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word count: 1.987

Genre: fuckboy!Jungkook, insecure Y/N, angst, fluff

A/N: My first writing ever! Hope you guys like it. PS don’t think I’m overly insecure or something. I just felt like writing this. And my first language is not English, so yeah. In the next part there will be more angst and fluffy stuff.

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The only thing in the world you didn’t want to happen today was seeing Jungkook. And let it be the day BTS comes to visit the weekly idol special.

You always had a thing for Jungkook, when your group debuted you already were attracted to him. On award shows you always blush when he looked at you. But you always reminded yourself that you were an idol and you would never stand a chance with Jungkook.

“ Chungha! Where is my bottle of water!” You shouted a little too hard than intended. You were practicing your new dance before you went to weekly idol studio. You were exhausted from practicing.
“ What are you talking about y/n, the bottle is right beside you.” She said laughing.
I realized it was indeed beside me. My mind on so many things I didn’t even could find my own water bottle.
“ Oh yeah, your right I’m sorry Chungha.”
“ Are you okay y/n unni? You look tired, you should sit for a while. We’re going to weekly idol today you should be fit.” She was right, if I continued like this I would look like a zombie on screen.
“ I’m going to wash my face for a bit thank you for the advice!”

I still couldn’t believe I was going to see Jungkook today. Most of the time there would be like 20 meters between us. But today both our groups were going to weekly idol, so maybe there would be some interaction. But what was the point of it? Him noticing me, I don’t think he knows I even exist. Most people call our girlgroup I.O.I the same faced group. I have to admit we have the same style and faces, but we are still different people. I was always thinking about Jungkook, no way he would ever think about me. BTS is much more popular than our group and they are much more successful. If he ever noticed me it would probably be because I’m so clumsy and I fall all the time at award shows.
On moments like this I wished to not be an idol. Because I couldn’t be myself all the time, always being the perfect y/n from I.O.I. I always have to look good, which is pretty hard because I’m really insecure. When we debuted, I always thought I didn’t look good enough. And the mini skirts didn’t help either, revealing my thick legs and my belly wasn’t the smallest.
Although the members always cheer me up, saying nobody is perfect but you are y/n. Chungha and Yoojung are always so caring and so sweet, I love them they are my best friends since I gave up my childhood to become an idol. Still I’m insecure, and mostly because I want to look good for Jungkook if a paparazzi photo pops up in his social media feed. But why would he even take a moment to look at me.

“ 20 minutes till we leave to weekly idol, prepare yourself girls!” Our manager yelled. Man, I was nervous. No one knew about my crush, only Chungha. She said she had a crush on Taehyung from BTS but that didn’t last for long. She has been supportive and stuff, saying that idols always end up together. But I wouldn’t even think about that, never in the world would Jungkook end up with me as girlfriend.

“ Unni, come I’m going to change clothes, our concept is cute but not too girly.” I sighed, that means skirts.
“ I’m coming Chungha, I will come in a minute” I always feel like a terrible friend to Chungha, but what can I do about myself.

“ You look so cute unni you should wear this more often.” I said to Yoojung, I always thought that Yoojung was the cutest of us. And I was right because the fans always shout cutie Yoojungie.
“ Thank you unni, aren’t you wearing skirts today?”
“ No not really I’m not really feeling like it today.” And I actually never felt like wearing skirts, but yeah that’s idol life in a girl group.

“ Leaving in 3, 2, 1! We’re leaving girls!” Manager-nim shouted.
“ I’m so excited y/n, BTS, Twice, Got7 and GFriend are coming.” BTS with Jeon Jungkook yeah.
“ I know Yoojung, I’m happy to see Momo unni again.” I replied
“ Oh my god, yeah. We haven’t talked to them for so long. Have you ever talked to the boys of BTS before. They look so handsome in their new mv. Especially Jungkook-ssi, he looked very handsome, right y/n unni?” I held my breath after she said that. Does Yoojung have a crush on Jungkook too? I wouldn’t even be surprised.
Chungha looked at me like she saw a bomb fall on my face, she looked terrified. Maybe she thought I would get mad or disappointed or something. But I would never ever be mad about a boy to my friends.
“ Yeah, Yoojungie, he is very handsome.” I said while looking down.
“ Soooo, we are free this weekend. Do you girls want to do something? Catching up with the drama or going out?” Chungha said while changing the subject fast before it would be awkward.
“ I like going out, but I don’t know. What about you unni, what do you want to do?”
“ Yoojungie always clubbing, let’s go to the club if Chungha wants too!” We didn’t go to the club often, but when we did Yoojung was always the ‘party animal’. With limits off course because we’re idols.
“ Let’s club this weekend then!” Cheungha shouted happily.

After arriving at the weekly idol studio, we got our name cards and were directed to the girls room. In the girls I found Hani unni from exid. Before we even debuted I was friends with Hani, she was like some big sister to me. Unfortunately we grew apart, and we talked less. But my love and care for Hani never went down.
“ Hani! Unni! I’m so happy to see you today! Are you mc-ing at the weekly idol special?”
“ Y/N-ssi! I knew you would come, I wanted to surprise you. I’m the special mc today indeed.” Being overly happy, and running to me, Hani hugged me like there was no tomorrow.
“ I missed you so so much. Have you been well? Are you eating well?”
“ Always like a caring sister y/n-ssi. Off course I haven’t been well without you.” She said jokingly, Hani was always a sarcastic one. “ But have you been well? I heard you on a radio show, your cute voice always enchanting me.” I was indeed on a radio show with I.O.I.
“ Oh, you listened to the show? Thank you unni. And yes I have been well, just stressing about our comeback next month.”
“ Starting in a few seconds, Hani mc go and prepare!” Someone shouted way too loud.
“ Well I think I have to go, let’s grab some coffee after the shooting and good luck!” Hani said sprinting to heechul who was waiting for her at the entrance.
“ Bye unni!”

It was almost time to start the shooting.
“ Girls I need to go to the bathroom I’m back in a sec!” You shouted going to the bathroom as soon as possible. You drank too much water, because of stress and because Jungkook. Speaking of Jungkook, it was funny that you bumped in to him right after you rushed out of the bathroom.
“ In a rush y/n?” He said. You were surprised he even knew your name. You rubbed your head after bumping in to him.
“ I’m so sorry, I thought I was late for the shooting. Sorry for bumping in to you sunbaenim.” You didn’t even know why you called him sunbae because you have never talked before.
“ Why so many sorry’s, it’s okay. Let’s go to the shooting.”
Arriving at the shooting a tad late, all eyes were on you two, including Yoojung’s. She looked shocked, and that’s when you realized she too had a crush on Jungkook. You could see the jealousy in her eyes.
“ Sorry we’re late, sorry manager-nim” Jungkook said while he bowed. Quickly you bowed too.
“ Alright let’s begin the shoot.” The producer said.

While filming you noticed Yuju from GFriend was pretty interested in Jungkook. She looked at him from time to time ( just like yourself ) And they even had some interaction.
Hani had introduced a game, singing a ots duet, one girl and one boy from each group.
I was teamed up with Jimin, Chungha with Jackson and Yoojung with Woozi.
And guess who teamed up with Junkook? Yes Yuju.
My duet with Jimin was pretty good. He was shy but very cute.
I felt really cringey looking at Yuju and Jungkook. She was very touchy, wrapping one arm around him and dancing to the song with him. She looked really happy and he showed no other expression than happiness. You would think they were secretly dating.

After filming the special episode I went to Hani for our coffee date, until someone stopped me, like literrally and we both tripped.
“ Sorry, are you okay… Jungkook?” I was surprised I met him again while tripping or bumping in each other. Is this my way of saying hi these days?
“ Always saying sorry for everything y/n, it’s my fault we tripped.”
“ Oh no don’t be sorry, I’m really clumsy from nature so these things happen to me all the time.” And yes that was true, I am the most clumsy person in our entertainment.
“ Well do you fall for all men like this every time you see them?” He asked with a smirk. I didn’t thought he would be so flirtatious.
“ Oh ehm.. no I think?” Not really knowing what to reply
“ I hope I’m the only one then.” He walked away sending a wink. My heart just couldn’t take this.

Hani and I were walking to the cafe, should I tell her what happened?
“ So y/n why were Jungkook and you late at the shooting? Did something happen?” Damn she is good.
“ No I just went to the bathroom but I happened to bump into him, so we walked to the shooting together.”
“ Tell more, I know there’s more y/n.”
“ Okay, after filming, he and I both tripped again. And wel yeah, he was really, like really flirtatious.” For a moment she was still, she wanted to say something. Looking at her it wouldn’t be something good.
“ What is it Hani, why you looking so serious?” I was scared she would tell me she dated Jungkook or something but no, she told me:
“ Y/N, I know you have a crush on Jungkook for 2,5 years now, and I never told because I thought it’s just a little crush and would go away after a while…”
“ What Hani tell me.” I was getting a little impatient because she started talking slower and slower.
“ He is like a kind of idol fuckboy y/n, he will hurt your feelings don’t get attracted to him.”
I couldn’t believe what I heard, a fuckboy? Why have I never heard of it ever before. And more important, there are no dating rumors about him at all.
“ How, what do you mean Hani?”
“ Well, he doesn’t date idol girls, but more like…ehm. He just fucks and goes let me say that.” Fucks and goes? Since when did this happen?
“ I haven’t heard anyone talking about him, this is not true unni.”
“ Y/N believe me, he is a fuckboy.”
“ Why would I believe such thing?” I was getting angry, it sounded like Hani didn’t want me to like Jungkook or to even think about him.
“ I haven’t told you this, to not hurt you. But I had dated Jungkook a year ago and he cheated on me, with multiple girls.”

A Matter Of Time

So hey, in honor of valentines day and bunch of headcannons I couldn’t draw out, I wrote some fiction! \(8u8)/  Shoutout to @hybridshadowz and @fkingcaramel for helping, yall are gems <3

This will be a good few chapters long, so give me any feedback ya’ll want! ^u^ Happy early valentines day~

Ch.2 Ch.3

(Do not repost my art/writing)

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Warnings: girlxgirl and all of EXID fuck one person,also light!bondage(?) 

Word count: 1.2K 

+A/N THIS IS GREAT,STARTING OFF MY SIDE BLOG WITH SMUT lmao im going to do more so keep your eyes open for that ;))) enjoy this smut that took me 10000 years. This is my first smut let’s see how this goes.+

This was all a big mess. A big hot mess. On one side a naked LE, sucking on your neck, leaving purple marks and whispering naughty things in your ear. And then on the other  there was a naked Hani, kissing around your entrance while looking up at you with those Dark brown hues. “(Y/N), baby, don’t be shy. Let your moans out. Show us how much you enjoy this.” and with that you released a loud moan that LE loved and sucked harder on your neck.

Hani entered her tongue,leaving you breathless as LE grabbed your breast and started playing with your nipple. Making you cry out and Hani’s tongue edges you to your release even faster. Hani looked up at you with innocence in her eyes as she said “Baby girl, you’ve been so good for us. HyoJin don’t you think she should be rewarded?”.
LE looked down at Hani and smirked. “You’re right HeeYeon, our beautiful baby girl should be rewarded. Go ahead baby girl, Cum for us.”.

And with that you closed your eyes, and as cliche as it sounds, you saw star behind your eyelids as you came. Slowly regaining your breath, you hear LE say “Don’t thing you’re done yet. Solji and Hyerin haven’t had their turn yet.” and LE and Hani both left the room, a smirk painted on both of their faces.

Just when you’ve regained your breath, Solji and Hyerin come in. A Dildo in Solji’s hand and a blindfold and some ropes in Hyerin’s. Hyerin is the first to speak. “Get on your back and hands above your head baby girl, Your Unnie’s are here to take care of you.”, Obeying your unnie was important because if you didn’t you wouldn’t be rewarded. Lying on your back with your hands above your heads you see Hyerin tie your hands together with the rope, after she’s finished she puts the blindfold on you. Nothing happens for awhile, until you feel something poking at your opening.

Solji slides the dildo all the way in,letting you adjust to the feeling of the plastic. Hyerin kisses your neck and whispering in your ear ”Relax babygirl, Let your unnie’s take care of you.”, when Solji thought you were ready, she started pumping the dildo in and out and to add to the pleasure,Hyerin sucks on your breast, her tongue swirling around your nipple. Hyerin and Solji loved this sight, the sight of you with your face scrunched up in pleasure, loud moans leaving your mouth, sweat covering your body. Solji slowly pulled the plastic out, You whining at the sudden loss.

“Babygirl if you want to come, tell your unnie’s. Tell us what you want Baby.” Hyerin whispered. In a desperate tone as you stuttered to tell them what you wanted, “P-Please unnie, P-Please fuck me and let me cum.” and that’s what happened, Solji and Hyerin switched places, Solji was now sucking on your neck while Hyerin put the dildo back in.

Hyerin didn’t hesitate to pull it out and back in, going fast and rough, while Solji kissed your neck while her hands traveled down to her breast. The pleasure got too much to handle, Hyerin pounded roughly into you a few more times before you came again. Your Juices wetting the bed sheets, Mouth open, sweat covering your body as Hyerin took the dildo out and kissed your entrance and Solji kissed your neck one more time before Hyerin spoke.

”SolJi, look at our babygirl, so pretty, all tied up with those marks on her neck.”. Solji replied with “So pretty indeed, we did a good job preparing her for Junghwa, don’t you agree?”. After a sound of agreement from Hyerin, they both left the room. They left you tired,sensitive and panting.

You weren’t sure if you could handle Junghwa without crying from over stimulation. You heard footsteps coming to the room you were in. You felt the bed sink and you felt hands go around your head to untie the blindfold, when they blindfold came off you saw Junghwa, biting her lip, eyes wide and a innocent look to her face, but you knew she was anything but innocent. In her hand was a rubber,pink,double headed Dildo,

Junghwa smirks and says “I see unnie’s have taken care you of you so far. Let’s see how much more you can take, (Y/N)”. Junghwa kissed you and moved from your lips to your neck. She stopped at your collarbone, leaving a hickey.

She moves down to your navel, leaving a kiss there, and then she moves to your entrance, kissing around your thighs, teasing you and lightly sucking on your clit. You gripped her blonde hair, whining “Junghwa, please don’t tease me anymore” and with that Junghwa entered her tongue into you,moving at a slow pace.

Panting and moans of Junghwa’s name filled the room as she slowly increased her speed. Whines left your mouth as you begged Junghwa to move faster, tears almost fell from your eyes caused by Junghwa’s teasing.

“Junghwa- please stop teasing me.” you begged.Junghwa removed her mouth from you,”alright baby, tell me what you want. You’ve been a good girl.” You looked down at her, sweat covering your body, Lips swollen, cheeks pink and eyes full of lust and tears threatening to spill.

“P-Please, let me cum and then fuck me” and Junghwa entered her tongue again, this time going at a faster, rougher pace. Your head thrown back in pleasure, tears already spilling from your eyes. You gave out a shaky breath of Junghwa’s name before cumming. She gave a couple more licks, enjoying the flavor before moving to your lips, the taste of your juices mixed in with taste of her tongue.

You heard a footsteps coming into the room you were in, but you didn’t care. The only thing that mattered to you right now was you and Junghwa. Junghwa took the Dildo and rubbed it against you slit before finally inserting it. You cried out in pleasure, you felt so full and you could only imagine how it would feel when Junghwa started fucking you with it.

Junghwa took the other end and inserted it, her eyes closed in pleasure. She started moving herself forward, and it felt like she was actually fucking you. Junghwa picked up the pace, moving faster and rougher. She opened her eyes to see you, sweat covering your body, face scrunched up in pleasure as you moaned loudly. Junghwa moved close to your ear and whispered “You’ve been a good girl, I’ll let you cum.”

And she moved fast than before. It was too much for you, tears already rolling down your face as you let out a cry so loud, you wouldn’t be surprised if any heard you. With one last thrust you came. Junghwa kept thrusting a few more times before cumming herself. You collapsed on the ruined bed sheets, breath uneven and you slowly opened your eyes to see the rest of EXID standing above you. “I’m sorry baby. Did we go too rough on you? Do you need anything?” shaking your head, the girls found a comfortable position to rest, all five of them cuddling up to you.  

A/N: holy fuCK I FINISHED IT. aaaa tell me how it is <3 this is my first smut and it won’t be my last, i have 2 more smuts to write! Keep an eye out for those!


Ashton: fucking rough. We all know he tries to be gentle every time out of the bedroom. So I see him going rough on you. His favourite position would be doggy style but he’d also like having your leg on his shoulder so he can go deeper as his fingers leave bruises on your hips with no complaint from you. He’d have lots of Boob grabbing and slapping, constant spanking if you don’t do what he says and also as a reward 😉. Also lots of ‘oh god right there’ ‘that’s it kitten/baby that’s a good girl’ you’d definitely feel it in the morning and have hand shaped bruises for which he’d apologise for but secretly love that he marked what’s his. And he wouldn’t go unharmed either. He’d have scratch marks down his back and possibly front. A bite mark on his shoulder from where you’d bite down when you’d climax. You’d know when he was going to climax because he’d he’d go really fast and he’d be moaning high pitched and it’d be so hot it’s almost like a whimper. He either hold his head up with eyes shut tight or have his head in the crook of your neck while whimpering in your ear ‘oh god I’m coming’ . You would most definitley have some mind blowing orgasms as in multiple times when you two have sex. He also secretly loves when he can have you in places where he shouldn’t (as in public restrooms, friends house parties, clubs, and your parents house a few times) he would bring out the animal in you that you never thought you had. Don’t even get me started on those fingers, he make you climax three times before he even entered you, just with his fingers. He’d stick in one finger at a time and then enter two and then slowly slide them out to lick them clean. He’d also be quite cocky with that too he’d say ‘mmm who made you this wet baby’ ’ do you like that baby, you want me to go faster?’. And boy would he love to spank that ass, he’d love when he’d have you on top of him that he could just spank you while you grip on his arms. After everything’s done he would not stop smiling you’d ask what he’s smiling at and he’d just say 'I love you’ and he’d cuddle you until the morning comes

Michael: Michael would be very sensual and hard. His favourite position would be missionary or on your sides. He’d love to look at you when he’s pounding into you to see how good he’s making you feel. His hands would be massaging and holding your boob mostly for the fact he wouldn’t really know or feel super confident with them anywhere else. You’d probably be the one to make him or teach him how to touch you. He would leave love bites and hickeys all over you. Some where you can see and some where only he can see. You can tell when he’s about to climax because he’ll pull almost all the way out and slam back into you with so much force you’d wonder if you’d be able to walk the next day and then he’d go really fast while screaming out multiple lines of profanity and I could definitely see him being a whiner when he climaxes it’s almost a high pitched moan but quiet to where only you can hear him. On a few occasions he’d be rough just like ashton, this would most likely happen after an amazing show when he can still feel his heart beating in his entire body and anyone around him can feel his adrenaline; he would want to take you as soon as possible he’d kick everyone out of the bus or the dressing room if he had to just to be able to feel all of you. Or if your at home he’d want the whole neighbourhood to hear you and him moaning and screaming. He’d also secretly like you to ride him or do a reverse cowgirl. I can see him having a bondage fetish or even a Dom fetish. But let’s just say whenever you two got together you’d always feel like it’s the first time but you’d feel so comfortable with him and trust him with every part of your body. After everything done he’d hug you so tight while trying to regain his breath and he’d smiling into your shoulder and give you little pepper kisses, and giggle, when you’d ask what he’s giggling at he’d just respond with 'I can’t believe I’ve found someone like you, I love you’

Calum: Calum would be quite casual or really spontaneous. You’d probably have to initiate the first times because he wouldn’t get what you getting at right away. But once he catches on quickly you’d be in for the ride of your life, he could surprise you with where he’d want you, it could be in a club, out with his family, in the ocean when he took you surfing, on the beach basically anywhere where he can get you two alone…. Sometimes even when your not like when he’d secretly finger you under the table at dinner with friends or family, or when you are having the boys over for a movie night. His favourite position would be you riding him, your leg on his shoulder, 69, against the wall, or you lying on the bed while he’s standing.(honestly he’d love any position as long as it was you. He’d surprise you with how many positions he knew and could pull off) he’d be one for spanking and using toys. I don’t see him as Much of a talker during sex I see him more of a grunter. He’d constantly be moaning into your ear 'that’s it baby girl’ 'oi right there’ 'fuck I’m close’ and things along that line but sometimes it’d be so quite you would question if you heard it. Cal would have a schoolgirl fetish or a rocker chick fetish. He’d be a quiet climaxes you just see him look up with his eyes closed tight with his mouth wide open with no sound coming until you hear a low growl and his collapse on you. He’d be catching his breath still when he’d look up at you still sweaty and kiss you so passionately you’d feel like it was your first time doing it. And he’d whisper in your ear 'i love you so much my love’

Luke: luke would be very sentimental and sensual. I could see him planning everything out and have the room covered in candles or light bulb candles and he’d want to make you feel so special. Once he’d get you in the bedroom his whole demeaned would change from shy guy to a whole new person who knew exactly how to please you in every way. He’d pick you up and kiss you hungrily and leave hickeys all over your neck. He’d have you a moaning mess before he even took off your clothes. I see luke as a guy who’d definitely love to eat you out before he did anything, he have you completely naked on the bed while he sticks his fingers inside you and teases your clit with his mouth. This fucker would be such a tease and it would drive you crazy but you’d know he’d please you so much after he’s done. His favourite position would be him on his knees and you on your back, doggy style and against the wall. He’d be fast paced in the bed, and he’d be a little rough. He’d love to grab your hips and pound into you and love hearing the sound of his skin against yours. He’d be a moaner and you’d hear lots of 'oh god’ 'ugh ugh yeah, right there oh fuck’ and lots of him biting his lips and yours 😏. You can tell when he’s close because like the others he’d go faster and he be much louder and you could hear him grunting and see his chest muscles flexing while he grips tight to your hips or the headboard as he pounders harder and deeper inside you. Secretly he’d love when you took dominance over him or dressed in leather and tied him up, but at the end of the night after your done teasing him tortuously slow you’d let him go and he’d flip you so fast while telling you'you have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into kitten, i think you need to be punished.’ That’s when you knew you’d probably have to call into work because you were too sore to even walk properly. Throughout the night you would be pushed to your limit and climax multiple times and luke too. Once you were done he’d fall next to you and shower you in pepper kisses and make you giggle and he’d tell you 'I’ve never had someone like you, I love you so much you are my world Y/N’ and he’d cuddle close to you (you’d switch off on little spoon and big spoon) and every once in a while you’d be woken up a little after cuddling to luke getting up butt naked and heading to the bathroom for a shower, you’d admire him walking away as his butt would move and his broad shoulder swing with his arms ever so slightly. And he’d turn around and ask 'want to join me?’ 😏 and you’d get up and already feel yourself getting wet again and prepared for round two…

Ok so this was my first preference/blurb here on tumblr.
I’m hoping to do more soon and I hope you guys will like it, so please any feedback would be awesome :)
Love you guys

Promises & Constellations (V, You)

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Yes, this is a Laws of Motion & Attractions au, taking place a few months after the story ended. Enjoy! And Happy 2nd anniversary everybody! :))

“Hyung, do I look okay?”

“You asked me that question for the hundredth time, Tae.” Namjoon sighed, eyes focused on the graduated cylinder in front of him as he placed the dropper over its mouth. “You look fine.”

“Are you sure? I think my hair—”

“Taehyung.” Namjoon stood up and looked at the younger with serious eyes through his goggles. “I swear to God, if you don’t stop asking I’m going to dump this solution over your head till your hair turns pink.”

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First Time (Jimin) also this is my first smut I hope you like it ♡ (This is not my gif)

Song For Smut - Wild Ones by Bahari (I made Jimin speak improper because he’s still learning English and I want it as realist as possible)

After Jimin went in the bathroom to freshen up, I decided to play Kill Bill so we could both watch with Sub Titles. After about 10 minutes through the movie the boy came out with no shirt and black basketball shorts.
His 6 pack and tattoos were visible and my breath hitched, i could feel my face turning red as he started to turn off the lights and lay in bed next to me. He pulled me on to his lap and started to watch the movie with me.
During the 30 minute mark he started to kiss down my neck with his plump lips, I’ve never felt like this so my reaction was different. I stopped breathing and held on to his wrist as they were rubbing my inner thighs and going higher.
Then he started to bite down on my neck and I let out a moan, I didn’t know something so little could take over me like this. My thighs were trembling as his hand snakes up near my heat.
He went in my panties and started to rub my clit, I let out a loud moan because I’ve never played or done anything with myself and it felt weird but so good. “You’re so wet.” Jimin whispered in my ear while biting down on it. After a few moments of his fingers, he pulled them out and started to lick them one by one “You taste better than what I think” he said.
He then pulled you off his lap and laid you on the bed while he was on top of you. He began to kiss you, he lips were plump and wet, the heat raiding off of his body felt amazing on top on mines. He started to grind down on me so I could feel his erection through his shorts, I don’t think he has on underwear so I blushed even more.
I started to meet his movements with grinding and it felt so good, I pulled his hair down so he could come even closer if that was possible.
He then pushed my hips down from meeting his, I whimpered but he said “No baby let me do work.” while smirking. He then started kissing down my neck and leaving marks. I’ve never felt like this in my life, I was so high on nirvana to where I felt like I couldn’t come down.
He then started to lift up shirt but stopped suddenly to look me in the eyes for permission, I closed my eyes and nodded ready to show him all of me. When he lifted up my tank top and took it off, he saw I was wearing my purple bra and tried to take it off. I began to giggle and I unclasped it myself but covered up my breast with my hands.
“It’s okay everywhere is beautiful of you.” Jimin said. When ever he would talk to me in English it showed me how much he really cares about this relationship. I feel like I could trust him so I let him take my hands away from breast and he just starred at them. He then looked up again and you nodded he grabbed the and just played with them along with my nipples. He then pushed me down again and started kissing my neck again and the sensation rolled over me.
He kissed down my chest and kissed both of my nipples and I shivered from the different feeling. He started kissing my tummy all the way down giving me hickeys. He then stopped at my shorts and took them off to see my blue boy shorts, he looked up and licked his lips, I nodded and he took off my underwear.
The cold air went straight to my heat and I got goosebumps. Then I felt Jimin kissing and sucking my thighs leaving marks, “Jimin.. tha-that feels s-so good.” I whimpered grabbing his hair. I felt him smirking on my thighs.
The next thing changed me, his tongue took a long stripe up my heat and licking slowly up and down. “Oh my god!” I yelled my fingering pulling on his hair while my thighs were trembling. He sucked hard on my clit which caused me moan loudly, then he hummed around the sensitive nub. My toes curled and arched my back while I moaned out his name, he then left the little nub alone and started focusing on my slits.
He stuck his warm tongue past them and started to lick my walls, I clenched around his tongue biting my lip. “You like that baby?” Jimin asked pulling away from your heat while smirking. You nodded and lifted your hips because you wanted to feel the pleasure take over you again.
Jimin saw what you were trying to do and started to suck and your clit. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as you were on pure ecstasy, then the next thing he did shocked you. You felt his finger go past you slits and it stung, you whimpered from the pain and also from him licking you.
He pulled off and started to kiss up your stomach leaving hickeys and then started to kiss you lips. You could taste yourself when he stuck his tongue in your mouth, his finger started to feel good so you moaned out “Add more please” and he smirked against your lips and added two fingers, not one but two. “That hurts Jimin.” You whispered while scrunching your face, you are a virgin so it hurted opening yourself up for the first time. “Sorrey, sorrey, it’ll be quicker.” He said while peppering me with kisses and placed his hand on my cheek. I smiled at how worried he looked, we were staring in each other’s eyes that where filled with so much love.
After a few more minutes of fingering and lip locking I told him that I think I’m ready. Jimin pulled his fingers out and looked me in the eyes, caressing my cheek “I know I’m not very good but, I care a lot for you and want you to.. Ugh.. Be okay with taking this 내가 당신을 사랑하기 때문에.” He said closing his eyes at the end. “I do I trust you, everything will be okay.” I said kissing his lips. He then stood up and took his shorts off which showed his erection. My eyes were wide because it was bigger than I imagined. He then got a condom out of the dresser and handed it to me. I gave him a questionable look and he asked if I could but it on, I was honestly scared about touching him there but I mean it’s going to be inside me. He started to get back in bed and stood on his knees, it was near my face and I froze. He started to laugh “Haha, just kidding” and took the condom out of my hand and put it on himself.
He then laid me back down, and put his erection inside of me. I cried out in pain and pulled him closer to me thinking it was take away the pain in some type of way. A tear rolled down my face as he pulled out a little and went back in, his face was kissing my neck since I pulled him there so he didn’t know I was crying. He then pulled away from my neck to look at my face, his facial expression changed and he seemed scared “Baby, i-I’m sorry… I-I stop” he said almost pulling out. “No, it’s okay it always hurts the first time right.” I said smiling through the pain. I wanted this, I wanted him to take my innocence from me, not anyone else because… I think I love him. We’ve never said I love you to each other so I was scared to tell him, because what if he’ll reject me, I’ll be horrible. He agreed and started moving again, after 10 minutes of slow thrust the pain started to go away and it started to feel good to me. “Faster please” I moaned out while scratching his back. His thrust started to go fast and he was a moaning reck. He pulled away from my neck to look at my face, his hair is sticking to his face while sweating and his muscles flexing from the powerful thrust. You moaned out in pain as he constantly hit your g-spot, the only thing you could think of is how much you loved him. “Jimin, t-this feels amazing” you moaned loudly arching your back. All Jimin could do was stare in your eyes, he pushed the hair out of your face as his thrust became weaker, you started to sweat even more as the bottom of you stomach began to feel weird, and before you knew it, you were having a oragasm. You screamed out Jimin’s name and arched your back.
It was the most powerful thing you’ve ever felt your head spinning in pure joy as you felt warmer. The next thing you know Jimin is screaming your name and slowly collapsing on you, his head is on your chest breathing heavy while you played with his hair. “You beautiful” Jimin said drawing patterns on your body with his fingers, you blushed and thanked him. He pulled off you and laid next to you, you turned facing him to see his hair all over the place and his eyes very dopy. “Thank you for being my first.” You said and places your head on his chest. “And I love you.” You whispered hoping he didn’t hear you.
“I love you too.” He whispered back. You smilied with pure joy and looked up at him, but he was already looking down at you like you were the most important thing in the world.

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What if their s/o started crying after hearing such wonderful things from them? (Such as what they'd do if she was panicking and they comforted or told her about how they love her for who she is, etc..)

Shu: (Y/N), come back to bed, take a break from studying.. Hmm? What do you mean you haven’t studied enough? You haven’t slept in days.. Come on, you’re stressed out, give your brain a rest.. *sighs* I miss your cuddles, and I miss you. If it makes you feel any better, I know you’ll pass. I know you will because you’re hardworking and determined. You aren’t like me, so I guarantee you’ll get an A. …Why the tears? Did I touch your heart with my words? *chuckles* or the lack of sleep must really be getting to you. Come here. *pulls her in for a cuddle*

Reiji: (Y/N), focus! I can’t help you with your science homework if you’re dozing off! *sighs* In order for you to get an A, that requires effort from you too! …What do you mean you’re giving up! That isn’t like you to say that! The woman I’m with is beautiful, confident, and successful. Not a quitter! Just because you think you’re going to fail this doesn’t mean you will! …You’re tearing up. Oh, did I help regain your confidence? Well, as good as that may be on my part, this isn’t a counseling session! If I could have your full concentration, let’s continue where we left off *grabs her hand gently and carries on*

Ayato: Yo Chichinashi, you know what we haven’t done in a while? Go out to eat at a fast food restaurant! C’mon, I’ll drive! Hah? What do you mean you don’t want junk food!? That isn’t like you!! You aren’t in the mood!? Tch, what the hell has been up with ya lately?! I haven’t seen you eat a full meal in forever!! …Are you starving yourself? Dude, why!?! …You feel like you’ve been gaining weight? Ha, is that what you’re fussing about? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard! Hey, don’t give me that look! Tch, what do you want from me? To shower you in compliments? Fine!! I think you’re perfect just the way you are and I love everything about ya! Even though you have small tits, your body will always be hot to me! There, happy now!? Now you’re crying.. God was that not enough for you!? …Oh, tears of joy? Well, um, stop being a little crybaby and let’s go eat now! *wraps arm around her and leads her out* 

Kanato: Too many sprinkles! No, that’s not enough frosting!! *glares at her* why do you suck at baking cupcakes today!? I though you were supposed to be good at it!! Hmm? You aren’t feeling yourself today! That’s no excuse for your lack of cooking skills! Should I punish you for displeasing me!? …Why aren’t you responding in fear? *sighs* I don’t like this other side to you, so you can tell me what’s been in up with you lately, if you must. Oh? You haven’t been confident in yourself lately? How come? …You’ve been comparing yourself to other girls? *rolls eyes* Why must you mortal woman be such a pain? Alright, if this means it’ll help you get back on track with cooking, then I’ll say this to you. (Y/N)-san, I think your beautiful and those girls around school are just annoying.. That’s why I chose you to be my girlfriend, of course. Hey, stop crying! I like it when you cry in fear, but not tears of joy! *grabs her hand* Okay, enough with the fluffy talk, lets pick up where we left off! 

Laito: Bitch-chaaan I’ve got a surprise for you! *holds out lingerie* I decided to pick this up for you when I went shopping today, and I really think it’ll make our bed time a little more “fun” nfu~ *hands it to her* Try it on~! *she shakes her head* Aw, why not? I went through all the trouble to get this for you, and you know what happens to selfish disobedient girls fufu~ Ah, why the long face? Come on, Bitch-chan, what’s on your mind? Hmm? You don’t feel confident enough in your body to wear it? How silly of you~! Your body is perfect, Bitch-chan, from head to toe! You’ll always be my sexy little princess and I know you’ll look even more beautiful wearing this! Aw, now you’re crying? I’m pretty flattered to know I touched Bitch-chan’s heart with my kind words~ *wraps arms around her waist and kisses her forehead* Alright, now don’t keep me waiting, put it on~ 

Subaru: *sees her walking down the hallway at school with her head down and stops her* Hey.. *grabs her shoulders and stares her in the face* look at me! *she puts her head up and looks him in the eyes* …You’re wearing a lot more makeup today, more than usual. Why? Hey, don’t ignore me! Answer my question!! What’s been up with you!? …You don’t feel pretty enough? Tch, what’s that supposed to mean!?! *looks around to make sure nobody’s paying attention then leans in and whispers* O-of course you’re pretty.. You’re more than that, um you’re beautiful, you’re perfect.. But that’s not why I’m with you, because unlike everyone else, you actually care about me, so don’t ever feel this way about yourself!! …Huh? Why are you crying!? Hey stop!! *buries her face in his chest so nobody notices* Let’s just ditch the rest of the day, okay? *leads her out of school* 

Ruki: Stop pouting, Livestock. I gave you that punishment simply because you disobeyed me. Why are you making such a big deal of it? I thought you’d know by now that this is how our relationship works! …That’s not why you’re upset? Fine, then explain to me why you are. Hmm? You feel I do this to you because I “don’t love you”? *sighs* That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard from you. Of course I love you. I punish you because I love you. I do this to make sure my Livestock knows her place, and that’s because Master loves her very much. Now if you’ll stop fussing, I’d like to continue reading my- …Why the tears? Was this such a surprise to you? I cannot believe this.. Be happy I don’t punish you again for making such a big deal out of this. *lays her head in his lap* 

Kou: M-neko-chan, what are you doing? *looks over her shoulder and sees her on her phone* Aw, such a pretty picture of you~! Hey, why are you editing it? I think it looked fine before you added the extra amount of makeup and filters.. I mean, it looks okay, but it doesn’t look like the real you.. *sighs* M-neko-chan, trust me, I know what I’m talking about. During photoshoots, I’ve seen what they do on the computers before they add them on magazines. They fix up literally everything, it’s too fake! I don’t want my girlfriend to be the same way, especially if you’re already beautiful the way you are! Aw, why are you crying? Haha I’m only saying the truth, silly~! *takes her phone and gets rid of filters* There, that’s better~ *kisses her cheek and wipes her tears* 

Yuma: *his girlfriend dragged him along to go clothes shopping with her, and he somehow convinced the worker to let him go in the same dressing room as her* Heh finally, the only fun part about going shopping with you! What are you waiting for? Strip! …Sow, why are you being all self conscious? I’ve seen you naked plenty of times! *sighs* You’ve been acting ashamed of your body lately, that really isn’t like you. I miss your confidence, that was my favorite thing about you. I’d have to say, it made me fall for you hard.. Yo, why are you crying? You’re acting as if I’ve never been this deep with you before!! …Okay you’re right, I never am, but I am right now! So are you happy now? Good! *helps her undress* I love you, okay? 

Azusa: *he walks in on his lover having a bad panic attack* (Y/N)-san? Oh no…You’re trembling… *walks over to her and holds her* shh It’s okay…Please don’t be upset…Because then I’ll be upset…*pets her hair gently* I don’t know if this will help…But I love you so much…You’re my everything…And I’d never leave you…I’ll always be here…To comfort you…In these situations…Ah, oh no!…You’re crying!…I didn’t mean for that to happen…Oh? It’s tears…Of joy? *smiles a little* that makes me…Feel better… *pecks her* I’ll stay here with you…Until you calm down… *lays her down and cuddles with her* 

Masked Games- Part 1/3

New Barry series! Super excited to be starting this 0o0 Hope you all enjoy <3

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Please read- Part 2/ Part 3

Fitz and the Tantrums- HandClap

P.S. I suck a writing fight sequences :P 

Fixing my mask, I adjusted my outfit accordingly and jumped out of my balcony window. Within seconds, I arrived at my destination. 

Being a speedster was great- being a metahybrid was even greater. I’ve lived in Central City as a normal person for as long as I could remember- until my days as a forensic data analyst were put to a halt. When the particle accelerator exploded, it caused me to slip into a coma with along with my boyfriend, Barry. 

9 months later, we were out of the hospital, both feeling- off. A couple more months down the line, he started acted weird. Coming to work later than me (even though we shared an apartment), canceling plans, and eating more- a lot more. 

It wasn’t until a masked hero named the Flash saved me from a fire that I found out why. Apparently, he wasn’t aware of how I knew him like the back of my hand. In conclusion, I knew he was fast; he just didn’t know that I was faster. 

Along with my speed, I somehow developed telekinesis, telepathy, emotional manipulation, along with an acute sense of self-defense, but I had prior knowledge of that. 

Coming back into the real world, I heard screams coming from the office building that was on fire. Rushing into the building, I carried out the children first, going as fast as I could while calming everyone that everything was going to be alright.  Once everyone was out, I circled the building, depriving the fire of oxygen, causing the flames to die out. 

Sighing in relief, I was about to leave when a large figure pinned me to the ground. 

‘About time…’ my brain scoffed.

“Who are you?” the voice I’d know anywhere asked. 

Dashing across the room, I was careful not to let him touch my bare hands for fear that he’d recognize me instantly. 

“Leave me alone,” I warned, backing away slowly. 

“The sooner you tell me who you are, the faster we get this over with,” he reasoned, trying to be tough like a bulldog which I found seemingly adorable. 

“Oh… you’re cute,” I winked while I ran across the room and to the roof of the building. 

He followed me as fast as he could, widening his eyes at the realization that he had just found another speedster, let alone someone faster than him. 

“I don’t want to hurt you,” I cautioned. 

“Then tell me who you are,” he demanded impishly. 

Before I could turn to jump, Barry grabbed me by my wrist and turned me to face him. Using his momentum against him, I slid under so that I was now behind him. He quickly sped to face me but not before I punched I dodged his punches and delivered a few (accidentally) to him, hitting him square in his diaphragm which caused me to cringe as well. He groaned and fell to the ground, allowing me to slip from his grasp and jump soundly from the 4-story building. 

“I can’t breathe-” I gasped as the doors of S.T.A.R. Labs whooshed open. 

“Barry calm down-” Caitlin assured. “It’s temporary. She didn’t hit you hard enough to kill you.”

“Yet,” I heard Cisco chuckle, impressed. 

“Now isn’t really the time for jokes Cisco,” Dr. Wells scolded. 

Holding his hands out in defeat, Cisco shrugged. “But you did get your ass kicked out there.” 

We all glared at Cisco while he made his way back into the computer room. 

“Did you see her face?” Caitlin asked. 

“No. I didn’t get a glimpse of her-” I wheezed. 

“Just go home and get some rest,” Dr. Wells assured. “She’s not a threat.” 

Nodding in agreement, I walked normally to the changing room and sped home. 

Raking Leaves - Part 3

Characters: Dean x Reader

Word count: 2014

Warnings: fluffy

A/N: Written for @averymerryspnxmas ‘s challenge – December 11th: Ice Skating

Part 1, Part 2

Since your first date with Dean things were going well, he invited you over during the following week to educate you on the wonders of the Princess Bride, as promised, and you had invited him over that weekend to watch your favourite movie. Conversation was easy between you and you had fallen asleep with your head tucked under his chin, as the familiarity of the scenes and the warmth radiating from Dean as his arm wrapped around your waist lulled you to sleep. When you had woken a couple of hours later, Dean was asleep too, the room dark as your TV was now switched off, the controller now on the arm of the sofa next to Dean. You wondered how he had moved to pick it up from the coffee table without waking you as you settled back against his chest, feeling it softly rise and fall under your cheek as you let yourself drift back to sleep with a content smile on your face.

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How would you rate Sister Location?

On a scale of 1-10? Probably like a high 7

The atmosphere was pretty great, there was an air of suspense throughout the game.

The pacing was a bit weird at times, some parts felt drawn out while others seemed to go by super fast! But Really it’s not so bad

I loved the voice acting, a very nice addition to the game as a whole I think. Also, the designs of the characters are awesome, I really like them. I was sad that you don’t get to see too much of them though, the game is so dark. Maybe it’s my computer screen but I couldn’t see much.

All in all, I liked the game more that I thought I would. The new formula for the gameplay is kinda weird to me, but still enjoyable.

This Must Be My Dream (Part 4)

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 5900-ish

Warnings: Swearing, good ol’ fashioned agonizing slow burn of sorts

Summary: While on a routine hunt Sam and Dean run into an old family friend they haven’t seen in years. Dean hopes to not get her involved in whatever supernatural craziness they’re dealing with but she may be at the heart of it all. Can Sam and Dean handle the monster lurking in town, or did they accidentally just find a whole new issue to deal with?

Part Summary: Dean, being the old sweet loving sap that he is, attempts to protect the reader from all that is wrong in the world only to realize that he can’t hold her hostage. Conversely known as: Dean Winchester likes to take in wayward orphans because he’s far too kind for this world

A/N: I want to send a special thank you to@unadulteratedstorycollector​  for taking the time to listen to me ramble about my ideas and for guiding me along when my plot had a few holes in it.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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Y/n awakes to a room that is not hers, in a bed that is too soft. Everything feels foreign and foggy, like she’s drank her weight in Jack and failed to sleep off the warm and disorientating aftermath. She wants to scream, wants to bleat so loudly that she raises the dead, but her throat feels dry and unused.

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Found my first Olive Ridley nest! We didn’t see the mama but the eggs were thankfully still there even though we’d seen poachers on the beach all night. We (and these babies) lucked out tonight—the eggs were moved to our hatchery where they’ll be under 24-hour guarding.

What a fantastic experience.

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You are a hero!!!! You are so inspiring, and I look up to you so much. I am a senior in college trying to be healthy and fit. I think it is so cool that you want to run half marathon. How did you first get into running? And do you run outside or on the treadmill, and why? And do you like to run alone or in groups? Thank you so much! Keep up the amazing work.

At first it was all about weight loss… how many calories I could burn if I did x amount of time at an x amount of incline on the treadmill. Months went by and although I lost tons of weight, I felt trapped and decided to go running outside instead. In the beginning, one mile felt like I was going to die especially in the high 200’s but I would do one mile every single night and I got better and better. I run now because I love it and I feel fulfilled during and after…now 4 miles feels like nothing but I had to work my way there. You might feel now that you can’t but keep working at it and you will realize you’re capable of so much more than you ever thought. That being said…. how the heck did I get to this point?

Make a plan. Listen to certain music, pick the most convenient time to work out and pick some rewards that will motivate you to just get up and go. Write out a plan and write it where you can see it, like the bathroom mirror. If the best time to run is the morning, make sure you’ve got an energizing music mix to listen to, and a relaxing hot shower to look forward to after you’re done. Create a prerun routine to cue your body and mind that it’s time to go, and repeat it every time you go. Try to get out at the same time of day. Put your workout clothes next to your bed. Put on the same workout music before you go out. Right after your workout, treat yourself to something you genuinely enjoy – like a hot shower, or a smoothie- so your brain associates exercise with an immediate reward. 

While it’s tempting to just go out and run as fast as you can for as long as you can, you’ll ultimately run longer, feel stronger, and stay injury free if you start by adding short sprints of running to your regular walks and gradually increasing the amount of time that you spend running. You’ll start by adding one minute of running for every four minutes of walking, and gradually increase your running time so that eventually you’ll be running for twice the amount of time that you spend walking.  

Once you start running, it’s important to eat to stay energized while also keeping out the extras that make you feel sluggish and drag you down. At each meal, about half of your calories should come from healthy complex carbohydrates like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. About one quarter of your calories should come from heart-healthy unsaturated fats, like avocados, nuts, seeds, and olive oil. And the remainder of your calories should come from sources of lean protein, like soy, fish, lean poultry, eggs, and beans.

check out my running page for motivation

Loud party.

You had gone to a big party in a very big house with Harry and there was even a lot of famous people. It was one of those days where you got turned on too easily and just feeling Harry’s hands on you as you were dancing like most of the people there, was a big turn on. He noticed how you were reacting to his attentions, biting your lip and trying hard to stay calm, so he started teasing you. He kissed your lips and grabbed your hips holding you tight, then he kissed your neck and looked at you smirking. You could feel that you were already starting to get wet.
‘Harry please stop.’
'Stop what?’
'You know exactly what I’m talking about.’
He smirked knowing that in that moment he could have done whatever he wanted to you.
'You can’t say you’re not enjoying it.’
'Come on Harry, not here.’
'What if we find a free room?’
That was all you wanted, Harry taking you away from all that people and just fucking you somewhere. You thought that no one would have noticed if you both suddently disappeared since there was a lot of people and no one could have heard you because of the loud music so you nodded and he took your hand guiding you through all the people dancing. You checked all the bedrooms but none of them was free so you got in a small closet and as soon as he closed the door he pushed you against it. Apparently you weren’t the only one who was turned on that night. You started making out and he started undressing you so you did the same to him until you were both naked and he picked you up putting your legs around his waist. It was so rushed and needy, you just couldn’t wait to feel each other and it turned you on even more. He started kissing your neck while he quickly slid himself inside you and started to move holding your hips and sucking and biting your neck leaving marks. You were finally getting what you had waited for pratically all day and you couldnt belive it was finally happening. Even if it was rushed he was doing it passionately as he always did and it was just amazing.
You could barely hear all the people and the loud music outside the closet door, you were too focused on Harry and how good he was making you feel. As he started to go faster you pushed your nails on his shoulders and unintentionally clenched your walls around him making him moan loudly. Seing the effect it had on him you started doing it on purpose making him go crazy. He was a moaning mess, so hot and sweaty against you as he pushed his head back not being able to stop the raspy moans. He was alreadt close, it was clear. You felt his hand moving from your hip to the point where your bodies connected, his fingers quickly finding your clit and starting to press and move in circles against it. Now you were the one who couldnt hold back the moans. He connected your lips and you started making out again while he kept pleasing you to the point that you felt like your brain was completly empty since you couldn’t think about anything but how good you were feeling. He started moving his fingers faster and pressing more against your clit while he kept going in and out of you at his fast pace and you just couldn’t hold back anymore. You finally came and the pleasure was so strong. You scratched his shoulders and he got even closer hearing you scream his name so loud. When you came down from your high he hadn’t came yet and he was still moving fast all focused on what he was doing. You were too sensitive from your orgasm but you let him go on even because it would have been hard stopping him while he was so into it. It got a bit painful but it was still worth it, the pleasure always a lot stronger than the pain. After a few more deep thrusts he finally came and it was so hot seeing him coming in front of you and hearing his deep screams. You came again and this time your orgasm was a lot stronger, so strong that for a few moments you couldn’t even see anything and you couldn’t control yourself. When you started to calm down you were both breathless and you felt so weak that if he wasn’t still holding you so tight you were sure you would have fell to the ground. He pulled out of you and put you down still holding you since he noticed that you couldn’t even stand.
'Nice party, isn’t it?’
He said chuckling.
'Yeah… Amazing.’