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Chopin - Scherzo no.1, op.20

Going through some old time Romantic favorites on my iPod, I came across Chopin’s Scherzi which I neglect too often. The first has been a personal favorite since high school. While the scherzo was a “musical joke” genre, Beethoven had elevated it to dramatic heights in his symphonies, and Chopin played off of that by writing scherzi that were no laughing matter. This first one, written soon after the November Uprising, the failed Polish revolt against Russian rule, which had caused enough political unrest that Chopin’s friends convinced him to leave the country. He would never return to Poland for the rest of his life. Like the stormy quality of his etudes [written around the same time], this work opens with fire and drama, rushing along in complexity until we get a break with a softer middle section that quotes a traditional Polish Christmas song, “Lulajże Jezuniu”. After a few repetitions, we are thrown back into the maelstrom, that ends with an intense coda, that includes a brilliant upward chromatic scale that spans four octaves [which legendary pianist Vladimir Horowitz embellishes in octaves, you can listen to that performance here]. Chopin’s four scherzi had influenced other “ironic” scherzi from later composers, notably those by Brahms.

The great vagabond hunt

So I’ve been going through the notes on my iPod. Lots on half finished fanfics. (Mostly freewood). I’m finishing them fairly quickly so I can delete them. You can probably tell where I stopped and restarted writing. I also didn’t look it over for mistakes so if you find any feel free to tell me. Otherwise I’ll look it over myself tomorrow. I’m gonna go ahead and post it here now, and on AO3 tomorrow when I get home.

Vagabond had been working with the crew for nearly 5 years. After all that time they still hadn’t seen his face, and they had no idea what kind of life he went back to when the mask was off.

“He’s probably another psychopath.” Michael offered when the subject came up. “Like with the mask he’s the vagabond and with out it he’s like, Pablo the flesh eater or some shit.”

“Nah.” Jeremy leaned forward in his seat. “He’s like Hannah Montana. Totally normal life when he’s not wearing his mask.”

“Bullshit!” Geoff rolled his eyes “no one can be that psychotic and just turn it off and live a normal life. I’m with Michael. What do you think jack?”

Jack shrugged, focused on the files in front of him. “To be completely honest I don’t have time to leisurely chat about the vagabonds double life, but I’m glad you three do.” He shot his crew mates a pointed look.

Geoff stood, brushing the files away from the table. “You know what?” He smiled. “All heists are off as of now. We’ve got a game to play.”

Jack closed his eyes and sighed. “Of course we do. So let’s put weeks of planning down the drain to do whatever messed up game you’ve come up with.”

“Glad you agree.” He hummed then slammed his hands down on the table, making sure the others were paying attention. “So here’s the game. It’s called ‘find out who the vagabond is’.”

“That’s a pretty long name f-”

“Shut the fuck up Jeremy or you can’t play.” He threatened. “Anyway. Whoever finds out who the vagabond is, and brings proof, wins.”

“What’s the prize?” Michael asked, flashing his teeth.

“I’ll put in 5 grand if you three will. Then the winner gets the pot.”

The three men looked at each other, deciding. Michael was the first to slam his hand down and sit back. “I’m in.”

Jeremy replied with the same.

“I don’t see that I have much of a choice, really.” Jack sighed.

Geoff smiled. “Excellent. Then let the game begin!”

And so the game began. The crew set up a small fake heist to get the vagabond in. Something that would have him in every day for a week. Geoff figured surely one of them could crack his shell by then, trying their hardest.

Michael tried to follow him home, or to whatever shack he went to when he wasn’t at the base. The first time it took vagabond all of ten minutes to lose him. When he came in the next morning he told the crew someone must be after them, because he was being followed. Michael sipped his coffee and tried to look surprised.

Jeremy used his limited hacking skills to trace his car and then everything else he could think of, and when that didn’t work he hired a private investigator. On the third day of the week vagabond brought the investigator to the base. Or, his head at least. Jeremy was disappointed but not surprised.

Geoff asked the man out straight who he really was, told him his job was on the line. Vagabond shrugged, and stood to leave. Geoff stopped him and told him he was bluffing. Vagabond nodded and said he knew.

On the seventh day they all met up again.

“So should we all just take our money back?” Jeremy asked, reaching for the envelope that held the prize money. “This guy isn’t gonna be discovered. And honestly I’m a little afraid for my life if this game continues.”

Jack swiped the money from his green haired co-worker. “I’ll take that.” He scowled. “Why is it no one ever assumes I’m going to win these things, even though I do every time?”

“You found out who he is?” Geoff asked, wide eyed.

Jack nodded, counting his money. “I did.” He pulled out his phone and held it up. On the screen was a tan, skinny guy with a large nose. He smiled at them.

“Hello!” He said. “My name is Gavin and I believe you’ve been working with my boyfriend in your illegal whatever it is you do.”

“Yea right!” Michael stood, reaching for the money. “You can’t just hire someone to say they know who he is! That’s fucking cheating!”

Jack pulled the money away. “I didn’t.” He rolled his eyes, nodding towards the door where the vagabond himself stood. “An hour after the bet was made I went up to him and offered him half the money if he agreed to tell me and only me.”

Vagabond walked to jack and took his half of the money, starting to pocket it.

“Wait a second!” Geoff called out. “You didn’t find out who he is! You just found out who he’s dating!”

Gavin, still on jacks screen, answered with “his whole identity is who he’s dating, love.” Jack held the phone up and they could see the man smiling. “He’d be nothing but a poor shell of a man without me.” He posed dramatically.

Vagabond reached out a hand and tried to end the call, but because of his gloves the touch screen wouldn’t work.

Jack sat his phone on the table and left the room, pocketing his money, back to planning the heist they should have been working on this week.

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whats some good music to listen to? im in a rut

Ready? I’m gonna go through my iPod and give you a LIST of good shit (which means it will be alphabetical. Listen up others who ask this question literally everyday. Ignore what you’ve listened to already… 

1. BadBadNotGood

2. Bass Drum Of Death 

3.The Black Belles

4. The Black Lips

5. Blind Willie McTell

6. Bob Dylan 

5. Cherry Glazerr

6. Dan Friel

7. Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi (ROME) 

8. Danny Brown 

9. The Dead Weather 

10. Death Grips 

11. Dex Romweber 

12. Dent May 

13. Dion and The Belmonts 

14. DZ Death Rays 

15. Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

16. Elvis Depressedly 

17. Fever Ray


19. Flat Duo Jets 

20. The Fleetwoods 

21. Fox ;) 

22. Fuzz

23. Girls 

24. The Growlers 

25. Hank Williams 

26. Harlem 

27. HeadSpace 

28. Heart 

29. Hunters 

30. Hunx and His Punx 

31. Jack White 

32. James Brown 

33. JEFF The Brotherhood 

34. John Lennon 

35. Johnny Burnette 

36. Johnny Cash 

37. Joy Division 

38. Karen Elson 

39. The Kills 

40. King Tuff

41. KOOL & KASS 

42. Lakutis

43. Lou Reed 

44. Mac Demarco 

45. Marc Bolan 

46. Meat Market 

47. MF Doom 

48. Mildred and the Mice 

49. Mozes and the Firstborn 

50. Night Beats 

51. Nina Simone 

52. Nobunny 

53. The Orwells 

54. Patsy Cline 

55. Perfect Hair Forever 

56. Pokey LaFarge 

57. Pookie and the Poodlez

58. The Raconteurs 

59. The Ramones 

60. Sixto Rodriguez 

61. Seasick Steve 

62. The Seeds 

63. Shannon and the Clams 

64. Sleigh Bells

65. The Smiths

66. Son House 

67. The Specials 

68. T.Rex 

69. Tame Impala 

70. Thee Oh Sees 

71. Timber Timbre 

72. Together Pangea 

73. Travel Check 

74. Two Star Tabernacle 

75. Ty Segall 

76. Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats 

77. The Unicorns 

78. The Upholsterers 

79. The Velvet Underground 

80. Wanda Jackson 

81. Wavves 

82. The White Stripes 

83. Zeus 

84. The 5,6,7,8's 

That sound last you awhile. x

Safe and Sound

Tags: @winchesters-favorite-girl @straightasdeanwinchester

Summary: the reader gets shot in the stomach on her very first hunt. Sam and Dean gets there last moments with their baby sister.

Characters: brother!Sam&Dean, sister!Reader, Cas(mentioned)

Note: Italic is the lyrics to the song

A/N: it’s another song fic, with the song Safe and Sound by Taylor swift ft. The civil wars. I was going through my old iPod and I found this song. And to tell you guys the truth I love making sad depressing stories. So I was like oh hey why not use this! Also if you want a heart breaking, chick flick story… I gotchu! Lol.

-Don’t you dare look out your window, darling everything’s on fire. The war outside our door keeps raging on. Hold onto this lullaby even when the musics gone-

I was trying my best to hide all my excitement I had inside me but it didn’t work out well because I got Sam and Dean to stare at me. I stared back only to smile at them, it was my very first hunt with them and I’m excited. I’m finally going to not be useless and I’m finally going to be treated as an adult by them. I was always told to stay behind or do research with Cas but now I got to be on the field and hunt with my big brothers.

I saw Dean get up followed by Sam, so I jumped up fast off my bed and dashed out the door not waiting for my brothers. I stood by the back door of ‘baby’. Sam and Dean finally got out of the room and Dean had unlocked the car door. I soon opened it and got in. Dean sat in the drivers seat of course and Sam got the in the passengers seat. Dean then started to drive off, I sat in the back staring out the window. But my thoughts were cut off,

“Okay there are rules though (y/n)” I heard Dean say, I leaned up onto the back of the front seat

“And that would be?” I asked, glancing back and forth to Dean and Sam. Dean glanced over at my face and back to the road, I smiled

“You have to stay with us at all times” dean said, I nodded

“Okay well I know that…” I told him, Sam then continued for Dean

“You’ll have to listen to us too.” He told me, I rolled my eyes these are rules I already know because they tell me that always

“Okay? Is there any new rules I need to know. Because I already know those, you tell me that everyday…” I kinda threw myself to the back seat and crossed my arms I waited for my brothers to replie but they didn’t say anything so I assumed there was no new rules. I rolled my eyes again.

“Wow okay” I mumbled to myself. After an hour or so we made it to the abandoned warehouse where we found out was where the three or so werewolfs were living killing teenangers. We parked the car a few feet away from the warehouse. I got out of the car and walked to the back trunk. Sam and Dean soon got out and came to the back. Dean opened up the trunk and passed me a gun, while I put my sliver knife in my boot strap and covering it with my jeans.

“I’m so ready…” I told myself, whispering. Sam and Dean started to walk and for some reason I couldn’t move. Dean noticed I wasn’t following them and turned around. He looked at me in the eyes and his eyes widen a bit he then walked over to me, he stood right in front of me he grabbed my hand and kissed the top of my head.

-I remember tears streaming down your face. When I said, “I’ll never let you go.”-

“Don’t cry baby girl” he pulled me along to where Sam was standing, my eyes widen I felt my face to feel cold wet tears, I quickly wiped them away. He then whispered to me “I’ll never let you go” he told me. We stopped right in front of Sam and I smiled nodding. All three of us walked to the warehouse with Dean still holding me. We got inside the house.

I turned on my flashlight following I’m Sam and Deans footsteps. I was looking around until I felt something wet touch my neck, I flinched and threw myself at a wall making a loud noise. I let go of Deans hand at the time. Dean and Sam turned around facing me. Sam was the first to speak

“(Y/n) are you okay?” He asked me in a whisper, I nodded being to scared to speak before I speak to loud. Dean went to grab my hand again but I shooked my head to let him know I’m good. He looked at me in the eyes and turned away from me and walked.

I followed after, I turned around checking behind me I stopped walking feeling as if I was being watched. I shined my flashlight everywhere but saw nothing. I turned back around to realized Sam and Dean was missing panic started to raise in me, I whispered yell out

“Sam… Dean” but no answer. I then heard a growl it wasn’t close but it wasn’t far either I turned around and flashed my light behind me, I saw small two shiny things chills went down my back when I realized it was a werewolf. I ran fast away. Oh god I’m going to die I told myself over and over again, I should have stayed with them like they told me too. I cursed to myself.

I yelled out obviously not caring if I captured the whole packs attention “SAM DEAN!” I turned a corner to hit something or someone. I yelped and landed on my butt. I groaned and rubbed my butt only to realize I have fallen, I gasped and looked up as fear came over me as I shined my flashlight upwards and stared at what was in front of me I saw it was Sam my big brother. I sighed in relief

“Where the hell were you (y/n)!” Sam scolded me, he helped me up and I held onto his hand tight.

“I…I…” I tried to calm myself down first, I took a deep breath and talked again “I felt someone watching us so I checked behind me saw nothin then turned back around to find you and Dean gone! And then I felt it again turned around and heard a growl. I then turned back around to see eyes and then I ran away hella fast to save my life Then I bumped into you and thought you were one of them, by the way I was going to shoot you but good thing I never because I don’t want you to die and I just can’t even right now. You and Dean do this everyday? How can you do this like I’m freaking out!” I told Sam in one breath. He chuckled to my reaction and smiled.

“Well don’t ever look behind you… at least when you are use to this.” He pulled me along probably to go to Dean or something

“Where’s Dean?” I asked out of habit, Sam glanced down at me and sighed

“When he turned around he freaked a bitch and took off looking for you so now I have to find that idiot.” I nodded at his answer and shined around us, I was still scared. I then saw shadows I flinched and pulled Sams arm

“Sammy, what the hell is that.” I whispered yell to him pointing out to where I saw a shadow of some kind he turned to look only for it to disappear. Sam then had the expression that he knew something was coming and took me to a locker, he opened the door and gestured for me to go inside it. “What?” I looked at him never letting go of his arm.

“You go inside it now (y/n). You’re freaked to the core, and I don’t want you to get hurt. I’ll find Dean and kill the werewolfs with him and come back for you.” He told me but I shooked my head,

-When all those shadows almost killed your light I remember you said, “Don’t leave me here alone,”-

“No” I told him “please… don’t…” I hugged his arm now “don’t leave me here alone” maybe it was a bad idea to go on this hunt I wish to leave already but I really don’t want to be alone in the dark. He sighed and nodded

“Come on then, stay close…” he trailed off “actually you’re good on staying close” he was looking down at me as I was hugging his arm super tight. I laughed nervously and followed him. We walked and soon heard noises and a gun shot first thing popped in my head was Dean.

I yelled out his name bad idea by the way and ran off in the direction we heard the gunshot. I heard Sam yell out to me but I ignored him and ran to Dean. I got to a big open room I turned my attention to see a girl and a man ganging up on my brother Dean, I got my gun out of my pants and put it in front of me. I aimed for the girl and clicked it a loud bang was heard and the silver bullet was shot at the girls shoulder, she hissed in pain and turned her attention to me.

I stared at them and then screamed as I saw them running at me. I took off to the right I heard growlings and footsteps, I turned around and aimed my gun and just shot hoping I hit someone. I then heard another shot and a thug and a growl. I stopped running and saw the girl werewolf attack Sammy. My legs gave out and I fell to the ground breathing for air. As Sammy was fighting the girl another girl came in and attacked Dean, I was useless still I had to help.

I got up to see Sammy cut off the girls head, I mean that’s one way to get the job done. I walked over to Dean or tried too, as I was making my way to Dean I didn’t realize there was a person behind me I heard Sam yell out my name I turned my body around to see what was happening only to feel pain in my stomach and a force that pushed me down to the ground. I groaned in pain and laid there.

I closed my eyes for a while or so I thought it was when I opened it again Sam and Dean was over me with blood all over them and tears in their eyes. I felt weak, and tired all of a sudden. I went to open my mouth to have Dean shush me. I glanced over at Sam to see him put his hand over my stomach and put pressure on top of it I hissed in pain.

-Just close your eyes. The sun is going down. You’ll be alright. No one can hurt you now. Come morning light. You and I’ll be safe and sound-

I was beginning to feel my spirit leaving my body and I knew I had to say these words I was saving for them “S…Sam…. Dean…” I whispered to them, lifting my two hands up to there faces, I smiled at them as the grabbed my hands.

“W…what baby girl?” Dean said swallowing his saliva, he rubbed the back of my palm with his thumb.

“I… I love you both yes?” I told them, I glanced over at Sam who started to cry a lot now,

“I love you too sweet cakes, but…” he trailed off as I coughed, I blinked “don’t say it like this, were going to get you out of here and at a hospital you’re going to live okay?” He told me, I shooked my head

“You know that’s…. not going to happen guys….” I told them, my breathing now got heavy, “I’m going…” I finished,

“Baby girl don’t you do this…. I shouldn’t have let you go to this hunt….” Dean said, movin some of my hair from my face

“Oh god I should have shot that person before he did to you…” I heard Sam whisper, tears started to form in my eyes now I couldn’t take the pain I was leaving them for good I wasn’t special like them to be brought back to life.

“We…” Dean started to say glancing over at Sam “youre safe now for sure, were going to get you out of here so hang in there kiddo.” Sam nodded at what Dean said to me,

“The suns coming back up so we can head out now.” Sam was telling us, he was about to pick me up but I gave them my ‘listen to me face’.

“Listen to me you two….” I told them I smiled, “you two are the bestest brothers I could ever asked for. You both worked so hard raising me making me happy, loving me. Don’t give up on the job…. don’t get into fights or blaming yourselves on this…. don’t…. don’t forget about me…” My eyes were becoming a blur, Dean and Sam was staring at me with such sad eyes I wish I could make them happy one last time.

“Never babygirl. Oh god never.” Dean said,

“We’ll never forget about you, why would you think that we would?” Sam asked but I was running out of time so I couldn’t answer.

“Sam Dean….Its okay….” I started to say thinking this would make them happy, I smiled as my eyes were closing “I’m so proud of us…” my body went limp last thing I remembered hearing was whimpers and whispers of im proud of us too. Then everything went black.

-Just close your eyes. You’ll be alright. Come morning light, You and I’ll be safe and sound-

20 Songs for our favourite Tree (◕‿◕✿)

(I was going through my ipod and I found a bunch of songs that reminded me of a certain tall babe. enjoy!)

•I’ll Be Your Man - James Blunt

 • Video Games - Lane del Ray

 • Sweetest Thing - Paul Kelly

 • Waiting All Night - Rudimental ft. Ella Eyre

 • Darling It Hurts - Paul Kelly

 • Get Ratchet - Bloc Party

 • When You’re In Love - The Proclaimers

 • Green Eyes - Coldplay

 • What A Feeling - Alex Gaudino ft Kelly Rowland

 • Your Body Is A Weapon - The Wombats

 • Loverboy - You Me At Six

 • Breathing You In - The Whitlams

 • Let’s Get Married - The Proclaimers

 • Who’d Have Known - Lily Allen

 • Junk Of The Heart - The Kooks

 • Fall For You - The Whitlams

 • Heart’s A Mess - Gotye

 • Want You So Hard - Eagles Of Death Metal

 • Jungle Drum - Emiliana Torrini

 • Angel – Aerosmith

Happy Friday, Dalton!

It’s a little chilly outside, but it’s nothing that’s stopping me from talking a walk around the campus before we get more snow this weekend. Luckily, it won’t last longer than a day, so I can’t imagine we’ll get snowed into our dorms in the slightest.

For the afternoon, I’m thinking of heading into the rehearsal rooms to get myself a jump start on my NYADA audition in April. So, if anyone’s looking for me, that’s where I’ll be! Don’t mind the excessive singing – I’m still not satisfied with a song, yet, and I’ve been going through my iPod continuously to try and crack the code. Fingers crossed I get it right!