going through a vegan phase

concept-gay  asked:

Any thoughts on dietary needs/restrictions in the hp universe?? vegetarian/vegan??

I do have thoughts about this! 

I think if you get in good with the House Elves at Hogwarts, if you come into the kitchen occasionally and share a kind word, you’ll not only get a cup of tea and basket of biscuits to take back to your dormitory, but you’ll earn their eternal loyalty. It’s then that you can ask for your meals vegetarian, kosher, halal, allergen-free, super rare, or just without tomatoes. 

The castles vegetarians are  Dean Thomas, the Patil twins, Sirius Black, and Demelza Robbins. Pansy Parkinson, Pandora Lovegood, and Bill Weasley are vegans…or go through vegan phases, at the very least. Anthony Goldstein and Terry Boot, who hang out with the House Elves on the regular, eat kosher. Alicia Spinnet eats halal. And Ginny Weasley is the pickiest eater on the face of the planet - her habits get easier to maintain after she helps Hermione with SPEW during her third year. 

The Wizarding World at large, I think, is highly sensitive to personal tastes and picky-ness, because their magic allows to have what they want and when they want it pretty much any time of the day, and modifications are easy to make. So even if vegetarianism or religious dietary restrictions aren’t specifically on their minds, you’ll be accommodated pretty easily because wixen like what they like (and eat it too). 

Thank you for this question, my love <3 

RAINBOW NOURISH BOWL 🌈 feeding your body with an abundance of the right foods will make you feel so goooooood inside and out✨ i admit, i did go through a pretty intense junk food #vegan phase the past month and i was feeling pretty sluggish and bloated, but now that i’m eating a whole foods diet again, i just feel so full of energy and love and gratitude💗 It’s amazing how much food can affect your wellbeing 🙈🌟🌿


most vegans are suburban white moms just going through a phase. definitely no queer vegans or vegans of color. absolutely no male vegans or disabled vegans or poor vegans. who can relate to the systematic oppression of animals better than Susan from the suburbs?

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