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Pop and Wedlock

Same Campaign as Mother of (No) Mercy.

As the group of seven, irl 5 kids (8-14) and their (40s) parents goes further into the jungle, they are ambushed by a tribe of Cliffwalk Shifters. Everyone but the Monk fails their diplomacy check, so while the tribe lets them stay in their camp that night, they weren’t too friendly towards the party.

Now I like to get the players invested in the world as much as I can, so that night, the Shifters engaged in a tribal dance around a fire with a cool thing happening at the end. I’d rolled for the 4 Shifters dancing and the best got a 19 on his performance check. With no bard in the party, I expected the characters to just watch and learn some culture.

I did not expect the Dragonborn Paladin to try to redeem himself on the dance floor.

Paladin OOC: I’m gonna try to dance as best I can to make these people like me.

Me, surprised: Uh, sure. Roll performance.

*Nat 20*

The table roars and I feel the blood drain from my face.

Me: Ok, so all of you watch as your Dragonborn friend, known for his enforcement of justice and valor, absolutely kill it on the dance floor.

Rogue: Woo, you go Tornader!

Me: The Shifters are awestruck by the performance. After a moment of talking, a young and beautiful Shifter run out of a tent and straight up to Tornader. Before any of you can react, she kisses him passionately.

Paladin OOC: What’s happening?

Me, as the Shifter chief: Well done, scaled one. For your incredible performance in our ceremonial dance, you have won the hand of my daughter, Nutmeg, and are now a part of our tribe. Though we do not know the final place of the Journey Yet to Come, I am pleased to say you shall walk it together as Husband and Wife. Congratulations, my son.

Let me tell you, the look of horror that plays out on a 10 year old’s face when he finds out he has a wife to come home to is priceless. They are still married to this day, as he doesn’t think it would look good if a Paladin went through a divorce.

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how to talk to crush?????!!!!!!

ah. heck if I know, friend.
maybe send them several multi-paragraph texts in a day. have mini flailing breaks after everything they say, both over the phone and in person. talk at length about things that are interesting, relevant, or introspective, such as autumnal candles or those penny press machines at zoos and theme parks. grin manically whenever you see them or have conversations with them. tell them how much you like their face and stuff and things. like. damn. what a top notch face. also, make sure to spill things like drinks/food and trip constantly when with them as well cuz I’m pretty sure most people find that super attractive.

thanks for tuning in these have been my Pro Tips™. now go out there and woo your crush, my friend :v)

Altar (E.D) PT 1


SUMMARY: He’s standing at the Altar, about to give himself away to the woman you despised, but were you going to let him? He was marrying her for all the wrong reasons, you knew it should’ve been you up there.. and you were determined to get up there, but not without some help. Grayson had problems of his own, personal things he couldn’t bring himself to admit to you. But he was your bestfriend, of course he’d help you get to the Altar.. right? Or would he only pull you away from it? Find out by reading ;)

Ew lmao that was so bad, anyways enjoy :)

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Chapter 6: Sentiment

The night went quickly for Evan.

He woke up to Jon cuddled into his armpit with his mouth open, dribbling slightly. He looked so little, like back when they use to cuddle up next to each other and it wasn’t gay and wasn’t weird for them too. He loved those times were they didn’t have to worry about anything other than what they felt then. It was peaceful. Now they had so many responsibilities and such that he forgotten what it felt like to relax and not worry about anyone other than himself.

Evan found himself staring for too long at Jon though. No, something was different, it wasn’t just the responsibilities, but the way Jon’s jawline and his perfectly assorted face was held, the way his arms had tangled their way around him, how his sleeve tattoo and his piercings only added to the fact he was already a good looking human. Perfect in Evans eyes. Growing up had always scared him and Jon, but nothing could have prepared him for these confusing feelings.

Evan gingerly moved his arm a little, coming to bring Jon closer. He looked across to see Tyler sleeping across his feet, Brock was next to Jon, hugging Brian as he saved him from falling off, Anthony and Scotty were already on the floor with a space of where they once were on the bed, Lui seemed to be sleeping on Jon’s desk chair, David was half in the wardrobe somehow and Craig, Marcel, Ryan and Luke were nowhere to be seen. Luke being sober probably meant that they were somewhere sensible rather than in the cramped bed.

It took a while for them all to wake up. Luke was the first up, knocking lightly on the door frame of the bedroom.
Evan looked up, he seemed to be the only other one awake.

“I can’t believe you’ll cramped in here, there was another bedroom me and Ryan could of shared. That one has a door too.” He whispered, chuckling to himself.

Evan smiled in agreement, his head hurting like a bitch.

“You want anything there?” Luke asked, rather amused by the way his brother from another mother was wedged into Evans arms.

“Water please.”

He heard Luke walk away before laughter erupted from the bathroom causing a few people to stir. Luke came running back in, almost crying.

“Marcel’s in the fucking bath asleep, scared the complete shit out of me!”

Evan giggled slightly causing Jon to turn.

“I thought he was with you and Ryan?”

“No! I guess that’s where he’s been sleeping all night, freaking idiot.”

“Shut the fuck up.” Tyler mumbled, his eye cracking open slightly.

“Where’s Craig?” Luke whispered now, Evan shrugged. “This is when we find him dead some place. And also, why the hell is David in the wardrobe?”

Evan chuckled lightly.

“I actually have no clue.”

There was a weird silence as they looked over the sea of dead looking teens.

“Water.” Was all Luke said, before turning to leave.

Evan had gotten up after Luke had given him glass of water. They talked for awhile about random things.

Evan liked Luke, he had acted like a big brother to him and especially Jon. He loved Jon to bits.

“What the hell happened last night?” Scotty asked, walking slowly down the stairs.

Luke laughed at his pain.

“You fucked Anthony.”


Luke laughed harder, causing Evan to snicker. They had agreed to tell everyone the most outrageous things they could think of, and that was having sex with another person.

“It’s true.” Evan added, taking a glass of water to him. “In Jon’s fucking bed too, it was gross.”

“Yeah! We had to pry you from the fucker before any of us could get some sleep.”

Scotty started to turn red.

“You’re lying!”

“Nu-uh.” Luke mumbled, putting his serious older brother face on. Evan was internally dying of laughter.

Scotty stood there in shock before shaking his head. This made Luke laugh hard.

“I know you’re fucking lying you dicks.” Scotty frowned, punching Luke’s arm lightly.

They told Scotty the plan.

They waited for an hour, talking again about nothing in particular.

“Where the fuck is Ryan, is he dead?” Luke stated, beginning to climb the stairs.

A minute later he came down basically dragging the hungover lad by his arm.

Ryan cursed under his breath, before rubbing his eyes.

“Hey guys.” He yawned.


“Anyone seen my glasses?”

“I’ve got them.” Luke replied, going to his bag and handing them to him.

“Thanks buddy.” Ryan popped them on. He was good at rocking both the contacts and the glasses, as long as you could still see his beautiful eyes he was a catch.

“Hey did you know you two fucked last night?” Scotty said a little too excitedly.

Ryan laughed sleepily, looking over to Luke.

“Oh yeah? Did we now?” He replied sarcastically, brushing Luke slightly. “I remember it being the best sex I’ve ever had.”

“Stop it you fucker.” Luke mumbled, he knew that wouldn’t work on Ryan. He was far too flirtatious to get all red and shy if he had fucked him anyway.

“Yes a fucker is what I am, I’m guessing you must of been the fucked then?” Ryan laughed far too cutely for Luke’s liking.

“You’re a bitch.”

This made Ryan laugh harder.

“Can I play?”

Tyler was the next to come down. They told him he had fucked Craig, but he was far too stubborn to believe them. Next it was Anthony who got told about the whole Scotty case. He was convinced until he saw Scotty start to laugh. Then it was Lui, who thought the idea of him fucking David in the closet was hilarious and was way too funny to be real. After that it was Jon.

He almost fell down the stairs, tripping over his half-on sock.

“Alright mister eager!” Luke cried in laughter.

It was about 1pm and Ryan was only now making breakfast with whatever food he could find. It smelt delicious.

Jon groaned.

“I am either dying or dead and this is a shitty afterlife.” He yawned, coming to sit next to Evan.

“Sup man.” Evan mumbled. “Have a good one?”

“I dreamed I was in a weird ass universe where we had all the inside body parts of us on the outside. It was damn weird.”

“What?!” Luke laughed.

“Too much information.” Evan added. “I didn’t ask you for a novel.”

Jon snorted, still a little too light headed to start laughing.

“Oh,” Tyler butted in, getting up from the sofa. “Did you know you and Evan fucked last night?”


“Yeah dude, Evan was trying to get over his girlfriend and-”

“Too soon!” Ryan yelled over the sound of the pan sizzling.

Evan exhaled loudly, looking over to Ryan and nodding. Ryan smiled, before going back to his cooking. Thank God he had saved him. He didn’t feel like he could deal with the whole Georgia thing this morning. He had actually forgotten until Ty had said something.

“Anyway you two just fucked. Totally not for that reason.” Tyler mumbled, annoyed Ryan had ruined his catch.

“What?” Jon said again, a little less surprised. He raised an eyebrow up at Evan.

“Yeah totally.” Evan said in his sarcastic monotone voice. “We frickle fracked in yo bedroom.”

“Damn without a door? That must of been spicy!” Luke added.

Jon laughed, a little blush still on his face. “Damn that’s risky. I bet it was good.”

“Of course it was.” Evan said, feeling he was taking it too far. “Could work a little on flexibility though, I had a HARD time getting there.”

Evan started to blush, damn why had he said that. He was thinking about it now. An image he could never get rid of in his head.

“Well I’m sorry! We can’t all be perfect hoomans like you, you damn hoodini.”

This made Evan laugh. Thank God Jon hadn’t made it awkward.

“Anyway…” Tyler mumbled, a little freaked by the flirting the two were doing. He thought he had got use to flirting from Ryan’s flirty nature, however this was more innocent. The way they lightly blushed and the nervous teasing. It made him shiver. “Where the fuck is Craig?”

They found him in the garden, sleeping like a log underneath one of the boys cars.

Marcel woke up about thirty minutes later complaining of being wet and achy and David around an hour later, confused why he was hanging out of a closet.

Brock and Brian were the last to wake up. Their soft chatting could be heard from the boys downstairs.

“So what do you guys wanna do?” Evan asked knowing some had work later and such. “I’m staying here tonight, right?”

“If you wanna, it’s kind of a shit-hole.”

“It’s always a shit-hole.” Evan stated.


“Well me and Brian have to go like, now, we have a date with Brian’s mom. I agreed to swing by and paint her living room.” Brock mumbled, getting up and helping Brian up. “And I’m helping I guess.” Brian said in annoyance causing Brock to laugh.

“It’s your mom.”

“I can take some of you dudes home in a bit. As Craig knows my car’s outside if anybody wants a lift, but it’ll have to be in a sec. I’ve got work at 4 and it’s like half 3 now.” Marcel said, also getting up as he looked around the circle of his friends.

“I’ll take you up on the offer dude.” Tyler mumbled.

Anthony and Scotty looked at each other. “us too”

“And me!” David yelled, Marcel frowned.

“Man you like live a million miles away I’m not taking you home.”

“Damn it.”

“I’ll take you home.” Craig muttered, rolling his eyes. “You can come with me a Lui.”

“Woo awesome!”

Jon looked towards the two older boys for their answer. Luke spoke first.

“Well my car’s out front so we’ll go when ever my princess wants too.”

“Aw thank you my dear prince Lukey boy.” Ryan replied, chuckling. “So that should basically be whenever you want us to go Jon.”

“Okay.” Jon replied. He looked towards Evan who was watching them all leave.

“How long are you planning on staying?”

“Um, like all holiday basically? I was hoping if you got bored of me I could crash at someone else’s for a while.”

Jon laughed.

“You’re damn right you’re staying all holiday.” Jon smiled, shuffling slightly. “You gotta make up for the years you’ve missed with me.”

Evan giggled, looking in his direction. “I will, don’t worry.”

The early boys left then and there, and not even an hour later the Craig carpool left, leaving only Jon and Evan, and Ryan and Luke.

“What do you lads wanna do?” Luke asked as Ryan went to the toilet.

Jon shrugged. “my mama said she’d be back at like 8, so make that about 9-ish to 10-ish so we have load of time.”

“Yeah, we’ll go when ever your mom gets home.” Luke mumbled, before the footsteps of Ryan could be heard.

“How about filling us in on anything interesting that happened last night Luke?” Ryan asked as he jogged back down the stairs, coming to join them all snuggled on the sofa bed.

“Hmm.” Luke scratched his beard. “Well I’m like 100% sure that Brock and Brian are a thing, Marcel got a little too excited and threw up outside, and Craig stepped in shit whilst he and Tyler ran around wrestling In the garden. Hence why he slept outside. Evan you decided it was a good idea to teach Jon to ice skate by throwing ice everywhere. And Ryan, oh Ryan, I think you sent a dick pic to everyone we know. I’m not even lying this time.”

“Well fuck.” Ryan replied, grabbing his phone from his pocket.


“Told you.” Luke laughed along with Jon.

“I think I got one.” Jon mumbled, bring up his phone to find Ryan had text him.

Ryan snatched the phone away from him.

“Deleted.” He muttered, giving Jon’s phone back causing Jon to laugh harder.

“Oh boy, I wonder who else has seen.”


Luke burst into laughter as Ryan showed him the angry text he had got from his mum.

“Goddamn it, can I stay at yours tonight luke?”

“Convince me.”

“Well I didn’t send you a picture.”

“You did, and I caught you in the act too. That double minus points.”

“Fuuuucckk. I’m dead.” Ryan cried.

Jon was laying into Evan, trying not to wet himself. He hadn’t remembered laughing so hard in the last year he had been here.

“Of course you can stay, I got you bro.”

“Thank God, you lifesaver.”

“Just call me Jesus fucking Christ.”

“Jesus is fucking Christ? I didn’t know that. Is that something that also happened last night?” Evan joked making Jon laugh harder, he was laughing so hard nothing was coming out and he was just rolling around as he grasped for air. Evan had missed this so much. He had missed Jon the most though. His laugh alone made him laugh. It was the best feeling ever, laughing at nothing other than someone else’s happiness.

They decided on playing a friendly match of Mario Kart. Evan, of course, being Luigi, Jon as Baby Luigi, Luke as Peach and Ryan as Daisy.

“YOU DAMN HOOCHIE!” Jon screamed as Ryan bashed him with a red shell as he flew past him into first place, with both Evan and Luke following close behind. “DAMN IT ALL!”

Evan somehow managed to get first as Luke and Ryan beat eachother up. He jumped up in triumph.

“Come on Jo, you can do it!” He chanted as he bumped into him lightly.

“I’ll never do it!” Jon cried back as he raced towards the pair, with Ryan hit by a shell and Luke falling from the side.

“You will.” Evan whispered, getting closer to his ear. “If you do it I’ll give you a kiss.”

Jon’s head spun to meet his eyes causing his character to crash into the back of a fence, making him loss.

“Oh dear, looks like you won’t get one. Did it distract you that much?” Evan began to laugh, forgetting the other two were sat right next to him.

“No!” Jon exclaimed in panic. “No, of course not. I let ya’ll win! Yeah, yeah…”

“Of course you did.” Luke said, rolling his eyes.

They suddenly heard the front door go before the familiar face popped around the corner.

It was Jon’s mum. She almost looked identical to him apart from her long hair.

“Hey guys.” She mumbled quietly, carrying what seemed to be a suitcase.

“Why you back so early mama?” Jon asked curious. He knew she had stayed at a friends last night and had told him she’d be back late.

He jumped up to help her in, as well as Evan who seemed stuck to his side.

“Hey Carol.” Evan smiled, causing her to look up to the unexpected voice.

“Oh! Ev! I haven’t seen you ages, how have you been?” The cheery voice she had on didn’t seem like her at all. Jon frowned.

“I’ll take that mama, you speak to Evan. I told you he was coming down, didn’t I?”

Carol nodded, not really remembering if he had or not. She frowned weirdly at her son and then back over to Evan. He had grown a bit taller and harboured buff shoulders and muscular legs. It was weird to not see him as the round little boy anymore, mind you, she could’ve said the same about all of Jon’s mates, including himself.

Jon started to take the suitcase, lugging it up the stairs as it was heavier than expected. Evan stared at him for a moment, before looking back down to his best friend’s mother, she had changed and not for the better.

“Hey Jon.” Luke hollered before Jon had made it all the way. “You okay there? If so me and Ryan are gonna head off. Ryan reminded me there’s a car show I wanted to watch on TV.”

Jon laughed, God Luke was a nerd.

“Yeah I’m good, see you guys some other time.”

Evan sat in the kitchen with Carol. It was weird. He felt like he hadn’t seen her in forever as she was never really here when he was here anyway. “So, how have things been Ev? I’ve heard a lot about you from Jonathan. He’s been real excited about you coming back.”

“Has he now?” Evan chuckled, hearing a light bash upstairs. Jon was too cute.

“I’ve been rather busy with my whole hockey thing, I’m just looking for Universities now.”

“Why don’t you go to the one down here? Ryan said it is really good there, especially for whatever he’s doing… business is it? I can’t remember. And Jon has missed you so much, I think it would be great to have you down here again.”

Evan stared at her, the sentiment sweet and kind. The thing was, he had been looking at St Yale-field University as it was well equipt in the realm of economics as well as business, but the hockey was limited. He couldn’t decide on whether to go with the head or the heart in his predicament.

He just needed more time to think it over, hence why the holiday was going to be a long one.

“Yeah, I might go there.” He mumbled under his breath causing Carol’s face to light up.

“That would be nice, for all of us.”

Evan frowned, what was Carol saying? He didn’t want to make decisions based on others; okay, maybe he would for Jon though.

If Jon needed him, he’d do anything

AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10691808/chapters/23896068

Old Souls

{A Scarlet Heart: Ryeo fan fiction}

Set immediately after the end of episode 20.

Chapter 1

A woman was crying in the middle of the hushed gallery—she had been crying for several minutes now—and Jin Woo didn’t know what to do about it.

He had come down from the law firm at the top of the building to eat his lunch alone. He disliked eating with his coworkers, so several times a week he would ride the service elevator to the first floor, walk to the corner store, eat a hasty meal, and spend the rest of his lunch hour sequestered in the gallery on the first floor. Jin Woo liked this spot because it was quiet and secluded. A great place to take in the new art installation or to people watch without drawing attention to himself. Today, the gallery was emptier than usual, which suited him just fine.

At first she didn’t attract his special attention. He only noticed at all because she was quite pretty. Dressed simply but fashionably, with slender legs and long dark hair that fell half way down her back. But then there was something else that kept him watching. An oddness in her manner. A startled disconsolate way of looking around, as though each new artifact belonged to her, a deeply personal memento, taken from her home and put on display without her knowledge.

He’d seen all kinds of strange reactions to the art that traveled through the gallery, but he didn’t think he’d ever seen anyone react to early Goryeo-era portraiture quite like this. And as she moved around she seem to grow more agitated. Barely taking in one piece before whirling to the next. She stopped in front of a painting depicting the palace at Song'ak and seemed to waver where she stood. Jin Woo heard her murmuring something he couldn’t quite make out. But as he strained to listen, he did hear it. A repeated word.

“Sorry.” She was saying “I’m sorry” over and over again. He could tell by the timbre of her voice that she was crying. Then without warning, she clasped her hand over her mouth and sank to the floor. Very like a flower bowed over by the wind.

Jin Woo was frozen with indecision. He considered standing up and leaving the way he’d come in. But he kept on hesitating and she kept on crying, shaking like a bluebell. Setting aside the pamphlet he’d been pretending to read, Jin Woo got up and moved reluctantly across the room toward the crying woman. He looked around, hopefully, to see if someone would come to his rescue. But the room was totally deserted except for the two of them.

Coming near he asked quietly, “Excuse me. Are you okay?” She didn’t look up or seem to hear him. A little louder he tried, “Is there someone I can call for you?”

Bending down he stretched out his hand and placed it gingerly on one trembling shoulder.

At his touch she looked up with a jerk and a start.

He started to draw back, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to—” but to his surprise she reached out and caught hold of his sleeve.

“You…” She said, searching his face with a gaze full of intimate familiarity. His breath caught in his throat. “It’s you.”

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SuperBowl Sunday with Kendall (Imagine)

Kendall is a huge football fan in heart, but sometime, he doesn’t show it toward his own fans. But ever since September, with the rumors that the Seattle Seahawks might be playing the SuperBowl in 2014, Kendall couldn’t stop talking to me about them. And that’s why I had gotten him SuperBowl tickets for his birthday in November.

Now it’s February 2nd, and Kendall and I were bundled up in nice warm jackets to avoid the cold winter of New York City/New Jersey. Finally, after another three months of non-stop football talk, it was SuperBowl Sunday. We’re were already at the arena, with thousands of other fans, watching the Seahawks killing it. The other team, Denver Broncos were done. Not even a score while the Seahawks are at 16.

Kendall and I are enjoying the best view from the VIP box; which is like the front orchard in a concert. Because Kendall was all about football these past couple of months, let’s say I learned something about the sport as well, and was rooting with Kendall.

Seattle Seahawks all the way.

Aside from the game itself, when I heard that it was Bruno Mars who will be performing the halftime, I was beyond excited! And that was way after I had given Kendall the tickets!

“Hey Kendall” I said, tapping his arm. He looks over at me.


“How much time left on the second quarter?” Kendall looks to one side of the stadium and point up to the score box.

“Less than a minute. Oh, Broncos are dead!” Kendall said.

I chuckle. We look back at the two teams lining up on the field. We watch as the Seahawks’ quarterback, Russell Wilson grab the ball and backs up. He looks around for any Broncos players. Two were heading toward him, but Wilson was able to throw it across the field. Everyone watched as a Seahawks player caught it and made touchdown! The whole stadium stood up and roar, clapping and cheering.

The quarter was over. The halftime show was next but first, it was the commercial break for all the viewers who were watching from they’re TV. Where Kendall and I sat, was the Seahawks’ side. All the team members came trotting over sitting on the benches and take long drinks.

“Oh my god” I breath, tapping Kendall’s forearm multiply times. “Russell Wilson…is sitting… right in front of us!”

I look over at Kendall’s who nodding. He has the wide eyes. He’s starstruck. Kendall stands up from the seat and lean over the clear wall that separates us from the field. Yes, we’re first rows. Kendall tap the football player’s helmet. Russell jumps at the sudden touch and turns around. I gasp when he looks at us. He smiles.

“Hey, you’re Schmidt!” he says. My eyes widen myself. He knows Kendall!? Russell holds a fist. “Fist bump?” Kendall gladly fist bumps with the Russell Wilson! “Listen, I got to go to the locker room and change shoes. Football sneakers are so uncomfortable. But hey, enjoy the show.”

“Will do Russell” Kendall replies. Russell looks over at me.

“Is that your girlfriend?” he asks. Kendall sits back down and wraps his arms around me.

“Yes it is.”

“Here.” I watch as Russell picks up a football and sign it. He toss it over the clear roll and I catch it. He winks then jogs away.

“Oh, what just happened?” I ask Kendall, looking at him. He chuckles.

“You got Russell’s autograph” Kendall tells me. I giggle. “By the way, that’ll be going in my studio as a display.” I rolled my eyes and push it onto Kendall’s lap.

“Have fun with it.”

Kendall laughs and play with the ball in his hands. I see the staff finishing up with setting up the stage. Then they walk away and a bunch of external VIP-ers for the Bruno Mars concert, comes running across the field, gathering around the stage. Until I see Bruno walking onto the stage. He’s on!

“Hey, I’m going to run to the restroom” Kendall whispers to me.

“But you’re going to miss Bruno Mars!” I point out.

“I know, but I will be fast. I promise. Beside, if I miss him, I can watch what I recorded back at home.” I look at him oddly.

“You recorded the SuperBowl when we’re here, at the SuperBowl!?” I ask. Kendall nods.

“Yeah. Now, I got to go. Bad.”

Kendall quickly leaves and jogs up the steps. I turn and look back at the stage where Bruno starts playing the drum and the real show begins! He plays one of his hit songs, and I swear I’m dancing in my seat! When the song ends, Bruno speaks,

“Woo! Alright guys! Quiet down a bit.” The crowds does go quiet. “I’d like to welcome a good friend of mine out here. Kendall Schmidt.”

My eyes drop as I look all over the stage for my boyfriend. Soon, I see Kendall appearing next to Bruno Mars. Part of the crowds cheer to welcome Kendall on stage. I’m confused.

“Hey Kendall. You’re out here because?” Bruno asks with a smile. Kendall takes the microphone.

“I’m out here because my lovely girlfriend over there,” Kendall points toward me. “got me tickets for tonight. Plus. I want to ask her something.”

“Excuse me?” Another voice speaks, but it sound like it’s from behind me. I look over my shoulder and jump in my seat to see its Russell Wilson, again!

“Russell? What are you doing here?” I ask. He holds out his hand.

“Come with me.”

“But, uh-” I point toward the field where Kendall still stood on stage, next to Bruno Mars.

“Don’t worry” Russell interrupts me. “I’m taking you to Kendall.”


I take his hand and stand up. He walks me against the clear wall and then opens it, which is actually a doorway. I follow him onto the field and he leads me to the center, where the large 50 is painted. And where Kendall was now standing. Russell stops me a few feet away from Kendall then walks away. I watch him get further then look around me. The entire stadium eyes’ were on us.

“Kendall?” I ask, looking back at him.

“Y/N.” Kendall smiles.

“What’s going on?-” The moment I ask, Kendall pulls out a small box from his pocket. I raised my eyebrows at him. Kendall begins,

“The moment I first saw you, you haven’t left my heart. Yes, you were just a fan of me four years ago, and now you were my girlfriend.”

“-were?” I whisper under my breath.

“Yes, were. Because now, I want you to be my forever.”

I watch as Kendall opens the box, revealing a three-diamond ring. I bring my hands up to my mouth. Was this really happening? Kendall goes down on one knee and the whole stadium aww'ed.

“Will you do the honor by marrying me?” Kendall ask. I nod.

“Yes” I answer.

Tears piles in the corner of my eyes. I wipe them away as Kendall quickly stands back up and slip the ring down my finger. He holds onto my face, bringing his lips to mine for a passionate kiss. The whole crowd claps toward us. Kendall then wraps his arms around me and hug me close. With the view, I watch as Bruno Mars starts singing “Just The Way You Are.”

With Kendall still embracing onto me, starts rocking me, along with the beat of the song. Knowing the song well, we both start singing along softly, so it’s only us who’s hearing our own voice. Kendall leans in, placing his lips nears my ear.

“I love your future Mrs. Schmidt.”

🎶 And when you smile; The whole world stops and stares for awhile 🎶

Boys Boys Boys

xaphrin, I’m so glad this is in our lives!


It wasn’t like she wasn’t happy for her friend.

She was. She was incredibly happy that her friend found someone to spend the rest of her life with. And she was overjoyed that her friend wanted her to be such a big part of her journey to the big day.

She just wasn’t happy about being involved in this part of the journey.

Raven licked her teeth and tried not to roll her eyes as a round of fruity pink drinks was brought to their rainbow penis themed table. A repetitive, over autotuned, overplayed, barely coherent pop song thudded out from the speakers, the bass making everything vibrate, including her chest, and she couldn’t help but count the songs until it was okay to leave.

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Look At What I Bought You

Prompt from phanfic - Shy!Dan in panties. ily.

yesssssss (i love shy!dan doing sexual stuff oh my)

you guys can imagine this in 2009 or now depends on what you like (i see it in 2009 lololol)

ALSO sorry i havent posted for a long ass time omfg im so sorry omgomg k go tell ur friends about this smut lmao (the end gets sappy oops)

Contains: fingering (bc lmao why not), phil calling dan princess, shy!dan, multiple orgasms (like 2), crossdressing slightly, phil calls dan a slut!!!, dirty talk woo, fucking with the panties on!!!


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I passed my candidacy exam.

What a miserable two hours after a miserable two weeks of anxiety.

It was totally fine. My committee is lovely and I did well but I did not enjoy it and felt on the verge of crying/throwing up the the whole.

Grateful to my femme sister showing up early this morning to sit with me at school, waiting with me when I got kicked out of the room, and taking me out for fries and beer after. Also to plush friends who show up 😉

Now I have to go give feedback in my dissertation workshop on someone else’s proposal but I just want to sleep. For days.


So Zadkiel and I were dancing with Oculus/ eyeplier and Woo. While dancing, Z and Ocu were getting to know each other, which lead to this situation. Woo and I heard what was being said and stopped dancing because EATING YOUR DANCE PARTNERS’ EYE IS RUDE WTH. My handwriting is awful I’m so sorry here:

Z: Fascinating… I had no idea eyes could have different tastes. I’m curious Oculus, what would my eyes taste like to you? … Would you like to try one?

Woo: We talked about this, Oculus…

Me: Zadkiel WTF!? Don’t rip your own eye out at the ball!

Ocu: But… he offered..?

Z: What? It’ll regenerate.


But that aside, Z really enjoyed his dance with Oculus and hopes he made a new friend. He totally still gave him an eye some other time as a gift though because “That’s what you do, right? Give your new friends an eye? He eats them so it won’t go to waste.” “Zadkiel no…”

Now I’m curious how Oculus would react to this gift.

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Might not see this, but I just wanted to thank you for everything. You've probably heard this a lot by now, but you helped me come out to my family and friends as pansexual. Luckily they where all very excepting of me. So once again, thank you :3 <3

no problem!!! i think you’re super cool and also good.
keep bein’ you because you is awesome.
hope it was ok to post this!!!
you’re great!!!!
woo go you!!!

Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right

Gonna write a lil thing here cause I’m bored. Sorry for the bad format because I’m on mobile B’)

Au where Chloe is finally trying to like redeem herself, but everyone’s convinced she’s not being legit. She tells them she’ll do whatever she can to show them she’s trying to be better, but they still don’t believe her, so they test it.

They end up messing with her because they don’t believe her and they wanna see how far she’ll go. Adrien doesn’t like this and he says so but the others don’t stop.

Their fun is like borderline bullying now and it gets worse the longer it goes on and finally Mari walks in to see what’s happening and is appalled. She might not like Chloe really, but she doesn’t deserve what they’re doing to her. The poor girl is even on the brink of actual tears.

Mari stomps over and yells at her other classmates, including Alya, because no one should stand by while this happens and no one should be doing it. So Mari grabs Chloe’s hand and tugs her to her feet. With like one more glare at her classmates, she stomps out of the room with Chloe in tow.

She leads her to like the bathroom or something and helps her out, cleans her up and all that jazz. Then she asks what happened, and Chloe tells her and Mari is like “they were messing with you, they weren’t even giving you a chance!”

And Chloe starts to legit cry and she just breaks down, and Mari hugs her and comforts her and tells her that she’ll help and believe her. That only makes Chloe cry more, and she asks, “Why would you do that? It doesn’t help you any, if anything it’ll make other people give you a hard time.”

Mari pulls back and gives her a smile and responds, “Why wouldn’t I do it? People make mistakes, and if you know you’ve made one and try to fix it, then you definitely deserve a chance! I don’t just do things if doing it benefits me, you know. Even if this is beneficial, because I’d like to be your friend.”

That answer rips another sob from Chloe and they just hug it out until she can’t cry anymore. They walk back to class (holding hands because Chloe needs the reassurance) and everyone looks ashamed of what they did. One by one they apologize and even Adrien does because he couldn’t stop them from being mean.

So people take her seriously now and eventually they’re all great friends and Chloe has definitely joined Mari’s group of friends.

Her and Mari go shopping from time to time and they just hang out a lot. Chloe even decides to help Marinette talk to Adrien. Friendship all around woo!

HAPPY JULY 5TH taylorswift!!!
I worked ALL WEEKEND (Friday-Sunday) makin’ drinks for all the starbucks lovers out there (even though that’s not the lyric).
And now I’m exhausted, but tomorrow my LAST DAY OFF before I take time off to go down to see you in DC a WEEK FROM TOMORROW ON THE 13TH!!!
I hope you had an amazing weekend with your friends and I hope you’re excited to start back up on the tour!
Love you lots!
❤️ Your Favorite Starbucks Barista

a few updates, cuz I’ve been kinda mergh quiet

-these past few months have been kind of solidifying the fact that illustration/art/comics is what I want to do for the rest of my life- a kind of settled “this is it and I have to work hard for it and kick my own ass” kind of mentality

-I was in my first exhibition at my university’s art museum woo yeah

-also scored a scholarship which is crazy and my chest feels weird every time I think about it (I have a lot to thank for my illustration professor this year)

-tabled at my first arts fest with one of my best friends

-moved out of my first apartment- cathartic

-I’m working on a bummer minicomic with Chris who wrote WITB so get pumped for that B) B) B)

-it’s summer now, finally, and I’ve started going to the park in the evenings with my little sister practicing cartwheels. It’s fun. Try a cartwheel some time if you can.

-I’m trying to be less afraid, less toxicly serious about the grand scheme of what I say or do. Don’t ever be too serious about yourself. Being serious about yourself sux cow ass

Now that’s over with let’s have a pool party 

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Hello could you do usuk in 7? Thanks a lot!

(two in one day woo)

7 - fake relationship au

“These are definitely going to see right past this,” Alfred sighed.

“I agree,” Arthur added, looking over at Alfred. His childhood friend, his incredibly handsome and incredibly single and very much not into Arthur friend. 

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Let’s Defuse It

Word Count:1582

A/M: So this is continuing from my other story “Broken Agreement” and yeah, Friends with Benefits idea and such woo.
This is inspired by a song, that I LOVE and technically inspired the first part to happen. 

You can listen to the song/watch the video HERE. You don’t have to but it is a good song and I love it lol.













You heard the timer go off, and smiled as you got up to get your food. Reaching out for the now hot plate, you snapped your hand back away from it, quickly feeling the burn sear slightly on your fingertips and quickly went to put your finger under cold water. 

Suddenly the memory came back. Like the searing pain that made your fingertip sting, the imprint of the vulnerability in Niall, his confession, it was there in your brain, and it wouldn’t leave you alone. 

But how could it?

You can’t simply forget something like that could you? Not when it came from Niall and the kind of relationship you two shared. 

Sometimes you wanted to forget it. But sometimes you didn’t want to forget. Cause you didn’t want to forget Niall. 

It all happened so fast. It was so hard to grasp the reality of what happened until days had already passed. 

You both knew the risk that you two would take upon agreeing to something like this. 

Anytime you sleep with someone, one of them is bound to catch some sort feelings. ​

Maybe you guys didn’t really consider reality and the concept of feelings at all. 

You barely felt it until you remembered, realizing that your finger grew numb after staying in the ice cold water for so long. 
You quickly turned off the water and tried to keep it warm again, keeping it enclosed in your other hand. 

Stop it [Y/N]. What’s done is done.
You thought to yourself. But you looked down sadly, and now spoke under your breath, 

“He made his decision." 

It wasn’t as if you didn’t try to make things right. 
You tried to get through to him since he’d decided he needed to ignore you for a while after that night. 
Which you understood and you respected his space. 
Sometimes people need to disappear, to help themself.

But after almost a week of no word from him, drove you nuts and you needed to speak to him. Whether it was through text, or in person or even a phone call, and he finally got through to you last night. 

Oh great. Now that’s lingering in my brain now.

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