going out of order like a boss

chapter 25

I don’t think I’ve ever gone through so many different emotions in such a short space of time. It’s been almost 24 hours since I’ve read the chapter but it’s been on auto-play in my mind and I can’t stop thinking about it ;-;

My feeling was so mixed up in the beginning because Yashiro looks so damn scared, uncertain, lost and nothing like the confident, in control, playful boss that we’re so accustomed to seeing…

But through midway, I feel he regains a bit of composure and starts ordering Doumeki, so I feel bit better about the whole situation

and I love that they’re communicating quite well during sex

I also love the disobedient Doumeki going “Nope, not going to hurt you boss”

Here you need more lubrication…

Let me go get you a pillow so you’re not going to be uncomfortable 

And Yashiro in the end is like, “geez I give up” and lets Doumeki do it from the front <3

But just as I was beginning to think it was all working out and this sex was not a bad idea after all…we get the flashbacks and crying Yashiro and I feel so sad again :(

His face at the end of the chapter also worries me immensely

Some people have commented that he looks determined but I’m not so sure…he looks tired, sad and more venerable than I’ve ever seen him…

I’ll just end by pointing out few other things that caught my attention (it would be great if someone can enlighten me because I feel unsure about both of these things…)

1. There seems to be some miss communication happening between Yashiro and Doumeki here

Yashiro doesn’t think Doumeki understands his plea “don’t break me”…

2. We’ve always known that Yashiro’s (sick, paedophile) step dad was at the core of how his personality/sexual orientation developed and in this chapter we get a little more insight into their relationship 

Little Yashiro looks so pure and innocent here it breaks my heart ;-;

To me, it looks like he’s comforting his step dad, telling him “don’t worry about it, I enjoy pain”

Which leads me to question, why would Yashiro tell his step dad that he enjoys pain?? I feel like this is a key moment that leads to him being attached to painful sex…

I always thought that little Yashiro would be more fearful of his abusive step dad but this panel makes me question my initial assumptions…  

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hcs for the bosses falling in love with people they didn't want to


-They were a civilian, why would the King of the Underworld ever fall for the likes of them?
-He met them in the coffee shop he used to stop at all the time during school, it became habit to go by and see their face and brush their hand as they handed Tsuna his coffee order
-Pretty soon he was visiting every day to see their face, though Tsuna claimed that he only went because of the coffee
-When it was found out that the Don of the Vongola familia frequented this tiny cafe, it became a place to target immediately
-Without a second thought he would barge in one day, take their hand, and pull them to a safehouse with not so much as a word
-Once safe he would calmly explain the situation, and the reason they would never leave alone again, always to be accompanied by either a few of his top men or a Guardian themselves
-All protests will be met by indifference, at this point Tsuna has already claimed them as his property and will go about of his way to take every safety precaution from moving everything they own into the Vongola mansion to faking their death to get them off the mafia radar.
-He will eventually ask them if they were completely comfortable with this new life, and if not he will keep them completely separate from the rest of the Vongola and their practices
-Only the trusted few of Tsuna’s top tier will be allowed to know his s/o’s existence
-Stockholm syndrome is almost guaranteed with his new s/o towards Tsuna

-The trash that caught Xanxus’s eye would most likely be a lower member of the Vaira, maybe a getaway driver or a secretary 
-He would obviously come to lust after them VERY quickly, almost forcing some type of physical relationship by transferring them to a position where they help Xanxus exclusively
-He will never admit aloud far into the relationship that he’s started to care for them slightly, to the point where he’s cutting off all ties with his other one night stands and booty calls
-Will not ask their permission, Xanxus simply claims them for himself and will gladly inform them of the fact with the help of even more amounts of claiming bites and bruises
-If they reject him, he will make a show of how much of a man he is, being more reckless and aggressive around anyone who even dares to think about staring at his s/o
-If they truly dont want a relationship with him, Xanxus will NOT give them a second chance. Be prepared to be moved completely away from all contact with him, with the possibility of being ejected from the Varia
-If they accept, Xanxus will have them cease all activity in the Varia to become solely his, including sitting in his lap while he does paperwork
-Will smother them in all sorts of expensive gifts from fine wine and alcohols, to exotic trinkets from around the globe. He will throw money anywhere to show them he can give them everything
-Expect a tattoo saying “Property of Xanxus”

-Byakuran never expected to fall for someone so low as one of his maids/butlers/staff
-It was widely known that the Don flaunted money and his smooth talking skills at expensive escorts and prostitutes of all genders and backgrounds, but he’s never had the same one more than twice
-Once he realizes its his staff that he keeps pining for, he will lash out at them at first, telling them to keep away only to slink back with a charming smile and woo them over
-He thinks if he can treat them as a trinket or a toy, he can get the physical affection and attention he craves without having to worry about getting deeper feelings, since they’re already at his fingertips
-As time goes on the pampering shifts from Byakuran to his s/o, with him smothering them in gifts like lingerie and exotic foods and extravagant jewelry
-He will absolutely deny all romantic feelings to his grave, never expect an “I love you” from this man, you will only get a haughty laugh and come cold treatment for a while
-Will dedicate an entire wing of the mansion to his s/o by now, complete with their own guards and household staff to keep them pampered and relaxed and away from the mafia’s eye
-Byakuran will never allow them to leave the mansion anyway, too dangerous. Why do you want to leave? I’ve given you everything you need right here. Now try this sweet.~
-Lots of hand feeding from both his s/o and himself to them, thats the only way he shows his love beyond his usual possessive nature
-If its seen that his mansion is being attacked, he will send his guardian to protect his s/o instead of himself

-They were a nobody, just some spy for an enemy family that happened to get caught by his men. 
-Once they were thrown into a cell and interrogated, Enma will go in himself to find out all he can, using his appearance to lure them into a sense of false security and get them relaxed and open to share info with him
-The more he learns, the more he is intrigued and disgusted. How could someone like them end up doing the dangerous dirty work of that awful family?
-Immediately proposes that they switch to his family, offering protection and a safer job while sending his men to ransack the location of his s/o’s home to find more evidence and information about them
-Integration into his family is a slow process, personally handled by Enma himself so he can learn all there is to know about the little former spy directly from their mouth
-Enma is very patient in his approach, exploring his feelings about them and why he came to be attached so much. This comes with much self anger, asking himself why he’s so interested in someone who was obviously very dangerous?
-The only one out of the four bosses that will personally ask them about the idea of a relationship, though it is dangled over their head that HE was the one who saved their life and HE was the one who provided all of these new comforts and safety measures. They should be grateful to him
-Enma’s the name, manipulation is the game
-Once he asks (forces) about how they feel about it, if the answer is no? All ties will be cut and they very well could be killed by the rest of his family. They know too much
-If they say yes? He will take all measures to ensure they never leave him and solely rely on him for everything they could ever need


I just wanted to let everyone know that yes, I have received everyone’s requests for me posting certain BOTW tracks!  I’ve decided that instead of trying to go in order, I’m primarily going to upload by what has been requested by you all first.  Then if I finish out the requests I will start uploading the other tracks in between.

I think it works out fine since most people experience each area of the game out of order anyway :) However, I am going to avoid posting certain songs until after most others have been uploaded, like the final boss.  

If you have a song you’re dying to have on Zelda-Tunes, feel free to place a request in my box.  If you do it anonymously I won’t answer (I don’t want to fill my page up with a bunch of song requests!) but know that I will get to it!

Doll AU headcanons PT.1!

Me, @unitywesker, and @ossy-possum came up with these ideas! Hope y'all enjoy them!

•Tord got bored one day and started to make plush dolls of Hellucard, the Neighbors, and even Paul & Patryk. He keeps them on a shelf near by his work desk, and they aren’t ‘alive’ as opposed to the doll trio. One time Tord ran out of fabric and made a Tomatoredd doll out of the scraps of the same fabric the trio was made out of. It hasn’t moved yet.

•Tord now constantly keeps a catalog of miniatures and sowing supplies on his desk, nearly ordering stuff every few days. Paul and Patryk views this as a waste of the army’s money, but hey, if the boss is happy, we’re all happy.

•While going through a junk drawer, Tord found a old Tamagotchi from his childhood (Of course it was the 1998 Devilgotchi model and of course he would own this, like this is indisputable FACT™) and he didn’t really want to throw it away, and it lost all of it’s possible value since its faded and full of scuffs, so he put in some new batteries and dropped it in the dollhouse. When the dolls woke up, Edd and Tom were confused, but Matt seemed to be overjoyed. Since he was a collector, seeing such a rare model made him ecstatic and he now plays with it everyday.

•Almost everyday, Tom attempts to escape or to remove the roof-lid of the dollhouse. Of course it usually ends in utter failure.

•However, one day when he attempted to escape, something bad happened….. He thought up the idea of stacking the wooden furniture until it reaches the ceiling, hoping that it would push the removable roof-lid up. He took off his iconic hoodie and ASDF t-shirt, that is surprisingly sown in intense detail. He thought the clothes on him would slow him down, since they’re made of heavier materials. Being ‘shirtless’ he started to stack chairs and tables, until one of them slipped off the tower. It fell on top of him suddenly, and antagonizing pain surged through him. He looked down to see the source of the pain, and the chair that feel sliced through his chest, causing his cotton AKA his internal organs to spill. Tom just laid there on the ground, convulsing in total pain, until it started to fade slowly away. As he stood up shaking, he started to shove his ‘guts’ into himself. That’s when he got a idea…..if he could hide his hole with his shirt and hoodie……and get to Tord’s desk……and get a key…….and hide it inside of him…..

•Tom isn’t only jealous of the fact that Edd and Matt didn’t get dismembered, he’s also mad that they got ‘good’ eyes. Edd and Matt have solid color stud eyes, hard plastic eyes that are punctured into the fabric and is incredibly hard to pull out. Tom sadly HAD these eyes, until Tord messed up so badly the fabric holding them, making him switch Tom’s eyes for traditional black sowed-on buttons.

•Matt is constantly grooming himself, getting rid of dust and pretty much anything that clings onto fabric. Tord at one point got him a miniature hair brush, that he uses constantly.

•One day when Tord was playing around with Matt on his desk, Patryk busted into the room, announcing that there’s a attack in progress. Tord had Matt in his hands as Patryk busted in, making him SQUEEZE Matt incredibly hard in shock of the sudden outburst. Matt never felt much pain before, so having his entire torso collapse in Tord’s grasp made him yelp in distress. Patryk heard the sound and asked where it came from. Tord then yelled at him, saying to go out and make sure the army is in position, to distract him. Tord then quickly said sorry to Matt, and locked him in the dollhouse. Matt doesn’t like to be held in his grasp anymore. Especially considering he was in Tord’s cyborg hand.

•Edd is constantly needy. Since he was the first to 'come-to’, he’s spend the most time with Tord and actually developed a trusting bond with him. At first he was just trying not to make Tord mad, but he eventually got close to him and can’t be without him.

•Sometimes Edd would moan in the night, until Tord will pick him up and sleep with him in bed. Edd soon stopped this when one night Tord rolled over in his sleep and pinned down part of Edd’s head and arm, making him writhe in total agony until Tord woke up.

•None of the dolls can eat and they ALL hate it. Eventually Matt and Tom come to terms with this, but it pains Edd, since he will never taste cola again in his life, only having the memory of it.

•Eventually Tord bought a custom model dollhouse of the Red Army Base. The rooms in it are heavily simplified, since the real base is filled with hundreds of rooms. There’s the mess hall, labs, weapons room, and Tord even went as far to even replicating his room/workspace. Edd and Matt saw it as a odd gift, maybe to make it up that they’ll never really see the entire base in person, while Tom saw it as a chance to study the simplified layout of the base.

•When ever Tord goes to a mission, a meeting, etc. he’ll lock the roof of the dollhouse and stash it away in a hidden safe. He even went as far as hiring guards to block his room, ensuring that nobody will find the dolls.

• One time when Tord was going off to a meeting, Edd kept hopping up and down and moaning for him to come. Tord caved in and put Edd in his shirt pocket underneath his infamous blue military coat. At the meeting, everything went without a hitch, well until the end. The weapons dealer Tord was doing a trade with got cocky and got physical with him, prompting a shoot out. Tord got out in time, but he got shot in his cyborg arm, making it non-responsive. Thinking it was okay to run out, the Edd doll started to moan until Tord payed attention to him. Apparently the weapons dealer is nearby, since Edd spotted him running behind a wall. He pointed where he was, and Tord put a bullet between his eyes. After that, Tord tends to bring Edd to meetings, just incase things get violent. He still isn’t comfortable to bring him to actual battles however.

•Edd likes to carry the tiny replica kitten plush that Tord got him, but he misses the REAL Ringo. He wonders where he is now…..

•The doll trio are PETRIFIED of small bugs. One day a small baby spider snuck into a crack in the dollhouse and Tom spotted it. He screamed the loudest he could and started to run on all fours to just get away. Edd and Matt wondered what was wrong and dashed into the room, seeing the spider chasing Tom. They all screamed and locked themselves into a room until Tord came back and saw them trembling on a bed. He thought Tom went berserk again until he noticed that Tom is with Edd and Matt. They all started to point at the door, making Tord see the spider. He simply said 'Ew.’ and smushed it with his cyborg hand. He wiped the remains of it away, but now the dolls step around the spot of where it was killed out of pure fear and disgust.

•Ever since Tom 'woke-up’ and got resown by Tord, he’s rejected just about every gift Tord has bought or even handmade for him. A tiny replica of Susan, a Tomee Bear, and even a mini flask with a removable cap and that it contains brown transparent slime, a substitute for actual alcohol. Tom hates these 'pity’ gifts and rejects all of them. Well, when Tord is looking at him. The only gift he liked was the Tomee Bear, since it comforts him.

•Edd and Matt love/like to be held gently or to just be stroked by Tord, only disliking it when he uses his cyborg arm, since it feels so cold and sharp. Tom overall isn’t dazed by the feeling of it, since it was always the hand that ripped him to shreds.

•Tord TRIES to get on the same page with the Tom doll, but it’s so full of hate and rage towards him. One time instead of asking him politely to get into his hands, Tord just straight up snatched him. Tom jerked and writhed in his grasp violently, shouting sharp muffled screams. Tord then placed Tom near his heart, trying to calm him down. It worked. Why? Tom misses having a heartbeat, and making him hear one soothes him, but at the same time make him full of self-loathing in turn. After doing this for the first time, Tom started to make soft moaning sound, slowly holding onto Tord, until realizing what he was doing, and he let go and started to struggle again. Tord placed him back into the dollhouse, and didn’t sleep well that night.

•The doll trio don’t really know or remember when or where they ended up as dolls. Tord is the only one that knows, and they don’t know WHY he did this to them…..

I posted the lineart on twitter yesterday, but here is the colored ver

I had this dream where I was playing one of those RPG pixel games, and these guys were the boss battles. The designs really stuck in my head and I sketched them out as soon as I woke up so I don’t forget.

There was this general theme of everyone wearing masks, which I really liked, and I think the idea was that every mask came with specific themed powers, so instead of upgrading weapons or armor, all you had to worry about was how to strategically use the masks you could collect in order to beat areas.

One thing I remember as well was that there was some evil shit going on (as per usual in video games) that corrupted mask wearers, so I had to go around and beat the evil out of people. 

In game, I remember encountering Russ first, but he didn’t attack; instead he gleefully visited me during the game, as I beat other areas and the bosses and would comment on my progress (in order, I went against Cheyenne, Jund and Snake respectfully), and before I reached the final boss (Cry), he would try to stop me from fighting him, and if I refused, that’s when I finally got to fight Russ.

All in all, I woke up and was really confused when I realized that I hadn’t played an actual game; that I only dreamed it. It was so very detailed.

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A Slip of the Tongue (Part 2)

Rating: M!

Word Count: 2500

Summary: The reader accompanies Hotch on a date and things get rather spicy. Then ends with some fluff.

A/N: I’ve had several people ask for a sequel and I finally got it finished! Yay! Also, there was a request for more Protective!Hotch which this has a bit of. So, tell me what you think! <3

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  • clary and izzy love going out and having ~exciting plans, but they also freaking adore their nights in together
  • often they’ll be found having a “reality tv” night where they watch a bunch of silly shows (cake boss, project runway, america’s next top model, etc.) and make a bunch of snacks or order takeout
  • they each have several pairs of horrendous pj pants that are so gaudy and loud that it just makes the other one laugh, and they keep trying to find worse ones to surprise the other (izzy likes to tease people and tell them that this is their foreplay) 
  • they spend the entire night watching their show, cuddling, painting each other’s nails, working on their own stuff, or whatever else strikes their fancy
  • but no matter what they’re doing they always are toughing in some way, whether that’s literally laying on top of each other, cuddling, resting their feet on the other (sometimes they sit on opposite ends of the couch and rub each other’s feet), or sitting back to back
  • there are lots of kisses, of course, and lots of quiet moments where they just are with each other
  • soft girlfriends having cuddly nights in 😍😍😍
right, just this short rant

i live in bumfuck, asia and i just really want the ww2 cap funkopop so

i asked a friend on holiday to search hot topic for me but it’s out of stock

hence, i ordered two off amazon (one for me, one for my friend) and they EACH cost $60, not even counting shipping, and with shipping it would’ve been, like, $100 for one cute ww2 steve which is still unacceptable for a poor bumfucker like me so

i realised my dad is going on a business trip to america in may so i’m sending the damn things to his ex-boss’ wife for my dad to pick up 3 months from now and the delivery just failed and i have no idea how to coordinate this and i feel so bad because does my dad’s ex-boss’ wife even know there are two little steve dolls coming her way that cost a small fortune??!! did the delivery guy even try or did he stop because he was intimidated by their vast ranch filled with rattlesnakes and scorpions (according to my dad)????

am i ever going to see my ww2 cap ever or have i thrown about $160 down the drain

p.s. didn’t they sell for $15 at hot topic? fuck me upside down


*cries softly in the background*

(also side note i know the numbers don’t make sense mathematically because i’m sometimes thinking in USD and others in bumfuck dollars which is a big difference of about 1.4+ and i’m being dramatic but TRUTHFUL)

Autumn was meant to be meeting Scout and Sage at a bar tonight, however as she’d arrived she’d gotten a text telling her they weren’t going to be able to make it because they both had to be in early for work. Letting out a long sigh, she’d gotten dressed , she was out, she wasn’t going to let it go to waste. Heading into a bar, she made her way across to the bar and ordered herself a drink, she was going to have fun, regardless of being alone. She was fucking Autumn De Luca, she sounded like she could’ve been a mob boss’ daughter really, nothing ever worried her about being alone. 

She’d moved away from the bar and was heading to take a table by herself so she could people watch, she’d taken her eyes off of the people around her and the next thing she knew she was pushed into a pair of arms. Turning around she looked up and smiled. “Good catch.”


Emil knew what day it was. Even before Andre had called him to read off today’s calendar events, the vampire had remembered. Two years with Sawyer, and this was the third time he’d been there for the anniversary of the witch’s parents’ death. The first year the boy hadn’t really let his sadness out, but the next was a whole different story. Sawyer was comfortable enough to show his boss and lover his emotions, and Emil appreciated that. He knew how hard it could be to be vulnerable like that.

And so, this year, he’d made sure to keep his obligations light. He would give the boy some time to be alone and process, and then he would go home and take care of him. It seemed to work well enough the year before, but then again they weren’t living together the year before. He ordered him a chocolate chip pizza while he was out, and finally pulled into the driveway after dinner time.

He was silent as he stepped inside and shed his jacket and shoes, listening around for signs of the boy he cared deeply for. The boy he’d allowed to move into his home. He could smell the lingering scent of the dinner that Luna had come over to cook… steaks, potatoes, and asparagus. Of course. The witch had asked for the same thing both previous years, so it wasn’t much of a surprise. The vampire found his kept boy in the entertainment room, smoking from the bong and frowning in a way that tugged at Emil’s heartstrings. “Hey, baby boy,” he breathed as he made his way into the room, gently taking the bong from his lover and sitting it down on the coffee table before he sat down on the couch with him, pressing a sweet kiss to the top of his head. He pulled the smaller man into his chest, wrapping a protective arm around him. 



Santana was looking forward to going for drinks with Dani, even if she was her boss Santana got on really well with her. A few of the dancers telling her that they could see Dani had a soft spot for her but Santana disagreed, she couldn’t see it like that. Saying bye to her girlfriend for the evening she headed out, wearing a tight black dress with killer heels she headed to the bar Dani told her to be at. Ordering a drink and sitting at a booth waiting for Dani to get there, she couldn’t understand why she felt so nervous.

Into the Cold | withoutanumber

Elena did not give a damn what Cloud had to say. He walked into that temple after Tseng, and Tseng got carried out bloody. Her orders were to take out Strife and his companions anyway, but after what he did to her boss? Now it was personal. She motioned for one the infantrymen, handing him her phone and shooing the other two back. She checked her gloves, and crouched into a ready stance.

“Looks like talking alone won’t cut it. You’re going to have to feel some pain!”

She stepped forward for a right hook, putting all her anger behind it, aiming straight for Cloud’s nose.

She felt the snow shift and slide under her feet before her fist was even halfway to its target, but it was too late to stop it. Her legs slipped out from under her, and she rolled, trying to keep away from landing right at her enemy’s feet. Instead, she found herself falling, tumbling all the way down the slope to the foot of the Great Glacier, sputtering and scrambling for a foothold but unable to keep her grip. She cursed as she knocked into a snow-chocobo on her way down. Gravity finally let her go when she landed face-first in a snow drift. She slowly hauled herself onto her feet, and checked for damage as she surveyed the landscape. Heavy snowfall made it impossible to see more than a few yards ahead.

She grumbled, spitting snow out of her mouth, and reached into her pocket for her PHS. She felt nothing. She patted her jacket. She remembered handing it over for safekeeping for her “fight” with Cloud.


Crossing her arms and tapping her foot, Elena wondered how long she’d have to stand here before those grunts got around to finding her, or if she’d have to climb her way back up to the village. Suddenly she heard something, barely audible over the wind. She stood still, straining her ears, unable to see through the drifting snow.  

“Oh you have got to be kidding me!”  she shouted as she recognized the growls of approaching monsters.

Dorian going around to the Chargers, asking for stories. He’s an academic. He wants to know.

He thinks he’s being sneaky, but he’s not. They’re a smart bunch, astute. Krem especially knows that when Dorian asks about them, he genuinely means it, but he also means the boss. He really means the boss.

Dorian trying to find out what the Bull likes, besides the obvious. Ordering shipments of those spiced nuts he liked in Orlais and wouldn’t shut up about. Leaving them in his room for him to find. Discovering the different ways to make cocoa, the heat that can compliment it, making the sweetness sing.

It’s a balance, he’d tell the Bull later. The spicy and sweet. It’s about balance.

The Bull would nod, his face fond in that way Dorian is coming to recognize, to reflect back. Yeah, he’d say, it is.

Top 5 Movies - 2014

So a video is going out on my channel this evening about my Top 5 games but I consumed so much media this year looking for inspiration and the sort, that I have a list for Movies, Music and TV too!

None of these lists are in any kind of favourable order :)

Maze Runners was easily the biggest surprise for me of 2014. I had no interest in seeing the movie as, like most people, it struck me as a very Hunger Games audience feeder. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The original Horrible Bosses was in my Top 5 in previous years because of its comedic wit and the way everything intertwined at the end which going back and watching for a second time, you totally see but it was a pleasant surprise!

Motherfucker Jones (Jamie Foxx) was present again but I love that the writers understood they got the initial surprise and laughs of that character from the first movie, thus, not pushing him too hard at the screen.

I would pay good money to see more Sudeikis / Day movies their shared hysteria and goofiness shone brighter this time around and I’m so glad it did. Bateman is bateman, he’s in comedy movies all being the grumpy fuck. But he grumps so well!

How To Train Your Dragon 2 thankfully came through as a great continuation story after what already was a fulfilling conclusion the first time around.

Anything Pixar / Dreamworks is always a treat on the eyes and the 3D in this movie didn’t dissapoint, even on a home setup the depth to detail and the vibrancy of the world had me in awe.

This movie had a lot of heart and a belly full of laughs too, ESPECIALLY from Ruffnut with gems like this:


Rachel McAdams is a good'ne isn’t she. Somehow in a prominently British cast she somehow blended in perfectly and paired with Gleeson it was a surprisingly wonderful match.

Someone was definitely cutting Bill Nighy shaped onions in our apartment as we watched this movie. The scenes between Tim and his Dad really hit home and held an almost scary immense emotional power that completely overwhelmed me..

As great a movie as it was, it was its message and outlook that made it stick with me. If given the chance to live a day over, the first time you’d blunder through, the next time you could stop to appreciate the wonder and beauty of everything. As of January 1st I’m now trying to live every day like it’s a 2nd. That’s one of my resolutions.

Another epic for the Dreamworks collection. I picked this up to watch over the winter period upon the recommendation of lots of you via Twitter.. Thank you!!

This movie puts a nice spin and in some cases a face to some of the worlds most cherished childhood myths from the Easter Bunny (voice by bloody Wovlerine!!!) and a tattoo clad Santa Claus haha

I really appreciated the minimal use of Santa’s elves in this movie for physical humor and cheap gags. It’s so easy now days for small spritely characters to distract from what’s actually going on in a bid for viral success like Despicable Me’s Minions. Less was actually more.

So there you have it, some old, some new, all watched for my first time in 2014 and all thoroughly enjoyable. Happy new year :D