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RFA(+V and Saeran) reacting to gamer!MC


° we all know that he is a gamer too

° so the more interesting question is, who is the better one?

° regarding LOLOL it´s a matter of fact that he won

° don´t mess with the No. 2 on the Shootingstar-Server

° but there are other games too

° so one day, you were tried of loosing to him, you decided to battle him in Mario Party

° yes MC is a Little Nintendo child

° you brought your Wii over to his place and by the time he noticed your presence you already finished plugging everything in

° “Hi MC why did you bring your Wii over?”

° “I´m tried of you always beating me so today we´ll Play a game of my choice.”

° before he could do or say anything else you already put the Controller inside of him

° he surrendered after only two minigames

° because he was only ever with mouse and keyboardhe was completly lost

° “MC, please let´s stop this.”

° “No, I are GOD!!!” Kira is that you?

° he was at the edge of tears

° “MC please. I admit I lost and you won but please stop being so scary!” ( ˃̩̩⌂˂̩̩ )

° yes, he was crying and yes, it was your fault

° great Job MC..

° “I´m glad you can admit a defeat, honey. I´m going to prepare dinner now. love you.”(´∀`)♡

° you left him Standing there looking like someone who got hit by a blue shell in Mario cart  」( ̄▽ ̄」)


° whenever she was away for work you felt lonly in the house

° well, someone has to earn money

° so you found yourself a hobby you could do from your couch

° you bought yourself a Playstation and a couple games

°  the games you enjoyed most were RPGs/JRPGs

° and this MC plays these games to 100%

° who?Me?

° but turning everything on ond off again was just tooo bothersome

° so why not play 24/7 instead?

° that also meant no sleep fro the time being

° Jaehee was away on a buisness trip with Jumin (the closest she´ll ever get to a vacation XD)

° you were at home, playing The Legends of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

° btw I love that game

° when she returned you were fighting the last boss (for the 4th time or so)

° “MC, what are you doing there?”

° “Playing some games.”

° u don´t say MC

° “And for how Long have you been playing?”

° from your current state she could tell it was quite some time..

° “Dunno, wich day is it?”

° “DAY??!”

° “MC get off the Couch, under the shower and when you´re finished we talk about your game-addiction!” ༼ つ °  ʖ ° ༽つ

° that marked the endof your hobby and you had to find a new one (maybe like painting?)

° poor MC !! ( ≧Д≦)


° he often took you with him to his rehersals

° but since there wasn´t much to do for you, you had to find something to occupy yourself

° good thing you brought your Nintendo and a few games to play with you(*^▽^*)

° these were mostly Jump´n´Run but whatever

° but you were a very…… passionate player

° “You stupid Gumba, go die somwhere else!”

° “Bowser, you Bastard go fuck your turtle wife or something!”

° you were banned from the rehersal

° so what to do now?

° simple: go home, eat a snack and continue gaming

° I´m so proud of you MC!

° Zen´s rehersal took a lot longer than usual thanks to a certain someone, wich caused him to come back at 4AM

° he went into the bedroom only to be greeted by the dimm lights of your console

° “MC are you still playing those games?”

° “Yeah.”

° “Please go to bed and finish it tomorrow.”

° you did but this behaviour of yours stayed for the next few weeks

° get up at 12AM, game till 5AM and then sleep again

° simple life, no problems

° at some point Zen had enough of this

° but every time he took your game away from you, you had it back in no time

° he even went as far as asking Seven to hack that stupid Thing in order for you to stop

° but he said no (⌣_⌣”)

° so he did the last thinghe could think of and unleashed the BEAST

° he came in the bedroom to find you once again playing a game and cursing like hell

° oh, did I mention that he was naked?

° “MC, you have to choose now. me or the games?”

° “Zen, why do you say such stu-”

° you looked up

° then you threw your console away

° the beast won once again(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و


° at some point he gave in and admitted that it was kind of boring to just sit in the penthouse the whole day

° he let you bring your old X-Box over and you got your own playroom

° yes, playroom, with an X-Box XD

° but when he heard you complaining that there were games you couldn´t Play with the old one he got you a new one

° and a Playstation

° this room beacme your new favourite room besides the bedroom ( ° ʖ °)

° he was glad there was a Thing you enjoyed that much and if you gave even the smallest hint on wnating a new game…

° you got it 3 days before release

° but sooner or later he had to set an end to this

° more or less because you gave those games more attention than him

° when you didn´t evengreet him properly anymore and slept in this Rom he decided it had to be done sooner rather than later

° he was more clever than Zen and didn´t take your stuff away

° he was sneaky

° he was clever

° he was Jumin Han

° and this Jumin Han would make you yourself get tried of these games

° the more games you got, the less fun it was playing

° you played but didn´t felt this satisfying feeling anymore

° so you tryed something new: getting Jumin to play with you

° “Come on Jumin, just one round. Pleeeaaase!!”

° “Okay but than we´ll go to bed. Promise?”

° “Sure.”

° your smile already paid off the soon to be followed torture in his eyes

° you endedn up playing till 1 AM (・_・ヾ

° Jumin discoverd the joy of gamin and enden up int he same hell as you

° but he coulden´t skip wrk and you didn´t want to Play alone anymore

° you made an agreement: no more playing alone for the both of you

° mission succeded, well kinda


° he didn´t play for fun

° he played to make little children Yoosung cry

° mostly aggro-kiddies in CS:Go

° one day you played a chilled Little round of CS:Go with your friends when you heard the two trigger words

° cyka blyat, rush B

° These words were enough to make you go in rage-mode

° you screamed the only Insults in russian that you knew as loud as you could into your headset

° if you want to know russian insults just google them xD

° after your screaming ended yuo heard somthing fall onto the ground

° it sounded like a human..

° “Seven are you okay?”

° “I am but please don´t scream like that in the microphone.”

° he got of the ground and sat down in his chair once again

° you wondered how loud you screamed that he even fell of the chair

° MC. please use your brain

° you turned around to leave the room and then you saw it

° right on his screen

° it looked like he was in the middle of a CS:Go game, nothing Special but then you saw with who he played

° “ Saeyoung….”

° he looked Kind of confused as if he asked himself what he did wrong this time

° “I brought out the trash, MC!”

° “The only trash to throw out is this cyka sitting infront of me!”

° he catched on, but unfortunately too slow

° “You know how much I hate these damn trolls who aren´t even from russian to begin with.All they ever want is to bother others!!”

° “MC, please calm down!”

° poor Seven, you kept lecturing him for about 2 hours …

° but hey, after that you became the best troll-couple in every online game <3


° he didn´t care much about games

° mostly because he´s almost blind

° so he didn´t really cared either that you were a very passionate player

° what should he do against it anyway….

° he often sat beside you when you played another game and you kept telling him what happend

° “MC, why did you kill those harpys?”

° “Because they attacked me.” 

° “MC, why did you die?”

° Because I didn´t kill the harpys this time.”

° Mc, why-”

° you had enough of this

° a question every 5 seconds was just too much to handle for you

° think about her concentration V

° “V, please stop asking such obvious stuff. I can´t concentrate when you Keep distracting me.”

° “Oh, okay I´ll Keep quiet from now on.”

° he did

° for about 2 minutes than it started all again

° “MC, why did you kill them?”

° enough is enough

° you turned off everything and went to the kitchen to get something to drink

° “MC, why did you stop?”

° “Because I somehow lost the joy in playing.”

° thank you V

° from now on you only played when he wasn´t around which was almost never but still better than being bothered nonstop


° since Seven had a far to big TV-Screen, why not enjoy your favourite game on it?

° soon you had plugged everything in and stared fascinated at the Screen

° on said Screen you saw the fictional love of your life : Geralt of Riva (●♡∀♡)

° pls Geralt marry me

° playing Witcher made you frget about time and simply enjoy a great game

° but you also forgot about the non-fictional love of your life: Saeran

° he didn´t like that suprise

° you promised to go and buy ice cream with him and now?

° all you cared about was the stupid game, where a man was riding some horse and killing Monsters

° you didn´t know he was watching you so Yous aid the words that led to your death sentence

° “Geralt, I love you!”

° “MC we have to talk !”

° fuck, he was here

° “Saeran, I didn´t know you were here..”

° he looked pissed

° really pissed

° “MC, first you forget our ice.cream date and then you just say I love You to a fictional character

° “Saeran he is nothing more than that to me, fictional.Don´t take it like that you know you´re the only one for me.”

° “You know you have to make up for it right?”

° “I know.”

° so you payed for ice-cream and some snacks

° you had to take the console back to wherever it was before and apologized a million times to Saeran

° you were so exhauted at some point you just fell asleep on Saeran´s shoulder

° he wouldn´t admit it but as he heard you mumble something about him being the only one for you….

° he forgave you <3

That´s it for this one, I hope you love Geralt as much as I do and also enjoyed reading.  o(^▽^)o

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Too late Part II ( Scott McCall & Nogitsune)

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Scott x Reader x Nogitsune

Y/N - Your name ; Y/L/N - Your last name

Summary (Requested) : Anon: Part 2 to too late?even though it ended like that PLEASE SAVE HER😩😩💜

Warnings: fluff at the end

A/N: I really enjoyed writing this ! And I’m sorry that it took me so long. I hope you guys like it as much as I do! xx Mira


Scott’s P.o.v.

“No this can’t be true! Why should she do that? Why would she leave without saying goodbye?” , I sob and fall into Stiles’ arms.

“Stiles it is all my fault. I completly ignored her the past few days. It is all my fault!” , it feels like a waterfall is running down my cheeks and it won’t stop.

“I should have stayed. I should have discussed the situation with her, like we did before. Why did I behave like this? I lost her Stiles, I lost the best I ever had, again. I am not able to save the ones I love and I don’t think I can handle another loss.” , so many thoughts are swirling around in my brain. Y/N was the only girl I truly loved after Allison’s death. She made me feel alive again and showed me that life is to be lived.

“Stop Scott.” , Stiles says in a worried tone.

“Stop listing all the things you should have done to prevent this. It happened. But don’t give up on her. I won’t and you should too! We will tell the others and make up a plan how to find her and save her.”, I snort and roll my eyes.

“Nice pep talk Stiles, but since when do any of our plans work out as we want?”

Stiles mumbles something I can’t hear.

“ At least we try and don’t give up!”, he says angrily.

“Sorry Stiles. I just, I can’t-”

“It is okay, bro. But I really think we should tell the others.”.

I nod l slightly but rest my head in my palms. I start to cry again. I don’t want to lose her. Not in that way. Not without saying sorry.

“Guys…Guys! Shut up!”, Malia shouts.

“We need a plan.”

“A working one.”, Lydia notes.

“ We have to trick the Nogitsune somehow.”, Liam says and I snort.

“ You want to trick a fox? Are you kidding me Liam?”, I say angrily and feel my claws stabbing me in the arm.

“Calm down Scott. He just wants to help.”, Lydia explains.

It is quiet it now. Everybody tries to find a way to get Y/N back. After coutnless minutes Lydia opens her eyes dramatically and I expect the worst.

“What is wrong Lydia? Did you hear or feel something?”, I say much too fast.

“No, but I figured something out: Scott do you remember what Mrs Yukimura said? There are two ways to free one from the Noguitsune. She said that someone can be freed from the Nogitsune by changing the host!”, Lydia explained.

“Yes, I do… she said you can’t be a fox and a wolf at the same time.” 

“We call that the divine move.”, Kira tells us.

“Or the Nogitsune needs to get slain by a weapon wielded by a Kitsune.”

“That’s it!”, a smile spreads across my lips. We actually have a chance to save her.

“But where are they? We obviously have to find them first.”, Stiles asks.

“ Camp Oak Creek, I guess. That is where he held me hostage and I guess there is where they want to hide. I think that the Nogitsune knows that we are willing to get Y/N back. He wants a fight and he will get one.”, Lydia states.

“Right, let’s go and save Y/N. We have to fight… for her. She would do it for every single one of us.” I look across the table to see Stiles’ head tilted down. He must feel as bad as I do. But there is no time left to waste on negativity. I already let too much of it go by.

Y/N’s P.o.v.

I wake up. For a second I didn’t remember where I was until I felt the cold underneath my body. The Nogitsune has taken over my mind and body, but sometimes he leaves me time for myself. Since he took over me I didn’t really feel something in an emotional way. I don’t know why. I didn’t cry or felt sorry nor did I feel any pain. It was quite peaceful that way. But nothing stopped me from thinking of Scott. I somehow hoped that he would save me, but he did not. I gave up hoping after some time. 

“Why are we still here?”, I ask curiously.

“What do you mean, little dove?”

“I just thought that you would like to go somwhere else.”, my voice sounds confident “Far away from this hellhole.”, I mumble the last word.

“Hm well let’s see…NO”, he shouts and I feel intimidated.

“Why?”, I whimper.

“Did you really think that I would leave Beacon Hills without getting revenge and the big show-down I wanted, silly little dove?”

“So…So you just u-used me as a personal weapon?, I feel so dumb right now. I thought I would have helped and saved my friends but it seems like I just made it even worse. I can’t do anything right!

“You guessed it, little dove. And as I expected, they are already on their way. Hah! This will be easy to handle!“, The Nogitsune laughs as I want this to end. I close my eyes and let him take over me again.

“Y/N! Come on wake up! Please, don’t do this to me!”, I feel pressure on my chest and something that is wet on my face.

“You can’t leave me alone, I love you Y/N. God I love you so much.”, a familiar voice says. It is Scott’s voice.

I want to wake up and tell him that I’m sorry and that I love him too but my eyes are too heavy to open them.

Full of determination I take a deep breath and open my eyes wide. The light is so bright but I can now see his face. He looks at me with puffy eyes.

“Y/N.”, he whispers just like I would break by the smallest amount of sound.

“I-I’m sorry S-scott”, I can barely talk because everything hurts.

“No, no, no don’t be sorry Y/N. It was my fault you just wanted to help us.”

I try to keep up and hear what he is saying but my ears keep blocking out his words and suddenly,although my eyes are open, everything is black.

Constant sounds of peeping machines are ripping me out of my coma. There are tubes in my chest and throat so I assume I’m at the hospital. There is someone besides my bed with his head on my right hand. I recognize his black hair and olive skin. He is asleep.  

I press the red button that is lying besides my left hand and just after a couple of seconds Melissa enters the room out of breath.

“Thank god, you are finally awake.”, she whispers excited.

“Don’t speak with that tube inside your throat, okay?”, I nod.

“You know, Scott went nuts when he brought you here. He never left your side and spent all those days in this room hoping you would wake up. I have never seen him so sad and concerned after Allison.” , she closes her mouth immediatly, like she said something she shouldn’t have.

“He really loves you Y/N.”

I smile and want to say that I love him too but the tubes are in the way.

“I’m going to remove the tube now. You may feel some scratching but don’t panic. Okay on three. One, two , three. There you go.”, Melissa bandages my throat.

“Take it slow with the speaking. I’m glad you are alive Y/N.”, she hugs me. Melissa is like a second mother to me. She knows my mother which means that she knows me since I was little. Seeing me like that must have a huge affect on her too.

As I lie there and watch the monitors, Scott finally moves. He lifts his head and looks into my eyes. His mouth drops. Scott embraces me. Although it gets hard to breathe I want this to last forever.

“I love you Y/N.”, he whispers and tears are falling down his cheeks.

“I love you too Scott.” his dark eyes draw me in.

“You did it, you saved me.”, I say.

“Well actually it was the whole pack. I couldn’t do it with out them.”, he scratches his neck.

“How?”, I ask curiously.

“Kira stabbed him with her Katana and as the Nogitsune fell to the ground I bit him. You can’t be a fox and a wolf at the same time. It killed him.” , he explains.

“I thought I lost you and it drove me crazy.”, he sobs.

“It’s alright Scott. You got me. And I will never leave if you don’t want me to.”

He places his lips on mine so gently and as we share this passionate kiss I realise:

It’s never too late for real love.

Any of you who thinks Zayn js just gonna give up music… Literally do you know this boy? Have you learned anything in these few years? He l o v e s music. It’s a big part of his fucking life, just that now he can put it on his albums and he can be full of ideas and he can do it the way he likes it since he’s in charge now. Go be bitter somwhere else. Because Zayn is sure af gonna rise and he will do great. He will do great things and other four boys will continue doing great things.

“Fuck off,” Jessica called at the sound of approaching footsteps. She was laying on her back along the ledge of the rooftop, one knee propped up, one arm hanging over the side. She refused to open her eyes. “Go find somwhere else to get stoned, this rooftop is occupado