going out of order like a boss

people talk about how extra anakin and luke are but no one ever mentions how leia:

  • was scheduled for execution when luke and han freed her from her cell and still gave them a shit about it
  • proclaimed her love to a smuggler in front of half the empire before he was frozen in carbonite
  • blinks whenever she shoots; still manages to kill troopers
  • impulsively pursued a trooper on endor, tried to get him to fall from his bike, fell from her bike herself, then waited until said trooper hit a tree so she could faint
  • rescued her lover from jabba and when he couldn’t see her, instead of saying her name, said ‘someone who loves you’
  • told a guy he had an awful smell while suggesting vader is the emperor’s dog, all within one sentence
  • was virtually proclaimed the ewok princess while wearing a brand new dress while her friends were going to be the ewoks’ dinner
  • kissed her own brother in order to make the guy she likes jealous
  • insulted the millennium falcon and her pilot right before they were supposed to save her (on more than one occasion)
  • ignored han as he tried to save her from echo base by bossing people around when they were all supposed to evacuate
  • willingly almost let chewie choke lando
  • yelled ‘IT’S A TRAP!’ dramatically first
  • called han a stuck up half-witted scruffy looking nerf-herder; made out with him 3 days later
  • legit made out with han in front of darth fucking vader
Each house when: handling their money
  • Gryffindor: Chaotic. Either super rich or on the verge of debt because they don’t realise a lot of little expenses can begin to hit the numbers. Always forgets to check on their account.
  • Hufflepuff: Careful. Makes Excel tabs with their sums, has a box for this month’s receipts, knows exactly who owns how much to them. Will still treat themselves some sweets or a night out if they managed the month like a boss.
  • Ravenclaw: Barely. Hate money and although they understand that they need it and have to be cautious of how they handle it, be in constant check like a Hufflepuff sounds like a bother. Never goes under a certain limit though, they may be the most reasonable. Are always surprised when a friend pays them back (they forgot).
  • Slytherin: Trying. Would save up for months in order to buy something big or start a project or go on a roadtrip but be super late actually buying/doing the thing they want because they’d give in to the temptation of buying a great collection of books or a silky scarf from times to times

Here’s bullet point no.2 on season 1 Destiel and how Cas comes at it from two completely different but vital angles and basically was fated utterly to be a character to change Dean forever and to be so firmly embedded in his life and character that losing him is like cutting off a limb within a couple of years of knowing each other…

Covered the religious angle kicking off here, shortly before Faith ever goes into it and starts probing Dean’s character arc…

This time it’s 1x11, Scarecrow, and Sam and Dean’s big blow up fight:

DEAN: Dad doesn’t want our help.
SAM: I don’t care.
DEAN: He’s given us an order.
SAM: (firmly) I don’t care. We don’t always have to do what he says.
DEAN: Sam, Dad is asking us to work jobs, to save lives, it’s important.


DEAN: Dad said it wasn’t safe. For any of us. I mean, he obviously knows something that we don’t, so if he says to stay away, we stay away.
SAM: I don’t understand the blind faith you have in the man. I mean, it’s like you don’t even question him.
DEAN: Yeah, it’s called being a good son!

And later in the episode, when they’re sort of making a peace with the way things are, and that these are way too firmly embedded character traits to pry them out of Dean in one argument and lesson learned about not trusting people who won’t let Dean have any of their magic apple pie…

DEAN: Sam. You were right. You gotta do your own thing. You gotta live your own life.
SAM: Are you serious?
DEAN: You’ve always known what you want. And you go after it. You stand up to Dad. And you always have. Hell, I wish I—

Anyway, John goes and dies not even without giving Dean any real closure (the bastard) but despite Dean standing up a little to his treatment in 1x21, he ends up just getting another massive burden put on him, which spirals him out all the way to season 3 and -

My father was an obsessed bastard!
All that crap he dumped on me, about protecting Sam! That was his crap. He’s the one who couldn’t protect his family. He-
He’s the one who let Mom die.
– who wasn’t there for Sam. I always was! He wasn’t fair! I didn’t deserve what he put on me.
And I don’t deserve to go to Hell!

But it’s too late, he can’t confront John properly. Now on one front this episode also has the first time Bobby is addressed as being a literal father figure to them and Dean especially (Sam getting separated out while Dean has a more intense bonding moment with Bobby when they go into his head, never mind the parallels between them this episode.) Having a positive father figure eases the pain a great deal, I think, and Bobby works as the fatherly counterpoint to Cas.

So in season 4, Cas shows up and for a couple of episodes he seems like an absolute authority figures, giving orders and in this way seems like he might be a potential John mirror, speaking for Heaven, where God is paralleled even more directly to John. But as soon as Cas starts getting a chance to be a fleshed out character, he swaps instead to being a direct Dean mirror, and it’s on exactly the same order questioning thing that Dean got a free pass out of confronting because John died before he could make any real progress. Instead of confronting an authority figure and rejecting John in a mirror character, Dean ends up with a character going through his exact footsteps where, like Sam feels in 1x10 that Dean is acting like his boss, it turns out he’s only following orders too, and this all comes about in one episode, with this last line serving as a great way to link it all as well -

Of course you have a choice. I mean, come on, what? You’ve never questioned a crap order, huh? What are you both, just a couple of hammers?
Look, even if you can’t understand it, have faith. The plan is just.
How can you even say that?
Because it comes from heaven, that makes it just.
Oh, it must be nice, to be so sure of yourselves.
Tell me something, Dean, when your father gave you an order, didn’t you obey?

Quietly revealing that Cas has this reliance on Heaven being just, but then at the end of the episode, and I really don’t think Cas was allowed to do this but he did it anyway…

Our orders –
Yeah, you know, I’ve had about enough of these orders of yours –
Our orders were not to stop the summoning of Samhain, they were to do whatever you told us to do.

And like that Cas is close to an equal when it comes to just being the guy who follows orders and if he can’t think for himself, at least would like to and has opinions and feelings about it (all his arguing with Uriel specifically to contrast a harsher angel who doesn’t care)…

And that leaves Cas to question, and Dean to nurse him that final step of the way to rebelling in 4x22 - that conversation where Dean urges Cas to rebel acting as his way of working through some of the left over unaddressed issues.

I love that by season 5 he can joke about absent fathers with Cas and know that they’ve been through, by then, the exact same process and at that point have sort of reached a point where their feelings on it overlap perfectly. And I think Dean got something out of it as much as Cas got a hell of a lot out of Dean over season 4.

The point being, once again some lines in season 1 which seem perfectly innocuous on their own in shippy ways but when you hold them up to the whole story, Sam’s side of this arc goes off one way, and Dean’s a different, which ends up having Cas’s thread braided all around it almost immediately.

Like, again, when Cas says he and Dean have a more profound bond in season 6, it’s not just because they casually spent more time together - they emotionally mind meld over their first 2 years of knowing each other, and it’s this exact thing Dean dealt with and had left over as an open wound for 3 years until Cas.

(And thinking of open wounds - in 1x09, Missouri describing how evil could cause wounds which festered and attracted poltergeist - I think it’s a good metaphor for things like this too - open character arcs which don’t get resolution, build up and fester. It’s not like Dean *totally* gets over John because it takes years and years and again, to go back to 12x22 as I seriously can’t stop doing, I think Dean really sees HIM for the first time with clear eyes while telling Mary about it, and getting to deal with his parents (or at least one of them) face to face for *real*, no mirrors or any emotional catharsis trickery involved. But then it’s not like Cas actually feels any better about God, he just reached a place of being bitter and accepting than chasing after his approval - and I think 5x16 is Cas’s point similar to 3x10 where he can angrily reject seeking that approval.)

(This series of “Destiel began 7 episodes into the show and you can’t do anything about it” posts is dedicated to an awful hate blog that asks what show we’re watching when we say things like this. My answer is, “this show” *gestures my box set and carries on watching* :P)


Hello everyone. I hope you all have a great day. With everything that is going on I thought we should boost the positivity in this community so that we can avoid all the drama . So I was thinking we should do something like boss week in order to fill this tag with positivity and become again the best community out there. That’s why I need your help . We all can participate in this.We can share our stories about this community how much the members of this community helped us and generally feel free to add whatever you want and share your own ideas. I ‘m very bad at expressing myself but I just want to encourage every one of you to spread positivity and kindness. This community is everything to me and I won’t let the hate and the drama to consume it. 

Not On My Watch

gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns

Title: Not On My Watch

Characters: DiNozzo, McGee, Gibbs x Reader

Word Count: 901

Warnings: fluffish

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

This was requested by @jez-zolnierz: being a probie, DiNozzo always mocking you and Gibbs treats you like his own daughter and always protecting you, even from DiNozzo jokes :) 

Since you were the new “Probie” on the team, you knew there would be some slight teasing.  It was nothing you couldn’t handle, but some days it could wear you a little thin.  You had been subjected to jokes and pranks all day.  Gibbs could tell you were near your breaking point.

“Okay McGoo, one last prank,” Tony mused, rubbing his hands together.  “This one is gonna be the best.”  Tony dug into his desk drawer, pulling out a screwdriver.  The agent leapt up from his chair, walking behind your desk.

“Are you doing what I think you’re doing,” McGee said, narrowing his eyes at his partner.  “I’m not sure that’s a good idea Tony.  [Y/N] has been through enough of our pranks today, don’t you think?  I think we should drop the pranks altogether.  She’s been here for almost a year now.”

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food critic!mingyu
  • tbh everyone knows who he is
  • like yeah food critics are supposed to be like undercover or whatever but 1) he’s handsome so he attracts attention and 2) if he’s at a restaurant with a friend he starts using Food Words and gets really excited when the food is “exquisite”
  • food critic!mingyu and at home!mingyu are two completely different people
  • fuck it they’re not even the same species
  • everyone in the food industry thinks that mingyu invented chic and that he probably models for like,,,,,armani or louis vuitton (rumor has it that he owns diamond encrusted undies)
  • but seventeen + friends have witnessed him eat pizza from a pizza box that was in the garbage and run for the hills whenever gyu looks like he’s about to sneeze
  • tl;dr: mingyu is a God in public and a Mess in private
  • like the first time minghao went with mingyu on a business meal, minghao just stared at him for like 5 minutes while mingyu tried the food and read descriptions as he typed them into his phone
  • mingyu: *using Big, Fancy words and using Extra descriptions*
  • minghao: who The Fuck are you
  • seventeen likes to make fun of him during these lunch/dinner dates bc his hyungs are like “!!look at bb mingyu all grown up!! so professional!! i feel honored to be in your presence!!” and the younger ones r like “i wish i could be as Fabulous and Successful as you, King Mingyu!! will u pls sign my used napkin??!?!?!?”
  • (he’s now reluctant to bring them along)
  • mingyu rly has a passion for food and he loves how food can make you feel and how creative you can get with it 
  • he adores his job like he gets so Excited to go to new restaurants so he can pick apart every flavor and texture and the visuals of the dish and the feel of the place
  • and tbh he never lets his job or rank or whatever get to his head he’s so H U M B L E
  • he’s always insanely polite to staff and other food critics and his readers even though they, and many other people, can be really mean to him
  • he gets frustrated sometimes tho bc a lot of people don’t take his job seriously
  • like yeah he gets to eat as part of his job, but he also has to write sometimes harsh reviews and has spent years memorizing countless ingredients and cooking styles 
  • and sometimes the harshly honest reviews bring him hate and he’s lost sleep over anonymous threats and forces himself to go to the gym every single night bc he knows that so many people only like him for his looks even though he works his ass off
  • :-(((((((((((((((((((
  • so many people see him though as this Untouchable Millionaire person because of how he presents himself
  • like he’s always wearing shiny watches and crisp shirts and slicked back hair and stylish glasses (can u fuckin imagine tho)
  • but tbh he’s just this big puppy that sits on his thrifted couch in boxers and a tshirt with his feet dangling off the end, only wearing one sock because he forgot to do laundry, while watching spongebob and eating a microwaved burrito
  • he has an italian greyhound named penne that he spends more money on than he does on him. that dog is his Child.
  • (he didn’t know what to name her so…………..he put out a bunch of foods and let the dog decide………..)
  • penne has her own mini closet and is also the logo on mingyu’s food blog
  • speaking of which, his blog looks very classy and sleek but the cursor is a pink paw print that leaves a trail of dog treats when u move it
  • he has a food insta too and it has like 700k followers bc 1) the quality of his pics is insane and the food looks so good and 2),,,,,,,,sometimes he recreates food for penne,,,,,,,,and posts pictures of it
  • (he has a separate instagram account for penne….) (he spams it)
  • (everyone follows that account like u have at some point of ur life found a picture of penne in ur camera roll)
  • and u know who mr. kim is bc ur a waitress at a restaurant in one of the top hotels in the country so you’ve been anticipating his visit and by Anticipating i mean Practicing To Call In Sick for when the day comes
  • but lucky for you your Wednesday late-night shift starts with you introducing yourself to mingyu and explaining the different items on the liquor menu
  • u get back to the kitchen after he orders some $9 drink and u clutch the doors shut and ur like “……..guys……….He’s Here” and everyone’s like “excUse mE whAT” and ur boss is like “if u screw this up you’re washing all of the dishes after last shift for three months”
  • n ur like nO pls just get me this drink before i die from The Pressure Everyone Is Putting On Me Right Now
  • u get the drink out to him and not to be Dramatic or anything but when u set down the drink he looks at you with this liL SMILE
  • and he’s like “thank you~!” he sounds like a child it’s so cUte!!!!!!!
  • you ask if he’s ready to order and he’s like “i sure am!” and he keeps looking back and forth between you and the menu and whenever u make eye contact he gives u That Smile™ and laughs to himself when u quickly look back to ur notepad
  • when u take the menu tho ur hands brush and he’s like “oH sOrry” 
  • u hurry off to the kitchen and he’s sitting there with red cheeks and u let out a breath once the doors shut behind u
  • the entire kitchen staff at once: WHATS HIS ORDER
  • as ur serving other tables, u catch mingyu looking at you a few times while sipping his drink like fuCk oK dAmN bOi
  • and he’s not even trying to be Sexy he just thinks ur rly cute like he noticed how u stuttered when u introduced yourself and how you nodded every time he named off a menu item and how your voice sounded when you described the dishes
  • its abt the little details to him let me tEll u
  • the entire time you’re waiting for them to finish his order, you’re nervously pacing around the kitchen or playing with the pen between orders becAuse 1) he’s Powerful and Influential and Handsome AF and 2) @ ur boss pls don’t make me wash dishes
  • his order is finally ready and ur carrying it out and the entire time you’re walking over, his eyes are going from you to the table to his drink to you to the floor because he’s nErvOus
  • u set down the plates carefully and accidentally kinda let the second plate drop onto the table and ur like iM soRry and quickly put down the third plate and ask if he needs anything else
  • when u look @ him he’s smiling tho lmao 
  • and he says “nope everything looks good thank u” but he means to say “ur number. pls.”
  • u tell him to enjoy the food and slip back into the kitchen after making a quick round to check on other customers
  • tbh u stay in the kitchen mostly while he eats bc ur like whAt if i Fucked It Up i should’ve called in siCk daMmit
  • u reluctantly go back to his table once he’s almost done and u ask him the usual “how was everything? could i help you to anything else?”
  • and all he asks for is the bill and a piece of chocolate cake
  • bUt bAby liTtle do u kNow
  • u get him the bill and the cake and he’s being Extra Smiley towards u and ur co-workers r sulking in the kitchen lmao
  • he leaves and with him goes the weight off of your shoulder but when you go to collect the tip, the piece of chocolate cake is untouched and on the napkin is a note with 10 numbers on it, “i hope you like chocolate,” and his signature
  • bonus: he finishes his signature off with a lil doodle of penne

((A/N: A request from my favorite smol bean, @ellen-reincarnated1967 as follows below:

Welcome back!!! I’m happy too!!!! Can i request please a reader and Tony where they bicker and banter all the time until one day even bucky can’t stand the tension and just physically pushes them together until they kiss?

Writing this was the bees knees. I loved it. Per usual, her requests are on point and usually up there with my faves. Thanks, lady. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Word Count: 3k (oops)

Warnings: Lotsa swearing ))

“I said I wasn’t in the mood for Italian. Is there a reason you keep insisting on it?” Your voice was thick with irritation as you glared at Tony Stark from across the table.

His own eyes rolled dramatically as he leaned back, “Because there’s no way anyone ‘hates’ Italian. You’re just pissed off that I’m not in the mood for sushi,” he spoke with more of a bored tone, but you knew he was just trying to goad you into getting angry. Which, unfortunately, was working.

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The Joker x Reader - “Smarty Pants”

He takes you everywhere with him; you sure come in handy and you have an impeccable reputation when it comes to your skills. But why would he think that a nerdy girl can’t get wild?! Well, you are determined to prove him wrong.

Your reading is interrupted by the commotion going on outside your bedroom: gunshots, screaming, cursing and doors being kicked opened.

What now?! you think, turning the page, continuing your book when you hear:

“Nyx! NYX!!!!!!!!! Where the hell are you, you son of a bitch?!”

You look down at Nyx’s dead body under your feet, a bit startled. That’s Mister J’s voice looking for the jerk; he’s probably not going to like this. Dammit! Your door gets kicked opened and you lift your head from your book, adjusting your reading glasses and look at The Joker, who’s now standing there, not very happy to say the least.

“Doll, I didn’t know you’re here,” he frowns, stepping inside. “Still working for the…ass..hole…” he notices Nyx’s corpse with the chopstick in his eye and your feet resting on top of the body.

“Not anymore, Mister J,” you close your book, hoping he won’t snap. “This was the second time he tried to rape me, so I had to defend myself,” you say, pulling out the chopstick, wiping it on your shirt and placing it back in your messy bun.

J narrows his eyes and lowers his gun.

“Can’t say that I blame you then, but I sure wanted to blow his brains out myself. What are you reading, Doll?” he exhales, still annoyed.

“Quantum Physics and Applications,” you show him the cover, smiling.

“Any good?” he squints his eyes, intrigued.

“Pretty boring actually but interesting enough,” you lift your shoulders and take your feet out of the high heels, getting up the couch. The shoes are left on Nyx’s chest since the hills are buried deep in his flesh.

“You’re such a smart Doll; I like clever girls…” he grins, analyzing you. “We’re going to blow this place up, care to get out of here?” The Joker sniffles, signaling you to move and you do so. You quickly cram a few books and all your reading glasses in your backpack and head out the door.

You probably seem very disappointed noticing all the blood on the hallway since you don’t have any shoes on.

“Yo, Frosty!” J yells and Jonny pops his head from the next room.

“Yes, sir!”

“Be a gentleman and help the lady out,” he orders, starting to walk away.

“Of course, boss. Hi, Y/N,” he comes in front of you, waiting.

“Hi, Frost, I didn’t see you in forever,” you genuinely grin, surprised. He lifts you up in his arms, carrying you over the soiled hallway while you’re both chit chatting.

“Hey, Doll,” The Joker interrupts, “ wanna come work for me? I assume you’re unemployed for the moment.”

“Really?” you inquire, kind of excited.

He turns and snaps at you:
“I wouldn’t ask if I wasn’t sure, OK????!!!!!”

Shit, he has such a temper, you think, but you are used to everything by now. You worked for so many messed up people.

“OK, Mister J. And yes, I will come work for you,” you sweetly smile and his sour expression diminishes.

“Good, I always wanted you to work for me. I like smart girls.”   Didn’t he say this already?


He takes you everywhere with him; you sure come in handy and you have an impeccable reputation when it comes to your skills.

“Y/N, am I getting a good deal out of this?” he taps his cane on the floor, getting you attention at the meeting and you lift your eyes up, gazing at all those men in the VIP room that devour you with their eyes. Creeps! You sure are wanted by a lot of them and you know it, but you have the right to decide who you’ll work for so… yeah, here you are.

“No, Mister J, the price of diamonds went up with 15% on the black market since last week. You need to get at least 1 million more in order for this to be a good deal.”

“Ahhhh, did you hear that boys? I’m getting screwed over! Make it two millions for trying to trick me,” he snarls, giving them a crazy look. “I don’t like it when people try to cross me, got it?” he grins his silver teeth, panting. They Know better than not to agree with The Clown Prince of Crime. He gets what he wants.


After the meeting, he sits in his armchair, keeping an eye on the club and staring you down also.

“What are you reading, Pumpkin?” he addresses you, biting on his lower lip.

“Dark Matter and Black Holes,” you reply, wondering why in the world he keeps on calling you all these pet names, but you know better than opening your mouth to protest about it.

“Care to elaborate?” J lifts himself up and comes on the couch, nonchalantly placing his head on your knees and lifting his feet up on the pillows.

“Are you sure?”

He rolls his eyes and you start talking and gesticulating because you sure don’t want to make him mad. The Joker finds himself interested in your little presentation; you sure put a lot of passion into it since you love the subject. He even asks a few questions that you are more than happy to answer, blushing when he takes your glasses off and you instinctively reach for your chopstick.

“Don’t you dare using that chopstick on me, Y/N,” he cracks his neck, growling.

“Oh my God, I am so sorry, old defensive habit, I swear I am not going to stab you in the eye; I really love your eyes!” you blur out fast, hoping his not going to kill you for your transgression. Shit, your cheeks are burning when you realize what came out of your mouth.

“Do you now, Kitten?” he snickers, putting your reading glasses back on.

You nod a fast yes, hoping you’re on steady ground. You wouldn’t know, but The Joker felt like he was taking a piece of lingerie off when he took your glasses away. It made him feel so strange and now he wonders if he found himself a new kink. Like he needs another one. But he sure loves all the colored frames you have to match all your sexy enough outfits (as he refers to them). You’re pretty and nerdy, not a bad combo.

“Tell me something in French, Doll,” he requests and you start talking, intrigued on why he’s taking your glasses off again. Weird but, hey, whatever.

“That sounds so sexy, what does it mean, huh?”

“Last night I washed dishes and did a bunch of laundry,” you chuckle, taking your glasses from his hand and placing them on his face. J doesn’t stop you and you gasp while he laughs at the translation; he sure thought it meant something naughty.

“Wow, Mister J, you look so good with glasses,” you utter, mesmerized. The thin green frames sure match his hair and shirt perfectly.

“You think so, Doll?” he winks and you get flustered, upset at yourself for saying such sweet nothings; you’re not the type. Stupid hormones! you scold yourself in your head, aggravated.

“U-hum,” you mumble and take your glasses back. Jesus, why do you feel so warm? It sure felt like you were undressing him just now when you took his glasses away. My God, please don’t let this be a new kink, you don’t need it, thank you.

The Joker traces your jaw line to tease you more because he’s a jerk:

“Tell me something in Italian, Y/N,” he pleads, biting his tongue. You can’t help but glare at his lips and start rambling.

“I like the way it sounds, Princess. What does it mean?”

“All the dirty things I want you to do to me tonight.”    Did this crap just came out of your mouth?!

“Ha-ha-ha, that’s better, finally something I wanna hear,” he cracks up as you squirm, uncomfortable as hell.

“No, no, no, no, Mister J, that’s what it literally means, not that I want you to…Christ, this sounds terrible,” you try to defend yourself and J decides to give you a break. He gets up from your lap, still snickering and you so want to cover your face but you don’t. It would make it worse.

“I guess we had enough foreign languages for tonight, right? Let’s get back to the Penthouse, it’s getting late.”


“Y/N, am I getting a good deal out of this?”

“No,” you promptly answer, closing the book you’re reading. “The price of guns and explosives on the black market went up 17.2% this week. You need at least $500.000 for this to be a good deal.”

“Well, I’ll be damn,” he passes his fingers through his hair, snarling towards the other business partners in the room. “How did I get this rich on my own without her?! Make it 1 million boys, just for insulting me with your stupid offer!”


After another successful meeting (for The Joker, that is), he becomes interested in your book.

“And what are we reading today, hm?” he points towards the covers, coming over to your couch and placing his head in your lap again.

“The Science of Interstellar,” you hover over him, excited to share.

“Care to elaborate?”

“Oh, yeah, I love this book, “ and you keep on talking and talking and J finds himself immersed in the subject, not even being bored. He takes your glasses off again and inhales deeply, listening to the sound of your voice. Why does he keep on taking your glasses off?!

“Oh!!!” you suddenly jump a bit, ending your speech. “I love this song!”

“Huh?” The Joker asks, getting up because you bounce your legs, impatient. He never saw you show any interest in anything like this and you sure accompany him at his meetings a lot. Since he’s a complete jerk, he decides to wear your glasses and you gulp when seeing how good they look on him:

“Wow, Mister J, you look soooo stunning with glasses!”

“Yeah, I know, I was told before by a nerdy girl,” J licks his lips and you get up from the couch, take your jacket out and toss it in his lap, starting to swing your hips to the rhythm of the song. (which is Madonna & David Guetta- “Revolver” by the way).

What is she doing?! J asks himself, since you never did this before. You sure didn’t have any alcohol. It’s the hormones, but he wouldn’t know.

 “My love’s a revolver, my sex is a killer,

Do you wanna die happy,

Do you wanna die happy?” you sing along and start giving him a lap dance he didn’t expect in a million years. Jeez, who thought you had it in you? But he likes it, oh yeah, he likes it because you are actually very good at it. He runs his hands on the side of your legs and you reach your hand for your chopstick. J sure wants to grab his gun but you stop him and lean over to whisper in his ear:
“I’m not gonna use it, I told you I like your eyes…yes?” and you kiss him, euphoric, throwing the chopstick on the table to let your long red hair loose.

Holy shit, the Joker thinks, completely surprised by the whole thing. Who would have thought you are so naughty?! This is turning out to be a nice night, especially since he learned about Interstellar stuff also. He doesn’t remember a word you said earlier right now because you sure grind against him, ready to kiss him again.

“Ohhh, Daddy likes it,” he grins, smacking his lips and you straddle his lap, pulling on his bottom lip.

“Really?” you stare at his eyes again and…the song is over. “Ah, too bad,” you pout and get up, fixing your hair like nothing happened. “Shame is over, I sure love this song, it drives me wild,” you signal for your jacket and J hands it over, intrigued. WTF, are you the same person?! He’s sure aroused as hell.

“I didn’t think you could do such a thing, Doll,” J admits, attempting to cross his legs but he can’t so he gives up.

“Why, because I read books and I’m smart?!” you suddenly feel offended.

“A-ha,” he is fast in replying since he sees an opportunity there.

“You have no idea how crazy I’m in bed; don’t generalize things just because I’m a bookworm Mister J!” you sulk, furrowing your eyebrows.

“If you say so…” he rolls his eyes, reaching for your book.

“What, you don’t believe me?!” you kind of yell, even more annoyed.

The Joker just lifts his shoulders up, pretending to dismiss your words.

“You want me to prove it to you?!” you almost shout, antagonized at his attitude.

“If you insis..” J doesn’t get to finish because you yank his glasses away, pissed and wanting him in the same time, crushing his lips and tearing his shirt off while he struggles to be the dominant one (without success)for the first 15 minutes. That didn’t happen before but he admits he doesn’t mind it.

Thank God the music is deafening so nobody hears your moaning and screaming and his grunting because it would be very loud.


You watch him tuck his shirt in and you are just finishing up buttoning your tight capris.

You are panicking because now you realize what a bad idea this was. Sleeping with your boss?! Dammit, stupid hormones!!!

“You were sure telling the truth, Pumpkin, Daddy loved it,” he purrs, satisfied.

“What’s wrong?” he wants to know when he realizes you’re talking to yourself.

“I don’t sleep around, Mister J,” you whimper, upset.

“You’re not sleeping around, Doll, you’re sleeping with me, ok?” The Joker huffs, not getting the picture.

“Oh my God, stupid hormones!” you mutter, massaging your temples.

“What was that, Y/N?” he asks because he can’t hear over the music.

“I said it was awesome!” you raise your voice, mad at your stupid nerdy ass. But it was really awesome, can’t lie about it.


The next day he took you over to Jax’s hideout for a meeting, of course.

“Doll, am I getting a good deal?” J lifts your chin from your book, a bit vexed you are not paying attention. You were actually thinking about how good he looks naked and it sure bugs you.

“No, the price of gold went up 12.3% since last week. You need at least $750.000 for this to be a good deal,” you sigh, watching all the dudes staring you down.

“Mister J, I’ll give you 2 millions more if you let Y/N work for me for a month,” Jax is fast to negotiate and since J believes it’s a good deal, he agrees:


You look up at him with your mouth open, not excited at all:
“I don’t want to  stay here, Mister J, I work for you,” you complain, hurt he is giving you away like you’re a thing.

“It’s just a month, Doll, you’ll be fine. Plus, I wasn’t asking, got it?” he shoves his finger in your face, irked because he hates insubordination.
You sniffle, wanting to cry with anger but you keep it together and start reading again, not really seeing the words.


The Joker starts missing you after two days and it annoys him sooooo much. He keeps on looking at the books and reading glasses you left behind. You didn’t take everything with you since you will be gone for only four weeks. How hard can it be without her? he thinks. It’s not that he didn’t manage without you before you came to work for him. Piece of cake, he decides.

He brought one of the girls from the club, dressed her with your clothes and gave her a pair of your glasses. He even takes her to a meeting and she is sitting on the couch like you used to, reading a book she doesn’t understand.

“Doll, am I getting a good deal?” he turns towards the girl and she freezes.

“Ummm… I don’t know Mister J… “ she honestly replies, scared.

“How can you not know?!” he screams at her. “Y/N would know!”

“I’m sorry Mister J,” she apologizes and starts crying.

“Oooh, shut up!” he cuts her off, wanting to strangle her.

That didn’t go well.

After everyone left, he goes and places his head on her knees, aggravated she’s not smart like you.

“Which one of her books are you reading?” he questions the girl and she shows him:

“Quantum Physics and Applications,” she manages to articulate, almost shaking.

“I know that one,” he smiles for a second then he gets grouchy again. “Care to elaborate?” he barks at her and the poor girl start bawling, stammering her words:
“I-I don’t k-know, M-Mister J, I c-can’t understand a-anything.”

“My god, you’re so stupid!” he elbows her with murder on his mind. “Do you know French?”

“N-No,” she keeps on weeping, scared for her life.

“Do you know Italian?”


“Then what the hell are you doing here, huh? GET OUT!!!!!!” he shouts, getting up and pushing her away.
That didn’t go well.


“Y/N, Mister J is here,” Jax lets you know and you don’t lift your eyes from your book because you don’t want to see him. What is he doing here after 3 days he basically sold you for more money?! You don’t want to work for Jax, you don’t like him. You only pick employers you like. And right now you don’t like J either. Big problem I guess.

“Mister J would like to drink a…”

“I know what he likes!” you lift yourself from the couch, aggravated, slamming your book to the side, still not glancing his way and go to mix his drink. When you bring it back and hand it over, The Joker touches your fingers with his, holding them for a few seconds and you finally glare at him. What the…? He’s wearing your purple reading glasses to match his jacket and cane. Your mouth opens with surprise and he just blinks slowly, pretending he doesn’t care about anything. What kind of strategy is this?! you think, puzzled. What is he up to?!

You turn on your hills and head back to your seat when he addresses Jax:

“I want my employee back; I’ll give you 5 millions!”

“Done!” Jax is fast in agreeing before J finishes the sentence because how can he refuse such a deal?! He doesn’t know what’s going on but he doesn’t need you that badly. He’s getting so much more than he paid for you so it works for him.

In the meantime you just watch them, perplexed, hating your life: WTF, am I cattle or what?!


He’s been driving for 20 minutes and you didn’t say a word to him.

“So what’s the last book you’ve read, hm?” J starts the conversation, squeezing the steering wheel so hard it hurts.

“How to Deal With a Shitty Boyfriend!” you grumble, crossing your arms on your chest and looking out the window. (It really is the name of the book. Sometimes you read fluff like this).

“Sounds like an award winning one,” he snorts, amused you’re so feisty. “Care to elaborate?”


“Do you even have a boyfriend? Why would you read such nonsense?”
You bite on your cheek, moving away from him more.

“Well, then, do you care if I listen to music?” he asks because he has it all planned.

“I don’t care!”

“ ‘kaayyyy,” and he turns on his stereo. Sure enough, Madonna’s “Revolver” starts playing.

“Really?! Really?!” you get even more worked up, and finally turn towards him.

“Wha’? You said you don’t mind so…”
“Pull over!” you demand, impatient but he can’t notice it yet.
“We’re in the woods, I don’t wanna pull over,” he argues, sucking on his teeth.

“Pull over I said!” and you take your seatbelt off, making him yank at the wheel and park on a small, dusty road.
“Jeez, are you trying to…”

But you don’t let him finish. You crawl in his lap and start kissing him roughly, unbuttoning your shirt in the same time.

“God,” you moan,” this song drives me wild!!” You bite his ear and he starts purring, delighted. It worked, he thinks, horny as hell, unhooking your bra.

Stupid hormones, you think, mad at yourself again but eager to get him naked as fast as possible.



The Boss’ Girl Ch. 1

Lee Minwoo (Shinhwa) x Reader x Jeon Jungkook (BTS)


Rated: G 

Word Count: 3343

A/N: Here’s the first chapter for the Jungkook project I’ve been working on.  It’s mostly just an introduction so bare with me on this one.  Warning!!! This is going to get very smutty!!!  Lots of Dom/Sub, slight BDSM, and all kinds of kinky stuff.   I feel a bit stupid I’ve had this idea all planned out since the Celebrity Bromance episode the two of them did together but just never sat down to write it.  Please give some feed back if it’s something you guys are going to be interested in?

7:55 AM you come into your boss’ office.  His morning cup of coffee placed on the coaster by the phone.  ¼ cup half and half, two teaspoons of raw sugar, and ¾ cup of Starbucks dark roast coffee in his favorite mug.  By now there’s no need to measure it out because you know by sight and muscle memory.  

The three leading business journals and newspapers are stacked in just the right order on the right hand side.  The days tentative schedule typed with checkboxes lays on top of them.  It’s also on both of your tablets but he likes the paper copy just for the satisfaction of checking the boxes when something is accomplished.  

After giving the desk and room a look over to be sure everything is neat and in place you head for the front of the office.  Your watch clicks to 8:00 AM and the elevator dings.  Like an interminable coo-coo clock your boss comes through the door with a pleasant good morning though his forward pace never stops for the greeting.  

You click the door back shut and follow along behind him.  Back in his private office he hands you his suit jacket that you hang on the rack.  He takes his seat, a small sip of coffee, a sigh, and picks up today’s agenda.  While he gives it a thorough read through you stand beside him with the tablet in hand for instructions.  

“Not too much going on today outside the office.  That’s good.  No major messes to clean up or meetings.  Also good.  And just the two of us for lunch today?  Very good.”  He finishes off his thought with a wink in your direction.  

“Alright dear, unless anything of importance comes up, which I hope it doesn’t, I’ll see you at 11:45.”  He smiles and barely waits for your “yes sir” before picking up the first newspaper.  Nothing more is needed to be said for you to excuse yourself out to your own desk.  

Day after day for the past three years has been exactly this way.  Being the personal secretary for Lee Minwoo has been a blissful and stable life.  Most of the time it was almost too easy to help your very predictable boss.  The man loves order and simplicity and it shows in every aspect of his company.  

That is to say he likes those things in his work life.  Lee Minwoo outside of work is a very different person.  Once he was out of the office for the day his adventures were ever changing.  He loves to try all sorts of new things with his friends.  As his work secretary there is only one part of that Lee Minwoo that you ever really get to see and that is his love life.  Mainly meaning you.  

It’s no secret to even some people outside of the company that you are Lee Minwoo’s girl.  Not a girlfriend or arranged fiancé or anything of the sort, just his girl.  His favorite play thing when he could have any number of nice toys.  That is exactly how the two of you like your relationship to be.  

Your common day ends quickly with your phone alarm buzzing 4:55 PM.  You rise from your seat and head into Minwoo’s private office.  He doesn’t look up at you until you’re in your place beside him with the tablet.  He’s quick to tell you all the things that got done today, which of course is the whole checklist, and tell you what to put on the list for tomorrow.  

“I see here that we have some new interns coming tomorrow?”  He adds glancing through an open e-mail.  “Yes sir, four new ones.”  You answer.  “Good let’s go to meet them at 1:30 after we return from lunch with the accountant firm then.  Make sure you’ve got my favorite suit and red tie ready for me in the morning.  You know how I like to intimidate the new blood.”  He adds a devious chuckle.  

5:00 PM on the dot hits and he’s got his jacket on and out the door.  His office looks like he had never been there at all.  You make up and print out the checklist for tomorrow, send an e-mail to the downstairs main secretaries to inform them of the bosses meeting time with the interns, and make a phone call to Minwoo’s housemaid to pick up and prep the suit for tomorrow.  Another perfect day finished.  

The next day begins the same as all the others.  You work diligently at your desk until 11:45 when the two of you head out for the business lunch.  Normally a secretary wouldn’t dare eat with the important businessmen but Minwoo always insists you stay right beside him.  When he first started this habit the other men were appalled at you being there but over time they grew used to your practically non-existent presence.  

It was all boring business talk that you payed just enough attention to so you could keep mental notes for Minwoo later.  Beside that you simply tuned them out and politely ate your lunch in peace.  On the very rare occasion that Minwoo or one of the other men spoke directly to you it wasn’t hard to make pleasant small talk until they ignored you once again.  

The oldest generation of wealthy individuals could never get comfortable with the thought that you simply were just a secretary and not a love interest.  Many of them push the question at each meeting if the two of you were engaged yet to which you both always declined.  Anywhere that Minwoo was invited to he would bring you along when everyone else brought their dates or wives.  It made their heads spin with gossip and questions.  

Even today the old men around the table would continue to give furtive glances in your direction any time they thought you weren’t looking.  One of them even had the nerve to try and make you look like a fool by asking you a quite difficult political opinion when they thought you weren’t paying any attention.  All of them are greatly disappointed when you give a very fair and witty response.  

“Nice job in there as always my dear.  I do love the way we make their poor little heads spin.”  Minwoo purrs in your ear when you’re in the car on your way back to the office.  You give him a coy smile to let him know you enjoy it just as much as he does.  “Such a good pet I have.”  He hums and runs a light touch along your neck.  You figure he must be in a particularly good mood today to be giving you this kind of skinship before 5 o’clock.  Though he doesn’t push it much farther than that, only keeping a firm hand on your thigh for the rest of the car ride.  

Back inside the building he’s all conservative business again.  The desk secretary lets him know where the interns are before you both head that way.  He checks his suit and hair in the hallway mirror and steps into the waiting elevator.  The two of you step into the third floor office precisely at 1:30.  

Everyone in the office is already standing at attention and bows as soon as you enter.  Only moments after five people stand in front of you.  The four interns and their supervisor bow and greet Minwoo again.  “Thank you so much for taking the time to greet the new interns sir.”  The supervisor says.  

“No problem at all!  It’s important that they know who it is they’re working for.”  Minwoo sends them a charming smile that makes the exact effect he wanted. The two girls visibly swoon and the two men smile awkwardly in return.  “More importantly is you know miss Y/L/N my secretary, she’s what really keeps this company ticking.”  Minwoo turns and gestures to you.

The four bow and greet you individually.  One of them sticks out to you more than the others.  The way his hand trembles a bit when he bows to you and the way his large doe eyes can’t seem to stop staring leaves an impression of innocence.  It’s fairly distracting the way he keeps stealing glances at you while Minwoo continues to speak to them.  A few of them you’re pretty sure aren’t glances at your face.  Was it wrong to think it was cute?  

Minwoo finishes his rousing speech and you’re ready to leave.  “Oh sir, the office is holding a small party to welcome the interns tonight if you’d like to join us.  I’ll send Y/N an e-mail of the details.”  The supervisor informs you before you can leave.  “Very good, hopefully I’ll see you there then.”  Minwoo beams with that sinister grin.  You know exactly what he’s thinking.  

At 4:55 you’re by Minwoo’s desk with the tablet in hand.  “The party is at 8:30 dear so please be at my door around 7:45.  I’ll have Mrs. Chang bring down a new dress for you around 6.”  He finishes off what he needs for you to do and is out the door.  

Once Minwoo was sure that you would stay at the company as his secretary he had asked you to move into the same apartment building.  It made last minute work and your night flings a lot easier.  Simply saying it was more efficient and he loved that.  He lives in the top penthouse suite and you live two floors below.

You’re in front of Minwoo’s apartment door at 7:43.  He answers a moment after you ring the bell.  You knew he would be ready to go once you arrived.  “Hello dear, you look lovely as usual.”  He adds while looking you over.  

The dress he sent is a flowy pink cocktail with silver heels and a silvery satin shawl for your bare arms.  Your hair in a low chignon and shimmering pink eye make-up finish the look.  It is incredibly feminine just the way he likes you to be.  

Minwoo makes sure the passcode is set to lock the door and then you head for the lobby.  The driver is waiting in front of the building like usual and helps you to get in.  It takes around twenty minutes to get to the party venue and it’s spent in comfortable quiet.  The way Minwoo has a wide grin across his face and keeps a hand on your thigh is all you need to know how fun tonight is going to be.   

It’s not good for his image as the boss if he’s the first to arrive at the party.  Of course you arrive exactly 10 minutes after it starts.  A majority of the company workers are spread through the familiar room.  It’s a venue they often use for this sort of party.  

A large open room with wall to ceiling windows on one side overlooking the city.  In the center is a table of all kinds of finger foods.  Tall tables line the windows while short tables and sofas are mixed around the room.  The bar lines the right wall and a karaoke stage sits in the far corner.

As soon as the two of you enter the room quiets for a moment.  Minwoo leads you straight to the bar, everyone bowing in your direction as you pass.  The bartender pours the two glasses of wine Minwoo orders then passes them over the counter.  There’s an unspoken rule that no one starts a conversation with Minwoo before he’s gotten his glass.  

Once the two of you have your glasses in hand the usual party flow begins.  The upper management small talks with Minwoo, then the lower management.  Finally he’ll go to speak to certain workers who he has an interest with lately.  Someone who’s moving up or has done an excellent job of something.  

Tonight that group is the interns.  The four of them are chatting with some of the older interns when the two of you approach.  They all bow and greet the two of you equally.  “Good to see you all could make it.  I’d like to welcome you again to the company for the year.”  Minwoo starts with a genuine smile.

Their reactions are the same as they were this morning.  The two girls giving Minwoo heart eyes, the two boys standing proper, and the one wide eyed boy focusing more on you than his boss.  Maybe it’s the wine but you let yourself take a better look at him.  

He has such a young and pretty face that doesn’t exactly match the sharpness of his jaw line.  Matter of fact it doesn’t match the rest of his body much either.  Even through the button up shirt and slacks you can tell that he’s very well built.  

Minwoo also notices the boy’s physique.  “What’s your name son?”  The boys turns his attention to Minwoo for the first time with the question.  “Jeon Jungkook, sir.”  He speaks politely.  “Jungkook-ah, you’ve got quite a good body.  You must work out a lot or play a sport?”  

“Yes, Sir.  Mostly just going to the gym.”  Jungkook answers with his head lowered.  “That’s good to know.  I’m always looking for extra people on our sports teams.”  Minwoo looks thoroughly pleased.  New blood to help his teams win and playing with his workers gives him another place to show off.  

Jungkook agrees quickly to join any game they play.  Minwoo asks the older interns to take care of the new ones then the two of you move on.  The rest of the evening goes similarly.  At some point you step away from Minwoo to chat with some of the other secretaries.  It’s good you to keep in the loop about office gossip and projects.  

A few hours in and two glasses of wine later you’re about to ask Minwoo if he would like to head home.  That’s when the interns start causing a bit of a ruckus.  The new interns were playing rock paper scissors.  The loser, one of the girls, walked up onto the karaoke stage.  You had almost forgotten the company tradition of making the interns start the karaoke.   

That was usually Minwoo’s cue to leave.  The office workers started to really party and let loose once the singing started.  Minwoo is a great boss.  He knows how to socialize well with his workers and also knows when to give them space.  

A popular song starts on the machine and the girl starts to sing along.  You tune her out and walk over to Minwoo.  He doesn’t break his conversation when you arrive at his side.  There’s a slight nod and wink in your direction.  

That’s the cue you’ve been waiting for to send the pick up text to the driver.  As usual the driver say he’ll bring the car right around.  Out of the corner of his eye Minwoo catches the small nod you give in answer.  

In a natural manner Minwoo wraps up his conversation and gives his farewell.  The two of you step away and he hooks his arm in yours.  The gesture is innocent but it still surprises you.  You make barely two steps before you hear the opening to a familiar song beging on the karaoke machine.  

You’d know that song anywhere.  It’s one of you absolute favorites.  Out of curiosity you stop and turn back.  On that small stage of course is Jeon Jungkook.  In the past few hours he’s rolled the sleeves up and undone a few buttons of his dress shirt.  Just that extra bit of skin makes you see the boy a bit differently.  His sharp collarbones and veiny lines of his forearms aren’t what you were expecting from the nervous looking young man.

Then you’re completely shocked again by his voice.  His tone is so different from the original singer of this song but in a twisted way you almost prefer his.  He has a delicious soft tone to his voice that sinks into your skin.  

Here’s a boy who has been staring at you all day like God himself was in the room, singing your favorite song, and looking like absolute sin.  You don’t know how to act for a moment.  You’re enraptured by his crooning voice like he’s stopped time for everyone but himself.  

You really can’t figure it out and you look to his face for some sort of answer.  It’s not exactly an answer, more of a complication.  You look up away from his body to find him staring at you all the same.  Your eyes lock and he holds your gaze to continue his beautiful song.  

He’s nearly on the second chorus by the time Minwoo gives a light tug to your arm.  The time spell Jungkook had over the room is broken.  You look to Minwoo who’s giving you a knowing yet curious expression.  You clear your throat and bashfully let him continue walking you out of the venue and to the waiting car.

Loud cheers ring through the room when Jungkook finishes his song and heads back to the table of other interns.  He’s blushing at all the compliments and he politely declines the demands for an encore performance.  Instead he settles in and keeps sipping on beers and enjoying his new co-workers.  

Half an hour later the girls all go to the restroom leaving the guys at the table.  Jungkook clears his throat to get the attention of Namjoon the guy next to him.  He’s one of the older interns from earlier this year.   

“Hyung, can I ask you something?”  Jungkook is sheepish again.  Namjoon turns to him.  “Of course.  What’s up?”  He gives an easy smile that helps Jungkook relax.  “I’m just curious.  Does Secretary Y/L/N always go everywhere with CEO Lee?”  

Namjoon looks a bit confused by this question as it seems obvious.  “Well of course she does.  That’s her job.”  He answers.  That’s not really what Jungkook meant to ask.  He tries again to be a bit more specific.  

“Well yeah at work but like right now they aren’t working but she left with him?  Does she always come and go with him?”  He knows the exact question he wants to ask but he’s going the long way about it.  

Namjoon looks at him like he’s lost his marbles and nods slowly.  “Well yeah. This is a work function so technically it’s work?”  Jungkook had heard the Namjoon was considered a genius but right now he seems a bit dim.  Jungkook sighs internally then just goes out and asks what he wants to know.  

“So are they like, dating?  Do you know?”  He asks in as cool of a tone as he can manage.  Finally Namjoon gets what’s going on here.  “Oh… um not exactly dating.  No one is really sure what they are but just consider them both as taken.”  Namjoon watches Jungkook carefully.  

“What does that even mean?  Are they dating or not?”  Jungkook huffs a bit annoyed.  Namjoon smirks at the boys reaction.  “If you’re interested in Secretary Y/L/N get uninterested right now.  She won’t ever look at anyone but CEO Lee I can guarantee you that.”

That’s definitely not the answer Jungkook wanted to hear.  There’s also no way he’s just going to give up like this.  He’s not even really started.  Namjoon doesn’t like the defiant look in Jungkook’s eye.  “I’m serious man.  So many guys in this company have tried to get her but she just walks all over them and tosses them away like trash.  Don’t get your huge pride deflated by the ice queen.”  

Jungkook and Namjoon let the conversation drop after that but Jungkook thinks long and hard about it even after he’s back home.  There’s no way in hell he’s going to just give up.  He can’t do it.  Jeon Jungkook doesn’t back down on anything.  He just needs a really good plan to melt this “ice queen.”


Chapter 2 

Wake Up Part 3

Requested: Yes
You can find part 1 HERE and part 2 THERE
You can also find my Masterlist RIGHT HERE

Word Count: 2540
A/n: This was originally the second half of part 2. I had to split it to make it less long and drug out. I hope you like it! 

@thearkhamnedknight @stormcloud12 @carryonmy-assbutt @laryssa-the-jedi                                        

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More Than That (Pt. 4) (End)

[Summary]: Who knew your boyfriend knew Tony Stark in college. At a college alumni party, you meet the Avengers and they immediately take a liking to you, treating you like a “sister-like” figure. Except for one super soldier who likes you “more than that”. When your relationship starts to fall apart, you confide in Steve about it who’s willing to do anything to be more than friends with you.

[Pairing]: Steve x reader (mentions of the team)

[Warning]: a little bit more of intended “sexy time” but it’s towards the end…

Tagging: @bovaria @marvel-ash @just-call-me-mrs-captain @dividedwecantfall @buckysmetallicstump @mellifluous-melodramas @avengerofyourheart @buckyslion @metalarmproblems @marvelingatthewonder @beccaanne814-blog @mcuimxgine @capsbuchanan @imagine-assembling-the-avengers @that-sokovian-bastard @hellomissmabel @abovethesmokestacks @maybe-mikala @violentlyfarts @hymnofthevalkyries @after-avenging-hours @buckys-shield @buckysberrie @callamint @redgillan @whotheeffisbucky @candyrogers @blueeyedbucky @tragicalchemist @marvelous-fvcks @professionally-crazed @thetalesofmooseandsquirrel @fanfic-shiz @i-dont-know-how-to-write @iwillbeinmynest @theassetseyeliner @lilasiannerd @aubzylynn @viollettes @tatortot2701 @marvelatthepeople @raegan-darling @iamwarrenspeace @clinicalkayla @sammysgirl1997 @gatorgal94 @erinvanlyssel @pufflethehuff @littlenerdgirl16 @magellan-88 @marvelgoateecollection

A/N: BSB gif was made by yours truly! More Backstreet Boys comin’ your way, peeps! [x] This one literally screamed Steve’s name when I was listening to it, so here’s the result… A short series! There might be a bit of breaking hearts in the beginning of this part and towards the end. Sorry guys! 

Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3

Originally posted by mightycaptainamerica

You were sitting at your desk, typing away at your computer when the mail deliverer came by and handed you the envelope. You looked at it curiously, not seeing a return address and not recognizing the handwriting on it right away.

“Excuse me,” you quietly asked the man that handed it to you before he walked away. “But who is this from? There’s no address label on it.”

“I don’t know. The lady at the front told me to give it to you. She told me that the guy who handed it to her said to tell you it was from “your hero” and that you would know who it was.” He shrugged and turned around to continue pushing the mail cart down the isle.

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The T-Room

Co Author: BUDDY!!! WHO ELSE OTHER THAN MY BEST FRIEND AND AN AMAZING AUTHOR?!?! Buddy you’re amazing and thank you for everything without you this fic would’ve gone nowhere!!!!

Markiplier, Ethan, Tyler

Summary: Ethan is a hacker for a strict corporation. If you screw up, you’re sent to the infamous ’T-Room’. Everyone who goes in comes out different. Quiet, obedient. Changed. No one knows what happens in there…and today, Ethan makes a huge mistake. [WARNING THIS IS A TICKLE FIC]

I love feedback! Critique is greatly appreciated! HOLY SHIT THIS IS LONG! 4825 WORDS!! LOOOOOONG FIC! Also Buddy is amazing and made this 1000% better. 

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Newt comes by MACUSA to bring Percy lunch/meet him for lunch. He overhears something out of context between Percy and an auoror/group of auoros that makes him think Percival doesn't want him anymore (could be just dating or already married). I'm a sucker for angsty hurt/comfort

Omg my poor precious Newt!


“I can’t stand him anymore.”

Newt freezes at the angry tone in his boyfriend’s voice. The door of Percival’s office is just slightly opened​, so he can’t see him nor the person he’s talking to.

“Don’t be so harsh on him, boss.” Oh, Newt knows that voice, he’s one of the aurors that works with Tina, Fontaine.

Newt pulls the paper bag closer to his chest. He wonders if he should wait or just knock at the door and make his presence known. He decides for the first.

“No, you don’t understand,” Percival huffs, irritated. “He’s so distracted and clumsy, he clearly doesn’t know what he’s doing and almost ruins every single operation we work on.”

Newt looks at the bag, thinking about the pastries he has brought from Jacob’s bakery to share with Percival. At least that thought distracts him from the sensation the conversation is hearing is actually about him.

But that’s ridiculous, it’s just his anxiety playing tricks on him.

“I’m just tired of him,” Percival admits.

Newt bites his lip so hard he hurts himself, he doesn’t move though. He breathes and tells himself it doesn’t mean anything, they haven’t even mentioned his name.

“I really don’t want to intrude, but is this because of what happened with the hippogriff?”

Outside, the magizoologist shivers, he remembers that day, he had walked inside, ignoring Percival’s order to stay by his side. He was taking care of the poor creature when someone scared him and the hippogriff reacted out of instinct, hurting Newt.

Percival told him he wasn’t mad, but maybe he was… Maybe he still is.

“Perhaps,” his boyfriend says and Newt feels like a stab in his chest.

They’re talking about him.

“Boss, I know Newt- I mean Mr Scamander got-” a snarl cuts Fontaine off.

Percival is definitely mad. No, he’s pissed.

“I just don’t want him near… I don’t want him here anymore.”

He’s going to break up with him. Newt feels the tears coming from his eyes. He doesn’t wipe them off.

In fact, he stops paying attention and only reacts when the door is opened and Fontaine talks to him.

“Newt! I was wondering why- Are you crying?”

“I’m fine,” he sobs, giving himself away.

“What happened?” Fontaine asks, worried, but Newt doesn’t get to answer him because the auror gets shoved away from him.

Percival has taken his place and is leaning closer with a deeply worried expression on his face.

“Newt, are you okay? Who hurt you?” He demands as his eyes roam over his body looking for injuries.

But Newt only looks at him confused and hurt because that man doesn’t love him anymore and even though he had expected something like that he was not prepared for the pain.

Percival growls and turns his head to glare a Fontaine who takes a step back.

“What did you do to him?”

Fontaine trembles at the aggressive tone and shakes his head vigorously.

“I didn’t, I swear, boss!”

Percival doesn’t believe him, Newt knows it. So he sighs and decides to intervene.

“He didn’t do anything, Percy,”

The Director relaxes and Fontaine takes the opportunity to flee from there. Percival also decides it’s time to move, because he gently pushes Newt inside the office.

“What is it?” Percival asks once they both sitting on the couch.

He caresses Newt’s cheek and looks him in the eyes with a soft, worried expression on his face and honestly Newt wishes he doesn’t because that way it’ll be more difficult for both of them.

He lets Percival wipe off the tears under his eyes and sighs.

“If you want to break up with me it’s okay,” Newt mumbles. “I don’t want you to be with me just because you feel like-”

“What are you talking about, Newt?” Percival looks at him, confused and hurt. “Why would I do that? I love you!”

Newt blinks.

“But I heard you talking… You said you couldn’t stand me anymore…”

Percival rolls his eyes, leans forward and presses his forehead to Newt’s. He takes him by the chin and kisses him.

“I wasn’t talking about you,” he assures. “It’s about the new auror, Collins.”

“But I heard my name…” Newt knows he’s being difficult, now that he’s looking into Percival’s eyes he’s sure the man is telling the truth. There’s so much fondness in those dark eyes.

“We were talking about the case with the hippogriff, love,” Percival explains. “Do you remember, right? Collins was the one that tried to use a spell on the creature and that’s why it attacked​ you.”

He remembers perfectly, but he thought it was him Percival was angry with.

“You got hurt,” Percival shivers at the memory and takes Newt in his arms. “I can’t forgive him for that.”

So it turns out his boyfriend is angry with one of his aurors because of what happened that day.

“I don’t want him near you,” the Director whispers and nuzzles Newt’s neck.

And Newt giggles because now, with Percival wrapped around him, trying to steal another kiss, it seems really ridiculous to think that man doesn’t love him.

He relaxes into his touch, feels a kiss on his forehead and smiles at him.

Percival looks at the paper bag, forgotten on his desk.

“Now let’s see what you brought for lunch.” The bag floats towards them and Newt lets out a gasps and a flustered laugh when he feels himself being yanked over Percival’s lap.

Newt sighs, content. He forgets about everything else and allows his boyfriend to feed him.

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daisuga & coffee

This isn’t my favorite writing, but it turned out pretty cute. Also Daichi RIP

“Why,” Daichi murmured to the gods above.

“Why what?” Kuroo asked from behind him. Daichi groaned and faced his boss, this was his fault.

“Why am I working the 3am shift every.day.this.week?” he responded, punctuating each syallable. What did he do to piss Kuroo off?

“Oh, that.” Kuroo replied nonchalantly. “I’m just doing you a favor.”

“How is waking me up for a 3am shift doing me a favor?” he rebuttled.

“Daichi, Daichi, Daichi, do you know who comes to the cafe at 3 every single day?” Kuroo asked, a wicked smile on his face. “No, of course you don’t, because while you may oogle at him from the counter, you’ve never actually had the balls to go talk to him.”

“Daichi doesn’t have the balls to talk to some one? Well this is new!” Oikawa remarked as he joined them in the staff room. 

“Oh yes,” Kuroo grinned, his eyes gleaming. “You know that guy who always comes in at 3?”

“Fair skin, silver hair, beauty mark under his left eye?” Kuroo nodded. “That’s Sugawara Koushi, he’s in my physics class,” Oikawa explained.

“You know him?” Daichi asked, obviously interested. Oikawa smirked.

“I know everyone Daichi, you should already know that,” Oikawa scoffed, his head held high. 

“Wait, Oikawa, you’re break isn’t for another 15 minutes,” Kuroo remarked, glancing at the clock.

“It’s slow and Kou-chan was doing fine on his own,” he shrugged.

“You left Bokuto behind the counter alone! Dammit Tooru,” Kuroo yelled, rushing out of the room. 

“Well,” Oikawa said, putting a hand on Daichi’s shoulder. “This is your chance, don’t fuck it up.”

He did.

It didn’t happen right away, the first few days of his week of early shifts were rather bland. The actual angel Sugawara came in everyday, ordered a latte, and set up all of his books and notes on a table in the corner. Thanks to some miraculous force, Daichi was able to go through these days without error. It was the fourth day, however, where everything went to shit. 

It had started like any other day, the cafe was open and ready to go when Suga arrived at 3 on the dot. He ordered his usual latte, but this time, instead of going to the table in the corner, he sat at the counter, just drinking his coffee. He didn’t get his books or notes out, he just sat, looking at Daichi.

“So,” the silver haired man began, taking a sip of his latte. “How’d you manage to get stuck with this shift?”

“Uh,” Daichi stumbled, he obviously couldn’t tell him the real reason. “My boss is an ass,” he settled with.

“Is that so?” he laughed, and oh was that the most beautiful sound Daichi had ever heard.

“It’s not so bad,” Daichi chuckled. “I’m Sawamura Daichi, by the way. Everyone calls my Daichi.”

“Sugawara Koushi, Suga for short,” he introduced himself. Daichi smiled, this was going smoother than he imagined. 

“Well, Suga, do you want a refill?” he asked, already reaching for the cup. 

“I would love one,” he smiled, and Daichi swore his heart stopped. He didn’t think this gorgeous man could be any more beautiful. Daichi took the cup and turned. 

Everything went wrong.

He turned directly into an open cabinet, smacking his nose and stumbling backwards. He dropped the mug, which shattered against the concrete floor. As he was stumbling backwards, he slipped on some spilt coffee, falling right onto the broken mug.

“Oh my God are you okay?!?” Suga asked, rushing around the counter to Daichi. 

“That fucking hurt,” he commented, sitting up. He nose hurt from the cabinet, and there was a sharp pain in his back. 

“Daichi you’re bleeding!” Suga exclaimed, kneeling next to him. “There’s glass in your back!”

“Oh, fuck. Okay, um, there’s a first aid kit in the staff room. Would you mind switching the sign to close while you’re at it?” Daichi instructed, trying carefully not to move. Suga nodded and got up, rushing to the front of the store before going to the back. 

“Take off your shirt,” he ordered as he came back, first aid kit in tow. Daichi was able to unbutton it, but he couldn’t slid it off his arms without wincing in pain.

“Um, Suga,” he muttered, his face turning red.“ Could you maybe help me, please?“ 

“Oh, of course, I didn’t even think-” he rambled on.

“Don’t be so hard on yourself, this wasn’t your fault. I’m not even sure how the hell I managed to fuck up this badly,” he joked, earning a slight chuckle from Suga.

“I will say, that was definitely something to watch,” he grinned, sliding off Daichi’s shirt. “The way that played out didn’t seem real.”

“I believe it,” Daichi smiled. He may be in pain, but seeing Suga laugh made it hurt less, as cheesy as that sounded. He hissed as Suga started pulling the glass shards out of his back.

“Sorry,” he apologized. “I’m going to clean it now, so sorry in advance.” Daichi bit down on his tongue to prevent the groan from coming out. After a few minutes of silence, Daichi heard the rustle of band aids.

“I’m going to put these on the deeper cuts,” Suga explained, pressing softly against his back. He paused slightly before adding more pressure to one of the spots on his back. 

“Okay, you should be good now,” he said, sliding back. Daichi carefully stood up, grabbing his shirt from the floor and turning to Suga.

“Thanks,” he said, grabbing the first aid kit. “I’m going to go call Ushijima to come work, I should probably go to the hospital, just in case.”

“I agree. I actually should go too, I have some work to get do. Goodbye Daichi,” Suga waved, grabbing his bag and walking out the door.

“Goodbye,” he muttered to the silent shop. He stood for a moment before turning and walking to the staffroom. He called Ushijima, asking him to come into work. He agreed, he could be there in 5 minutes. Daichi put his shirt into he back of the couch and sat down carefully; he would have to ask Ushijima to clean things up.

“What’s on your back?” Ushijima asked as he entered from behind Daichi.  Daichi turned his head slightly, taking in the other man.

“Band-Aids. I had a bit of an accident,” he admitted.

“Not the band-aids, the writing,” he replied, seeming uninterested in Daichi’s injury story. Daichi’s eyebrows squished together. Writing? He walked over to a small wall mirror and turned around, his back facing it. He turned his head and read the writing on one of the larger band aids.

It was a phone number

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Hello! I'd like to request hcs on how Chuuya was raised by Kouyou and how Dazai was raised by Mori, please. Like for example, were they strict? Or maybe which habits rubbed off on the boys and whatever else you want to add. Thank you! :)

i think i might have gone a bit overboard with these,, nevertheless, this was really fun! thank you for the lovely request dear! - mikado

Dazai Osamu

. Considering he was raised by the embodiment of logic [quoted by the man himself], it was destined for Dazai to continue the mafia hierarchy and uphold its name through a lot of training and studies. Mori’s characteristic traits are his intellect and his keen eyes [metaphorically and literally] and it can be seen that he recognizes and values Dazai’s potential a lot. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to believe that Mori had made plans to overthrow the previous mafia leader before his actual assassination of the man when he was ill. This leads me to think that Mori planned on making Dazai his right hand man for quite some time, hence why he prepared him for a successful path in the mafia. In short, Dazai was in for a hell of a ride.

. Mori’s ambition to become the new leader was something that young Dazai had noticed, and being the curious kid he is, he once asked why being the boss is so great. In response, Mori gave him a very long essay with detailed arguments written about some of the most well-known and powerful commanders in history. Remember, this is a fourteen to sixteen year old kid we’re talking about. Most people his age today just… read fanfics and cry over exams. He, on the other hand, had to analyze and make a practical model of the war strategy Napoleon Bonaparte used to take over Spain and Germany during his days of glory and write his own version of the tactic which would lead to a more profitable outcome. [ no wonder he wants to die so badly ]

. On chapter 30, Mori mentions to Fukuzawa the names of several well known researchers of theories on war strategies, with John Forman Nash, Henry Alfred Kissinger and Thomas Crombie Schelling to name a few. He does so with a very happy face may I add. Fukuzawa couldn’t identify the above mentioned people as they were foreign, while Dazai grits between his teeth that “Someone imprinted that knowledge on my mind long ago.” This basically shows what Dazai had to put up with during his time spent with Mori. Mori did fulfill all of his educational needs, but he went beyond the point by making Dazai study the works of such people when he was [I cannot stress this enough] only a teen. Okay, sure, it would be illogical for him to study those books in Japanese as well [but since he’s Mori’s diamond in the rough, he’s going to have to undergo a lot of pressure] but to study them in a foreign language as well? He has to understand the terminology of the book, the language the book is written in and also the theme of the book. And he does it so flawlessly.

. So from what you can tell, Dazai had to study a lot. Which is to be expected but that doesn’t mean that I can’t complain about it. It wasn’t always just serious business with Mori though. Dazai did have his free time, although his mentor monitored him during then as well. When not hitting the books, Dazai would usually wander around the headquarters of the Mafia, entering areas forbidden to even the executives through his childish yet very effective lock-picking methods a.k.a, with the help of his trusty sidekick, the hairpin. He lost five to six of them weekly while crawling in the vents, which explained why the guards always found pieces of hairpins stuck between the ventilation fans. Mori never managed to catch him in the act, but he always had a faint suspicion that Dazai knew more than he should, sometimes things that were private matters between him and the leaders of other organizations.  It didn’t worry him much though. If anything, it probably just enhanced his respect for the talented kid tenfold.

. Dazai didn’t hang out much with Q, considering he too was taken under Mori’s care before he became the boss. He never really liked Q, since he was an eerily quiet child who loved to cause mayhem and see other people suffer. Before, he used to think being around people such as Yumeno was a way for him to experience the so called ‘raw emotions’ he begged to feel throughout his entire life, but it didn’t work out very well for him as Q once struck an accidental but heavy blow to the Mafia by going berserk while being taken care of by some supervisors on Mori’s orders. It is then that Q started manipulating his curse more often to his advantage, and when Dazai decided it was best for him to keep his distance.

. Mori often took Dazai with him to accompany him during his shopping sprees for Elise’s new dresses, which often led to Dazai wandering off somewhere on his own while the doctor was too busy fawning over a pair of red shoes to match with the skirt he got for the blonde. He enjoyed those trips, as Mori almost never focused on him during such times and he was at liberty to do whatever his heart pleased.

. Something which is evident in Dazai is that he comes after Ranpo when it comes to deducing things. He’s a very well rounded person with knowledge on a lot of crucial matters, and he’s very analytical thanks to years of practice and passive and active experience in the Mafia. Whether he acknowledges it or not, we cannot deny the fact that Mori had a very influential role on Dazai and his forming as a person from his early teenage years to his adulthood. Therefore, it is certain that he will take some traits from his ‘guardian’ unconsciously. One of the most notable ones is being able to read anyone, especially your opponent, very well. It’s a trick that comes in handy often and I’d take a step further by saying that Dazai took this trait from Mori and polished it, making it practically his very own distinctive characteristic.

Chuuya Nakahara

. Unlike Dazai, Chuuya had the fate of being raised in a more lovable and peaceful environment. I’m not saying Dazai was completely devoid of familiarity and warmth, but Kouyou was a much better parental figure to Chuuya than Mori was to Dazai when it came to health care. Kouyou obviously could tell that Chuuya had a lot of potential to become a very powerful warrior, so she did not hold back the studies and all, but she didn’t limit him to a certain category. The difference between Mori and Kouyou is that Mori was able to distinguish by first glance where Dazai specialized at, so he made him focus on that topic alone, whereas Kouyou allowed Chuuya to explore his options, which eventually lead to him becoming a very powerful martial artist as well as a wine expert. After all, all talk and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

. Chuuya was a generally quiet child who had a visible soft spot for lullabies. It’s a thing that may perhaps be a habit Chuuya has to this day, but whenever he overworked himself during his practice, his sore muscles would bother him a lot, and the only way he could ignore the pain was to do something that would put him in a drowsy state. He first tried reading, but he changed positions every five minutes, which was a very long and painful ordeal. He thought solving puzzles would help him concentrate on something other than the numbness taking over his back, but he got frustrated when two pieces wouldn’t fit together, so that didn’t work out too well either. His last ray of hope was taking a very long bubble bath so what while resting in the tub, he’d fall asleep. Fortunately, he didn’t have to resort to drastic measures, as Kouyou noticed his fatigue and kept him close to her, singing him to sleep with a soft melody.

. If you think about it, maybe it’s one of the reasons why Chuuya has a good voice. I mean, usually genetics and fate do their own thing, but perhaps practicing a song while he helped her out with her work or whenever they went out for walks together was what helped him warm his vocal cords at first. Although he would be a bit shy to start the song off himself, he would gladly accompany Kouyou as her second voice. Slowly he’d memorize different tunes, and whenever he’d have nightmares from the horrors he might’ve seen during practice or while in the HQ, he’d hum them until he felt sleep take him away. [ my poor little kitten]

. Kouyou helped Chuuya gain control of his ability by using a number of different methods, testing the waters and checking which one was the safest and most effective for the time being. During his early days, Chuuya had difficulties maintaining his balance while floating, and he owes the Mafia quite a sum for the havoc he wrecked due to his inability to aim and crush his compressed gravity spheres. He’s paid off his debts, but he won’t forget his childish attempts to master his power, which lead to a lot of shenanigans.

. He was a very adventurous kid, so he’d usually run off from his room without Kouyou’s permission and would hide behind walls while a scene was unfolding before him or would eavesdrop in order to gather more information about the mafia. He liked to associate himself with the older divisions within the organization, sometimes managing to witness a few of their operations going by unnoticed. What he saw would sometimes thrill him and terrify him simultaneously, as he admired his higher-ups and looked at them with respect, but there was a voice at the back of his head which kept nagging him on and on, saying things such as ‘What would happen if I had been in that person’s place?’. When his thoughts got too crowded, he hurried off back to Kouyou, where he’d sit by her side and quietly sip his tea.

. Chuuya’s actually a very polite and well-behaved individual, from what you can see through his actions. He respects his elders and does not question his loyalty to them, as well as the fact that he treats his subordinates as his equals rather than as lowlife inferior to him. He genuinely cares about them as well, shown by his contempt towards Q and his actions and his immediate approval of killing him, if he could. That’s one of the main lessons that Chuuya has learnt from Kouyou; he has rich morals and a very complex and colorful personality, which if you have the luck to study, will definitely make you look at him from a different perspective.

. BONUS: Small chuu chuu sleeps in grape pjs. Pass it on.

A Marine’s Rescue

gif is not mine

Title: A Marine’s Rescue

Pairing: Gibbs x Reader

Word Count: 1,000

Warnings: a little bit of violence, fluff

A/N: I have some Gibbs fluff for you guys! I hope you enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and always appreciated. If there’s something you want to see, requests are open!

Gibbs slammed his hands on his desk as he stood up, causing the rest of your team to snap their attention to the Marine.  Gibbs looked around at his team, “tell me we’ve found where they have [Y/N]!”  Gibbs clenched his jaw tightly, his lips forming in a flat line.  He couldn’t let them hurt you; you meant too much to him.

McGee’s eyes widened, “Uh boss.”  McGee wrote down coordinates on a piece of paper, rushing up to his boss.  “I think I found out where they have her.”

“You think,” Gibbs asked, irritated at almost everything and everyone.  He knew having you go undercover was dangerous.  He felt like this was his fault.  He didn’t wait for McGee to answer him.  “Gear up,” Gibbs yelled, already walking to the elevator.  Tony and McGee soon caught up with the Marine.  “I want you both to secure the exits just in case.  I’ll go in by myself to get [Y/N].  That’s an order,” he said sternly.

McGee and Tony nodded as the door to the elevator closed.

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i’ve always been a soft-spoken, shy individual who bottles up all her thoughts and opinions and keeps most of them to herself and sometimes(depending on the topic) close friends and family. i hate arguing, i hate confrontation, i hate complaining to others. i’ve always been worried about bothering other people, even if it’s for my own personal benefit and is necessary. i am a freshman in college and currently in my second semester, living in the dorms and surviving off a meal plan at my schools dining commons. at the beginning of the first semester, my parents wrote to the head of the dining commons about the lack of vegan options and they wrote back telling my parents there would be a whole station dedicated to vegan food. that was a load of bs. as the semester went on, i dreaded going to the D.C. as i found there were hardly any vegan options(if any at all) and i was left guessing whether things like beans and rice, vegetables and various other dishes were vegan. sometimes, because of this guessing, i left feeling sick and uncomfortable because after not consuming animal products for years now, my body knows when it eats something non-vegan and signals me. for months and months, i feared ever writing to the head of the D.C. myself to discuss this issue because well, i’m scared of confrontation and don’t want to complicate anyone’s lives. however, as time went on i felt more and more disgusting as i ate there and resorted to spending my own money on other things to eat. keep in mind, my parents are paying tons of money for this required meal plan. this was not okay and i needed to say something. i finally emailed the head of the D.C. and politely ranted about how unaccommodating the D.C. was for a vegan…

well, i just had the meeting with the head of the dining commons and it went really well! we talked about labeling all the food and putting little symbols distinguishing whether the food is vegan or vegetarian. also coming up with more vegan options. she introduced me to the head chef and he asked me for ideas and said they’ll make me vegan pizzas, vegan grilled cheese, distinguish among the employees which burger patty is vegan and no long fry them, add vegan chicken nuggets, allow me to take the tofu from the salad bar and get it stir fried and he’s going to check all the breads and bagels and stuff and see which ones are vegan!

i am so proud of myself for finally pushing aside my insecurities about standing up for myself and what i believe in order to get what i need. i walked out of the D.C. feeling so great and like a boss vegan advocate who is speaking for not only myself, but the future of vegans(especially the ones coming to my school). i don’t know if this was interesting to anyone, but i just wanted to share this so if you didn’t know already, ITS OKAY TO SPEAK UP. it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay!! here’s to a future of happy college vegans😊🐷♻️🐄☮️🐓💕

also!!! huge thank you to @theblondeyogini for helping me come up with things to discuss!😘
Bonnie & Clyde - End

Originally posted by sugaglos

It dawned on you. He really was leaving.

“You’re not taking me with you? You’re really leaving? Where?” You frowned, unconsciously getting closer to him.

“If everything goes smoothly, I’ll find you again. Don’t worry. And don’t fall in love again Y/N. Take care of yourself. I’ll be back for you before you know it.” He said but it was more like a warning than a farewell.

“Where are you going?”

“Off the grid for a while.”

“Is someone after you? You’ve never been one to hide.”

He smirked. “I’m not hiding. I’m saving her from Namjoon.”

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Do you do headcanons? If so, dating wonder woman would include, please? Thank you!

*cracks knuckles* This is the first time I’m writing for the most awesome and precious Diana Prince so here we goooo! And this is basically what I’ve managed to pull from the DCEU Wonder Woman.

What it’s Like Dating Diana Prince

  • Talking about the Greek Mythology where she reveals and corrects many misconceptions. 
  • Her showing you and telling you all about the brilliant objects which are very sacred to the Greeks.
  • And it’s not like it’s very boring. It’s super fun because you both loving discussing the mythology. 
  • Going to various museums and galas where they present various old Greek weapons and statues. 
  • Her telling you about the history of her people because she trusts you very much.
  • Getting to go to Themyscira to meet her mother, Queen Hippolyta.
  • Which btw is very daunting but fear not! She seems to like you very much. 
  • Diana being very proud of being with you and not fretting at all to let the others know that you and her are together. 
  • After all those history lessons, you get to show her the advances of modern technology and the amazing food.
  • Like all the Paradise Island stuff is delicious but haaaaave you met burgers and pizzas??
  • Getting her to dip her fries into the milkshake which she at first thinks is kinda gross but as soon as she tries it, that is all she does.
  • Diana falling in love with ice-cream and always acting like a 3 year old whenever you both go out for ice-cream (which is totally understandable cause I do that).
  • Her very adorable reactions causes you kiss her. Nose, cheeks, lips whichever.
  • Holding her back whenever she sees a boss giving their secretary or assistant an order because ohmygod Diana! It’s their job! They get paid for it!!!!
  • It can get tough dating an Amazonian Demigoddess Princess Warrior but in the end it’s all worth it.