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Conservative bench press of 8 sets of 4 reps @ 95lbs! Really happy with how my setup and technique are looking lately :) its improved a lot since march!
Note: in the second set we were rushing it because the manager who hates when people record was right there LOL

Before anyone asks me why my back is arched… this is a powerlifting technique to maximize the amount of weight you can put up by shortening the bar path, securing your shoulders (to prevent shoulder problems), and incorporating leg drive. 

Witch Tip

Go out and buy a bag of birthday candles. They come in lots of colors and you can get a bunch of them for really cheap. Also, you can melt them and layer the wax of various colors in a container/bottle to make your own candle. Just tie together the wicks that were inside them and there ya go. New candle. Ultra cheap. Heck yeah.

🗡 Happy witching 🗡

A close relative has a severe hoarding compulsion and his psychologist has told him that a large part of why people hoard is to try and cope with loss - after having permenance ripped from you, you find the idea of getting rod of anything so terrifying because what if you need that and it’s your fault you got rid of it.

And in the second DGHDA book it’s clear that Book!Dirk is a bit of a hoarder, or at least someone who gives 0 shits about the state of his home… so hot damn will our Dirk be a hoarder. With no permenance in his life before he escaped Black Wing? With the loss of his mother and father?

What I’m saying is, that sparkly just-bought apartment we see is about a month away from a biohazard.

Victorian Slang'

A society word meaning “smart.” Forrester demonstrates the usage: “The goods are not ‘afternoonified’ enough for me.”

A figure of speech used to describe drunken men. “He’s very arf’arf’an’arf,” Forrester writes, “meaning he has had many ‘arfs,’” or half-pints of booze.

Thieves used this term to indicate that they wanted “to go out the back way.”

An 1850 term for sausages, “because no man but the maker knows what is in them. … The ‘bag’ refers to the gut which contained the chopped meat.”

This phrase originated in London in 1882, and means “perfect, complete, unapproachable.”

Low London phrase meaning “to thrash thoroughly,” possibly from the French battre a fin.

Nineteenth century sailor slang for “A riotous holiday, a noisy day in the streets.”

A naval term referring to meat so bad “it might be dog flesh.”

Brave or fearless. “Adroit after the manner of a brick,” Forrester writes, “said even of the other sex, ‘What a bricky girl she is.’”

A verbal attack, generally made via the press. Forrester cites The Golden Butterfly: “I will back a first-class British subject for bubbling around against all humanity.”

Extravagance. Too much extravagance. “Are you going to put lace over the feather, isn’t that rather butter upon bacon?”

A London society term for tea and coffee “used scornfully by drinkers of beer and strong waters … in club-life is one of the more ignominious names given to champagne by men who prefer stronger liquors.”

A talkative woman.

A nickname given to a close friend.

Quarrels. A term from Queen Victoria’s journal, More Leaves, published in 1884: “At five minutes to eleven rode off with Beatrice, good Sharp going with us, and having occasional collie shangles (a Scottish word for quarrels or rows, but taken from fights between dogs) with collies when we came near cottages.”

To get a black eye. “Cop in this sense is to catch or suffer,” Forrester writers, “while the colour of the obligation at its worst suggests the colour and size of the innocent animal named.”

A delightful way to refer to your rather boring hands.

This creative cuss is a contraction of “damned if I know.”


How much can I fit in a Go Bag?

Excellent question, savvy citizen.

The answer is: lots and lots of things.

I have two bags. One is strictly for PBEM’s Community Emergency Response Team deployment in my neighborhood after a disaster. It’s got tools and first aid, plus basic communications and safety gear. 

My second- and larger, and more fun- bag is my own Bug Out Bag. It’s full of survival gear and personal supplies (including some cool gadgets).


Portland Bureau of Emergency Management CERT Handbook
US Army Survival Guide
Kindle loaded with various first aid and survival books
Copies of identification
Burned disk of backed up data
Written/laminated contact list
Spare keys
Permanent marker
Waterproof notepad

FRS/GMRS radio
CB radio
AM/FM radio
Backup cell phone

Solar Waka Waka USB charger / emergency light
3-in-1 retractable USB charger cable
LED and hand-crank flashlight
Glow sticks

Biolite camp stove (heats, cooks and creates thermal energy to power electronic devices, whoa dude.) 
Thermal bivouac sack
Ultra light sleeping bag
Spare change of clothes
Mylar blanket
Air-activated hand warmers
Waterproof matches
Magnesium fire starter
Cooking Pan

First aid kit (complete)
Prescription glasses
Personal toiletries and prescriptions 

Survival knife
Non-sparking 5-in-1 utility tool
Leatherman multi-tool
Signal Flare
Face masks
Safety glasses
Duct tape
Gorilla tape
Work gloves
Zip ties
Sewing kit
Dog leash

Water packets
Water purification tablets
Emergency food bars

That’s a hell of a list- and almost all of it fits in a single backpack. If I lost my entire emergency kit for my house, either of these bags could save my life. They’re great to throw in the trunk of my car when I make a road trip, and are available and mobile on a moment’s notice at in my home.

Did I mention how much fun they are to put together? 

Get your backpack and start adding supplies. You’ll feel like Bear Grylls in no time, I promise.

handy (tom holland x reader)


word count: 930

pairing: tom holland x reader

tagged: @supernovares @spider-hlland @peterwithextrapickles@cmonspiderling@barely-emily@clubparker@comehomespiderman

summary: tom finds out about a weird fetish of yours and teases you about it  warnings: just fluff and terrible writing skills                                           –

Normally when someone says what they like about their significant other, it’s usually their eyes, or their smile. Not you, not even close. You know what you liked about Tom? Not his smile, his eyes, or his laugh - his HANDS. They were soft, strong, you lived for when he’d put his hand on your thigh, simply held your hand, or caress your face - anything really. When he would lace his fingers with yours and bring it to his chest, it’d melt your heart instantly. You always felt so warm and safe in his hands.

But you’d never wanted Tom to find out about this fetish. You thought it was just SO weird and could possibly make him feel uncomfortable, which would lead to a break up - which isn’t what you wanted at all. So you decided to not make anything too obvious and just keep it to yourself. You were completely okay with him not finding out ever. Saving the utter embarrassment was super important, but saving your relationship was more. Unfortunately, it did get to him.

“Honestly, Tom’s hands are the softest, warmest, most beautiful things I’ve ever seen or held , in my entire life. I don’t know what he does to make them so soft, but whatever he does, he needs to keep doing it.” You gush to your friend via phone one afternoon, thinking you were safe - and of course you weren’t, for Tom had been listening while leaning against the doorway for the past 10 minutes. He wasn’t uncomfortable at all, he just thought it was funny that of all of his features you liked his hands the most. That didn’t mean that he wasn’t going to tease you.

“My what now, babe?” He finally asked, making you jump in response.  He had the biggest smirk on his face when you turned around. This CANNOT be happening. You quickly end the conversation with your friend hanging up. “Hey, um, I have to go - cats out of the bag..”

You immediately started to ramble, not even letting him speak , “dude yoU wEreN’t suPpoSED to hEar thaT,” and, “oh my god, no, now you’re gonna break up with me I’m so sorry.”

Tom explained how he wasn’t going to break up with you, and how he didn’t think it was weird to have a hand fetish. He did think it was absolutely didn’t want you to feel bad, but the entire day he would still find ways to tease you. There was no way, no way he’d let you get away with that easily, absolutely no way. For the next couple of hours, he’d kind of brush it off, making it seem like he forgot about it. Then after a while, he started to mess with you slowly. Tom would be typing something on his phone or wrong something, and say something dumb like ‘my eyes are up HERE, not my hands.’

“Tom, STOP.” You’d warn him, slight annoyance in your voice. He’d just giggle, thinking it was the funniest shit ever. It wasn’t. It really made you feel worse.

The day was filled with moments like that: him doing something that involved with his hands, and being like, ‘did that turn you on, darling?’.

“Tom, i mean it, stop.”

He would purposely lace his fingers with yours and rub your hand with his thumb, just to fuck with your heart, and it surely did. This made you love his hands and him even more.

Sometimes he’d just be like, ‘hey, babe, hIGH FIVE’, and you’d do so, and he’d say “did that turn you on??” And for fuck sakes, the time he literally caressed your face with his hand, saying “The things my hands can do, huh babe?” while winking.

You were now red with anger, completely done with him. After that, you’d had it with the teasing and gave him the silent treatment - because it was already embarrassing that he knew, but the teasing really got to you. Of course he didn’t realize how bad it made you feel.

For hours Tom would try and get you to talk to him, but nothing helped.

You’d just give him blank stares or say snarky things like, “I feel like something is in here, but I don’t see anything? Maybe I’m just losing it.” And he would literally die inside because the boy is SO clingy and in love with you, he was starting to feel so bad because he realized that he hurt your feelings for teasing you. He never wanted to make you feel bad about anything.

You suddenly feel a pair of arms wrapped around you, and to be honest, you felt very safe in them like always. Tom kissed your cheek multiple times, then rested his head on your shoulder, “Hey.” He spoke, voice muffled.

“Hey, love.” You sigh, finally breaking through. Even though Tom was being a jerk, you still loved him and it made you feel better that he knew what he was doing was wrong.

“I’m sorry for making you feel bad about having a hand fetish. And no, I am not breaking up with you. I love you so much, darling.” Tom loved and adored you so much, even your weird fetish.

You finally managed to smile and pull him into a real hug. “I love you too, Tom.” You say, “Always will.”

anonymous asked:

Can you do a fluffy honeymoon blurb tonight 😭

i love honeymoon! shawn 

“It’s called a bum bag babe”
“It’s called a mistake” 

You’re in a hotel room in Florence, Italy, about to go and visit the Florence Cathedral and Shawn’s wearing a bum bag, looking pretty cuffed with himself as he splays his large palms over his narrow hips and and poses for you. 

Look’s as if he’s about to walk a runway, all pointed toe and the breeze slips in through the balcony doorway, making his curls flutter in stylistic fashion. You’re trying to hold in your laughter, because although he’s posing for you he seems pretty serious, but you can’t help yourself when you say “I’m not going if you wear that” 

His face finds a frown and he throws his hands up. “Why?” and his hands come down on his thighs with a slap. You cant draw your eyes away from the bag sitting at his hip. 

“Just-” you start, but you stop because you have to cover your mouth. You’re sitting at the dressing table, looking up at his face and there’s not a stress line in sight. He’s calm, a little annoyed at your bum bag comment but otherwise content in the post wedding bliss. “Maybe if you like, strap it across your body” 

“Babe, i’m confident enough in myself to go out in a bum bag”
“That’s not what i meant”
“Then what?” and you tap your bottom lip with your fingers. Sigh, say “Alright, fuck it, fine - wear it. Let’s do it” and you get up from the chair and go to grab your own bag, but Shawn stops you with a hand at your arm. You turn, and he’s determined “Say it looks cool” 

“What?” you choke, spluttering a laugh. Shawn’s trying to keep a straight face, and his firm features falter when he points to the bum bag at his waist. “Say i look cool - and mean it” 

You have to breathe in through your nose because you’re covering your mouth. You look down at the bag and collect yourself, flickering your gaze up to him as you say with a stone cold face “Look like a fuckin rock star babe” and he grins widely, pulling you into him and peppering your face with kisses. 

“Alright - Shawn, we gotta go” 

“I’m the coolest husband ever” he suddenly says, still holding you in his arms and you look up at his bright features with a delighted, content smile. You reach up and kiss him, grinning, saying “Yeah you are” and meaning it with every fibre in your being.


So. If you’re on team Instinct, you’ve likely noticed Spark’s recent disappearance and his replacement, as Candela was reading off our appraisal for the past week.
Well, my boyfriend was joking around saying that Spark was probably off catching raid bosses and stuff, considering that legendaries got released. I laughed and agreed “headcanon that Spark made Candela take over for him while he went away,” I said. “Spark just gives her a script like, ‘here, this is what I say to them, make sure you say the same thing so they don’t get worried.’ and she just went with it,” He joked back.
BUT, in the most recent update, in the notes does it say they “fixed a bug” ? NO it freaking says “Spark has returned”

That little meme daddy sporting that cheesy grin actually went somewhere, it wasn’t a glitch

I would bet my life that that baby boi was out there running from gym to gym trying to catch those legendaries and just had Candela hold down the fort for him while he was gone, and you can’t convince me otherwise.

Fic, Of Dragons and Friendship

Hey, so after I posted this fic with dragon Virgil and knight Princey I was itching to write more dragons. More half dragons too. I’m sure I’m not the first person to think of half dragons but I’ve got my own way they work and act and look and such so I was really excited to write them. This exists in the same universe as the previous fic and they are separate stories but I’d suggest reading the first one before you read this one because there are references to the ending. Where the last one was a platonic prinxiety thing this is a platonic logicality thing.

Warnings: Talk of death. 3,442 words.

Abstract: Befriending a dragon, befriending a half dragon, befriending a human.

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