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I was going through my older drawings and that one picture of Erza I drew a year ago really bugged me (+ I wanted to doodle someone I don’t usually draw) so I decided to try and doodle her again .+:。(ノ・ω・)ノ゙

My maternal grandparents were infamous for not getting a long well & their fights are still the things of legends within my family, but it’s nice seeing some sweet moments between them when going through older pictures.

He came from a poor farm family in small town Bavaria, he was 1 of 12 children & left the family farm to do long-haul truck driving between Eastern & Western Europe. My grandmother became a teacher after WWII, there was a shortage of teachers in Germany at the time so there was a special program where the country would pay women for this degree.

They met while my grandfather was on the road, they were staying at the same boarding house while my grandfather was passing through the city.

They were long distance for quite a while since my grandfather was usually truck driving 6 days a week, we still have a lot of the post cards he would send her from all he countries he was in & we have some quite scandalous love letters written that confirm they were definitely not virgins on the wedding night haha.

He was also the first non-Jewish person to marry into the family, quite scandalous in the 1950s.


kayjag appreciation post!

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Hi there! I just wanted to say, your Andreil "rivalry" headcanon is absolutely magnificent. If you don't mind, do you think you could write about how the press finds out about their actual relationship and what the responses are? Thanks!

Jfc I adore this. I hope you continue, like time skip to years down the line when Andrew and Neil are secretly married (but the press still has no idea), and the “Andriel- rivalry” is so sensationalised. It’s //established//. As in, it comes hand in hand with any news about Exy.

And one of the Foxes accidentally let’s slip. I can totes imagine it being Aaron, being asked a question about his brother-in-law (katelyns brother) and being like “the fuck does Josten have to do with this?” - @ breathetheoceancalls on AO3

ok, so i hope both of you don’t mind, but i thought i would combine these two prompts since i loved them so much! here we go friends

  • ok let’s start with a little bit of backstory here–
  • so let’s say its five-ish years in the future from the first rivalry headcanon i did 
  • neil and andrew are married
    • one day andrew came home and just dropped the papers on the table and neil is all???
    • “tax benefits.” is the only explanation andrew gives.
    • neil knows this is bs but he grins to himself and signs them anyway
    • nicky is so pissed they didn’t at least invite the foxes to the courthouse 
    • bUT that is a story for a different time
  • at this point, the andreil rivalry is basically known country-wide (worldwide? is that too extreme? idk how sports work)

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Going back through older pictures of me is such a trip. I lacked so much confidence in not only my appearance, but myself as a person. Today, I feel like I’m settled into me. I’m proud to be the person I am, and I’m so excited to take my journey through life being one hundred percent confident in me and my decisions. I can’t explain to you how free I feel.💕