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Some more sneakpeaks of the new Knite :D And rest assured Fisheye Placebo is being working on as well, but my team and I are still completing the 3D models for that comic.
I’ve been doing lots of hand exercises so my hand has been getting better as well. Hopefully with the help of my team and me taking better care of my body, I won’t have to go on hiatus for my comics again in the future :)

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When your SUPER HANDSOME BOYFRIEND™ is also really cute and won’t let you go to work 🐤

u know that feeling where you’re just preparing for the worst and shit keeps happening and things keep trying you and it’s like… rlly hard to think there’s ever gonna be a positive side at the end of it bc fucking god yh man mood


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GZLY day 9.

Mel makes an appearance with style…?

Well his is my idea i guess lel


Wait what.
To be honest, i have this sketch of 2 other pages which are actually extras which are supposed to be funny?

Maybe yea maybe not.

Why dont you tell me if you wanna see them and i’ll think about it? Plus its just a sketch, not actually cleaned up and sheet XDDDD
mkay im done

GZLY challenge by @anrez-op-skele

GZTALE by @golzy

Why is Jaemin not back

I have been thinking about when jaemin will be back with NCT Dream, his herniated disc should have healed by now it normally takes 3 months to heal so why is Jaemin not back. Another thing is that Jaemin is still young so his parents might take him out of NCT when he got hurt.

Well we know Jaemin is definitely still in NCT considering that they tweeted about his birthday from the NCT account.

You have to consider that a herniated disc is different for everybody. Sometimes it can be a minor issue that only takes a months rest to fix, and other times it can be very serious adn take a lot longer than that. He’s had this problem reportedly since rookies era so he’s had it for multiple years now and possibly without any treatment which means that it would take longer for it to heal. Since there are many different ways of treating a herniated disc too, there’s different recovery times and lengths of treatment. In his birthday message he said that he is still getting treatment for his waist which means maybe that he had the surgery and is currently going through physically therapy. 

And even though we have seen him walking about and seeming healthy, that doesn’t mean he’s ready to dance yet. We’ve all seen NCTs choreography. It can be incredibly challenging and just because Jaemin can walk it does not mean he can dance yet without risk of hurting himself even further.

His parents could also be the reason he hasn’t been in any NCT promotions at all, like vlives and interviews and stuff. Jaemin is still a minor so his parents do control the amount of publicity SM lets him have and they may want him to have complete privacy so he can fully focus on healing properly.

People need to realise that Jaemin has a very very serious injury and he’s not going to be promoting at all until he is 120% better. He’s still in NCT so don’t worry about that, but he needs time to rest and heal so when he does comeback, he doesn’t get re injured and go on hiatus again 


I want to add my input as a dancer (Rosie hates when I say that) but a herniated disc is a serious injury. There’s a high chance of it becoming damaged again with the movements of dance (talking from ballet experience) and I’ve seen someone’s career ruined from it before. Especially looking at NCT’s choreography, he needs to make sure that he is completely healed and even then be ridiculously careful.

Also, he won’t have been able to practice with an injury like that, and he’ll need to undergo physiotherapy for sure. Just because you can walk, it does not mean you can dance.

Jaemin has actually been very lucky that he hasn’t done an injury that threatened his career forever, and SM have dealt with it very well. If he needs to be away from NCT for another year, then that’s fine because if he starts dancing again before he is ready, the outcome will be much worse.

(Trust me, you should NEVER go back to dancing whilst you’re injured. There’s a reason I don’t dance anymore)

- Admin Beth


(( OOC: Because of some important topics that have been discussed over the last few days in the community, I’m going to pop back on for a minute to make a post expressing my thoughts on the matter, then I’m going to head back out on my hiatus. ;) 

Once again, thank you all for being so supportive, thank you for all the messages I’ve received, and I hope to be back soon once I’ve sorted out my own affairs and gotten my life back in order. :) )) 

Glasses on Hanzo and McCree. McCree has a really good eye sight so it just makes him dizzy when he puts on a glasses with even the slightest prescription. Hanzo is a bit farsighted and will occasionally read with glasses on if the prints are too fine. Please ignore how I drew his glasses too thick :3

Last post for a long while…if you haven’t read the notice, go here to see details about my hiatus. I’ll see you all back again in July 1st!


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Supernatural 12x01 | Keep Calm and Carry On

In hindsight, it’s so clear that Sam’s putting the pieces together.


icecream sundaes till sunset….

After ordering triple scoop sundaes topped with wafers and fresh fruit, Pia, Katy and Beau sat down and chatted happily until the sun began to set~

The second half of my Trashcans United Collab with @pottery-sims and @something-wicked-sims. I think I like these pictures better! I’m so jealous of our simmies, look at that beautiful scenery .__. Again, credit to @rubyred-sims for the lovely caravan I got to renovate! 

I have been on hiatus for a month now and I just went through the worst paranormal experience of my entire life so I’m going to write some prompts/now