going on a gif making spree

“Mm. Turn around.”

He was starting to have fun with this. After taking me on an unexpected shopping spree to Victoria’s Secret, I decided to perform a fashion show to thank him. My hardworking man deserved it. I watched him take another sip of his Amber liquor, slowly swallowing it and licking his lips.

“As you wish”, I wink and turn around. I lift my hair off of my back, swaying my hips a little. “What cha think, daddy?”

I was now modeling the black flowery piece he picked out.

“I think I could eat that lingerie right off of you.” He raises his glass, “I have good taste.”

I look into the full body mirror, admiring the material hugging my curves. Then I paid too much attention to my stomach. It wasn’t flat. Absentmindedly I gripped my muffin top, rubbing my love handles in annoyance. How on earth could Joe find this attractive and sexy in Vickies? Hell, I damn sure don’t. Looking back at my face, I roll my eyes at my sudden thoughts. Typical, Josie. Real typical.

“I know what you were doing and you know how much I hate that.”

I sigh, rolling my eyes as I turn to face him. “I’m sorry but there’s no way you find me desirable in this, babe.” I start untying the back, “I’m going to wash all of these garments and return them tomorrow.”

Joe crinkles his nose, “You can’t be serious.” He tosses back the last of his drink, slamming the glass down. “Josie bring your ass here right now.”

That hard bass in his voice swam through my body. He watched me walk slowly towards him until his face was a few inches away from my stomach.

He grabs my hips, “Now explain to me why you would say that.”


“Josie if I didn’t think you were sexy in lingerie I wouldn’t have spent over $2,000 in Victoria’s Secret today.”

I tilt my head, “Come to think about it, Joe you can’t stand that store.”

He clears his throat, “I’ve never said that.”

“Yes, yes you have. There was a time when I literally had to drag you by your ponytail into the store.”

“I honestly don’t recall”, his voice gets higher, “It was possibly just a bad day.”

I almost want to chuckle. His voice gets higher when he’s lying. “Leati Joseph A'noai I know when you’re lying to me.”

His face falls, “What makes you think I’m ly—”

“You’re singing like Mariah”, I thump his Adam’s apple.

He reaches for his throat, “Ok fine.” He takes a deep breath, “I overheard you talking to Kate last year about one day going on a shopping spree there. At the time, I wanted to make that come true for you but financially it was impossible. So since I’ve had this new job for a few months now, I’ve been putting money aside from every pay check for the day that I would make that wish come true.”

I’m at a lost for words right now. I do remember that conversation I had with my best friend, but I never would’ve thought he heard it. Kate was telling me about all the things she bought at the semi annual sale. Although I was excited to hear what all she bought, I was a little depressed that I couldn’t share that moment with her. Joe and I had both been working two jobs while in school, so as a married couple financial aide wasn’t enough. So after all the bills were paid, we made payments towards tuition. We barely went out especially to go shopping. But when we finally graduated with our Masters’ degrees, opportunities came knocking at our door and we moved forward with full time careers. No more living check to check, and spending majority of our off days at home because we couldn’t afford to go out.

“Joe”, I begin, “You didn’t have to do this.” I cup his face.

He faintly smiles, pulling me closer to him. “I know I didn’t, but I wanted to. Whatever my wife wants, I feel my wife should get. Josie, I want you to stop downing yourself. For over five years now, you’re still the most beautiful, flawless woman that I met in Biology class. I wouldn’t change a damn thing about you, and I’d rather you not do it as well. If you do, make sure it’s for you. Not for me.”

Suddenly feeling robbed of my heart, I straddle his lap. “I’m sorry and I promise to work on that. It’s just been hard to do because I’ve always been this way. I’ve always had the guys that told me I was cute, but not cute enough to be their’s. Then days later I would see them with these girls that had the flat stomachs and toned bodies. Here I am with my—well..” I trail off not wanting to remember those moments.

Joe slid his hands from my stomach to my thighs, caressing every curve and flab I possessed. “The guys that turned you down for this were jerks. However their rejections led you to me, someone that’ll adore every single pore on your body the way it is. And besides, I guarantee you that half of those guys are still single with a bunch of kids by different women.”

My eyes narrow, “What makes you so sure?”

“Being superficial never brings you true happiness, Josie.” He pulls me in to some adorable Eskimo kisses.

“I love you so much”, I peck his lips. “I couldn’t have asked for a better husband.”

“I love you too.” He smacks my butt, “Now, we have about three more bags to go. So continue.”

I look behind me in exhaustion at the stuffed pink bags, “Ugh! Can we take a small break?”

Joe reaches over to the table and pours him another drink. “We just did.” He swirls the liquor in his glass, “We have all night, baby. The show must go on!”

I warmly smile, “Anything for you, daddy.”