them, but all the school residents in the know were worried underneath, they just knew how to hide it better.
It was the morning of the last day. Sarah had slept a total of 6 hours in her whole stay here, she hadn’t texted or called he parents in fear of revealing something in accident. They had explained her everything (or as much as they dared to say aloud). Fae. The fairy tales, those that her grandmother liked to tell her, had just turned into a more morbid- realistic view. Noah had been kidnapped by the Fae.
Well, not really, but something like it, and now he was lost on the “Other Real”, a difficult place to get to and even more difficult to get out of. She understood the names thing now, Names have power, more power than ever should be assigned to something so simple.
She was standing near the place with other Tina who was trying get to console her, other university students were passing near. Crows were unusually loud that day. She wasn’t sure why they were standing there, it was her decision, but that didn’t meant that she understood it. She supposed it was a way of coping, and that maybe, if she wished hard enough, he would just come out stumbling from the trees….
…Just like he was doing right now.
“No- Nathan!” he tripped on something and took a hold of a branch for support, “My God, Nathan, are you ok? Are you hurt? Do you remember me?”
She ran to him, being careful to not touch him in case he was hurt, he looked tired, but happy, well, not happy, satisfied was more like it, and a bit more confident than two days ago. He still had his backpack with him, if a bit lighter, his clothes looked ruffled and a bit dirty, but not much. “I’m glad to see you too, Lara, I’m ok, I’m not hurt, and yes, Lara, I remember you, but first things first. Let’s find food, I’m starving” she was happy to obey.
After he was fed and watered, and a comfy as he could without taking a shower Sarah asked him why he had wandered off “My keys. I had lost them near there, and I saw something shiny on the floor, so I confused it with them”. Someone, he thought it was his host, but he wasn’t sure, Some specific recent things were a bit fuzzy in his mind, asked how he had gotten out. “I followed the crows, of course, very trusty fellows if you treat them well”
If he took two extra salt packets from the cafeteria and stuffed them in his pockets, nobody said anything; if not two weeks later he decided on getting hire ears pierced and was looking for iron and silver earrings, Sarah preferred not to comment; and if that year he only applied for Elsewhere University and nothing else, his parents took a look at the place’s prestigious reputation and decided it was better to ignore it.
In campus, the tale of the prospective student who managed to get out of the Other realm by his own will, would continue to spread. Facts changing to make it more interesting (“He came out with the Sight”, “He was blessed by the Queen-“(“Don’t ever mention the Queen, you idiot!”), “He went back in a few hours after and hasn’t been spotted since then”), but if you went near the tree where crows liked to congregate, you may see (very probably) a student, a bit nerdy, but confident, with an aura that seem to fit with the place, feeding the crows, and smiling like he knew something they didn’t every time he herd the tale.
Note: It’s been a long while since I’ve written something that wasn’t a school paper, I think it is glaringly obvious in my inability to write actually short stories. Anyway, when I saw the Elsewhere University post I experienced love at first sight and after reading some asks about prospective students and some people that just seemed to fit in the university this was born. I apologise for the length, I really tried to make it short (yes, it was way longer before editing).


Causing Heart Ache

This is a continuation of Shattered Heart.

Requests are open! Part 3 maybe? Let me know in the comments or ask box! (Also sorry if it seems weird I tried my best but my brain is just not working)

Shattered Heart: Part 1

    Newt nervously ran a hand through his hair. His eyes flickered to the clock on the wall as if it held an answer. You had been gone for three weeks. For three weeks…. Three weeks Newt has done nothing but worry about you. He let out a sigh and stood up from his chair. He made his way back towards his room. Only stopping at your door to glance inside. There was no longer any sign of you. It was just an empty room….

          Newt shook his head locking those thoughts away. He slipped into his room and sat down at his desk. Tears gathered in his eyes at the sight of your sketches peeking out from beneath various notes. He gently picked one up and let out a chuckle. You had drawn his Niffler. The little guy was nestled asleep beside his hoard of gold and for a moment it calmed Newt’s thoughts. Yet, it was once again ruined by the thought of you gone.

            The silence of the apartment was driving Newt mad. Tina had a case somewhere in Brooklynn and would be gone for a couple of days and it was Queenie’s shift time at Macusa. Newt couldn’t help but frown slightly at the thought of Queenie. If she had just stopped you… He closed his eyes feeling his heart ache as the memories rose up from his mind

               It was a few moments after the kiss when Newt realized his error. “Oh, God! I completely forgot! She’s going to be so furious with me!” Newt said frantically. He started gathering things together and slung his coat on. Tina frowned watching the Hufflepuff with worry. “Newt what’s wrong,” She asked standing up and putting a hand on his shoulder. Newt sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “I promised (Y/n) I would show her around and it’s way past that time.”

                 Newt left the room and walked into your room. “(Y/n) I’m so sorry I-.” Newt stopped midsentence frowning slightly. All your bags were gone from the room. Papers were scattered across the desk but there was nothing else. He frowned and left the room. Deciding You must be eating, Newt made his way into the kitchen.

                   “Queenie?!” Newt was instantly by Queenie’s side. Tears were streaming down her cheeks and she kept wincing. Newt frowned slightly. “Queenie? What’s wrong?” Queenie wiped the tears away sniffling slightly. “Sweetie… I’m so sorry….” Newt froze an uneasy feeling growing in his stomach. “Queenie what are you talking about?” Queenie looked up at him trying to keep from tears again. “Sweetie…. (Y/n) left… I’m pretty sure for good…”

                     Newt sighed trying to contain his tears. He couldn’t understand why you had left. Sure, he forgot about your plans but… But did that really send you away? He rubbed his temple as a headache slowly set in. He locked the thoughts away deciding that he’d deal with them later. He rubbed his eyes allowing a few tears to fall before grabbing his quill. He began to work once more losing himself to his book. 

                        He only stopped when a knock sounded on the door in the living room. He dropped the quill a small hope flaring in his chest. He was out of his chair faster than a Niffler after golden coins. He smiled slightly swinging the door open. “(Y/n)! Thank God I-” Newt froze the words dying as he saw the figure in the doorway.

                          Theseus Scamander stood in the doorway with his arms crossed. His chilling blue eyes showing no hint of warmth. “Hello Little Brother,” Theseus said a hint of malice in his voice. “May I come in?” Newt silently moved out of the way an uneasiness creeping up on him. Theseus made his way in and Newt closed the door behind his brother.

                             Newt swallowed the lump in his throat trying to form the words. “Theseus why are you here?” Newt asked reluctantly turning towards him. He went rigid slightly as Theseus’s gaze seemed to pierce through him.

                               “It’s about (Y/n) Newt.”

                               Newt tensed slightly as a gaping hole slowly formed in his stomach. He stuffed his hands in his coat pocket struggling to keep from panicking. He didn’t know, did he? Newt knew if his brother found out about your disappearance that it would end badly. Sure, it would be nice for the help but he knew his brother would also kill him. “W-What about her?”

                                 Theseus clenched his fists struggling to keep his calm demeanor. “Newt…. You’re not that stupid… I already know she left,” Theseus said. His words sharply aimed sent a jolt of guilt through Newt. Newt looked down. His ginger hair covering his eyes as tears gather in his eyes.

                                   “I’m sorry… I-I’ve looked everywhere!” He said wiping his eyes. “I can’t find her…” His voice grew quiet near the end. He sighed running a hand through his hair hoping it would calm him down.

                                   Theseus scowled slightly before taking a deep breath. He tried to remind himself the Newt didn’t mean to send you away. Yet, He couldn’t stop thinking of you back at his mother’s home. Curled up on the couch not saying anything just laying there. He crossed his arms trying to push those thoughts away. “Newt…. How could you hurt her?”

                                   “I didn’t mean to!” Newt snapped defensively. Anger flaring through him for a moment. Theseus scowled slightly making Newt shift nervously. He turned away from Theseus hoping to calm down. 

                                     Theseus tried to remind himself that Newt was just being defensive. But he could feel the anger rising up in him. “Newt I know that… But Why did you have to hurt her that way?’ Theseus asked calmly studying his brother carefully.

                                    “She shouldn’t be that hurt!” Newt snapped feeling his heartache remembering her. “It’s silly to leave over something like that!” He turned back freezing at Theseus’s expression. 

                                      His eyes glimmered with rage at what Newt said. His jaw clenched as rage flooded through his veins. “Shouldn’t be that hurt?! Newt what you did was horrible,” He growled grabbing his brother by the collar of his shirt. “What’s wrong with you?!”

                                     Newt yanked away from Theseus glaring back at his brother. “What’s wrong with me?! What’s wrong with you?! It wasn’t that bad!” Newt tried to ignore the guilt pooling at the bottom of his stomach. He was not going to let Theseus bully him. He had nothing wrong!… Right?

                                    Theseus tried to ignore the hammering of his heart, but it seemed to pound in his ears. He scowled slightly at Newt’s words. “Wasn’t that bad?! Newt she likes you! And what do you do?! You kiss another girl,” Theseus yelled. His whole body shaking with uncontrollable anger.

                                      Newt froze. Everything seemed to stop as he took in what Theseus said. He frowned and shook his head. “No, She likes you….” Newt stated. He watched in dismay as tears gathered in his brother’s eyes.

                                       “No Newt… She likes you. It’s your fault,” Theseus snapped wishing the burning in his eyes would stop. “She likes you and got hurt cause you broke her!” Theseus wiped his eyes frowning at his brother. “You better fix this Newt. Either you find her or I won’t let you near her.”

                                        “Theseus wait-!” With a loud pop, the older Scamander vanished from sight. Leaving a disheveled and confused Newt to ponder what he was supposed to do.

His Girl - Part 3 ✘ Sebastian Smythe Imagine ✘

✘ A/N: I saw that A LOT of people weren’t seeing this, so I’ll repost it today and post the part 4 tomorrow!


Hope you guys like it  


Thanks @lyss-91 for beta

Part 4 is the last one, guys :/

✘ Summary: Sebastian sees his ex girlfriend (the person he’s still in love with, by the way) dating a New Directions’s guy, Sam Evans. Of course, Sebastian is going to get his girl back, after all, she’s his girl. She always was and always will be. And he’s hers. Which doesn’t mean they’ll be back at the first look.

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Thinking about stupid you could be, you walked into Dalton Academy. You knew you should not be here, but you just couldn’t say no or resist it.

After you didn’t respond to Sebastian’s last message, he sent you a text in the next morning, calling you to see him and the Warblers rehearse, even quoting the word friend with an emoji rolling their eyes at the end. You loved listening to Sebastian sing and, to be honest with yourself, you were already missing him. The moment between the two of you last night only intensified the feeling that had never left your soul. But unfortunately, you knew you could not do anything about it.

But, hey, what was the bad thing about watching him sing?

No harm, right?

As soon as you entered their training room, the Warblers were already beginning to do the back-up. Sebastian smiled at you and you smiled back, sitting in one of the chairs. A few seconds later, he began to sing.

Hello, tell me you know

Yeah, you figured me out

Something gave it away

It would be such a beautiful moment

To see the look on your face

To know that I know that you know now

You blushed, the beginning of the song reminding you of last night. Sebastian smirked at your reaction and you mentally cursed him, of course he had planned it.

And baby that’s a case of my wishful thinking

You know nothing

Cause you and I

Why, we go carrying on for hours, on and

We get along much better

Than you and your boyfriend

Sebastian rolled his eyes at the verse that he had just sang.

Well all I really wanna do is love you

He approached you, looking into your eyes, as if you were the only person in the room, no matter how clichéd it sounded. Sebastian smiled brightly, something rare since he normally smiled cocky, ironic and/or convinced.

A kind much closer than friends use

But I still can’t say it after all we’ve been through

Then you knew that it wasn’t just about the moment in the last night, but about the things you both have been through.

And all I really want from you is to feel me

As the feeling inside keeps building

All of the Warblers started to sing:

And I will find a way to you if it kills me

If it kills me

Sebastian placed his hands on her heart, moving his legs as the Warbles began to dance in tune behind him. He spun around and walked back, joining his companions in the dance.

The Warbler Capitan started to sing a solo, his eyes locked on you.

How long, can I go on like this

Wishing to kiss you

He looked at your lips and licked his as you bit your own lower lip.

Before I rightly explode?

Well this double life I lead isn’t healthy for me

Sebastian moved his fingers in a ‘’no’’ and pouted, making you giggle.

In fact it makes me nervous

If I get caught I could be risking it all

Baby there’s a lot that I miss

In case I’m wrong

Again, the Warblers started to sing, but Sebastian didn’t, he just approached you.

Well all I really wanna do is love you

A kind much closer than friends use

But I still can’t say it after all we’ve been through

And all I really want from you is to feel me

As the feeling inside keeps building

And I will find a way to you if it kills me

If It kills me

If it kills me

This time, the French boy sang alone while the Warblers danced and made backup vocals.

If I should be so bold

Jett, one of the Warblers, jumped back, spinning his body. You smiled impressed, but then Sebastian’s hands holding yours turned your attention to him.

I’d ask you to hold my heart in your hand

Seb smirked and put your hand on his chest, your reflex and ‘’no-thinking-mode’’ made you caress his chest, and his smile grew bigger and truly, no smirking needed right now.

Tell you from the start how I’ve longed to be your man

But I never said I would

I guess I’m gonna miss my chance again

The Warblers, including Sebastian sang

All I really wanna do is love you

A kind much closer than friends use

But I still can’t say it after all we’ve been through

And all I really want from you is to feel me

As the feeling inside keeps building

And I will find a way to you if it kills me

If it kills me

If it kills me

It was kind of hard to say if Sebastian was singing or talking:

I think it might kill me

Sebastian smirked and looked at you, now singing his solo.

And all I really wanna do is to feel you

As the feeling inside keeps building

And I will find a way to you if it kills me

If it kills me

It might kill me

At the end, all the Warblers, except Seb, fell to the ground as if they had died. You got up from the chair, but before you could say anything, the New Directions suddenly appeared in the room.

“Stay away from (Y/N), you evil seed!” Santana was the first to speak, Rachel hurrying to her side with Tina.

“Sha-queer-a, how are you? Visiting your relatives in prison a lot?”

“And you, CW hair? Blinding too much people?” She snapped. “Or just trying to get information from new members from New Directions?’’

"We’re getting (Y/N) out of here, and you better not get near her again,” Quinn said, almost like a threat. “Come on, Santana.”

“Like (Y/N) was a property of you, idiots. Why won’t you’all go take a shave? You love it. And take care of your pet trout, because your only talented member can choose whatever she wants. And we know what she’ll choose.” Sebastian smirked and looked at you, his stance convinced showing that he knew exactly what was going on in your head.

‘’What are you talking about, Sebastian?’’ Blaine asked confused, but the New Directions didn’t really pay attention at what Sebastian had just said, he was just a ass who’d say anything to affect they, right?

“She’s going to choose to stay with her boyfriend and her friends, not with a person as low as you.” Kurt smiled wryly at Sebastian, which made him roll his eyes.

“Barbie boy, you get more annoying every time I see you. How is it possible?”

‘’Fine, enough. How did you find me here?“ You looked at Blaine. ’’Blaine…’’

’‘I’m sorry, okay? But you asked me how to get here and I told Kurt, and one thing led to another. I’m really sorry, (Y/N). But I really think we should leave.”

“Apparently, Sebastian has a crush on stealing taken people, and I thought he was just a danger to gays.” Kurt muttered to Rachel, but the rest of you heard. You coughed uncomfortably, more for the little 'story’ between Sebastian, Blaine and Kurt than anything else.

“Well, dear toothless gay, it’s not like your blonde trout has (Y/N).” He smiled wryly, almost angry that someone thought his (Y/N) was Sam’s, even though he knew she 'technically’ was his girlfriend.

“And who has? You?” Tina said, causing Sebastian to raise an eyebrow and making Quinn roll her eyes at how anti-feminist that could sound, but she know it wasn’t meant to this side. Being someone’s doesn’t mean you’re not yours as well, it’s just a way to talk. Some people like it, and some people don’t.

“The Korean girl speaks, that’s a surprise.” Sebastian said.

“She is my girlfriend, Sebastian. Why do we not sort it out now?” Sam said, approaching Sebastian, indicating that they could fight. You rolled your eyes, that had gone too far, causing the Warblers to approach in defense of their captain.

“Right, this is over. You guys shouldn’t have come after me, this is personal.” The mouth of some of the members opened to reply, but you continued. “I didn’t tell anyone because Sebastian called me, and I decided to come. My decision, he did not force me into anything. And it’s not like I’m an object, I belong to myself and make my own decisions before anything. And no one is going to fight for anyone here, it’s not the 90’s. Let’s go.” You started walking as soon as you finished your speech, not sure what to feel after all this. You gave Sebastian one last look before start walking.

Then, you left.

You left him.



Paring : Percival Graves x Reader, Newt Scamander x Tina Goldstein

Request : Reader and Percival gets involved in a drinking game and their crushes on each other is revealed.


Originally posted by liebemagneto

You had just finished a mission, finally capturing the witch you and your co-workers have been hunting down for months. The success had automatically put Percival in a rather good mood, so instead of sending his team off to write reports, he very generously gave everyone an extra 2 days of New Years holiday.

So, naturally you and your fellow best friend stuck to true new years tradition and decided to devour some fire whiskey. Except being the matured adults you all are, you agreed on playing ‘Never Have I Ever’ with fire whiskey. And based on your past experiences, alcohol and truth usually never mixed well for you. 

Tina Goldstein, your best friend brought along her fiancè, who both plotted against you by dragging a certain Percival Graves  in. Because that’s what best friends do. They make you drunkenly spill your dirtiest secrets to your crush, who you happen to work for. 

You had made a rule for yourself to  set your feelings aside during work, remaining utterly professional. But once the day was over and you had to greet him in his office to hand in the reports, you would linger a while longer in his velvet oak chair, silently admiring the way his sleeves were always perfectly rolled up from the long day, his breathes steady as he inspected the report. 

You also never failed to dismissed the idea of him feeling the same way for you. It was simply not possible. Besides, you somehow convinced yourself Percival was too ‘no-nonsense’ and busy to get romantically involved. 


‘You need to take a break, boss.’ you heard heard Tina insist. You turned your head to see two very tiny people practically dragging Percival’s large frame into MACUSA’s lounge area. 

You tried to remain calm as you wore a soft smile, gesturing to the empty seat in front of you. ‘They are right, Mr Graves. You need a life outside of the office.’ 

His eyes wandered from the empty seat and back to you. What’s the worst that can happen? A little fun never hurt nobody right? Taking the glass from Newt, he plopped down on the chair facing you and linked his hands together.

‘It will more fun if we direct the questions to specific people okay. If your answer is yes, then drink up.’ Tina’s excited voice piped up, stressing on the specific people. 

For once, Percival didn’t seem to be stressed, he was lazily leaning back onto his chair keeping close attention the questions, occasionally sneaking a few sips of fire whiskey. 

You answered all the questions that were asked, directing a few harmless ones to the three other wizards. As time passed, you were getting less and less nervous, and so did Percival. He had a relaxed expression, quietly studying his company. 

A nudge on your shoulder caused you to embarrassingly pry your gaze away from Percival and settle them on Tina’s brown orbs. She was looking at you expectantly, like she was waiting for an answer. ‘I’m sorry, what?’

‘Have you ever had a crush on someone in this room?’ Tina repeated, trying so hard to hold back a smirk. You shot her your 'why are you doing this to me’ look and slowly took sip of your drink, earning a few dramatic ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ from the engaged couple.

‘Okay, so it’s my turn to ask a question right?’ You checked, in hopes to change the topic. And with a  nod of agreement from Newt, your heart started to beat a little as you could feel the word vomit coming out. ‘My question is for Mr.Graves. Haveyoueverhadinappropriatethoughtsaboutsomeoneinthisroom?’ you blabbered out, pretty sure nobody understood you. Did you understand yourself?

You mentally slapped yourself as you realized what you had just done. Again, truth and alcohol didn’t mix well for you. 

‘What did you say, doll?’ Percival said, his voice was slow and careful.

It was too late to turn back now, so you gathered yourself before questioning him with a straight face. ‘Have you ever had inappropriate thoughts about anyone in this room?’ 

After a short moment of pure silence, Percival didn’t bother breaking eye contact  with you as he brought the glass up to his lips, taking a swig. 

Your heartbeats grew faster as you felt the sudden tension, not to mention Newt and Tina had gone extremely silent while they stared at the both of you, waiting for one of you to react. Your eyes flickered to Newt before clearing your throat, cutting the tension loose. 

Newt was about to ask the next question when Tina placed a hand on his knee. ‘Oh my oh my. Look at the time!’ she dramatically called out. 

It took a while for Newt to catch on, and when he did, he quickly got up and gave a fake yawn. ‘I’m tired and I err think its getting late so err yeah. Bye!’

Tina threw a quick wink in as she was politely ushered to the door by Percival. You soon realized that the  last thing you needed right now was to be alone with him, so you briskly collected you coat, raking your mind for an excuse to leave. 

‘ And where do you think you’re going?’ Percival voice was suddenly deep and demanding.

You turned your attention to him, clutching your coat tighter. ‘ I think I am sick.’ you weakly defended. 

His strides to you was slow, almost as his he was taunting you. ‘Is that so?’ he was dangerously close to you now, and you were stuck in between him and the edge of a tall counter like table. 

‘I see the way you look at me.’ his hot breath whispered against you. A soft shiver ran down our spine when you felt Percival’s arm circling your waist, swiftly pulling you to his chest. 

‘But you don’t see me looking, don’t you?’ 

Words were lost as your eyes fluttered close.body relaxing under his touch. 

Percival’s lips ever so slightly trailed up your neck, kissing it. ‘You don’t see me looking at you when you are in my office late night.’ His hands very slowly pulling your hair to one side. ‘How you always bite your lip when you are confused.’

‘I do have thoughts. Very very dirty thoughts.’ He confessed, roughly kissing the skin under your neck before whispering in your ears. ‘Do you?’ he taunted.

Electric shot through your whole body as you responded by crashing your lips together. You held him roughly by the jaw, pressing into the kiss as his grip tightened on your waist, already leaving a mark through the fabric.

He held you tightly as your hands ran down the front of his shirt, playing on the first button. Things were getting heated up quickly as he walked you backward, your upper back hitting the table’s edge.

A sharp ding from a old grandfather clock caused you two to pull apart in lightening speed, like teenagers getting caught by parents. The hour and minute hand both pointed at 12, indicating that it was already a new year.

‘Happy New Year.’ you wished, kissing him on the cheek. ‘Happy New Year to you too,’ he mumbled, leaning back in for kiss.

You placed your index finger on his lips, stopping him. ‘I strongly suggest we don’t do anything further even with the tiniest bit of alcohol in our system. Just to be safe.’

His eyes softened at your words, taking your index finger in his large hands. ‘ Agreed. Dinner at my place tomorrow then?’ he suggested.

‘I’ll bring dessert.’ you cheekily replied, throwing a wink in.

A/N : THIS TOOK SO LONG. I’m so very sorry dear anon. I hope I did justice to your request. Please tell me what you thought. I would really like to know. AND A HUGE thank you to all you other fellow readers out there for reading this and giving me so supportive feedbacks. Send in request if you have any. 

Happy New Years!!

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Klaine Valentines Challenge - “Do You Feel the Same?” (Rated T)

Kurt is a little annoyed at the couple in the back seat of his car, drunk as skunks and singing off-key, pawing at each other in an ambiguous way. Kurt just hopes that when they sober up, they lose his number so he won’t have to give some kind of awkward speech at their future wedding. But is it possible that Kurt has the wrong idea? (2196 words)

Written for the Klaine Valentines Challenge Day Six “Eternal Flame”.

Read on AO3.

Close your eyes … give me your hand, darling … Do you feel my heart beating? … Do you understand? … Do you feel the same? Am I only dreaming? Is this burning an …

Kurt cringes as they nail the words eternal flame with gusto, their tequila-soaked voices modulating to pitches that animals would flee from. They were such a nice, normal couple when Kurt picked them up at the beginning of the night. The two passengers crooning in the back seat of Kurt’s Prius, who had introduced themselves as TinaandBlaine (as if they were a Country-Folk singing duo), are now sloppy drunk and belting out maudlin 80s hits. They’re also slightly all over each other. Kurt can’t figure out if that’s drunken first date all over each other or just touchy-feely friends all over each other.

Especially since Kurt had thought that Blaine was flirting with him on the way to the bar.

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Do You Remember Me? (Newt Scamander X Reader)

Requested: No

Word Count: 1 103

A/N: This is my first imagine, so bear with me and I hope you enjoy! :)


“Oh, so sorry,” a man says, apologizing for bumping into your sister, Tina. He was wearing a peacock blue overcoat and carrying a very battered looking brown leather case. You frown, knitting your eyebrows together. The man seemed awfully familiar and he was very attractive too.

Tina just glares at him and continues to munch on her hot dog, with you standing awkwardly next to her, listening to Mary Lou Barebone’s rant about witches, trying not to draw any unwanted attention to Tina or yourself. You have been listening for at least 10 minutes now and you were starting to get restless. You knew that this was a bad idea to follow Tina, this could get you both into more trouble than you already were!

You were the youngest of the Goldstein sisters, actually being adopted into their family at a very, very young age. But it didn’t matter, they were the best and only family that you could’ve asked for and you loved both Tina and Queenie dearly.

“You friend!” Barebone screams at the young man in the overcoat, startling both you and him.
“What drew you to our meeting today?”

You sigh, rolling your eyes.This is pathetic, you thought. Just leave the poor man alone.

“Are you a seeker? A seeker after truth?” Mary Lou continues.

“Uh, more of a chaser actually.” the man answers and you take a sharp intake of breath. The accent, it was so clear. He was English. And his voice, so familiar but you couldn’t put your finger on it. Did he also just make a Quidditch reference?

You continue to stare at him closely and soon notice that he seemed very frantic all of a sudden.

“Excuse me,” he mutters softly before running up the steps of the bank.

Mary Lou seemed confused for a second but her face soon relaxed once more and she continued as though that never happened.

“That man is suspicious,” Tina suddenly whispers in your ear making you jump. “Let’s follow him.”

“He looks very familiar.” you whisper to her and she looks at you with mustard smeared across her upper lip. You smirk to yourself and decide not to tell her, after all, what are sisters for? She gives me a, I don’t know what you’re talking about, look before shrugging and running up the steps, eager to follow the man. You sigh and follow her, sometimes you felt like the older sister. How much more trouble could we possibly get into?


“Who are you?” Tina asks the man after we Apparated into a brick alleyway. The man who let a crazy beast into the bank. The man who used magic in front of a No-Maj. The same man who you thought looked familiar.

“I’m sorry?” he replies with that adorable British accent.

“Who are you?” you repeat for her, getting a little irritated.
I don’t care how cute you are, don’t try to avoid the question by looking at us through your gorgeous hair.

“Newt Scamander. And you two are?”

As soon as he said his name it hit you and burned like a shot of Firewhiskey.


“Newt, you can’t leave!” you cried, holding back tears that were trying to escape. “It wasn’t even your fault! I’m coming with you!”

Newt comes over and hugs you tightly before looking at you dead in the eye which felt odd to you, he usually avoided eye contact. You couldn’t believe it, your closest friend was leaving you. One day you even hoped that you’d become more than what you were then. But it was never going to happen, not after this.

“Look, (Y/N), you need to stay here and finish your studies at Hogwarts. This is your dream isn’t it? That’s why you came here in the first place, you could’ve went to Ilvermorny with your sisters but you didn’t because this is where you belong. I promise we will meet again.”

But you knew it was impossible. He was two years older than you and you both knew that you would have to return to New York as soon as your studies at Hogwarts were complete.
You nod and finally let out the sob you’ve been holding back. He hugs you tighter and you wished that the moment would never end.


“What’s that THING in your case?” Tina inquires, breaking your thoughts.

“That’s my Niffler.” Newt answers nervously. The two of them continue to bicker and you notice that Newt sneaks glances at you, with a look of faint recognition in his eyes. You turn blush and turn away. Oh, how much Newt has grown.

Tina says a couple of things before taking out her official ID card. She nudges you gently, telling you to take yours out too. You reluctantly do.
Newt’s eyes skim the cards and his eyes widen with realization.

“What are you two, some kind of investigators?” Newt asks nervously.

“Uh-huh, yep.” Tina answers without hesitation.

Oh the lies Tina, the lies! I’m so nervous…

“Can you please tell me you took care of the No-Maj?” your sister asks desperately.

“The what?”

“The No-Maj! No-magic - the non-wizard!” she nearly screams in his face.

“Oh, sorry we call them-”

“Muggles.” you cut him off.

Tina looks at you incredulously.

“(Y/N)?” he finally bursts out, unable to keep it in any longer. “Is that you? Do you remember me?”

You nod and he breaks into a smile despite the mess he’s made. You smile back and before you knew what you were, doing you were embracing him in a long, overdue hug.
Startled, he blushes beet red before gently wrapping his arms around you.
You didn’t care that you haven’t seen him in years, Merlin’s beard he could’ve changed so much, but he was still Newt.

“I’ve missed you,” you murmured into coat.

“Me too,” he says gently, putting his finger under your chin and lifting up your head so you could meet beautiful eyes. You could tell that he was blushing madly and you probably were too. You knew he had feelings for you. You felt giddy with joy.
Your nose brushed against his and your lips were so close, almost touching…

“Ahem!” Tina clears her throat, starling both of you, causing you to fall apart from each other.

“I, for one, don’t know who you are Mr. Scamander and even though it seems that my little sister fancies you, you have broken the law. That’s a Section 3A, Mr. Scamander and you’re coming with me.”

Newt gives you an alarmed look and mouths, Help me!, before she takes his arm and Disapparates.

You blink and then smile like a giddy child on their birthday. You let out a happy, yet exasperated sigh and Disapparate, following them.
This was going to be a long day, but who said that it was going to be boring or bad?


Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed! I’ll be posting more soon! Notes and reblogs are greatly appreciated!

*some quotes are from the movie*

Let This Be A Sign (Part 3)

Originally posted by hardyness

(A/N: Happy Holidays! In the spirit of the holidays and because this was SOOOO requested, here’s ‘Let This Be A Sign’ part 3! Enjoy! Also~ Holy shit~ Our follower count has literally tripled?? Last I posted this blog was at 150 followers and we’ve officially hit 400? Thank you so much! xx)

You couldn’t help but feel your heart stop for a moment as the elevator rattled and shook as it made its way towards your floor. “It has,” you nodded, staring at your former best friend. Physically he had changed, his hair was a bit more wild looking, but still had the same honey colored locks. Your eyes darted back and forth as you observed him further, he had grown taller, he was a few inches taller than you, but once you reached his eyes, you recognized their nervous curiosity.

“What’s he in for?” You asked Tina, who was currently darting her eyes between the two of you.

“Section 3A.”

“Do you work here?” Asked Newt suddenly, his voice slightly shaking.

“I do, I do.” You responded as you shot him a small smile, “been here for the past two years.”

Tina furrowed her eyebrows as the elevator shuddered to a halt, “Come along Mr. Scamander,” she said slowly as she took hold of Newt’s arm, “We’re here.”

“Tina,” you said, “are you sure you want to go there? Because y’know you’re not tech-”

“He committed a crime (y/n).” replied Tina in an apologetic tone, “he didn’t obliviate a no-maj and he let one of his creatures loose in a bank.”

You bit your lip nervously, “Fine.” you said after a slight pause.

“Can you meet me by my desk, though.” continued Tina as she almost dragged a silent Newt, “I want to talk to you about something.”

“Course,” you responded hesitantly, your eyes now meeting Newt’s anxious ones, “I’ll uh- just get something from my office and I’ll see you downstairs.”

In the short five minutes it took you to walk to your office a million thoughts ran through your mind. You couldn’t decide if you were upset or happy to see Newt again, in fact, you didn’t even know if he was happy to see you or not. ‘Of course he’s happy,’ you thought to yourself as you opened the door to your office, ‘you haven’t seen each other for years.’

You bit your lip anxiously again as you let out a breath you weren’t even aware you were holding in and stopped for a second as you leaned against a wall. Your thoughts were racing and you needed to get them in order, but of course that only made them scatter even more, so instead you picked up a few paper’s for Tina and took them with you as you closed your office door behind you.

When you arrived at the Wand Permit office you were surprised to see a pigeon toed Newt standing in front of Tina’s desk. “What’s going on?” you asked. “I thought you were going to turn Newt- I mean- Mr. Scamander in.”

Your eyes glued themselves to Tina’s figure as you felt Newt’s gaze fall on you. “Apparently,” sighed Tina as she wrote on a clipboard, “the investigative team have more important things to do than to deal with this.”


“Am I Mr. Scamander now?” Newt suddenly asked, causing you to whirl around, scarlet coloring your cheeks. “Because I’m pretty sure we had discussed the name policy during our first year.”

You took a deep breath and bit your tongue as your eyes darted towards Tina, she had stopped writing and was now staring at both you and Newt with wide eyes. “Tina,” you said softly, “Would you mind if I take Mr. Scamander out of your hair for a second.”

“I really rather not.”

You took a deep breath, “I’ll return him tomorrow.”

“No, (y/n).”

“I’ll put in a good word with Madam Picquery.” you begged. “I promise he’ll be back first thing tomorrow morning.”

Tina  pursed her lips for a second before sighing in defeat, “Fine,” she muttered, “but you make sure there’s a tremendous word with with Madam Picquery.”

“Promise.” you smiled as you gripped Newt’s arm tightly, “Thank you Tina!”

You wish you could say that your alone time with Newt was something off of a romance novel, but unfortunately this was reality, and the cold hard reality was that things were very awkward.

The both of you walked together in silence for a moment before you took a deep breath and said, “How’ve you been?”

“Very well,” smiled Newt, causing your heart to skip a beat, “I’ve been traveling a lot, and I’ve met a lot of interesting creatures.” he continued as he motioned towards his suitcase. “What about you?”

Shrugging you shook your head, “Busy as well. After Hogwarts I became an Auror and I was asked to come here to help MACUSA an-”

“How did things go?” interrupted Newt abruptly, “After I left?”

By now the two of you were in front of a local restaurant and his sudden question caused you to stop dead in your tracks. “You mean after you left me alone?” you blurted out, emotions starting to surface.

“It- it wasn’t my intention (y/n).” stuttered Newt, his eyes glued to the floor, ears red. “And it’s not like you were alone. You had plenty of friends.”

“But there was only one you!” you cried out, your voice shaking. “Everyone else didn’t matter because the only one that I needed was you- and you left- to protect her.” 

“I would’ve done the same for you if the situation were reversed.” came Newt’s soft voice after a beat of silence, “you know very well that I would.”

“Was she worth it?” you asked, hoping to hear a ‘no, she wasn’t.’ but when silence rang around the both of you, everything made sense. “I understand.” you replied softly. 

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It won’t be for long, you reminded yourself, Just one more day. You had no reason to stress. She’s just an aunt. This woman wasn’t Newt’s mother. Although, Newt’s mother at least likes you. You wouldn’t have accepted the invitation if you had known.

The mail owl flew in as you and Newt were discussing some plans for your upcoming wedding. He wanted somewhat traditional, but occasionally mentioned that he wanted whatever you wanted. The owl dropped a letter on his lap, addressed Newton Artemis Fido Scamander. “That reminds me,” you recalled, “Do you want me to say your full name during vows?”

“That can be skipped if you don’t mind.” You laughed and continue to look over the options for Queenie and Tina as your bridesmaids. His eyebrows furrowed. “It’s from my aunt. The one in the Ministry. Says she’s heard about the engagement and wishes to see us.”

“Oh, that sounds nice,” you stated, not looking up the planning, “Should we?”

“I don’t see why not,” he warned you, “But she’s very high maintenance.” You only brushed him off, not believing it at all. You simply packed a bag and decided to be polite to Newt’s aunt.

The woman was clearly old, but her years had yet to slowdown her mind. She immediately looked at your ring finger and sighed, “So, you really did propose to her?”

Newt cleared his throat, unsure of what to say. “Uh, yes. I did. In your letter, you mentioned the-”

She cut him off with a wave of her hand. “I was wondering if you had actually gone through with it.”

You were shaken by the encounter and only tried to be funny. “It took him some time to actually-”

“I’m afraid I didn’t ask that, Miss Y/L/N.” She annunciated your last name, as if it wouldn’t be changing to Scamander soon. “I’ll show you to your rooms.” You looked at Newt for a second and mouthed, “Rooms?” He merely shrugged in response.

Newt’s aunt led you inside the enormous manor. On the third floor, she stopped at one awfully cramped room by what would be the servants’ quarters. “Miss Y/L/N, you’ll be staying here.”

“Actually, Y/N could stay with me,” Newt chimed, “There are so many rooms with larger be-” His aunt interrupted him when she flicked her wand and most of the doors in the house shut. “Renovations,” she said curtly, “Let’s leave Miss Y/L/N to freshen up, shall we, Newton?”

“Well, I’ll-” Newt was again interrupted by his aunt Apparating with him to his room on the second floor. You were shocked, to say the least. At least, you knew that his aunt didn’t actually know you. She might like you later.

The day continued and you barely saw Newt. You were late for dinner as someone forgot to tell you. By the time you made it downstairs, there was a lone plate of cold food for you. Finally, he saw you in the foyer and almost latched onto you, not wanting to be away from you.

His aunt found the two of you talking while lounging in the living room. She immediately looked disgusted at the sight of you and swiftly turned away. Newt sighed at the whole ordeal. “I’m so sorry about this. I had no idea that she would act like this.”

“Newt, I don’t mind,” you reassured him, “Just a little shocked. If I can deal with some of your creatures, I can handle a family member who doesn’t like me.”

He smiled at that. There was a moment of silence until his eyes met yours. The two of you were both leaning in, but the door opening made the two of you move away. Newt’s aunt came in obviously distraught over the scene she just walked in on. “Oh, Newton. Guess who I just ran into,” she said as she sat between the two of you, “Do you remember that nice girl down the street? I invited her for breakfast tomorrow so if you want to stay. I can imagine Miss Y/L/N would want to get home soon. I always thought the two of you would get along very nicely-”

As she was talking, Newt tried to interrupt countless times before he finally stated rather firmly, “I don’t think I’ll do that. I’ll go with my fiancé whenever she chooses to. I would also appreciate if you could remember that Y/N is my fiancé and I don’t plan on changing that.” You found yourself looking at him with awe.

“Newton,” his aunt replied as if he was a child, “You have always been a very good boy, but I’m afraid that Miss Y/L/N-”

“We are getting married,” he used the tone that he uses with some of his misbehaving creatures, “And if you act like this at the wedding, please tell me now so we won’t waste the invitation.” You looked at him with shock. He had just been a spineless boy for two days and then this came out of nowhere.

His aunt seemed to be stunned as well. Her little mouth kept opening and closing with no words coming out. Finally, she composed herself and said firmly, “I will be attending the wedding and I will cause no trouble. I look forward to the date, whenever it might be.”

Newt smiled respectfully. “Thank you. I appreciate it.”

“You could have done worse,” she continued, “Anything is better than that one girl you were always around. What was her name? Lena?” His aunt dismissed the topic and looked at the pair as if she just had an idea. “Well, off you go, then. I want this wedding planned soon so I might have the chance to attend my godson’s happiest day.”

“Actually, Aunt Hilda is my go-” he started before cowering under his aunt’s glare. “Nothing.”

“We’ll just head home,” you said awkwardly. His aunt was still acting a bit cold around you, but you saw the improvement. “Really do have to work on everything.”

Newt agreed, “Right, the things. We’ll have to invite you over one day for dinner or something.” He rambled on about making plans before summoning both of your luggage and Apparating back home. Visibly relaxing, Newt let out a relieved sigh. “I’m terribly sorry for that, Y/N. I hope that didn’t upset you.”

Laughing, you swung your arm around his neck and looked into his eyes. “You’re going to have to throw a platoon of crazy aunts to get rid of me, Mr. Scamander,” you giggled.

“Yes, well,” he chuckled, “I’ve got lots. The trip reminded me of when we first visited your mother. What were the words?” You groaned at the memory. “‘You’re with the crazy beast author’?”

“Okay, we both have some weird families,” you settled before quickly pecking his lips. “Now, come on. We still have planning.” As he saw you, surrounded with different sheets of papers, all with details that will come together and create the most perfect wedding, he realized that Newt didn’t even need a real wedding to be happy. You’re the one making it perfect.

He sat next to you, rummaging through the papers. “I love you, Y/N,” Newt whispered and pressed his lips to your forehead.

You smiled and responded, “I love you too, Newt.”

The Obscurial

Originally posted by mozarlin

(Hey guys, I just needed some dad Newt in my life. Enjoy!)

You were racing to the scene, Newt was falling behind as you turned the corner. A small child was on the ground people were surrounding them. You ran to them a small boy with light brown hair was lying on the ground. No, not again not another one. Tears pricked your eyes as you pushed through the people. You picked up the child in your arms, you looked down his eyes were closed you checked his pulse. You waited, finally you felt a small beat.

“Does anyone know where this child’s parents are?” You asked looking around no one answered you. You sighed cursing slightly, Newt crouched next to you giving you his puppy dog eyes.


“Newt, there can’t be a child travelling with you no less a obscurial.” You whispered.

“We can’t leave him here he’s dying! No one knows how to treat him, you do.” You sighed and nodded. There was no way you could say no to Newt, you were in love with him. He was perfect and you were you, there was no way there was going to be anything between you two. Though you wished and prayed there was. You stood up the boy stirred but you kept walking, “We leave tomorrow.” You told Newt as you walked back to the small apartment. Once you were in the case you grabbed your medical kit. You set him down on a bed near the erumpents area. You lifted up his shirt noticing the huge gash on his stomach, you pulled out your wand.

“Oh my that doesn’t-”

“Look like a muggle did it, yeah I know there’s only one curse I know that causes this damage. Vulnera Sanentur.” You said as the wound cleared.

“Who would try to curse even kill a small boy.”

“They thought he was a threat, which at the time he was you know about-”

“I don’t want to talk about him please,” He whispered you nodded, “I have no idea who is after the boy but we have to protect him.” Newt said taking your hands. You felt as if you couldn’t breathe, “We cant keep him Newt, I wish we could but we cant keep doing this.” you said trying to think. He frowned then you heard the kid start screaming. Newt turned around rushing over to the boy trying to calm him. You watched as he tried and tried as soon as your ran over the boy threw his arms around you crying into your shoulder. You were taken aback, but you held him. It was about twenty minutes later when he finally stopped crying Newt brought him water, you both asked him questions what his name was, what he was doing when he lost control, who attacked him. He said his name was Philip, he was a orphan who lived in Ireland, he said a man with a stick attacked him.

“Philip, do you know who we are?” Newt asked Philip smiled.

“You’re angels right?”

“No Philip, this may be a bit silly, but we’re wizards and you are too.”

“What?” He said, “I’m a wizard?” You nodded.

“You’re powerful Philip, we just need to learn how to bring it out in good ways.” You said and he nodded.

“Are you guys sure you’re not angels, because um well you look like my mom and dad.” Philip said as you both were cleaning up the scene. You stopped looking over at Newt he gave you a small smile before taking Philips hand and leading him around the case.

“Be careful Newt don’t let him get too close,” he nodded. You went to your room grabbing a new shirt you walked back down and saw Newt talking to Philip. “I don’t know if I can control it.” He said crying. Newt was on one knee holding his hand.

“Listen to me Philip, I know that things may seem a bit rough now but y/n and I will help you, when we get back to London you’ll be safe and loved.” He said you felt a pain in your heart, you knew that you were so in love and that he wasn’t you were just glad to be out of New York. Tina and Queenie were some of your best friends but the way Tina and Newt flirted made you want to die.

“Y/n are you alright?” Newt asked as you were brought out of your haze.

“Oh yes sorry, I was wondering if you showed Philip the niffler?” you smiled as he shook his head. “Come on Philip,” You said offering your hand he took it and you began to walk around finally you saw him scamper to you. Philip held onto your leg.

“Its ok, he’s nice just let him smell your hand.” You put your hand out and he copied you. The niffler seemed to like Philip they began to play around and you got up. You were going to make some food when Newt brought down some chocolate muffins. You smiled and he blushed, “I just thought that he wouldn’t mind some warm muffins.” Newt said looking down.

“He’ll love it, I do.” You noticed what you said blushing.

“Me too,” He said blushing as well. He walked past you quickly. You looked at Philip and Newt as they ate their muffins and realized that you had not only fallen for Newt but also for Philip.

(Hey guys! I had a lot of fun writing this I don’t really know if I’ll make this a series but if you have any suggestions I’ll be happy to hear them!)

The many shades of Mr. Fantastic

The many shades of Mr. Fantastic   -  

He stares at her like she is a work of art, silent and beautiful, with his deeper than ocean green eyes. It unsettles her sometimes, the way he looks at her. As if the sun rises and sets in her eyes, as if the infinite stars of the galaxy have a home in her. She never complains though; how could she when his desire for her reflects so clearly in his darkening green irises as she kisses him hard. She feels selfish, for wanting to see the power she held over him, but it is something she is quite happy to do. His eyes, when caught in the right light, reflect a midsummer leaf and she marvels at the depths of it. 

The scarf that frequents his neck is a pretty shade of yellow, sprinkled generously with grey. He proudly wears the colors of his house and she knows it represents all the qualities that he has in abundance: loyalty, kindness and a good heart. Maybe too good a heart that was sure to land him in huge trouble, she thinks to herself. But she doesn’t complain; because it’s the same traits that were the initial cause of her attraction to him. Yellow reminds her of the hope he brings to her life alongwith sunshine. It reminds her of the happiness that threatens to burst through, his face breaking into breathtaking smiles at sudden moments.    

She wears white and he wears black under a blue Dorset sky as they exchange vows and rings on a beach. Its beautiful, Dorset and him. His entire family is present, and helpful; accepting ‘Newt’s American’ with open hearts. And if they hadn’t? She asks him one day. It wouldn’t have mattered, Tina, because I love you. He answers back with a sincere look on his face and she is sure he would happily give up everything for her. The thought scares her and excites her. The blue sea laps on her feet as she stretches on her toes to pull him down for a kiss.   

Red is his semi-burnt skin and red is the colour that stains the numerous bandages wrapped up, here and there, on his body. She hugs him tightly then, pretending not to notice his wince, glad that he was home alive(and mostly unhurt). He doesn’t give an explanation and she doesn’t need one. She knows the reason and if the gleam in his eyes is anything to go by, it was all worth it. Later, as he leads her towards the rescued family of bowtruckles from a wildfire, she knows it was worth it. 


A violent shade of violet are the bruises that mark her skin in the morning on the nights she tries to hold him while he thrashes around, too caught up in his nightmare to be aware of his surroundings. His grip is strong, a magizoologist’s grip; and all the while she swallows silent tears at his suffering, murmuring soothing words, easing him back to a dreamless sleep. He doesn’t let go of her when it’s over, even though the grip loosens significantly, he keeps her trapped against himself, and this time the tightening of arms is done by her. 

Grey and salty are the apologies that follow in the mornings when he accidently sees his own work. She let’s him trail his trembling lips on the marks along her arm, his hot tears following their path. In the end, she considers it quite important to remind him, over and over again, that she loves him. And that she is right there, in his arms, warm and alive. She will never leave him, the words have a positive impact on him as he pulls her in for a rough kiss that is harder and  longer than it should be.

His every kiss has a different flavour. Sometimes he kisses her like he is damned and she is his salvation. Some nights, his kisses taste like every winter morning she has ever seen. His afternoon kisses have the distinct taste of every dream she has ever had on long summer nights. There are times when he kisses her with a desperation that sends rainbow stars shooting across her eyes and at moments his kisses remind her of every wish that was left incomplete. He doesn’t hold back, pouring everything that he has into each of his kisses and she simply clings on to him, savouring the many unique moods of her husband.   

Its the darkness that suddenly weaves in and out of his eyes that startles her sometimes. She knows he has seen almost all the horrors and cruelties humans can inflict on others. A few times he tells her about some of the darker cases during his travels when she incessantly begs him to. Those nights, she wakes up drenched in sweat and trembling all over as her overactive imagination brings his words to life in her dreams. He engulfs her in his arms, his warm chest under her cheek, murmuring assuring words laced with apologies she is too tired to understand. She often wonders how someone who has seen the darkest things this world had to offer could be so pure.

It’s his love that bags the light though. White and pure, his love declares itself clearly in his eyes, shining brightly. It waltzes in his every move and every thought. It is spotless and clean, unlike the man who himself often comes home stained with blood and burns and things she doesn’t want to know. It is as white and as pure as the snow  that blankets his beautiful country and she doesn’t doubt it for even a passing moment when he gathers the courage for declaration. All she can do is pull him down to herself for a swift kiss and let him know that she feels the same.

One day she feels a part of him stirring inside her and within moments shock turns to jubilation. She contemplates ways of surprising him and in the end settles for a simple cookie adorned with ‘Hello Daddy’ baked carefully by her. She is quite unprepared for the prism of colours that takes place on his face, breaking into a breathtaking smile as he whips her off her feet and into his arms after taking full five minutes to understand the meaning of the cookie. She laughs as he spins her around the room murmuring how happy he is and how much he loves her. Yes, her husband is a man of many colours and she’d be lying if she says she doesn’t love each and every colour of his.

It's my Business, Sweetheart

Author: http://ruby-loves-supernatural.tumblr.com/

Word Count: 2386

Warnings:smut, fluff, jealous dean, jealous reader, swearing, sex, unprotected sex, insecure reader


Reader Request: Could you do one where you’re an old friend travelling with the Winchesters for awhile and Dean runs into an old flame and you burst and explain to Sam in private that you’re jealous and then you and Sam end up together in the heat of the moment

I’ll be honest, this was tough to write.   But I did it and I hope the anon who requested it likes it.


You climbed out of the Impala and followed the Winchesters into the bar.  You had been on a hunt that seemed to be going nowhere and all three of you needed a break.

The bar was dark and dusty, but you didn’t care as long as the booze was flowing.  You slid into the booth next to Sam, facing his brother across the table.  Dean signaled to the waitress, ordering 3 beers for the table.

“So, what’s the plan, guys?” you asked, sipping yours. 

“Drink until things look better?’ Dean offered, smirking as he brought his bottle up to his lips.

You unconsciously licked your lips, wishing you were that beer bottle right now.  The eldest Winchester had a way of effortlessly making you want him.  You squirmed a little in your seat, feeling a blush start to form on your cheeks.

Dean gave you a quizzical look. “You okay there, Y/N?” 

“Yeah, yeah,” you nodded fervently.  “Fine, just a bit hot.”  You gulped down your beer, trying to convince them that the temperature in the bar was the only issue.

“Slow down there, Tiger,” Sam laughed.  “It’s not a race.”

Finishing your beer you turned and stuck your tongue out at him.  “I’ll go grab another round.”  You slid out of the booth and headed to the bar. 

You signal to the bartender, ordering 3 more beers.  You payed and turned to head back to the table with the drinks in your hands.  That’s when you saw her.  HER.  She was sitting next to Dean, her hand moving up his arm, her head flung back in laughter.  No doubt Dean was telling stupid jokes, flirting with her.

Shaking your head, you rolled your shoulders back and headed to the table.  Sliding in beside Sam, you placed the beers on the table.  “Who’s your new friend?” you inquired.

“Y/N,” Dean introduced you.  “This is Tina, we met a few years ago when I came through here on business.” 

Tina eyed you up and down, smiling slightly when she seemed to deem you non-threatening.  You warily eyed her back.  Her long blond hair fell in soft waves down her back, her lipstick was flawless, her breasts pushed up to show ample cleavage above the neckline of her shirt.  This was the type of girl Dean liked, this was the type of girl you never could be. 

Dean and Tina kept talking, flirting. Her hands kept moving across his arms, shoulders, and neck.

You turned to Sam, “I think I’m gonna go,” you told him.

“Wait, why, Y/N,” his hazel eyes grew concerned.

You shrugged.  “Just not feelin’ it, ya know?  I’m hot, I’m tired, I need a shower.  I’m just gonna walk back to the motel.”

“Be safe,” Sam smiled at you as you stood.

You patted your holstered gun, smirking,  ”Always….See ya, guys.”

Dean nodded an acknowledgement of you leaving and quickly turned back to his blonde.

You sighed, turning and walking out into the cool night air.


You stepped out of the shower, grabbing a towel to dry yourself.   Wrapping it around you, you swipe the fog off the mirror.  Your reflection stared back at you, your mousy brown hair and pale complexion mocking you. 

Sighing, you dragged your brush through your hair trying to smooth your wild curls.  Usually you were pretty happy with your appearance, you liked your curves, the softness of your thighs, your creamy skin, and the curly hair that had become your signature. 

Then you met Dean.  The Winchester was a man’s man, testosterone poured from him.  You couldn’t help lusting over his emerald green eyes, the smattering of freckles across his cheeks and nose, and soft lips.  Then you noticed a trend with the women he hooked up with.  They were the complete opposite of you.  Thin, ample breasts, usually blonde, and always girly. 

You couldn’t compete.

Opening the bathroom door you stepped into the motel room, gasping when you notice someone sitting on the bed.  “Dammit, Sam,” you snapped, “You scared the crap out of me.”

Sam grinned guiltily.  “Sorry, Y/N.  I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

You quirk an eyebrow at him.  “Yeah, I’m fine.  Why?”

Sam sighed, running his hand through his long, brown hair.  His eyes moved up to meet yours.  “Do you think I can’t see it?”

You feel your cheeks start to flush.  “See what?” you asked, even though you already know the answer. 

Sam’s eyebrows raised, “Dean,” his hazel eyes met your Y/E/C ones.  “It’s hard not to notice, Y/N.”

Your teeth worried at your bottom lip.  You ran a hand through your damp curls. “That obvious, huh?”

Sam nodded. 

You moved to the bed, sitting beside the youngest Winchester. “I’m just being stupid, Sam.  I know I don’t have a chance in hell with him.  I’m not like that girl, I’m not like any of them,“ you sighed, looking up at Sam through your lashes.  “I’m just one of the guys, a hunter.”

Sam shifted, turning so he could face you.  “Y/N, my brother is the stupid one.  He has no idea what he’s missing with you.”

You blushed, shaking your head, trying to dismiss what the hunter was saying.

“I’m serious, Y/N, any man, any hunter, would be lucky to be with you,” Sam brought his hand up to your chin, forcing you to look at him.  “I mean it.”

Your breath caught in your throat, and you were suddenly very aware of how naked you were.  Just a towel separated your naked body from his gorgeous hazel eyes.  “Sam,” you breathed out.

Sam moved forward, his lips hesitantly brushing against yours.  “You’re beautiful, Y/N,” his voice was thick. “Your lips,” he kissed them again. “Your eyes,” he kissed your temple.  “Your hair,” his hand moved through your curls, gripping gently and pulling so he had access to your neck.  His tongue swiped over your pulse point, causing a low moan to come out of you.

You moved your hands to his hair, pulling him closer. Sam moved his lips back to yours, his tongue swiping across your lower lip, begging for entrance. Letting him in you stroked your tongue against his, eliciting a deep moan from him.

“Y/N,” Sam breathed out, his hands moving to your towel.  His eyes met yours.  “I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.”

“Sam,” his name barely made it from your lips.

The hunter’s mouth trailed over your neck, nipping lightly at your flesh.  His tongue ran across the top of your towel.  “Y/N, please, let me…” 

You moaned, nodding your consent for him to remove the barrier to your skin.  Sam unwrapped the towel from your body, his eyes greedily took in your naked form. 

“Y/N,” he breathed out, his mouth ghosting against your ear.  “My brother is a complete fool.”

Sam’s mouth connected with yours again, more urgent than before.  You move your fingers to the buttons on his shirt, eager to get him out of his layers.  He helped remove the flannel, then quickly lifted his t-shirt over his head.  His lips crashed into yours once again. 

You moaned as Sam’s large hand pressed against your collarbone, urging you to lay down.  You complied, enjoying feeling his strong body against yours, impatient to feel it in you.  Sam stood, making quick work of his belt, letting his jeans and boxers drop to the floor. He moved between your legs, his lips grazing yours again, his hazel eyes blown wide with lust.  His mouth trailed down your neck, his teeth grazing your sensitive skin, making you moan.  He reached your breasts, fluttering light kisses over them, then he sucked a nipple deeply into his hot mouth. 

“Sam,” you cried out, your back arching, pressing your hard nub deeper into his mouth. 

You could feel Sam’s mouth curve into a smile, enjoying your reaction to his ministrations.  He took his time, licking broad stripes over your nipples, worrying them between his teeth, then palming them together so he could lick deeply into your cleavage.

You were a panting mess, the heat and wetness between your legs was unbearable.  “Sam, please, I need you…..”

Sam sighed in acknowledgement to your plea.  He moved his robust hand down to the apex of your legs, his fingers moving through your folds.  “Dammit, Y/N, you are so wet.”

“Fuck, Sam,” you ground out, rolling your hips towards his fingers. “I need you inside me.”

The large hunter moved himself so his hard member was pressed against your dripping sex. His head dipped down to capture your lips again, a slight snarl of need escaped him as you thrust your hips against him.  “Y/N,” he moaned.  “Ready?”

You gripped onto him, waiting to feel him penetrate you.  “More than……ready……” you gasped, your words barely making it out as he pressed into you.

“Jesus, you’re so tight, Y/N,” Sam gasped. 

Your hands moved to his biceps, trying to ground yourself.  “Sam, just move,” you tilted your hips up, changing the angle.  You gasped as he started grinding into you, gliding the tip of his hard cock against your g spot.

Sam kissed you deeply, his arms wrapping around your body to hold you against him.  His tongue moved in tandem to his manhood, thrusting in deeply, exploring your mouth fully. 

You were a writhing mess, your orgasm was quickly approaching.  “Sam, I’m so close,” you gasped, breaking the kiss. 

Sam’s eyes met yours, and he started to press harder against you, his pelvis having perfect contact with your engorged clit.  “Y/N,” he moved a hand into your hair.  “I want you to look at me as you cum, I want to watch you.”

You nodded, moaning as your Y/E/C eyes kept contact with his.  His other hand moved to your hip, holding you down as he pounded harder, rolling his hips against yours.  You wrapped your legs around him, clinging to his forearms.  “Sam,” you breathed, “Fuck, Sam!” you cried out, your orgasm crashing through you. 

Sam’s eyes stayed on yours, he bit his lip as he kept moving against you, dragging out your orgasm.  “Dammit, Y/N, I’m going to cum,” he exhaled, thrusting faster into you, causing another orgasm to slam into you.

You writhed with Sam, his arms wrapped around you, holding you against him.  His cock spurting deep inside of you, covering your walls in his hot cum. 

As you started to come down from your orgasm, Sam pulled you into a deep kiss.  Moaning, you felt his shy grin against your lips. 

Sam pulled away, his eyes searching your face.  “Well, that was,” he started.

You smiled up at him.  “Fun,” you finished, winking at him. 

******************************************* Sam came out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist.  You took in his muscular form, your eyes roaming to the towel, craving what was beneath it.

He came over to where you were making coffee, wrapping his strong arms around you.  His lips moved to your neck, kissing the sensitive juncture at your shoulder.  “I meant what I said last night, Y/N,” he brushed your curls from your face. “My brother is a fool.”

You smiled shyly at him, reaching up to brush your lips against his tentatively.  His sigh made you more sure as you pressed your lips firmer to him, swiping your tongue against them.  Sam easily let your tongue in to explore him, moaning at your ministrations.

Suddenly the motel door swung open, causing you and Sam to break your kiss.

Green eyes stared at both of you incredulously.  “Sam?” his voice broke.  “Y/N?” 

“Dean,” you breathed out.  “What the hell, you can’t just barge into my room.”

Dean ignored you, his eyes on his brother.  “What the fuck are you doing?”

Sam gave his brother a bewildered look.  “Dean, I think it’s fairly obvious……”

“And none of your business, Winchester,” you spit out. 

“Oh, it’s my business, sweetheart,” his voice was low, angry.

You raised an eyebrow at him, moving so you were close enough to jab your finger in his chest.  “No, it’s not.  What I do with ANYONE is NONE of your business.”

His green eyes met yours, his jaw clenched.  “It is, now that……..” He swallowed thickly.

You sighed, exasperated with the eldest Winchester.  “Now what?”

Dean cleared his throat. “Now that I ……that I….” he swallowed again.  “I have feelings for you, Y/N.”

You stared at him in disbelief.  “Fuck you, Dean.  You had your blonde last night.”

Dean shook his head, “She left.  I…..I couldn’t do it, Y/N.  I kept thinking about you.”

You felt Sam move behind you, his hand moving to your shoulder.  You knew he was trying to be supportive, but after last night…….you couldn’t do this.

“Dean,” you start.  “You can’t just suddenly decide you want me and expect it to happen.”  Your eyes flared.  “Did you think I was waiting with bated breath for you to decide it was MY TURN.”

“It wasn’t……” the green eyed hunter started.

“No,” you cut him off.  “Get out.”  You pushed against his chest.  “Now.”

Dean’s head dropped, his shoulders drooping from your rejection.  “Ok, Y/N,” his voice waved. “I’ll, I’ll go……”

You watched as he turned and walked out of the motel door.  You heard the Impala roar to life, and speed down the highway.

“Y/N,” Sam said, his voice was sympathetic.  “I didn’t know…..”

You moved your finger to his lips.  Shaking your head you smiled gently.  “It’s not your fault, Sam,” you slid your hands down the rippling muscles on his torso.  “You were right, your brother is a fool.”

Sam chuckled slightly, keening at the movements your hands were making on his tanned body.  When your fingers reached his towel his chuckle turned into a moan.  You pulled the fabric off, dropping it to the ground.  You followed the fabric, landing on your knees in front of the tall hunter. 

“Now,  let’s finish what we were starting before we were so rudely interrupted,”  you smiled coyly at Sam, your hand moving to envelop his hardening member. 

His head fell back, a low growl coming from his throat.


5.15 Reaction Post (long post)

Super long. I did not bother to re-read so there may be some spelling errors. 

  • No One is Alone sounds so pretty. The song actual sets the stage for the storylines that are in tonight’s episode. Lines that I feel really work with the episode “no one acts alone - careful - no one is alone” “people make mistakes holding to their own” “while we’re seeing our side maybe we forgot they are not alone” “someone is on your side”

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Fanfic - Second Time Around - 5/?

Title: Second Time Around

Summary:  Blaine is recently divorced, in-between jobs and losing direction in his life. Sebastian is recently divorced and a single Father. Their paths cross after ten years of not seeing each other.

Pairing: Seblaine

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 4663

A/N:  Thank you to the lovely Dee  for betaing this chapter for me!

Previous Chapters: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4

Sebastian left the cheering and singing crowd, comprised of four different show choirs no less, to make his way to the other side of Dalton.

He doubted he would be missed with everyone too focused on the happy couple. Sebastian was happy for Blaine, truly he was, but that didn’t mean he wanted a front row seat to watch Blaine declare his love for another man. To watch Blaine slip a ring on his finger and vow to spend the rest of their lives together.

He walked through the empty halls of Dalton not paying attention to where he was going. Eventually he passed through a set of double doors into the senior’s common room. He wanted to strangle his subconscious. Of all the rooms in Dalton he had to come to this one. The room where he first spotted Blaine leaning against the archway, looking handsome in all grey, a dreamy expression on his face as he watched the Warblers perform ‘Uptown Girl.’ Or a few months ago when he went along with Hunter’s plan to serenade Blaine and convince him to come back to Dalton. Then again yesterday when Blaine burst into a Warbler meeting seeking help in putting together an epic and romantic proposal.

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