going out with a bang done right

Bang Bang.

Summary: You’ve been missing a certain angel and are most definitely frustrated and it is starting to show.

Warnings: smut and language!

Word count: 1400+

A/N: First Cas smut, I tried pretty hard on this. Let me know what you guys think!


 Bang. Bang. Bang.

With each shot you took at the target, you got father and farther away from your intended goal. Your mind handed been in the right place lately. Dean had already scolded at you for being “off your game.” You had insisted you weren’t, but there was no telling the eldest Winchester otherwise.

After you had finished emptying the clip into the target, none of the shots hitting the grey are you needed it to, you sat the gun done on the counter, huffing out in anger. What the hell was going on? The only thing that was really coming to your mind was that you hadn’t seen that one particular angel in over a week. There was other business that Castiel had been attending to, not giving the two of you a lot of time with one another.

“Dammit!” You shouted, your voice echoing against the walls. You reached down under the counter into the ammo bin, grabbing a fistful of the .9mm bullets. Sliding the clip out of the gun, you began to load the clip back up, thumbing the ammunition into to place. After pushing the clip back into place, you set the gun back on the counter.

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in your arms, in your arms i’ll stay

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AU in which another body is found, and for a few minutes, Lukas is convinced it’s Philip

When Lukas first hears the news he looks towards the back of the class, where Philip usually sits, only to find his seat empty.
His stomach crawls its way up his throat, and he knows that if he doesn’t get out right now he’s going to puke. Without so much as a word, he shoves his chair back and runs out of the classroom, not even bothering to grab his backpack. When he reaches his bike, he spins out of the parking lot so fast his tires squeal.
Then he’s riding towards Philip.
It’s him. It’s him, it’s him, it’s him. Philip was right, and that man found him, and he killed him, like he would have done that night if Lukas hadn’t stopped him.
But Lukas wasn’t around to save him this time.
The thoughts bang around his head, and he revs the engine, riding much faster than the speed limit, and not caring.
He has to get to Philip. He has to know he’s okay. 

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((tw: flashing images and some morbid imagery))

The Finale is upon us, and to go out with a bang, Red Right Hand has finally been completed!! 10 long months of waiting but it was well worth it :’)
This MAP was made before ‘Not What He Seems’ so our knowledge of Bill was limited at the time; however, because of the wait we got to learn a lot more about Bill and thus made this M.A.P a beautiful depiction of our favorite evil triangle. I want to thank all of the participants who worked so hard to get this out before the finale, and to those who were so very patient in the coming of this M.A.P. I hope you all enjoy and let’s get ready to TAKE BACK THE FALLS!

I have always said Zerrie would end with a big bang to give LM the largest amount of PR possible. I figured it’d be a cheating scandal, despite us having been there and done that. We had those pics but the mess that’s going on right now has given LM and Perrie exposure they have only dreamed of. And the timing. Well. Look at that timing. They have a new album that’s supposed to drop. OTRA is not a sold out world tour, but 1D is getting more press than ever and before. And the door has been left open for a return. This is far too elaborate for M!M to have orchestrated alone. I think it’s a stunt and we are seeing the new team (at least in part).

Five ways to not kill Lexa (that I thought of in less than an hour)

For the next time someone says “but ADC was in another show, Lexa had to die,” let’s look at some options for the nonexistent pretend world where TV shows can’t share actors and Lexa couldn’t be onscreen past 3.07. Because I sympathize with ADC’s desire for a character to “go out with a bang,” but in my humble opinion, too many real-life queer kids have done that already.

#1: The Trial of Leadership.

Another vote of no confidence is called, and this time the other Grounders refuse to accept Skaikru as a valid vote, putting Lexa on the edge of dismissal. In order to prove herself to her people, Lexa agrees to perform a Grounder ritual that requires her to go on a minor quest to someplace dangerous, overcome some physical and spiritual challenges, and prove that the favor of Hedas past is still with her. Clarke bids her a tearful goodbye, says the Traveller’s Blessing, and hopes that Lexa returns victorious, even knowing it may mean they can’t be together again.

#2: Ice Queen Coup.

On her way out of Polis, Clarke runs into a guard, who’s dragging Murphy to Lexa for judgement over his trespassing. Clarke comes along as Skaikru’s ambassador in order to represent him, and while she and Lexa are asking Murphy what the hell his deal is, Ontari suddenly ambushes them with the help of some traitorous Trikru. Lexa isn’t able to defend herself properly because she’s trying to protect the two Arkers, and the traitors shout about how this is exactly her problem. Ontari subdues Lexa, cuts out the chip, and leaves her for dead. Clarke uses her medical skill to save Lexa’s life, insisting that her fight isn’t over. Emboldened by Clarke’s faith, but knowing that she no longer has the support to openly oppose Ontari, Lexa goes into hiding with her most loyal subjects in order to begin slowly rebuilding her powerbase for a counter-coup. She tells Clarke she doesn’t know when or if they’ll meet again, so she won’t hold her to anything, but she wants her to know that no matter what, what they had was important and worth it.

#3: Frame-up Gone Wrong.

If we really desperately need to repeat the Gustus story verbatim, Titus attempts to frame Murphy as in 3.07. Lexa attempts to protect Clarke, but gets shot. Due to not knowing shit about guns, Titus thinks he’s killed her and takes the chip, but Clarke won’t give up and manages to save Lexa regardless. No one has ever lost the chip and lived before, and Lexa’s not completely sure what to do with herself or whether she should try to reclaim her position or not, so she goes off on a traditional Grounder pilgrimage to find answers. Clarke, in a mirror of Lexa’s fealty pledge, promises to take care of Lexa’s people, doing her best to protect the peace and prevent more Grounder deaths for as long as Lexa can’t.

#4: Almost Assassinated.

Another assassination attempt is made against Lexa, and Lexa’s leg is broken in the fight. Lexa laments that she’ll be forced to hole up in her room and delegate for months. Clarke asks if this has happened to her before, and Lexa shows her various scars from other major injuries that have temporarily taken her out of the picture. Clarke asks about the scar on her neck, and Lexa explains about the “spirit of the commanders,” which Clarke correctly interprets as a memory recording/recall device of some kind and can later recognize in Jaha’s pills. Before going back to Arkadia, Clarke tells Lexa to heal quickly, because she’ll work with whoever Lexa sends, but there’s only one Grounder commander she really wants to see.

#5: Leave things exactly as they were when they got out of bed together.

The reason they had sex in the first place was as a charged, emotional goodbye between two people who have no idea when they’ll see each other again. Clarke was going back to Arkadia and taking the story with her. Lexa would be on the other side of a Grounder barricade. If we did not see Lexa again for the rest of the season it would have made perfect sense already all by itself. Her presence and the relationship could even be maintained really easily; have Clarke smuggle a radio across the border and periodically have a scene where she’s clearly either beginning or ending a conversation with Lexa, all post-apocalyptic LDR. You just need one line from Clarke either way, no need for ADC at all, and the relationship doesn’t even need to end! REVOLUTIONARY.

There. Boom. Five scenarios in less than an hour, three of which progress the City of Light storyline, three of which leave room for the Grounders to go hostile without Lexa’s oversight, three of which allow the relationship to end permanently but on a gentle note if needed, none of which involve Lexa or Clarke losing their lives or chance at a happy future with a woman who loves them.

See how easy it is? See how simple it can be to *not* take away what little representation of acceptance and happiness young queers can find? See how many ways there are to *not* send the lethal, century-old message that the only thing they can hope for from love is watching their partners bleed out in their arms?